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No need to wait to see what's in the papers - tune in for a lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

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Good evening. Welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will bring


tomorrow. I have a journalist from the London Evening Standard and an


editor from the Daily Express. The Metro leads with the Brexit talks,


saying a lack of progress led to both sides trading insults. The


Daily Express says Michel Barnier is to blame for the Brussels stalemate


because he refuses to discuss a trade deal. The Times reports the EU


wants billions of pounds after Brexit for aid to Africa and loans


to Ukraine. The Daily Telegraph says an investigation has been ordered


into alleged exam cheating at private schools. The "i" says


Theresa May faces from senior Conservatives over student loans. We


will have plenty to say on that. The Guardian claims the gambling


industry is using third-party companies to harvest people's data,


helping bookmakers and online casinos target vulnerable


individuals. And the Daily Mail claims one third of nurseries fear


going bust because of the Government's new childcare scheme.


Plenty to get our teeth into. Let's start with the story that has been


raging all through the day in your paper, Michael. You can't bully us,


Michel Barnier. You think a lot of feel that way? People like John


Redwood in the Tory Party... Express readers will be thinking, because he


doesn't want to talk about trade yet, they are still talking about


the divorce bill, and it is always about the money in any divorce, and


this seems to be the massive sticking point. It is not a fair


headline, because he has a mandate from the other you take -- the other


EU states to negotiate. He has to do this first before we can get onto


the trade deal, which was set out along. They have to talk about the


border with the Republic of Ireland and plenty of other things too, but


a trade deal is quite far down their list of priorities. I think we will


get this batting of heads anyway. They will say, you can't get past


that, but we have to settle on the bill first we don't even know what


the deal is. They haven't got a figure. We had a British trade


negotiator earlier, a former one, who said no one will tell us these


end points in the middle of a negotiation. You could argue,


everything is moving to plan. Except the tone is problematic. True. I


think the UK should have started, given that we kind of came quite


hostile to the table, and the history was not a good one, we could


have tried at the beginning to foster better relations there, and


we didn't. The Times angle, the EU wants billions in foreign aid. It is


part of the divorce Bill, things we have already committed to that the


EU say, look, you have already committed to this previous to the


vote and you should still pay the price for this. Apparently, our


negotiating team have been looking through it legally and saying, we


don't have to do this. Their site says we do. This is all coming to


the fact that we want to give them some money, because we want to stay


within the spirit of a new relationship, but we won't be held


to ransom, and that is what they are trying to do. At the moment we have


this batting of heads. While we are on the Times, look at that


photograph. Did you see the footage of that arrow coming in and one of


the Test match special commentators saying it had embedded itself in the


ground, the batters were running away from the scene, an astonishing


story. Rosamond, a story close to your heart. Yes, posturings. It's


not often you hear that! I think it's quite tough being a student


today. -- yes, poor students. If you are starting university now, this is


the right that you are accurate ring before you start paying anything off


whilst you are at university. 6.1%. Later, it depends what you are


earning, what the rate is. This is the ceiling rate. We are at a time


of low interest rates. 6.1%, I was going to say. Eye watering. They


could get cheaper money elsewhere, but no one would lend to them. The


student loans company say it gets written off if you get to a certain


age and it hasn't been paid off. I wouldn't want that hanging over my


head until a point in the future where it might go away. We don't


know what rules might change. I wouldn't have been able to go to


university if it had been like this. My family never wanted to get into


debt. This is a bad thing. We have educated people into debt without


educating them about debt. Lots of us have a natural aversion to it,


but we have told students, don't worry about it, and I think this is


worrying. The other point they are making that this is that it will


cause chaos in the Tory Party. Theresa May yesterday said she wants


to fight the next election, and there were hoots of derision from


people, such as Nicky Morgan, the chair of the Treasury Select


Committee, and she said this blow should have been soft and, and


they've not done that. -- softened. There has just been a poll of 18-24


-year-olds saying how few of them would ever consider voting Tory. Law


is the only thing they think the Tories are better on. Another


education story in the Telegraph, and this actually gets more


astonishing is the more you read about it. It really is only the


Telegraph that has been following it this week. Yes, there is an


investigation being ordered into what they are calling a cheating


scandal in private schools. Essentially, Annus put-mac an


extraordinary situation, the teachers were setting exams that


their pupils were taking. They were setting the questions. A really easy


fix. A teacher can set them for other exam boards, but not for the


ones that cover their own school. They are supposed to be a great part


of our education system, and for their integrity to be questioned by


this. They say this could spread to other schools. They don't know how


far it has gone. The likes of eating are involved at the moment, but it


could spiral out of control for them. With the amount of money


people have to put in them, it is not great for private schools. What


we think the parents are paying for? ! It is not the fault of the kids.


You have to wonder, at a time when we talk a lot about social division


in this country, you have got to wonder how large chunks of this


country are going to feel about this. It will confirm every


stereotype they have of these schools and the pupils who go to


them. If you went to a comprehensive school, you will wonder, how many


times has this happened before at a posh school? Lets do nurseries now.


The Daily Mail... OK, this problem, we knew it was coming for a while -


nurseries are facing a huge number of issues, and they had basic things


like rising rent, and on top of that, they have the rise in wages


they are paying because of what the Government calls the national living


wage, and then on top of that, the Government says, you've got to


provide an extra 30 hours a week, so they have raised the number of hours


they have to provide, and of course, actually, councils don't pay enough


to cover that cost. We know it is expensive for parents to use these.


If you then take a whole load at the market, its problematic. It is


almost as if it was done on behalf of. It was a great vote grabber, but


it shows that a lot of politicians don't think things through very


well, and this knock-on effect, which could knock out a few


nurseries, it will create more pressure and make the problem worse.


It drives up the cost of the other hours, because if they are providing


30 hours were free, it makes everything more expensive. What do


you think of Tony Blair and Jean-Claude Juncker having a kiss?


They are very close! It is a love in. Some people are saying that is


why we were right to get out - two men kissing. We have Michel Barnier


and David Davies going at it, then this happening behind the scenes, so


we may think something is going on that should not be. We all know what


Tony Blair wants. Yes, he doesn't want Brexit to happen at all. The


Financial Times, we shouldn't really, but we should feel sorry for


the Americans because of tropical storm hobby, but we shouldn't feel


sorry that their petrol will go up a few cents. A third of oil refineries


are currently out of action because they are mainly centred in Texas.


There is a huge one that will be shut for two weeks, so it will be a


huge knock-on effect. They won't go for emergency stocks hit, but I


remember in 2000, when there was a petrol crisis in this country, and


how close this country came to anarchy because we could not drive


around where we wanted to on demand. That happened in America... We might


need to rethink our attitude to cars. European traders are


scrambling to send more gasoline, and I have booked 45 enormous ships


to send it out there. And they are saying this is the worst event since


Hurricane Katrina. I doubt the price will soar too much for them from


such a low level anyway, but they do like to fill up as much as they


possibly can. We have about half a minute, if that, on the having to at


the end. Princess Diana's death, tributes left at Kensington Palace


on the 20th anniversary. Is the media getting the coverage right, 20


years on? There is a lot of it. It has tailed off this week. With


William and Harry doing things on Monday, it has been nice the last


couple of days. The public, paying their respects at Kensington Palace,


rather than all of us getting involved. We believe that there.


Thank you very much indeed. Forget, you can see different pages of the


papers online on the BBC News website. It is all there for you,


seven a week. If you miss the programme in the evening, you can


watch it later on the iPlayer. Thank you, Rosamond and Michael. From me,


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