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rock concert cancelled because of a suspected terrorist threat. We will


bring you any more on that as we get it. Now, as promised, it is the


papers... Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Lucy Fisher,


Senior Political Correspondent at The Times and Hugh Muir,


Associate Editor at The Guardian. The Financial Times lead


with a sales warning from one of the world's biggest advertising


agencies and the news that the euro has hit an eight-year


high against the pound. Metro's front page features


the story of cyclist Charlie Alliston, who has been


cleared of manslaughter but found guilty of wanton and furious driving


after he hit a pedestrian who later The i leads with claims that


Theresa May is softening her stance on Brexit and that, despite today's


claims, European judges will take The Telegraph looks at migration


figures, saying numbers are far lower than previously thought


because most foreign students go The Sun claims that 1,800 BBC staff


have been given a 10% pay rise. While The Mail's top story


looks at what they call "Britain's laziness epidemic",


claims that half of all adults on the UK go for a brisk walk


less than once a month. The Times also leads with migration,


claiming that most rejected asylum seekers are never sent home


from the EU. The garden leads with the UN warning


to the US over racial tensions. -- the Guardian. That was a warning


last given to Kurdistan. Apparently... Not a shred of


remorse, the cyclist faces jail after the crash that killed a


mother. This young man crashed into a mother crossing the road in London


and he had a bike that was for a velodrome and not the street and had


no brakes? It was a lightweight, incredibly fast bike with the young


man obsessed with dangerous bicycle riding videos and is incredibly


tragic, this accident. It has captured the imagination of the


public partly because with 400 pedestrians knocked down on the


roads, but it is so rare for it to be a bicycle, so much less kinetic


energy from a bicycle and such a terrible story. Also, I think the


fact that straight after this happened, this woman ended up in


hospital, this man was posting stuff on social media saying it was her


fault? That is extraordinary, it makes it very much a story of his


generation that somebody would be involved in something as terrible as


this and then goes on to social media and then sent on social media


as he did and to some extent, that is why he is in this position, with


the child she was convicted on, he was cleared of manslaughter but


convicted of this rather archaic charge of wanton and furious


driving, dating back to the 19th century. He can still get two years


for that and they are sentencing him in one month in the last person


convicted of that offence was jailed for seven months so it is very


serious and he seems to have exacerbated that by his reaction.


The judge said he has not one iota of remorse from you at any stage. It


is not just a terrible incident but also the reaction to this. We are to


some extent a cycling nation, authorities around the country are


trying to adapt the roads to persuade us to cycle more and that


is a good thing, I cycled myself but you cannot go onto the road with an


illegal vehicle, whether it is a car or bike. It is illegal to have one


of these, I think they are fixies? They are illegal? But you see them


everywhere. They should not be on the road. Part of his argument was


the accident could not have been avoided, even if I had brakes as


with the normal bike. We will never know. It does not matter, if you


drive an illegal vehicle... I have been told there are fixies with


brakes, which means they are not fixies? Confused? You are! The Daily


Telegraph. Migration figures, far lower than that, a review into


official data as the exit checks by the vast majority of foreign


students go home. We did not know this before? This is a new system of


checks that have come in, a fairly small scale passenger survey at


airports that shows that some of the assumptions built into the current


modelling of net migration figures which presume that many non-EU


international students overstay their visa are in fact wrong. Most


of the students are going home at the end of the university term and


this passenger data suggests this. Fascinating findings and migration a


political issue, Theresa May says she was to get a dime from the


current rate of 284,000 inward migrants down to tens of thousands


and even if it is a bit lower, she will not get anywhere near that


target. How much do these figures alter what everyone perceives as


being the 6-figure number four net migration in the country? Doesn't


bring it down significantly? It is a very small survey here so it is only


an indication that it does tell us that they could have headlined this


another way, ways in which you were misled over Brexit. So says the


associate editor of the Guardian! We know what we're told about, taking


back control from the European Court of Justice, not quite as advertised.


