Boxing: British Championships

Boxing: British Championships

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Is welcome to the East End of London, three point 8 miles that


way in 257 days and five hours time precisely it is all going to start.


We are heading to crunch time for some of our leading athletes. Here,


the afternoon at within of the grittiest sporting venues of them


all the York Hall it's a big afternoon for some of the leading


This is belief. This is our dream. We will take any punishment.


will take any pain. In spite of the long hours. And the hard graft.


always remain determined. Because at the end of our journey.


believe in only one outcome. Victory. So welcome to the British


amateur boxing champion sips held in this magnificent grand hall that


dates back to the 19 30s. Plenty of action for you until four clock. We


are also going to reflect on this death of Joe Frazier. We are going


to start the programme but talking about another rivalry. One that has


dominated amateur boxing ranks. It at the flyweight devision between


Andrew Selby and Khalid Yafai. Who are second and fourth in the world


and have qualified for the Olympic Games but because neither is the


current world Championship neither gains Matt tick qualification. So


it was decided to have a best of three box off and the first fight


took place last night watched by Richie wood hall among others. In


this world we live n was there no other way other than this vote off?


No, there wasn't, because both boxers had met Olympic requirements


by making the quarterfinals of the World Championships, so, I think


the fair solution was what the head coach said, we won't over one


contest we have to assess both and we will do it over three and Selby


got his nose in front with that fine win. Let us see the best bits.


The action is in the first round and ends in what was a decisive


knock down although the referee doesn't rule in the end it wasn't.


The first round Selby was boxing well on his back foot. Khalid Yafai


had a good guard, but nevertheless, I think Selby got through with


I think Selby got through with better shots and more quality


punches. So it was a good start for the Welshman he commanded from the


centre of of the ring. He switched from orthodox to southpaw. He does


it naturally. He is a natural switch hitter. Khalid Yafai knew he


had to get up close to his man but the combinations were better and


that is a lovely left hook. The referee deemed it was a slip.


Andrew Newby putting his hand in the air. Good performance. He


maintained it through the contest. The Welshman boxing in the blue


which can be condition fusing and all afternoon you may find that


confusing when you have Scots men boxing in red. As the fought drew


to a conclusion Khalid Yafai knew hes was playing catch up. Selby


boxed well and Khalid Yafai knew he was behind. He knew he had to force


pace. It became desperate in that last round, he knew he had to land


bigger shots to Troy and force a stoppage. He got through with good


punches but Andrew moves out of the way, better combinations and he


boxed better on the day. He was the better man on the day. This is the


first time you have watched amateur boxing in a while, you may wonder


who there is no score in the top corner. That is a new ruling. The


scores will only come at the end of each round and you will find out, I


think Andrew knew on the final bell he had won but the margin was 26-12.


I thought it was closer than that. I thought Andrew won the fight but


I thought it was by six or seven points. Khalid Yafai disappointed,


and you know what, they are the best of friends as well. They are


team-mates, it was a sad situation. We have two lads who qualified for


the Olympic Games but only one can go in this weight category, there


it was advantage Selby. So Selby left the ring thinking he would


have to come back today to do it all again and take a 2-0 lead but


the news we have today is that Khalid Yafai and we have both of


them here, failed to make the weight for this second competition,


which means, that he has to forfeit his place in the Olympic Games and


Andrew goes through with a 2-0 lead in their best of three box offs so


it is a shame we haven't got see you in your kit we are chatting to


you. So Khalid Yafai I will talk do you about a heartbreaking decision,


but first of all, Andrew you in the Olympics next year. How about that?


I am over the moon. It hasn't hit me yet. So it will hit me when I


get home. At least he didn't have a chance to hit you. Is that


disappointing, would you like to have had a second fight. No, I am


glad, he hits hard. What about your tactics for the fight. You spar


with him all the type, what were your tactics going into the fight?


Just to hit him and try and get out of his big punches. He hits hard?


Yes. You knew you had to get close up to him. I knew I had to get


close. Obvious you hit and the tactics paid off. Did Did you feel


it was slipping away. Yes, you had to play catch up. I have to ask you,


I am sure most people will say how it is possible for do you make the


weight last night and not make the weight today? Did you go to


McDonalds last night, what happened? The situation was, we


normally have an optimal boxing way and get a kilo point, but I knew I


had to be strong, I put an extra bit of weight on, for that extra


power and I hurt my hand in the fight, my hand is swollen up and


swelled up, and I had a bruised knuckle. I spent a lot of time


getting that seen to, by the time I got back to the hoe it will I was


1.7 over, and tried to get most of it off last night, tried to get


most of it off and I did, and I had 0.9 this morning. We trained this


morning for an hour-and-a-half. And we had two attempts this morning


but we weren't in time for the scale, the scales closed at 9 p.30.


I lost out by 300 grammes. You must be hard broken. For every loser a


winner so congratulations, a Welsh representative for Great Britain


next year. Are you counting the days? I don't know how many it is.


It is 257. You can put it on a wall chart. I want to say well done and


wish him all the best. We are team- mates. Wish him all the best and we


will be rooting for him. Hope he gets a gold. Thank you for talking


to us. Congratulations, good luck for the next nine months. There are


boxers waiting for news the ring we have four Great Britain qualified


for next year, but the 60 kilogram dirition is competitive.


