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Airlines juggle flight crew and passengers,


while the tech giant Google urges some staff not to leave the country.


We'll find out how companies are being impacted by the US travel


Benoit Hamon is chosen as France's socialist candidate


for the country's upcoming election but will his pledge


of a pay-cheque for all be enough to lure voters?


Welcome to World Business, Report I'm Sally Bundock.


Also in the programme another computer glitch grounds domestic


President Trump is standing firm on his ban on immigration from seven


countries - Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan,


He's also denying the measures are targeting muslims.


He's also denying the measures are targeting Muslims.


The leaders of many global business have been swift to react -


the technology firms among the first to speak out.


Google says it will take legal action to protect its employees.


It's urging staff who could be caught up in the ban not


The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, says the ban isn't the best way


to address challenges the country is facing -


and says he will take up industry concerns with President Trump's


Emirates - one of the world's biggest long haul carriers -


has had to change flight rosters for pilots and cabin crew.


While Etihad - the national airline for the United Arab Emirates -


says it is offering affected passengers the option to refund


Blake Chisam is a partner with the US immigration law firm


One of the problems is the confusion? Absolutely. If there is


confusion and fluidity in what is going on. Companies are finding that


if they had a senior executive, senior engineer outside the country


on business and all of a sudden he or she cannot come back for at least


90 days that is going to cause problems to businesses. Key members


of staff could be stuck, some could even be de change in airports. You


have the likes of Google saying we are going to take legal actions.


What should companies be doing? It is not what they should be doing it


is what they are doing. They are thinking about this and trying to


understand some broad language in the executive order which was not


vetted as carefully as it should have been. In the future they will


have to solve the problems affect their employees. These kinds of


actions by the US government need to be vetted properly and really made


to see the light of day with the technical experts that can make it


work well. Many as saying this was signed on Friday and has caused


complete chaos since then. Many would argue, who is around Mr Trump


to advise him. He is a businessman, you would assume that is something


in his mind? I do not assume anything. Talking to people and


understanding how the system works and making sure to take this


confusion out of the system and make it less fluid and more certain so


that businesses can plan and keep their people at work and safe. We


appreciate your time. A lot more appreciation on our website if


you're wanting to more information. Benoit Hamon will be


the French Socialist Party's candidate in the presidential


elections in April, after winning The state of the world's sixth


biggest economy is one of the main reasons he's got the chance


to replace Francois Hollande Benoit Hamon is a 49-year-old former


education minister whose key economic policies include a working


week of just 32 hours. Also a tax on robots


which would fund a basic income of about $800 - that's


750 euros per month - He comfortably beat former prime


minister, Manuel Valls. And now Mr Hamon will have


to convince the rest of France he can reduce the stubbornly


high unemployment rate Another big challenge


is the budget deficit. The latest figures showed that


in 2015 the government spent 3.5% more


than it brought in. That's beyond the EU


limit of 3 percent. And when the presidential election


happens in April Mr Hamon will be fighting off the pro-business former


Socialist economy minister Emmanuel The centre-right Republican's


Francois Fillon who wants And the leader of the far-right


Front National Marine Le Pen who wants to exit the


European single currency. Tomasz Michalski is an associate


professor of economics at HEC Nice to see you again. Give us your


take on the weekend news and what you think of Benoir Hamon. Thank you


for having me. Basically, yesterday parse mac election marks the closing


of the first phase of the presidential campaign. The rough


crystallising around major issues. The first, how far to go with market


reforms of the French economy. Francois Fillon Francois Fillon the


most radical pro- market profiler. And then to different candidates


saying to try something else - Benoir Hamon will try to do a hard


plastic left stimulus, for example increasing the minimum wage and


shorten the working week. A lot of measures that even... They are so


radical they have not been tried before. Marine Le Pen saying to


install tariffs and 80 from the euro and even if the European Union. --


the euro. Ringing back the great old days of the 70s. The other line of


fracture is immigration and controlling restrictions. Marine Le


Pen the National Front is the most radical. Francois Fillon also


presented a tough stand on reforming immigration laws. He would like to


select immigrants those who would help France, some kind of a points


system. The other groups, Emmanuel Macron all the Benoir Hamon camp, or


read on the left wing of Benoir Hamon do not care about that issue


that much. The four different groups more or less seem to be equally


large fighting it off for the presidency. It will be a very


fascinating and interesting election and knowing that we also have a


second round. What are you think the outcome will be, I know it is hard


to say at this point? The most likely thing is we are going to


probably have a showdown between the populace and probably it will be


Emmanuel Macron facing on Marine Le Pen Marine Le Pen and winning. We


shall keep a close eye on it. In the markets, Delta airlines was a fact


that by grounding flights. International flights were not


affect it and they say it is managing to fix the problem. Not


much action for markets. Most closed for the Chinese New Year but we do


have Japan and Australia open and they are not faring well at all a


lot to do with the reaction of the band put in place by US President


Donald Trump. I will seize on. --I will see you soon.


The recent phenomenon of so-called fake news,


where deliberately false information is circulated around social media


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