Great Edinburgh Run

Dougie Vipond presents all the best action from Scotland's premier road race, taking in all of the sights of the capital city from Edinburgh Castle to the finish line at Holyrood.

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Avery warm welcome to the Bupa Great Edinburgh Run. While the rest


of the country is basking in an Indian summer it appears and


Monsoon has arrived here. But I will not dampen the spirits of the


10,000 runners taking part for fun but it may add an extra dimension


and 28 Fred are here. We also have both Commonwealth marathon


champions and the rainy Edinburgh champion. There is plenty of


British talent including local favourite Andrew Lemoncello. And we


have all the sights and sounds of the massive bend. I am joined by


David Moorcroft. Challenging conditions today but a strong elite


field. A very strong field and the runners will be fine in this


weather because there used to it. It is a hard, hilly course, but


with the defending champion in the men's race, Titus Mbishei, and


Helen Clitheroe in the women's race, it is could be tough for them all.


Andrew Lemoncello is back racing is common for the first time in a


while and he has had a difficult summer. He had to pull out of the


World Championships but he has made the transition from the


steeplechase to the marathon pretty well. He still has a little way to


go, a couple more minutes improvement to make the Great


Britain team for London. He will want a solid race. Disappointment


for Scottish fans because no Freya married but Helen Clitheroe is


running. Helen is amazing, she's in her late Thirties but she has been


revitalised. She ran really well indeed world championships and ran


a good debut at a half-marathon in the Great North Run and I think


today it is her final race before she has a little rest at the end of


the season. It is not just about the elite runners. There are


thousands of people taking part for fun. There is lots of money raised


for charity at events like these and today is no different. We have


lots of children from a high-school running here. Why are you running?


Unfortunately, our deputy head passed away in the Summer Time To


decided to get a group of senior students and staff together to


raise money towards cancer research UK. It is a bit of a challenge and


the dead at the head he passed away enjoyed a challenge. -- the deputy


head who passed away. It means a lot to me. Why things should be


very proud of the children. then we're off to Amsterdam as well.


Yes, some teachers are going to do a marathon for Sick children and


cancer research. Could be back competing in Scotland despite the


conditions? The us, it is always fun competing in front of your own


crowd -- yes. It is my role at their but it is the same for


everyone. We can do is enjoyed as much as you can and run well. -- or


you can do is enjoy it. It was miserable for while having to pull


out of the world championships. I would have liked to go there and do


well. But I'm completely healthy now and this will be a good test to


see where my body is at. Helen, you have had a fantastic season and


this will bring it to a fine end. Yes, I am really happy with how the


idea has gone. It has been beyond my wildest dreams. It is nice to


finish off here in Edinburgh. I feel like I am getting ready for my


break now and winding down a little bit so I am looking forward to the


end of the race so I can put my feet up! The conditions of wet and


pretty cold, not the best way to enjoy season. No, but we are used


to a bit of rain where I come from, in Preston! Hopefully it will not


hinder us too much. This is perhaps one of your most successful seasons


of all time. What do you put that down to? I just keep trying. I


always believed in myself and did not want to give up. I wanted to


give up on my terms, really. A few people probably thought I was


getting on a bit and suggesting I should hang my shoes up, but I


wanted to do it when I was ready. With the Olympics around the corner,


it is a big motivator to keep going. I have changed event and that


seemed to be working well for me. And I have been training at


altitude quite a lot. It has given me even more motivation for next


year. Charlie Reid, lovely to have you here on the start line. How


many of these have you run? I've run on an amateur basis but this is


the first competitive once and I was at school. Only one half of the


Proclaimers with us today. Where is the other one? I suspect is in his


bed! What has brought you out? is such a good charity, it is a St


Andrew's based charity the time running for and they do a lot of


work with cancer. Every family has been touched by cancer to some


degree so I think if you can do something for it, I had been with


the Organisation for a few years now and this has been the first run


I had been able to do with them. The women's race is about to get


under way and became joint Stuart Storey and Tim Hutchings. There is


the elite women's field, a small and select group. Charlotte Purdue


had knee surgery back in June and has not had a track season. She had


a quick run out last week and this is her first big test of the year.