Representing Wales hoping to get himself into that Olympic qualifier


is Joe Cordina, a flashy switch hitting fighter. His opponent the


ABA England champion I don't know Sam Maxwell from Liverpool. The


reigning national champion. He is looking to gate crash the squad and


get down to the training centre in So the first of a scheduled three,


three minute right in the light weight champion. Boxing in reped


representing Wales is Joe Cordina, from the St Joseph's boxing club in


Newport. His opponent from Liverpool is Sam Maxwell. Boxing in


the blue vest, head-guard and gloves. Both boxers fighting out of


Joe Cordina beat Iain Weaver with a dazzling display in the semifinal


at the York Hall. A good left hook gets in there from Cordina. Sam


Maxwell. Taught at the weight, trying to make use of his reflexes


and speed and score with straight shots. We are seen examples of the


blistering hand speed that Cordina possesses. As John alluded to in


the opening of the programme, the amateur boxing scoring system


changed in March this year, there is no longer a one second window


for three of the five judges seated at ring seed. The score will only


appear at the end of each round, so at the conclusion of round one we


will bring you an update at the end. That brings about a rapid


retaliation from Maxwell. For the conclusion of the bout we have to


wait for the official verdict so that bit of drama had been removed


from amateur boxing where we used to see the score ticking over. We


have become accustomed to that. Maxwell is trying to draw a


response from the other fighter. Inside the final minute then of the


60 kilogram final and the lightweight Olympic spot is up for


grabs. Joe Cordina, he goes up to Left jab. Cordina on the


Maxwell is looking to join that set up. He is a part-time boxer. He


works in Liverpool. He would like to benefit from the system that the


elite boxers enjoy in Sheffield. So the conclusion of one round of


boxing, cagey encounter. Both Mendis playing their differing


styles. Cordina displague his speed and Richie has made a quick sprint


what do you make of that first round? What I saw I thought Cordina


boxed well. Maxwell, Cordina had a harder semifinal against Iain


Weaver. He got the taibg tactics right there. So I think Maxwell is


fresher. And gets caught and Maxwell catches him with a lovely


right hand shot. So yes, and a left hook there. The timing was good


from both. But Maxwell landed shots there on that first round. That


just reflected in the score, it is tied at four points apiece. After


one round of boxing, so the judges can't separate them. Everything is


still up for grabs. Both boxers are ready for work. Here we go, the


second the scheduled three, three minute rounds in the final. It is


tied at four points apiece. Maxwell representing England, boxing in


blue against Joe Cordina from Wales. Sam Maxwell, 23-year-old, born in


London before moving to the north- west at the age of eight. A kick


boxer converted from that martial art to the noble art, in an effort


to improve his hands. He said once he found this he enjoyed the full


contact aspect of boxing. He hasn't looked back. Beautiful right hand


in that exchange from Maxwell. a cagey affair because they are


both counter punches so they are waiting for each other to lead off.


Now the action starts going, more accurate shots there from Maxwell


with that right hand. Cordina got Cordina's speed against Weaver was


superb. His timing was excellent. He is not so quick in this at the


moment. Maxwell is getting the oedge of him here. That was a


significant win for Cordina, he Cordina, for his part, only started


boxing for thickness. He was a keen rugby player in his youth, played


football for a decent level as well. Nice straight right from Maxwell.


Cordina is very content just to wait on the back for it. He gets


caught there, though. Nick off by some good straight shots from


Maxwell. He is standing his ground, spearing his shorter opponent as he


Around 30 seconds to go here in the Maxwell hoping to get into the mind


of the selectors as he scores with a right hook. Picked up by a short


straight from Cordina. The problem Cordina has got, coming forward, he


is dropping his hands a little bit too much. Maxwell is more accurate,


straight out. There again, right hand on cue. Perfectly on cue, a


good shot to finish from this man, 23-year-old Sam Maxwell from


Salisbury. His coaches Alan Lynch. He is the reigning English champion


at 60 kilograms. Beautiful shots from the Liverpudlian. Great right


and from Maxwell, Cordina coming forward, hands low, chin in the air.


Better work from Maxwell there, more accurate shots from him.


Maxwell trying that left hook, caught with the straight left there.


It was a good ground for Maxwell, accurate with the right and


especially, two punches there. Good Confirmation of a four point lead


for Maxwell. Development Boxer Cordina represented his nation at


The Olympics is a real incentive for them here. Robinho lost in his


first bout, 13-17 against the German. -- Cordina. He will be in


the driving seat to get the nod for Wales, the final European qualifier


in Turkey last April. You would think so, but there has to be a


change of tactic from Cordina now. He gets caught with the sharp there.


