06/05/2013 Badminton Horse Trials


Clare Balding presents coverage of the Badminton Horse Trials in Gloucestershire, where the world's top event riders will vie for the fiercely-contested Rolex Grand Slam.

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This is one of the world's great outdoor events and as such it's


almost entirely weather dependent. 12 months ago, it was a washout.


Abandoned. What a joy to be here this year with the sun shining and


the House looking magnificent, a huge crowd have been pouring in, as


ever. They will be treated to the most competitive field ever, for


two riders, though, even more is at stake than the big title. They're


in contention for the Rolex Grand Slam and which ever win that is


will take take home a cheque for �225,000. It's the ultimate big


money showdown. Me and William, we are very


competitive. We don't get along at all. I find it helps me a lot.


Andrew Nicholson is the ultimate competitor. He thrives on a bit of


needle. The William-Andrew thing is a bit of amusement. Beyond that


there is a serious competition here. William Fox-Pitt may be more polite


about the head-to-head but make no mistake, he wants to win.


Other horses, though, and riders, can't be ignored. This is Sugar


Brown Babe, one of the debutants. She will be ridden for Ireland.


There are 15 nations represented, six former winners and this isn't


the only one making a debut to watch out for.


Because here for the very first time is the man who is currently


world European and Olympic champion, Michael Jung for Germany. He will


be aiming to spoil the party for Andrew and William and he is joined


by three other riders from Germany's gold medal winning team.


The Olympic silver medallists are out in force. Zara Phillips, Tina


Cook and Nicola Wilson and Mary King.


And the bronze medal team New Zealand led by Sir Mark Todd


complete the Olympic medal collective.


She may not have made the Olympics but she will be the last rider out


on the course and Pippa Funnell has a special interest in proceedings.


I think it's going to be a really, really exciting competition. I am


really, really glad I am here just to see how it pans out, it's like


clash of the titans and with Andrew and William and Michael. Pippa


Funnell won the Grand Slam in 2003 and since then no one has managed


it. This year we have a unique situation with two riders who could.


They are two of the best in the world, they are great rivals. Let's


hear from them both. Andrew Nicholson and William Fox-Pitt.


The The Grand Slam means successive wins, in Kentucky, Burghley and


Badminton in any order. It was in Kentucky a week ago Andrew was


successful. To go out with a young horse doing the first full star,


but he was the one I was relying on. He has a lovely brain. He let's you


ride him in the dressage arena and that's what we did and things went


on from there. Of course I went to try and win


Kentucky, hopefully if I had won I would have stopped Andrew. This


Grand Slam has been a long time in the making.


This time last year we had been coming for a week and that can only


have been a good thing t stops too much time to focus on it, certainly


stops too much outside interests and other hype and excitement. But


having said that, it's sort of done a full circle now. Everyone's built


up to it. Everyone's got excited about it, which is great for the


sport. Now we have to get on with Me and William, we are very very


competitive and don't get along at all. I find it helps me a lot.


William and Andrew thing is a bit of amusement but I think beyond


that I think there's a very serious competition here.


Both of them have a wealth of talented horses from which to pick.


They bring two each to Badminton. would probably sway towards Norea,


he keeps coming up with the goods for me. A thoroughbread. Oslo is


more of a jumper, maybe towards the end he will be thinking this is a


long way. He has a big heart and will plug along. Every sport needs


a great rivalry. In these two eventing has it.


The The publicity in New Zealand, I have done radio interviews amongst


the rugby, you know that's a big step up for eventing and they've


told me today it was ahead of the rugby. There is a lot of other good


riders who could easily beat us. It's easy for the media to make it


me and William. Michael junk Michael Jung, Jonathan Paget.


There's quite a host of them. adds to the excitement, everyone is


reved up by the fact there are two riders in contention which there


never could have been before because of the cancellation


situation. Yeah, we have to go for it and see what happens. If I can


win Badminton, the Grand Slam takes care of it. With me now a man who's


won this title three times at Badminton. When you look at Andrew


and William and the intensity of their rivalry how good is that for


the sport? There is a bit of of personal history there. For the


sport it's brilliant. They're two intense riders. They're incredibly


talented, the best in the world. It has to be good for the sport


because it's drawing attention. They can have all the arguments and


an mossity between them, as far as I am concerned bring it on for the


sport. It's amazing they're as successful as they are because this


is a very broad pool of talent. Take us through some of the riders


from Australia and New Zealand. have Chris Burton, incredibly


talented and for New Zealand Jock Paget. They're the sort of Mark


Todd and William Fox-Pitt and Andrew Nicholson of the future.


They're knocking on the door here. They're going to be pretty close to


the big boys, if not even outdoing some of them. As far as the British


riders, who would you see having a chance of finishing top ten or top


five? Well, William, obviously. He has to be the hot favourite from


the British point of view. Then we have Zara and High Kingdom who did


a brilliant job in London and the horse for me having seen him warm-


up, he looks fitter and stronger, and it's great to see Pippa Funnell


back with Redesigned. He is short of match practice but no one better


than Pippa to produce a horse at this level. If you were a book-


maker you would make him your favourite, it's the German rider


making his debut here, Michael Jung. The first time I came it was 1996.


I was a young boy and it was very fantastic and it was always a dream


for me to ride in Bad -- Badminton. He comes from a horse family, his


father was competing in eventing. Michael is an example of of


somebody all-rounded, he rides Grand Prix level dressage and show


jumping. He rides top level eventing. He is as comfortable in


any of those three disciplines. He isn't just a competitor, he trains


the horses, so he has a great feeling for the horses themselves.


This is the horse that's number one, this is Sam, the envy of all the


riders, bought at an auction when only five. He is the apple of


Michael's eye. He is special because he is very good in dressage,


very good in cross-country and good in show jumping. That's special


because normally the horse has two good disciplines and one not so


good. Everybody talks about Sam and how the ideal event horse that one


could imagine. Certainly he is a fantastic horse. But he is in the


end a product of Michael and as people say, animals and horses


become like their owners and Sam is a reflection of Michael. Michael


has made him that talent. Together they have done what no one


else has ever done, they are world European and Olympic champions.


have every time pressure from yourself you will give your best


and concentrate on competition. stays very much in his own world,


focused on his own performance. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't


even know this is going on because he has one thing on his mind, which


is to get the best out of his horses this weekend and after that,


yeah, what happens will happen. Michael and Sam got off to a


fabulous start with a dressage score of 36. Amongst those watching


was Olympic gold medal-winning dressage rider Laura Tomlinson.


