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With a year until the Winter Olympics in South Korea, Nick Hope and David McDaid bring you all the build-up, from Team GB's leading medal prospects to the events to watch out for.

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Historically at the Winter Olympics British athletes have often found


themselves left out in the cold. The dominating figure at these games...


He is only 21 it was mostly the preserve of other nations. He is


reading now and he crosses the line and new Olympic record holder. But


over time, Great Britain has gradually warmed to Winter sport. It


is Olympic gold for Great Britain. A great round of applause. Surely it


will be called for Great Britain. And there was success last time as


Team GB equalled their best ever medal count. He is an Olympic


champion. Jenny Jones, Great Britain bronze medallist. Great Britain are


in the Olympic final. The youngest ever to win a medal in Olympic


curling. Next year and South Korea, the British are aiming for even


more. Who will be winning the medals for


Team GB when the Olympic Games take place next year. We will tell you


how some of the familiar faces have been faring as well as some new


names full top we will start with Lizzie, who followed up Amy Williams


in 2010 with an Olympic title. She has gone on to win world, European


and World Cup titles. She has also taken a year off. She is the Olympic


champion. The mad thing about skeleton is your legging it as fast


as you can and jumping on the sled and hoping it goes right. Sometimes


it is scary. You're going into corners at 90 mph, so it is almost


gone before you can think about it. I remember just before the race was


about to start I was petrified because as soon as I started the run


there was nothing more I can do. I just wanted to squeeze every


hundredth of a second out of the run to secure a gold medal. I got to the


finish line looked at the clock and saw the number one and it was the


tingling all over that I had done it. It was amazing. How soon


afterwards did you think about another success? As soon as someone


mentioned no one had defended her title, I thought it would be amazing


to do. She is the Olympic champion. She is pulling away. That is how to


Win your first World Championships. I said I wanted to be world champion


and I'm so pleased that I have done it. Olympic skeleton champion took a


year of a break from the sport. When I came back I had achieved


everything I wanted to. I realised I was exhausted. What have you done


this year? I planned my wedding and moved house. I took some lampshade


making courses. I needed a break to remember who I was as a person, not


just an athlete. Getting back into training is more fun than I


remember. I have come back stronger. She is picking up where she left


off. She took cells are industries. I would never have known if it was a


good idea to take a year off if I had not come back so strongly. Now I


cannot wait for the Olympic season and my dream is to defend my title.


At the age of 16, Katie missed out in selection for snowboarding. But


for years on and she have her coming-of-age inside career. She is


one of the best medal hopes in big air. My name is Katie and I am a


freestyle snowboard. I will take you through a day in the life of how I


live and what I do as a professional still border. We have down days so I


will show you going to the gym and what I do, go exploring. I hope you


enjoy it. Still in bed. I got involved and freestyle snowboarding


when I was five years old. I love it, the fact you can travel the


world with your best friends. This is outside our apartment. The view


is pretty here. Where are going? To the gym. I had a heavy day yesterday


doing legwork so angry to do a light session today. UK sport are putting


a lot of funding into us which makes it easier to go and train and get


access to the facilities they need. Going to go and get changed angle on


a hiking adventure. -- and go on at. There is a lovely view here in


Austria. Two and a half years ago eyes-mac 's my ACL, so I still have


to have physio to keep on top of it because if I ride hard it hurt a


little bit. -- years ago I broke my ACL. Going up the mountain now. We


are at the thousand metres -- 3000 metres. We are going to do some


tracks. -- tricks. It is a bit windy. It has always been my dream


to get the Olympic gold. My training has been going well and I have good


results this season so I am excited and I hope you enjoy the day. She


has excelled in both disciplines, becoming the first ever big air


World Cup winner in January and bronze followed by silver at the air


and style event in Austria. She is not the only freestyle medal


prospect. Here are some of the others to watch.