Irene Jerotich is an athlete with a real pedigree. She won the


Singapore Marathon last year. Helen Clitheroe, European indoor 3000m


champion, and world class at differences from 1500m to 10,000


metres. Lucy Kabuu, the class act, winner of the Great North Run just


two weeks ago. She had a win in Sicily over eight kilometres just


to sharpen up for this. We know she's in fabulous form. The others


will compare their form to her. athletes are getting ready to go on


this circuit, which is not particularly fast. There is just


one substantial climb. The first mile or so is quite a quick sweep


down the side of Hollywood Park with the wonderful few of Arthur's


Seat on their right. I wonder if they will head off fairly quiet be


or is somebody will attack early. I'd think you are correct in terms


of the course. It is perhaps the most testing 10km course that we


have on the circuit. It is challenging, it has its undulations,


it is energy-sapping. The first part of this, up along Holyrood


Park, they will soon turn into that and they will find a very steady


uphill part up to almost two kilometres. It is quite testing and


it will be steady, I think. Do not look for fast times today. The


conditions are not exactly good for these athletes. There is little


wind out there, which is a good factor. Whilst the rain has come


down this morning it certainly has not affected the beauty of this


part of the course. The course will sort them out, and sort them out


fairly quickly as they head out towards the first kilometre mark.


Helen Clitheroe and Lucy Kabuu at the front of this group. She was


the winner of the Great North Run. She is in great form, a great


spirit, and a young woman who will be the one to test a lot of them


today. I will be fascinated to see how a Charlotte Purdue goes, there


on the right. She is even smaller than Lucy Kabuu. She twisted her


any back in May and had to have an operation back in June and had to


sit out much of July and August. She said she only ran three seconds


slower last week in her local Relate then she ran last year. This


time last year she and so many of these athletes were heading off to


the Commonwealth Games and she did well and came 4th in the 10,000


metres. She my surprise herself here. But Lucy Kabuu, nearest the


camera, we know she is in supreme shape. I would expect her to


dominate. But they have gone off very slowly indeed. Helen Clitheroe,


a new belief in this woman. We mentioned that she won the European


3,000-metre titles indoors and that turned her career around. It was


the belief that she needed in winning a major championship


indoors. Since that time she has done very well. She still holds the


record for the steeplechase, of course. She went to the World


Championships at 5000m and make the final. She is running well and


looks very comfortable. They are negotiating this first pick climb


at a canter. I was interested to here Helen say that she can improve


at 5000m because I regard that as been the linchpin of being a middle


and long-distance runner. The short stride length there is showing how


tough this part of the course is. You will see how far they have


spread out so quickly. It is not quick but we did not expect that.


Charlotte Purdue still there. very slow. 3.45 at one kilometre or,


that is something like 37 minute pace. They have not really attacked


that hill but now I expect we will see them striding out. The gap has


already opened up. The chasing group, and the cloud cover is so


low and the conditions, they're not bad at the moment. The rain seems


to have abated a little. But this is a cause that is going to sort


them out and has sorted them out very early indeed. Lucy Kabuu is


one of nine children in the family. She is No. 6, we are told.


Charlotte Purdue still in this, there are four away from the rest


of the field. We talked about the quality, the excellent in this


field, but we have the current men's and women's Great North Run


champions, the reigning Commonwealth Games champions, the


men's winner from last year. We have not got the women's winner


from last year. But that is the sort of colour and that this race


has attracted. And Lucy Kabuu is obviously a real talent. She was


two minutes off her best for the half marathon in the Great North


Run which shows what kind of form she is in. She is very much in


control of herself. Eight kilometres to go. They have gone


through two kilometres in around 7.10. It is certainly very slow.


Lucy Kabuu beginning to stride out. She won the Great North Run in just


outside 67 minutes. She is yet another Kenyan there will become a


great marathon runner when she takes on that distant. She says she


is looking to do that after the Olympic Games next year. She is


dreading this little quartet away from the rest of the field.