He prefers to box on the back foot and wait for his opponent, but he


has done to change tactic, come forward and force the pace because


Martin Ward represented Great Britain, excuse me, England at the


World Championships in Baku. He will be boxing at the love Test


event later this month, not competing at this event. -- Olympic


Test event. He could not compete last year after having rolled his


ankle against Josh Taylor in the semi-final on Friday night. Cordina


scores with a good right hand. Martin Ward is a podium boxer for


England and Great Britain as well. Faster work from Cordina, beating


Maxwell to the punch, but Maxwell Boxing very sensible, on the back


foot, waiting for his opponent to walk on to his shots. He has just


got to keep the accuracy going. onus is on Cordina to bring about


the change in tactics and tempo, because he is trailing by four


after two rounds of boxing. Maxwell has got to keep it as his. Whereas


fourteener is looking to put points on the board in a hurry, reduce


that deficit he faced after two rounds. -- Cordina. Maxwell tried


to keep it at long range where he can continue to score with those


long straight punches that have Just one minute to go, Cordina is


going to have to raise the urgency now. As he waited too long? A good


exchange of punches there. called Max hole with a couple of


good shots, Maxwell lent in too much. He should start working more


behind his jab. But Cordina has got to keep his hands up and have a


little bit more head movement, because these punches from Maxwell


are accurate. It is really to and fro at the moment, but Cordina is


being urgent because he knows he is behind. Into the final half-minute,


concentration crucial from both fighters. Cordina has got to


overturn that deficits that he was suffering. Maxwell looking to


maintain and increase his lead. Inside the final 20 seconds in his


After yesterday's bout against Iain Weaver, is thought Cordina was


favoured for this context. Maxwell has boxed superbly well. He has got


the tactics right today. He stopped Sean Dick put Scotland in the


second round with a dazzling performance. A dazzling performance


from Cordina against them, the TV podium representative. As Ritchie


pointed out, Cordina was the favourite coming into this. Do we


have an upset on the cards this afternoon? The bell sounds to


include three rounds of boxing. We await the coronation of the new


British champion in the lightweight division. Will it be this man? He


has got a smile on his face going back to the corner, because he


boxed superbly well and took a four point advantage into that final


round. It was a good round from Maxwell again. Cordina knew he was


slipping away, he caught Maxwell with a couple of good shots, but


generally Maxwell thought that there, waiting for his opponent to


come forward. The blocks a couple of shots there. He got the tactics


right. That is an upset, Ronald. Just awaiting confirmation of the


official verdict. It will be a nervous wait for the boxers. They


made their way to Center ring. They will hear the announcement to the


A generous round of applause from this knowledgeable crowd here at


the York Hall in Bethnal Green. The verdict. The result of bouts number


seven, by a computer score of 16-14, the winner and Great Britain


champion, 2011, under 60 kilos, Maxwell in the blue corner. Beaming


from ear to ear, Sam Maxwell from Liverpool is the new British


lightweight champion courtesy of a 16-14 decision over Joe Cordina,


the development box and the Welsh representative. An upset was indeed


on the cards, because this man has upset the formbook. Joe Cordina,


who had plenty to thought about, a leading lightweight for the


national team, as Colin Jones, the former European champion, gives him


a pat of consolation. But in terms of the English set-up, Sam Maxwell


has definitely put himself on the radar of the selectors by crashing


into the championship here this afternoon. Congratulations, what


does this victory mean to you? means everything. You know, there


was no pressure coming to meet in this tournament, and whatever came


from it is a bonus. Just being here is great, but winning it, I am over


the moon. Where do you go from here? Hopefully, with my


performances over the last two days, I will definitely get on the TV


Developments God or something like that. So this keeps your Olympic


dream alive. String the things have happened. Hopefully! Thank you very


Our man at ringside today, a big weekend for boxing, professional


and domestic titles at stake this weekend, and it is fair to say that


boxing has not had as many column inches in a long time following the


death of Joe Frazier, the former world heavyweight champion, at the


age of 67. It is hard to work out in an era where the words legendary


and Great are bandied around and undervalued, it is hard to work out


exactly who merits those descriptions. The one thing you can


say about Joe Frazier undeniably, one of the finest heavyweights of


all the time, one of the most fearsome, and he was part of that


unbelievable trilogy in an era when boxing was revered and will be


Joe Frazier's career was ignited at the 1964 Olympics when he slugged


his way to heavyweight gold while nursing a fractured left arm. Such


toughness and tenacity would become his hallmark. A country boy from


South Carolina became synonymous in the fighting city of Philadelphia,


bobbing, weaving, bustling and brawling, 5 ft 11 ball of fury


applying pressure that was near impossible to withstand. But


crucially he was that the ultimate exponent of the Philadelphia left


hook. Adversaries often found that smoking was hazardous to the health.


The left a trail of destruction to the world title. Muhammad Ali's


moving presence overshadowed his standing. The sporting rivalry by


which all others are judged was born. Frazier and Muhammad Ali


would meet three times, but their first titanic clash at Madison


Square Garden in 1971 transcended sport and capture the imagination


of the entire world. For the first time in history, two fighters with


perfect records and a legitimate claim to the heavyweight crown


would collide. Fraser's signature shot dropped Ali in the final round,


the iconic image in a punishing points victory. His final title bid


against's, the thriller in Manila, is widely regarded as the best


boxing match of all time. Joe Frazier! Ali and George Foreman


were the only boxes to give the Joe Frazier. While he is remembered as


one of the greatest and most bitter rivalries in sport, he was simply


one of the best heavyweight champions who ever lived, and the


pantheon of heavyweight greats, his Well, Steve Bunce, esteemed boxing


pundit, is with us for the rest of the afternoon, a man who met Joe


Frazier on many occasions. There is a temptation if you are of a


certain age to think that the era that you grew up in it was the


definitive per year of any sport. But was he part of the golden of


all golden eras customer I think he was, because as you know, it is


rose-tinted. Any hero becomes that way when you look back, but the


heavy weights from the 1970s were known as champions for ever. Of


course, we at Ali, we had Joe Frazier, but there was also George


Foreman and Norton, and they managed to fight each other in


various combinations, and they provided 10 years of the greatest


heavyweight championship fight. When you listed at the top all the


things about him, the one thing he would miss out, and I were not


correct to, is overlooked, because he was also overlooked and


neglected. That is a bit of a tragedy. Perhaps because of the way


that Ali treated him a lot of the time, you know, pulling the rug


from under his feet, insulting him, saying he was ugly and all that


sort of stuff. From all the people who have been talking about Joe


Frazier, that lingering bitterness was there right to the end.


Absolutely, and it was not partly to do with Muhammad Ali, it was


hundred% to do with Ali. -- 100%. It is hard to change the way that


people look back, and all they meet is the Ali stuff, which was very


much anti-Joe Frazier. One week before he died, if they had been in


a room, there would have only been one man left standing. They hated


each other until the end. You may have heard some stuck with people


trying to convince you that they were trying to build bridges.


Absolute rubbish, take it from me, the hate randy, very deep. It is


always sad to end talking about a great fighter in a negative kind of


way, but I know that you have a story about when Muhammad Ali was


lighting the flame in Atlanta at the Olympic Games, and we are


thinking about the Olympic Games here this afternoon. Muhammad Ali


was lighting the flame, where was Joe Frazier? This tends to be


overlooked, but he was the first Olympic heavyweight champion to win


the heavyweight championship of the world, because Cassius Clay,


Muhammad Ali as he became known, was a light heavyweight. At the end


of the Olympics, when Muhammad Ali was being feted and had been


watched by billions, outside the boxing arena after the last fight


of the 1996 Olympics, as I left the arena, Joe Frazier was signing


copies of his autobiography for $50 out on the street wearing a cap.


Sadly, that is how I will remember him. Top 10, top five of all time?


Absolutely talking about heavy weights, we have got any at Bethnal


He is looking to once more make an impression on the selectors, in his


weight is the podium boxer for Great Britain baste. From


Sunderland, he is firmly entrenched in that position up there at the


English Institute of Sport in Sheffield but the Olympic spot


still open in this weight class. -- So the first of a scheduled three


three minute rounds in the 19 kilogram heavyweight division


between Warren Baister wearing blue and his opponent Ben Llyemi from


Finchley representing England, and he boxes out of the red corner.


Baister taller. U you see the impressive fee seek as Baister


scores with a hard right hand to the body. Lleymi comes back with a


stiff left jab of his own. It could Big test for Lleymi. Warren Baister


is a podium boxer. He shares that position with also Simon, those who


are in pole position to try and get that number one spot so this is a


test for like -- Lleymi. He has the power and good movement. So Baister


will be have to be on his best today. He is connecting with long


shots but Lleymi is defensive. Lleymi didn't box yesterday, only


three boxers, he scored with a hurtful blow. Good shot. Switched


the attack downstairs. That stopped Lleymi in his tracks a bit. There


is that right hand. The Lleymi right hand is the punch that he


should be concentrating on, now and again Baister just, he does just


drop that left hand and he is open to that shot. Lleymi would be do


well to keep throwing that punch. It is good to see Lleymi using that


job. The second shot is getting through. It is a sign he has been


well coached because the jab is an important punch for every boxer, no


matter what your style is. He has good head movement but he is using


that jab and using the right hand over the top. He scores once more


with the left hand to the body. Talking about the coaching that


Lleymi received, that is from John Oliver up there at the Finchley ABC.


Lleymi didn't start boxing until he was 19. Went down after takes a


year out because he was a terrific athlete across a number of sports.


Good variation Ronald, from Warren Baister. Good left hook to the body.


He keeps using that shot. He is a good straight puncture but he can


switch down stairs with the left hook. He is accurate and gets great


sparring. Carl froch comes into it as well. I have seen him sparring


with Carl. Lleymi tried to respond but doesn't succeed in doing


anything but air conditioning his hair. Lleymi trying to work away.