She's been discussing the performance with Lizzie Greenwood


Hughes. It's trying to steer extremely fit horses designed for


all of fast and fury of cross- country through a controlled


dressage test that's still got challenges in it and Michael Jung


did a fantastic job. He really does sit like a dressage rider in the


dressage saddle and then looks incredible out cross-country and


show jumping. He is really the great all-rounder. It's very


impressive to watch. Even for someone who comes from a pure


dressage background. Do you find yourself being super-picky? I am


usually impressed, certainly with the top guys who do very well in


all three phases. I am always pretty in awe of them. They're


brilliant at what they do and I find it impressive to see how some


of them really do sit and control the horses extremely well. So, I


think it's good. We won't keep from you the action. Thank you.


To confirm the final dressage That leader board will change


because the riders now have to face the cross-country course and some


of the fences are relikeled, the -- recycled, the timber. This was part


of the Olympic Games. It's one of 30 fences on the course. To answer


the major questions we have turned to four of our Olympic team members.


Fences six and seven. The first big question on the course this year,


have a big wide. Jumping from light into dark. Now we need to get our


control and our line accurate, about stride is where the horses


land and immediately take off again. After the bounce we have another


third part of the combination. The key to the angled log is the


accuracy of the line. The competition is not going to be won


here, but it could be lost. Fence nine. The lake. You come around the


corner, a big set of logs to jump over with a drop into the actual


lake. Once you have landed in the lake it's then a curving line of


four strides hopefully to a set of narrow brush fences. The horse has


to be very accurate here, and so does the rider, to stay on a nice


straight line. We go up the slope away from the lake then.


Fence 16, outlander bank. Three- quarters around the course now and


been galloping to this imposing bank. You have to get the horses


powerful and bouncy to jump on and straight off through this hole and


many horses don't like going through narrow spaces and will drop


their head. You have to give them a big kick and sit tight as there is


a huge drop on landing. Fence 21. HSBC marketplace. We have the


option of two gates behind me. It's important to make sure the horses


are really put back on to their hind leg and keep hands low. Then


we have six strides towards this very narrow right-handed corner. As


you can see, it's a very narrow gap to get through. Then we have a very


tight turn on four strides to a left-handed corner. When I walked


this I was wanting to make a much wider turn to close the door so the


horses were less likely to run out but the way it walks you have to


keep a tight line really encouraging them to nip that way.


We have to be focused, keep the horses between hand and leg and


make sure they go between the flags. The first horse we are going to see


is Imperial Cavalier with the ever time riding Imperial Cavalier. The


middle element is perhaps the test here. Yes, a good long gallop, but


it is fence three so it comes early in the course. A lot of experience


showing, but this is a big rail in the middle with no ground line.


Let's have a look at the next complex, the red route is the direct


route. This is quite a test. Here is Mary King, the going absolutely


perfect. 11 minutes 13 is the optimum time. They are already on


two minutes here. Mary is leaning back, keeping her horse off the


rail, the final rail at quite an angle. Here, the Olympic gold


medallist away, the first of his two rides. Leopin, in good form this


season, the holder of the Olympic and the European title - the first


time that has ever been done. Sets off on a decent dressage score so we


will get an insight into the talents of this man. He is a real


all-rounder rider. Quite a breeze, and it is a huge crowd still coming


in. No jump into the water, but it can be quite spooky the way they


have two approach the water, and two incredible angles over the hedges,


then a quick turn to the footbridge. An enormous parallel over the


ditch, then bread and butter for Mary and her horse. Now coming to


the outlander bank, the enormous bank, and then the owl hole. The


riders were really concerned about this fence. I don't think the horse


even noticed there was an owl hole! Mary doesn't seem to be setting a


fast pace at this stage in the course, nearly halfway now. Yes, but


he has a big gallop stride and Mary has an inbuilt clock in her head so


I wouldn't be too concerned about the time at the moment. Now at the


famous late, and the red route is the direct route. Two narrow


hedges, and the long route is very long. On the way out, a nice


galloping stretch of this course. The long route is more difficult


than the direct route so I don't think we will see anyone tackling


that. Here is Leopin with Michael Jung. In the lead on his second


horse, and he comes straight. was meant to be one stride, but it


does walk very short. Now, at the marketplace, fence 21. Two corners,


risky, plenty of chance to run out and this fence could be instrumental


in the competition. Mary King on Imperial Cavalier, just setting off.


It is a big right-handed corner, takes the flag out but well inside.


It is important the horse's head, neck and shoulders stay inside the


flag. Michael Jung of Germany, easily over. A huge spread of six


foot six, concentration written all over his face, as he comes to the


bank. One of the original site in Badminton in 1949, but with the owl


hole which has caused discussion but they seem to be making nothing of


it. William Fox-Pitt on his first ride, setting off. It would be good


for him to have two rides here, a challenger for the incredible prize


money. Away goes William, one of 11 riding two horses and this is the


first of the two challenges for the Rolex grandslam, the biggest pot of


gold for eventing, and it has attracted the biggest crowd we have


seen the years here. A nice easy start, and this is the horse he


hoped to ride in London, and this is the horse Mary did ride in London to


be part of the medal winning team. Mary is going to be ten or 12


seconds over. 12 seconds, 0.4 of a penalty for each of her penalties.


This is difficult, particularly if they are beginning to get a shade


wary, and here comes Michael Jung. There are some very tall trees, and


there is an interesting one. What will the grand jury do? Did he


present? Did he get 20? Let's look at it again. I would like to give


him the benefit of the doubt. I think if he kicked he could have


done it, but he was changing his mind and decided to pull the horse


off. It was an exciting course to ride, the fences came thick and


fast. It is not an over big course, but a lot of awkward questions


starting early on at the Huntsman's close. When they are being a bit


fresh like Imperial Cavalier, it was exciting riding through that. I was


up on my time halfway, perhaps eased off a bit which I shouldn't have, I


am getting slow in my old age! has another ride to come later, but


now William Fox-Pitt on this big horse, Oslo. This would have been


his chosen horse in London, but sadly not fit enough. That is a


tight turn but he accelerated to work and jumped much more to the


left. He should have given himself five strides before that one and


that will be the favourite route. Here is Michael Jung and he has been


given the 20 penalties at that staircase, but he will be inside the


time and that perhaps reflects where the time will be. Remember, 11


minutes 13 is the optimum time, but this man will be back at the end of


cross country and that is when it will be a very tense affair. Coming


to the farmyard for Williams, the big blue wagon and then offending


line of five strides to know think on with a narrow back rail.


