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Welcome to our look ahead at what is in The Papers tomorrow. With me in


the studio is the political editor of the Sunday express and the


comedian and Evening Standard columnist. Thank you both for being


with us. Let her show the front papers as we have them. The Michael


Fuchs is on the story of a young girl who witnessed her father and


flicked a fatal beating on her mother before killing himself in the


West Midlands. The independent claims that the overall cost of UK


membership in the EU is millions of pounds each week. The sun talks


about the screening of Princess Diana's programme. There is also


thought in the Financial Times about the Paddy Power Betfair chief quits


after transforming the UK gambling industry. And there is talk in the


Daily Telegraph of the women that were short in Rio. And in the Times,


Tesco is to stop selling disposable plastic bags in a bid to boost their


profits. And in the Guardian, US federal workers have been told to


stop using the term climate change. Let us begin with the Daily


Telegraph and Camilla, this story about the former JCQ -- GCHQ boss


telling us that children need digital skills to keep ahead of


their rivals. Yes, the tricky waters of the summer holidays! How much


tablet time can they have? This is suggesting that everyone to raise a


bold, new bright and post-Brexit future we need our children to be


online and Internet savvy which I can get and accept, that is the


difficulty for parents because on one hand you do not work them to


overdo it with technology, we have seen how studies suggest it can


stress children out into the course of cyber-bullying. On the other hand


we need these digital skills and must be up-to-date. We had the


Children's Commissioner telling us this was full of junk food. Yes, she


said you have to have your five portions of digital time each day


and for it to be quite monitored. The question is, what is it that


children are doing? He is right, digital decoder for this country,


but is that just looking at this bid and on Twitter or Snapchat or are


there better skills that could be done? But there is a massive


generational divide for millennial is now, they are known as digital


peacocks, their lives have no divide between the physical and the


digital, they feel that they do display their world online, that is


life for them now, so it is quite difficult to get the balance right.


