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No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me, Camilla Tominey, political editor of The Sunday Express


and Jason Beattie, Head of Politics at The Daily Mirror.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The Financial Times headlines the start of the second


round of Brexit talks with a photo that triggered


comments on social media about the Brexit Secretary's


The i picks up on today's announcement on the route


of the new high-speed rail track, HS2.


The Times reports that Theresa May is being urged by cabinet ministers


to sack colleagues after a string of leaks.


The Metro runs with a story on rail delays, saying that arrival times


will now be recorded and publicised to the minute.


The Daily Telegraph picks up a report claiming that


government funds for overseas aid are being wasted.


The Daily Mail says that the Electoral Commission


is launching an investigation into students that may


The Daily Express leads with a story on a new diet that says it can beat


The royal couple's trip to Poland makes The Sun's front page.


The paper leads with a story claiming the Duchess of Cambridge


HS2, Jason, if so controversial, very expensive and we heard today,


very sad for people who were living in new homes that will be


demolished. Yes, the route has been changed again. Is it worth money and


is it the route we need? The idea when it was first unveiled, it would


be good for connectivity between the North and south, a lot of people in


the North said what we really want is an East-West connection, that is


where the big gaps are in transport and then you have this extraordinary


cost, some people say 100 million, Chris Grayling the Transport


Secretary says it will not be that must but we have experience of these


things going over budget and now this disruption where the route


which was going to go through Doncaster will now go through Max


Boro, you understand why people will be distraught. It would be hard to


build any major infrastructure projects without destroying some


homes. We know Chris Grayling is infrastructure are heavy and likes


these big projects and when it comes to the north and HS2, a lot of our


leaders are sick of all roads leading to London, HS2 is going from


London but if there is more connectivity between Northern


cities, it can redress the balance of power, but a lot of villages in


Britain don't even have high-speed broadband, and you wonder about this


new world where we are on our phones late at night, it might be better


for some people in this age of working from home if their internet


links were improved rather than the rail links. The Metro, a story about


delays and something to cheer up rail passengers? Yes and no. We will


get more information about why the train is late. Does that help hold


the company to account? We have technology now which can tell you


what time your train will arrive and how late it will be that the


compensation will not change, companies still only have to pay


compensation if your train is more than 30 minutes late, so people will


say, Southern Railway trains are frequently late, if you can measure


how bad it will be why can't companies not pay more easily? Why


can they not pay like on London Underground her efforts more than 15


minutes late you can go online and get it repaid with no questions?


Sometimes you can't be enough privately operated trains and not


find out for half an hour. Private companies are rightly getting bad


press because they are not fit for purpose for commuters are paying


more money for the service to be either stood in the crowded carriage


or on the platform waiting for no train to arrive. We will find


something. Brexit talks have begun again, second round of talks, David


Davis and his team in Brussels and the FT have that picture where there


doesn't seem to be a lot of paperwork on the side of the British


but David Davis was there to kick things off and then led it to his


team of officials. He hadn't got his paperwork bout of his bullet-proof


bag but Michel Barnier looking serious because they have massive


dossiers. I don't know if they had their paperwork out or he was


winning it. You could look at this picture and sake if you are a


Brexiteers this proved so much bureaucracy you get and the other


way is to say the optics are terrible, if the central charge for


David Davis is that you haven't done the detail and against experienced


negotiators, quite a lay yourself to be pictured in a situation like this


and reinforcing what is seen as your weakness? There are now 98 British


officials in Brussels negotiating this. It is weird that they are


going there and coming back because they are having this technical


period that he probably doesn't like hanging around in Brussels


unnecessarily. I would have thought Brussels is anathema to most


Brexiteers. The split within the Cabinet, Brexit is a part of that


but we have had rumblings for days, according to The Times, May one to


sack donkey ministers. Where has this come from? Theresa May is going


to tell Cabinet tomorrow to stop, I wonder if she will be going to


Magaluf and say they have had too many beers, you have this Tory party


with this vortex of borrowing over Brexit, a Prime Minister who doesn't


have the clout to assert her control and then this jostling for positions


as being the next in line to take over and they are in this death


spiral and I cannot see an easy way out, they will reflect on how better


to get rid of her. There is rivalry for the leadership but also


important political questions, Brexit and austerity, dividing the


Cabinet? And I think Jason's description could apply to the


Labour Party, it is all tricky and I think Theresa May is grateful for


the timing that this is her last Cabinet meeting and she will not be


subject to more links, although the timetable of Brexit is the only


thing that carries us through the summer, Jason and I wondering what


the recess will bring after this frantic period but I imagine


briefings will continue and they will not be able to resist. The


Daily Telegraph have a story about overseas aid money which they say is


being wasted. We must use the word wasted very carefully. It is a


detailed report and is full of praise for the Department for


International Development, it says it has done better but there was a


habit of it coming to the end of a financial year and then rushing


through spending to meet its target. The government has bred the


development budget among other departments and it is the other


departments who have a smaller share of the budget and are now spending


their money on the deadline. The argument is not that money is being


wasted, international aid is a good thing, but the fact that Treasury


imposes deadline so you have to rush money through and that is


unnecessary. It's a good thing if we know where it's going, this strikes


me as a macro Virgin of when all the roads in your area are closed


because the council has decided to spend its last pot of cash filling


holes that don't exist. Even if this is spread across departments, people


are saying we have to spend and if you rush things through you make


mistakes and money goes to the wrong people. The Daily Mail have stories


about students who voted for Jeremy Corbyn, two votes for Jeremy Corbyn.


Peter Brown and Andrew other backbench MPs rates concerns with


Andrea Leadsom that students could register in their university town


and then go home, that timing a month later than normal, Jean meant


students had gone home. Jason has experience of this because your


daughter, you were telling me she was easily able to register twice.


She only registered -- only voted once, it was easy to register twice.


Apparently there was a vote -- there was an app that told you where your


vote would be more useful. The Electoral Commission site there is


no evidence of widespread abuse, they have received complaints. You


have one central register to vote site but 381 different election


counter faces so there needs to be joining up which could prevent this.


Middle-class dementia cases halt the growth of longer life. What is


surprising about this, we are living longer and are now saying that is


being reversed, possibly because of dementia. Everyone wants a long and


happy life but at some point there has to be a limit of how long you


can live. Read don't all want to be 120. One day we might be. God for


bed. All the papers have pictures of young Prince George, a bit of


reluctant Prince, reluctant in Warsaw, he didn't want to get off


the plane. We're expecting this child at the age of three to stop


performing, it's a tricky one. When you have children on a flight, that


is one thing, I know Jason and others have concerns. If I was


dressed like that I would be reluctant to appear in public. There


is nothing with children were very wrong socks and I interviewed


children's designer, who says it here there in an official


engagement, be it a christening or Trooping the Colour, they cannot


turn up in a grubby T-shirt and denims. But is it a bit young? It


comes as a whole package, the same reason you take dresses for meetings


and the Prime Minister doesn't turn up cameras. Are they too young to be


taken on a royal trip like this macro iodate to young to be left at


home while their parents go around the world? This is a trade visit and


they are props. That is a bit of a republicanism. I think the Duchess


doesn't want to leave them for a long time, they want to be hands-on


parents. Thank you both, Camelot and Jason. That is it from The Papers.


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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