15/05/2017 World Business Report

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Now it's time for World Business Report.


Microsoft points the finger at governments


as companies are warned more cyber attacks could be on the way.


We find out how you can protect yourself.


China's plans to revive ancient trade routes.


President Xi pledges billions to rebuilt ports,


Also in the programme Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg makes


a Mothers Day plea to the US government.


Microsoft says a huge cyber attack is a wake up call -


saying the hoarding of security vulnerabilities by governments has


There are fears of further so-called "ransomware" attacks


as people return to work this morning.


A huge number of companies were targeted in the initial attack


including Spain's Telefonica, Fed Ex in the US, and Germany's


Europol says the attack hit 200,000 victims in more


and warns more people and businesses could find


The National Cyber Security Centre urges companies to keep


security software patches up to date, use anti-virus software,


With me is Ian Mann, founder of the cyber security firm


ECSC Group - he's a former adviser to the UK's


Good to see you. Good morning. Tell us about ransomware attacks and how


they work? It is putting something on your computer which is hacked,


and then you get asked for money to get your data back. That is normally


done on an individual basis. This is technically known as a worm. It


looks for other computers once infected. It is not about targeting


people are about spreading itself and it requires companies to have


done a couple of things wrong. This attack has had a huge impact, it


could still continue today globally. This has the hallmarks of someone


producing something although it technically proficient, it does not


look fully finished. Something that automatically spreads, it is


unpredictable what can happen. Somebody could be testing this. They


did not know how effect give this could be because they did not expect


the companies being attacked to have made the basic mistakes they made.


Two basic mistakes - unless you make those, you do not get attacked. What


should organisations, governments do now? Are you assume those who found


out they were affected have fixed it by now but what about today? Some


will, some may still be struggling. Firstly, this takes a specific


vulnerability in Microsoft operating systems and the fixed was released


on the 14th of March by Microsoft. When Microsoft releases a patch, a


security update and rated critical, you should not leave it to months


before applying it. Secondly, people have firewalls that are little bit


too open. They allow this to get in. The way this communicates should not


pass firewalls. Organisations, such as the NHS, was so badly affected


because there are so many different hospitals and GP services which are


connected and rely on each other's security? Absolutely right. The NHS


in the UK operates as if everybody trusts everybody else. Everybody


communicates with everybody. Cannot stop the attack coming in but you


can apply the patch. If they would have done that on the 14th of March


it would have been protected. What you do if you are affected? You have


to wipe the machine and rebuild it. That is really the only cure to


this. We doubt whether paying woodwork. It is not generally a good


idea and technically it does not work very well. Rebuilding the


system and starting from backups. The chances to back up your data is


really key it is the only chance to get back your data. Is it fair on


the part of Microsoft to say, hang on, this is your fault not ours.


There are two ways to look at it. Microsoft produced a software that


is getting attacked. They will say we issued packs saying it was


critical. -- patches. If something like that gets released by the


vendor, you should patch your systems within 40 days and it is now


two months so Microsoft did the best they could in this situation. Thank


you very much, especially given the fact it is your birthday and you got


out of bed before the crack of dawn. I did. Thank you.


The Chinese government is investing tens of billions of dollars as part


of a plan to restore the ancient trade routes connecting


President Xi Jinping has pledged $124 billion


for the scheme known as the belt and road initiative.


First unveiled in 2013 the project costs of a maritime route starting


in China which winds its way to Europe.


At the same time a land based network would make its way west


It is quite mammoth. Nice to see you. This is enormous and lots of


money being spent? Absolutely. It is incredibly large and as well as that


$124 billion pledged by President Xi Jinping Culliver expectations are


cost could run into the billions. Leaders from 29 nations gathered in


Beijing on Sunday, it continuing their visit today, to bring China's


ran plan one step closer to reality. --A grand plan. Already the Chinese


president has pledged all these dollars, he did not give a time plan


for the distribution. But the run many sceptics who say this is all an


expensive exercise to extend China's political and economic influence. Xi


Jinping was using his speech to reassure a lot of leaders, Western


diplomats to ensure that in advancing the Belton Road they would


not retread old parts but it would be based on new corporation and


mutual benefit. A lot of sceptics saying corruption is also a concern.


China has already suffered losses when it has invested in countries


with questionable governance issues. This is potentially requiring of


trillions of dollars. We have leaders like Russian President


Vladimir Hooton, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and


other European leaders. We will be expecting a statement by the end of


the day. -- Vladimir Putin. Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg has made


a plea on Mother's day in the US - for the government to do more


to support working women. The firm's chief operating officer


called for a higher minimum wage, paid family leave and


affordable childcare. Ms Sandberg says public policies


need to catch up with what American The Greek government has


slashed its growth forecasts for this year as it


looks towards approving It has lowered the growth


target to 1.8% from 2.7% China set to become big in the air.


Let's show you how the markets are going. The trading week well under


way in Asia. Some markets drawing to a close. Japan is just down


slightly. See you in a moment as we look at the other stories in