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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers


With me are Caroline Wheeler, Deputy Political Editor


and Jack Blanchard, Political Editor at the Daily Mirror.


Good evening to you both. Thanks for joining us.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with -


The Express leads on the build up of tension between the US


and North Korea over its weapons programme, after Pyongyang


The Times features a photograph of thousands attended a rally


in the North Korean capital in support of Kim Jong-un,


The Guardian says that a senior Washington officials spent the day


trying to mitigate Donald Trump Jr's The Sun's front page is dominated


by the story that police paid a convicted child rapist ?10,000


to spy on a Newcastle The Metro alleges


the trial of the gang could have fallen apart


after the judge disallowed the informant's evidence


because of his criminal history. This story also features


on the front of the i, which claims the head


of a government task force says the investigation


"went way over the line". The Telegraph claims


the EU is facing an expenses scandal after senior officials


spent tens of thousands of pounds Some impressive opening pages


painting a picture of a worrying world. The fact that the child


rapist was paid ?10,000 by the police to be an informant. Quite


staggering headline for many people to get their head around tomorrow,


isn't it? It is. It's been discussed quite a lot in the last couple of


hours. One of the things that is interesting about this story is the


sun has focused on the amount of money that this individual was paid,


who himself was convicted of drugging and raping a girl and


inviting a pal to join in. Somebody with that kind of condition was put


amongst very vulnerable girls. I draw upon one of the BBC interviews,


with the person who led the prosecutions into the Rochdale


grooming gang. The line I seized upon is this idea, he said it was


something he would never have sanctioned, putting a predator along


with other predators alone with prey and not being in a position to


manage the risk to children. Are we speaking without knowing the full


details of knowing how the investigation was conducted and


knowing the full details. Victims of grooming who probably at some time


didn't know they were victims of anything. They thought they were


friends of the perpetrators. Put yourself in the shoes of the police


officers who know that the girls have been raped and can't do


anything about it. They must have felt this was the only option. It


can't have been an easy choice. These cases have proved very


difficult to secure convictions. Police have known these gangs are


operating but the number of convictions is very small and it is


only in the last few years we have seen any convictions at all. You


have to accept that it is very difficult for police to find


evidence of what is happening because a lot of these girls haven't


in the past been in a position to give good evidence. They found a guy


who was able to act as an informer. They held their nose and paid him to


let them know what was going on. They have been very heavily


criticised but this was a success. They have secured convictions and


stop this happening. However much we don't want people to see that people


like this have been paid, the judge said this, but secured convictions.


A different angle moving the story forward. Police constable attacks


failure to shame grooming gangs. The police chief is saying that there is


not enough shame and stigma attached to child sexual exportation in some


communities, pointing the finger at the Asian community from which these


men came. You have to look at the root causes of why this is


happening. There are some graphic details in some of the coverage.


Some of the background with the men. Some of the things that they had


said previously. Talking about white girls as, you know, white trash that


were there to meet their sexual gratification. It's a bit worrying


two point finger at an entire community. That's only going to


stoke up tensions there. Particularly with the police. To


label it as an Asian community, we are speaking about a specific group


within that community. Not whole swathes of people in that area. What


he's saying is that these communities we are talking about,


they can deal with the problem from within as well and stop it from


happening in the first place. There is a pattern here, whether we like


it or not, whether it is controversial or not. There is a


pattern with the people involved in these grooming gangs. It is going


pretty far to suggest that people in these communities think it is OK.


That is not right at all. There are communities trying to deal with this


issue. There is a pattern to it and it needs to be addressed and it


needs to be addressed at the grassroots level. Turning our


attention to another very worrying story on an international scale. A


photo there of tens of thousands of North Koreans attending a rally in


Pyongyang. Whether they chose to be there or not is another question.


Knowing North Korea. They are there in huge numbers. The headline sums


up where we are at. Stop all will destroy you, Washington once Kim.


This is a very tense situation. We have seen these flare-ups from time


to time but never like this before and it feels like it is coming to a


head. The reason is because North Korea are on the verge of being able


to attack America in a way that America has never felt threatened


before with a small state with nuclear weapons. An American


president was going to have to deal with this situation. Unfortunately,


... The president whose watch this happens on is the most erratic and


unpredictable we have ever seen. It's pretty unfortunate for the


world because you genuinely don't know what you're going to work up


to. We've had presents before issuing very careful worded


statements when it comes to North Korea because of the massive


implications of any military action. Here we have a president who just


tweets what he thinks. Exactly. That is why we see this escalation


because of the language being used. Today talking about the size of the


nuclear arsenal that the US possesses and can use against North


Korea. Sorry to interrupt. Just looking at the Daily Express front


page which carries the story. We can still sleep a night, evidently.


Nothing to worry about. The Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has


been trying to undo some of the potential inflammatory language that


Donald has been using. It is something that when you've got


Hawaii on a state of alert and being told about sheltering in concrete


buildings in the case of an attack. That shows the level of fear that


there really is that this is really escalating now. Part of the problem


is these mixed signals coming out of Washington. You've got trump


boasting about America's nuclear arsenal and threatening to use it.


His Foreign Secretary telling Americans that they can sleep well


and that the rhetoric isn't important and nothing serious is


going to happen. Who are you supposed to believe? Who is North


Korea supposed to believe? And actually it is South Korea who are


worrying a bit more to night. They are right next door. The capitalist


just a few miles from the body and is always a target. It's a worrying


place to be right now. -- from the border. Some really good journalism


in the Daily Telegraph. Revealing the EU expenses scandal. Senior


officials spending thousands on planes and hotels in figures


described as tip of the iceberg. One of those stories that some people


think this would have come out sooner but these kind of stories


take a lot of work. There's been a battle going on in Europe trying to


get this data out. There is some freedom of data campaign that has


eventually got it. They've only got a tiny bit of it. A couple of months


worth of expenses claims. The Commissioner's line is it is far too


much paperwork to make it public. Just looking at a couple of months


and you can see that Jean-Claude Juncker the head of the European


Commission and its over to Rome in a private jet for 25,000 euros for a


night in Rome. Well, that's quite a lot of money to be spending when


it's taxpayers money. You can imagine that the Daily Telegraph


were rubbing their hands with glee. All their Christmas is at once


because it is proof of the massive gravy train. Exactly what they've


been warning about. For a lot of people it was the reason for Brexit.


Now that proof is here that the money we've been paying in is


squandered on these over the top expenses. Showing the bloated


inflated European Union. That's the story they have got. It's worth


noting that the Daily Telegraph were also the paper that broke the


expenses scandal in the UK. That changed a lot of the culture in this


country. This is about very senior commission officials. MEP expenses


are clouded in secrecy. There is not the trans transparency we have now


in the UK. We didn't know about the expenses of MPs and gifts and travel


and hospitality. Since that light has shone on it, MPs expenses is now


very clean. Let's have a look at what a former Prime Minister does


when he hasn't got much to do. Ego surfing. There you go. He's gone


back to his usual holiday haunt near Padstow. The wet suit is not a


flattering look for Mr Cameron. Too many fish and chips. He won't be


delighted to see these pictures in the paper tomorrow. And there's been


a number of quite unflattering pictures. One with a cigarette. One


at a festival. He keeps popping up everywhere. Why are we so fascinated


by what David Cameron is up to? Because the pictures are so


hilarious. The ones at the music festival. There is something


inherently comedy about Cameron. Thank you very much for taking us


through the newspapers and thanks to you for watching. You can watch the


newspaper review on the eye player. Full details on the BBC News


website. That's it. Thanks for


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