Day 8, Part 1 Athletics: World Championships

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Day 8, Part 1

Live coverage as the opening events of the decathlon dominate the morning session. Things get underway in the 100m, followed by the long jump and shot-put.

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A very good morning, and it is a glorious morning here in east London


at the London Stadium, we have the first morning session for quite a


few days now, we are not expecting the crowds to be a sell-out this


morning, but there will be plenty of fans out to see the start of the


decathlon, always an exciting moment, two days of gruelling


action, so who better to join us on the sofa than the man himself, Daley


Thompson? And it is more than just a cushion today, we have the real


thing, Daley Thompson is in the house, we are delighted to see you,


Denise is here as well, a multi-eventing pantheon of talent,


and we are always happy to see Daley. Love seeing the legend coming


into town, he brings an air of... What is the word I am looking for?


Unexpected ness! What has been the highlight for you? So far the


highlight has been cursed and Warholm in the men's 200m finals,


two years ago he was an OK decathlete, decided he wanted to try


something else, and now he is a world champion. 21 years old, the


Norwegian, and he came in the studio last night and said, I think I have


found my events now! Denise has talked about this as well, the


multi-eventing platform, he might not end up world and Olympic


champion in the decathlon, but you might find something else you can


take on, and the other skills you get from competing are only going to


stand you in good stead. You learn so much about yourself, your


strengths and weaknesses, and because athletics is so varied,


there is nearly always something else you can hook into and be good


at. There is about 30 women that have done combined events, competing


in single event is here, about eight or nine male athletes who have done


the cat long, so it is quite varied, great to see that you can get to


this level. Yeah, and if you have got a short attention span and you


have got lots of things going on, it is perfect, that is what he said, he


likes to keep challenging himself. Wayde van Niekerk was going for the


double in the 400 under 200 coming goddess 400 a couple of nights ago,


and last night was the 200m final, and he has been dominating the


papers. Guliyev of Turkey won, Wayde van Niekerk got the second. Some of


his comments in the papers come he feels disrespected by Isaac Makwala,


who has inferred that there was some kind of conspiracy to push Van


Niekerk to the top of the tree. Let's hear from Wayde van Niekerk


now. I worked just as hard as every other competitor, I showed everyone


else respect, and I think I didn't get the respect that I deserved


after the 400m, and I am glad that I came through today and put on a good


show, but like I said, I believe this is only the beginning of so


much more that I can provide. Like I said, it is only the beginning, I am


going to put in so much more work and show my dominance. It seems


strange that anyone could remotely question you, Olympic champion,


world record-holder, that they would not view you as a worthy winner,


where were you that sense from? It was... It was no secret that a lot


of people felt that the results should have been the other way, but


I have proven everyone wrong today. Like I said, I am going to prove it


over and over again, that I deserve where I am, I deserve what I have


achieved, and I thank God so much again for such a great competition.


So the luck as he crossed the line in the 400m, a little bit


nonplussed, not a massive celebration, and we thought maybe he


was feeling it would have been great to have Makwala there. Obviously, he


didn't get the enjoyment out of it. Clearly, he is unhappy, but he is a


great champion, I am surprised he feels that way. But when he crossed


the line, he seemed a little subdued, he gave a little clap, but


he didn't do a lap of honour. I don't know, there is great rivalry


amongst the African nations, they have been competing together for a


good few years, but no, listen, he was the favourite coming in, he


delivered, he did the job. Gold and silver, he didn't complete the


double, 22 years since Michael Johnson has done it, but Michael


explained last night and is not just a matter of saying, I am a good


forward and metres runner, I get to 280 since time, it is adjusting all


your training. -- I am a good 400m runner, I get to 200m in a decent


time, it is about adjusting all your training. I think Michael is right,


it is a really stressful situation, and you want Abebe Lee happy


afterwards, and you start getting the feeling that people are


disrespecting you. -- and you want to be really happy afterwards. He


has come away from here with gold and silver, and it might not be


everything he wanted, but it is a really good start, and there is no


reason he cannot do the double at the next major championship. It is


an event rich in talent, 200 and 400, and it is a shame that Makwala


is in urging the wrong side of 30, because that rivalry would be


exciting going forward. But hopefully that will come from the


Brit, who really pushed himself onto the podium, even gold he said he was


going for. Is not a million miles away, and sometimes, as we all saw,


these races can be really close. Just looking the wrong way at the


wrong time, relaxing at the wrong time can slow you up by 100, and


that can make all the difference. Hopefully he has learned from here,


and leading up to Tokyo he will get on the podium. I was really


impressed by his interview. Yes, his second major championships, still


only 23, still so much to learn, you do not get to the top of the sport,


some are very lucky if they do it in their first championships, but the


vast majority have to learn how to navigate the rounds, deal with the


situation is presented to them, the emotions. Curbing your mind is such


a powerful thing, he will get there. Great runner. We will move on to the


women's 400m hurdles final, which took place last night, let's relive


it. Away they go, great strength in the


second half of the race, the leader Mohammed is flying already, moving


along so well, Eilidh Doyle with a bit of ground to make up on the


inside. -- Delilah Mohammed. Good run from Kori Carter, the Americans


rise almost together, Kori Carter on the inside. Muhammad, headshaking


from side to side, leading them along the home straight, Kori Carter


is challenging her now, Muhammad, Kori Carter it is Kori Carter who


will take it, and Kori Carter, by a distance the champion from Muhammad.


It is America's gold, but not the American we expected. Kori Carter is


the champion. That race also finished Eilidh


Doyle, the British captain, and Phil Jones spoke to her afterwards. And


other world final, you would have hoped for a better result, no doubt,


but with this kind of quality, it is an achievement in itself, how would


you assess your season and the race? It was hard to make the final, I


would have liked to have given a better account of myself in that


race, but I mucked up the top bend, I was all over the place coming into


the home straight. I wish I could have run a better straight part.


World finals again, I cannot be too disappointed. As for your role, we


have talked about it already, there has been a lot of feedback from the


others, saying how inspired they are by you, the things you have been


able to help with, making finals time after time, you are an


inspiration, by the sounds of it. Very kind of them to say that, I am


a consistent at least, I have been very lucky in terms of no real


injuries or anything like that. -- I am a consistent athlete. I will keep


going and see what happens. And you are not finished here, relay duties


to come, the team have high hopes, what is it like a transition from


this do that? It is always great, especially with my individuals not


going as I would have liked them, the girls are great at lifting you


up, picking you up, I hope we run well again.


Yeah, Eilidh Doyle always someone who, even if her season has been


fairly average, pushes herself in championships to get into those


finals, but well off the pace in terms of time is coming into this


compared to the top girls, so expecting a medal was a big ask.


Definitely do push into the medals, but like I said yesterday, when you


come to the championships and you do not run the race you would like to,


you leave feeling disappointed, and she is better than what she showed


in that final, so she will be bitterly disappointed with the way


she ran. We expected her to get to the final, but it was the how bit


that was disappointing. If anything personifies these championships so


far, it is shocks, near misses, champions from Rio not performing


here, and again last night there was a surprise winner in Kori Carter.


Absolutely, one of the things at this championships is that there has


been no incredible marks, but lots of close competitions, and I think


Carter is a case in point. I don't think anyone was expecting her to


win, we were expecting Muhammad to win, budget was fabulous. One of the


nice about being on the outside, you want to be able to execute your


stride pattern and your rhythm, and if you have got nobody to see, you


can get on and do it, and she was fantastic last night. We might be


having her in the studio later, hopefully we will get a chance to


talk to her. Christian Taylor might be popping in, he sees itself as


something of an honorary Brit, and he was out wearing his 1830 band. He


didn't get close to that, but his third round jump was close enough to


give him is third world title. He is such a competitor, single-minded


about not only winning, but he wanted to jump really far, get that


world record. But it was not meant to be, he has got his team, his mum,


his dad there, and I thought this was really special, he was quite


emotional after his performance. His coach there. Yes, he has been


working with him for years now, taken in through to the double


Olympic champion titles and now another world title. Really good


scenes, very dedicated athlete, very committed. He spoke to Phil Jones


afterwards. Christian, congratulations on another gold


medal, your third at the World Championships, quite a competition.


Yeah, Phil, it was a wonderful night, I really had big


expectations, big goals, and to come out with a win is wonderful. I can


never take that for granted. It was a wonderful night, adding to the


medal count and coming out healthy. Will play put out a decent job


early, a bit of nip and tuck between the pair of you. -- Will Claye. You


always pull it out when you need to. I tried to put myself in the best


position for the final, this is what we trained for, every round he said,


be ready to respond. Claye's fifth jump was pretty scary, but I stayed


ready, stayed alert, and I came out on top.


So Jonathan Edwards' world record is safe once more, we will have to wait


another day to see if he gets there to take that world record, Christian


Taylor. Let's go to the women's 200m semifinals, three heats, and world


champion Dafne Schippers, who got a bronze in the 100m, looking really


strong in what appears to be her favoured event now. It is the event


she has been doing the longest, part of the heptathlon, so we have come


to expect this beautiful style from Dafne, looking so relaxed there!


Just able to shut it down 60m from the line, she looks really good.


Heptathlete, and the sprinting was the thing she wanted to pursue and


she was a really good heptathlete. A bronze-medallist at the last World


Championships. I did hear a great quote, she said, I was going to do a


Dutch accent! It's great because I don't have to do so much technical


training in other offence and I can focus on that, so it is much harder


being a hacked athlete, she was saying. Most of us if we had the


choice would be better at something else because you have to spend so


much time, Dafne has grown into being one of the world's best


sprinters and there is no reason she can't win tonight. You fancy her


tonight to retain her title? Again, it is going to be really close. If


she does a really good race, I think she can win it. Let's look at the


second heat. Maybe the challenge will come from Sean a Miller who got


hurt toes stumped a couple of metres from the line.


Looking majestic last night. She did not come off the bend in the lead


but because she has the 400m strength behind her and the speed


endurance, she is able to Coast her way through the field and she took


her time. She took her time and conserving energy for the final.


Looking very good. And she has a point to prove now. Whatever went on


in the 400, she has got to show the world that is not really her and she


is a much better athlete. She said J looked up at the screen in the 400


and that Forster, that tiny movement but are off-balance and she got her


toes stumped. I imagine she will never look at this screen again in


her life! To go from a considerable lead in


the 400, it is incredible the way she moved back and not even out of


gold medal but out of the medals. Nearly everybody has exhaustion with


20 metres to go and if anything goes wrong and your timing goes off, you


look like a lamb are learning to walk. It is really difficult. You


did like to look at the screen occasionally. When I was on it! That


is what I mean! Bianca Williams was in that heat as well. Not making it


through, what did you make of her run? She will be disappointed. But


she has done very well to come back to get to this level. A couple of


pens down years but she has been running well. But she just is a


couple of tenths away and she needs to stay focused.


Dina Asher-Smith in this race and six months ago, she couldn't walk.


And here she is. Qualifying for a final of the World Championships. It


is remarkable how she has stayed level-headed and got enough work to


get her to this level. I think she is looking as good. Tying a little


bit here because she had to run hard because she does not know what she


has got so she has to give it everything. But really good. Talou


looking strong, this is going to be a good matchup.


Of those, you would say Dafne Schippers was easing up the most,


but that shows you what an even race it is. How long has it been since we


have not taught about an American in the sprint 200? That is the other


thing, so many people from so many countries seem to be picking up and


winning things. It is brilliant. Is that partly a post-Olympic thing? A


new settling down of the order. Is it just other countries are adopting


training methods. Adopting other practices that have perhaps been the


preserve of the Jamaica and the America? For too long, there has


been a big head-to-head between the Americans and the Jamaicans,


especially in the sprint. We have to realise the world order has changed


in track and field. It is getting more balanced. We have seen that


from the times. Coaches move around, athletes change their training base.


I think it just makes for a much more level playing field. Every


country has aspirations to get onto the board and they will do


everything to make sure they do. A country like South Africa suddenly


has a number of gold-medallists coming through and it is very


inspiring. It is brilliant. You are right, it does inspire the other


little countries. They can make a statement in the world by putting a


bit of resources behind a long jumper or Pole Vault. It's great it


is spreading around the world. It would be nice if we did not have so


many for places, Great Britain! But our fourth positions... Am hopeful!


Our fourth places have been from our younger athletes, which bodes well


for the future. Absolutely, the fact they are so disappointed and really


feel they have got more in them and they feel they can be is wonderful.


One of those was Laura Muir in the 1500m and she was trying to qualify


for the 5,000 metres final. She has not even run one this year


and she had a tough challenge after that difficult 1500m and it was


really quite a pain in the last 100 for her, Denise. Because she has


been so successful the less two years, we used to seeing her winning


and breaking and getting personal bests, and it was important the


expectations were lowered for this event. She has only run two in her


life. This was a tall order. She looked so tired. So tired. Bless


her. On reflection, do you think we should have, she should have done


both? It is a bonus now because she has


got one 5K left and anything can happen as we have seen, races do not


always go with the form. Just enjoy it. She is stepping up in class and


moving into a place where her and her coach have never been and if you


do not try it commit you will never know. And she will come away from


this Championships and she will know where she is. The W normally see,


especially Dame Kellie Holmes -- the double. In the second heat was


Eilish McColgan. Previously a steeplechaser and riddled with


injuries. No injuries this season and able to


train and is delighted with her performance. It's great to see her


realising that potential. It is a blessing when an athlete comes into


this Championships giving their best and being at their best. This was a


fantastic run from Eilish. One of the athletes that have made a


stunning comeback, Stephanie Twell we know also had injuries, but not


only does Eilish only have the physical challenge, she has the


weight of being the daughter of a very successful British athlete in


Liz McColgan. So to have that burden for some many years and stand alone


in her own right is fantastic. Absolutely, well said.


You had been in many teams with Liz McColgan. Down the years and she is


a tough test massacre, expect. Great role model. Interesting morning


coming -- a tough task master. This is what you can expect.


Germany's Rico Freimuth and Damian Warner will attempt to fill the


Deepcut on Boyd left by Ashton Eaton, Ashley Bryant goes for Great


Britain. A British duo, 2013 bronze-medallist Tiffani Porter and


Alicia Barrett, the National Champion, take to the track. The


Brits will be joined by world-record holder Kendra Harrison. London 2012


Champion Sally Pearson. And reigning World Champion Danielle Williams.


Britain's London 2012 runs medallist Robbie Grabarz is in High Jump


qualification action. Favourite to take that title is the athlete from


Qatar who has the top four jumps in the world to his name this year. So


things cook off with the 100m men's decathlon to stake a claim after


Ashley Eaton. Followed by the discus qualification with Sandra Perkovic


among those on show. The heats of the women's 100m hurdles with


Britain's Tiffany Porter, a world bronze-medallist in 2013 and


world-record holder, sorry, 100 hurdles. And world-record holder


Kendra Harrison. Active and 's did have one for the Long Jump. And then


the qualification of the men's High Jump. The second group of discus


qualification gets under way at 1135 a:m.. And we end with the shot-put.