He made a mistake there Warren Baister. He fell short and he got


away with it. He stumbled into Lleymi but Lleymi has to look out


for that. Warren Baister doesn't need to be falling short with his


attack. So, this man being severely tested. All of his experience being


put to the test against the more experienced Warren Baister, but he


doesn't appear overawed by the task at hand. He acquitted himself well.


That was a great left hook. He did a one two combination then he


switched downstairs, he does it again there. A good combination


from Warren Baister. At the conclusion of the first, it is all


square. Four points apiece. That doesn't surprise me to be honest. I


thought Lleymi landed good right hands, and a lot of the shots he's


blocked on his gloves. I think that Last year this tournament was won


by Simon, he went to AZ Alkmaar. He failed to secure a qualify kaition


for the Olympics so everything is still up for grabs. In terms of


going to that final Olympic qualifier in Istanbul in Turkey in


April. A bit of a change in tactic from Lleymi. I think his corner


have said get out there. He is scoring with the jab once more.


Baister finishes that with a hurtful left to the body. Good


counter from Lleymi. That is desire and belief in his ability, that is


one of his greatest strengths. Demonstrating those qualities here


this afternoon. Refusing to be intimidated by the occasion in what


is the biggest fight of his novice career. Really came to aten shown


route to that ABA title when he Good left jab response from Lleymi.


He got caught and got caught again, he is hurt there. Starting to get


through now, it is a good guard from Lleymi but the odd one is


getting through. A beautiful left hook to the body and right hand


round the corner. You see him trying that shot again. Trying to


get behind the high held left hand of Lleymi. He is getting a bit


tired here Warren Baister, so he is working well at mid and long range


but he is falling and holding those feet, and that bringing Lleymi back


in with dangerous shots like those. He is attempting those short arm


Baister had a good win yesterday. They are starting to take their


time. These are good shots from Baister. He is starting to slow his


man up. All of a sudden Lleymi came to a stand-still after a couple of


heavy punchs from Baister. He scored with a pun top of the rib


cage. 30 seconds to go. Baister breathing through a slightly open


mouth. It has ban torrid pace. Good right hand from Baister. But Lleymi


impossible to deter continues to plough his way forward in an effort


to land his own short punches. Upper cut got through. Again,


Baister making the mistake of holding the feet, he is landing


good shots but he is staying there. That is allowing Lleymi tho come in.


He is strong. He has been hurt down stairs but he has come through the


storm. Sporting round of applause. A rapturous one because that was a


pulsating round of action from these two heavyweight boxers.


round of solid boxing from both lads. In particular Warren Baister.


He kept his range there and switching with that left hook to


the bodies, those were the shots that were starting to hurt Lleymi.


He drops his hand and gets caught coming in. A lovely left hook round


the side. Better work from Baister but Lleymi he came through it. He


came through toward the end of the round. That was a good right hand.


A good second round for Warren Baister. There is the evidence. It


extended that lead to six. It was tied at four points apeesd after


one. Lleymi with only two scoring punches on the board according to


the judges. He trails by six in this final round. He won't be


interested in the moral victories, he is trying to get himself into


the reckoning of the selector, he comes out blazing to begin round


three. Yo you see him trying the short upper cut. Lleymi knows he's


is behind. Better work from Baister. A good left hook. When you are


boxing someone like Lleymi you have to concentrate for the full nine


minutes. He is one of those guys he can bring a right hand from in


where to Knox you out. Baister has to be on his guard to the left bell.


That is what he did in the ABA final. He didn't knock the guy out


but he put him on the floor. Baister continues to score can good


left hands to the body. They are hurtful as well. He has put his


opponent on the floor in the final round en route to that victory to


take his first ABA title. We talked about him walking into Finchley at


19. Then he invited hi Kosen Antony Joshua. The man who has become the


silver medallist at after a sensational performance in


Azerbaijan. Baister needs to box at You stand toe to to with Lleymi you


bring him into it. Baister, having his handful keeping his mand up. He


is continuing to let the punches flow. What is encouraging from a GB


point of view he is letting that right hand go without fear or


caution, he has been plagued by right hand trouble. That is a peach


of a right hand from Baister. Following it up and Lleymi is in


trouble. Sags to the ropes. The referee has intervue veened. We


have a standing count. Will this be enough time for Lleymi to recover?


That was a peach of a punch. Right on the point of his chin and his


legs turned to jelly. Great right hand shot. Probably the best punch


of the contest so far. Certainly from Baister. And Lleymi is doing


well. He has done well to recover here, he is fighting back, all


credit to him. That was a super punch frp Warren Baister. He scored


with a good left hand to the body to bring the hands of Lleymi down


and expose that chin. That is the shot that did the damage. The


beautiful right cross. Baister boxing at range on the back foot.


He knows he's can hurt Lleymi. Lleymi has done well to recover.


Has he recovered sufficiently to let his hand go. 30 seconds to go.


Right hand from Lleymi, but I think that is literally knocked the wind


out of his sails. He is not fully recovered and Baister, he is


walking away with it now. Perhaps taken the wind out of the sails are


the shots to the body, particularly to the left hand. They can slow the


movement of a fighter, deeper into the contest. There is the final


bell. What a strong kid Lleymi. He was rocked to his boot straps by a


thund row -- thunderous right cross. Sagged on the ropes. He managed to


stay on his feet and indeed fought back to the finish. Super shot.


Hopefully we will see it coming up. Great exchange here, from Baister.


Right hand coming up. Crack. Look at that. That was a lovely shot.


Lleymi did well to recover from it but he did. He is a strong boy.


Baister switches to the body. That was a good performance from Warren


Baister because he had to keep that concentration level right the way


through this contest, and there is that right upper cut, another left


hook downstairs, that was super stuff from Baister. Another angle.


What a punch. They don't come better than that. And the sequence


with the right upper cut, that is what brought on the standing count.


The result of bout number eight by 23 to 9, the winner the Great


Britain champion at 91 kill lows for 2011, baster in the blue corner.


So Sunderland Warren Baister is crowned a new British champion in


the heavyweight division. Give credit to this man, Ben Llyemi.


Stood his ground, gave his all and put in a solid performance of his


own. No doubt as to the victor, Warren Baister, the new heavyweight


champion of Britain. After a dominant 23 points to nine points


victory against Ben Llyemi. He is waiting to get his interview and we


have to reiterate the Olympic pot is up for grabs. He will have done


his chances no harm at all with a performance like that. Well done,


how important was it to put in a big performance here in front of


the selectors. Massive. Massive of. I felt to pressure yesterday.


Yesterday worse than today, but definitely felt the pressure, and I


am over the moon. I put a decent performance in. Do you think the


Shrek thrors see it that way? Hopefully, hopefully, finners


crossed! Where does this leave you in the mix for that Olympic spot?