Charlotte Purdue, tucked in there, has got to hang him as long as


possible to secured herself the top spot. Good to see Helen clear the


road looking very relaxed. She has a lovely long stride -- Helen


Clitheroe. It will be fascinating to see how close she can stay to


Lucy Kabuu. Heading towards the third Plummer to it when they will


turn left down Cowgate. -- the third kilometre of. The race,


slowly but surely, beginning to break. Irene Jerotich is taking it


on. She was 13th in the world championship marathon and 6th in


the Great North one. She indicated a personal best of 71.03. Two


Kenyans are getting away and Helen Clitheroe is finding it difficult.


We have seen this before from the Kenyan athletes. They start to move


early on and they like to dominate. One of these athletes is more


experienced than the other. I remember Irene Jerotich falling at


a drinks station in the Commonwealth Games and she carried


on running, and the rest is history, because she won the title. She has


lots of character and she is just sitting behind Kabuu. Kabuu does


like to lead, that is certain for me. The first significant test on


that down slope, 300 metres back. Immediately it has opened up the


gaps. We know that Charlotte Purdue is not quite fit yet. Helen


Clitheroe had a break after the Great North Run. Up until last


weekend she was having a well- earned break after a long year. She


has been in wonderful shape since February, when she won the indoor


title in Paris. She did that break. Irene Jerotich tried to get away.


All of a sudden Kabuu moved ahead of her. Now Irene Jerotich is


struggling to hang, -- hang on, you know. The distance between her and


Charlotte Purdue is increasing. Helen Clitheroe is finding it very


difficult in 4th place. This is difficult. From a relatively modest


Darton this 10 kilometre race, they have speeded up, that is clear to


me. -- modest start in this race. And a cat this downhill part of the


cause, a Kabuu making an effort to get away from everyone. A real


contrast between Kabuu having her third race of 2011 and Helen


Clitheroe, who has raced so much, so often and so well, it has to be


said. I think Helen Clitheroe is now suffering from a very long year.


Charlotte Purdue, quite the opposite. She has had a frustrating


year. If she takes the scalp of Helen Clitheroe, that will be great.


She needs to be working hard, opening up that gap. With Helen


Clitheroe and Charlotte Purdue you are looking at the two extremes of


distance running in the UK. Helen Clitheroe has served Britain so


well for over 15 years, frankly. And Charlotte Purdue is young. This


gap is opening up very slowly between Kabuu and Irene Jerotich.


She is hanging on stoically, very stubborn. Kabuu is so much on top


of her game, that frankly I feel she could up the pace at any time


that she likes. She is deep in concentration, eyes down. I have to


say about Charlotte Purdue, coming back from an operation here, a


wonderful return. She was 14th in the world cross country


championships over eight kilometres and showed terrific form. It was a


shame that she got that injury and had that operation in June. But she


is back. Her coach has a whole stable of runners, male and female.


We can see Irene Jerotich. I reckon Charlotte Purdue may be catching


her up. That gap between second and third is diminishing. That will


encourage Charlotte Purdue. She really is moving well. Helen


Clitheroe has dropped, that is for this. Young Charlotte Purdue is


really catching the more experienced Irene Jerotich. She


really is a believer. She is motoring down that hill. If she can


get on the back of Irene Jerotich, who knows what effect it will have


on her psyche? When she collapsed or will she fight on? We will see.


The ideal situation for Charlotte Purdue. Having somebody in your


sights enables you to get your head down and work hard. I do not know


if Irene Jerotich is aware that she has closed down so much. I have not


seen her glance back. She knows that she has got the race... The


first glance! She knows she has lost the race. Kabuu is ahead and


racing well. This is where the contest is taking place. Helen


Clitheroe has not come round that corner in the background in 4th


place yet. This will be a wonderful spot for Charlotte Purdue, coming


into this winter. Approaching the halfway mark. Five kilometres to go


in the 10 kilometre race. Charlotte Purdue is closing in on second


place. Irene Jerotich looks to be faltering. Look at this. If


Charlotte can go past, who knows what effect it will have on the


tall Kenyan. Low-cut the difference in stature between these two. --


looked at the difference. The determination on the face of


Charlotte Purdue is wonderful. She wants to win. She is a winner.