A gruelling two days for those decathletes, ten events. They really


put their bodies and their minds and their souls on the line and we


enjoyed watching daily doing that time and time again. But let's go


down memory lane and remind you how he won the very first World


Championships. Daley is away, Thompson coming away


on the near side and holing up -- holding up at the moment. Leading by


a long margin. 10.62. A good start for daily.


And that is better. That is better. What a response from the man. Can


Daley get somewhere near 50 metres and 44 centimetres that we know he


is capable of? Oh, yes! That is enormous from Daley!


Oh, good, oh, good. Big smile, it is back again. Thompson now driving


hard but they are catching him and he is tying up as they come to the


line. Thompson. And Thompson, Hickson... Daley having a good one


so far. A bit of a disaster for the Russian. Daley coming through. It is


a good run. And Daley has run well. This would be a throw from Daley


Thompson. That is nice, solid, what a good piece of throwing.


The second attempt at five metres ten. Oh, he is clear!


Daley needs a better cushion if he can get it. About 15 seconds to make


up in that 1500m but he has thrown well, and providing he is fit... A


long throw! Oh, absolutely on the nail. Putting him to the test and he


comes through it every time. Daley Thompson dragging himself up to the


line and he has done enough. And that is our first World Champion!


And that is quite magnificent! What are you doing? The guy who is


the world leader at the moment, his dad was competing against me. Rico


Freimuth. So you are just checking what he is up to? No, just making


sure he was there so I can attend I remembered! Great memories for you.


Absolutely. It was one of my finest moments. To be at the first World


Championships. And to have all the best guys in the world there, it


is... Very special. But who was that guy? Did not have any grey hair! You


are not looking too bad! That is what I was waiting to hear! Daley on


good form, Steve Cram, as we start this to Gabon. Day one, 100m to get


them going, over to you, good morning.


Good morning, some of us have aged better than others since 1983. No


grey hair here. First event of the morning. It is a pretty good crowd,


a special day, the Olympic Stadium, get yourself ready. Just pointing


out over on the far side of the stadium, the men ready, four heats.


Lining up in the first. Kurt Felix from grenade, silver-medallist.


Dudas a good sprinter. Thomas van der Plaetsen is a good Pole Vault to


come he was third in the national championships this year. And the


European champion. Good conditions, the decathletes would be delighted


the weather has changed for the better over the last 24 hours, 36


hours. The sun is shining, no wind in the stadium.


So Tonnesen of Spain, Auzeil of France, Oiglane from Estonia,


Bourrada of Algeria, Ushiro of Japan, the Japanese record-holder,


Felix Dudas, Van der Plaetsen. Bourrada in lane five was fifth in


Rio and Beijing after having had a two year ban, he came back in 2014.


He may be the quickest here. They get away safely, Bourrada does


get a good start in the middle, in the green, and Dudas going well,


they are coming away from the rest, Dudas wins, Bourrada in second,


10.77, it is a pretty good start for the Serbian. The last time we saw


him was at the European indoors. Bronze-medallist in Amsterdam in the


European Championships that were held before Rio. That is a very good


start for him. Solid start, Steve, you are right, personal best of


10.67. If you open your the catalogue with 10.75, you have got


to be pleased. The key thing is keeping his form, trying to save as


much energy as you can, nice little dip at the finish, grabbing those


hundredths, hoping that it will make a difference, you never know.


I was just saying to Daley, the times of the men's 100m, a bit more


mixed up than the women's hurdles. The quickest women going in the very


last heat, the slowest in the very first, but men like Dudas, in the


next heat Santos. It is down to how they have been doing this season,


some have better personal bests, it is a mix, but it doesn't matter that


much, you run in your lane, you have got to focus, and the best


decathletes are still going in the last heat. It is like a time trial.


So a season's best from Dudas there, a good start. But when you are in


the blocks, your first event of ten, are you not racing? You are


literally just trying to do your own thing? Complete tunnel vision,


because the place where you come in the race doesn't matter, first or


last, you are just tried to get the points for the equivalent times,


that is all you are doing. One of the things that was nice was Steve


Cram doing some homework, I know he hates the decathlon! Of icy knew you


were coming in! Clearly! Ashley Bryant has had a good year, he is in


the next heat, he has got into some good positions, hasn't he? He has


got it together finally, Ashley has been very frustrated with niggles


here and there, he has not been able to show what he has got. So he got


that lovely, wonderful silver medal at the Commonwealth Games, but this


year, new personal best, 8173, and that will set him up. He will be


looking to get in the top eight, it is going to be very difficult


indeed, but what you don't want is to make mistakes, it is just


minimising mistakes, giving yourself an opportunity. You just need to


come here and get somewhere near his personal best, because whenever you


come to a major championships, the one thing you have to do is be at at


least you'll season's best. Olympic silver-medallist in this next heat.


Apart from Ashton Eaton, he was head and shoulders, but he has been


competing in a few events and competing very well. He won the


European indoors this year, set a new record for heptathlon, but a


very interesting individual, not one of the taller decathletes, but no


weaknesses, and I think he is the person that we look to to really


lead into this decathlon, really strong, he is a poster boy, in fact.


Ashton Eaton has dominated for so long, somebody can step up to the


plate and take the title, be the man. Do you know what? I am sure


there are two or three guys who think they can, but Kevin Mayer


would be my favourite from the start. You do kind of miss Ashton


Eaton. Yes, but Kevin will take this forward, and you need the rivalry.


And you surely will get that, back to Steve now for the final result of


the first heat. Ashley Bryant just getting ready


there, love listening to Daley Thompson's thoughts, I love the


decathlon, especially the 1500m, the toughest of all events, of course!


Just waiting for the result, Dudas was 917 points for his 10.75, so a


pretty good start for him. Kurt Felix ran well also. We will just


confirm it here, Bourrada with 10.8 was in second place, Van der


Plaetsen, not an especially good start for the Belgian, 11.35. We


might have been surprised to see Dudas run that time, but he had not


run 100m this season, the seedings are done by season's best. This is


how they line up in the second heat of the 100, Jefferson Santos is out,


the South American champion does not start. Ashley Bryant goes in lane


five. There is Ashley Bryant, based in Loughborough now, he has had a


switch to his coaching setup, 18 months or so ago he went to love


brat, and he works with individual coaches now, and he says he is


feeling the benefit. -- he went to Loughborough. His head coach, well,


he works with individual coaches in the individual events. He has moved


up to... Well, he is over 8100 or so points at the moment in the


decathlon. He had a decent event at the big multi-eventing events in


Austria in May. But he says he can find another 300 points, and that


would get him into top tens in major championships. Mayer, however, a


real contender for a medal, 8834 points. If that doesn't mean


anything to you, when Daley Thompson won with a world record in Los


Angeles, 8847, that is where Kevin Mayer is, just a fraction behind


that. So the second quickest or second slowest, four leads to come,


this is the second heat, two more after this. And we are told that is


Uibo. Kevin Mayer, the Frenchman, former world junior and world youth


champion, pushed Ashton Eaton very hard in Rio. Jorge Urena you, silver


at the European indoor championships in heptathlon in Belgrade. And


Ashley Bryant, third on the UK all time list, he is a decent sprinter,


pretty decent across all the events, although his pole vault lets him


down a bit, not a great high jumper either. Cedric Dubler, the


Australian champion. Leonel Suarez of Cuba, he had knee surgery in


2014, he has not been the same since. Kai Kazmirek, very strong


German challenge in the decathlon. Pieter Braun of the Netherlands goes


in lane nine. So, again, see how close you can get to your personal


best, Ashley Bryant is just outside 11 seconds. He has run 11.7 seconds.


So Uibo of Estonia, then Kevin Mayer, Jorge Urena, then Dubler,


Suarez, Kazmirek, then Pieter Braun of the Netherlands. Ashley Bryant to


start his decathlon campaign here in London. Away cleanly, and the


Spaniard, Urena, off to a great start, look at Kevin Mayer,


wonderful run, coming through for Germany, Kazmirek, but that is a big


personal best for Kevin Mayer, he has seen that on the screen, what a


start for Kevin Mayer. Looking at the contenders in the aftermath of


Ashton Eaton calling his retirement, Kevin Mayer may well be the leading


challenger for gold, 10.70, what a start for the French athlete to get


going in the decathlon. He will be happy with that, sets himself up for


the whole ten events of adventure. A good, competent sprinter, nice and


tall and rangy, no panic ever, and even though he is trying to set a


personal best in every event, he didn't go tight at any stage, very


confident, he has arrived here in great shape. Let's have a look at


the start, great start by Urena, then Mayer comes through, not quite


the quick turnover of the legs, but such a long stride. The the ground,


very powerful, pushing forward. -- he eats up the ground. Working,


working, working, very good to see. Not dissimilar to Ashton Eaton, who


was a very quick sprinter, but if you are at the world-class


sprinters, they have a very quick leg turnover, whereas Ashton Eaton


was a long striding sprinter. It is different in the detached long. They


do not spend that much time on specific events, they have to be a


master of many. This is a solid start for the Frenchman. The results


have not come up on our computer, oh, we have them there.


Kevin Mayer trains with KJT, and that is how you want to start with


your decathlon. It is the only way, because it gives you confidence in


the stuff you are doing, but now everybody knows he is in great shop,


they will start worrying about him. So he has done the best possible


start. The look on his face, he knows that he has delivered, what he


has been training for, what he has been working towards, he knows it is


inside of him, but to execute it is a different matter, as we have seen


time and again. They are the master chefs, the decathletes, of track and


field. They make their own formulas, what works for them, how much of


each event they are going to work on, they have to keep building, and


Kevin is quite a unique character, he is really relaxed, as you can


see, in his technique, but the way he trains as well. He is very


specific, just a natural talent, and he has got a lot of inner


confidence, and his team around him have realised that. Little and often


works best for him. He has had injuries before he came to this


world level, but he has now found his rhythm. Ashley Bryant, a


season's best, and if you can deliver the best of your season


today and tomorrow, then you will leave here feeling you have done a


job. It makes you a championship performer. To be honest, it is easy


to do personal bests at the trials and all that kind of stuff, but to


come here when the conditions are not necessarily so good, but the


competition is seriously intense, perform here, that makes you a


championship performer. Steve Cram, Daley has already pointed out that


some viewers are delighted he is here this morning! Steve, I got a


message from Alison this morning, and all it says is, all a girl be on


the morning, breakfast in bed and DT on television!


I have always known, who can argue with the greatest? I am at a huge


disadvantage here, and I have got more decorum than he has!


Breakfast in bed? Part-timers, my radio colleagues! Seriously. Daley


is good at self is. He is partial to checking himself out on camera in


the mirror. Not sure if it is free seating this morning, maybe not. It


is pretty busy on the lower level, a lot of people sitting in the


sunshine, an assume that is the way it has turned out in terms of


tickets. So there is the start list for the third heat. Shkurenev,


Martin Roe, Samuelsson. Nakamura. Daley was right about Mayer, he


started well and he has shown the others what is possible. These guys


certainly capable of that sort of time. Good morning, all.


The field event under way, the women's discus qualification. The


top 12, and this is your favourite, Sandra Perkovic. 27 years of age.


Double Olympic champion. How about that? Nerves hitting even the very


best, Perkovic has thrown beyond 70 metres this year. 62.50. Maybe


taking it too easy. Athletes sometimes struggle with morning


qualification. Perkovic had a foul in the first round. Jade Lally. The


British drummer looking to go into the qualifying. She is going to need


something close to the best. Gets ready for her first row.


The athlete watch this man here of the work, Helcelet. I am is sure he


scored more points than daily Thompson, three-time World Champion.


See how he goes. New personal best for the Czech athlete. Samuelsson,


silver medal this year. Nakamura, decent sprinter. The Asian champion,


just 20 years of age, living these championships, Singkhon, a chance


for a lot more experience for him. Not bad in the sprint. We will see


how he goes. Temp at the Olympic Games last year and he took part at


Gotzis this year and did not finish. Brugger, bronze-medallist at the


World Indoor Championships last year. And then Distelberger of


Austria, just missed out in Prague in the Indoor Championships this


year, he finished fourth. At his best, he is the quickest in the


field. Shkurenev in lane one, we did not


quite see. He might just be one to watch in terms of medals, not so


much in the 100m. New personal best this year of 8600.


Watch Distelberger. Lane nine. He may well be the quickest here.


Oh, Brugger. Unlike the non-multi- events, that does not mean


disqualification. Colin, we were remarking last night, there was a


disqualification, it was some task phone who fell over in the 200m. We


have had very few. Is. It is good to see the discipline from the


athletes. Mops who many of the -- and not too many upsets. That is a


good sign, they will now be under the caution, Steve. Caution goes


against the field. Not a grey hair between us, look at that!


We are sitting right above the finish line, an excellent view here.


It looks a bit sparse this morning. It has been incredible, the crowds.


Daley mentioned it at the beginning, Brendan was talking about it


yesterday. The atmosphere last night was particularly good. So once more,


on the far side, Shkurenev. Martin Roe. Helcelet. Samuelsson. Singkhon.


Brugger and Distelberger. We have had one. Full. -- one false start.


This time, they get cleanly away, it even awake, Nakamura starting


quickly, Roe going well Distelberger on the inside. Roe is going to win


this, Distelberger second. A bit of a headwind there. The winning time


is 10.91, not a quick heat. Jade Lally, the opening throw in the


discus qualification. A foul for her, that is a disappointing start.


Just shy of 60 metres. You can see the left foot" in the edge of the


throwing circle. --" In. We will need to tidy that up. The thought


has got to, downright on the bottom. A bit sloppy as we tidy up this 400m


decathlon. Sprint. Yes, Steve, just bringing Colin N.


The wind for the first time, a bit of a headwind, that takes a tenth


off and the time is a bit slow. Yes, always in the decathlon, this can


happen when you up always edging for the points. When you get a -1.3 wind


which is what we had here, it can be a turnaround in your performance.


Good sprinting by Roe. He worked hard all the way through and he got


out. OK, the track is sprinting well, he is in reasonably good


shape. But when you are running into a -1.3, you can see how frustrating


that can be. Taking the edge off his performance.


STUDIO: heat four loaded with talent, Damian Warner and Trey


Hardee. Going back to that heat, that was


quite slow. People well outside their PBs. I think the wind played a


big part. As we have said all along, it is tough to do your best when you


get into a championship. And it is tough and new if the wind does


change in your heat. Absolutely. One thing that is going to be really


disappointing for the Russian on the inside in lane one, he was one of


the favourites and he is probably three or four tenths down already so


he has lost 100 points. Shkurenev, so he has to pick himself up for the


Shot Put. Yes, get himself, a bit like golf, forget the last shot. No


matter how bad. Now he has to get into the Long Jump. Good analogy,


probably more people watching have played golf rather than done a


decathlon! But with fewer shots! And Daley is such a keen golfer so he


would know! Excuse me! Looking forward to heat four, Damian Warner


is in there. Silver-medallist from Rio, no, that was Damian Warner.


Trey Hardee. Trey Hardee, former World Champion. And Freimuth who has


the biggest score in the world this year. Yes, this is the big one.