Beautifully done. Michael Jung's first experience of this Badminton


country course. Your horse looked very strong, did that make it


difficult or could you enjoy it? fence he jumped very well, but he


was so strong and had so much fun, galloping fast, and I look at my


watch and I am very fast. Yes, and that is difficult, also at the last


steps he jumped so much forward and also in the water, yes. It was a


very nice course and the spectators always directly on the road and yes,


it was very nice. Now the four times winner, Sir Mark Todd, coming to the


lake on the first of his rides on the left-hand side. A big jump over


the middle. There was just a little bit of a correction in the middle,


which may have lost him his line. The danger of that left-hand direct


route is that it is a very straight line to the corner and they do jump


the first corner rather big, then it is a controlled four strides around


a tight turn. You can see he was on quite a sharp angle and the horse


didn't really focused on it. Then comes the second man for the


grandslam pot of gold, Andrew Nicholson on his first ride, it is


Avebury. It will have to be the second horse for him to try for the


grandslam. He definitely slowed down after the 20 penalty points and you


cannot blame him for that. He will not win on this one, and he will be


relying on Parklane Hawk. Now it is the challenger from New Zealand, the


one event he has never won. Oh, my word, a dog with him, luckily it has


come to heal. Has that finger caused William Fox-Pitt problems on his


first ride? Did you ride in the glove West Germanic yes, I did get a


glove over it. It sounds like I am making an excuse but it was more of


a hindrance today than it was yesterday and that gave me a


surprise. He jumped and hold the reins through my fingers and that


was it. You cannot really jump a corner on a long rain. Will you go


out with confidence? I think so but I ride him with two reins so I don't


know what I will do. Fingers crossed I don't make the same mistake again.


This horse has been cheeky in the past in his youth, but he looks very


professional and very established, and finding it easy. Now it is the


Australian Sam Griffiths, lives down in Dorset. Very much out of luck in


London with a fall on the flat but he will be determined to put that


kind him. The way he goes to the lake. Mark Todd coming to the end,


will he make it? He has to keep going, heading for the last but he


will be over the time I reckon. He is kicking, and one second over.


Pretty good from Mark Todd. Just 0.4 of a penalty to add to him. What


about Sam Griffiths coming to the bank, the famous Irish bank that


came to Badminton back in 1949. That is how they have been jumping it, it


with the time. And he is going to set the pattern for the day.


It's going to get faster and faster, I suspect. A lovely piece of


judgment from a man who is absolutely the master judge of pace


and Avebury comes home, ears pricked. Stays on his score and


heads the leader board in the early Griffiths. Happy Times. It's about


a minute 13 seconds from home on this undulating terrain. Tests out


a tired horse. Happy Times is not realised it had 20 foot of rope


behind it. He is a cool thing and better when things are agitating


him a little bit. We had another dog later in the course, as well,


which just helps them. Some horses it puts them off. He probably


thinks I have a new tactic. Exactly, keep his mind on the job! You made


the time look easy there. You must be looking forward to later. It's


lovely to ride around here, the ground is perfect. Everyone knows


you have perfect ground conditions, good weather conditions and horses


skill along happily and love it. It's a credit to everyone who does


coming to the final fences on the course. Over the Rolex crossing. 21


seconds to get home. He is going to be quite pushed. Need a good 20


seconds, if not a few more, to get home from there? He probably does


need more time but he will be happy. Because this horse has had problems


in the past. It was an exciting young horse and then it had a few


hiccups and he's really come back with a vengeance here at Badminton.


He is on the time now. He is a couple of seconds over. But I don't


think that will be worrying him. 44.9 penalties. Four seconds over.


as Christopher Burton comes on course with Holstein Park Leilani.


This man has impressed us with his style and ability. Wasn't the


smoothest I had hoped for. A couple of strides weren't perfect but he


is an an experienced horse and sometimes cross-country riding is


about doing what you have to do and that's what it felt like today.


He's an experienced campaigner and he did a great job. He was a star.


The lake looked interesting. Yeah, I just missed my stride into that!


He bailed me out of trouble. Sometimes you have to do what you


have to do and grit your teeth and get on with it. Luckily, he is a


competitor like that himself. He really helped me out there.


Another great combination for Great Britain, Nicola Wilson and


Opposition Buzz. Now they're on their own trying to


win the title. They've gone well through Huntsman ap close and


Opposition Buzz looking in very good form.


Christopher Burton, favours the left side. Christopher never moves.


Regains the balance and makes the corners look like child's play.


What's great about this partnership it looks effortless. Now the new


star on the block for Ireland, Aoife Clarke in the Olympic team


for Ireland. This is a good start Burton. That time looks as though


it's going to elude him. He has had a brilliant ride around her. Very


impressive. Another one to be a few seconds over the time. He goes into


third position at the moment on leader board. We see Opposition


Buzz, now 16 years old. Good dressage, 48.2 you can see.


ever. He has been saufp great horse. -- such a great horse. Aoife Clarke,


he loses the back leg! He was clever and quick thinking with his


feet. Didn't get the perfect spot on there but recovered brilliantly.


A good sight for Great Britain, she's now turning to the last. I


don't think she's going to make it. We have had one or two who have


been a few seconds over, just misjudging. Is Nicola Wilson going


horses while he was in Kentucky. Let's see if the advice to inject


lady who has caught the eye of the world's eventing public. She's gone


very well here. First Badminton three years ago and got better and


better. Away goes Stefano Brecciaroli.


Never gone quick enough. Andrew really was getting him wound up and


he set off at tremendous pace and got the eye in Kentucky and then


didn't go fast enough. But this lady has. Ireland at the moment


very much on the up under their new trainer Nick Turner. This is good


news for him. She is inside the time or is haoe? She's done exactly


the same as Nicola Wilson. Two That's what happened to Nicola.


Ends up with one time fault. She's the leading British rider. The


leader board is dominated by Australia and New Zealand.


Sam Griffiths in front on Happy horse bought out of Belgium.


They've been a combination now for four years and they certainly have


strengthened the Australian sport - - the Italian sport the last few


years. I have to say he's gone out much faster. Andrew has definitely


had an effect on him. He looks fast and furious. The horse is jumping


so well. Incredibly sharp. Gets away from that truck fence so


quickly. Sandra Auffarth an Olympic


medallist from London. Won team gold, individual bronze and


certainly looks a combination that could feature here. They've set out


be up on the time. He looks faster than anyone we have seen so far.


Looks to have a good long stride covering the ground and Stefano


looking very confident. The approach quick and that's where


often you can lose time in the approach to each of these. 45


rail in. An incredible drop on the landing. So quick! That's a long


three strides and another long three strides and he almost point-


to-point speeds over that fence. Sandra Auffarth. Picks up pace and


rhythm. Well ridden. Did a lot of show jumping before she came into


the sport but slotted in well indeed. Germany now hraog to be


changing the -- look to be changing the powerbase of the sport. They're


flying away from the lake. Just gold medal-winning team in London.