Kabuu went through in 17.06. Charlotte Purdue is eight seconds


down on the leader. This battle has drawn her closer and closer to the


leader, Kabuu. This is the first Irene Jerotich is aware, I suspect,


that she was being closed down. can sue the lead that Kabuu has got.


Just so easy. She floats along the road. The diminutive character,


just a bit taller than Charlotte Purdue. She drifts along, in total


command of herself. Now she demonstrates what distance running


should be all about. She is a champion. I spoke do there a couple


of days ago. She said she job to for 40 minutes before coming up


here. She has just been jogging, based in London. Along with Martin


Mathathi, the male winner of the Great North Run. Total relaxation.


The face relaxed, the shoulder relaxed, good stride length. That


is a lovely technique. Wonderful technique. 16.58 at five kilometres.


I am sure the second half will be quicker. Charlotte Purdue has


passed Irene Jerotich. The Commonwealth champion in the


marathon. It is no good getting by somebody and having a breather


because they sit on your shoulder. Now she has to put her head down


and push hard for the next four minutes and tried to get a gap. You


can see a Irene Jerotich working very hard, being aware of that. She


is getting in the slipstream of Charlotte Purdue and she will dog


at her heels. If you are going to go past somebody then you have to


go right pass them. You cannot sit one metre ahead. Charlotte Purdue


is glancing herself. She is mature beyond her years. She has won of


the major junior cross-country titles that there are. She has done


well at world level as well. She has had this little bit of a


problem. Look at Irene Jerotich coming back. Look at the margin.


Four kilometres to go in the 10 kilometre race. This woman is


metres or so. Irene Jerotich, can she hang on to the young Briton?


Charlotte Purdue increases her stride pattern. The cadence


increases. Trying to get away with Irene Jerotich trying to stay in


contest. The marathon expert, the tall figure, in third place now.


Look at this. Parallax can you be? Less than 2000 metres to go. -- of


how relaxed can you be? Absolutely wonderful for Kabuu. She has


completely controlled the race. She will be heading around the Scott


Monument, the National Art Gallery, down to Waverly station soon. Then


Jeffrey Street, Canongate, Abbey Strand and into the finish. Less


than 2000 metres to go. We have spoken a lot about the talent is


young woman has. She was 4th in the Commonwealth Games in the 10,000


metres. She came in at number six in the 5000 metres. She was


learning a trade there. But then that injury this summer, having the


operation. It is clear that she is back in business and very close to


what we need to be her best at this distance. She is going to come into


second place, no question. She truly deserves it. Lucie Cabrol,


totally and utterly in control. -- Lucie Kabuu. Deceptively quick. A


little bland and she must think that is not bad. -- a little glance.


Putting the pressure on as she approaches the finish. She will


celebrate this run for some time. It will not be the fastest that we


have seen, I don't think, but it has been one of the most decisive


wins that we have seen. Remember who it won last year, Florence, so


will this be the route that this young woman takes, too? Kabuu comes


towards the line. The dominant run from the Kenyan. Winner of the


Great North Run. Winner of the Great Edinburgh Run today. A


dominant performance from the Kenyan. Charlotte Purdue is about


30 seconds down. This young girl has had a very frustrating year


with that operation back in June on one of gurneys. She had keyhole


surgery but she has bounced back. We will certainly see her in the


forthcoming European cross-country championships and World Cross


Country Championships. Second place here, I think this young lady will


make the Olympic team next year. That winning time, 32.28. And Irene


Jerotich will be about 20 seconds match that of the women's line-up


in the early days. This is the Commonwealth Games marathon


champion. Me is the first to be introduced. Andrew Lemoncello, a


young man based here. We do not see him running here very often. He


will have his home crowd supporting him all the way. And then the


European marathon silver medallist, former 10,000 metres champion from


Spain. Jose Manuel Martinez. Now we have the world 10,000 metres bronze


medallist, the recent winner of the Great North Run, the man for the


future certainly. The very impressive Martin Mathathi. This


should be a great line-up. The last man to be introduced here is the


man at won last year. He is defending his title. The very


talented Titus Mbishei. The same principles apply for the women. A


tough opening couple of kilometres. They will lead the masses away. I


would expect the principles here to move swiftly away from the masses


in the early stages of this race. This really is promising, isn't it?