We were told the Brexit thing was predicated on large-scale


immigration and students reported that, that does not seem to be as


advertised. The longer this goes on, the more that case seems to be


unravelling and the government will have to answer for some of the


assumptions that they left us with. Rooney -- is a point we're having a


debate about what Brexit should or will mean. We are having that after


the vote on whether or not we should leave? We should have had this


debate in the middle of the voting? Is that not part of the problem? The


campaign was about the headline topics, taking back control,


arguments about sovereignty and immigration seeming to win through.


Of course, the low-level, nitty-gritty, the weeds of the


system which can combat these topics and give people what they were


promised in the field, is something that perhaps we might have thought


Whitehall might have planned more for but that is not the case and we


are where we are and the time is ticking. We were talking about Big


Ben but of course the real clock that is ticking is on the Brexit


negotiations, which have to be completed by March 20 19. In the


Telegraph, it says one of the repercussions is a government might


abandon or water down restrictions on student visas. How long do they


spend talking on the fact they needed to do that? And they may not


have to do that at all? Many people might be thinking we were wrong.


Others might feel that this is the way forward? I feel I must add


that... And continuing the theme that the euro claims an eight year


high against the pound because the euro economies are doing very well?


Converter hours. It is 1.8 and people say that by the time of


Brexit who could be parity because compared to the performance of our


own economy, the euro zone seems to be going pretty well and we have


been struggling, we have been down 9% since April. For people who


listen... We did have a very minor total Eclipse! The whole screen went


black! We are back! And we are good. That was not an indication of the


economy! If we can agree on the interpretation of what the fall in


the pound means, George Osborne said the UK's systems, it is going to


cost you more abroad and in the G7, were one of the weakest now. On the


other side, manufacturing is up. Easier to export if the pound is


weak. Absolutely. It is difficult for anyone to really win the


argument on this. It is a many sided coin. If you are trying to buy


things in Spain or France and dining out and you are being asked for more


money than you thought you might, this is not a good development. If


you can afford to go on holiday in the first place! The Financial


Times, the Home Office admits losing -- threatening to deport thousands


of foreign nationals by mistake. The decision was made under your status,


it said, and you have to go home. Completely sent by mistake, which


has caused a huge worry for these individuals, it came to light after


a Finnish academic post of this letter on social media and as Yvette


Cooper pointed out, if the Home Office is making these kind of


mistakes with just 100 EU citizens, doesn't have the capacity and


capability to do with processing the status of all 3 million EU citizens


in the UK presently when it comes to Brexit? I think I know Hugh's


answer! It is a scandal, this is a political story but around the


country there are EU nationals who are unsure of their status, really


worried, people travelling around the country to register and get the


information they need, just to reassure themselves that they are


going to be able to continue their lives as they have done. It was a


mistake and they will rectify it? It is symptomatic of the kind of


treatment feel they are getting. But only does it seem that the policy is


chaotic but the application of the policy seems to be chaotic as well.


On the end of that, there are people who are unsure whether or not their


family will be able to continue as they have done, their careers can


continue. It is absolutely scandalous. This should be a huge


story because this is a human story. Millions of Britons go without a ten


minute walk every month. We are a nation of couch potatoes. Completely


extraordinary and I say this as somebody who was not the most active


but 45% of 46-year-olds do not manage just one ten minute walk


every month. Fascinating. We have the stories every year showing how


our health and Kennedy levels are and Public Health England by giving


in the reality and plans to overhaul the current advice, it is not


realistic. And telling people to aim for half of the recommended level of


activity. Something is better than nothing. Very quickly... Someone who


runs a lot but not for England any more. Wayne Rooney is retiring after


scoring 53 goals in 119 games. Willie Mason? I will. Even though he


never played for any of my favourite clubs. I support West Ham. Jesus!


Sorry, I do apologise. He was more comfortable playing for England. I


think the tragedy of Rooney is that he was a world-class player. He did


not have a world-class team. And with other great players around him,


he could be talked about as one of the all-time greats, really. I have


a particular fascination with his wife, Coleen Rooney. I loved her


description, she was described as an English product endorser. That is


what she is described as at the top of a Wikipedia page. She is the


ultimate WAG. Will she get a WAGdom? Thank you so much.


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