Day 4, Part 3 Athletics: World Championships

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Day 4, Part 3

Continued live coverage and a look back on the night's action. World champions are crowned in the women's 1500m, triple jump and hammer and men's 110m hurdles.

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Welcome to BBC Two viewers that have just joined coverage from the World


Athletics Championships here at the London Stadium. We have just


witnessed a fascinating 1500 metre final, the best women in the world,


a totally loaded field. It was an impossible one to call. No one knew


how the race would pan out, how it would be run, and still as Brendan


Foster said, he has to work out what happened and what tactics were


employed. Who got it right for you, Paula? Did Laura Muir do the right


thing? Could she have done anything more, was she beholden to the


tactics of the others around her? It's so hard, because when you are


in that situation and you are racing, you are the only one who can


really make those decisions and make those decisions. Laura did what she


thought was going to give her her best shot. It very nearly paid off.


Yes, if you are looking at who ran the perfect race, Faith Kipyegon


did, because she did. Jenny Simpson ran and it was an outstanding race.


If you are watching on BBC One, we are going to the news. If you want


to continue watching athletics, switch over to BBC Two now and we


will have more reaction and interviews from that incredible 1500


metre women's final. See you on BBC Two in just a moment.


Paula, we were discussing the tactics employed across the field.


Hassan had a chance later than Steve Cram had been told it would happen.


Laura Muir went out quick, but it slowed in the second lap. The second


lap slowed a lot, slowing five seconds in a 1500 metre race changes


how the race is run. Laura was trying to control it. Hasan ran too


late and didn't judge it right. Let's go back to Brendan and Steve.


COMMENTATOR: I will bring Brendan in, I am a bit nonplussed. It will


be interesting to see what Laura says. Hey, you know, she was so


close. The plan nearly worked. And Hasan as Paula was saying, I just


thought, once you are out there, kick hard. She starts sprinting


already. She is moving and accelerating, Hasan has stolen


position on the inside. Kipyegon is strong enough and Laura Muir is in


contention. She is running powerfully here. Look how far some


Enya is coming from behind. The good thing for me, the 1500 metre


runners, look at the gap, Semenya is behind them. At this point, Laura


Muir is running strongly. Simpson is running strongly. Laura Muir is


trying to catch them on the bend. Jenny Simpson in fourth is waiting.


Here comes Semenya. Look at the change. Kipyegon staying true to her


pace and form. On the inside, Hassan is struggling. On the inside, here


comes Jenny Simpson, and Laura Muir is now losing a medal because some


Enya has come so quickly. It all changed in the home straight. The


Olympic champion became the world Champion. Look at it now. There is


Jenny Simpson. This is clever running, Jenny Simpson realises


there at top speed, she knows she has something left. She always saves


a bit. At this point, flat out, Laura Muir. She is trying to win it


now. She is going after them, it in visiting catching and going past


them. She is beginning to lose her form. Kipyegon is direct and


straight. At this point, Laura Muir is battling to try to win it. She


realises she can't win it, and is holding on to third. But Jenny


Simpson, long striding, keeping her pace. Hassan has lost it now. Laura


moves into a medal, then suddenly, Caster Semenya comes, and on the


line, nails the bronze medal. She has had a hard run. Look at that


change there. On the outside, Caster Semenya was lucky. I think, overall,


Laura Muir was very unlucky there. Both of the other athletes got a


clear run. Larroyer did too much running on the top bend. She gave


100%, gave it everything she had, and I think she was a shade unlucky


there not to get a medal. It was a tall task, she did everything she


could, she came close. Let's hear what she has got to say with Phil.


Saying how lucky you were not to get a medal, but you gave it your all as


you always do. Can you describe your emotions? I don't know. It is


fourth, isn't it. No, it's just, I gave it everything I could. The last


15 years, I tightened up, and before I knew it, they went past me. I gave


it everything I could. Considering this year, I gave it all I could.


And that is all I can do. Watching the pictures back, what is it like,


a different view of them come in part due? It was so close. It


happened so late on, I couldn't react. I was tired. I was close to


getting a medal but I gave it all I could. Tactically, you were out in


front, giving it a good pace, and it slowed for the second lap, what was


the tactical thinking behind the race today? I knew Caster and Hassan


were faster than me, I knew I had to take it out and ease off the second


lap, making sure I don't use up too much energy. I did it perfectly. I


executed it like a wanted to. I did all I could in the race and I am


happy with how I ran the race. We know how stacked the field is, what


has it told you about you and what you hope to do to build on tonight?


I am making steps forward. I was fifth last time, fourth this time


around, hopefully third time lucky. I am making huge steps each year. I


came back this year really well. What about the 5000 metres this


week, because you were aiming for the double here, is that still the


plan? At the moment, yeah.