Hopefully it should put us on the top. I should be top of the pile. I


am just praying I got to Istanbul. So you expect to go to Istanbul, do


you expect to go there? I am not, yeah, I do. Yeah I do. OK and do


you think the selectors will agree with you? Hopefully. Hopefully.


How competitive is that division? He took a two men at the top from


Middlesbrough and Sunderland, Vallely has got the Commonwealth


Games gold medal, so he will be saying, I am going to be number one


for Istanbul, and after that win tonight Warren Baister will be


saying, no, I am going to get that slot! I do not think there will be


another box off, because we have been through some palaver, so the


selectors have got a headache. But at heavyweight and super-


heavyweight, we have had a rich vein over the last couple of years.


Some of our guys that should be going to the Olympics, they are


defending and challenging for titles, like David Price, and even


Tyson fury, lost to David Price. His unbeaten as a pro and will be


in Manchester tonight. I was going to say, a big fight this evening.


An extraordinary turnaround in the amateur ranks, six of the seven


guys from Beijing are now in the professional ranks, and yet another


class has come a long four years on who will be serious contenders.


gets even crazier than that. In December of last year there were 40


boxes in the elite squads, and I am telling you a hand on heart that


you could have taken any 13 of those men and women and put them


into the Olympics. It has been a really hard selection. This shows


the depth we have got, this is not a hive job, we are the envy of the


world, we have stronger squads than every nation except for Russia,


that is a fact, not rubbish. words you and height are mutually


exclusive. Sadly! London 2012 is the first Olympic Games where women


will be competing in boxing in three weight divisions, 60


kilograms is especially competitive, and qualifying takes place in China


next May. We have got a bite coming up now which of us the winner to go


down a beast -- put down a very serious market. I used to be a


kick-boxer, but now I am a boxer. My name is Amanda Coulson, I am an


orthodox boxer. The AIBA champion, very experienced, two world


championships. She needs to make a play now. When did you move over


into boxing? 2009, July. How did you find the transition? The style


is different, because you have to block kicks and that, so I had


loads of bad habits. She is an aggressive boxer, she comes forward


and throws punches in bunches, lots of combinations. One of her


weaknesses, she comes running in, and she will come running onto some


shots on Saturday. Hopefully I have got her number. I have been


training for 14 years, I have been on the full cycle of the male


boxing in this country. It is going to be a big one for me, it is


important that I put in the performance of my life and come


away with a good decision to move on to bigger and better things.


you nervous? They will be a lot of people watching. Yeah! People will


not have seen the box for a long time, or never seen the box. So


that is making me nervous as well. How do you deal with those nerves?


They would go as soon as I get in the ring, when the bell goes. Until


then, it is a long wait. It is open, you know, lightweight is open until


next May. One of us is going to lose, and it is not to say that


that person's Olympic dream is over, this is more of a personal thing


for me to prove that I can get a decision against her. You have got


the Great Britain vest, you feel like the number one fight at your


weight? I don't know! Why don't you know? I have only boxed in


different countries, so this will be the first time I have boxed here.


So the women's 60 kilogram lightweight final, four rounds of


two minutes between Chantelle Cameron and Amanda Coulson, a real


veteran of international boxing. Joining us in the commentary box is


Lucy O'Connor, 2007 EU champion at 70 kilograms. Two fighters that you


know well. Absolutely, Amanda has been on the squad since it started


in April 2009, and Chantelle is a relative newcomer, but they are


both challenging for the prestigious spot. Lizzie is a


newcomer, what have you seen of her so far? Have you been impressed?


my goodness, yes. She has had a whirlwind start. She is undefeated


at international kick-boxing. She has adapted so well, so


resourcefully to the boxing game. But left dog. -- good left hand. A


real contrast in styles, this. Because Cameron's trademark is to


let her punches go, but she has been picked off coming in, superb


straight shots from Amanda Coulson with their back close to the turn


buckle. That was a superb shot from Amanda as Chantelle came forward.


Definitely. Amanda has the strength with Chantal having the work rate.


Amanda knows she has to stay on their back foot and let her come on


to those big straight shots. Neat counter-punching from Coulson. She


has said that she will be boxing clever, literally, in an effort to


ward off the advances of Cameron. Ronald, I have taken both of these


girls on the grass, and the power is definitely with Amanda Coulson,


but the volume is from Chantelle. Trying to get through with the left


hook, she scored with a good straight left, good movement, as


she scores with a left hand of her own, Amanda Coulson, terrific punch.


Continuing to close the distance and wore her opponent down, Cameron


on the ropes in the blue corner just above us. It has been a fast


start for both girls. BELL RINGS it is a fast start, good


to see her boxing clever, it is different to their plan. Chantelle


is working hard. Amanda Coulson, a real veteran, a real trailblazer of


women's boxing. She boxed superbly in that opening round. She actually


brought Chantelle Cameron on to those shots as she was coming


forward. Amanda just gotta accuracy right with that right hand,


blocking a right hand there, superb from Amanda. What a tremendous


combination, waiting for her to come on. Some tremendous strong


shots, great straight shots that define her as a boxer.


conclusion of the first, it is incredibly tight, cools and leading


by one point, so it is experience prevailing over you. Nigel Davies,


words of inspiration and instruction to his Great Britain


representative. Both fighters ready for this second of scheduled four


rounds, the lightweight final, the women's 60 kilogram division. Good


right hand from Amanda Coulson. Only three women's weight


categories will be contested at the Olympics, 51 telegrams flyweight,


60 kilograms lightweight and 75 kilograms middleweight division.


Cameron getting through with some good left hands. A fair reflection,


5-4? I thought that Amanda was slightly more ahead. I agree,


Ritchie, with that tremendous flurry in a neutral corner, I


thought she would have been a couple of points further up there.


Cameron very much still in it. Transferred from kick-boxing, she


said she was kick-boxing during that outstanding career and was


often penalised for not using her legs. Once she went across to


boxing... Good left hand to the body from Cameron. Once she went


across to boxing, it was love at first shot. She never turned back.