Three or four of the best, in the race. It should be a real test for


everybody. Normally, they do not race each other in each heat. Yes,


of course. As we have said, so it will be really nice for them to get


out there. They have been in the hold. Do you enjoy that in a heat


which is your main protagonists? It doesn't aways work-out as we have


seen with Nafi Thiam. Is it a great joy to line up with those? I prefer


to do it that way, I don't know about Denise, did you enjoyed being


in the races with your closest competitors? Yes, you want to keep


an eye on them and you want to know what they are doing. It is the best


way. Freimuth is such a talent. He is one of the tallest decathletes in


this field. This is a good event for him. He is really quick and strong


in the sprint and running events. In terms of Damian Warner... Au! He is


a joke at! He has been around such a long time, Trey Hardee. Great to see


him back fit and able to compete. Damian Warner, it in the absence of


Ashton Eaton... Thank you, Gabby. How quickly you forget! Everybody


has been looking for him to step into his shoes but he has his work


cut out. It doesn't always work out when you think it is your time to be


the King and there are other rivals for the throw and the Crown. -- the


throw. Perhaps time has moved on for Trey Hardee but he will be pushing


these guys. This is Warner, the fastest man that has ever been in a


decathlon. 10.1 best and he needs to be at that kind of speed to get in


front of Freimuth who is also a very quick sprinter. Any news on the


winds down there, on the track? It seems really calm, a lot of


chuckling going on around me. Easily amused early in the morning! It is


switching around down there. We shall see. We shall see. Well,


protected against the sun, good to see, sensible. Just about ready for


the fourth heat in the 100m, in the decathlon. Not going well in the


seating! Heavy seating. Clambering up. Poor technique! This is the


result of the previous heat. Martin Roe, 10.9. Slow into the headwind.


Distelberger. And Shkurenev, not a good start for him. Always quite a


nice way for the men the start of a decathlon with the 100m rather than


the women in the heptathlon starting with the 100 hurdles were more


things can go wrong. If you get out, you can have a nice free run at it.


Three Americans, Devon Williams, and Trey Hardee the veteran in lane


nine. This is Kasyanov, sixth and seventh at the last Olympics, Devon


Williams, 23-year-old, third at the US championships and his sister


Kendall was 12. Both good at the hurdles. Sintnicolaas, the twice in


a Daegu in 2011 and Moscow in 2013. Ziemek, seven in Rio, second in the


US Championships. Aerodynamic. Lindon Victor, the US collegiate


champion from grenade. The -- Kurt Felix is his half brother from the


first heat. Damian Warner, he ran his best in Gotzis last year. 10.15


is an extraordinary time and that is the worlds decathlon best, the


fastest ever run in a decathlon. Saluri, the Estonian, studying at


the University of Georgia. In lane eight, Freimuth, set the world lead


this year in Rattigan, in Germany, in June. And Trey Hardee, 33 now,


World Champion in 2009, 2011, but Dill good enough to win the US title


this year. -- still good enough. And a man who can run 10.40. Looping and


hollering and getting themselves ready for the first of ten events.


Kasyanov, Devon Williams, Damian Warner of Canada in six. Saluri of


Estonia. Trey Hardee in nine, three Americans in here. And Freimuth


perhaps the favourite, but he will see what Kevin Mayer did. And off


goes Lindon Victor. That is fine, as Steve was explaining, in


multi-eventing, you get one., but that is against the next one and it


is over. For that person. Did we put the kiss of death on it


by saying. Schema they are not as used to sprinting as the dedicated


sprinters, but because you know you have got that, back to the old days,


you got one, so you perhaps thinking about getting a bit of a flyer.


Perhaps that is the case, but Mr Thomson is in the studio, is there


less discipline now? Lyndon Victor has brought that up on the whole


field. Trey Hardee gets ready to settle


again, less whooping this time. Oh, somebody!


Kasyanov, Sintnicolaas, Lyndon Victor, Saluri, Freimuth. Damian


Warner, 10.15 is his quickest. 10.35 this season.


Cleanly away, and Damian Warner will start to move into a zone, Trey


Hardee struggling a little bit, Saluri going well, but Warner is


bringing them home, good run from Bryant, 10.50, so not that quick for


Damian Warner, a quizzical look up at the screen. I think he expected


better, he has run 10.35 this season, there wasn't much wind at


all against, so I think he would have expected better. This is his


strongest event by a distance, and not flying from Damian Warner. A


little bit of a quick gun, that could have caught him out. He


prefers as an athlete to settle in the blocks, not going up quickly,


you don't have the opportunity to drive as much as you would like to.


I think that has caught him out, with 10.50, he will be a little bit


disappointed, because he knows he is more capable than that. I wonder


what's Daley thinks? Daley thinks he would be a bit disappointed, he


would normally be 1.5 tenths faster than anyone in the field, but


Freimuth is probably less than a tenth behind, so good run by


Freimuth and not quite so good by Warner. He has been struggling,


Daley, with this illness that has been around, Damian Warner, I think


he was in isolation, but Rico Freimuth has come up with a season's


best, so a great start. Warner just a little bit down. Hopefully he will


not feel any bad effects, as he has actually started, he will be able to


get back on the road again. So Damian Warner the winner of the


heat, as we say, not quite with his usual zip, running 10.50, but Rico


Freimuth comes to the finish very strongly, a real power athlete, one


-- once he got into his running, a season's best.


Well, back to this women's discus got -- discus qualification, 62.50


is needed for her, this is a better throw, it is long, look at that,


what a response from Perkovic. Maybe frustrated at herself, take a bow.


Needing to take two throws, great delay of the right arm, the head


strikes, followed by the arm, perfect demonstration of how to


throw discus a long way, no one beyond 70 metres other than herself


this year. She has got the three longest throws in the world, has the


Croatian athlete, and now she has the fourth longest as well, 69.6


seven. Anita Marton with a load this cause, silver-medallist in the shot


put, competed really well, even by Gong of China. And well, Marton,


discus not quite as strong, does not get the delay, the arm comes through


at the same time as the hip, so no improvement for L, 55.96, looks


unlikely to qualify. Jane Lalli, a foul in the first round, needs a


Daley Thompson -esque response. Great memories of Daley wandering in


for his third discus throw, we will have to ask him about that. Jade


Lalli, 62.50 needed, or something close. Top 12 make it through to the


final. That is shy of 60m. That is another foul, so she puts herself


under pressure for one more chance. Fouled and voluntarily,


surprisingly, two prowls for Lally, big pressure in the third round, not


going to plan for the British champion. Under some pressure


indeed. Well, the hurdles coming out for the


women's conduct, let's just tidy up the cattle on -- the decathlon 100m.


This is how they stand at the first event.


A big personal best for Kevin Mayer, he is the man who has done best of


all, silver-medallist behind Ashton Eaton at the Olympics. A little bit


further down, a couple of the Americans there, a little bit under


par in the 100m. A season's best is time for the British athlete.


When it is your best event, Daley, and you don't give your best, as


Damian Warner did there, going back to what we were saying before,


compartmentalised in and moving on, but there will be a niggle in his


mind, thinking he hasn't posted this cool he should have. Absolutely, two


things have happened, he knows he has to work really hard just to get


back to level, and everybody behind him that has done OK, they are


thinking, we might have a chance here. We are going to be able to


push him out. So two things have changed, and he will have to do a


really good long jump and shot, maybe get 20 or 30 points extra in


some of the things. You know, Damian Warner would have expected to be 50,


maybe 70 points in front of everybody here, and he is only ten


in front. So the pressure is on him now, you will have to really... And


you can't help but think that if this norovirus has taken a bit out


of him, is it going to be a few percent down on the other events,


the events that involves speed on the runway, for the long jump?


Obviously the 400 as well. The trouble is, apart from Kevin Mayer,


who was head and shoulders above everybody, everybody else is


actually quite close. When you are losing ten or 20 or 30 points here


and there, it is really difficult to get them back, because you are


already expecting to do a good performance in the next event.


Damian Warner probably thinks he is in a little bit of trouble, but


Kevin Mayer is obviously in pole position, he has done a personal


best, and shown everybody else... At this point in the decathlon, are you


communicating with each other? Did you stay completely on your own in


the zone? I know you were joking around and smiling when things were


more relaxed, but... I think everybody has their own way of doing


it, and I think you are right, wait until two or three events have gone,


then everybody is relaxed, they can see how they are going. But I think


that for most people, they are fairly low-key, and obviously I was


talking to most people. Annoying them, getting in their ears! If this


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And of course there is PGA golf as well, we have got it covered on the


red button, the US PGA golf from Quail Hollow, and that is on BBC Two


from 11 o'clock tonight. We are about to start the women's


hurdles heats, and in the first of those heats, Olesya Povh it, she


qualified as champion in the trials. -- Alicia Barrett. She is the


Prodigy and some time hopeful future champion for Toni Minichiello. --


the protege. What kind of shape is she in? She is in good shape, she


was invited to this as an addition, she hadn't won with the qualifying


time, she didn't have that, but they were sending out invitations, so


this was a bit of a surprise. She had just come out of the European


Juniors, where she got a silver medal, and the plan was to go to the


world student games, but if you get the opportunity to come to the World


Championships, what you have cleaned up, difficult to say no. Was it


difficult? Did you wrestle with that in terms of their progress as an


athlete? Or was there no doubt that coming here would be instrumental in


informing her going forwards, how to behave, this kind of stage? We did


wrestle with it, we took a day over making a final decision, whether to


accept the invitation or not, because she had come down out of the


European junior championships a little bit beaten up, so we needed


to make sure that she was fully fit coming into here. But this is what


kids dream of, this is the level you have got to be, so chuck them in,


see if they swim or trout. And she did well in the British


championships, and it was a great opportunity for her. It is nice to


win a senior title when you are still a junior, but without the


sisters being there, it is a lower-level championships, but the


best of the rest at that point, British champion, nice to have that


in your CB. Thank you, Toni, any nerves for you? Not really, it is


all about trying to normalise this, 30 metres to the first hurdle, it is


no different than what you have done 15 times before, so no, we will just


see how we go, BELL RINGS


Huge expectations. Thank you, Toni! People inside the stadium will be


excited at the sign of an athlete in a British vest, but those


expectations have to be tempered because this is, as Toni was saying,


it is a learning process, a great experience for her to be here


alongside some of the best in the world. That is how they line up for


this first heat in the first round of the women's 100 hurdles. The


first of five, four go through automatically, Isabelle Pedersen,


former world junior champion, new personal best this season, 12.75. If


you look at times, you can see that Barrett has run a very quick time,


13.0 seven. Zagre was at 12.96. Alicia Barrett goes in lane four.


Danielle Williams, 12.56, a new personal best this season, the


defending champion, a surprise win in Beijing a couple of years ago.


Pamela Dutkiewicz of Germany, she is running well this season, the German


champion, down to 12.61. Girona back of the Netherlands, Moraes of


Brazil, the new South American champion, then Kerekes of Hungary.


So what an experience this is in the sunshine inside this grand stadium,


to be running in the World Championships. Anything after this


is a bonus. There will be many championships to come, but in


hurdles there is always a chance, four go through automatically.


Pedersen, Zagre. Danielle Williams, the World Champion. And Kerekes.


Cleanly away and Danielle Williams going quickly, Barrett left. Also


going strongly is the German, Dutkiewicz. Four go through


automatically, Zagre makes up the four, into a slight wind, a good run


by Danielle Williams. Good run by the Jamaican. We will see what time


Alicia Barrett managed, because it is about this experience they might


have hoped to progress to the semifinals but that was always a


tall order against this calibre of athletes. Danielle Williams


alongside the World Champion. She goes through, Dutkiewicz and


Pedersen and Zagre. Colin. Williams was brilliant, I was looking forward


to see how she would arrive at these championships, defending her title,


in yellow, from Jamaica, very good. Competent when it comes to the


technique. Happy to run on the these barriers. Takes the risk of getting


close. Because she is so good technically, she can afford to do


that. Very good to see she is working hard and into this wind, a


very solid performance by the Jamaican.


Your assessment of that race? It wasn't great, I did not get the best


start. But it was really fun! It was awful, but it was kind of fun. Happy


with it can solve. Gabby has been talking to your coach Tony about how


you got here and the invitation came and you debated it. You're going to


learn a lot from it. Yes, definitely. Not sure what to do but


that helped, not being ready, because I was not overthinking it


which was a good thing. I was really shocked, I was like, what?! Well


done on the silver medal at the Europeans, fantastic. What are you


learning from this experience compared to the junior stage? With


the juniors, you kind of focus on your own race to take into the


seniors, instead of being distracted by people around you, that is what I


want to learn. I did not do that today, but hopefully next time.


Thank you, this is just the start for you.


That is a good way of describing it, awful but kind of fun at the same


time, Tony. Yes, looking at the foot on the hurdles are not running as


efficiently as she should Comey you should drive your need more at the


hurdles than her but, I'm sure she would be a disappointed, into my


nice 1.4, it is about the average she has been running over the


season. If you look at the best for her, 13.07, what can be done? Does


she have the tools to get below 13? That is the thing. It is about flat


speed for her and learning. You have run 13.07 and you average better


times this season compared to year before. You need to get under 13


seconds readily. So it is all about improving that speed. She's not the


greatest flat 100m runner but we need to work on that. A lot of the


best hurdlers over the years have been very good sprinters. Danielle


Williams at the top and 1312,66. Alicia Barrett in her World


Championship debut. So Jade Lally, the six time British


champion Rams medallist in the Commonwealth Games. She has the


experience to cope with the situation, two fouls and she needs a


throw in excess of 60 metres. She has saved that, I think, but dipping


shy of the 60-metre line. Jade Lally carried those fouls and just maybe


tries to force that in the third and final round. She auto qualifies, but


the first pool with 15 athletes in each. It is a better throw, the


sequences better. Did not quite get onto the left side is to get it


down, almost pulling up into that. 57.71. That is eighth place, that


will not be enough, I don't thing. Another athlete under pressure is


the reigning champion of Cuba, Denia Caballero. In sixth place. Very


fast, the active reverse. That is better. Maybe just needed that


pressure of a third throw. High-fives all round in the Cuban


camp and Caballero puts her mark out beyond auto qualifying. The final on


Sunday. She is under pressure to retain her world title with the form


we have just seen early on of Sandra Perkovic. Just shy of 70 metres from


Sandra Perkovic. Caballero. 63.79. She auto qualifies. So real


disappointment and Jade Lally is left to ponder and wonder what the


future holds. And another championship slips between her


fingers. She will likely take no part in that final, eighth place,


she slips the ninth after the throw from Caballero.


Disappointment, let's hope things are better for Tiffany Porter. A


difficult season, World Championship record is excellent, in the top five


including the bronze medal in 2013. Fourth in 2011 and fifth in 2015.


