Showjumping Badminton Horse Trials


Clare Balding presents coverage from the final day of the world-famous Badminton Horse Trials. This year's event draws to a close with the enthralling showjumping stage.

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What a competition. My word! Such a partnership, these two. It is


exceptional. What a fabulous combination. Pure class as a rider.


# # That was easy. He's way over it. Welcome to one of the most iconic


and picturesque sporting events anywhere in the world. This is


Badminton House. It dooms back to the Doomsday Book and it has been


the home to the Dukes of Beuford. Since 1949 it has been home to the


Badminton Horse Trials. The course country course stretches over four


miles and it is this course, this place, it is this title which has


brought riders from Australia, France, Great Britain, from Ireland


- from all over the globe, because they want to compete here, ride


around here and win here, at Badminton.


The hot title to win this weekend is the man who has dominated the sport,


he's the European champion and stands on the verge of doing


something which only one rider, Pippa Funnell, has ever achieved


before because the Rolex Grand Slamming of events offers ?240,000


prize to any rider who can win our Leigh, Ken tuckry and Badminton. He


won the other two this year. He could become the first German ever


to win Badminton. The winner of the Rolex 2016. To


complete the Grand Slam is a big challenge. Just one person won it


before. It is very difficult to have all three.


I think my horse is one of the best horses in the world. For me he's a


very good friend. Many years I have been with him - he was five years


old. He's a very special horse, very powerful in the cross-country. He


won nearly everything - European Championship 2011. Kentucky, 2010.


The Olympic Games in London, 2012. So, he's a very special horse. And


very excited for me was the win in Burleigh last year - it was a big


competition. He's very pierful. He listens to the rider. He -- patient


and he listens to the rider. It makes me happy. The Grand Slam is


always in my head because I won the two competitions before. I would


like to give him not too much pressure. I would like to ride him


as a normal competition. For me, in my head, we are normal and relaxed


and the horse will feel the same. When you sit on the horse and you,


as a rider, you know it from so many years and many competitions, then


you have is peerns and then you have to trust in each other. --


experience and then you have to trust in each other. Badminton is


one of the biggest competitions in the world. Every rider will win one


time in their life. The one man who might have stopped him is pit pit


pit. William Pitt. He's thankful to be here at all. It is William Fox


Pitt's title for 2015. It started brilliantly. I won


Badminton and then at the end of the year I unexpected had a crunching


fall at the World Championships for horses in France. I was knocked out.


I was in an induced coma for ten days. It is one of those freak


things. Do you remember anything at all about the fall and the recovery


in hospital in France? My memory has been really weird. I remember


certain things on certain days and not other days. Like, in France


where the accident happened, I don't remember even having my horse there.


The horse that fell was, as far as I remember, he wasn't even there.