One of the races that I have looked forward to. You have two men here,


Martin Mathathi and Titus Mbishei, absolutely on top of their game at


the moment. Very much so. Martin Mathathi is another athlete that is


doing well in Japan and they do not often get it wrong. The discipline


of that marathon running nation is imbued in the air fleets and when


they come and race they race really well. -- in the athletes. There are


more world-class male athletes in this race than there were women.


massive sense of personal achievement for these men and women


that go out, training hard, reaching the goal of completing the


training, and they will help others as well. Personal stopwatches are


clicked, raising money for good causes. We promise that it might


set off early and Titus Mbishei takes him on. We said it would be


testing, an undulating course, which will sort them out. My


goodness me, the two principles have decided it is time to sort


of that field. This race is already beginning to emerge. The mental


testing that is going on, even at this early stage. There is a little


gap appearing. Mark Kenneally, of violent, it going well and leading


significant. This is exactly what happened in the Great North Run.


Once again, we have an interesting situation. The defending champion


now finds himself in second place. You're looking at two athletes in


supreme form. Martin Mathathi was filth in the world championships


just five or six weeks ago -- 5th. He is a very experienced track


racer. With that half marathon win in the Great North Run he knows he


has a huge future in the marathon. He said to us last night that he


wants to run the London Marathon after the Olympic Games. He wants


to make that his debut. You're looking at two men who are amongst


the top 45 in the world at 10,000 metres, both in very good shape. It


is quite a British to see these two racing. There is a big gap behind


them. We are at around 4.5 kilometres. They went through three


kilometres in a 0.36, but locking that cap is growing quickly. -- in


8.36, but I think that gap is moment. It is interesting, we were


talking to Martin Mathathi, and his background is interesting, with his


Japanese its coach. He is coached by a phone and we asked him whether


he speech Japanese and he says he understands that bit of Japanese.


Why would be interested to hear that conversation. They are in


contact quite a lot and he has spent a lot of time, initiated with


a scholarship in Japan. But once again, Titus Mbishei is not happy


with staying behind. I wonder if this will become tactical and they


will try to knock chance out of each other. Martin Mathathi there,


in second place, as we approach half way, it is a massive talent.


When he was 18 he ran 44.21 for 10 miles, one of the quickest time to


ever recorded. He has plenty of strength to go with the speed.


Titus Mbishei will be well aware of that. Titus Mbishei is in the


Kenyan police force. He is, in effect, or state-sponsored. So many


of the Kenyan athletes are in the army or the police force but they


rarely, as I understand it, see a uniform. He is giving it a go here.


You mentioned that passed his performance for 10 miles by a


Martin Mathathi. I thought he stumbled a little bit there. The


man to beat his record was highly Gebrselassie. It is about 10 metres


between the defending champion and the challenger. We said the


conditions underfoot are not very good but there is no wind, it is a


lucky temperature. -- lovely. 14.22 at five kilometres, that threatens


the course record. The second half is quicker. They have negotiated


the major hill so far and away that these two were running so


aggressively against each other might suggest something around 28


minutes, perhaps. I think it half way they were on about 21.30 per


with the negative split situation... I was just hesitating there,


looking at Martin Mathathi coming right up on to the shoulder of


Titus Mbishei again. They are putting pressure on themselves here.


It is sapping their rhythm and energy. Titus Mbishei trains with


the group of 20 athletes. Four of them run internationally and that


funds the rest of the group. Martin Mathathi now at the front. They are


chopping and changing. This is a good run from Tom Humphries. It is


good to see because he was a wonderful junior athlete. Has not


really come on in the last four or five years as one might have


expected. He is moving well, there is a real power to his running. Is


not back on his hips,. It is good to see Tom Humphries going well. If


he can get his training ride this next winter, then there are big


chunks to come off his time because clearly he is going into the winter


in good shape. Still one, then the other. Martin Mathathi leading,


Titus Mbishei in second place. Is this a little break attempt by


Martin Mathathi? Titus Mbishei tried to get away and could not.


