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The MP who says a badger cull could lead to human fatalities. This is


going to take place during night- time so it will be dark. How do you


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 1776 seconds


keep people off the land if you Hello, and welcome to the Politics


Show in the South West. This week, a house of Lords


committee warned that patient 50 is being put at risk by doctors and


nurses who cannot speak good English. It is against European


rules to test the language skills of health professionals from other


European states. There were new powers announced last month but


negotiations about changing the law are ongoing. The Devon MP and GP


says there should be a Europe-wide register of doctors to protect


patients. Around 3,000 doctors who trained in


the EU registered to work in the UK last year. Foreign doctors play a


crucial role in the NHS. I was very sick but I do not think the doctor


realised I had swine flu. I said I had stolen pains but he did not


really understand what I meant. -- stomach pains. He did not


understand the area of my body. you have passed exams to be


embedded in the EU you have the right to work in the UK. -- eight


medic. The upper Tees cannot Testa English. -- authorities. Some


people think this amounts to double Sarin -- standards. It seems


nonsensical that it does not apply because of where they come from.


Particularly because there have historically been more affiliations


between English medical skills and those in the colonies such as


Australia and New Zealand, and those in the EU. Daniel lost his


life because of a German doctor's mistake. He was killed by a massive


dose of a common painkiller. It was the doctor's first shift in the UK.


He had got on to a list of practising GPs. One of the issues


in this case was his poor grasp of English. We need foreign doctors in


the NHS. We couldn't function without foreign doctors. The vast


majority of them are perfectly competent and can communicate in


English language but there are loopholes that allow EU doctors,


who are incompetent and can communicate, into this country.


a bunny had European qualifications so it would have been illegal for


his clinical or language skills to be checked before he worked in the


UK. It is all to do with freedom of movement for EU workers. It has


always been the responsibility of the employer to ensure staff are


competent. Although he got on a list run by NHS Cornwall he never


worked for them. The trusts is it that asks for a lead and which test


certificate for all non UK qualified doctors. -- a language


test. A house of Lords report this week calls for a stronger checks on


doctors and nurses walking across Earlier this month, the government


introduced stronger safeguards. All NHS employers have to make sure


they are happy doctors are Plymouth in English. A named person in each


organisation has to take responsibility for this. The


General Medical Council has been given stronger powers to


investigate if concerns are raised after someone starts working in the


UK. Some people feel that these government changes do not go far


enough. My father died just because of this system that is in place at


the moment. I understand that it is going to be tightened up by making


irresponsible of us are accountable for testing in -- English language


and clinical Competency and make that mandatory. It is tightening up


the rules but you have still got a two-tier system and the gold


standard must be to test the doctors at point of registration.


Former GP and Thomas Empey Sarah Wollaston thinks there register


would be the best way forward. -- They will be tested before they can


start to practise. We want to see them going further and over the


next few years of making sure that organisations like the GMC and the


nursing council have access to a single point of contact when they


can check that there are concerns about doctors in their own country.


Proposals are expected by the end of the year. They could recommend a


tightening of the rules but it will take at least another year for the


changes to come in. Just days after coming to power the


government committed itself to a badger cull as part of a package of


measures to tackle the mounting problem of bovine tuberculosis. 18


months on it is unclear whether it will happen. Ministers are


finalising their response to the second consultation on the proposal.


Meanwhile, as MPs debated the issue again on Tuesday, it was clear


passions on both sides remain as strong as ever.


We should now be close to finding out whether the coalition


government will authorise a badger cull. If it does so, in the first


instance that will only mean to pilot culls but even that will


provoke furious opposition and eight legal challenge. This week


that plans ran into criticism in the Commons. One Labour MP has


suggested that if the government authorises a badger cull, human


lives could be put at risk. I caught up with Mairead London, the


MP for North Tyneside, and pressure on the issue. -- I caught up with


the MP for North Tyneside. You are suggesting lives could be at risk.


Is that not alarmist? If there is a colt there has been no money


committed for safety to actually police and keep the protesters and


anyone else, perhaps even those carrying out the cull, saved. It


would cost �200,000 a year in policing alone. That has not been


costed into the cull. The home secretary has actually said that


the money is not coming from there and DEFRA is making cuts, so who is


going to pay for it? You are suggesting that protesters might


end up getting shot by accident? Yes, that could easily happen. This


is going to take place during night-time. It will be dark. How do


you keep people off the land if you haven't got it properly marshalled?


As the farmers are going to be responsible, who will advise them


about that if there are no police around? When you say about it that


is a massive issue in itself. is not your only objection. You say


this is one of the subject she get a lot of correspondence on. I


expect most of those letters are anti cull. I also expect to have


not many farmers in your constituency? We only have four


forums. My constituency is only -- a largely urban. We have a


countryside park. Other than that people are generally concerned. I


have had a lot of people contact me because they are concerned about


the fact that it isn't signed tepidly proven that it is going to


be the best way to control bovine TB. -- scientifically proven.


Ministers are agreed that a cull would mean a 16% drop in bovine TB


levels. A few are going to do this in a way that you are going to


change what is happening, then the 16%, what will happen to the


others? About 75%... Would it not make inroads? Fathers feel they


have been fobbed off for years by the government saying there will be


a vaccine at some point. It always seems to be at a distant point in


the future where the problem gets worse and worse. They have got to


concentrate on getting the vaccine right. It cannot be never and never.


