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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be


With me are Christopher Hope, Assistant Editor and Chief


Political Correspondent at The Daily Telegraph,


and Miranda Green from the Financial Times.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will say tomorrow that terror attacks like


the one in Manchester are linked to Britain's involvement in military


action abroad. That is in the Telegraph. The metro beads on a


Manchester looked armed police will be patrolling train carriages across


the country for the first time after the terror threat level was raised


to critical. They express focuses on the Queen's visit to a Manchester


hospital where many of the young victims of the warming are


recovering. The Times reports that the attacker Salman Abedi is


believed to have planned the attack for a year and made at least two


separate trips to buy bomb materials at DIY shops. Theresa May is


expected to tell leaders that the G7 that the fight against Islamic State


is fighting from the -- shifting from the battlefield to the


internet. And several awkward moments for president trumpet the G7


summit. He told leaders he was deeply troubled about leaks --


president trumpet. There are fears there may be another


terror attack. Is believed he used enough explosives to go in at least


two devices. A lovely photograph of the Queen speaking to some of those


interested in -- injured in Manchester. Lovely photograph,


meeting the Queen probably for the first time. To cheer her up. What a


great thing to happen after a dreadful evening on Monday night.


The Queen allowed the camera to follow her around the hospital and


just the small talk she made in the way she spoke, she is 91, dealing


with young children, I thought she was wonderful. Looked great. Utterly


brilliant what she said. Disc group -- discussing her use of the


adjective wicked. It is a slightly archaic word. Modern parlance we


would tend to see evil in its place that actually wicked is a


tremendously powerful... Maybe because we do not hear it that much.


You hear it in pantomime but that has a real meaning, evil, sinful,


immoral, wrong. It has a greater moral force behind it. Sinful. An


interesting and powerful way of thinking about it rather than using


the throwaway word evil. It is interesting how she described what


happened. The photograph of the victim and her mother thrilled to


see her but you sense that hospital staff likewise. That is her role. He


completely nonpolitical head of state is very important at times of


national wobble, national emotional crisis. The visit from the Queen


probably comforts all of us, not probably comforts all of us, not


just the people she met today. You want the monarch to be visible at a


time like this. It is a nice set of pictures and she handled it as she


always does with total aplomb. That is the first time we have seen the


victims at all. For the Queen to get interviews with them is OK by most


journalists. The Financial Times, Donald Trump, you have been studying


him in some detail. It says that he has suffered his share of awkward


moments at the gathering and I have been compulsively watching the


videos of how he has been interacting with the other leaders


of Nato countries. When he was standing for president he


controversially said that Nato was obsolete so this is the main defence


co-operation organisation of the Western powers. He has come around


to it since being elected president. Here he was for the first time.


Unlike his Secretary of State who had come to need to a couple of


months ago and made very soft and friendly noises towards America's


allies, Trump was very confrontational and slide of a


run-off for not paying enough. There is this background road about


whether the US has been leaking intelligence from the investigation


into the Manchester bombing. It has been a very tense day of the Nato


summit. Bizarre bits of film of Trump being snubbed by Emmanuel


Macron the new president of France. That look awkward. We were behind


Emmanuel Macron and he veered away to Angela Merkel. The clever one


would be talked to the person you do not know. There is also footage of


Trump rudely pushing the Montenegrin Prime Minister out of the way and he


has only just been elected so he did not have time to feel to contribute


financially. On that contribution does he have a point? The United


States without doubt do give more in percentage terms than others and he


can look at others and say you have to pay your way. He is right. He


looks around America and sees that they need the money. He is saying


we're not going to protect them unless they follow suit. The 2% of


GDP is paid for. The UK does periods way. Apparently there have been


fresh assurances of the distancing that was happening a few hours ago


is no longer happening. Yes, but there is no doubt about the feuding.


Incredible British understatement yesterday from Michael Fallon and


others. Those photos were forensic evidence. They will be shot in a


trial, when anyone is caught and for them to appeared in the media as


outrageous. There is also a point about endangering sources. We know


that the White House might have a slightly loose attitude to this so


there was a question about security co-operation. Chris wrote this.


