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Hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be


With me are Henry Mance, political correspondent


and public affairs consultant Jacqui Francis.


Tomorrow's front pages, starting with...


The i leads with Theresa May's battle to remain Tory leader


after the party lost its majority in the election.


The Telegraph reports a call from the Conservative MP


Jacob Rees Mogg to cut stamp duty and income tax.


Mr Mogg denies speculation that he is considering a bid


The Daily Express leads with Brexit and claims of a possible second


referendum following comments made by the former Labour leadership


The Financial Times says that the head of


the European Commission, Jean Claude Junker, is seeking


for tighter controls on foreign takeovers of EU companies,


following fears of Chinese dominance.


The Metro leads with Charlottesville and highlights a picture


of the alleged killer with a Neo-Nazi group at the rally.


And the Daily Mail reports on an NHS battle to tackle early deaths


We will begin with the Metro and what has been happening in


Charlottesville. Trump swamped by neo-Nazi row. The Lincoln to condemn


the bigots specifically, the groups like the KKK. It is just scary


because it is almost deja vu. When Trump was complaining people said


this was going to happen because when he was questioned about the KKK


and white supremacists he dodged that and almost said, who are they?


But they still around? Then what happened in Charlottesville he said,


it is terrible, bylines on all sides instead of coming straight out like


the governor has said and that this was a terrorist act and these were


white supremacists. Why is it so difficult to say that? And then it


turns out these individuals are quite happy saying the president


actually a silent about this so that means they think he agrees with


them. This is the President of the United States. The White House is


defending him and saying he has been absolutely clear about extremism of


all sorts. This is a question of leadership is displaying out and


this hasn't had a huge amount of coverage in the UK and the question


is what he should do when there is a neo-Nazi protest but also an act of


white supremacist terror, one person has been killed and others injured


in this event. Should the president get out there and give leadership


and actively condemn those who may be seen as the cause and the


provoking factor or should they offer attributed White House


briefings? Comments by unnamed officials or even by the National


Security adviser probably won't be seen as not by many America. It


feels in some ways like the world has gone backwards when you see


things like this. It was quite chilling to see them the day before


the torches on the university campus. There are people in this


country who can remember and that just has this almost deja vu, 2017


and we are here again in 1935, 19 34. What is going on? The fact he


won't, dim condemn them and people around him are doing the usual Trump


translation which is he doesn't actually mean it but he doesn't say


it but behind what you're saying, read between the lines. Between the


lines: Mr President Trump, it sounds like you're them. Let's move on --


supporting them. Stamp duty is featured quite a lot in the papers


of late. Why are the Conservatives so the bonnet was Mike also Jacob


Rees-Mogg himself. If he wanted to explain to them, the prospect of


Jacob Rees-Mogg as a Tory leader Prime Minister is being taken


seriously at since. He doesn't want that but if he did wanted this is


what he would do. It is barely predictable that someone who is an


old Italian, a fund manager on the front of the -- read of the


Conservative Party thinks that government should cut taxes and give


individuals control over their incomes and I think that is the


standard agenda but Theresa May at her advisers don't think this is a


winning strategy. The stamp duty idea is that if people want to own a


house that might be putting of people moving or downsizing because


it is such an extra cost for them. At the end of the day is this really


about Stamp duty or is it about Jacob Rees-Mogg being the papers yet


again. I think he does protest too much. Again I don't want her job, I


am a loyal supporter of Theresa May, well, you know, stuff going on TV


and stop talking about things and then saying, oh, no, not me, it


isn't his job to explain policy and to champion of the Conservative


stand for? He also about housing thinks that in the light of the


Grenfell Tower disaster we should pull down the Starbucks and replace


them with houses with gardens. I'm not sure -- pull down the tower


blocks. The opposite of a solution potentially. David Cameron came into


a lot of criticism when he was asked about what would have a grease.


It's this about the EU but has been raised by the former Foreign


Secretary David Miliband saying, the terms of the Brexit deal should be


put to a second referendum. This is keeping popping up where he is


saying I am not undermining the bug but took place but people really


didn't know what the alternative was, and once the terms are agreed


wouldn't it be a good idea but the people or for Parliament to get the


chance to say whether or not, and it does sound it is going back because


the idea that if they say no, so is that you tear up order they say,


well, no but go back and negotiate more but we can't go that once we


got the terms. And there is a time-limited all of this as well.


The clock is ticking. We have to have the other 27 members of the EU


agreed to the time period. This proposal is you have either a vote


in Parliament or a second referendum but the alternative is staying in


the EU. It is not crashing out of the deal which is the Government's


you. How likely is it that either of those scenarios that David Miliband


putting board will happen? There is no sign of that at. We talk about


the very short period of time that things have to unravel but the


Conservative government that the beer a realistic prospect. Yes and


even an MP. Is he back in the country? He should stick to his


well-paid job in a charity. Speaking of what will happen to the


Conservatives, Theresa May has had a holiday. We suffer at the


Passchendaele commemorations so she wasn't walking in Switzerland the


whole time. -- we saw her. This looks terribly bad. It is actually


staying on until 2020. You wouldn't expect a lot of voters who didn't


support the Conservatives last time to want her to stay until 2022. What


matters is whether she has the support because there to supporters


and voters will stop at the moment she does and this poll actually


shows the Conservatives backing her. They are a pragmatic party. They


will keep her there while it is useful. Who would want to take over


the party at the moment? Who wants to go through all the Brexit


negotiations without the possibility that it is going to be successful?


