11/07/2017 World Business Report

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Now it's time for World Business Report.


A major review published in the UK today says workers need more rights


and everyone involved needs to pay more tax.


And cleaning up Russia's nuclear mess.


We visit an old navy base thought to be one of the most toxic sites


in the whole of the country - now getting a facelift.


The world of work is changing, but are employment and tax


Here in the UK, a government review is calling for workers


in the so called gig economy to get new rights.


These are people using technology to take short term jobs such


This type of companies offer flexibility over hours,


but often with lower pay and poorer conditions.


The Taylor Review says there should be a new category of worker called


They would get benefits such as some form of minimum wage and sick pay.


This is relevant to more and more people around the world.


McKinsey found that across the EU and US 20 to 30% of people


That's as many as 162 million people worldwide.


For about 44% of them, it's their primary source of income


- so the rights they get make a big difference.


The European Union is currently looking at how it can make sure gig


economy workers can get similar social protections,


such as out of work benefits and employment services,


as those in traditional jobs.


In the world's biggest economy, the US, two Senators have proposed


portable benefits including paid leave, training and unemployment


insurance that move with individuals across different jobs.


The report's author, Martin Taylor, told us some of the aims behind


In my view, there is too much work at the bottom end of the Labour


market. There are people who are not having their right to -- rights


fully respected. There are too many people who don't see a route from


their current job to progress, earned more and do better. -- earn.


Our report will start that process, but all of us in society, employers,


customers, play a role in getting better laws for everybody.


With me is Nigel Mackay, Employment Law Specialist


It is no surprise that report has come out, we have had a number of


court cases here in the UK that have established that these people are


legal workers and deserve rights. Would you go further? Yes, we have


talked about introducing this new category of independent contractors.


However, we already have a category of workers. They are entitled to


rights. In some ways it is disappointing that they have not


gone any further than that in terms of introducing new protections. What


does it actually mean? It doesn't mean much different to what we've


already got. It is a sort of intermediate category. At the top


are employees with the most rights, then at the bottom you have contract


is with no rights. They are saying you will have a new category of


contract is with the same rights that workers have, such as holiday


pay and minimum wage. If workers have those rights, if employers have


to give them those rights and make more tax payments, what is the


appeal left for employers? You have to look at the wider economy. Other


employers have to work with the law, paid minimum wage, there is no


reason why new technology companies operating in the gig economy should


not do the same. I think it is right that there is a level playing field


for all companies. The tax is not just about getting employers to pay


more tax, they have also discussed cash in hand jobs such as window


cleaning, where they have said we should all be paying more tax? Yes,


it is right so that everybody should pay tax no matter what they do. If


you are letting people not pay tax, then, that would not be right. We


talked about the gig economy as a global phenomenon. It is happening


all around the world. It is becoming more common as a way of working. Do


you think other countries are going to look at this review and take some


pointers? I think they will be. We act for individuals working in the


gig economy, we spoke to lawyers in the US and other areas as well. They


have experienced the same problems, being paid less than minimum wage.


Governments will be looking at how to improve the situation, yes. Thank


you very much for your time. One of Russia's biggest Cold War


naval bases is still running up big bills - but not just


for the government in Moscow. Western nations are giving Russia


more than $100 million to clean up what is regarded as one of the most


toxic sites in the huge country. The European Bank of Reconstruction


and Development, which is behind the scheme, says it's a price worth


paying to prevent the facility in Andreyeva Bay turning


into another nuclear disaster. When you look at this kind of


investment, you have to compare them with the scale of disaster that a


nuclear accident can create. We have unfortunately seen that. We have


seen that fate. Shares of Snap have fallen


below its initial public offering The company, which owns popular


messaging app Snapchat, Snap shares have been under pressure


recently as investors doubt whether the social media company can


stay popular and fend off competition from tech


rivals like Facebook. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm


Turnbull is certainly At a joint press conference


in Downing Street with his UK counterpart, he announced Australia


is ready to negotiate a free trade deal with Britain as soon


as that is possible. Trade between the two countries


is worth around $27 billion. India's highest court will look


at the government's recent decision to ban the sale of cattle for


slaughter, through animal markets. The country's leather and beef


export industry says the government's move violates


the right to free trade. It's a case that could affect


the livelihoods of more than 20 million workers across


the meat industry Taking a quick look at what the


markets have in Optum. -- been up to. A lot of traders are waiting for


the US reporting season to kick off this week. We have figures coming


out from all of the big names. We will wait and see what is happening


with those companies. Oil is just 0.4, despite the fact we are getting


increased production in the US. There is a bit of chat about


production cuts in Libya and Nigeria. That may be helping the


idea that demand could come to meet overproduction. You can see how the


American markets closed yesterday. They will also be waiting for the


earnings figures coming out in the US this week. Once they come out, we


should see a bit more action. Not a lot going on right now.


Don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team


Plans to double the number of people who can speak the Welsh language


are being outlined by the government in Wales.


The latest census in 2011 shows the number of people who can speak


Welsh has fallen to fewer than a fifth.