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down and resign as leader of the Scottish Labour Party. Any more on


that and we will bring you that when we get it. And now as build The


Papers. -- as build, the papers. Hello and welcome to our look ahead


to what the the papers will be With me are Kate McCann from


the Telegraph and Kate Forrester President Trump makes


the picture lead on the front of the Financial Times,


as he's briefed on the relief effort for Tropical Storm Harvey,


by the Governor of Texas. "Melania to the rescue"


is the Metro's take on how the US First Lady jets off


to a flood disaster zone. That's alongside its main headline


'Korea on the brink', where it reports on the international hue


and cry prompted by North Korea's The Korean crisis is also


the lead in the Express, which reports on how President Trump


has warned Kim Jong-un that The Guardian claims that


weaker sixth-form pupils, are being dumped by a leading


grammar school, to improve While another education story


features in the Telegraph, with the headline: "Teachers shift


blame for cheating". The paper says exam boards must


introduce stricter guards to counter And The Sun reports


the court case where a man on a motorbike with a gun allegedly


tried to rob the West Ham I have two political correspondence


with me both called Kate. We have got to have a quick chat about Kezia


Dugdale, that is a shock? Yes, definitely. Definitely. You have the


same name and you said the same thing at the same time for the what


made her go? We both looked at each other and shook our heads in


surprise, it's a shock because I did not see that coming. There have been


rumblings about her relationship with Jeremy Corbyn and activists and


whether they think she is the right person for the job, and maybe there


is something in the idea that she went before she was pushed but I


thought Jeremy Corbyn thought she was doing a good job. The results in


the local elections in Scotland were less than they wanted but in the


general election Labour have made some decent games, winning seats


back in Glasgow from the SNP. So I did not see that coming. Still an


underwhelming performance. It was, and there is a lot of ground to make


up, but she is a charismatic and young leader and I'm surprised and


she will be difficult to replace. OK. Kate... Talking about


charismatic leaders, President Ron. He is in Texas -- President Trump.


He is being credited with handling the crisis pretty well so far. He's


very keen in making sure that this is not his George W Bush Katrina


comparison and he wants to look like he has a handle on the situation,


dealing with it. He hopes he comes across statesman-like, but that is


betrayed by what he has put out on Twitter. He almost has a childlike


excitement when the storm was coming in, peppered with exclamation marks,


and he used the word wow which seems a bit wrong in tone. Is he now


getting the tone right now that he has gone there and looked at the


damage? He did not want to get in the wake of the rescue effort, he


said. -- in the way. He's getting a handle on things? I'm not sure on


that, if you look at the comments on his press conference, he says they


will congratulate themselves when it is over, but he said they want


everyone to look at this and say this is the best effort that has


been made. But there are many articles around in the days leading


up to this, warning Trump and America of this impending crisis


because flooding in this area is not new and actually flooding across


America is not new and there is a real problem with how America builds


on flood plains and the state backed insurance regime they have which


allows people to rebuild houses again and again on flood zones.


Interesting statistic, Houston in Texas has the highest proportion of


these homes that have rebuilt, that have been rebuilt over and over


again, and that is not something he would not be aware of, because Obama


tried to do something about that. But he could not get it passed. He


is, no one wants to give up a benefit, if they can. And now to the


Metro. The first Lady Melania Trump also flew into Texas. Interesting


attire. She is making quite a statement with those shoes but we


know that she swapped them when she got to Texas. She put her flats on.


Yes, but they were also quite interesting shoes, pristine white.


Shiny trainers. Well, how often does one get to go to a disaster zone?