Very experienced combination. She's not hanging around either as she


comes out of the quarry. They're waiting at the start, former World


and European champion, Zara fill independents -- Phillips on High


Kingdom. They'll be next on the course.


Getting Getting towards the end of the course, Sandra. Over the big


table. Comes to the marketplace. Looks as though she's heading for


the gate on the left. Just leaning a little bit on the bridle. Does


tend to get low in front at times, very sharp in front. Another one to


take the flag out but no doubt she family. This horse not great in the


show jumping - picks up one early! Ingrid sits there well. She is one


of the stars of equestrian sport in Germany.


Stefano across that combination at This is a different picture than we


have seen from this combination before. The Italian sport is


beginning to develop a world-class team.


This combination will be part of it. Each second that ticks by, 0.4 of a


penalty to add. Will he go in front?


Will he just drop back a place? Just gets home in time. He adds six


penalties to his overnight score. Away goes Zara and High Kingdom. A


lot of expectations on Zara and this horse. Brilliant performance


in London. The horse just looks as though he is getting stronger and


more developed every time I see him. She's certainly up for a good ride.


Gentle introduction over the first gallop. Picture of concentration as


Sandra Auffarth now at the big keeper's brush. Huge fence in front.


They make it look like a pony club Alzheimer's, the charity this year


at Badminton. Here are a combination that are going to be


stars of the sport in the years to come, I am sure. 17 seconds to get


home. This will be another inside the


top of the leader board. There's one phase still to come,


just to miss out. She's going to add to 1.2 time


penalties but does creep away of Stefano and now Germany back to the


to the outlander bank. He gallops along and can jump out at any speed.


attacking and the time should be easy for this combination. He is


very fast. He's got to be careful, as well, at this rail.


seconds over the time. Did it jump well? He jumped amazing. It was a


great feeling. It felt really easy with the horse, such a good horse.


Really fun and and it the crowd and everything, perfect. You have done


well at the Olympics and World Championships, where does Badminton


rank in things you want to achieve? It was totally different goal for


me and it was really cool to ride here and I think it was a big thing


sport wants to come to Badminton once in their life and they've all


come this year to make it a dramatic competition. Here is a


lady who has never won here. Now with this nice horse, High kingdom.


A bit quick! And hits it on the angle. She had to sit tight there


but has got such a good temperament these days. Zara away to the lake.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


effortless, as received through the village. Now it is highly kingdom,


Zara Phillips at the lake. Was he focused on it? I don't think he was


looking at it, and she has retired. The crowd are giving her a very


appreciative applause. He looks quite keen, certainly growing into


himself with strength. Zara is focused, she has the contact, but he


never really looks at it, doesn't even look like he is intending to


jump it. She so wants to win a Badminton title. It is Ingrid Klimke


at the last, and she joins the party at the top of the leaderboard. It is


getting a bigger and bigger party, Germany looking so strong. Another


German, Dirk Schrade. Lovely, effortless. Such a neat little


horse, I wanted to do one stride into the water but he decided easy


in and out and he is very clever. He is nearly 15 so it is a big pleasure


to enjoy these rides. One day I come here and I want to win for sure but


this year I will be happy if I am top ten, it is true. She was second


in 2002. Now we are watching another talent, Dirk Schrade. He really has


got the cross-country world class. They have always been brilliant at


the dressage, now they look spectacular at the cross country as


well. Was that the commentators curse? I don't know. He looks like


he was going for a long stride and the horse didn't quite know what he


was asking for. He switches off his watch, and he is cantering into the


water to get his feet wet, to make sure the horse knows what he was


asking him to do and to make sure he has the confidence to do it in the


future. You can see he was pushing for the long stride, and was a


little bit too far off it. The horse didn't quite think he would take


it. By the time he took another one, crash, and they are out. Tiana


Coudray, and they have started off very well in their first attempt.


Zara Phillips with me now and it wasn't to be today. No, I didn't


want to ruin the grand slam. Really annoying because he was good on the


dressage, and he was jumping too well. Like he was coming back to the


combinations and in Huntsman's close he almost jumped it too well and


rubbed the knee on the left, then on the final jump he put his head up


and ran past. These days there is no point in carrying on because you can


always reroute. I decided to save him for another day and try to have


time in London but we have seen a lot of them in America, a very


special young horse. A bandage has come loose and that could be very


dangerous. It looks stretchy so hopefully he will just rip it off.


Mary King with Kings Temptress, a lovely mare, homebred. This is a


very big log in the middle, but it has jumped well, and Mary King looks


more positive on this second ride, compared to what she started out on


weight Imperial Cavalier. Tiana Coudray, looking more polished than


she did in London. I just have a feeling the Olympic Games came a


little early, just 24 years old, and a combination that looks like one


for the future for the Americans. They did well in Kentucky last week.


A very classy jumper. And a big jump, looking very impressive I have


to say. This could be one to come up the leaderboard. What can Mary King


do? She first competed here in 1985, and with the great Sheila Wilcox


before she started, and she has been competitive ever since. And she has


a daughter, Emily, who will keep the family line. This mare was a winner


in Kentucky in 2011. She is looking confident. Yes, much more positive


locking, and another one looking positive is Tiana Coudray. An


enormous ditch in front of that hedge, but the horses just pop over


it. There are seven jumping efforts in the last minute on this course so


there is a lot of jumping at the end and it is important the horses keep


some petrol in the tank. This horse is still full of running. I don't


think she will get there, but she will not be much over it. The new


manager is here and certainly inspiring the Americans to greater


things, and they need it, as they turn into the last. 45.3 and this


American is in with her best. Now it is the second ride for Sam


Griffiths, now with this young horse at the hollow. This is one for the


future, only ten years old. Look at that crowd. This is the best spot on


the cross-country course, right next to the lake.


I am standing next to Corel, how long have you been coming to


Badminton? Nine years, I enjoy the horses. It is really thrilling. What


do you like about coming here? Absolutely everything, watching a


mixture of cross-country and a bit of the dressage and everything.


long have you been coming? It is my first year but he has been coming


for the last nine years or so. you support particular riders?


Always on the British team. We are supportive for whoever wins it.


Everyone is very friendly because you end up sitting next to people


you have never met before. They are enjoying themselves and we are going


to take you back out onto the course now. It is all part of the Olympic


legacy, more and more interest in the equestrian sport. Here is Mary


King, she so desperately wanted the gold at the Olympics but it didn't


happen. Here she is with Kings Temptress. Yes, I homebred mare,


which makes it so much more special when you breed them right from the


word go. That is debatable. To the side of that flag. My first instinct


is possibly to the wrong side. That will be reviewed by the grand jury.