Looking forward to Pyeongchang in 2018, there is plenty to get excited


about. Both in skiing and snowboarding. In snowboarding it is


mostly about men slopestyle. Ellie Morgan in Jimmy Nichols are two big


names. There is no reason why we cannot get more medals this year. We


are doing really well. There is a long way to go and I'm just trying


to get my tracks back and solid. Behind then you have Matt McCormack


and Roland Colthurst, both Berry impressive young talents. In the


freestyle skiing there is tight and slopestyle to look forward to. In


pipe, the junior Olympic gold-medal list will almost certainly go to


Pyeongchang. It is her first Olympics but anything can, and


probably well, happen. There is no pressure because I'm the youngest to


get the Olympics. Just to get there be an achievement. Not many people


do it, so it would be nice to get there. If I do well that is even


better. In slopestyle you have two sisters, Katie and Molly, and this


athlete who's came so close in Sochi, can he make it onto the


podium? We know freestyle has the fun


factor, but can curling be considered cool? Every four years


interest leads the nation enduring Sochi 2014 hashtag love curling


became a social media head, as Britain won silver and bronze


medals. In Pyeongchang, a brother and sister could be taking to the


ice. Built on an old car parked near London's Olympic Stadium, this


curling rink is evidence of a sport on the rise. -- built on an old car


park. It's increased profile is mainly thanks to Great Britain's men


and women at Sochi 2014 with they won half of Team GB's medals. Great


Britain are in the Olympic final and are guaranteed a medal. The brushes


go in the air and Britain have won the bronze medal. The chance to go


for more Olympic glory cannot come quickly enough. It is never off your


mind. Ever since I threw my last town in Sochi I have been thinking


about the next one and how I can do better. This year is important for


us to put down a good mark going to Korea. Since 2014, the team have


shown great consistency and one European bronze. At the same bent,


her older brother enjoyed a rare international outing as part of the


men's team. She has represented the country much more than me, but I


hope that will not be the case for very much longer. With mixed doubles


making its debut, what is the chance of the siblings bring together? It


sounds fantastic to me. I've tried playing with my dad once mixed


doubles. If we could get our heads down and make sure we get there then


hopefully we can make that storyline happen. While the Muirhead 's by


high, the silver medallist has represented the country since Sochi.


We have done a lot of things right and got into most of the finals,


just finished it off. That is something we are trying to change


and we are doing very well on tour and top ten in the world, but we


want to get back to the championships and be there. We have


a passion for it, we want to be better and on the podium. Making a


strong case to wear GB's colours, is his former team-mate. That is what


it is all about and what I'm fighting for. I still love the


sport. That is why I get up and go to the gym at six in the morning and


take time away from my family, which is hard. It would be the ultimate


for me. I don't think any team has stood out and to be selected and


have that plane ticket to Korea. Whoever has a good year this year


has the best chance of going. Bobsleighers one of the most popular


sports at the Winter Olympics, but you have to put in 1998 for


Britain's last medal. The four-man team did come close in Sochi,


missing bronze by only a fraction of a second. Now with new recruits are


good results, the squad is filling optimistic about their Pyeongchang


potential. The initial feeling is terror. You are running faster than


an Olympics better. The whole we don't you regret pushing so hard.


You think, what have you done? The G-force puts stress on your body. I


was getting nosebleeds two or three times a day. I thought it would be


like this they land. They both think it is like a roller-coaster, but it


is not. Roller-coaster is you know what is coming. In this your head is


down and you're just being thrawn. -- throne. It is a difficult


experience but it is exciting. It is a challenge and I love the speed. It


was baffling Sochi. What do you remember? At the time I was over the


moon. I was there to be competitive and I had finished fifth. Once the


dust settled, we were very close to a medal. It was slightly


disappointing. Full extension here... To make up those crucial


fractions of a second, they are using former sprinters. This runner


was the joint third quickest British 100 metre runner ever. I did not


think I could do that with my body. I started crying. How has this


happened to me? It complemented each other well, but there are some big


differences. I'm not that big in comparison to other bobsleighers.


