09/08/2017 World Business Report

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The latest business news with informed analysis from the world's financial centres.

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Now it's time for World Business Report.


The US market rally shows no signs of losing steam.


But what does the high valuation tell us about Wall Street


The Magic Kingdom sets out on its own.


Disney's announcing it will pull its movies from Netflix


and set up its own streaming services.


we focus on stem cell banking in India.


This week the main stock markets in the US have had another record


run and London's FTSE 100 flirted with breaking into record territory.


It's a far cry from ten years ago when the global


On the 9th of August 2007 there was a swift reduction


in availability of loans as banks suddenly found they had billions


of dollars in toxic debts clients couldn't afford to repay.


The ensuing financial crisis cost the British


economy up to 7.4 trillion pounds in lost output -


the US economy the cost was more staggering at $22 trillion.


So with traders now celebrating a record breaking run for the Dow


and other markets have we really learnt lessons


from the costly mistakes of the global financial crisis?


Well, yesterday it was revealed that in June consumer credit-card debt


in the US rose above the previous record set in 2008 to just over


In the same month unsecured consumer debt here in the UK topped


200 billion pounds - that's $260 billion.


So do the stock markets have it wrong or is this level of debt


Samira Hussain in New York has been finding out.


US markets have been doing this a lot lately, reaching record-breaking


milestones something everybody is taking notice of, even at the


President. We have picked up substantially more than $4 trillion


in net worth in terms of our country, our stocks, our companies.


Apple stocks hit an all-time high as did hammers on and that has been


contributing to these market highs. As US markets go higher and higher


we should be seeing more companies going public and listing on places


like the New York stock exchange that is not happening. In fact,


quite the opposite. Number of US companies listed is actually going


down. Over the last decade, the number has fallen. By 2016, the


number falling. That is a 46% drop in the last ten years. So why the


decline? Companies have other sources of cash, private equity,


bank loans, going overseas. If there are less companies trading, where is


all this cash going? If market capitalisation are as healthy as


they are at the right so many fewer firms, it asked mean the typical


firm is much larger and we are seeing that. Lots of evidence of


that. Furthermore, a much greater concentration of that capital in


certain kinds of firms. That concentration does not help the


broader economy. The President may want to use caution before taking


credit. Media giant Walt Disney plans


to start its own online streaming services for movies,


shows and sports in a change that it says will bring its productions


directly to consumers. This will end its present


distribution deal with Netflix. Rico Hizon has been


following the story from our Nice to see you. What is going to


happen to Mickey Mouse! He will live forever. But explain this from


Disney? It is a natural step for the Magic Kingdom which has a huge


library of valuable movies and shows, from Star Wars, beauty and


the beast, to Mickey and Minnie. They want to capture audiences that


move on from traditional television. It will be launching its service in


2019, mate possible by Disney buying an additional stake in a company for


1.5 billion dollars. It is a major blow to Netflix which secured the


deal ticking in just last year. How did it do in terms of earnings?


Quite a disappointment. Disney seems to be losing some of its Sparc. 9%


fall in July. A fall in number of TV subscribers. Its ratings and cable


subscriptions falling. It looks for box offered hits the big its


successors last year. Growth is dedicated to the parks and other


businesses. Nice to see you and see you very soon.


Now time for the business of birth, today we turn to India


and the controversial topic of stem cell banking.


The use of stem cells is still being researched.


But in the future it's expected that these cells will be used


to treat a host of genetic disorders and help rebuild damaged tissue.


Some companies are taking advantage of that, and are making good money


But is this money well spent when the benefits are still unclear?


Moments after entering the world, this baby girl may have already


Her stem cells are being harvested from the blood


Stem cells are already being used to treat some diseases and,


with hundreds of trials under way globally, one day they could be used


to cure a range of genetic disorders.


This is the best time to harvest stem cells,


rather than a painful procedure later in life.


And because of the size of India's population,


there is huge potential for stem cell banking.


But more people need to do what is happening here.


India accounts for 20% of the world's population but less


than 1% of stem cell donors come from here.


That means the chances of Indians finding a suitable match


India's largest bank, LifeCell, has a customer base of 250,000


people - 50,000 of them signing up last year alone.


And as the business expands, prices have come down.


It costs just over $1000 to have cells collected and stored at this


But that is still a high cost for the average Indian,


especially when the chances of being able to use your own stem


cells for treatment are less than 0.01%.


So far the stem cells are being preserved by the family


The benefit was only limited to the baby but now we have made


a model way and parents can share their stem cells


with the community at large and what that does is it increases


the benefits and not just for the baby but the baby's


siblings, baby's parents and also the baby's grandparents.


It is a multi-fold increase in benefit.


Experts agree that sharing stem cells in a bank will increase


the chances of finding a donor exponentially.


The concept of community banking encouraged these first-time parents


We are very lucky that we are doing something for my baby,


Although sceptics say the medical science is only in the very early


stages, parents are willing to take a chance and pay the price


to potentially protect their new arrivals.


And join the conversation online - do you think it is fair that formula


milk brands have their advertising restricted?


Let us know your thoughts #BusinessofBirth


The raising of tensions between the US and North Korea has caused people


to be quite fearful in financial markets are so gold and the Japanese


again are climbing and shares are falling. In the US, a slight tick


down for the first time in several sessions. Not a big fall again to do


with the concerns about what might happen with regards to the US and


North Korea. We will discuss that again in the paper preview. See you


then. 500 new medical school places


will be made available in England