And expectations having done this here tonight, the crowd obviously,


you have the love of the crowd, you will get that again. Do you think


there is a potential medal for you in the 5000? Identity no. I am


experienced in a five K. We will see how it goes. Well done on your


fourth place. It is the hardest place to finish, but you did us


proud. I want to say thank you to my coach, Andy. He has been with me


always. And British athletics, they have done really well for me. And my


friends and family here to support me. Thank you and well done again


tonight. COMMENTATOR: A lot of emotion there.


All of the hard work, well done to Laura Weightman, as her coach, a


superb performance from her in sixth place, beating a lot of very good


athletes, who finished quickly as well. It wasn't the right timing in


the sense of what happened in the home straight, mainly because Jenny


Simpson has this incredible knack, hats off to her, sneaking through


the silver medal. The European champion, and look at that, Genzebe


Dibaba, the defending champion, only managing to finish 12th there. It


was a cracking last 800 metres, but not the result we wanted but still a


great race. Hats off to Kipyegon who took the gold again.


STUDIO: What a race and an emotional end to Laura's interview. When you


start thinking people, and her coach Andy, and her, they have been


through so much in the last season. You remember all the work and


everything you have given to that point. Paula, you know fourth place


in a World Championship is a tough place. It is. It is such a tough


place. When you start thanking all the people, you start thinking about


people that were there for you when it was really rough. When Laura went


through that tough time, they were the people around her. She is


thinking about everything she invested in to get here. She faded a


bit in the last hundred, maybe that was what she lost in that time out


through injury. That is certainly why she didn't run it the way she


does best, winding it up the whole way. Let's look at a couple of key


areas in the race for you. Straight from the start, she just


went right to the front, controlled it, ran probably what we were


expecting her to do at that point. She went through the first lap in


65, then she slowed it right down. Then this happened. That was coming


up, 600 to go, so before that, when she had run through 800 metres, 700


metres to go, and Laura was a little bit slow in how she was able to


react and respond. Genzebe Dibaba reacted well and paid for it,


because she didn't have the strength in her running. Faith Kipyegon


judged it perfectly. She sat on the shoulder of Hasan, letting Hassan


work hard. Hasan is doing the work to hold everyone back. If you work


really hard around the bend, normally she would still be working


hard and digging deep. And she wasn't finding what's Jenny Simpson


was finding. Then she got a double whammy. As she went past Hassan, she


was passed on both sides. The stride was getting shorter and shorter down


the home straight as Jenny Simpson was getting longer. Her stride is


getting longer, Caster Semenya, that is the hardest we have ever seen her


work. She was giving everything she had. She threw herself over the line


and fell over. You could see the level of fatigue on her face, which


we have not seen before. How well will she recover and come back for


the 800? I don't know, but they all ran really strong races. I don't


think you can really criticise too much anybody, other than Hassan, she


didn't run her race. She changed her tactics completely. You could see


the moment when she almost does the change of gear, and it looks like it


takes so much energy out of you to do that at that point in the race.


Jenny Simpson did the same thing at one point in the race, and we saw


Dibaba do it as well and she paid for it. Wondering about Caster


Semenya in the race, do you think she got it right? She got bronze,


but she left it late and hung back. You felt like she may be messed up


her tactics. Maybe, but this is the first championship she has run like


that. Laura Muir is doubling up. She won't have thought about the 5000


before then. Caster Semenya is doubling up, and she knows she can't


commit to much. She doesn't have the stamina and base to go. I think she


gave it everything she had there, really. She hasn't trained the 1500


metres, she has trained for the 800, but she has committed and run well


there. She has put together 3 1500 metre race is very quick at world


level and has two comeback to do the 800. All right. Laura Weightman is


coached by the Crown and finished sixth.


You could see the delight on your face, arms in the air, sixth place


in the world inequality feel like that, Drummond is performance. I am


delighted. It is hard to summarise that. For me, I am delighted. Tell


me what is on your mind at the start of the race when you are up against


this quality field, but you know you are in tremendous form yourself. I


wanted to prove that I am good enough to mix it with the world's


best. But I am also disappointed with that, because I felt fantastic.


I am still annoyed, but to finish sixth, and to have done that, I am


delighted. What belief has it giving you going forward? Huge belief that


I can go quicker and be more competitive in these races. Seeing


Jenny Simson get a medal, that is the nominal. I am disappointed I


couldn't be closer. Good luck going forward and well done tonight.