Whereas I remember riding my other horse cross-country that morning. I


remember doing dressage and cross-country, but the other horse,


my brain has moved away. When you were in hospital recovering,


obviously there was a long period of uncertainty and you, I am thinking


are pretty unaware of that, so your wife, Alice is taking the brunt of


the worrying? Absolutely. I was completely oblivious. I had the


nicest accident and rehab time, in a nice coma and coming around and


relaxed. It was the poor people that were there - poor Alice. That first


sort of 24 hours nobody would say anything. You know when nobody says


anything that it has to be bad. I think my first view of him in


hospital was what you dread. All the specialists there said, do you know


what, we just don't know because head injuries are so individual. We


don't which bits are damaged and what will come back. And then the


first time he squeezed my hand, you know, it's just so bizarre that


small things like that are like, it will for ever stay with me. How much


was the drive to ride again? To compete again - the fact the


Olympics are this summer? When I got out of rehab, I and I got home, I


thought, right I will ride by Christmas. It got me back in the


saddle. I can still ride. Because my balance was dodgy and my sight had


gone. It gave me pleasure to be on a horse, not to be jumping or


schooling, but to go for a nice hack. I know I am not quite me. I


know I am a little bit slow. I am a little bit unreactive. My sight has


now come back. My sight was a very good reminder, because I had double


and blurred vision for five months. I weirdly lost all sense of


adrenaline. My first few events were like I was riding at home. Normally


you go to events and get excited and look forward to that cross-country


course and going for it. It was like watching somebody else do it. Now I


am getting a little bit more butterflies are going, a bit of


pressure on. I think I am getting sharper all the time now. But you


have to be realistic, I imagine the withdrawal from Badminton is a hint


of realism? That was a real sadness. I knew it would be soon, but it was


not meant to be. We had a fall at Western Park. People would have


said, he really has had a fall on the head. So, enough was enough. I


held my hands up and I thought, you know what, last year was great, I am


very lucky to be riding Chilli Morning. He would not do it if he


didn't believe he could as well as he's done it. He's focussed and now


when he's riding as well as he always does, it is like the magic is


back. Just great to see William looking and sounding in such good


form. He will ride at Chatsworth next weekend, a first in a new


series. He will have to wait until July to know whether the British


selectors have given him the green light for Rio. Plenty of people here


hope to catch their eye. High Kingdom won silver in London 2012


with Zara Phillips. The aim is to get to Rio this summer. Trying to


get qualified. It is great to be back at Badminton.lily matly,


getting a result here is -- ultimately getting a result here, if


I do it will work towards qualification. How is he? He's in


good form, actually. Had a quiet year last year, so hopefully that


has saved his legs a bit. He's in great form. Looking forward to


having him around a proper track. He's a proper four-star horse,


anyway. How are you? Fit and ready for the challenge. It is nice to be


back at the top events. That is what we aim to be there for. You have


lots of examples of top-class riders around you who have had children and


come back and been better. Have you felt any different in your approach,


in the way you prepare, in the way of your riding since you've had a


baby? I think you... A lot is getting your confidence back and


your body into the shape that it was in before, which, you know, it does


take a lot out of you. If there was, if you had a chance to achieve


anything in your career, how high does winning Badminton come on the


list of dreams? I think probably in our family, following my father's


footsteps, to having an engraving on the trophy would be very high on my


and probably family as well, on their list. And the big thing with


him is you know and you trust him. You know each other. We know each


other. We have been in partnership for a long time now. I have had him


since he was a five-year-old. He is experienced. He's great fun. He's


such great fun to ride. He's brave and he loves his job. All these


things help you try and get the best out of each other. And have good


results and hopefully be there right to the end.


Zara is one of 77 competitors setting out, hoping to win the


Mitsubishi Motors trophy. Over the last ten years we've had ten


different winners. Here are some of the major contenders for 2016.


Badminton means everything. It is an event that I have watched since I


was a child. I have dreamt of coming tond a it's probably the most


important -- coming to and it is probably the most important event in


the world. I have been lucky to be first, second, third. It has been a


really good positive event for me from the beginning of my career.