They really steep learning curve for her, but she has done


tremendously well in a short time on the podium squad. Lovely right


hand from Cameron there. He winced. Absolutely, what a tremendous


backhand! That gave her something to think about. Style wise, Cameron


is someone who comes forward. She hardly takes a backward step.


so difficult to box against. When you have got someone coming at you


all the time, it can take the Well out of you. Good right hand, right


and left to the body from Cameron, approaching the final 20 seconds of


this second-round. Coulson was in that cracking contest with the


other contender for this spot, Natasha Jonas, are in Liverpool


last year. A long straight right hand from Cameron. I think that was


the best shot from Cameron, that right hand. Again, volume of


punches. For once, she took a backwards step, amazing! Good right


hand from Cameron. It will be interesting to see what the score


reflects, because the incessant flow of punches coming forward from


Cameron just appeared to slow the pace and tempo slightly. What did


you make of this action? I think Cameron has definitely got back


into this competition. She finds the angles so beautifully. When she


is in range, she finds wonderful angles with uppercuts and body


Confirmation of a one point advantage, one point deficit at the


end of the first-round. The Cameron, representing Great Britain in Bloom,


leads by one. 9-8. You fancy being a judge? You called that spot on!


No, I don't, what a difficult job, I will stick to this! Third round.


So into the third-round we go, remember women's contests are


contested over four two-minute rounds. The men have reverted back


to three rounds of three minutes. Look at the sheer volume of punches


from Cameron, forcing Coulson into an exchange on a neutral corner at


the far side of the ring. Talk about stamping your identity on a


fight, that is what Cameron is doing so far in round three.


think so, and Amanda Coulson is struggling with keeping her at a


comedy you agree? Amanda likes to box with a bit of distance, but


Chantelle is getting to her. She is putting pressure with the front


foot all the time, not giving Amanda a moment to think. This is


her strength. Amanda is doing incredibly well on the back foot,


good stuff by both of them. Hooks being exchanged as Coulson got


through with a sharp left-hand, slapping the head back of Cameron.


Beautiful left-right combination Just an intervention from the


referee to make running repairs to the head guard of Coulson. Cameron


said to the furthest neutral corner. You can see that bandana beneath


the red head guard, how she would dearly love to represent Great


Britain at the London Olympics! Historic that women's boxing is now


on the agenda. The action resumes with both fighters trading blows


without caution. We are inside the final minute. Yes, I think what


Cameron has probably got to do here, when she is falling into pools and


a little bit too much, she has got to start taking half a step back as


she is throwing shots, create the gap that will allow her to work


again. Lucy, again, it is another close round. It is another close


round, very difficult to call between them. I think Amanda needs


to keep the range as much as she can, and if not, drive forward a


little bit if she gets the opportunity. The final 10 seconds,


and again it is Cameron, the aggressor, continuing to wait for


it. Coulson punching effectively on the back foot schools with a good


right hand. -- scores. Skimming the ropes. In this third-round, Ronald,


the accuracy has definitely come from Coulson, she has got their


timing better, she is waiting for Hamann to come forward and then


coming back with her own counters. I have been really impressed with


Amanda Coulson in that round. is her game, she is not normally on


the back foot, but she is coping extremely well. She is covering up


nicely and coming back with second- phase straight shots. Good guard as


well from Amanda Coulson, a great straight left hand. She is doing


well at the moment. Lovely one-two combination from Amanda Coulson,


another left hook, and, Ronald, she did exactly what I say she should


be doing, standing back, allowing her opponent for it, bringing her


That is the result, Amanda Coulson takes a two-point lead going into


this 4th and final round. One of Olympic qualifier for London 2012


for the women, the world championships in China, so it is


the 4th and final round. A three- way tussle for the 60 kilogram spot


between these two and Natasha Jonas, last year's champion, and a strong


performance here will put them in the driving seat for that vest. A


straight right hand from Amanda Coulson, right hand around the


corner blocked by Cameron. Stop! Just a little bit untidy on the


inside. This is a terrific pace, do you agree? We are never


disappointed with his weight category and the girls. We saw it


last year with Amanda and Natasha, you cannot take your eyes off these


bouts, a great example of female Running repairing to the blue head-


guard. Trouble with the bandana. will have problems here now. To say


the least, do you agree. I am not sure how much practise he has had


with hair dos. Full marks, he is in the rodge profession. He should be


a hairdresser, he fixed that with aplomb. Now the part he is familiar


with. Adjusting the chin strap. A minute to go in this final round.


The concentration because they know what is at stake. Cameron came into


this contest having been sent to the last two tournament where se


lost to Russian number two. She went to the EU Championships before


that where she had the dubious privilege of meeting Katie Taylor,


three time World Champion from Ireland. A strong showing here.


can see that Amanda Coulson really wants this. She boxing with urgency.


She was pipped against Natasha last year, and she is getting it right


here. Her accuracy is better. Waiting for Chantelle. She is


coming off at an angle and going back at her for second and third


phase, this is where she is picking up the points. Inside the final


half minute. Coulson led by two points at the conclusion of round


three. Cameron continuing to be the agree sov. But look at the movement


demonstrated as Coulson scores a lead. A straight left from Coulson.


She is boxing to order. Perhaps the experience and tactics employed too


much for Cameron. We will have to wait for the official verdict


unless within fighter can find a punch to bring about a finish.


is very fit Chantelle. She has made mistakes. It is probably the


experience showing through here. Amanda had that -- has had 13 or 14


experience and Chantelle has made small errors that cost points.


sporting embrace at the end of a fantastic contest. Amanda Coulson


is in no doubt as to who has won. Celebrations from her, pumping that


right fist as she makes her way to her corner, because she boxed very


well. Look at that for a right hand. Great timing. She got it right in


that last round. Chantelle coming forward. Landing with a good right


hand herself. That one. It was a bit offtarget. A good round for


Amanda: She worked well on the back foot. That is all she kneed to do


and that is all she did. Amanda Coulson bouncing in anticipation of


this verdict. By a computer score of 22 points to 17, the winner and


Great Britain champion ladies champion for 2011 Coulson in the


red corner. Absolute delight from Amanda Coulson as she is crowned


the light weight champion of Great Britain. She was pipped last year


to rob her of that victory, this year she made no such mistake. She


has boxed her way to the British title and put herself in the


driving seat for that final spot, ahead of the China World


Championships next year. She is in a really strong position now to go


as the 60 kilogram representative and try and secure that Olympic


berth at that historic championships at London 2012.


Women's boxing on the agenda only three weight classes and aman do


Coulson is in prime position for one of them. Congratulations, we


saw in that celebration just what this means to you. Meant everything.


Absolutely everything. Put in the performance of my life and I got it.


