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The Dutch prepare to make their choice in a critical general


election - with the economy up and crime down why


Grab your mountain bike or your climbing shoes,


as we take you to one of the fastest growing trends in tourism.


Welcome to World Business Report. I'm Sally Bundock.


Also in the programme change at the top of Europe's biggest bank


- HSBC - we'll tell you all you need to know.


We will be talking about the elections in the Netherlands as


Can a form of well.


Can a form of travel in which experience matters more than


destination keep tourism companies are float? We have been to the


Berlin tourism so. To have much fun as possible on a tight budget - the


adventure tourism business is worth $300 million a year and it is


growing fast. The age has started to come down a little bit so maybe it


is more in the mid to late 40s but we are also seeing a significant


growth in multigenerational travel and that means being grandparents


who might be in the 60s and 70s who are still active taking their kids


and their kids kids doing all sort of adventure travels. The daughter


might go sea kayaking and so forth. There are no longer barriers about


where you can go. It is not just reaches any more. If you prefer your


holidays to take place on firm land, you may not see an appeal but they


are becoming more and more popular and the problem for tourism


companies is you can just as easily do this in Berlin. People and


families will do hiking in the mountains but also around Berlin,


beautiful forests and lakes. We have an expedition people but it is more


outdoor and families stop young people will do the rock climbing is


in Berlin. Whether customers venture far all near, companies now think


there will never be a substitute for the real thing. What do you think


about that idea? Send me your thoughts. We can chat about that on


Twitter. Let's discuss HSBC, Mark Tucker has been appointed as its


group chairman. Shares are on the move in Hong Kong. He is due to take


over on the first of October, succeeding the man in role since


2010. Mr Tucker has spent many years overseeing the expansion in Asia and


one of the first important jobs is to find a replacement for Stuart


Gulliver who plans to step down next year. HSBC is Europe's biggest bank


but the bulk of its profits are generated here in Asia and the bank


has been through an overall two diverse and declining profits and


put it behind a series of scandals. More than 40,000 jobs have gone and


we have seen profits tumbling more than 60% last year. It has moved


into more risky areas of banking. This year it reached a settlement


with the US government related to dubious mortgage lending and


foreclosure during the financial crisis. In 2015 they were


unacceptable practices which helped clients avoid tax. At $1.9 billion


in a settlement over money laundering. Investors are however


like the news of Mr Tucker's appointment. She is going higher. --


shares. Looking at the top story. Decision day is getting closer for


the Dutch. Tonight they get a decisive last look at the cannabis


before making a decision on Wednesday. The leading candidate in


a final television debate. It is the first of three big elections in


Europe casting uncertainty over the continent. The next one to follow is


France and then Germany in autumn. Financial markets are following them


very closely. The incumbent, Mark Rutte, faces a challenge from Geert


Wilders but there is great fracture and it gives uncertainty to the


outcome. For the Dutch, they are one of the wealthiest nations in the


world. Economic growth forecast to be steady at 2% with wages and


growing which is again unusual. Unemployment is falling. Foreign


ownership has become a hot topic with the Labour Party, part of the


current coalition, proposing the government should be able to block


takeovers not in the national interest. Am joined by the senior


analyst at control to give us his reaction. What is your take on what


the key issues are for voters and how cannabis have been playing that?


The number one issue is clearly immigration and integration


particularly of Muslims. Geert Wilders Has sought to make that the


only issue. It is almost like the right to elections. One in which the


world is looking at and looking at Geert Wilders. The other were


education, job and economy is still the key for the Dutch. We touched


the top of the iceberg in the introduction but the economy sounds


fairly healthy, wages going up, incomes high. Voters would like to


see more acceleration in wages after a fairly prolonged period but they


are doing better than most other European economies will not it is a


matter of cementing... We are still almost in the recoveries since the


global financial crisis in terms of macro economic data in Europe so


they would like that consolidated, greater job security, you mentioned


the campaign to limit the rights of takeovers as well. What will happen


on Wednesday... I know I am asking you a difficult question LAUGHTER


most likely the party of the incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte


will be beckoned at with the party of Geert Wilders but neither will


get more than the required majority percentage so it will be a long and


arduous the -- negotiation process. It will be a broad coalition with


and possibly the Greens involved. What about the risk for the eurozone


and the EU? The idea that Brexit and Trump equals Geert Wilders is


far-fetched. I think it will remain European. The Labour Party is


struggling a bit but they may hang on. Essentially it is a business as


usual. Thank you for your time this morning and we will keep you across


every twist and turn. Market very quickly... A big week for financial


markets because we have the elections on Wednesday and the US


Federal Reserve will make its decision on borrowing and most


believe Janet Yellen will decide to raise the cost of lending in the US


for the second time. That is a massive event. The UK and Japanese


central banks meeting also. Stay with us we have the news review very


soon. Police are launching


an unprecedented appeal at the Supreme Court


against a ruling that it failed