Badminton is a very special place. I have watched all the videos since I


was a boy so I know the place fairly well. Every time you come here you


tell yourself not to be too excited. It is a nerve-racking place. I would


love to do well at Badminton, of course. The intensity of this


competition, the build-up, the other competitors, standard, the course,


the atmosphere and the fans - it really is the best event in the


world. I think most riders looking to go to the Olympics, Badminton is


important to prove yourself and your horse to get selected. What better


place to do it? If you can get on the podium here, I would think you


are straight on the team. It is just fantastic to be here at


Badminton. It is a most magical event. The crowd and spectators are


so passionate and behind every horse and rider. We come here with a


preparation that has gone to plan Coco or One Too Many is in great


form and we've left no stone left unturned. It is a strong


competition. It is an Olympic year. All we can do is our absolute best


and that is what we will be giving 100% our very best. The first part


of the test is dressage - a series of set moves which test the


suppleness, the balance and agility of a horse. Think of it as ballet on


four legs a and the Germansing sell at it. This was one of only three


scores in the 30s and that was excellent. It was beautiful. My


horse was so lovely and he was so much with me. I was able from the


moment to going into the arena to going out that I completely enjoyed


it from the beginning to the end. At 20 Emily King is the youngest


rider here. This feels like home. She has been coming since a baby,


with her mother the two-time champion Mary King. She has been


working on her dressage and she got a score of 36.8. Absolutely over the


moon. My horse was incredible. He is, we all knew he was capable of


doing a good test. Luckily so far we have grown to the occasion at the


bigger events. Leading to the way to no-one's surprise is Michael Jung


who once again showed not just accuracy and fluency, but an


incredible harmony between him and his horse, Sam, who seems to


understand what is required, and puts on a show without being too


flashy, does everything that is asked and their score of 34.4 was


better than anyone else. I am happy about my horse. Sam did a very good


job. Now I am looking forward to the cross-country. My horse is in very


good form. He feels very happy at this place. I think that we are


lucky enough for tomorrow. Let's look at the top 12. Michael


Jung setting the pace ahead of Emily King. A good chance for Francis


Whittington on Hasty Imp. This will not be a dressage


competition, this cross-country course is long and really tough. The


first rider on the horse is Oliver Townend. They finished second


together two years ago and they have come here to the Horse Quest Quarry.


Such a canny horse. He's 17 now. He is very clever. You see the


undulations on the course, that can be tiring as well. Away he goes, to


huge applause from this massive crowd. Now let's pick up commentary


on the cross-country. These three strides here looking


relatively friendly. The riders in the start box will get a lot of


confidence from the way these fences have been riding so far.


This is the influential part of the course. So is Sarah Bullimore coming


to the quarry. There is a big hole there at the bottom of the dip. No


problem for Sarah. A tight turn back. Very vertical w a big drop and


then quickly back up the hill. Nice and close. A good turn away.


Here we are at 17, 18 and 19 - the New Pond. We have come up a steep


hill before we get to the rails of the vertical. Not a fence we


particularly like as riders, but the Birch rails are a nice, light fence


which the horses can see clearly, followed by a steep drop down into


the water. Then the distance to the all important parallel at 14 before


we make the turn to the big corner. Fence 18 - the parallel in the


middle of the water jump, something we have not seen a lot of as riders.


It is a test of scope. Jumping out of water is difficult for horses


auven you see a brush in the water which is smaller. This is testing


their scope and power. I am late in the draw. I think there


is a four and a five-stride to this oxer. We will not want to get it


wrong because we don't want to get stuck on the back rail. In the


unfortunate event of that happening the course designer has been modern


- so you will get away unscathed, although you will occur penalties.


Fence 19 the big right angled corner. It has been kind in


numbering. Riders will have to be accurate. If they drift off their


line, it becomes unjumpable. You will see so many riders pop it by


the flag and make light work of it. It is a good fence, but a very


testing fence. COMMENTATOR: very intensive part of the course. It


will set you up for an optimum time. He doesn't get a great shot, but


jumps it. He is seven seconds up. That is a good start.


Here we have the vicarage Visa. I have jumped it about 30 times. Some


fences combine everything. The boldness, because of the width and


the height of the fence. But you need to be exactly on the right line


for the horses to be able to do it easily. Other fences you have bold


fences and different fences, accurate ones, but this one has it


all. Important to get on your exact line and make sure the horse, your


horse is going to notice the ditch. It is more of a rider frightener.


You have got to be precise so the horse doesn't pay the price of you


being slightly offline. Some horses will come and start to get a bit


wary about the ditch and jump off to the right and miss then and have a


20 penalties run out. I would rather than happen than just less and land


in the muddy ditch. But touch wood I haven't got muddy. Hopefully that


will continue for me! Olly Townend at the Vicarage Vee. Izzy Taylor


with Mattila coming to the pond. These fairly upright houses. The


riders consider this an easier fence this year. We are looking at the old


Irish bank and the red route the long route. Severing seconds more on


the blue route. This man at the moment is going all the short


routes. Armada looking strong and positive again and away from the


Outlander Bank. Heading up now to the hollow. A test of accuracy.