She was not at the trials. She had a bit of time away and her last race,


she was 13 flat. To give you an idea of her form. Her sister Cindy is


injured and out for the season. Megan Symmonds finished second in


their championships. Semifinalist at the Olympics last year. Four


Jamaicans. Nia Ali the Olympic silver-medallist and USA, as ever,


in credibly well represented. Phylicia George of Canada. And on


the outside, European junior silver-medallist Kozak, 21 years of


age. The top four go through. Boons. Mulern Jean, another former American


running for Haiti, decided it is an event where if you are an American,


it is so tough to make the team. She is competing for Haiti, a former


American herself. She needs a top four, I hope, that should be all


right. It is what happens when you get to the semifinal stage. Nia Ali


in the middle and Megan Simmonds. Tiff Porter in four. Tiff Porter


gets out well and so does Simmonds of Jamaica and Ali got left. Tiff


Porter just run out and might not get the four. Simmonds, Phylicia


George. Tiff Porter is in sixth. Into that headwind, 12.7. I said,


Colin, she has been struggling all season. Even that was not a


performance... Tiff Porter run 13 flat in her last race and she has


not even got under 13 seconds. She is looking up at the screen, sixth


place, only the top four go through. It sure she will not advance, Colin.


Really disappointing for Tiff. So good at these championships in the


past. She will be disappointed, but we have to keep a clear head.


Difficult season, trying her best to get to top form. But obviously


running out of time. Let's have a look. Here she is out of the blocks


and we are used to seeing Tiffani explode out and be very aggressive.


She clattered the barrier. When you have not been able to go to all the


races, that is when the mixed event is tricky and difficult because you


are unsure of what you can do and how you can push on, your legs


moving the right way, can you drive off the trail leg? These things are


really complicated. They have got to get them right at these


championships. Tiff missing that time during the season, really, that


has caused this performance from her.


Tiff is a little bit shocked by that performance, I think. A difficult


year for you we know. Yes, I have been really struggling this year, I


have had many setbacks. Just not in the form I need to be in and that


was massively disappointing. What can I say? Can you elaborate on some


of the things you have had to deal with? I have had a couple of niggles


and personal stuff I have been dealing with as well. I just did not


want to miss out on this opportunity, I wanted to put my best


foot forward. It is just so embarrassing to come out here and


run like that. You should never be embarrassed, you are a great


Ambassador for us and you can't legislate for injuries and the lack


of build-up you wanted. You are one of the fastest losers but not


getting through, do you regret coming here, is this something... I


would never say I would regret it, running in front of a British crowd


is awesome and I wanted to put on a show. Unfortunately, that did not


happen today, that is what athletics is all about. Thank you for being so


honest. Thanks, guys. Just to confirm that, certainly not


her usual standard. She has explained why. 13.18, she is the


fastest loser but her chances do not look good.


STUDIO: Tiffany Porter was a bronze-medallist and Olympic


finalist with her sister in Rio, not looking like she is progressing in


this competition. Denise, troubled year, disappointing


for her not to build on those performances. Yes, really


disappointed and I think her interview said it, it is a hard


decision when you know you are selected.


Of the calibre she has been that. But you do not want to turn down


your place. The London Stadium is fantastic. Maybe she was hoping for


elevation from the crowd. That is not Tiffany, that is not what we


have seen from her. When things do not go together, athletes will tell


you, when you can't get the training, this is the result. She


was searching for form and it wasn't here. She was given a dispensation


and she did not do the trials because things were not quite right


and that is when Alicia Barrett became the national champion. Things


have not been right for a while. No, she has moved back to the States and


is working with her husband who is coaching her. A lot of changes. That


reaction was like, I can't believe I have run so slowly, it is just not


her. Next, a new woman who runs very


quickly, world-record holder Kendra Harrison who got the record here in


the Anniversary Games. She is a joy to watch and we were there that


night, such a special moment, Denise. Yes, special and a flawless


race and textbook demonstration of how to hurdle. Amazing flat speed,


her technique is on point. She has run 12,28 this year. Close to the


world-record and potentially going again in the stadium. When somebody


executes a race like that with perfect over the hurdles and in


between, Daley, and chaos going on around her. I don't think she saw


that chaos, she was too far ahead. She is now having a good year. And I


think that this might be the performance of the Games if she can


step it up and break the world record. She had the bit between her


teeth because she did not qualify for the Olympic team and so she came


to London very much like, will show the world. Those American trials are


brutal. The finish in the top three or you do not go whether you are a


world-record holder or not and Harrison is a world-record holder,


she was not going to make that mistake twice, Andrew Cotter. She is


out here and ready to prove she has the credentials to be a champion.


They say this is a quick track and it has the world-record, but it has


not been reducing those times so far in this championship, is that about


to change? The US trials was the last time she


lost, 2016. This is probably why hedgehogs are endangered! Actually,


he has got some moves. Strange moves... Harrison being introduced


to the crowd, set that record at the Diamond League meeting here. Bailed


to make the team for Rio, but unbeatable since then. Yanique


Thompson, the former youth champion. Sally Pearson is the star for


Australia. Oh, we are ignoring 30 won, she likes a dance on the start


line. Lindsay Lindley, 30 Fife, Ahmed, Talay, then Charlton of the


Bahamas. You have got to run some fast times to get the camera to


stop. Kelly Harrison has not lost a race since those trials, when she


did not make it to Rio. Shortly after that failure, she came here,


taking the age-old record from the Bulgarian, going back to 1988. Ran


12.20 in hungrier last month. -- in Hungary. Four go through, four


should go through. Thomson alongside Harrison will be quick. Lindley of


Nigeria, Pesiridou, Ahmed, Talay, eejit. Cleanly away, Kelly Harrison


already out in front, so quick between the barriers, look at move


between the hurdles, also going well is Lindley, then Thompson, a stroll


for Kelly Harrison to move through, evading any of the pitfalls that can


occur in this event. She has done exactly what was required to move


through to the semifinals tonight, made it look very easy, Colin. Yes,


world leader, world record holder, she certainly brought this home, she


hit the second hurdle with the lead leg, which is a bit of a worry,


because if she gets faster, it could cause problems. So beautiful in full


flight, it takes so do lots of victories.


You always look so aggressive, tell me about doing this in a US best. I


am blessed to be here, I'm excited to wear USA on my chest, excited to


represent. You are going unbeaten, so dominant. It definitely builds


confidence, I am going to come back, run fast, make the finals. You have


got a race in the morning and you have to do it again tonight. I think


the morning, you know, it is just about getting your legs underneath


you, you know, you have got to set you read, just come out in the next


round. Well, what a rhythm, fantastic to see.


The USAID tend to dominate this event, they did in Rio, even without


Keni Harrison. -- the USA tend to dominate. She has got the raw speed


between the hurdles. She gets forced leg speed, because she is so quick,


and the barriers restrict your stride length. She manages the


cadence so well. You have to get into your rhythm quickly, because


you have not raised for a long time before the heats, so you need to get


your timing back early. She is the favourite for good reason, 12.60,


Alina Talay also goes through, Yanique Thompson, Devynne Charlton.


That has knocked Tiffany Porter loses. -- out of the fastest losers.


If Keni Harrison did look good, she was disqualified in the semifinals


in Beijing two years ago, did not make the Olympic team for the United


States of America, she has not done that big-time performance at a major


championship, and you can just get a sense that she's not wanting to


screw this up, this is about nailing it when it really counts. It is all


right running fast times around the circuit, but getting through the


rounds is a different matter. You have nailed it, a lot of pressure,


even mentally, for her. We know she can run quick, world record holder,


budget hasn't got a global medal, she hasn't got the Olympic title,


world title. -- but she hasn't got. This will be playing on her mind,


this is why you are in the sport, records are great, but those medals


signify you are in history for life. It is about being professional,


making sure you do all the things right and get to the final, then you


can let loose. But there is no point being all fancy and not making it.


So she looks like she is in the right sort of place mentally, in her


interview she was nice and calm, yeah, she just wants to get off and


get ready for tonight and the final. Tonight, when it is packed, the


atmosphere ramps up a little bit, and she get that feeling, it really


will feel like a major championship, whereas this feels more subdued this


morning, doesn't it? Sally Pearson coming up in the next heat, she


knows what it is like when the stadium is electric, the winner from


the London Olympics, and since then she has been troubled by injury.


Very much like Keni Harrison, they are both running with pins in their


hands and wrists because of these nasty balls they have sustained, but


this race was just incredible. She is a real favourite of the British


public, you know, she has got family here, look at that reaction! Just


waiting, have I won it? It was so close, and Nelson gave her such a


run for her money, but she is back to best, Sally, she really well in


London in the Diamond League. That was, for me, the test that Sally is


back, really sharp, really quick, just on the shoulder... I love that


reaction! In the same heats today as Dawn Harper Nelson, who is the


Beijing Olympic champion. We saw her coming close to Sally Pearson in


2012, so women with great experience in this heat, Steve Cram. Yes, a


little bit of that yesterday, but Sally has come back into good form


yesterday, 12.48, chasing Keni Harrison home. Harper Nelson making


it onto the US team, I think 33 years of age, it just shows what a


redoubtable character she is in terms of the competition. A very


good youngster from Jamaica, Rushelle Burton, she has just gone


to America, the silver-medallist in the world junior championships.


Alicia Barrett was sixth in that race. Burton is a real talent,


12.65, new personal best this year. She ran that at the NCAAs. Dawn


Harper Nelson, then, the Olympic champion, silver medal in London,


the Olympic champion from Beijing. Never been great in the World


Championships, never been too kind to her over the years. Sally


Pearson, world champion, Olympic champion, twice Commonwealth


champion, world indoor champion! Yeah, when she is fit and healthy,


she is going to be there or thereabouts. 30 now, Sally, 12.48


this year puts her right up in medal contention. Portier two of Ukraine


on the outside. So four, as we have said earlier to go through. -- 40


the Australian contingent. Has that Kangaroo paid for a seat?


So Pearson in six, Harper Nelson in three, Burton on the far side in


two. Burden does get a very good start,


the young Jamaican, Harper Nelson trying to run her down, but now


Sally Pearson stamping her authority over this, hurdling beautifully,


look at the Australian go, Harper Nelson third, 12.73, not quite as


quick as a couple of the previous heats, but Sally Pearson looking


very good indeed, very smooth. Harper Nelson just got add of the


youngster in the end. Colin, she has put herself right back in the mix,


we are all talking about Keni Harrison, but she has got the


experience. Yes, world champion, Olympic champion, she has the


championship record, Sally, so we know she can deliver on this stage,


for sure, and it is nice to see that she is believing in her performance,


running hard, pushing into every single one of those barriers, a sign


that she is feeling more confident in her form. Out of the blocks well,


sprinting very sharply this year, back to her best there. Nice to see


that she is working on all these areas, good focus, always beautiful


technically. Look how she is moving through the field, showing her


dominance. Really announcing herself again, that she is back to her very


best, fingers crossed that it goes well, looking down stairs, she is


with Phil. What an impressive performance, what


is it like to be back at the plays of your greatest triumph? It was


funny at there today, I was really, really nervous, because it has been


a while since I have been on a championship team. I felt really


comfortable out there, I thought I was running faster than that. I am


used to going through the rounds at the fastest, not today, but I feel


like I have got more to give, so I am really intrigued to see what I


can do through to the next round, and hopefully into the final.


Through the darker days of recent years, did you doubt this moment


would come again? Oh, yeah, of course, when you go through those


moments, you retire about a hundred times over, but something deep


inside of you know is that you have got more to give, so I listened to


that, and here I am today. Good luck tonight. Thank you very much, see


you. Very good indeed, 12.72, interesting


that she thought she was going quicker, it looked like she was, a


slight headwind. Harper Nelson was looking relaxed, Rushelle Burton,


the 19-year-old, going through, the fourth spot going to Plotitsyna.


What is it that keeps you going when your body says it is not going to


come back to what it was? The difference between champions and


those that fall by the wayside. Absolutely, all athletes, by


definition, they are optimists, and if it is not working today, well,


maybe tomorrow. And when you are summary of Sally's age, you haven't


got a lot else to sort of go off two. She is dirty, so the times of


running in major championships are slowly coming to an end. -- she is


30. A lot of it, when you are injured, it is only hope that keeps


you going, to make it through the injury, and she is a really tough


cookie. I do believe that those missed years, she has tried to make


up for the bad hamstring she suffered, the wrist injury, they


kind of came back to back, so she knows that she has been robbed of a


couple of years, and she wants to go out on a high. It is good to see her


back to her best. The technique is pretty much faultless, it was just


finding that speed again. And then, of course, when she has been away,


injured, you see this woman coming onto the scene in the shape of Keni


Harrison, yeah come on, I want to race her, I want to be racing the


world record-holder. Absolutely, when you of the stature of Sally,


you only want to raise the best at the big championships, and I think


she will be tested. I don't know how she does it, because I don't think


she'd up they say she has self coached, and I think that is really


hard, and the women hurdlers do not avoid each other, they always race


each other. She is another one that will love the atmosphere in the


semifinals tonight, really a crowd favourite, they love her, they


appreciate her in this London Stadium. We were talking earlier


about her athlete and decathlete who starred in the multi-events and move


into other events, and Nadine Visser, who was competing in the


heptathlon here, like Katarina Johnson-Thompson, she is going for


an individual event as well, a world class hurdler.


A personal best of 12.78 and she belongs in this territory. Really


good heptathlete, but this is her strength. Andrew Cotter is calling


this, the final of these heaps. Nadine Visser seven in the


heptathlon, but you think of Jessica Ennis-Hill running a 12.54 at the


Olympics, outstanding and world-class hurled. Christina


Manning. And Amusan the two to catch.


There is Angela Whyte, 37 now, the Canadian champion. World junior


champion Herman Belarus. Hildebrand of Germany and Nadine Visser,


seventh in the heptathlon. Winner of the 100 hurdles at the under 23


championships, so whether she continues in heptathlon or


specialises in the hurdles or does both. The Asian champion of career.


And the US collegiate champion, the winner of the collegiate title in


Eugene. And Christina Manning. Third in the US trials, hanged Keni


Harrison and Nia Ali, new personal best in Lausanne, in the Diamond


League, of 12.58. Four automatic qualifiers in the final heat. The


fastest losers, the four fastest losers, it is Sharona Bakker of the


Netherlands at the moment. Six women here have gone below 13 seconds this


season but not quick times this morning so it might be a stretch.


13.1 is the last of the fastest losers at the moment, not a quick


time. No British involvement in the semifinals tonight. Alicia Barrett


could not make it on her championship debut and Tiffany


Porter, disappointing. Who will make it through from this last heat in


the first round? The two on the near side, Nigeria got away poorly,


Manning going well and leading them out, and so to Nadine Visser coming


out. Nasty from the athlete from Trinidad and Tobago. Manning takes


it, Amusan tidied things up after a dreadful start. The time is modest


by her standards 12.86. And still down on the track is Deborah John


and that looked very unpleasant, tangled up in the barrier. Christina


Manning the winner. The times had been fairly modest this morning,


Colin. 12.87. Yes, they have been modest. I expected better hurtling


from these ladies. If you look at the qualifying, the challenge for


them, Andrew, it is quite reasonable. Especially for the top


ladies. More than capable of doing the top four, but I think they all


have to speed up rapidly. Later this evening in the semifinal. We expect


that from them. Nobody is going to go through as the fastest loser.