This looks to be a little bit more positive. There is a little bit of


a gap opening here. I wonder whether Martin Mathathi feels that


this is the point of the race where he can get away. But Titus Mbishei


is really working hard behind. He is really hurting now, with just


three kilometres to go. This is a huge cap that we are getting to see


here between the groups. I think Mark Kenneally is struggling a


little bit here now. He ran aggressively to get away from some


great runners. He is in 4th and then Tom Humphries is slightly


ahead of him. This is the leading duo. It is going to come down to a


sprint finish. You can take your pick on this. Both have got


finishes. The distance runner says if you have got a downhill, make it


count. Don't get to the hill and then relax. That is exactly what


Martin Mathathi is doing and Titus Mbishei is responding. He comes up


on to his inside and goes past. This is a very interesting race now


with just two kilometres to go. Which of them will be able to break


away again? There is a cameraman almost getting knocked over there.


These two, absolutely flying. Titus Mbishei has taken the lead and


Martin Mathathi in second place. First it is one and then the other,


what a race! Titus Mbishei kept up at 6am every morning and does his


main session of the day, 70 minutes every day at about 6am. Has he got


the cap now? Martin Mathathi is the small of the two by quite a few


inches and Titus Mbishei used the downhill to up his tempo a little


bit. A hard training that this young man relishes every day back


in Kenya is paying dividends. He is the defending champion and he is


making a very strong attempt to retain the title. This is his final


effort and has got Martin Mathathi got a finish to compare? At the


moment it looks like a Fred could come away now. This is a


significant break. And Titus Mbishei absolutely flying now,


heading down to was the last 1000m. And this is the break and it has


happened in the last 400m or so. know he is focused on this race.


Last weekend he ran a low key 10 kilometres in Sicily. He was


focusing very much on this Edinburgh race. He has not got it


won yet because Martin Mathathi is coming back at him. I tell you what,


he is closing the gap again! We have four or five metres and Martin


Mathathi is not finished yet. Now what effect will that have on Titus


Mbishei? Titus Mbishei hit it again. And that gap has not closed any


more than it had before. But Martin Mathathi really looking stronger


still. He is coming up again. What about that? A little grim as on the


face of Martin Mathathi. Both of these men have run 26.59 for 10,000.


I wonder if they read shot his bolt there. -- Titus Mbishei. One


kilometre to go, it is going to be very close to the course record.


They might well printed with the calibre of running their having to


put down. I still have not return of Titus Mbishei but Martin


Mathathi beginning to look strong. Titus Mbishei made a big effort to


get away and could not do it and when Martin Mathathi came past him,


he does look easy. There is not a lot given away in that facial


expression. But the cap is now significant. -- the cap. -- gap.


The relentless pressure of the come back from Martin Mathathi, much


appreciated by the crowd along this route. This is a sensational run


and it has been a great race, certainly one of the best I have


seen for a long time on the roads. Tom Humphries still in third place.


He has been closed in a little bit by Mark Kenneally. But this is a


race of some consequence. It is not over, Titus Mbishei in the


background is desperately trying to close their gap. It is probably 25


metres. He needs to maintain this tempo, keep a little bit in reserve


in case he is challenged on the sprint in. But I think he has got


this one sorted despite the desperate attempt of Titus Mbishei


to come back at him. Martin Mathathi, then, in the final stages


of this wonderful 10km race. Titus Mbishei makes another effort, flat-


champion in second place and the recent winner of the Great North


Run is the man who is going to take this title. It really is a


fantastic result. Only 30 metres or so to go and it is going to be


Martin Mathathi. But looks to me as though that is going to be about 28


minutes. Titus Mbishei in second place. It should be a course record.


That was a great race, and I use that word adviser Italy. Tom


Humphries will have done well if he can hold off Mark Kenneally of


Ireland. Here are two principles of the utmost quality. Astonishing


running through that second half. When they got the second half, just


inside 14.30, they ran the second half in about 13.30. That is where


we have seen the power and the quality of those Kenyan runners.