Quite a few Brexit is the reason The Papers, let us run through them. The


Telegraph has the Brexit Secretary handing judges powers to see off


rebels, what is that about? This is about the European Arrest Warrant


and this will please the Eurosceptic Tory MPs in the party who basically


what the Supreme Court to have supremacy, pardon the pun, over the


EU when it comes to sorting out extradition. They think it is better


that these nationals are treated by the courts here than by EU courts


that may offer a substantial and substandard judicial system. If he


can pledge that, he will keep things happy on his side. The problem is


water that is part of the deal because from the other side, senior


people in Europe will not want this to happen, they will want the ECG to


still have supremacy, so I suspect this is something that will look to


appease the backbenchers, but will it actually worked in the reality of


the negotiations? Let us look at the Independent and


another Brexit story and they are claiming that what the UK pays to


the EU, well, that was set during the referendum to be at ?350 million


each week and this newspaper is saying it is half of that. This is


an important story because at the centre of the successful Leave


campaign was this bus with the words ?350 million each week and a lot of


people thought, hang on a minute, that seems like a terribly huge


amount of money and we should be putting that back into the NHS. As


every week was on with all of these Brexit negotiations, we are not


getting the hundred and ?50 million back and it looks like this figure


was inaccurate. There will be a lot of people who will say this is a lot


of money anyway, but truth is really important in politics and this was a


central plank of the referendum campaign, so people will be up in


arms about it. Camilla, what about Venezuela, Jeremy Corbyn has been


under pressure on his stands over Venezuela and the independent has


the small headline at the top saying that Jeremy Corbyn has broken his


silence on Dennis Wheeler, he is under pressure to condemn the


president. Yes, he was good friends with the president, his name escapes


me, I think it is President Maduro? He is telling us that he has done


great things for the poorer people, even though the Foreign Office has


warned people to stay away with writing on the streets and virus, I


am not sure how that is a great testament to Communist ruling. Let


us go onto the Son and they have said that Spain has done a U-turn on


Gibraltar? Is that correct? Yes, there was a big debate about whether


this was going to be a pawn in the Brexit thing, Gibraltar, and it


looks like the Spanish government is telling us that they are not going


to try to disrupt the arrangements, which are very, very important and


the people in Gibraltar want to stay connected to the UK. So, I think


that is probably the right thing to do. OK. Diana's revenge, that


Channel 4 programme that was so controversial, we were talking about


it earlier. And the fallout, really, from that continues. You were


saying, is this a relevant story because the documentary was on


Sunday night and it seems to be continuing to run. This angle looks


at the effect now on Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of


Cornwall, which is quite a significant and interesting question


to ask. Obviously, these tapes that they were discussing backstage half


past Princess Diana in a very good light, we now have 20 years between


what her death and today to reflect on why she was so unhappy in our


marriage and all of these claims that were made about her being


unhinged and mentally unstable and this far more kind of mental health


conscious times, I think we are looking at a young woman who married


into the Royal Family at 19, married for love and did not realise at the


time that her husband was seeing another woman and that continued


throughout the early stages of their marriage until it collapsed. It does


put her in a very positive light, a lot has been said about whether


Prince William and Prince Harry will be approved of these dates being


aired. Did you think we should have been here? I think Diana probably


would have been pleased with the outcome because... Yes, we saw a


human person but also quite a strong person as well, we saw somebody,


who, I think, probably had quite a lot of fragility with her mental


health because of the situation she wasn't, but decided to fight back


and fight back she did. There's a line in it, a bit of voice saying,


what they feared was strong woman and that is the thing that they felt


that they could not handle. So actually, it has -- completely


agree, I think it has put her any human light, a good light and many


have sympathy for her and I think it does create a big PR problem for


Camilla and Charles. The Times has Tesco stopping selling disposable


bags. It seems like not so long ago they only started to sell them. The


banning of plastic bags has been one of them were successful campaigns in


recent times because everyone completely changed their behaviour


overnight and that question, do you want a bag and having to pay for it?


That has changed things. So you take your own shopping bags? Yes, I do as


much as possible but sometimes you do forget. I am like a fiscal


stimulus for these bikes are life, I have 150 bags for life in my house


because I never ever remember to take them with me! That is what this


country needs! Let us talk about the garden -- The Guardian. Several


workers in the US have been told they cannot use the term climate


change any more. Yes, it has come from the US Department of


Agriculture, so therefore straight from the oval office and there's


this Donald Trump trying to exert his own climate change denial on the


most important department dealing with that? They want the workers to


use phrases like weather extremes, we cannot use something about


carbon, they cannot use reduce greenhouse gases as a phrase,


instead they have to talk about building soil and organic matter and


so on, all sounds like jargon but we must have an open and transparent


debate about climate change and its possible effects rather than


clouding the issue with terminology used. This is just classic Donald


Trump, it is like, right, we will completely deny the issue of climate


Change Committee has pulled out of the Paris Agreement and this is very


interesting, and interesting line at the end that says it has become


clear that the previous administration's priority was


climate change, the current administration's is not climate


change. Donald Trump is doubling down on the fact that he is a


sceptic when it comes to climate change, which is very worrying for


the planet. Yes, but we do not know that this has come from the White


House, do they? I am sure that it has. Staff at the natural resources


conservation centre and the Department of Agriculture. He has


pulled out of the climate change agreement and has been quite bullish


about the fact that he does not have the same thinking on climate change


that other world leaders have, so I think he is very much a sceptic when


it comes to this. OK, all right. Beulah story we will look at is the


cricket. We love our cricket, don't we? We do. I once tried to talk


about cricket to Michael Parkinson and he said what the hell do you


know about cricket? However, I am familiar with Moeen Ali. I have two


older brothers and the cricket mad husband, so there is no escape! This


is talking about Moeen Ali being put on a par with Ian Botham because she


is such a good all-rounder, I think he got five wickets today. The other


great thing, this is jewellery's first captaincy, Alastair Cook


handed over the captaincy to him and this is his first series, there was


one point when it was going all wrong and now it is going very right


and in light of Laura Muir's fourth-place today, which he could


not feel for her more, goodness me, at least we have some triumph in


another area of town at Old Trafford. But not in London. Moeen


Ali, so good with the bat-mac as well, the top scorer. Yes, I


understand Ben Stokes did well as well. Moeen Ali committee did not


play well at all in India last year and everyone was writing him off.


That is a great thing about cricket, one minute you are the top man and


the next thing you are just a feather duster. Everyone is selling


you a genius again when you do well. So second chances on the bracket are


always good to observe, I think. Well, that was fantastic to see. We


love watching our cricket. Thank you so much for being with us. Thank


you. Very good to have you with us. That is from The Papers and we will


see you again very soon. Goodbye for now.


Hello once again. The weather has been unsettled of late and continues


No need to wait until tomorrow morning to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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