Terrible start from Amusan alongside Christina Manning, got back in the


end, but left on the blocks. And she was so far behind, she still got


herself under 13 seconds. Showing the real potential of the Nigerian.


But she has to be much sharper in the semifinals. If you are not, this


is an event where it is a real blanket finish and with that in


mind, no mistakes can be made. STUDIO:, Manning with a great


qualification. We expect her to be pushing Keni


Harrison in the final. Yes, to be honest, this is looking good for


Keni Harrison, she looks head and shoulders above the field. The rest


of the girls probably more tightly packed between two and five. Yes, it


is going to be interesting. What you make of what they were saying,


Andrew said a little bit slower this morning? And it is dry and it is


warming up. Do you think it was a little bit below par? Is it harder


to get going. And there was headwind as well, Daley is right. But


sometimes, the ladies are not used to racing at this time, the warm up


would have started four hours ago, they would have arrived at the track


and started their warm up, it is kind of early. But you have got to


race, that is the way it is. Most of the Diamond League competitions are


in the evening so it is a bit of a difference. You can never use that


as an excuse. They used to hear people in the British team saying


they did not do well because it was ten o'clock. You know a year before


your biggest race is at ten o'clock, even if it is just the qualifying


round, so you have got to prepare yourself. You are right. You guys


had to get up really early. Yes, what Daley is saying, specifically


when you have a time zone change or you know your programme early, I


used to get up earlier, at 5am and get my body used to the being up and


being alert at that time. And hurdle at seven a:m.. Bet you on your own!


Yes, me and my dog! We had to get up early this morning as well for this


session, in make up... Joking, joking! I know that is not hard


work! Of course, it is Friday and that means tomorrow is Saturday, and


it means that is the start of the new Premier league season.


It has been a knockout stay in the Premier league.


The second half, very much... The Premier league is back. Much of


the day returns on Saturday at 10:30pm on BBC debt -- on BBC One.


Gary and the gang back for you on BBC One at 10:30 p:m., I can't


believe it, can you, football? No, back so suddenly. It is Arsenal and


Leicester this evening. Denise's team, Arsenal, not Lester! Going to


finish in the top four this season? You can only hope and pray! Let's


continue with the athletics and the last of those heats for the women's


hurdles, back out in the field and plenty of action to get your teeth


into. Tony and Steve. Those are the standings after the


first event. The 100m, Damian Warner out in front. The world leader of


Germany, Freimuth. Kevin Maher the civil medallist, early days to thing


of medals as the athletes have moved across to the Long Jump. Beautiful


sunny day in the stadium. Des eight of these World Championships. Damian


Warner, bronze medal last year. An eight-metre jumper, you can see his


personal best 8.4. Three attempts. Here comes your first. Warner


looking to get a good mark on the board. He has run three. In his best


to catch on, he did 7.6. I had conversation with his coach, new


coach this year looking after him. Damian has had this norovirus and he


has been in isolation two days. So because of the nature of the


illness, he has probably not been eating and drinking. The major


concern is whether he has enough energy. You will be storing up like


a jewel in your muscles ready for the competition. Just going off the


board with 5.72. Hopefully he will get himself going. Beautiful morning


inside the stadium. The crowd filling up towards the end of the


session. Sadly, Deborah John is still down and receiving treatment


after the final heat in the women's 100m hurdles, a nasty fall and she


has been down for ten minutes. Care and attention being taken and we


hope for the best. Deborah John, from Trinidad and Tobago. A very


nasty fall. Christina Manning took that heat. The heptathlete Nadine


Visser also going through under 13 seconds and also Amusan after that


poor start and Herman. Nobody went through from that heat is fastest


loser. These are the qualifiers for the semifinals tonight. No British


athletes. Alicia Barrett and Tiffany Porter failing to go through, but


strong American challenge and Jamaican challenge. Sally Pearson


looking strong and Keni Harrison quickest qualifier. Four Americans


going through in total and four Jamaicans. They have defending


champion Danielle Williams. And further down, those are the


contenders for the semifinals in the 100m hurdles. And they will go


tonight. Back to this decathlon Long Jump, Kevin Mayer, and daily


Thompson said he thought he was favourite to take the title here. He


pushed Ashton Eaton so hard in the Olympics. Can Mayer take his first


global title? First attempt at the Long Jump. Nice, he reached out long


with his legs and he sat back behind his feet and nodding his head, but


that is not a bad start for Kevin. Goodspeed on the runway. Reaching


out ahead of him to try and hit the whiteboard. When you are coaching,


the whiteboard is not a target. A lot of people try and hit the


whiteboard. You want to take off with your foot and your hips. Into a


slight headwind. 7.33 is not a bad opener. The oldest man in the field,


33 years of age. And Trey Hardee, of the USA shy of his lifetime best by


some margin. His season's best, you can see. It is all about the points.


So getting jumps out. Something in excess of 7.40 would be good from


Hardee. It looks around that distance for the American US


champion earlier this year. He is doing exceptionally well, I think.


At his age, 33. He sings a bit on take-off, reaching out. A solid and


experienced performer and he knows how far to push it. Great accuracy


on the board and two centimetres. A bit of strapping, a bit of tape


around his need to give him stability. To his kneecap. 7.48, a


season's best, and that is the way to open up at a decathlon


competition, and into a headwind. A good start from Hardee. Two High


Jump mats at the end of the stadium. To our left, and that is Robbie


Grabarz, who has passed at the opening height of two metres 17.


Auto qualifying this year it is 2.31 and he has done that. So looking on


and taking his time and keeping his powder dry. So previous champion


Bohdan Bondarenko also goes clear. Good start for him. 2.22. Certainly


a contender. Hang on, is he hurting? He is struggling, is there something


in his right ankle? He might just be taking in the sunshine because it is


an early morning. Yes, we will see how that develops. So the man's High


Jump qualifying. Back to this decathlon. Freimuth, of Germany. His


best from this year, seven metres 60. He is the world leader. 10.53.


He has the speed, can he invert this? Beyond seven metres.


Accelerated into the board, got low and he threw his head back. He


jumped 760 this year with the benefit of a plus 1.5 metre wind. A


good ten, 15 centimetres on top of this job. He throws his head back


and he drops in. Is that just precaution, being safe in the first


round, 7.11? That is an element of that. You are either going to be


safe and put a safe and on the board or you just go for it. You know


you're run is accurate, put the points up early. Kazmirek missed out


by just one place in Rio last year, taking that agonising fourth place.


Looking to make amends at the World Championships. Valid jump. He jumped


7.69 in Rio after running 710.68. So Kazmirek is another contender for


the medals, we need to keep an eye on him, it is going to be tight for


medals, I suspect. A season's best, that is more points


than he has a hard all season, he will be happy with that. So Robbie


Grabarz, a championship performer, he has proved that time and time


again. Years one of the solid people in the team, he has been around the


block a number of times, he knows how to look after himself, doesn't


let things faze him at all. He has had injuries, some questions over


whether his career was in jeopardy, but working with his coach, it is a


good, tight team. He burst onto the scene in 2012 with a bronze medal in


this very stadium in the Olympic Games, here he is in that jump.


2.29, that was pretty good, got him a share of bronze with the Canadian,


who was also a contender here. Robbie Grabarz, 2.29, a beautiful


event, when you get it right, and he has a habit of that at major


championships. Here he is, looking very relaxed, back in the stadium


that he enjoyed so much five years ago. Robbie looking comfortable,


looking very relaxed indeed. How do I put this? He is one of the masters


of the field, one of the veterans within the field, everybody knows


him, he knows everybody, so he can be that relaxed, just coming to


work, high jump with your mates. Equal fourth in Rio, often forgotten


when you are just outside of the medals, he does find a way of


delivering, 2.31 is his best from this year, equal ninth. Good


conditions for high jumping, we will keep an eye on him as the qualifying


process unfolds. From one bridge to another, Ashley Bryant, good cheer


from the home crowd in this second event. -- one Brit to another. The


second event of the decathlon, the multi-eventers, the 100s were


completed without too many mishaps, pretty much went to form. Ashley


Bryant, he has specific coaches across all the events, based in


Loughborough, has a season's best which is his lifetime best as well.


So Bryant, first round of the long jump, second event of the decathlon,


that is a big effort. It is not a white flag, what a shame. Great


speed on the runway, great speed on the runway, moved up to Loughborough


to work with Ashton and the coaches there. That is the smallest, 1.6


centimetres! Just reached a little bit too far. Here is the question,


does he go safe second round would just tidy it up, be a little bit


more active on the board? Well, there is his coach, giving him the


feedback that it was a tiny margin of foul, 1.6 centimetres. He just


has to move his run-up back a tired. That finger and thumb, move it back


a little bit, the active on the take-off, I think that is what he


was saying to him, trying to interpret the signals from coach to


athlete, he will know exactly what he is talking about, a superb job.


7.79 is as lifetime best, he would have been challenging that for sure.


Two jumps remaining four Ashley Bryant. Back to the high jump, I


mentioned him earlier, Barshim of Qatar, he has been superbly


consistent this year, first attempt at 2.2 two. Wow! How much space


between him and the bar?! 2.22, I think he jumped 2.30! So much


daylight between Barshim and 2.2 to there, 2.40, he is the second best


ever. ? Back to this long jump. Trey Hardee looking to capitalise on


his first attempt of 7.48, can really release the handbrake here


and run at this. A little slow on the approach may be. May be just


feeling it a little bit, it is now that you want to capitalise, get the


extra bonus points. It is two points per centimetre for the men, three


points for the women, so if you can get a few more points, let's wait


and see what the distance is here. 7.29, a bit of a stiff wind, minus


1.3, maybe that is what he is feeling, you can hear the wind


rushing past you, feel it in front of you, it can be a little


off-putting. In the blue cap, the coach of Robbie Grabarz, helping


Morgan Lake, we saw her go through to the women's high jump final,


along with Katarina Johnson-Thompson, two women in the


high jump final, never had a finalist in the women's version.


Robbie Grabarz looking to do just that and book his place in Sunday's


final, the last day of action here at the World Championships. Every


evening session has been capacity crowd of 60,000, and I will tell you


what, he will enjoy that if he can get a place in the final. We expect


him to. A lot of waiting around in the high jump. That is what you do,


you pick and choose your heights, you might take the first height,


miss one, but he is stepping off, I assume he is getting ready to jump,


he is taking the next height. Hopefully he will remember to take


his cap off! I realised I had my accreditation of flapping around


halfway down the run up once. Good crowd here, enjoying the sunshine,


great conditions for athletics. Probably 15-20,000 people probably,


it is a big stadium, a family affair, that is it, both eyes in the


binoculars! So Damian Warner in this long jump,


second event of the decathlon. So we saw that he pressed the abort button


on take-off at the first attempt, Damian Warner, bronze-medallist in


Rio. 7.67 he jumped in Rio, looks like he is attacking this with a bit


more conviction. It is over seven metres, strong wind on the flag,


Toni, that is against them. It is unfortunate for the decathletes, it


is a pity they couldn't turn it around! Much better board. Oh, just


stretch up through the air, delayed the rotation, pulls his arms in a


bit short there. Again, over seven metres, there is is coach. 7.27, a


much better jump. That is the longest we have seen so far in this


decathlon second event. Damian Warner, good salvage job, that,


there were? Stabbed in the first round effort. -- their work question


marks after that first round effort. Much do they compete with each


other? You do not do many decathlons, probably two three at


most, so there is that opportunity to compete. Kevin Mayer chasing the


jump of one, that is a big effort, he likes it! That is more like it,


Kevin Mayer very quick on the flat, ran 10.67, new lifetime best for the


Frenchman, with space to spare. As lifetime best previously in the 100


was 10.81, said in Rio last summer, and Mayer going well. Just reaching


a little bit, big last step, leans back and take off, he needs to get


forwards. In his best decathlon, he did 7.60, so 7.37, an extra eight


pints there, accumulating the point is nice and steadily. But it is


tough into this headwind, so one third effort all out, I think. Right


then, business time for Robbie Grabarz, the smile turns into a more


considered, focused attention as he eyes up the bar at 2.20. On the


outside of the track, lane 80 is stood in there, some 25 30 metres.


-- lane eight he is stood in their funds, some 25 or 30 metres. This is


a good insight into the moments before every field event. Robbie


Grabarz, first attempt that two point 22, goes clear, nice start. --


his World Championship campaign gets and away, a little nerve settler,


Toni. Yeah, I think he has just been sitting around, good class, up and


over, no messing about, let's get this party started. Robbie Grabarz


does just that, really solid clearance. The importance of that


jump should not be underestimated, looking to find a rhythm. We talk so


much about that, I am sure that is positive feedback from his coach,


looking to boost his confidence and get him ready for the next height of


2.26. I wonder that is a lot of instruction, because Robbie is a


student of the event, he knows that, and I think he will just be


reinforcing the message is that he tells in day in, day out. The work


on the track, I am sure he has done a lot of running as well to prepare


himself for the jumping, hopping, bounding, sprinting. Robbie Grabarz


looking in really good shape, and with only one medal for the British


team, Grabarz, well, looking to double that tally. There are the two


high jump mats, two consecutive pools. So Andriy Protsenko, he


carried a foul at the opening height. Protsenjo, 2.22, first


attempt, a contender for medals, that is for sure. That is better.


They are feeling their way through these early heights, 2.31 is what is


needed to qualify outright. We saw yesterday it was 1.94 for the women


yesterday, but they only needed to jump 1.92 to get through. Protsenko


made it a Ukrainian 1-2 with his team-mate, Bondarenko. We will go


back to the high jump in a moment, because Trey Hardee is taking to the


long jump runway in the decathlon, a busy couple of days for the


multi-eventers. Hardee, then, second round. I am not quite sure what


happened there, really short step, pulling back underneath. Doesn't


look comfortable, maybe he crowded the board a little bit, didn't


really complete the take-off. What I mean is that is drive the knee up


and through. 7.48 in the first round, looks like he was taking it


easy in the second round, 7.2 nine. He said he was going to pull it


back. Vice Kai Kazmirek, is that the best jump we have seen so far? He


has got a white flag, it looks close to. So Kazmirek looking good. He is


not happy, he jumped 7.69 in Rio. Good on the board, some space to


spare, but closer to the eight metres line, it would seem.


A season's best from Kazmirek, 7.64. Might have got into it a little bit


early. The Ukranian on the runway at this time, Kasyanov. One foul, he


needs to get one in, but is he going to go safe or will he just run at


it? Kasyanov in the second round. A shout from him, although he looks


steady on the approach. Accelerate onto the board. Over seven metres.


But another red flag under pressure. At this point as a coach, when you


see two fouls, now you have to make some decisions. He just drifts


forwards and he seems to dress -- drift across himself as well. Over


to the fans and has a word with his coach. To see what they are saying


to him. We can only guess. A welcome return to a colourful character,


Ziemek, of Italy, he got injured before the Rio Olympics. So he is


back and let's hope he is in good shape. How has that stayed on? In


life sometimes, you are lucky. You hit it with the right level of force


and it's just days. The ends of the bar, it is just flat and rounded. It


should automatically off. Roll That is as hard as you can hit a High


Jump with it staying on and very fortunate, Tamberi, of his height.


