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And The Politics Show in the South, are you positive and focused or


cannot do it and a soggy? The Government wants more


entrepreneurial spirit to grade the economy by starting new businesses.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 1481 seconds


Are they doing enough to give us a Hello and welcome to the part of


the show especially for us here in the South. My name's Peter Henley.


Are you guilty of "can't do sogginess" or are you "sharp,


focused and can-do"? Those are the options for the country's future,


according to the Prime Minister. No prizes for guessing which one he


would prefer. He also suggested that if you lose your job in the


recession, why not start your own business? Well, one of the groups


hardest hit by job losses is women and Emma Vardy has been to meet a


group of so-called "mumpreneurs". They have proved their can-do get


up and go attitude, so what do they make of the Prime Minister's


Twinkle twinkle Little Star. How I wonder what you are. I have decided


to start my business because I was made redundant. I have previously


been headhunted all my life from position to position and could not


get another job at all because of my situation. It was quite


difficult and at the time I did not have any other option. She runs her


own company providing baby signing classes. It is something she was


interested in to help their children develop communication


skills. A couple of years later, she manages 18 teachers and has


expanded her club across nine counties. How do you juggle the


demands of a growing business with being a match that at the same


time? Can anybody really do that?! You have got to be very organised.


It can be difficult to separate your working life and you are


passionate and when you see an opportunity and you want to take


that opportunity and actually your child needs a couple, that can


actually be very hard juggling act. For you, what was the key to making


it successful? Probably the fact that I was in a fortunate position


because I have a lot of professional friends and we Skill


Swap different professions. For me, sales and marketing. We helped each


other to build our businesses. Something that I think a lot of


mothers in businesses would really like to have would be affordable


mentoring and taking that next step. We cannot all be to the Dragons Den


but we have got a contribution we If you think starting alone sounds


daunting, we are meeting a group of women that have done just that and


support each other with a business MUSIC for people striking out as


solo entrepreneurs, they can be This is the network of bringing


self-made business women together to share ideas and experiences. The


Government wants more people to start working on that business idea


that they have dreamed of. What do these women think the politicians


can do to inspire others to take that step? They need to go out into


the business community and in two areas where people are being made


redundant and at a stage when they are making choices. I was made


redundant four years ago and have not got children at the time and


started on my aid which was fantastic for flexibility it. Give


as much support as you can. Make the money available for people that


need financial support which is small compared to Waco operation.


They are on the right track but they need support in the early days


because that is when things can get that. What do you think you are


giving back in return? I keep 35 people employed and I do that from


a box room in at my house. I work many hours. Private sector great,


says the Government, will help the economic recovery. -- grave. --


prosperity. Penny says society will benefit as a result. Getting people


out there and employing other people is creating extra jobs and


making the economy by Brent and it is very important. -- vibrant.


would you say to other people thinking of giving it a go? Go for


it. But you have got to be committed and you have got to


realise that these days, you have got to work very hard. It is not as


easy as it used to be. By the time the children Shelly is teaching


have grown up, will be economy then be more friendly towards


The sound of Make It On My Own at the end of Emma's report there. A


bit of an 80s disco throwback. But in the business world of 2011 no-


one does seem to be actually making very much - it's all services and


creative industries. Earlier this week, I spoke to the newly


appointed minister for Creative Industries, Oxfordshire's Ed Vaizey,


and put it to him that his fluffy, flashy end of the business world


was less likely to produce the hard You sound like my bank manager. I


think that is the main problem. A lot of people think that the


creative industries are frivolous and not serious. People are


producing chunky goods that you can physically see but actually visual


effects for example, they are leading the world and employing


hundreds of people, science graduates and computer science


graduates. The report is pointing out that in government we have got


advisers for the chemical industry but for the creative industries,


just a handful. The Government has got to work at how the economy is


changing and what the teacher holds. Ireland has published a strategy


for video-games and I think we have got to do the same. When I compared


due to my bank manager, we have got a big gap in knowledge with the


financial services. A lot of big investment organisations do not


understand created industries and think they are dangerous instead of


actually backing highly skilled individuals making great products.


I will be the bank manager again at! Way is the Government money?


Look at the tax breaks in Canada. People are flocking from across the


world to produce video games. has been a slow burner. We are


putting a lot of money into film production. What about video-games?


We did not take them away. But he removed something proposed by the


Labour Party and took the tax break away. They made a lot of promises.


What we have done is put money into film tax credit and helped created


industries and brought them together. We have got a lot of


money going in there. Is it going to work? That is the question of


the economic strategy. It is right to reduce the deficit. Is it right


to target tax relief to help business? Yes, we are doing that by


reducing corporation tax but increasing tax incentives like


enterprise and investment, targeted towards small starting businesses.


Have we seen improvements, yes we have? I think we are on course.


course, says Ed Vaizey are. I am joined by two people looking at


where new jobs might come from. Will it come from the engineers or


will it come from the media? He was talking up new things but can a


great come from older industries as well? -- prosperity. Absolutely.


But it is falling away and we need new ideas. The majority of exports


are still from manufacturing and they have got a big part to play.


