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Hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Katie Martin of the Financial Times


Both of them got the memo about black attire!


Tomorrow's front pages, The Daily Express leads on the war


of words between North Korea and President Donald Trump who says


the US is locked and loaded in readiness for battle.


The Times headlines a change in tack from the Royal College


of Midwives who say they've dropped their decade-long campaign


for normal births after it made women feel like failures.


The Daily Telegraph questions standards at universities after it


emerged some of the nation's most prestigious establishments


are offering students places regardless of their exam grades.


The Daily Mail claims drivers and homeowners


who pay their insurance monthly are being charged hundreds of pounds


The Sun leads with a poll that most British people want to see Prince


William and -- as king and leap frog Prince Charles. The Daily Mirror


says the owner of the car that Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed


in wants to put it on display in a museum. The Guardian headlines the


conviction of 11 people from one family in Lincolnshire who have been


convicted of involvement with a modern day slavery ring. We return


to North Korea with claims that the White House has used a back channel


for talks with Kim Jong-un 's regime.


Locked and loaded is this headline as President Bush says that the --


President Trump says that the US military is ready to take on North


Korea when it comes to it. Brinkmanship it is said to be. North


Korea are said to feel frightened even though they are carrying out


these missile tests. Yes, you can trade barbs about who started it but


it is a bit schoolboyish. What the world really needs now and what


Germany has called for and China has called for is calm. What we have


instead is Donald Trump saying that military options are locked and


loaded and ready to go should North Korea act unwisely, which is a


statement issued in a tweet. This is how modern-day diplomacy works.


There was no obvious sign at the moment that either the Korean side


or Donald Trump is ready to back down. No. You have the regional


neighbours, South Korea and particular and Japan, over which


these missiles would fly, if North Korea were to launch them, you have


got everyone extremely anxious. You have two spare the thoughts for the


Islanders in Guam who have been told to lie flat in the ground and have


been issued leaflets about what to do. There are about 6000 American


troops there and the island is in the middle of nowhere but it has a


defence system ready to shoot down missiles if they are coming in their


way, but you have got to feel for these people who live there. China


is supposed to be the one country who can talk some sense into North


Korea, but even they appear to be waning confidence. The ability of


China to control what North Korea does has been vastly overstated over


the years. It is not like the president can just pick up phone and


make it all stop. It doesn't all work like that. There are signs that


there are diplomatic back channels and there has been some kind of


contact between North Korea and people connected to the White House.


It has been assumed to be contact that is dealing with the hostage


situations in North Korea in terms of US citizens that are held over


there but actually it turns out they have been talking much more broadly


in recent weeks and so maybe that can help to defuse the situation


somewhat but neither side wants to be seen to be backing down. You


wonder what pressure the international community can put on.


In Iran in the end they became a carrot to go with the stick. At the


moment more sanctions for North Korea are negative incentives, if


you like, to get them to stop firing missiles. You wonder if there is any


appetite anywhere for a positive incentive, if it is through


diplomatic channels, as Angela Merkel has been talking about. As


the rhetoric we have been saying, where does it" Mackey says will


regret it and regret it fast and at least him with nowhere to go. We


would all regret it if it was to happen. In the Times the midwives


back down on natural childbirth. Current policy makes women feel like


failures if you have to have a Caesarean -- Caesarean, and of


course a lot of women do, that is a difficult thing. This campaign to


deter us from having interventions has been going on since 2005. It


has, indeed. More than a quarter of women end up having a Caesarean,


whether through choice because they are forced to have one at the last


minute and the last thing women need is to end up feeling this way and


have this pressure put on them at this time particularly. It is a


change of tack here from the Royal College of midwives and I think it


is a welcome one. I think mums to be will welcome this change. Which


reminds me of some of the forceful breast-feeding campaigns that get


mounted now and if you can't breast-feed or you don't want to you


feel like you are a second-rate mum. Yes, I am delighted to see this


story because I think a lot of the instructions that women get about


how to give birth on how to breast-feed and how to bottle feed


on whether to bottle feed, it is all built up into a huge commercial and


public health enterprise that goes into telling mums that they are


doing it wrong, everything they do they are doing it wrong. It would be


nice to be told actually once in awhile that you are doing your best.