Did et file like it was a last shot? Yes, Chantelle had been


getting the nod over me and Natasha so I had a point to prove. I did it


and I am very happy. Where do we go from here? I'm going to Finland, so


I look forward to that and hopefully get a good win and finish


the year on a high. Natasha will watch this from home, how does she


fit into the mix. She is a fantastic boxer, you saw last year,


the boxing between me and he one point to the last minute that, was


the same to be fair, one us with up, one was down, then I came back, so


it is fantastic. But your Olympic dream is very much alive. It is


after that I would say so. We think that is only the second


women's boxing contest we have shown on BBC TV. What do you think


people will make of it? Most people will be shock and surprised by how


technical the women R Amanda has been from 2003 to last year when


she got beat on the BBC by Natasha, she was untouchable at her weight


class. She is very technical. She has a full-time job, she answereds


the phone in a 99 call centre. Chantelle is full-time. She is in


Sheffield five or six days a week. If you were watching that and


saying, "Are they women? "they are good. They throw the right kind of


shots, there is no slapping. It is tidey neat and from here, John,


really it is hard to tell, who is who, which is why from is a


suggestion that women may be told not forced, told to wear skirts


next year at the Olympics. That is another issue. Let's not go down


that road. Sadly we don't have time to go there, mercifully, is there


are 13 fights on the bill today and one of them was just so good and so


tight, we simply had to show it to you. So the final of the 64


kilogram light welter Wight final is June way. Josh Taylor boxing in


blue and his opponent representing England in red is Louis Adolphe


from south west London. Good straight shots from Josh Taylor.


like Taylor's style. Skilful southpaw. Works well with the jab.


Good movement. He has a good guard so he thinks about his defencement.


Louis Adolphe is a bit too far away from Taylor, he will have to get


closer, move the feet into range and be fast with that right hand


counter. Josh Taylor. A relatively new recruit to the light


welterweight division. He was a welterweight earlier. He boxed on


both days, he put a blistering combination but adoll of blocked


Good left hand. He is wading in, not measuring his man with jabs. He


is loobg looking to unload. waited a bit too long and that gave


Josh Taylor that time to plan that attack and just to, like a raging


attack. He jumped in and that straight left hand. It was mainly


because Adolphe waited too long. Adolphe falling short with his own


shots. The movement and reaction of Taylor causing the punchs to fall


short. Just over a minute to go, in the opening round. Josh Taylor the


Commonwealth Games silver medallist from last year, he came up against


Tom Stalker who took that title. Both men have moved up to light


Taylor continuing to fire out that right jab. Adolphe, hasn't really


found any range of his own. Got the win yesterday, over Leigh of Wales.


This will be the biggest contest in which he has fought in A BAe


finalist earlier this year. There is not a lot getting through. He


has shown shots but Josh Taylor is blocking him no problem at all.


Adolphe is waiting too long. What he has to be doing is reacting


quicker. When Josh Taylor fires off he has to go back at him a bit


quicker. Adolphe is dipping excessively at the knees..


general problem is he is too far away from his opponent. He is


falling short sh and when your pone feant has a good guard like Taylor


you are not going to get through. He will have to find some adaptive


strategy. That was a perfect illustration of the rounding micro


koth cos.. Taylor evading the shots all too easily, the silver


medallist put a superb round of boxing together. Good work from


Taylor, apart from that bit there. That was naughty. That wasn't too


good. In terms Taylor's round in my opinion. That was a good right hand


left hook to the body there. We have been given the scores Josh


Taylor is three points to one up. So low scoring opening round. Goes


in favour of Taylor. Adolphe is going to have to make ap adjustment


with his feet, just to get himself in range to give his punches a


chance of scoring. When you the shorter man one tactic could be you


allow the southpaw to lead, southpaws are counter punches. Led


him lead, let him come forward and bring him on to shot. Into the


second round in this 64 kilogram Adolphe now. Waiting for an opening.


Taylor stood still trying to draw a reaction from Adolphe. Adolphe


appears to be more relaxed. He is bouncing on the spot. He is letting


his hand wave round laxly. Taylor is shooting out straight shots.


That is a nice combination from Adolphe. He started this round well


Adolphe. The opening 20, 30 seconds of the round. He started to close


the gap down. Now that has brought about a standing count. Look


aAdolphe celebrating. In fearness to Josh Taylor the referee impeded


his backward process. The feet got in a tangle. He appeared to be in


trouble. The referee brings about an eight count. The referee sent


him to the wrong corner. He should have gone to a neutral corner.


Adolphe appears to striken a huge amount of confidence from that.


Fell short with that last attempt, but he is letting his hands go more


freely here in this second round. He has closed that gap down between


himself and tai lo in terms of distance, by going on the front


foot, putting his pone nebt under pressure and he has got to. So good


response. That right hand with a peach of a punch. Followed it with


a hand to the point of the chin. Adolphe took it well. But the


action is beginning to heat up here, with one minutes to go in the


second round. It was a good response as you said from Taylor.


But I think Adolphe would even much more welcome this type of fight. A


toe to toe battle is what he wants. Taylor is responding with that.


just dropped his arms as. The shorter man beginning to find his


range. A piece of evasive manoeuvreing from Josh Taylor. It


has caused Adolphe to touch down on the canvas briefly. You have to try


and make your bone innocent -- opponent box the way you want to


box. That is what Adolphe has done. He has dragged him into a scrap. He


has been more successful, again. Beautiful left hand, to finish that


cluster of punches from Adolphe. Josh Taylor has been dragged into


Wants. The momentum is in his favour. Great round from Adolphe.


What a response, he was losing at the end of the first but drags


Taylor in a toe to toe scrap. This is a bit scrappy on the inside


there. But there is a method in his madness. There is a good body work


from Taylor. That was a super punch but Adolphe catches his opponent


there is the right hand and he almost caught the referee, that


would have within been a stunner if it landed on the ref. There is that


right hander, and catches him with a left. So a good round. It is 6-4


He really stamped his identity and tempo in that last round. Who will


be able to establish themselves in the third and final round? Adolphe


has started off at a torrid pace once more, but is being the title


contest, that favours at of, the man in red representing England.


Taylor will be disappointed with his performance because he has been


drawn into a scrap. He should be working behind his jab, keeping his


distance. But he has been caught. Josh Taylor, the boxer on the


development squad Khama had a superb win yesterday, now finishing


with a hook to their head. He had a superb win over Danny Phillips


yesterday. On paper, that appeared to be the harder fight, but Maria


Dolph is making this a title dogfight that favours him. -- Louis


Adolphe. Maybe he thought he just had to turn up for this run, which


is not a very good attitude to have, but he is not boxing very well. The


movement is the key with Taylor, he keeps getting caught on the ropes.


Josh Taylor beat had off, so common opponents for both men. It is


counting very little in this contest. And it proves your maxim,


styles make fights. This is a scrappy affair, but it is sitting


at off, as we have said. He has got the confidence. -- it is shooting


at all. That impressed the judges, walking on to it. He works by a


scaffolding firm, he is a part-time boxer. He would dearly love to get


on the development squad. The I am listening to the Scottish corner,


they are saying, move, move! That was a lovely shot, could write hook.