Well, quite. We are used to seeing politicians in Wellington boots, and


so this is a change to that. Is this the kind of thing, that will detract


from the President's performance? This is just a sideshow. The Trump


presidency has been dogged by the idea that there is a lot of


attention paid to image and not much attention paid to policy and detail


and getting the logistics of situations right. This picture on


the front page of the Metro does not do his presidency any favours


because we might think it is funny that she is wearing stilettos, but


it is not a fashion show. Nine people have died and they suspect


many people will have died when the floodwaters finally go down,


thousands and thousands people are not in their homes, and the effort


to evacuate people has not been that organised. The warnings were already


there. I wonder how long Trump and Melania Trump can get away with this


idea that it looks great to jet into a flood saying and change your


outfit on the flight over and wear a cap saying float us, but this is a


serious issue. Not the time to be worrying about your shoes. What


people want to see in Houston, speaking to survivors and people


helping with the vestry effort, it is a multicultural city and state


and they want the visit to focus on the celebration of the community


coming together and helping people, and this is not that. The front page


of the Guardian, as well, also a picture of Melania Trump. And the


president there. The suggestion is that this will cost $100 billion.


Yes, this is not the first. Trump was previously saying this is an


event they have never seen before but that is not true. America has


had floods of this scale. We were talking about the cost of this, the


state backed insurance policies $25 billion in the red which is a huge


amount of money and the premiums paid by people who take out


insurance from this state backed fund does not cover it. The amount


of money that they will have to spend to do something about this,


not just putting people's lives back together and rebuild homes, but


there is a dam about to break in Houston, that is a big issue and


that will not stop being an issue going forward, and so there needs to


be infrastructure investment which will cost billions of dollars and


that will be a problem in Houston and also other big cities along the


coastline which also have the same problem. The suggestion is that this


will hurt the bottom line of the US economy and as a result it will put


off America putting up interest rates. Definitely. We don't know the


huge catastrophic effect this will have, people are dealing with


absolute devastation and until that settles down I don't think we will


have a clear picture of what happens, but outside of the economic


impact, Trump has started the wheels in motion to abolish the


environmental protection and is in America which would deal with


incidents like this in the future, and he took steps to wind it back.


Is this going to make him think again? Probably not. LAUGHTER


And now the front page of The Times. North Korea, the other big issue for


the president in his in trade. -- in tray. Theresa May slams North Korea


over the missile fired over Japan. She is in Japan at the moment. We


love a bit of international excitement, and the possibility of a


missile test and a text message saying, get down in the middle of


the night for -- but Theresa May is in Japan and she has said she is


outraged over the missile which has been fired over Japan. President


Trump has said all options are on the table, which is a less gung ho


approach than when he previously had when he was warning if you go and do


this again, we will take immediate action. The question we were asking


before we came on air, what can people actually do? The answer is


not very much. The only country that has any serious leveraged is the


Chinese and they are not going to want millions of people crashing


over their border if North Korea collapses, so they will continue to


supply them with food and oil. Exactly. If they are going to take


steps to sanction in any meaningful way, China has got to be on board.


That will not happen. Historically, China may not want to get behind


North Korea fully but it is not in their interests to have a united


career that is allied to the United States so in a broader sense that is


a consideration for them -- a United Korea. Bake off, that is what is


important, the front page of the Metro. You are both fans, but you


have missed it tonight. So you don't really have a sense of whether it is


good or bad compared to what it was. I have some sense. I had tax


messages from my friend who was outraged -- text. Who said it isn't


the same and it doesn't feel the same. Noel Fielding. People did not


like his sideburns. Channel 4 have done everything they can to keep it


looking the same, the tent looks the same, the tasks are similar, Paul


Hollywood is still there. But it is not quite right. Something ski --


something has gone awry, and a lot of adverts. Yes, they have got to


try and get back some of this money, ?70 million. They will miss Mel and


Sue, I was a big fan of them. I'm willing to row back on this. People


will try it, they love it so much they will still give it a shot, but


he has a lot to do to win people over. The adverts could be a problem


for many people. People find it difficult these days watching


adverts online. That is true. You have blockers to stop use routing


through the adverts, it is a tricky one for them. It is very tricky. It


was a show which was held dearly to people, many people were very


excited every year when it came on, and it is a challenge for them to


retain that and also make money from it because it clearly demonstrates


that no matter how loved something is or held dear to the hearts of the


public, that doesn't mean it will make money unfortunately. We are


going to leave it there. Don't forget you can see the front


pages of the papers online It's all there for you -


seven days a week at bbc.co.uk/papers - and if you miss


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