It is a valid jump. And Robbie Grabarz, we saw go clear at this


height. High Jump is taking some shade between jobs. This High Jump


qualifying final on Sunday, we have the decathlon second event, the


longer vent. And the far infield, you can see the women's discus


qualification. Jade Lally, in eighth place in the first pool. If four


people go beyond that mark, she is out. That looks likely, this is Dani


Stevens. We saw her take this title, the youngest ever World Champion


when she took the title and looking to qualify. Throwing well this year.


The Australian. Over 65 metres, look at that. That is how to do it. Gets


her balance across on the left blood and she turns, left foot down and


she works her hip at it. Excellent. That is what you try to do, delayed


the discus, work your hips and chest ahead and then really get a long


pole. Dani Stevens auto qualifying, 65,56. I mentioned the throw from


Jade Lally, she was in the first pool, earlier this morning. She had


two fouls in her first two efforts. And this was her only valid throw,


the third and final round of qualifying. Just a little bit


together. Did not quite get her feet down as quickly as she would like.


It is a throw shy of 60 metres, which she knows and we know she can


go beyond that. It was a good, competitive response after two


fouls, really feeling the pressure. Some positives to take from that.


Just lines on the right toe. Her hip has got to go and it is of little


bit late. It is catch up time with less force on the one kilo


implement. In eighth place. 57.71. Outside the top 12. Watch this,


after a foul in the first round, Sandra Perkovic, huge favourite to


take the title here, did this. That is how to send the discus out, great


flight, it lands almost on the 70-metre line. She is the only


athlete who has gone beyond 70 metres. She will be pleased with


that. World record in 1988. British record is still Meg Ritchie. 67.48.


It gives you an idea of how good that throw is on 70 metres,


Perkovic, auto qualification. It is one of the nicest days so far, day


eight, and it is the longest session of these World Championships so far.


Daley Thompson has joined Denise Lewis. It is all right for some,


Tony, with their coffee! Isobel Pooley is sat next to them. She has


had troubles with her ankle and she will have enjoyed the High Jump,


seeing Katrina Johnson-Thompson and Morgan Lake go into the final. We


wish Isabel the best in her recovery. Multi-event competitors


and High Jump contenders, busy morning in the field. So shy of her


lifetime best of 66 metres, she does not need all of that, a big screen


from the French champion and she goes beyond auto qualifying. Massive


throw from the creation is out in front, Perkovic. We have seen Perez


of Cuba. Dani Stevens. And then Robert-Michon looks as though,


somewhere in the region of 64 metres. Denia Caballero of Cuba,


67.79. There is confirmation that Robert-Michon has achieved automatic


qualification and is in the final. So the discus cage at the 100m


finish is up the opposite end of the High Jump, Robbie Grabarz. Just


keeping himself poised between jumps. This is a colourful jumper


and a contender. He has been very strong. But not the best years of


our this year, you just wonder whether they have realised it is not


about a week in and week out performances, it is this event, this


is where your season can begin and end. And if you get it right here,


that is what people judge more than anything else. The German now.


Mateusz Przybylko. He has found some consistency.


No, 2.26 is this new height and a first-time failure for the German.


Good curve, leaning away. But he takes off and he goes towards the


bar more than he goes upwards so at the point of... He should lock and


work the vertical weight and get up alongside the bar before going over.


A little adjustment for him to make. Michael Mason with a perfect start


to his qualification process. The Canadian. Getting up towards the


business end. The bars at 2.26, automatic qualifying is two metres


and 31 and they may not need all of that. Mason looking to keep the


Green Card and he does with a first-time clearance in the early


stages. -- clean card. Looks fast on the runway, Mason. Keeps his perfect


record. Which again will be important later on in the


competition when it comes to qualifying. Just about to share the


news that Eric Kinnard of the United States, surprise Olympic


silver-medallist, has pulled out injured. Ashley Bryant has taken to


the Long Jump runway. For the second time. He had a foul in the first


round but it was a big jump, he just needs to make that minor adjustment


and move his run back. As we talked about earlier. Bryant, Round two. It


is another big leap. He likes it, it is the white flag this time. That is


good, he lengthened a bit into the board. Maybe when your eyes takeover


and you try and reach for the board, not efficient, but it is difficult


on the back straight with the wind coming at you. He has moved back,


safe jump. Personal best of 7.79. It is 7.26 jumping into a wind, and a


long way behind the plasticine. It bodes well for his last jump. He


will make some adjustments. I think he has got another 20, 30, 40


centimetres to come even into this headwind. 7.79 will prove difficult


into a headwind but around 50 or 60 is good because that means the


differential between him and the other decathletes stays the same or


he can present to him -- into it. I don't think we will see many PBs in


this Long Jump because of the wind. Ashley Bryant gets a mark on the


board with one more jump to come. A bit of overcompensation, maybe, but


he has to get it right in the third round. Tamberi. Second time


clearance of two metres and 22. This is his first attempt at the new


height of 2.26. A little odd, it looked like he had a stutter step,


maybe that is pushing and shortening to get underneath the bar. We are


not going to see it, that is the clearance. Not really getting the


vertical that he needs. He goes into the arch and that is not high enough


and he does not clear the bar. He laboured on the approach, Tamberi.


Mutaz Essa Barshim, 2.26. My word, my word, my word. Both me and Steve


sat Bolt up right. Fantastic! It even seems too far away from the


bar. It is not a problem. Look at his knee. We talked about a rhythm


earlier. So smooth on the runway. He gets an arch. That is beautiful. Can


I use that word at this time of morning? Yes, it is close to 12


o'clock. In the context of High Jump think, Tony. Yes, of course. More of


Mutaz Essa Barshim. Carrying a foul, Sintnicolaas of the Netherlands,


looking to get a mark on the board. Again, throws his head back a bit at


take-off, does he get a white flag? A bit of suspense from the official,


waiting until he is out. The rule is you have to wait until the athlete


is out the pit and then you signal. Because they can walk out of the


sand pit and negate the jump altogether. Pretty much self coached


now, Sintnicolaas. Working with his friend and adviser. That is him


coming down the stairs in the orange top. Trey Hardee now in the Long


Jump, his third-round jump. Trey Hardee, season's best in the first


round goes on the third round, looking to extend and get more


points on the board. No, I think even he knows that is a little less


and he gets a white flag. In the American Championships, he jumped


7.43. But he has jumped 7.83 in the cab on before. The most perfect


board! He might have shortened on the runway. When the wind changes,


it can cost, but no improvement from his first-round jump at 7.33. David


Warner, in the second round he got 7.27. Suggestions from Tony that he


has been struggling with this dreaded virus. It makes -- it could


be a long 24 hours if that is the case. He hits the board this time


and looks like a better effort. That looked better, probably gaining


confidence he can do that, it will be about taking it one event at a


time. Good half-board, nice and steady, that is what you would like.


Let's see what the distances. It amazes me how athletes do tend to,


out of the corner of the eye, look at the scoreboard to see where they


are. 7.44, much, much better jump. Yeah, a good job from Warner, he


jumped further in Rio on the way to a bronze medal, so maybe just


slipping slightly. This is the athlete who finished one place ahead


of him in Rio, and he is putting together a very impressive first day


in these early stages off of his sprinting of a lifetime best, but he


needs more in the long jump. And he gets it, if it is a white flag. It


is. That looked better on the runway, some of these athletes


waking up a little bit and sprinting on the runway. We heard him let out


a scream, we have not seen the result yet, though, 7.52, so that is


really good, in perfectly still conditions, so got the advantage of


no wind, but that is brilliant. His previous best was 7.60 so that is


great, considering some of the others are a little bit below par.


He was up on his 100m by 18 points, so overall a profit of two points to


go into the shot put. And here is another contender, the world leader,


Rico Freimuth of Germany. His best so far, 7.48, just behind Mayer, the


Frenchman. That is flat, but long as well. Jumping off a Ben Slater


there, that is what took him flat. -- a bent leg there. It is the free


knee in France that gives you the lift, the harder you drive it, the


more lift you get. -- it is the free knee in front that gives you the


lift. 7.45, no improvement, but solid long jumping from him.


Kasyanov now in the long jump with his coach watching an nervously,


because he has two vowels in his opening two jumps and needs anything


to stay in contention. -- two fouls. Something in the mid-s is what you


are after Tuesday in contention. -- something in the mid sevens is what


you are after to stay in contention. A wry smile of relief, he plants


across himself just a little bit. He has haemorrhaged points there,


because we know he is an eight-metre jumper when he gets it right, and I


am sure he is thinking, why didn't I do that in the first round? Robbie


Grabarz in the high jump, the bar has been raised to this new height


of 2.26, first attempt. Yes! I thought he had chopped the corner


off slightly, but absolutely another good clearance from Robbie Grabarz.


Perfect sheet so far, looking good. Just snakes around the bar really


well, what a great Archie has. -- what a great arch he has. Great


timing, great awareness. Robbie Grabarz has had all sorts of


injuries, he had his knee rebuilt last year. He walked into surgery,


and the doctor couldn't believe he was still walking! Barshim taking it


easy somewhat. Well, Barshim, his new weapon is consistency. We have


seen that do some damage in the other vertical jumps. This was him


earlier, let's have a look at how high he gets over that, it really is


quite impressive. It is too easy, that is not fair! He makes it look


so easy. I love the way he locks his sideline into the bar, whatever the


height, and he gives himself so much space, doesn't get crowded, like a


lot of the athletes do. And it is quite incredible, it will be a big


surprise if he doesn't take gold here. Of course, we won't Robbie


Grabarz to challenge him all the way, though. You don't get more


relaxed than that between jumps, do you? It is about conserving energy,


high jump requires the explosive approach. He has got two speeds,


Barshim, Qatari born, really looking very good indeed, beautiful sunny


day, perfect conditions for high jumping, no real wind to speak of.


Huge standard sheltering them from any wind that is coming into the


stadium. Robbie Grabarz very much in contention. The next height is 2.29,


automatic qualifying at 2.3 one. A first-time of 2.29 is likely to be


enough. There is Robbie, putting his spikes back on. Well, this is Chen


of China, following a foul in the first round. That is quick, just


inside the left sector, it is over qualifying, so Chen looks as though


she has got a place on Sunday's final, 62.50 is the yellow line.


Just cleared the left side but managed to catch it up with the


throwing arm and 62.71, just beyond auto qualifying, good stuff. So


Barshim is the second best ever, the world record of Sotomayor, he has


tried it on a number of occasions. This was him jumping in Brussels,


2.43, the second best leap ever, two centimetres off the world record.


That is how good he is when he gets it right, that was 2014. He has


jumped over 2.40 on a number of occasions. The world need that in


qualifying, of course. And he will have two days of rest before the


final. Let's have a look at one of his world record attempts, to put


one centimetre on Sotomayor's 24-year-old world record. 2.46, how


about this? It was a really good attempt, probably his best on that


particular evening. And maybe, maybe that world record will go - if not


here, but it is thought around the circuit that he is the man who will


break the world record, if anyone can. But there is the matter of


taking the title here. We talked to Christian Taylor of the triple jump


about world records, and it should be a secondary thought, really, at


the championships. Barshim, medals at the last two Olympics, nine times


he has jumped over 2.40. Toni Minichiello, the master of coaching,


the question - can he break the world record? After that


introduction, I have to buy the coffees! He is the closest to it. If


anyone can at this juncture, if anyone can, he is attempting it, he


is having a go at the world record. His elevation is superb, his body


weight, he is as thin as he needs to be, but he can produce so much


power. I love the quote from him, high jump is all about sacrifice.


You go to sleep hungry and wake up hungry. Talking about him being


thin, maybe there is an insight into his lifestyle. I think that is


probably more about hungry for motivation, hungry for performance.


That was his attempt at a world record. But Barshim, yeah, just


staying relaxed, let's really keep an eye on him and see how his


championships unfolds. Looking really good, Barshim, big-name, big


jumper, certainly the favourite. I wonder what he is thinking out


there. You are not allowed your headset, you can't be listening to


music, you just sit there with your own thoughts. You are just on


similar, not quite coming off the boil, but just keeping yourself


focused, not being too busy in your mind, kind of clearing the mind, I


think, in many ways. Often medals are won and lost between jumps and


throws, that is when athletes talk themselves into or out of good


performances. So can Edgar Rivera of Mexico talked himself into a third


time clearance at this height? Superb job, did you hear the little


scrape? That is in tracking his foot across the floor, just as he put his


jumping foot out in front, some people drag it across the floor a


little bit, you hear the scrape. I love the psychology of high jumping,


it is different, the vertical jumps, same as pole vault, but different to


the other events in that it does not matter how high you jump, it is


either a clearance or a foul. You could be ten centimetres over it, it


doesn't matter. So Silva also looking for a positive mental


attitude, and another good clearance, so maybe the high jumpers


needing that little bit of impetus from the pressure of a third time


jump. Sometimes in competitions, when somebody goes clear ahead of


you, then you go clear. Everybody gets motivated because you see


somebody jumped. Whether it is some sort of visualisation, as it were,


somebody in front of you does it, so you have seen it. But there we see


the zillion become the 20th person to clear at 2.2 six. -- we see the


Brazilian becomes the 20th person to clear at 2.26. Thomas, a world


champion from ten years ago, he is out, 20 Second Place, he will play


no further part in these championships. -- 22nd place.


Unusual body position. Interesting technique, he sweeps the right arm


back to go into a flat position. Most of the time you talk about


pushing that right arm upwards, but it is a fine line between style and


technique, so there are basic things that really enable you to jump well


and throw well. But again, sometimes as a coach, you can overcome the


gate things -- you can overcomplicate things, but sometimes


people can do one thing wrong but get the critical things right. So


the next height, the bar has been raised to 2.29. We were alluding to


the fact that the first time clearance at this new height, as we


see some of the clearances across that previous height of 2.26, just


looking down the scores, the results so far, 19 athletes have gone clear


at 2.2 six. 12 will make it to the I think so. We have got that number


of athletes and if you look at their records, we will see. A first-time


clearance, that is really what you want. That's look at how many people


have got clean records so far. Probably about ten people with a


clean record so far in that competition. Over to the women's


discus. Su Xinyue of China. She is in 12th place, so right on the cusp


of making the final. That is a better flight. It is long. Good


throw from Su. It looks as though that is also qualifying. 62.50. As


the Chinese celebrate that. She has seen her team-mate Bin Feng and Yang


Chen throw beyond 62 metres. The three Chinese throwers have made it


through to the final. Su elated with that, congratulations from her


team-mate. 63 on the dot. So Ashley Bryant. Good jump in that second


round. A foul in the first round. But he overcompensated because of


that marginal foul, 1.6 centimetres in the first jump. Overcompensated


and he was way behind the board in the second round. And he is capable


of going beyond seven metres 50 by what we have seen so far this


morning. And you have to say he needs it. And this is his last


chance. Three jumps only in the second event of the decathlon.