Xu Junmin we have had a lot of tears to night. It has been an emotional


evening. This is what the medal table looks like. Kenya's second


gold of the Championship moves them to second place. The United States


on top. Jenny Simpson's Silver adding to the tally. She is a


championship performer as she comes in time and again. Adapting her


strategy through the race and working hard. A great race, a great


evening, and we will hand you outside, somewhere out there, I


passed you last night when I was going home, you never waved back.


You had enough of me by then. Ore Oduba is on his platform and has


with him Toni Minichello and Colin Jackson. Good night from us and


hello to you. Good evening, it is only did knees


who wasn't waving back. We have so special friends with you. -- Denise


Lewis who wasn't waving back. There are some Scots here. We were hoping


to cheer them up with something. We have Colin Jackson with us! CHEERING


And multi-medal winning coach, Toni Minichiello is here as well!


CHEERING We practised that. I'm glad to tell


either that it worked out all right. Great to have you with us. Toni, we


were hoping to put Laura Muir's face on our board today. Yes, yes.


Disappointing because she pushed so hard. She did. You know what, I'm


saving this for the 5000 metres. Toni you got to put your microphone


down! Sorry, I can't hold three things at once. You're talking into


her face! Why do commentary, not TV! I want to talk to your expertise


about the hammer later. Laura Muir, it was a great race, but not how


people anticipated. No, Hassan going very early. A lot of things going


on. It was billed as one of the best 1500 metres races ever, here, and it


played out that way because it was competitive the whole way through.


Castor Semenya coming into the mix. She's going to change everyone's


idea of how it's going to be run. Another exciting race to end


proceedings. Toni is going to hold onto the Laura Muir face. People


have been tweeting me after previous shows and asking what the criteria


is for getting on the board. In the last five minutes we've decided! It


will be British medallists and only gold-medallists and Usain Bolt.


We're still making it up! Let's talk about the hammer. Sophie Hitchon we


hoped would be a medal hope tonight, and she qualified so well, third


furthest throw but today she couldn't bring it together. It was


tough, she was ranked number eight going into the competition. A superb


competitor. Here she goes, swinging the hammer, it's all about the speed


and release and flow. Its excellent, she's a great she worked


tremendously hard. Her coach is a great guy. You can see how much it


means to her, as she comes out of the circle. Keeping her arms really


long, the speed, let it travel. As an Olympic bronze-medallist, do we


put too much pressure on her? All athletes put pressure on themselves,


you want to achieve, you love the taste of success and Sophie, she was


quite upset with her performance. She feels like she underperformed


but I'm sure Toni would say in those heavy throwing events, as you get


older you will get better. So, for me, it is great to see her


disappointed but she has a bright future in the event. It's a


five-year pathway, you know, you really mature into hammer following.


She finished seventh, she was ranked eighth, so she stepped up in terms


of her performance. She'll be bitterly disappointed, she is a


competitor, everybody is. You spend so long training. She was very


disappointed, it was tough and she spoke to Philip afterwards. You gave


it everything but it wasn't your nights tonight. Yes, just...


Couldn't quite find the rhythm that I had in qualification. I was in bad


shape, just disappointed not to produce it tonight. Tell me about


the experience here compared to Rio last year, winning the bronze medal


and here you have this amazing crowd cheering you on. I suppose it


increases the pressure in a way. Yes, I mean, I don't think anybody


else can put more pressure on me than I do. The crowd was great and


I'm just disappointed that I couldn't pull it out of the bag.


Tell me about the psychology when you see what the other women are


doing. In the last round you knew that you needed to throw a British


record and a big personal best to win a medal, but knowing that you've


done it before. Yeah, like I said, I knew that I was in better shape than


I showed in qualification but it didn't click for me today. I'm


really disappointed. Your coach as always talked about you being on May


five, six-year plan and your best isn't right here, and your best is


to come. Does that help to soothe the situation? Why now, maybe not,


perhaps in a few weeks. It is bought, that's why we compete and


everybody else did better than me today. Thank you for talking to me,


I know it's an emotional night. Thank you. A brave smile. She had a


valiant effort. I was listening to your commentary, Toni, and you were


speaking about how you aren't necessarily an expert but she needed


long arms. Can you demonstrate what you were talking about? It is about


keeping the head of the four kilogram hammer long, so the bigger


the radius, the more speed and you develop speed over the last two, one


of a half turns, that gives you the speed but the pressure you're


getting is pulling, so you tend to fight it. You must go with the


hammer. It is what the three-time world champion did very well. She


got the early birthday present here, her birthday tomorrow. Winding up,


keeping the arms long, and out it goes. So much speed, she doesn't


block, she lets the speed carry on and sending it out, another gold


medal for Wlodarcyk. She got one of the biggest cheers when she got that


medal. In the 110-metre hurdles final, it was always going to be top


billing, a great final and finally a Jamaican on the top of the podium,


Colin. There are ten Little jeopardy is in the way. Even when you're the


best in the world you've got to run your race well. A lot of action


going well. Mistakes being made in the crucial moment by Baji.