If you need an epidural or a Caesarean or you need to use


bottles, you're not a bad person, you will not harm your baby, quite


the opposite. You are doing the best thing for your health and the baby


's health and it is really time for the medical and a lot of other


people to think about the extent to which they are bullying new mothers


at a time when frankly they are not in the mood for fun and games. No,


you are feeling pretty vulnerable, aren't you? I had a fantastic health


visitor who said, do you think you're doing the right thing? And I


said, I think so, and she said, then you are. Carry on! Eminently


sensible and I have always been grateful to her. The Daily


Telegraph. Unconditional offers being an out left and right and


centre. It means you don't have to get particular grades to get a


place. Didn't work like that in my day! Normally. The story is saying


that universe have such pressure to have students on the books that they


dish out a lot more unconditional offers than they once were.


Unconditional offers from Edinburgh have trebled from 2012. You would


feel pretty lucky to get a place at Edinburgh without having to hit


those targets. Exactly! For Birmingham the rate has doubled


apparently and it raises concerns about standards. There have always


been unconditional offers and about to some, if you have particularly


impressed them. And it it's a different system in Scotland because


you are a bit younger and you have another year to do your hires. I


have to say that this is another story about universities that is


negative that we have had over the past few weeks and we have had a lot


of discussion about university pay particularly. You know, students are


now having to pay ?9,000 a year in tuition fees. If you wonder where it


is going, it is going to pay vice chancellors who are earning ?450,000


a year. The Bath University Vice Chancellor, there were some


information that yesterday, some details about pay, where there is


hundreds of university staff earning more than ?200,000 a year and some


are earning over ?800,000 a year and they can be clinicians working in


Oxford but also lecturing so I put that caveat in there but they have


two fail and once you have that money coming in Europe to keep it


coming in and Europe to keep people coming in and so I do not think that


this is the last story we will see of this sort. The sun has an


exclusive shock poll. Most Brits want King William. They want to


leapfrog over Charles. Are you surprised? I will not answer that.


Does it surprise you. Guild we have had a few weeks of extensive


coverage of Princess Diana and her life and controversial programmes on


the television this week and out of 2000 people who were surveyed in


this case quarters said that they had seen the programme and that they


wanted Prince William which is fairly obvious and more than half


backed him as the next king and only one fifth think it should be Prince


Charles. It is not done on opinion polls though, is it? I thought the


whole idea was that it is immutable and you cannot just pick and choose,


so I find this poll quite interesting. Pointless ultimately?


Yes, possibly. Over half of the Brits wanted to be William, fine,


but one statistic that caught my eye is that 11% wanted to be Harry and


14% say no one. Sorry, Harry! That is a bit of a poke in the eye. No


one at all. I don't have that is Jeremy Corbyn! I am not sure if it


will make any difference but it will not be nice breakfast reading for


Prince Charles. He has waited for such a long time! The Times, page


seven. Police resignations double in a four years. Why are so many people


leaving the force? They are fed up and worried about safety and


resources and this is what the story is saying. It is a Freedom of


information request posed by the Times which has Leal -- which has


yielded this information. The number of police officers or police staff


quitting is at a record high and it has doubled since 2011 on what the


story is saying that while certain types of crime on the up police


numbers are at a 30 year low and it is important to note that the number


of resignations that we are seeing is in addition to those retiring.


This is a fair number of people and it does add to this growing chorus


of calls for Amber Rudd the Home Secretary to pump more money into


the police force. If they are overstretched stress levels and


sickness levels rise and there stresses and strains keep growing.


We forget what we are asking police officers to do on a daily basis,


which is put their lives on the line to protect the rest of us and there


is an example here of a gentleman, a university graduate, who joined the


Met at 2009 and was fired up to be a constable and DeWitt and five years


later he has quit because he is beleaguered and demoralised. There


is talk of cuts and obviously Theresa May gave a speech a couple


of years ago which was Home Secretary where she spoke about


reshaping the Police Federation and wanting them to stop moaning but you


have the cuts and the difficulties there, and you have the fact that


when you join you know you have 30 years, and you resign at the end of


it and you have a nice pension but you also have the loss of experience


and knowledge that just vanishes when they leave and that experience


and knowledge is really vital and it really needs to be there to bring up


the younger officers. A lot of those new recruits certainly won't be


staying for 30 years, by the look of things. The FT, tax burden and


landlords turn to Manchester, so if you have a few quid and you want to


buy to let, head north. Actually, cherie Blair, and her son Euan,


quite a few years ago they bought up blocks of flats in Manchester just


to do that. They spotted the hotspot that Manchester clearly years now.