Ashley Bryant looking to rouse the crowd and get their support. Right,


it is time to pull together all those practice moments that he will


have physically and mentally rehearsed over the recent months. He


is up for this. Looking focused. Anything in excess of 7.26 is an


improvement but he is capable of something big here. It looks good.


It is a good jump. He likes it. Ashley Bryant, good on the board.


Still a little bit to spare. But solid and he made the necessary


adjustments again. It looks balanced, great speed. Slight turn


of the body. But it has cut the sand somewhere around... 7.44, it is an


improvement for Ashley Bryant. The extra 18 centimetres gives him an


additional 36 points. No more jumps, a bit of a chat to conclude what you


are doing. That is a good third-round jump into that went. -1


metre per second. It is one of the events where he does pick up his


points, so he will have wanted a little bit more. But that is solid


and it is about being solid throughout the performances. There


will be two types of decathlete, the one going for a score and scores and


that is probably what Ashley is, and the other decathlete at the top end


he will be looking at each other and competing against each other because


it is about how solid your performance is in relation to


somebody else. Are your strengths strong compared to theirs, you


stronger compared to their weaknesses? There is a balance and


Ashley will be looking to put together another good score this


year, over 8,000 points. Ashley Bryant can't win it in this Long


Jump but he could have lost it, he has done well in that third round.


That is Mo Farah enjoying the sunshine. Looking forward to the


5,000 metres final tomorrow evening. It has been the best noise in the


stadium when he has been running. So back inside the stadium, Nadine


Muller in the discus. Just over that auto qualifying line again. And


looking down, nine athletes have gone beyond auto qualifying. Got


that about right. Interesting last night in the men's Jacklyn, there


were 13 athletes beyond auto qualifying for the first time ever.


Muller improves. It is also qualifying. Well, he has woken up


again, Mutaz Essa Barshim. First attempt. Oh, my word. The gap is


similar even with the bar going up three centimetres. He is looking


absolutely superb. Extremely relaxed. Minimum energy. And that


could be the last we save him. Because that may be enough to take


him through the Sunday's final this jump of 7.29, he is nowhere near


that, he has absolutely flown over that. Brilliant jump from the world


leader. So here is the qualifiers for that


discus final. Sandra Perkovic, one of the longest throws in the history


of the event, just closing in on 70 metres, four metres ahead of the


rest of the field and stamping her authority and dominance. Perez and


Stevens all content in the for the minor medals. Three Chinese


athletes. No Jade Lally unfortunately, her best 57 metres


and 71 centimetres. Shy of what was needed. That 12th place, 61 metres


to get into that final. Here is an athlete who has delivered on more


than one occasion is, the 2030 World Champion of the High Jump, he shared


silver two years ago, Bondarenko of the Ukraine, he skipped the previous


height and he may look back and regret that. Because that first


failure puts him under some pressure. We were a little bit


concerned the way he sat on the bed after his first clearance at 2.22


that he had an issue or injury, but it just seems to have driven in his


left arm and gone towards the bar and Cliff -- clipped it off. A


clearance here at 2.29 would be good enough. As we look here at Lysenko.


2.29 one is just 20 years of age, improving athlete. -- macro one.


That is a really solid jump from the young Russian competing here is an


authorised neutral athlete. Cleared to compete as a number of the


Russian athletes have, the team not allowed, but some of individuals who


have proven they have passed the various doping standards, a control


that all athletes have to abide by. So, then, 44 is a crib, another


contender, but carrying fouls so not the consistency he would be looking


for in this High Jump qualifying. Does not get enough elevation off


the floor and does not get up, he is frustrated with that, he knows a


first-time clearance would probably have been good enough and now he has


to go back and jump again. See how he drifts and leans towards the bar.


Got to stay away. There needs to be about a foot of space between you


and the bar, that is where you drive up weight and you go across. It is


all about consistency. Protsenko won in the Diamond League but slightly


inconsistent. When he gets it right, we know that he can content,


silver-medallist in the European Championships behind his team-mate


Bohdan Bondarenko. As we see Fernando Ferreira. Of Brazil. He


fouls right across the board on his first attempts at the heights so


far, I believe. And Ferreira needs a second time clearance again at this


height of 2.29 to stay in contention. Sometimes, that happens,


you do not get into your groove and you crashed through the bar. Taking


two jumps at every height and hopefully finding his way through.


We see how he goes later. Grabarz walking around and getting himself


ready. Understanding what he is going to do. Probably rehearsing in


his mind. He looks good, Robbie. He always


brings a bit of an intensity to the High Jump competition. He is a


prolific competitor. Olympic bronze-medallist, fourth last year,


European champion. World indoor silver-medallist.


Giving it too much of a clatter, first-time failure at 2.29, silver.


So that is going to be reset. And the next athlete to attempt is


Grabarz. Great view the athletes have as they turned the corner. They


lock up. The high bar of 2.29. Standard doorway is two metres.


Another foot above that gives you a feeling of what these athletes, the


challenge that stands before them. Grabarz 29 years of age now. The


joint British record-holder. First attempt at 2.29. That was not quite


what we hoped for or he had hoped for, for sure. What went wrong,


Tony? I think really not the rhythm. Not the rhythm we have seen in the


early rounds running the runway. Not timing his arch. Needs to work the


vertical a little bit more. Only five people have totally clean


records. No need to panic. 2.29, he is well capable of. Yes, no need to


panic, absolutely. Two more attempts. And it is the mindset that


will give him the best opportunity. He has got to stay optimistic and


confident. There is his coach. I'm sure he will have something to say.


To help Robbie make the necessary adjustments. Maybe it is a rhythm


and he can change his run. Quite often, it is the awareness of what


went wrong and understanding it, changing it, applying it, which is a


very complicated process. He will have these moments between jumps and


it can speed up quickly after a foul because others go clear and you find


yourself back onto the High Jump. Grabarz, that might suit him because


there has been a lot of waiting around, we have seen that throughout


the morning session. An insight into how the athletes have to be on


simmer and have to have the mental alertness to just some things down


and to be calm, and then turn on and be world class. It is a tough thing


to do and Robbie Grabarz will need to do just that in his second


attempt at 2.29, but we know he is capable. He is a pressure jumper. He


has got about a five-minute, six minute wait, seven people need to


take second attempt that this height, Bohdan Bondarenko is one of


those. Second attempt at 2.29, that was better. He accelerated onto his


take-off leg and he had the space to clear. And he looks relieved.


Wearing odd shoes, two shoes, different ones, probably preferring


one to the other. It will be fundamentally the same shoe, just in


different colours. But basically, he will be more comfortable in one, the


newest. But he ran so much quicker on the runway which makes me think


maybe he was too casual and he did not respect the height. Now he has


put the effort in and he has run much faster and he has converted the


energy to lift. Tamberi, of Italy, with covering from that ligament


tear in his foot last summer. Good clearance from the flamboyant


Italian, look at him, he is enjoying jumping again. Great to have him


back, he is such a colourful athlete. World Indoor Champion and a


second time clearance season's best at 2.29. My Italia is not that good,


I can't tell you what he's saying. I am very with -- I am very happy with


my season's best, words to that effect! Tamberi is great have


around, he does bring a lot of energy to his performances. He was


really badly injured and is the clear that, we know the significance


of 2.29, he may be back in the World Championships finals, that means you


are back at the highest level of your sport and that is probably why


it means so much to him. final, so Protesnko, also clear.


Lovely jump. Really tidy effort for him, maybe slightly inconsistent


sometimes, but he has one on the diamond league circuit, and that may


be enough to get into the final. That makes him a 11th overall in the


competition, Tamberi is in joint 11th, so they are right on the cusp


of qualification. Tamberi indicating the half beard is coming back for


the final, it has been his trademark for a good few years now, the more


clean cut image of Robbie Grabarz, looking sharp. These two tidy up a


little bit. Wang of China, better jump for him. So this will build the


pressure on to the British athlete, Robbie Grabarz, seeing lots of


athletes go clear at the second time of asking me push the need for a


clearance of 2.31. Just looking down the computer, 12 athletes now clear


at 2.29, and Robbie isn't one of them yet. It is actually 13 clear,


we have two people in 13th place, so those Xs are going to prove


critical, can Robbie be another want to go into joint 12th? Randhawa,


also on a foul. He will have seen those two efforts, you said earlier,


Toni, when somebody goes clear, quite often somebody else does.


Second attempt, long strides, shortened, but a second failure. So


one more attempt for him Tuesday involved. It is going to be a good


final, isn't it? -- for him to stay involved. They may take more than 12


if enough people clear the automatic qualification, and then if you


haven't cleared 2.31, there were no failures up to 2.29, that will bring


you through. But will they have the prerequisite 12 they need for a


final? Silva goes clear, so 14 athletes now clear at this height,


only 12 to make the final. So the destiny of Robbie Grabarz becoming


clearer, at least what he needs to do, he needs a second time


clearance, he will be aware of that, he will have watched on. He


certainly needs to go clear and stay involved here, 2.29 is the minimum.


So, then, as the pressure rises, so does this man, Robbie Grabarz, he


has done that in the past. Good support at the end of the stadium, a


nod of the head from Grabarz, he strides out for his second attempt


at 2.29. Oh, yes, much better! Great jump. Under the circumstances. And


very appreciative and supportive crowd watching on, Robbie Grabarz,


that was 80s and jump, Toni. -- that was a decent jump, Toni. I am just


looking at the card, we get a summary, but five people in first


place, Robbie Grabarz in eighth, so the fact that he didn't knock the


bar off in earlier rounds puts him in joint eighth position. Could be


enough, that could be another. Runs the curb well, he had space,


sometimes he steps sideways as well, he ran a really tidy curve, here is


the reaction of coach bus coach bus -- coach Fuzz Khan. Robbie Grabarz,


well, he can relax now. It is contagious, the fist bumping.


Just what he would have wanted, the adrenaline would have gone up a


little notch, and he does respond well when it matters, and that is a


really good weapon when it comes to major championships. So here is a


look at the standings after two events of the men's decathlon, long


jump just completed, Rico Freimuth, the world leader, is the event


leader, ahead of Damian Warner, the Estonian in third place. At the


moment, Kevin Mayer, highly fancied, Ashley Bryant down in 16th place


after two events. So the bar is being raised to a new


height of 2.31. 2.29 not enough to separate the best of the world's


high jumpers. That is group B, two groups of 15 athletes, 14, I should


say, so 27 in total, in fact. They will be whittled down to 12 by


raising the bar, and the cream rises to the top, with the crowd enjoying


this long session on day eight of the World Championships. We have


seen the decathlon under way, some British interest in this man in


particular, Robbie Grabarz. Ashley Bryant in the long jump, the second


event of the decathlon. He will go away and get himself ready for the


shot put. I jump, forwarded metres, the only other evidence today for


the decathletes. -- high jump, 400m, the only other events today for the


decathletes. Unlucky, dragging the bar off. 16 people have cleared


2.29, Robbie in joint eighth place, it would take four or five people to


outjump him to go ahead of him, push him out, so I think he is sitting in


a good position there. Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy, well, he has had a


scratchy morning, a few fouls. We know he is an athletic competitor,


world indoor champion, Tamberi, certainly want to watch, and he can


adjust the fortunes of Robbie Grabarz. Second time clearance at


the previous heights, a season's best of 2.29, looking to extend that


by two centimetres. No. Not that time, not that time. It will spoil


his card if he goes over on the first attempt, he obviously likes


the second round, second attempt, I should say, Tamberi. Energy sapping,


though. He is sitting in joint 13th place, which means he is right on


the cusp of going out of this competition, so he really does need


to clear 2.31. He has got two more attempt at this height, but if you


want to be in the final, you have got to jump the height. Well, 2.31,


a clearance would automatically take you in, no matter how many athletes


go clear, because it is the mark that has been set by the IAAF as the


automatic qualifying. Get over it, good coaching comment, ever use that


one, Toni? Maybe I should put some of my coaching comments on T-shirts,


save my voice a bit! I thought he had it, Lysenko. He got everything


over bar his shoes. Well, no-one yet clear at this new height, that is


the best job we have seen so far, look at that. -- the best jump. High


enough, just not tidy enough. So bogged down Bondarenko running


across the javelin runway, just using the outer lanes of the track


to get his legs woken up somewhat. A tall athletes, 1.98 metres, six foot


six? Bondarenko, 27 years of age, world champion four years ago. A


lifetime best of 2.42, equal third best ever. Bondarenko, then, to book


an automatic place in the final - and does! That is how to do it. Yes,


good shake of the fist, I am in the final, that is done and dusted.


Spikes off for the Ukrainian, previous champion. And those winces


and potential injury woes that we so earlier in the competition, it looks


like they have passed and Bondarenko looking good, actually. He will go


into Sunday's final as one to watch. Anyone with previous championship


success, they get a taste for it, come back for more, 27,


statistically in his prime in high jump terms. So, then, McBride of the


USA, one of only a handful of athletes who does have a clean card


so far in this qualification process. Also to get a place in the


final. That was an unusual curve he ran there. Sort of stepped out to


step in, just softens the curve a little bit. You want the centrifugal


falls to give you the rotation in the air, but he seemed to step away.


If that cost him a place in the final, I think it is unlikely, with


a clean record up to 2.29, he was sitting in second place overall. So


probably going to be good enough, joint second place with four others.


McBride there, as we see a foul, the authorised athlete cleared to


compete here, Ivanyuk. Only Bohdan Bondarenko has gone to lay a at


2.31. So count back likely to play a part in the athletes in the top 12


who will go through to the final. So, then, looking dominant so far,


Barshim of Qatar, easy clearances at all the previous heights, can he do


it again? Yes, he can! That is the end of his morning's work. Thank


you! What a display of high jumping, it looks steady and slow on the


runway, great confidence, pops over the bar, so much clearance, a


pleasure to watch. That is going to be a great final. Ear as won six out


of six competitions and does that count as a win? Equal first. He


doesn't need to go any higher. But he does go into the final as


favourite. Looking the best, at least. Unbeaten in 2017, Barshim.


So ideal Onnen, first time clearance at the previous heights, but not


this time. 35 years old, so twilight years of his career, maybe. I think


you could still have been out there throwing javelin, probably retired


too early! So kind of you, Toni! Robbie Grabarz waiting for his next


attempt. Pyzybylko, energy raised in the high jump, Pyzybylko, 25 years


of age. As improved this year, at taxpayers hard, good curve, good


jump. Another one with an automatic qualifier. He has been superbly


consistent this year, jumping over 2.32, lifetime best of 2.35, came


into the season with a best of 2.30, so looking good. The significance of


that clearance means that it pushes Robbie Grabarz down into tenth


place, closer to that Qatar. Tamberi is another one who could push Robbie


down the order. -- closer to that cut off.


Tamberi, of Italy, second attempt. At 2.31. What has he got for us?