Some running repairs to the head guard of Josh Taylor. Perhaps


breaking the momentum at the wrong time, because it was a good shot


just before the referee had to intervene. Now both men will have


time to gather their thoughts as we approach the closing stages of this


third and final round at the 64 He is impossible to deter,


continuing to wait for it, letting these languid shots go, but a lot


of them are finding a home on the head and body of Josh Taylor. It is


tied at 6-6. Good footwork and punching from Taylor, scoring


effectively. This will be a fight to the finish between these two


proud warriors. It is tied at 6-6 at the two rounds, everything to


fight for in this third and final round. Yes, it is going to be a


close one, Ronald. Taylor has been listening to his corner, he is


starting to hit and Omo. He has found better quality shots, but


whether it is enough, this is a close one. Indeed it is, what you


make of the body language? Adolphe was in no doubt that he has done


enough to take the title, but Taylor feels he will have done


enough to secure the verdict as well. It is in the hands of the


judges, and we await the official verdict. Yes, scrappy in that last


round again, lovely short left hand from Taylor, just getting caught on


the ropes too many times. His ringcraft was not very good in that


fight, holding his feet too often, getting caught on the inside.


Although it is not pleasant to see, that was a bit south of the border,


So a nervous wait for the boxes. Josh Taylor perhaps looking for


divine intervention as they share a sporting embrace once more, but


they have tested one another tonight. It is all smiles from


Adolphe, but the scores are just being told about ringside. Whose


hand will be raised? Ladies and gentlemen, number four, the


computer score was 9-the red and nine to the blue. On a countback,


62 the red, 62 the blue. The belt went to the judges, and the judges


three against two in favour of the red corner. Adolphe has done it! By


the slimmest possible margin, countback 9-9, countback to the


first one, 60-60, finally in the final analysis, Adolphe from south-


west London will be crowned the new light welterweight champion of


Great Britain by a score of 3-2 on countback. He is the new champion.


Boxing is no different to any other sport, on such tiny margins are


championships won and lost. Ali and Frazier coming shortly, but before


we finish showing you the action from Bethnal Green, we have to show


you the first round and a bit more may be of the 91 kilogram class,


91 telegrams between Joe Joyce, representing England, in blue. --


91 kilograms. Representing Britain in red, Frazer Clarke, two towering


sue their heavyweights. Joyce is 26 years old, from London. His


opponent is from Burton Amateur Boxing Club. That is Frazer Clarke,


20 years of age. Two huge fellows here, Frazer Clarke works very well


at this weight. He works well with his jab, but as he comes forward,


he drops his left hand too often. He occasionally gets caught without


right hand, so he has got to watch what he is doing, keep that left


The name is very poignant, given the passing of the great


heavyweight champion we are discussing today, Joe Frazier.


Frazer Clarke's dad was a huge fan, hence the name, the Christian name


that he was given. Originally a podium BASSA, straight from the


junior ranks to the podium level, but it was too steep a stare. --


Bodiam boxer. The move back down to development, and he was devastated


at the time, but he said that in hindsight it was the best thing


Joyce coming across with a right hand and another one! I said about


that left hand, it is too low, he has got to get it up a bit more.


Joe Joyce box yesterday, won his semi-final. -- boxed. The Fort Ross


Henderson from Scotland, so he is The Olympic spot is already taken,


because Anthony Joshua from Finchley boxed his way into that


position. He is moving the wrong way, Ronald, Frazer Clarke. He


keeps moving to his left, walking on to that right hand. Scoring


effectively with the Left as well, Joe Joyce, just 26 years old, a


real novice. He lost to Anthony Joshua in the finals, went on to


win his second title this year, getting the world championship


silver. The left eye of Frazer Clarke just beginning to swell up,


beginning to close. The final seconds of the first round.


little bit of damage there, it is because he has been shipping those


right hands and getting caught left, right and centre. It has been a


good performance from Joyce up to now. So the bell sounds at the end


of a really torrid first round in the super-heavyweight final, Joe


Joyce, look at that for damage on the left eye! My goodness, that is


really grotesque. The left eye of Frazer Clarke completely swollen


shut, and there is no way he is going to be able to continue at


that. I think they will call the referee over. This is some of the


action, look at that for a shot, what a right hand that was! Bent


arm shot, looping over that left hand of Frazer Clarke.


Well... It had to be said, big men, big punches, and Ronald and Riggi


were right, the referee stopped the fight after that. From a very tall


man called Frazer Clarke to a man who was only 5 ft 11, Frazier, and


it is impossible to tell you how the world felt, it almost stock


still and held its breath before he fought Ali at Madison Square Garden.


No live TV coverage in those days, you listen on the radio under the


bedclothes of make sure you got home from school the next night,


Tuesday night, to watch the highlights on BBC One. We watched


dumbstruck at the fight, at the outcome, and especially at the


final round. This is it, the final three minutes of one of the most


amazing world heavyweight championships of all time. Muhammad


Ali trying to regain his title from He was to say at this point that he


Aisle, there egos, the left hook! Tremendous left hook. He was up at


five, compulsory eight count. Cassius Clay down, the first knock-


down of the fight, tremendous left hook. Franchot Frasier finish in in


the last round? -- Can Joe Frazier? If he is down three times, the


We have got just over a minute and a half to go. Cassius Clay can do


There is the left hook again, and the almost goes down from that one.


At this point, he looks a beaten man. The side of his face is


swelling, you can see the side of his face swelling where he took


that tremendous left two. He is Frazier has the look of the


Conqueror about him as he finishes Here it comes! It is over, and it


has gone the distance, and Frazier gives in a contemptuous little pat


on their head. Wow! The memories! I'm not sure the clock on the


screen in those days was quite big enough. Vintage clock. It is


fascinating, from a rewriting of history, if you like, to hear Harry


Carpenter calling him Cassius Clay, still. In all fairness, most of the


newspaper still called him Play. There has been a massive piece of


history just forgotten, loads of revisionist history since then to


do with Muhammad Ali and Cassius Clay. We are doing what everyone


else has done, falling into the trap. We should be talking about


Joe Frazier. But we are talking about Ali. The two will be forever


inextricably linked, and Frazier will always be wise to Morecambe.


That is absolutely fair, and that is why there was the Panama City --


animosity write until he died. One or two people wanted to try to make


out there were bridges, but there were none, they were still in the


mind of the people calling him Cassius Clay. They hated each other,


they were two different types of people. Muhammad Ali had a lovely


home and a lovely life, Joe was poor, barefoot until he was six or


seven, he came to Philadelphia, one of the roughest cities, lit in the


scariest part of town. The greatest fight ever? Because of the build up,


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