That is astonishing, that second half. The time for Tom Humphries is


could be very respectable. Mark Kenneally in 4th, but this is a


great run for young Tom Humphries. This will take him into a new phase


of his career. This is as good as I have seen Tom Humphries for a long


time and he is going to come into third place. He has a little sprint


left in him. With Mark Kenneally new course record. The first two


were inside that record. women's race as well. Shout macro


winning comfortably. -- Kabuu winning comfortably. Lovely run


from Charlotte Purdue, the young Briton.


Congratulations, you are the 2011 Great Edinburgh Run winner. How are


you feeling? I am so happy. M so happy to be in this race.


Definitely on form. Also the Great North Run winner this year. How


does this raised compare? -- race. I said before I ran that I hoped it


would be good and I am so happy today. Your first visit to


Edinburgh. How did you find the city? It is very nice and very good.


What is next on your schedule? ring back to Kenya but I will come


back next year. -- I am going back to Kenya. I am very happy because


this is my second race in the UK and I have won both. I am happy


because of the organisation and the people that came to see me in this


race. Thank you. How did you find Edinburgh? Very hilly? There are


lots of holes and corners but it is interesting and I liked it. I hope


to run next year, God winning. way you tactical next year? You are


close to Mbishei all the way round and then you pull away. That is how


I ran the race today. That was a great race. You must be really


pleased. Yes, I am. It is my second one after injury so a good


performance. The won the junior cross-country championship as well,


so fantastic form right now. I won that in December. I am hoping to


step up an age group this year and do well. What does it mean to be


used to be the first British girl home? Today? I am really happy. I


was aiming to be the first Briton. What are you planning? The European


juniors, but after that? Next year, we have not talked about that, but


we will go to Kenya for a month for altitude training which will be


good. Can you beat the Kenyans? They are superimposed we definitely


can. Paula Radcliffe has done it. - they reign supreme. We definitely


can. Paula Radcliffe has done it. love coming to Edinburgh. It is an


amazing city to race in and take in the scenery. My girlfriend has


never been to Edinburgh before and she says she likes it. It is a


beautiful city. I always do well in Edinburgh as well, since I was


under 15 and I ran a UK Challenge race. I thought this was just the


place to race. How are you feeling after that, Andrew? Really good. To


get inside 30 minutes for that course in my first year back


training is really good. To know my body is in the right place going


into marathon training. I struggled. It was spurred that it came down to


the sprint. -- it was good. elite runners have come back, but


there are still thousands out there, all of them champions in their own


outfit might be see-through. But people are fantastic, cheering me


on. There has never been a better runners. What inspires you to come


out every week? I don't want to be a grumpy old man. Great answer!


want to keep fit. What age are you, if you don't mind me asking? I am


83. Congratulations. That is superb. running for Help for Heroes.


Waiting for anyone else? Another two. They should be here shortly.


Where are they? They are also they are slacking! You are the young and


fit ones? That is right. We all trained together down South and


then come up for the weekend. you run in Edinburgh before? I have


never been. The other two could be lost on the course some why? Could


the runaway Bride at the event last year. Because the dates have


changed it is not quite your anniversary. How are you doing?


am doing fine. I had another six months to train this year because


it is six months later. And I have run faster because last year I had


to organise the wedding. Looking back I do not know how I did it


because I was so tired. We did think you were crazy. Where is your


husband? Since he got the wedding ring on his finger, he threw out


the running shoes! For those that were not confident of taking on the


full distance today, we saw the first ever five kilometres Great


Edinburgh Run. 500 runners took to the roads over that shorter


distance today. Michael Hutton finished in 18 minutes. Maybe next


year they will fancy their chances over the longer distance. For many


of the runners it was their first attempt at a mass petition patient


run. And one man was chasing a world record, amazingly. And that


was a double amputee and organ transplant recipient.


We have some of competitors here. You have a very interesting story.