If as you say they are pragmatic, Jacob Rees-Mogg and others, I would


stay in the background for a while longer just to see how well she


does. Let's go to the Financial Times, Brussels seeking tighter


vetting of takeovers to ease fears over China. Normally countries will


say having foreign investment is a very good thing, a sign that we are


a country on the up. But this is concerned about where investment is


coming from. Yes, this is a concern about the fact that China might gain


a technological edge by buying European know-how or heavily


restricting the role of the EU, so it is China slowly cherry picking


the best of our technology organisation and businesses and then


telling the EU are but you can't do this and that, and also the EU


looking at other countries what are they doing to try and safeguard


their industries? But how do they go about bending off huge investment


from China? If there is none anywhere else? You could get


individual countries, Pieretto said the EU at the moment, to have at


least policies to affect these investment and things are


manufacturing, billions of dollars going into Europe and China. Or you


could have an EU wide system. The problem is that China will look very


negatively at anything which looks like discrimination against China.


And they would say, and legally it is quite difficult to take action


against one particular country. If and when you look at what happened


in Africa, huge amounts of investment in China, some people


say, there is no one else prepared to invest but others say Africa


hasn't benefited. Yes, it is a double-edged sword. You need the


investment and build up the infrastructure but the question is


what is the ability to control your own resources once China get and if


you decide to say thank you very much we have had enough, I doubt


China will go, sorry, you would like us to leave now? We have been for 20


years and rebuttal at the infrastructure and you would like us


to leave, don't think so. Let's look at the Daily Mail. Apparently 7


million others are going on diagnosed with heart problems. Early


death is a consequence. This is a story that new government strategy


is going to ensure that millions more of us are given the opportunity


to have those potential problems checked out. The question is


obviously around cost at a time when the NHS in England is struggling and


says it said it doesn't quite enough my double bill of the obligations


imposed on it. But it will ask local health authorities to ensure those


identified ardour given correct treatment. Are they good for you or


are they not? It is one thing being diagnosed with is that the money


available to give you the best fitting that you want? Can you get


the resources. At the end of the day it is something that needs to be


done because down the line it will cost so much more of these


individuals if they are not examined and advised at the best way to keep


themselves healthy but it is the balance of trying to say now or


later you have to pay for it. Prevention is better than cure but


with these people if walking around, it might be me, you never know. You


just don't know. That's look at the sun, page two, the death traps in


your kitchen is the headline. Ten fires a day because of white goods


like bridge features and washing machines. It is talking about nearly


10,000 deaths in three years from various appliances and they're


getting a little bit about the fact that the Grenfell Tower buyer. Ten


by -- fire. It was started by a fridge. I am not sure, what are they


calling for? In terms of these things are checked. Obviously goods


are recalled when they are issues. Is it a story? You can see the is a


picture of there, one of our possible paper reviewers, also


consumer rights champion. She made lots of recommendations in safety,


what has happened? I don't know the details of that review but it is


interesting to see how Grenfell Tower has changed the debate around


regulation. Until really a couple of wood so good this was all red tape


that we wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible and make it


easier for businesses and now there is a recognition that there is a


potentially lethal cost to making things, deregulating wings and


cutting back regulations. The number of buyers the paper shows from these


appliances has gone down marginally but basically the same thing 2014


and 2016 washing machines are the most common of fire causes. I think


we don't know the actual causes of Grenfell Tower in depth but I think


they will be a new attitude towards regulation. Let's finish with the


front of the Metro. Flying low, a picture of Marlboro. A good way to


end, back on top as he allows out and stop he wasn't quite back on top


yesterday. Silver. I remember there was a certain advert that said you


don't win silver, you lose gold, which was... There he was running


his five K that people do under part one on a Saturday morning. The end


of an extraordinary career. Absolutely and it takes an awful lot


for somebody to stay at the top of the game for so long. Certainly hats


off to him and he is on his way to marathons that he is going to start


doing? That is the natural thing to progress to. When was watching last


night, he isn't a tall man at all but the length of his stride is


really shocking and I don't know why I have noticed it before, but he is


still being dogged by those scandals around his coach, Alberto Salazar,


who was investing dated in the United States for dubbing and he has


always defied -- denied he had done anything wrong and Mo Farah is


saying it will affect his legacy and they are sick of defending himself.


He was a bit tetchy talking to the media. He would probably say, I want


to go out as a great champion, Sir Mo Farah, Olympic champion, World


Championship medal winner and you keep asking about drugs. There is no


escape from it at the moment with athletics particularly when we see


people who have been caught cheating and then they come back. They have


to do something about it because any kind of mention of drugs, an athlete


will because we asked the question. That is it that this hour but Henry


or Henri as it says, Jacqui Francis will be back again at 11:30pm.


The It really has been a gorgeous day for many


of us with lots of blue sky


I hope you managed to get out and enjoy.


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