I would have to say the horse was the wrong side of that flight and it


is an interesting one. Mary has no choice but to keep going unless


somebody calls her back. She will have to put that out of her mind as


she continues. Which way will they go? Here is some Griffiths's second


ride, and a good performance for a quite inexperienced horse at this


level. Sam Griffiths has had a good day. A very popular competitor based


here in Britain. Now, Mary King is being stopped. The jury have


adjudicated that Mary went the wrong side of the flag with Kings


Temptress, and here we can see it again. Yes, the horse's head, neck


and shoulders definitely the wrong side of the flag. There was no real


doubt. This is Jock Paget, the outstanding young jockey from New


Zealand. He has risen to the top of the world rankings. Now Tina Cook


and Miners Frolic, has to be the most glamorous horse I was going to


say! Leaves his back legs on it, but it hasn't affected the flow. You can


see a little sliding over the fence. You can see her driving the horse to


the fence and he jumps the first part beautifully and then just picks


up. This is the combination that everybody has to beat - Michael


Jung, the leader after the dressage. Could they win Badminton


at their very first attempt? We are with Jock Paget, a man now based


with Mark Todd and has a team of horses but only came to the sport


when he was 18 and has very quickly risen to the top. He was an


apprentice bricklayer in Australia for some time, but now he is at the


top of the world rankings. Incidentally, we are getting rumours


of a crowd of 150,000, and that is a record. They have come to watch this


man. Olympic, world, European champion, never been done before on


the horse that he has won all of those titles on, and this is the one


man who could spoil the party for that Rolex grand slam for either


William Fox-Pitt and Andrew Nicholson. Michael Jung on course.


Just watch him. You will see the reason why.


Classic start for the Germans. hassle to him.


Michael Jung at the huntsman close, it's caused a little bit of trouble.


That angled log has had two or three that's tumbled.


Very good judge of pace. This man is technically absolutely brilliant.


Tina flying into the arena. She's got to keep going. You can't just


spend too much time sitting up for Absolutely spot on. How accurate


can you get? Badminton hasn't always been Tina's lucky venue but


She's not going to feature in the top ten quite, maybe just. But this


man certainly could. New Zealand's Jock Paget. And


Clifton Promise. We saw him on the approach, an enormous jump through


that. Just on the approach having a check of his watch. Making sure he


is up on time. That was a brilliant jump there. Almost the bigger the


jump, the more impressive the jump the more the horses are punished


because they land at the bottom of that steep bank. It hasn't upset


the lake. Michael Jung and Sam. He's struggling! How did he get


that line back? Amazing! He can just do no wrong at the


moment, this guy. This was very, very quick reaction from the horse


and the rider. You can see the left leg is left behind. The hind legs


go newspaper the air. Phaoeugle is leaning back, trying to get control


and grabs the reins. Sam isn't even looking and oh, there it is, you


want me to jump that? How pwhreul kwrapbt -- brilliant. That's a


classic piece of saving riding, correcting riding, whatever you


want to call it. Riding by the seat of the pants! Good old-fashioned


stuff. Now The Staircase for Clifton Promise. Another sequence


of fences that's caused disappointments for some. What a


quick reaction over that second step.


Absolutely cat-like. This combination are working as a great


team. That's Clifton Promise. This first element. Quick thinking and


Michael's position never changes. It keeps the horse in balance.


I say, it's a little chancy. This man is so cool. And indeed so is


this man, jock Paget. -- Jock. It's another young Mark Todd in the


making, surely. He could go into the lead. Jung is out on the course,


he's being as quick as he can and as soon as it's over - over the


Rolex fence and he accelerates away. It's going to be close.


This is another one inside the time, who's misjudged it? One second


inside. And he is the new leader. There is a real battle between


Germany and New Zealand at the moment. Remember, I would think


Jock will be off quickly to be watching Michael Jung.


hiccup at the lake. Not the best at the pond. But still looks very


impressive. He is so correct in his technique, this horse. It's no


wonder he is good at all three of problems today, the odd hiccup.


He could be in the arena at home, the way he is jumping those. I have


been with the horse a long time now and know him quite well and he


knows me. Always starts off a little bit nervous and then settles


in and gets quite brave and almost too brave to the end but gives you


a fantastic feeling. Show jumps his way around, he is beautiful.


Terrifically strong New Zealand challenge here. How much does it


mean to you to be not just part of it but at the head of it? Well, I


would really like to win this event, that's why I came and I have been


preparing all year. It's great to have all the kiwis around us, as


well. If I don't win I would like a kiwi to come first. They're


certainly trying. Here is a man who would like to stop them. The


prolific William Fox-Pitt on the ride that matters, can he put


himself in with a chance of winning the �65,000 first prize? And put


himself in for the pot of gold for the Rolex Grand Slam? But we are


back with Jung. He can spoil the party for Fox-Pitt and Nicholson.


What was so good about that table because he never altered the rhythm.


The stride pattern stayed the same and the horse gave a brilliant jump.


He looks as though he is going to the right gate. But he is not


taking the long route. He's cut across that 90 degree corner and


got the four strides. We have only seen about two horses do that the


whole day. I have to say for me it would be the favoured route. Fox-


away stylishly and well. Michael Jung and Sam. He's decided to take


the alternative. How sensible is that? Is he quick enough? Is he


going to do the time and get away with that long route? It's got rid


of the risk. He's actually kept a good pace up and probably got ahead


of the clock. Now the tricky sequence of fences


wonderful athleticism there of the thoroughbreds.


Look at the stride on this horse. That's the end of the course, at


by going the long route at the staircase.


It is worth saying that the man is always in that balance, that the


worse is comfortable and able to use its wonderful athletic skills


to the full advantage, both by galloping along and by jumping and


they take no more out of themselves, either horse or rider, wherever


they're going. It is the sure way to save energy, keep them in a good


rhythm. He never alters rhythm. He is galloping easily and jumping


brilliantly. He has had hiccups on the course, but it's looked so


smooth and easy. The majority of it. Look at the time, one of the


We are privileged to be watching one of the best combinations we


have seen in this sport for years and years. And could be ever. He's


cruised around. He's maintained his position on 36. He was the


overnight leader and he will stay there. Of course, there's one phase


left, the show jumping. Can this man close within a fence and still


keep that challenge up, both for his second title and also for that


Grand Slam? William, who won in 2004, but this could be a much more


valuable win for William, if he can do it. We were talking about rhythm


and there's no one better at keeping a rhythm and what's


incredible about William and his horse is he never looks as though


he is in a hurry and he's always there or thereabouts on the time.


He made that look like child's play. Looks as though he has all the time


pressure on you, you were the leader. Hairy moment at the lake,


and all that steering! Yeah, I think that's cross-country, not


everything is perfect. But my horse do a really well job. After the


mistake he was directly concentrating and listen to me,


what we do now and perfect. He was so fresh in the end I do a little


bit and he go forward, amazing horse.