You are the only double amputee and major organ transplant runner in


the world. The at his right. -- that is right. And you are taking


part in the race to raise awareness for organ transplant. That is


correct. I was very lucky to receive my kidney transplant in May,


2009. It was through the unfortunate death of a 40 year-old


man, which gave me a second chance of life, which I am grabbing with


both hands. The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary transplant co-ordinator


and the surgeon really saved my life. As well as the organ donor. I


just have not looked back. Amazing story. Laura, really inspirational


for you, too. He actually inspired me to train for the marathon last


year and I would not have done that without his advice. And what is


next on the agenda for you in terms of your next race? Probably five


kilometres. I am in the process of trying to get better lungs so I can


run instead of walking. Until then I will stick to five kilometres,


maybe the occasional 10 kilometres, but that will be difficult. That


would be more testing. Another hardy soul, Vanessa Jacob.


Last week she took part in the Great Scotland swim, which is


around the Strathclyde Country Park. Swimming one weekend and running


the next. You are running for the Stroke


Association but you have had a busy schedule. In June I started doing a


triathlon, and in July I did half the Iron man which nearly killed me.


And a couple of weeks ago I did the Dublin half marathon. Last week was


the swimming in Glasgow. And this week I hope I will do this run and


then the London Marathon in April. Your colleague was your inspiration.


She passed away suddenly last December when she was only 46. It


was a shock to us all in the office. We heard she had had a stroke and


did not recover. I have always been into fitness and running, so I


decided to do something different and do all of this for Linda. It


has been really good and I have raised �3,000 already. It has been


well worth it. Well done. And very quickly, the swimming, that is new


for you? I only learnt to swim 18 months ago so last week was not my


finest moment. I am very lucky because a friend of mine stuck with


me the whole way and helped me get round. If somebody could have


pulled me out after 100 metres, I would have let them! Today is more


my strength. You are an inspiration. Thank you for speaking to us.


Watching over events, David. A fantastic race, as we thought. The


Kenny is dominated but some good British performances. That is right.


-- Kenya dominated. A good performance by the British


competitors. It is almost sunny now. There are some great races in lousy


conditions. We saw the domination of Kenya. We are also seeing the


future of British running with Charlotte part due in particular. -


- Charlotte Purdue. Yes, she was the first European to finish last


year and then she had a knee operation and then she came back


and she beat Irene Jerotich. That is really good. Charlotte is tough,


she is hard, 20, with all her career to look forward to. She will


go into the preparations for 2012 excited about what she achieved


today. Tom Humphries, podium finish for him. He says he loves running


in Edinburgh. He is like Charlotte. We saw him as a junior cross-


country runner a few years ago. He kind of struggle to do the


transition. Today he broke 30 minutes. Only one minute behind the


Kenyans. He looked really comfortable. For the British


athletes it is important. For the young people that want to mix with


the best in the world and gain the confidence that they can be up


there with them, the likes of Mo Farah and Chris Thompson, so they


can beat them in the future on the track. The Andrew Lemoncello, his


first race back for five weeks, not great for him but he seems quite


happy. For Andrew it is about rebuilding confidence. He was a


great steeplechase and competed in the Beijing Olympics. He is going


into the marathon. He knows he has to get a couple of minutes faster


to guarantee selection for London but there is no reason why he


cannot. I think he has the brain and determination to be a good


marathon runner. He needs a clear period of hard training. He needs


to choose the marathon he needs to do to get selection. It will be


great for Scotland to have him competing at the Olympic Games in


Dougie Vipond presents all the best action from Scotland's premier road race from the foot of Arthur's Seat, in the shadow of the Scottish Parliament. Taking in all of the sights of the capital city, the route takes in Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, before passing the Holyrood Building on the way to the finish line. The race has moved to a later date in the athletics calendar this year and heralds the start of the Bupa Great Run Autumn Series that featuring four races throughout October. The men's field is headed by triple Olympic champion & World record holder, Ethiopia's Kenenisa Bekele - one of the highest profile athletes to have ever run in Scotland. The women's race will see European Indoor Champion Helen Clitheroe taking on local favourite Freya Murray in athletics' very own 'Battle of Britain'.

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