There is the BBC and a lot of other organisations joining and it is


clearly very popular and more affordable. A lot of people now are


not coming to London anymore, graduates coming to London because


rents are pretty unaffordable but actually you can go somewhere like


Manchester where you can enjoy all of the features of a big city,


concerts and culture and everything else, but it is a bit cheaper. A bit


cheaper, but there is the stamp duty cost of putting investors. The


Conservatives have said if they do not disagree about it it will cost


votes. Apparently London has always had roughly three times the number


of buy to let mortgages as other cities like Manchester but actually


the rate of new buy to let mortgages in London as half since 2016 and it


is very much about the new tax that is placed on purchasing new


properties so, yes, there are a lot of people desperately searching


around London for the last cheap property that they can buy and rent


out to some poor and unsuspecting soul. Actually, Lachlan was saying,


may be better off just looking outside London altogether. Whether


this is a good thing for renters in cities outside London is a whole


other question, but nonetheless it is difficult to stop the market


forces once they are in place. People with money to spam will look


for a good place to invest it. Let us look at a back page. Mo Farah 's


last lap. We move onto Guardian. Thank you. He warms up for the final


tilt at track gold. He is running tomorrow night in the 5000 metres


and the crowd will be in fine voice no doubt, to see it. Yes, I am


running five K tomorrow as well but I doubt it will be quite so exciting


and it will be nowhere near as fast. This is a big opportunity for the


nation to bid farewell to Mo Farah. This is his last turn on the track


before he has a more relaxing life running marathons or something. He


won the 10,000 metres a week ago when going for the 5000 metres


tomorrow and it is hugely exciting because he is purely any person who


has won anything for us. There was that. A bit of a dearth of medals.


They were hoping for between six and eight. Not so good. We have been


watching him for about seven years now. This was the third gold that he


took in the 10,000 metres this week, I think. Brendan Foster described


him as a ruthless running machine and Paula Radcliffe said it was one


of the best races he has run and there was a great picture of him


with his cheeky smile so I don't think there will be any booing in


the stadium when he starts the race. That is the problem. When you have


had a fantastic generation of athletes, who we watched in 2012 in


London at the Olympics, and it is great to see them back in London for


this, but you get used to that level of success, don't you? And in Rio as


well. But eventually they have to retiring to have to replace them and


give them time. Yes, teams need time to renew and I was lucky enough to


get the stadium twice this week to see the sport and it was fantastic


and, yes, there are a number of events where the British team came


forth and from where I was sitting there was no lack of support for


these guys earned huge admiration for some seriously plucky efforts.


These were underdogs that way of running their hearts out and I think


the crowd was absolutely with the man they have some faith that they


can come through for us next time. Is it apart from that you are doing


tomorrow? I am obsessed with park runs. They are a bit early for me


after a late Friday night and that is my excuse. No is the only


medallist at these championships. I think we did say that. I did say


that. Thank you, Amanda, she sent me a message to make sure that we know.


There was no escaping here, it is a goldfish bowl! Let us finish with


Page three of the holiday -- Daily Express. It is holiday season. I


hope you're going with someone more cheerful than this if you are going


on holiday. This is a woman on Mumsnet complaining about the extent


of this man's dissatisfaction with being away on holiday. He has not


been told that nobody likes a man on holiday or otherwise. His complaints


were being too hot, the beach being to Sandy, mountain is being too


stony and foreign chocolate being not a patch on British. That is a


reasonable complaint I think. Defends Warriors in Europe. Belgium


maybe not. Switzerland. He would be happy there. I think she should go


on holiday with a friend instead of him. It sounds like he has been


complaining about some pretty interesting stuff and the story says


that what makes it worse is that he chose to resort himself. There was


clearly no pleasing some people. My favourite complaint of his is that


he doesn't like being told things by people, i:e., the tour guide with


expert knowledge. Brilliant. He should be sent on a coach trip. You


can stay at home next year. He should come away with us, we would


have a great time. Don't forget you can see the front


pages of The Papers online It's all there for


you seven days a week. And if you miss the programme any


evening you can watch it Good luck tomorrow morning. Make


sure you do your stretches. The weather is coming up


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