Shubenkov sneaking through, the former champion, getting the Silver


Medal. A good result overall. And he, the happy Jamaican, the first,


blessed from this Championships, for his country, speaking to our man


Phil Jones. Omar, congratulations on another gold medal, Jamaica's first.


After the last couple of days you have put eight smile back on the


face of your countrymen. It was an honour being able to do that. I was


glad to do it, I dedicated this one to Usain Bolt's retirement. On the


spot line -- start line, you are the man to beat, what is that like? I


knew that I had to get the Omar McLeod start, take control, and


that's what I did. As for the embrace you got from the crowd, so


much Jamaican support, what is it like to experience that and embrace


it? It has been awesome, my favourite place to compete, the


crowd have been exuberant, it has been packed. I thought, bloody hell,


it will be packed in my final. You are the Olympic and world champion


now. It is awesome! You couldn't help see the full ear to ear grin,


and a hug from his mum. It's all about the family, Toni. Me being


Italian, it's all about the family, you having a pop? He's enjoying the


moment! A lot of the time, athletes get saved close to their families,


you're doing it for the people who supported you all that time. A


lovely moment. For sure. Congratulations, Omar McLeod. The


400-metre hurdles semifinal action now. Semifinal action? Yeah,


semifinal action! The action from today. COMMENTATOR: Winning the


Olympic title, throwing herself over the line. Perhaps getting diving


lessons, I don't know. Going very quickly. Hayes is asleep over the


first 200 metres, no idea what she's doing. Is Hayes suffering here? She


isn't running. She is beginning to run now but she has a lot of ground


to make up. McPherson is up there with Miller-Uibo. Pace is finally


moving. George is trying to get into it. Maybe McPherson is going to try


and hold off the charging Hayes. Surely that was too slow over the


first 200 metres. Still trying to get there. Miller-Uibo can look


around. McPherson takes second. What was the American champion doing?


Is the second semifinal in the women's 400-metre hurdles. Naser is


in lane seven. Allyson Felix, look at her move, going past Shericka


Jackson already. Allyson Felix moving along so well, Jackson trying


to respond and doing so at the moment. Two automatic qualifying


places. Jackson responds. Felix sitting alongside her. Felix again,


that long stride, a graceful sprinter, moving around the bend.


But Naser is still there. Williams-Mills, the 35-year-old


Jamaican on the outside. Felix is clear but here comes Naser on the


outside. Cherie could Jackson trying to get there but Naser is coming


through. Felix will not hold her at bay, and Naser takes it, 50.08.


Clark will have the crowd cheering here. She certainly tapped it during


the first 100 metres. Francis is going well in the middle, the


American. Montsho is in the mix as well. Zoey Clark will have to try


and fight back and at least get a personal best here. Mupopo trying to


chase down. Francis is leading it. Going very well now, Francis. Is she


going to hold it? Some pressure from Mupopo. The first two will go


through. Francis has judged it right, Zoey Clark finishing quickly,


she may be in fifth. The American wins it. Maybe sixth, seventh, Zoey


Clark. And here is the summary. Miller is


looking really good but actually it is Naser with a national record,


looking good going into the final. Allyson Felix with her experience


making up the top three. The 400 and 's final is sorted and we had


another final this evening in the triple jump final. The women's


triple jump. We were thinking it may have been a Colombian at the top of


proceedings. It was another South American, Rojas. Great performer,


has a very short step but it's all about the speed she carries on.


Great mover, Wlodarcyk. Running really well. Has very active feet.


You can see that she hops, keeps the speed travelling. Going into the


step phase, the jump phase. I'm confusing myself! It is past my


bedtime! Is going that speed, 14.91, to have that. We have seen it so


often, they are doing it in the final jumps. This is what you like


to see, the true champions, digging deep when it matters. You're in with


a shout, the gold medal, actually delivering. No one is going to give


it to you, you must hunt them down. Absolutely. Toni, Colin, thank you.


Come with me because I want to give the last word to our friends. It is


slippery, I don't want anybody injured. CHEERING


They've been waiting for so long. Just wanted to have a quick word.


What's your name? Alesha. Have you enjoyed it here today? Yes. What is


your favourite event? 110-metre hurdles. I think your mum says it is


the hurdles! Thank you for your contribution and to all of you. Say


goodbye. ALL: goodbye!


Continued live coverage. Gabby Logan and Ore Oduba are joined by special guests looking back on the night's action, with Michael Johnson providing the analysis.

World champions are crowned in the women's 1500m, triple jump and hammer and men's 110m hurdles.