Sprinting there is more finesse involved. Do you won medals in both


sports this year? I have thought about it. One at a time. But it


would be nice. My main focus is being at the Olympics as the best in


the world. That is something they proved they were not far away from


when they finished fourth in the two-man event. Everyone is such a


standard it is just a case of finding a combination that works


well together. When we get to Pyeongchang, we will be ready to


take on the world for a medal. 14 years on... I am showing my age. The


bobsleigh team are my new family. I believe that we can achieve the same


as I achieved in 2004. Whatever team you end up on, you are trying to win


a medal. From a sport that receives millions of pounds in funding, to


one that receives nothing from UK sport. Alpine skiing has been a


privilege and in recent years, which we can trace back to Baxter's


stripped medal in 2002. But GB is trying to put that back. It is you


against a mountain. The slalom, you are going flat out. Your legs are


throbbing. You have to keep moving and going. It is not a nice feeling.


But it is nice when you have done well. That is something deep has


done this season. 12 months ago at top 20 finish would have been


considered a good result that he is now challenging for the medals. He


got a silver medal last month, matching the best ever result from a


British Alpine skier. He proves much of his improvement down to an


intense training regime on and off the slopes. I feel the genocide that


makes a big difference. If I'm not strong then I can feel but I am


slower and I'm not getting the same rebound from the skis. It is a big


part of being an Alpine skier. But his path has been challenging, with


the GB Alpine programme receiving no funding. That is something he


believes would have been different if Baxter had not been stripped of


his bronze medal for accidentally taking a banned substance. I watched


it and I thought it was surreal. It was taken away from him in the way


it was. It was an inhaler, it was so unlucky. UK sport would have still


been with him. It is a travesty. Has it has been tough for your sport?


Adi turning a corner now? Things are turning a corner now. We have some


young people skiing now and hopefully we can bring more people


into the sport and secure some National Lottery funding. How much


of a difference without me? It would benefit the programme massively and


it would support the young guys coming through but the pathway is


well and the sport will go from strength to strength in the future.


What is the target for Pyeongchang. I think if I keep going and working


hard I can do something special. Britain doesn't have a history of


winter Olympic medal success, nothing like in the summer. But


figure skating has been the most profitable sport for Team GB.


Figure skating is always a hit at the Wimpole Olympics, it is a short


strength, grace and artistry. -- at the Winter Olympics. For Britain no


one has come close to Torvill and Dean and Robin cousins in the 1980s.


You know you have seen the best in the world. Robin Cousins of Great


Britain. British skaters winning gold in Pyeongchang would be a


difficult task. The men's event will likely be bought out between the


Japanese superstar and the 2016 world champion from Spain. Philip


Harris is hoping to be in the mix for Great Britain, although he has


to come in the top 20 at the World Championships in March and last time


he came 22nd. He needs a really good performance this time around.


Britain's best prospects are an eye stance. They came seventh in the


World Championships, but they are very unlucky. Niqabs undergo


life-saving heart surgery and they missed most of 2015 because they


were both seriously ill. Last summer, any shattered her kneecap


and she is had to go through months of rehabilitation. She stepped back


onto the ice in November but now it is a race against time for them to


win the place at the Winter Olympics.


While success was the team for many British athletes in Sochi, that was


not case for Christie who was disqualified from all three events


are left against devastated. Since then, medals rather than tears have


fallen. She has been set out as a genuine Pyeongchang gold medal


prospect. They have all gone down. I can't


believe it, Christie has been penalised again and she is not going


to advance into the medal contest. It was a horrible time in my life,


but it has now passed. I'm a different person now. It has been an


amazing development and everyone has helped me get there and I feel more


ready than I ever have for an Olympic Games. I have achieved more


than what I thought I was going to, for sure. It hasn't even sunk in, I


think it will take until I finished the season. Is it your best season?


I was totally different last year. I'm much better and much camera now.


I'm in the best place just now. Why do you think that is? Physically I


have always been up there. I have worked on that for years but


mentally you're maybe not as strong. I believe in myself now and I


believe I'm capable of winning an Olympic gold. Whether that is going


to happen is not my control, it is down to the gods, but I'm doing


everything I can. What does Pyeongchang means you? That is the


focus and it has been my head nonstop. I am so excited for it. I


cannot wait to get out there. A year feels like so long now. In one year


we will find out which of those athletes have what it takes to reach


the podium. Hopefully this will be Team GB's best winter Olympics. Keep


checking our website for the latest on the British athletes. There will


be some fantastic stories as they continue on the path to Pyeongchang.