Is the balance of power in the sport changing? Michael Jung


certainly did make his attempt to do so as William comes to the pond.


Not perhaps the neatest, but safe and that's what matters. Looks to


has two reins on this horse. How is it affecting him? So far it's not


been an issue. The problem must be when he jumps that down, he has to


slip the reins through and gather them up again. If that finger the


the isn't working properly it will have an effect. Like all great


competitors, he can put the pain out of the head and get on with the


William held him off that fence. He got a little close. The finger is


working. Certainly it. The clock is looking reasonable. Mark Todd and


his second ride, Ravenstar. New for him.


He's got a great catch ride record here. Didn't feature too well in


the dressage. How lucky New Zealand are to have


two supreme horsemen as Todd and Nicholson, still at their very best


and helping the younger generation, as well. The table towards the end


of the track for William. A huge jump there. You can see the quality


of this horse when he is galloping. He opens up. Looking at the clock


there, I would say he is in pretty he is taking the long route. He is


obviously concerned having had that whoopsy earlier on. He is up on the


clock. He has to keep galloping to make sure he makes it. That's


probably a sensible move for William.


Coming down through the dip to the steps.


The great thing here is to be able to control what power you have, if


you are tired you have to hold it together and push. If you have got


too much holding, because the distance between the two steps and


he jumps a long way out is tight, but beautifully - again looks to be


Four-times winner and the reigning champion, won that in 2011. We go


back to William and Parklane Hawk at the village. Getting a little


strong there and William is having to keep hold of him. He needs those


two reins. And the fingers, too! Waiting in the wings, the other man


who wants that Rolex grand slam and the 350,000 American dollars. When


Philip won it, it was 250,000 American dollars. This New Zealand


Thoroughbred ex-racehorse looks superb and he is wasting no time at


all. He will not be waving at the public and not getting the time.


What we have seen in Badminton 2013, dare I suggest, it is more


thoroughbreds taking part at the top level of the sport. I am all in


favour of that. You cannot beat a good Thoroughbred. When the sport


changed and we got rid of the steeplechase, there was talk about


different types of horses. Look at the time, absolutely brilliant, into


third place, knocking on the door and putting pressure on Michael


Jung. He is closer to the optimum time, so is Michael Jung takes


offence down and William jumps clear, Michael will be ahead. This


is a man more focused than ever, always wanting to improve, and


riding better than ever. He was unlucky in the Olympic Games to


finish in fourth place just out of the medals individually, one team


bronze and they were thrilled with that, but this man is now riding


that. That really lifted spirits and my finger didn't get in the way too


much because he is very strong. I was very aware Michael Jung would


canter around with his eyes closed as he always does, so I thought I


need to cut this is fine as I can do. You have got to be inside


because I know that Andrew Nicholson is 0.2 behind me so there is no


leeway. What a fantastic climax for everyone watching, not so great for


us! The man is absolutely right. After the dressage, 0.2 of the


penalty behind, and that is just nothing. Nereo, the horse that he


won with in the world are -- equestrian event. Here is Mark


toured -- Mark Todd with Ravenstar. He is as enthusiastic as ever, based


near Swindon. Andrew Nicholson comes through Huntsman's close. A big


jump, and he captures that knee. We have seen a couple on the floor by


capturing that left-hand knee, but Andrew never moves. This is the


best-known three-day event in the world, and it is providing a classic


as Mark Todd finishes. A huge crowd here for the final stages and it


creates such a good atmosphere. This is the famous Badminton house, the


backdrop for all of those years to do that, and how spectacular was


it? And saving time. Such a strong position in the saddle, gives the


horse so much confidence and that is what it is all about. Here is the


lady who has won the Rolex grand slam, that was back in 2003. Pippa


Funnell, with Redesigned, and comes here with a lack of match practice.


He does, but you couldn't have a more experienced rider on top to


help him. Laura Collett, going on the right, about to take the longer


route. She has had a good ride round with him, and playing it safe.


Funnell, without doubt one of the ladies of the sport, European


champion twice, first in 1999. On this very big, capable chestnut


horse. If she can go clear inside the time, and that is what she means


to do if she can, she will be taking on these folk. Andrew Nicholson on


Nereo. Andrew Nicholson with his now famous goggles, very distinctive and


totally focused. A little tap on the shoulder just to open up for the


fence. If they jump right-handed there is a risk of landing in the


ditch and it is very smelly, isn't it? I do remember! Michael Young's


home, 36, cannot be beaten. William Fox-Pitt home on the fence with a


better optimum time than Michael Jung. Andrew goes clear, he will be


in fourth place, and he is flying easily. He takes the tightest line,


turning into that beam he was almost underneath the tree. He shaves every


second of the course he can. And the dog, if you remember. He would take


that home with him and not even notice! This is certainly one of the


future stars, Laura Collett. Pippa Funnell with Redesigned, and he is


in great form. He did a brilliant dressage test, looking great at the


lake. Owned by Roger and Denise Lincoln, who owned one of her other


great rides. The owners are so important, as Nereo comes to the


marketplace. He got the line no problem at all, and there is no one


who knows how important the owners are to them in this sport than the


owner of this Spanish bred horse. This is certainly one of the best.


Now, the steps. Just a slight little peck, but perfect really. Pippa


Funnell, as good as anyone through since 1980, came here to groom for


Mark Todd and then became a big star in his own right. Now only 500


metres from home and looking good on the clock. Looking very impressive


on the clock, and no one has better judgement on time and speed across


country than Andrew, but we have been witnessing some incredible


riding today at Badminton. The absolute top of the game, and the


riders have not disappointed us in any way. One has to say, as Andrew


comes towards home, the course designer has done a very good job.


Lots of little mistakes all around this course, it is for a world-class


field, not easy to do. Many thought it was perhaps not the biggest


Badminton they have ever seen but it still provided the competition and


that is what matters. Beautifully home, seven seconds. Stays on his


dressage to go in fourth place, four of them with 40.2 covering the top


four. There could be drama tomorrow with the showjumping. Pippa


Funnell... Oh, no! He wasn't looking. Is that a result of the


lack of match practice? Needing the outing? He jumped the steps as well


as anyone, his head is a little high and he is not really focused on it.