Armed police on the trains and the metro. -- Chris wrote the next one.


This is yet another measure of how serious the terrorist threat, some


sort of imminent event, is being taken. This is very dramatic. Even


when there is heavy policing we are not used to seeing this on the


streets and it will certainly feel very uncomfortable for a lot of


people to see armed police on the trains. It has already been


uncomfortable for people to see the armed forces. It has been very


interesting talking to, there was an interview this morning with David


Blunkett talking about when he was Home Secretary and there was a


similarly elevated terror threat and suddenly there were tanks outside


Heathrow and he decided it was just an unhealthy thing to be showing and


that if you were going to use the armed forces you had to do it quite


subtly or is not to frighten people too much because... Some will be


reassured. We do not want to get used to it. We are not subject to


whatever they know about the security issues so they are


responding to it. It looks alarming. How little play on the election day


in two weeks, looking at the exit poll, we will be hearing who has


one. I wonder whether they will have to bring in security to protect


polling booths and if you are voting and there is a guy with a gun


outside how does that make you feel? The election entered the news again


today through Ukip. Jeremy Corbyn tomorrow. He is going to say


tomorrow that Britain's behaviour overseas, Libya, Syria, Iraq, has an


impact and maybe has fuelled some terrorism in this country. The


timing of this coming after Manchester means we are linking the


two. Linking what happened in Manchester. The guy who has blown


himself up was known to have Libyan parents and had been fairly


recently. These are well known. Well-known views he has had for a


while. The fact he is choosing to say this four days later... The


Conservatives cannot believe their luck. He will not mind because it


supports his view. People are supports his view. People are


finding out what he thinks. It is not a misstep, it is what he thinks


and it is good to have the debate before the election. Another example


of how this election campaign is embracing many more points of view


on a whole array of issues that perhaps previous ones have. There is


a big choice for people this time. What it is offering people is a very


polarised choice. This sort of pacifist background of Jeremy Corbyn


and the hard left of the Labour Party is something that has not been


part of the Labour Party in government in our memory over the


past two decades and certainly was not part of the Tony Blair and


Gordon Brown parliament and on the other side you have Theresa May who


has managed to successfully absorbed most of the majority of Ukip voters


you have the choice. It is the polarised choice. That is not much


going on in the centre. It will be interesting to see how people jump.


These are the sincere viewers of the far left of the Labour Party. He


would argue it would be dishonest not to voice them. You would argue


about the timing. There have not been any funerals yet. The names of


the victims are being released. 9/11, the attack on America,


happened before the Afghanistan invasion, for a rack, for any


Western intervention, that is what the war on terror has been a


consequence of, not any invasion. The Times has an interesting poll.


We all this approach these with caution. After 2015 most news


organisations decided to try to calm down about polling data. However


there are sometimes polls which are not on the marking a moment of


change in the campaign but can actually affect people's votes. In


the Scottish independence referendum that poll by the same company... Two


weeks before... That seem to show that the independent site was going


to win... And we all scrambled to Scotland. It injected panic into the


sea in the UK campaign and all sorts of promises were made. This is one


poll, there may be others. It changes behaviour because one of the


things the Conservatives think they are backing his complacency about


the idea Jeremy Corbyn cannot win. It could end up helping them but it


could be the start of something more like a close race. YouGov had them


are nine points last Sunday. Good morning Britain had them at nine


points. It is now five points. 25 points when the election was called.


There's a feeling Jeremy Corbyn is offering hope and some of ideas,


real, investment. Energy. He is offering ideas and thoughts and


tuition fees. What is Theresa May's big offer? Where is the vision? She


appears to warning people about what might happen if Jeremy Corbyn gets


in. There was a lot of policy in her manifesto. It was policy that you


would describe as grave confronting the voters with uncomfortable truths


than things they do not want to hear like social care. I want to not to


the guardian because we are back to extremism but talking about a


different element to it. What Theresa May is going to say to the


G7 tomorrow about technology. Facebook and social media dealing


with online extremism. Some of this has been known about before. The


Tories will be pleased that is a splash. Time has beaten us.


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