Close to that, did not have the space. He did not give himself a


chance. No, he still sits out in joint 13th place, frustratingly. He


has one job to make the World Championship final. And he will know


it, that will be the pressure he is going through sitting waiting for


his jump. We want to see him involved. If not just to see how his


half beard. A fan of that, Tony, athletes with that? That is Robbie


Grabarz. He has looked good so far. And Grabarz, waiting patiently for


his turn, his attention turns now to Wang Yu, of China. This is


the qualifying process for the men's High Jump for the qualifiers on


Friday, Grabarz has yet to confirm his place. Yu Wang, first attempt at


2.31. He hit that with his arm first. In 11 overall. So again, that


is good for Robbie, Robbie does need to clear this, 2.31, better to do it


automatic. By 100% agree. Take any? Set out of the process here, he goes


clear at this height and he is it in the final, no questions asked. If


not, left back to the countback and the top 12 based on failures and his


number of failures at previous heights or current heights and then


previous heights. As we watch Silva, of Brazil, and another failure, we


have only seen two athletes go clear of this new height, Mutaz Essa


Barshim and Bohdan Bondarenko. And Mateusz Przybylko. Three athletes


clear. And it is sorting out the talent in High Jump terms. A Long


Jump -- a long way from that coming down on the bar, as Grabarz waits


for the bar to be reposition at 2.31 and he gets ready for his first


attempt. This, to equal his season's best. Grabarz, from the right-hand


side of the High Jump mat. In the sunshine, with his coach looking on


behind. Just one glitch, the first attempt followed by the clearance,


the new height is 2.31, Grabarz. Striding out, he runs the curb


while, but it is a fairly at the first time of asking. That jump


leaves him in tenth place overall. Going to be some nervous moments.


Rob Lee for me more than Grabarz as I try and follow it! -- probably. He


got sideways and he leaned his back into that and his right hip is low


and maybe did not work that non-takeoff knee hard to get his


body position, soap crucial at these higher heights. Not much margin for


any error. Time for his coach to leave his magic. Very expressive.


No, it will make sense to Robbie, whatever we see and interpret,


Robbie knows what it Means, information has been given, he will


take that and walk away and knows what he has to do at this height,


for his next attempt. We see in the film, gets into his running. He just


needs to work the vertical a bit longer, it little bit height, jump


up longer. Watch his right knee, it is kind of what Robbie does. He hits


it and travels past it. You have to punch quickly and get the timing. As


the High Jump competition goes on, you need to produce more energy to


go up higher and higher. So the timing changes it little bit every


time. You have to wait until your centre of gravity is up three


centimetres higher before you go over the bar. So the timing does


change and that is the skill of this event really. So 33 is a crow. --


macro one. Eyeing up of 2.31 for the third time. He goes clear. Good


clearance. Yes, thankfully, that does not affect Robbie, he was


already above Robbie in the list. That, we do not mind. A young man


improving, he is one to watch, just 20 years of age. 2.34 his best from


this year. So, Tamberi, of Italy. Two fouls. Looking to capture all


the positive thoughts he can as he strides out for his third attempt.


That was too much on this occasion. Oh, unfortunately, he will play no


further part in this competition. He knows where he was standing in the


competition. 13th. So he will not progress to the final, that is it,


that is his World Championships over. Yes, his rhythm is slightly


off, for me. Just not the silky smooth we have seen when he jumps so


well. Maybe that injury problem lingered a little too long in


preparation for these worlds. We hope to see him back at his best


someday soon. This is another man who is in the same situation, two


fouls, Protsenko, of the Ukraine. 2.31. Third attempt. Not even close.


So three fouls for the Ukranian. Well, it is a complicated card they


were trying to decipher. Lots of connotations and he looks like he is


out, Protsenko, and Robbie Grabarz is still very much involved. Getting


ready for his second attempt. One pole slightly ahead of the other,


there are two High Jump mat side-by-side in the Olympic Stadium


for this meant's High Jump qualifying. Grabarz getting ready.


He may not need it. In tenth place overall. That can change at this new


height. So 62 is a crow, and Mexico. -- there are. He has proven some


competitive mettle. The Mexican carries a foul in this height at


2.31. This time clearance of 29 coming he is in eighth place.


Rivera, second attempt. He came down on that. Great height, I thought.


Very compact arch around it, most people go a long and straighten out


their legs. He kills his knees in a bit. It doesn't affect Robbie in


eighth place. Rivera. His failure does not affect Robbie's position,


Robbie stays in tenth. Deceptively tall man, one metre 98, Rivera. He


looks compact. He is a tall man. Tihomir Ivanov, of Bulgaria. So all


of these attempts and potential clearances do affect Robbie Grabarz


when it comes to counting down to the 12 athletes who will make the


final. And there is one that will impact Grabarz. Ivanov goes clear at


the second time of asking at 2.31. Well, if personal best for him and


that is five athletes, Robbie. That jump Ashes Robbie down into 11th


place overall. The next man up, Wang, of China, can again push


Robbie down. Tension starts. But Robbie does have the opportunity to


take it out of anyone's controlled by going clear at 2.31 and that is


what he would love to do. If nobody else goes clear, he will make it


through as the 12 and last qualifier, Wang. He can knock Robbie


down this leaderboard. He gave him some plenty of space. Maybe too


much. Second time failure for Wang Yu. A season's best of 2.31. Robbie


has a season's best of 2.31 and he knows he can jump it coming he has


done it already this year. Take it out of everybody's hands, Robbie,


just jump the 2.31. Yes, Robbie is next. And he will know the


importance of this jump. Silver, of Brazil, in the next mat along. No!


Two fouls for the Brazilian. So it is going to be really tight for


Grabarz unless you can go clear at this height of 2.31. Silver


currently in tenth place, is that right, Tony? Yes, pool B is


complete. Everybody is out or has cleared the necessary 2.31 so the


competition focused on Group A. We have eight people left in that


competition. Right, Grabarz. His coach to the right of the screen.


Second attempt at 2.31 to go into the final. Not quite! Better attempt


from Robbie. Really close. Close to clearing that. Right, so, two fouls


for Grabarz. It is going to be an 11th place. On the screen. Just


confirming that as we looked down on the leaderboard. Grabarz is in 11,


ahead of Wang. And Wang is one competitor who can influence his


position, as can this man, Robinson, of the USA. Ricky Robertson in 16th


place. This is an important jump. For the American and for Grabarz. It


would be a season's best, he has jumped 2.32 in the past, five years


ago. That was close. I am at a loss for words, sorry! I'm getting


excited with this competition. He was so close and he will know it. He


will go back with renewed confidence, knowing that for him to


get into the final, the automatic 2.31 is possible. He will know that


unless he clears, he is out of the come petition. So a bit like Tamberi


in the other group, it is do or die on these final jumps. Eight athletes


in Group A will have another attempt at 2.31. So it is going to be really


tight. One more jump for eight athletes to get a place in Sunday's


final to join Bohdan Bondarenko who looked good, the Ukranian. Mutaz


Essa Barshim looking good. Grabarz composing himself, he knows the


challenge before him. Ryan McBride, of the USA. That is another close


effort for the American. But that is three fouls for him. He should make


it through. He sits in joint sixth overall in the competition. So


because he did not fail a height earlier coming he sits in sixth


place. So he is comfortable and he knows he is through to the final at


this stage. Unless, of course, six people jump the 2.31 necessary and


pushed him out completely. Most of the athletes are already


ahead of him because he had a foul at 2.29, so as we watch if a nuke,


unattached, authorised to compete, fowls, so he's already ahead of


Robbie already -- Ilya Ivanyuk. Whether he'd gone clear on what


didn't really affect him and it looked as though Robbie, well, it's


going to go down to one or two jumpers in a little while who can


affect him. But of course, as we said, he can take it out of their


hands by going clear at this height of 2.31 metres. Think he can do it?


I think we're looking at three people who can knock Robbie out of


this competition. Yu Wang, Silva, the Brazilian, or Robertson. They've


all got to clear the bar at 2.31, which would be automatic for them,


but Robbie is in 11th, so if one clears, that drops Robbie to 12. I


think we need two, so I'm not going to say it but I think you know


exactly what I'm thinking, but I don't want to tempt fate at all. So


slightly unclear as to exactly what circumstances Robbie Grabarz is in.


One thing he does know is he has one more attempt at this height of 2.31,


and that will take you through to Sunday's final. But the next jumper,


Edgar Rivera of Mexico, is already ahead of our bars, so this doesn't


really affect Robbie. -- he's ahead of Robbie Grabarz. 1.98 tall.


Muscle-bound for a high jumper, a tall man, two fowls at 2.31. Attacks


this hard. Not quite. So three fouls for him. So this next jump is one of


the jumps that will affect Robbie Grabarz. You can see him getting


ready for his third attempt. Wang knew of China has two -- Yu Wang of


China has two fouls and sits behind Robbie Grabarz. That sixth place is


his position on what is one of two pools, don't be confused with that.


He is 11th overall. Yu Wang is in 12th. This man in 12th can push


Robbie right onto the cusp of being eliminated here in the qualifying


stages of the men's high jump. Yu Wang of China, two fowls so far. And


another one. So he stays in 12th and that improves Robbie's chances to go


through, and he does have one jumper to go after him. It doesn't actually


need to take his jump now. I think he's through, isn't it? Oh, Silva


could knock into 12th and Robbins had come knock him out. So if this


is a failure, he doesn't need to jump? It's a good one, you are quite


right, Steve, well done. Am glad you agreed with me, Tony. It's the first


time this week! Silva of Brazil, third attempt. Failure that Robbie


Grabarz will go through -- a failure confirms that Robbie Grabarz will go


through to Sunday's final. He may take it anyway for extra practice


and orientate himself. Interesting to see what he does here. I think he


has to jump, because Robertson is in 16th place and he definitely has to


jump, because if you clears the 2.31 automatic, even though it won't


affect Robbie, but you have to continue the competition through to


its conclusion. Or he could pass. He could run through. He could run


through, he could pass. I'm sure he will have a clearance in his mind.


It will be a confidence boost going into Sunday's final. This will equal


his season's best. Third attempt at 2.314 Robbie Grabarz. What a great


clearance. A roar from the crowd takes all of our speculation, pushes


it to one side, and an auto qualifying. That tease him up for


Sunday's final. The I don't know what you were worried about, Steve.


I wasn't concerned at any stage... ! I knew he'd clear 2.3 one. That's


the quality of him. That's the quality of Robbie, that's what he


does, he's a big-time performer, he performs well, he can make things


happen. That's the critical thing at the high-end of the sport. Don't let


things happen to you, make them happen. Well done, Robbie Grabarz.


Great job, great, great job. He's jumped higher in the past, but in


the context, in the circumstances, a major champs on home soil, he's been


an Olympic medallist on home soil in this stadium five years ago. Sharing


a bronze there, so last jumper of qualifying high jump, Ricky


Robertson, two fouls so far. He might knock out the Chinese athlete,


Yu Wang. That nearly stayed up. Robertson goes out. 16th place for


him. He needed to go clear that. He's distraught. He knows how close


that was. So we have our 12 finalists, Robbie Grabarz


sixth-place, actually, because it was a third time clearance, but the


same height as the best of the rest, Barshim and Bondarenko, Przybylko.


His coach will be pleased with that. He knows he's very optimistic about


the fortunes of his star athlete, Robbie Grabarz. There's Robbie's


little girl coming out to see daddy. What a lovely moment for Robbie.


Future high jumper. His wife was a heptathlete. That is superb. A


heptathlon connection everywhere in this World Championships, in every


event. Well, the trials and tribulations of the high jump, and


Robbie Grabarz, what a great end to this morning session. British


athlete, another potential medallist. We've seen so many near


misses for medals at these World Championships and Robbie Grabarz,


well, a man who has medalled in the past, taking an automatic qualifying


leap on the third time of asking at 2.31, in Sunday's final, the last


session of the World Championships. It's going to be a big crowd, a


supportive crowd. Robbie will enjoy that and the family watching on. A


lot of pride at stake and that really does bode well for Robbie


Grabarz's chances. But he will have his work cut out. Some really tough


and proficient jumps there from, particularly from Mutaz Essa


Barshim. So it's been a busy morning here this morning. The decathletes


outsprinted and done the long jump and here's a summary after two


events. Rico Freimuth of Germany is in the lead ahead of Damian Warner


and Kevin Mayer, the Olympic silver-medallist in fourth place,


expect him to be in attentions contention. Daley Thompson says he's


the favourite, the Frenchman -- sees -- Daley Thompson says he is his


favourite, the Frenchman. The athletes have moved across to the


shot put sector. Ashley Bryant getting ready for his first attempt.


Settles himself at the back of the shot circle. It's over 14 metres for


Bryant. He's thrown 14.65 at his best, so that's a really good start


for him. Ashley Bryant there, 7.26 kilo shot. A good start. Excellent


start for Bryant there. Hopefully he can build on that and get a few more


points. The shot put gives you 60 points a metre. That's what you're


looking for. It's all about picking up points. Kevin Mayer going next.


At his best decathlon ever he threw if the .76 in the shot put. He's got


a PB of 15.97, so he will have done that in a different petition. Expect


something over 15 metres here. That's a big effort, a big scream as


well. From Kevin Mayer, the chest bump will stop wow, what an effort


that is. First round he'd competed well in Rio last year, 15.7 six.


This will challenge that distance. 15.72, a season's best, Kevin


Mayer's decathlon going from strength to strength. That will help


his fourth place position. Rico Freimuth, clearing the right


shoulder for a bit of a... Did he stay in? Just, I think. So the white


flag is raised and it's a throw in excess of 15 metres, it would seem.


If you notice the vest, he's pulled the other struck over his head and


across. Quite often sometimes people can catch the vest with their thumb,


so it interferes with the throw will stop so what best to do but pull it


out of the way. 14.85, the second best we've seen so far. Damian


Warner, the shot maybe not quite as strong as Kevin Mayer's. Season's


best, he's improved slightly this year, 14 metres plus would be good.


For the Canadian bronze-medallist from Rio. Just got a bit stuck on


the middle phase. Just glide out in the glide, have to land and go and


he landed and stops. He got stuck in the middle and the right leg didn't


really do its job and the right hip didn't strike and the shot pops off


down the right sector. The right ankle has to go... Go! It doesn't


and it got stuck and you are playing catch-up and there's no power. So


Warner, 13 centimetres down on his best. Here's the confirmation of


that high jump, very entertaining high jump qualification process,


Mutaz Essa Barshim absolutely dominant. Bondarenko also looking to


the good. Well, Robbie Grabarz, he left his best until that third jump


but it was a good clearance for him, also to go into Sunday's final. So


there's your final three qualifiers and it's going to be tight for the


medals, but Britain is involved, in Robbie Grabarz.


STUDIO: That's all for our coverage on BBC


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the red button. We are back on air at 6:30pm tonight on BBC Two.


Another great evening's action in store, culminating with the women's




Gabby Logan presents live coverage on day eight as the opening events of the decathlon dominate the morning session. The retirement of all-conquering American Ashton Eaton has handed a golden opportunity to the likes of Canada's Damian Warner and Kevin Mayer of France. They get underway in the 100m, followed by the long jump and shot-put.

Two former global medallists are in action for Great Britain, with Tiffany Porter competing in the opening round of the women's 100m hurdles and Robbie Grabarz aiming to qualify for the men's high jump final.