A little bit like Zara at the lake. He is superb to ride, he pulled very


hard in the first few minutes which he doesn't do normally but I think


he got quite wound up with the crowd, quite rightly, and making a


racket didn't help. It just made me hold and pulse a bit more. What


realistically do you think now? day left, what was I after the


dressage? In fifth place? Confidence, I have to be, don't I? I


moved up last season, and some of the riders who were in front of me


are behind me today. We will see what happens. Many people in the


crowd would have loved to have seen this lady in the mix but it is not


to be. Will this combination be part of the European Championships? At


the moment only one British competitor in the top ten and you


have to wonder how the balance is changing, as Pippa comes to the


last. I don't think she will quite get home but that is not surprising


after that problem with the steps. Disappointment for her, but we have


a very international leaderboard. Michael Jung, head -- in the lead.


Pippa Funnell, here alongside me, and just not your competition this


year. No, but it was quite a task getting the horse here. He has not


had many runs in the last two years and when it is not going your way,


it is not going your way. competition is very tight at the


top. It was always going to be Clash of the Titans, and what better way.


We all came here expecting it to be between Michael Jung, William


Fox-Pitt and Andrew Nicholson, but we mustn't forget Jock Paget.


think William Fox-Pitt and Andrew Nicholson are too far off the pace?


I think they could still do it. Either of them, if they could do it,


they are two of the top horse men in the world and I think it does come


down to Michael Jung. They will be going in with a little less pressure


because they have got to put the pressure on Michael. If he does win,


he will be the first German to win here at Badminton and he may be


looking back at this moment at the lake as the time when it went


horribly wrong or what won him the gives him freedom. He never


pwupblgs. -- budges. It's when things go wrong how quick you react


and he reacted really quickly. Andrew Nicholson putting pressure


on, you heard his interview and he says even though he has three


riders between him and the lead position he says I am feeling


confident. He has two horses in the top ten and Aveb rurbgs Aveburies


had already jumped. Both bits of that parallel went and slow on time.


The time you have to keep plugging on, you have to keep quite tight


around the corners and you have to remember that so much - we have


seen a few get silly little time faults. You have to keep moving,


which is which is easier said than done when you have so much pressure


heaped on you. They're saying this is one of the toughest courses ever


built at Badminton and makes it hard for horses that have been


cross-country yesterday and those that have gone quick on fast ground.


part of a second over the time of 86 seconds and you pick up another


penalty point. That could end up being absolutely crucial. It always,


and you found it this morning, it's difficult, and we are seeing Ingrid


now, one of three Germans in the top ten, it's difficult to jump


clear in the third phase of a three-day event. I think, depends


what you are sat on, but also the ground yesterday encouraged horses


to run quick so some are feeling tired. Then there are always - the


last day depends how they come out and we have seen horses jump super


rounds. My horse definitely is lacking match practice and he was


body weary. I think the top guys will still be doing pretty good job.


Ingrid was so bubbly yesterday after her cross-country round.


Already one down here. Let's join Ian and Mike.


Yes, one down. This is not her strong phase.


On 49, already dropped down two Show jumping is so important these


days, Ian. It certainly is. It's a question of which fence - that's


the first fence Ingrid has jumped that the horse hasn't rattled. Only


one down. Three jumps to go. It has been expensive in the past


Didn't jump in the final individual in London because she had


disappointment in the past. Again she's been second here before but


it's two down, eight to hand and eight - eight to add and finished


on 53. Rattled a bit the double and coming to the last, should have


jumped it, but drifted left and kicked it out. Actually, for him


two down is not a bad round. Capacity audience. Absolutely


gripped by this final session. That wonderful trophy and now the turn


of Sam Griffiths for Australia. One Australian in the top ten. Been


third and fourth in the past with down at all with Happy Times. This


now is crucial. It is crucial. He has had his moments in the show


jumping, Happy Times. Brilliant cross-country yesterday. A nice


introduction. A vertical the first fence, quite upright and then big


wide oxer and then slightly downhill slope, six strides to the


double. That's a temptation, running down the hill they get a


little bit free. Vittoria Panizzon you are up there with the leaders.


And challenging for a good placing. The time is tight. 86 seconds


allowed, you have to keep going and travelling. With a horse that's not


always the most careful, you want to take your time and get the


striding absolutely spot on and help the horse. If do you that, -


oh, rattle! You You suffer the time penalties, if you do that. Jumps


the last. It's eight to add. He drops down. 15 places. It's that


give. -- it's that expensive. So, down in the ring with all the


exciting action is Claire. It's interesting back stage and


watching the top riders warming up. Andrew Nicholson there. William


Fox-Pitt in the distance, you see the long tall back. And Pippa, what


did you say to William? He is a great friend of yours and team-mate.


I said to him earlier what I thought when I did it, what will be


will be, what's meant to be. He has to get out there and I feel it's


down to fate. He is either meant to win it or not and that's what I


said. He is very calm, he is very - seems laidback. Andrew Nicholson


likes to wind everybody up and make them feel the tension, he thrives


on it. It's known in the eventing world that they're great rivals,


the two of them. It will be interesting to see what will unfold.


Stefano Brecciaroli. 42.8. He did lie in second place


behind Michael Jung after the dressage. Incidentally, I was


mentioning with Vittoria how she's been climbing. She represents Italy,


of course. Not only her, because Aoife Clarke, for Ireland, had one


time fault and she has come up 14 places, as well. At the moment


first and second with these six to jump. Italy now.


An enormous amount of pressure on Stefano. He was so impressive


yesterday. Has the horse kept enough spring left in those legs?


It Looked it over that big wide More One Show fence but one -- - he


can't afford to have a fence down. One against will certainly put him


down at least one place. Actually he stays where he is, but


another one will drop him down four places.


The horse is jumping really well. I was surprised he dropped on the


back bar. But it's over a water ditch so he may have had a little


look and hopefully that's kept the horse sharp. Getting a little wild.


Wonder if Andrew has been at him to keep up the speed. He is not


hanging around in there. No doubt Andrew has been warming him up,


6th place with one down. Here is a combination we are going to see a


lot more of in the world of eventing. The Duchess of Cornwall


one of those enjoying the final dramatic stages of this show


jumping phase for Badminton 2013. Stefano is trying everything here.


He is jumping himself up into the air. Watch him here, gets quite


high with the legs. The horse is trying. Disappointing one down but


I should think he will be happy with this result. No doubt at all


Italy looking a much stronger nation in the world of eventing


after Badminton this year, than they were before.


Here's now one for Germany that again is going to see them very


high up the leader boards in the future, it's the young German


Sandra Auffarth on this lovely horse, powerful horse Opgun Louvo.


She took up eventing to hit the high spots. Just 6.5 behind team


colleague Michael Jung. One fence down would put her just ahead of


you can see him getting a little low in the outline with his head


dropping down. But he is very, very neat in the front legs. Always


stride quite short. You can see the horse drifted a little bit left to


give him more room so he didn't lot of trust. She knows him well.