Farmers feel like it has been like that. I hop farmers do not think I


am unsympathetic. This is their livelihood. We depend on them to


feed us and the fact that they have had to have 25,000 animals


destroyed last year at a cost of nearly �90 million to the taxpayer


as well, a cull, which is only going to solve 16% of the problem


and not emphasise how we can eradicate TB, it is not moving


forward. It is kind of a step back. The previous government were doing


six Faxing Tests and five of them had been cancelled, which is a


concern. -- the vaccine tests. Anything moving forward to develop


a vaccine for her cattle -- for cattle and continue to vaccinate


the badgers and how we can eradicate it is fine. There is


another problem of getting European blog changed so if we have animals


vaccinated... Another reason the government say we should be pushing


Colin? There are falling back on Colling. -- on the cull.


Investigating the science would be a better stab.


On Tuesday at Westminster one of Cornwall's MPs raised concerns


about the proposal to give protection to an area of the seabed


off Falmouth. Conservationists say it will put -- protect a unique


habitat but others say it will prevent dredging and cost the local


economy millions. Falmouth is one of Europe's biggest


harbours. Its port supports 1,400 jobs. Some say these jobs will be


lost if plans for eight Marine Conservation Society goes ahead.


The plan to give a special environmental protections to an


area of the seabed out there has pleased conservationists but it has


caused some anxiety in Falmouth amongst businesses, who say it


could get in a way of plans to dredge the harbour which in turn,


could cost the town's economy thousands of pounds and hundreds of


jobs. One of the key proposals is the dredging of a new approach


channel in the docks which the council says would be of economic


benefit as larger ships would be able to access the port. The


dredging plan is already on hold because of environmental concerns


and now, its backers are facing another potential obstacle. We are


very concerned about it. We are working hard on the mark -- port


masterplan and looking for a future for the port. That involves a


dreading -- dredging scheme which is difficult in an area of


conservation. We feel if the reference site goes forward, then


the dredging aspects of this proposal become even more difficult,


if not impossible. This bank is home to a rare species of sea weed


which forms a habitat similar to a coral reef. It is protected by


European law but last month, the government was presented with a


proposal to give his side a highest possible level of protection.


idea of reference areas is to provide protection for the very


best examples of different habitats. That provides a comparison that we


can make with other areas that support Merle. There are bits of it


in other areas around the coast. By protecting this and keeping it in


the high-quality state that it is, we can have a comparison to make


with these other areas so we can understand how they are impacted


generally by other activities. Cornwall Council is predicting a


bleak council -- future for Falmouth docks if the reference


site is given approval. It would prevent us for carrying out


bridging which is important for a future prosperity in the docks.


They would go into decline. I am aware that some of the business is


currently based in the docks might use that as an opportunity to


locate elsewhere, which means we would not just lose jobs slowly


over a period of time but we could lose dozens if not hundreds of jobs


in short order. Falmouth's MP is also concerned. She raised the


issue at Westminster this week. really think we have got plenty of


Environment a protection at the moment. I grew up in the area and I


am pleased to see the quality of the water has improved and the


protection for the environment is there. I do not think we need any


more. She says she was assured by the response from the minister who


says everyone in their community will be properly consulted.


The Channel Island of Jersey went to the polls this week for what was


almost its first general election. The island does not have political


parties and until March the different seats in the house have


been pulled at different times but at this time, almost all of the


seats were being contested. Jersey is well known for a number


of things. Its cars, it potatoes, its tax status and this man, who


did wonders for the island's tourism in the 1980s. It is easy


for people from the UK to forget that jersey has its own government


and that it is like a country in its own right. This week the


islanders went to the polls for what was almost but not quite the


first general election. The States of Jersey now has 51 members. 10


are senators elected by the whole of the island. 29 are deputies who


represent local districts. 12 are constables, elected by their


parishes, local figureheads. Between them they elect a chief


minister and a Cabinet. It was almost a general election because


six senators seats were not up for re-election. In 2014 there will be


a full general election but it is still being phased in. The big


winner was formerly the island's be live. If 80% -- with 80% of


islanders selecting him he is a prime candidate for a minister.


made it clear that my primary objective was to see reform in the


constitution of the States and a change in the way the States


operates so that the parliament of the island becomes more efficient


and more effective. I have to think what is the best way to achieve


that objective. There are a number of options that are open to me.


Will he stand and if so, who will he face? This has given him a


potential Monday possibly to stand as chief minister. There is going


to be speculation about this over the next few weeks until the new


states convenes in December and proceeds to elect a new chief


minister and cancel minister that Council of Ministers. -- and


Council of Ministers. Some states were pledging to make changes.


of the key changes his people fed up with the bickering that has


characterised the last assembly. If I were to stand I would bring


forward a Council of Ministers that harnessed talents across the


political spectrum. With former constables taking the role


unopposed it was the first time it was the first time it was contested


in over 100 years. Patrick, 1143. It was fantastic to have the


support of the parishioners. I did not expect that amount. If you want


to make you're difference get on the electoral roll! The estate have


been rolled the help of a fictitious former on the internet


to get more people to vote. Turnout was up. Jersey has got a long way


to go. Just a few weeks ago there was a general election on the Isle


of Man and the turnout was 61.9%. The turnout in Guernsey in 2008 in


their elections was 55%. Jersey has some way to go all this -- although


this level of turnout represents improvement. The new members will


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