We can always do with more skills and the creative industries are


part of encouraging creativity among students. But in the end it


is about making things that will help the economy. But you have also


got to have designers and services and look at the disposal of


products. It is creating a numerous amount of jobs. Are you getting


people trained properly? We are in some respects but we must go a lot


further. Industry and government must work closer with education


providers. Lots of people doing media courses. How many applicants


on your television calls? About 900 applications for 70 places.


they enough jobs as part in content production but they might not all


work for BBC One. They might have to broaden aspirations. What about


the film production side of things? They are saying they have not got


enough finance. Could they work for themselves? They definitely can and


we are doing much more helping people start businesses. We have


got an entrepreneur scheme starting next year. We are looking at


broadening horizons poor people. Are they going abroad as bar a knot


of them are working in America and Australia. -- abroad? A lot of them


are working in America and Australia. One of the things we are


doing in Bournemouth is helping creative industries and stop


sending work abroad and getting people to Bournemouth to work with


us and identify top talent. With manufacturing, are we buying


British properly and exploiting the skills we have got? Probably not


enough. One of the things we have got at the institution for


Mechanical Engineers is a charter. One of the principles is getting


right education skills and tax incentives and encouraging people


to do well and be innovative. The Government are doing well with the


high value manufacturing technology with a centre that has been formed.


They are looking at failing that gap between research and


development and commercial products which is where a lot of companies


failed. But is it not cheaper to produce costs abroad?


necessarily. Much manufacturing is coming back to Britain because we


have got innovation and quality and we have got more agility. Financial


services has taken priority and the Government has not invested but


actually we are very competitive. It is about reputation as well,


isn't it? Made in Britain. In terms of fashion, film and computer games,


ranges of clothing being British based. We have got to keep top


talent in the UK and incentive eyes empty state. But can -- and


encourage them to stay. Can this be result? I think we can get there.


And you are going to keep them here. We are encouraging them to get a


job and start their businesses. you are wandering through Oxford on


Tuesday you might be surprised to see women in cages. They are


marking anti-slavery day which might seem like it happened in


companies and countries faraway. But it is actually closer to home.


I am joined by a member of the Liberal Democrat in Oxford. It is


actually on the doorstep, isn't it? It is the biggest market in Europe,


the UK, for trafficked people in Europe. It is happening where we


live in Oxford, Reading, Portsmouth, Southampton. It is happening


everywhere. Young women are being trafficked, kept and sold as pieces


of Trade and just used and abused. This is not just smuggling people


across borders. They are keeping them in slavery in our communities


are. It is completely different from immigration and illegal


immigration and people wanting to come here for work. These people


are encouraged to work in hotels and restaurants but when they come


here they are often raped and beaten up and their passports are


confiscated and they are held against their will and they are


sold to people using them in the sex trade. They are sold for


benefit fraud. They are used as pickpockets and shoplifters. The


sale of human beings is a horrible trade and it is happening in these


communities. And presumably people must report what they think is


suspicious but it is also getting people to testify. When the police


get involved, people must have the courage to come forward.


Historically when people have been arrested for prostitution, they


have managed to break down the gangs and the women they have


rescued have been sent back. They have not testified and they are


traumatised and not able to testify. If you look after them well and


give them psychiatric attention, they are much more likely to stay


and give evidence. It is a benefit that way but it is these human


thing to do. These young people have been abused in awful ways and


held against their will and traumatised. We should look after


them. That is what a civilised society must be doing. We had


signed up to a preventative measure against traffic in and we are


obliged to look after victims and not illegal immigrants will stop --.


Recent proposed boundary changes to reduce the number of MPs have been


pretty controversial. In Hampshire, almost no changes in constituencies


and two completely abolished. Consultation starts in Reading on


Thursday and Caroline Nokes is in a constituency slated to go. Did you


get much warning? We understood this was going to happen and it is


difficult to predict exactly what the Boundary Commission were


proposing. But I had not anticipated that this historic


constituency would disappear completely. Will you fight, you


could take over from Julian Lewis. You could compete with him to be


the Conservative candidate. That is possible but I was clear from the


outset. He is a colleague and a good friend and I do not intend to


force a contest in any areas where I could do said. I do not think


that is morally right. You have been given assurances. I believe I


heard, no colleague left behind was a phrase? I want to do the best job


I can. Have you not been promised an alternative? I have not been


promised an alternative. The selection procedures in the


Conservative Party are very clear. It is up to individuals to choose


who they wish and not have things imposed from up above. It is not


just you. People are in a difficult situation across the country are.


You do not have to toe the party line because your constituency is


going. I want to make sure people in my constituency have got the


boys and they want. I was elected as a Conservative Member of


Parliament. But when it comes to expressing the views of the people


in my constituency, I am in a position where I can say what they


think and make sure the Government listens. On planning guidelines,


might you go against the Government line? It has upset a lot of people,


particularly in rural areas of the constituency. People are concerned


about what that means for the ordinary countryside. But actually


it is far from ordinary and it is exceptional and beautiful. It is


not protected by the green belt and national park areas and people are


concerned. I will be making these points to Greg Clarke when he comes


before the Select Committee and that is something I will carry on


doing. Will this actually go ahead? It is a very long process and we


have only seen the first draft at what they are trying to achieve.


Every individual, authority and party has an opportunity to comment


in the process. This might end up not being the final outcome.


will you be lobbying at the meeting on Thursday and St this is not


right? We have got a public inquiry in Reading and Portsmouth. It is


important, particularly in the case of Romsey. They have been cleaned


with the New Forest in the past. -- linked. But every single village


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