Knows he is careful. She's allowing Just the last. 46.8 current leader.


This could change that, and does! A very, very convincing clear round


from the young German, 24 years old, Sandra Auffarth. So, 42.5 and down


in the arena, she takes the applause. Claire is with Stefano.


You are going to finish 6th or better, how tkaod tkaod -- good


does that feel? Exciting. Pressure is high. I come here with a good


horse. I want to do the best job before, because we work hard here.


You will be at the European Championships for Italy this


summer? I hope, why not. Now we finish here. And we see what we


finish. I hope for him now we can finish with a good result. Great


friend of Andrew Nicholson. He will safety belts. The first of the two


going for the Rolex Grand Slam. Andrew will have to jump clear and


the rest have to make mistakes if Andrew is going to win that


this competition and won the four star in America in Kentucky just


last weekend on a young horse. Could he win two in a week?


I have to say, Mike, I am feeling sick just watching these guys. The


pressure they're under... Someone's going to be happy at the end of the


day and then three slightly disappointed. But it's certainly


great viewing. It's a combination that's got better and better in


this phase. Dare I say it, he jumped very well to win the


individual bronze in Kentucky at the World Equestrian Games, 2010


that was and so nearly won at that individual medal in London. Andrew


is doing everything he can to help this horse. He has a big range


stride for show jumping and you can see him fighting Andrew, wanting to


get going and lengthen. Andrew has to keep pace up but keep strides


short enough that the horse stays athletic and gets newspaper the air.


Turns for home. We are going for a Badminton victory for the first


time. Going for the Grand Slam. Coe still be in it -- he could still be


in it and he does! It's game on! He this afternoon. He is imperious.


This is tactics! He is a great favourite. Yes, and the next one in


is William Fox-Pitt. Oh, my word, there is a little competition going


on here. Is that friendly rivalry or what? But that does put enormous


pressure on the rest. What a competition. Andrew was confident


when he was interviewed. He has put his money where his mouth is really.


The crowd have settled down, and this man, normally as cool as a


cucumber, but I bet the butterflies are flying around in there.


wouldn't be normal, wouldn't be human otherwise. Now the second


challenge for the grand slam, and he is exactly four penalties behind the


leader with Parklane Hawk. The first two had penalties, Michael Jung had


a fence down, and William would go ahead of Michael Jung simply for


being ahead of the optimum time. Fingers crossed, he is on his way.


It is interesting he came in on the left rein. He was second behind


Andrew Nicholson at Kentucky last weekend, can he get in front of him


here. It has gone. That is all over for William, but it is still on for


Andrew. Now, on that score of 44, going down two places at the moment.


It is interesting, the horse gives so many of the fences so much room,


then has the odd clonk. Jumps that, inside the time, 44, so at the


moment he is behind both Nereo and Sandra Auffarth. This is his


reaction. It could still happen, he needs Jock


Paget and Michael Jung to make mistakes, but you could still win


the grand slam. It might not sound very sporting, but I hope Jock gets


one down, simple as that. How did you feel going into that? The same


sort of pressure I would normally feel coming into this. With a horse


like Nereo, I have an awful lot of faith in him. He has pulled some


down quite a lot of times before when I have needed it. So, the man


in second place, fellow colleague, Jock Paget. One fence down will put


him behind Andrew, but it has got to be two for Michael Jung. Or a couple


of time faults. Exactly, yes.This man, still young in years, but a


great talent and they really have got a great partnership. Yes, just


to be in the same breath as some as these experienced top riders, Jock


Paget must be very happy to be there. New Zealand have taken on a


world-class Spanish international showjumping rider is a great coach


and he has done wonders for the Kiwis, and he will be watching. He


is a really good man, and New Zealand has now got a management


second to none. He hasn't got many to go. The horse is giving him a


lot, dare I say. This man or the next man can spoil the grand slam


party. One left, he will be putting the pressure on Michael Jung. He has


never won here. 39.7, Jock Paget go on to 39.7, their dressage score and


they become the challengers to Michael Jung. I bet it is warming up


down there. It is silent down here, so quiet and far away from the noise


of the arena. Michael Jung has been putting Sam through his final


practice fences and he knows he could complete an unprecedented set


of prizes. He is the European, world, and Olympic champion, and he


could now win Badminton if he runs clear.


His father is the trainer, very focused, although very much a German


team man they train on their own. They know what has got to be done


and they have certainly done it in their short career in the sport.


Remember, he is the only man or lady to win the Olympic, the world and


the European, to hold them all at the same time. There is the target,


39.7, which means Michael Jung has got to jump clear, and he is a man


who can certainly soak up the pressure. Every blade of grass that


he and Sam covers now they will have planned, that is the detail they go


down too. A clear round, and he will become the first German to win the


Mitsubishi motors Badminton title. think the claim is that Sam has


never had a pole down, but anything is possible. As you say, nothing


left to chance in the preparation for this. Michael has done so much


grand prix showjumping, the size of the fences are nothing to him, but


it is a question of how much the cross-country took out of Sam


yesterday. We are watching a man who is changing the sport, raising the


bar, just in a super way. Such class. He has won all of these


championships, and he is only 30 years of age. If he wins here, where


does he go next? He could do dressage or showjumping, but he


loves this sport. Down the final line. Just the last, hardly touched


offence. No, it has gone! The very last fence, and Chris Bartle is just


alongside talking to Michael 's mother and she can hardly believe


it. It is Jock Paget that is the Badminton winner for 2013 and the


Olympic champion has been beaten on the very last fence that he jumps.


Quite a surprise! And there is the winner. The young man from New


Zealand, Jock Paget. The New Zealanders celebrate, a


delayed reaction here because the last fence took so long to fall.


Everybody crowded around him and said well done, you have won


Badminton. I need a little time to come to grips with it, it was


something else. When you came into the competition, what were you


expecting? I didn't think I would win, but I thought I could win.


Michael Jung comes to offer his congratulations. Michael, such a


shame for you because you were jumping to perfection and the pole


took so long to fall. It was a very good round and I am happy about my


horse. I was to much forward, I needed more control and I am very


happy here. It was a good debut for Michael Jung, but an even better one


for Jock Paget. He was barely able to say anything, he says it will


take a while to sink in. As we confirm the results, Jock Paget is


the winner of the trophy. Michael Jung in second place, and in third


Clare Balding presents coverage of the Badminton Horse Trials in Gloucestershire, where the world's top event riders will vie for the fiercely-contested Rolex Grand Slam. Anticipation is higher than ever in 2013 after the famous event was cancelled 12 months ago because heavy rain left the course flooded. A raft of Olympic team medalists have the chance to show off their cross-country skills, and the four-star course will run left handed with 'clusters of action and long gallops in between'.

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