4.20. He is in a good place at the moment. Getting a great rhythm.


Great shot. Straight as a dye. At this stage of the course, the horses


are starting to feel tired. We need to have the horses awake. We have


jumped the cars and we can't afford to cut the corner and head out into


the lake off to the right, because the water gets very deep. I have


just about had a swim there! We need to make sure our turn is finished


and that we are actually heading in the direction that we want. We need


to have the horses with the hocks under them, prepared and because it


is a brush fence this year I think we can attack it a bit and make sure


we get the horses in. There is a bit of a drop on the landing side. We


need to be sitting up, balanced so the horses are balanced and ready to


go for the way out. This is where I would hopefully be landing. I'm six


foot three, it is a proper six foot drop. You need to be sitting up when


you land here. Through the lake here and it is important to keep the


horse balanced and keep them moving forward. This brush fence on the way


out here which I think this year helps a bit. Sometimes with a low


bank jumping out of water, horses can misread it. This is a proper


fence. They have to jump it well and then two strides to the narrow


bullfinch. The element here narrow, a little bit wide. The horses


normally coming out of the lake, they want to get out and they will


jump this and we can gallop on to finish the course. In the history of


this competition the lake comes as late as it has ever been. Will it


have an influence? Perhaps looks softer. But again a good time. That


green time. Here is the big drop. Beautifully controlled. Lovely


rhythm through the lake and again just asked the horse to extend. This


is a wonderful start for this great cross country course. Just really


needed to be attacking more. But they can go the alternative. She has


got to have her wits about her. Matilda is saying I have had enough.


Izzy puts her hand up and probably sensible. This great mare said, this


is one too many, mum. Thank you very much. Oliver Townend within half a


mile of home. These are big hedges on the side of a hill. Not always


easy to keep the horse together. Particularly when they maybe getting


weary. We are looking for that time of 11.58. There is many who don't


think there will be too many clear inside the time. Sarah Buliimore,


she stands off a bit. Elimination for Sarah. There is a chicane coming


into that fence and the horses don't see it that early. She comes around


the corner and there is no stride there and the horse picks almost one


too quickly. You notice pins on the back of the oxer broke. So sadly the


end of their day. Here is Armada flying for home. The Has given this


competition a great start. He will be inside. That is a sensational


opening. This man has knocked on the selector's doors. 46.02. You made


that look easy. How did it ride? It is tougher than it looks. Armada is


a machine cross country, is perhaps not what he used to be two or three


years ago. He is definitely getting older. So I had to work a bit. But


he wants to do it. He is just amazing. Of the fences you think


will cause the most trouble. Th Vicarage V EE, it is hard work.


There we have for France Jean Teulere. Gwendolen


Fer has brought a big consin gent. -- contingent. She has been here


before and was not successful. But she is looking a lot brighter


prospect now. A sharp right to the big wall. Safe and sound. One of the


most successful riders in the world isn't competing, but it is a good


thing to see him looking fit and well, Andrew Nicholson, the last


people heard you were seriously injured a of a fall last August.


What happened and how are you? I hurt my neck in a fall. I had a very


good surgeon, who fixed me up and now I'm back in action. I wasn't


quite ready to ride. I didn't feel I could be competitive enough to be up


in the leaders. I thought it was best to watch on foot. When you say


you hurt you neck, what did you actually do? I don't sort of


understand all of the... Proper terms of it all. Apart from I


smashed one of the vertebras in my neck, it shattered and they have


taken it out and replaced it with some metalwork and bolted a few bits


together and here we are. Well Jean has been part of French team since


the 80s and it shows. A brilliant judge and he is one of the quickest


so far. The scores so close after the


dressage. At the Mirage Popped. No problems for Gwendolen Fer.


Jean not hanging around here. A beautiful jump. Then this tight


turn. The crowds are right up against the rail, but his horse is


not paying any attention to them. He's totally focussed. A great jump


in. A little bit of re-balance. Makes it look like child's play.


Sam Griffiths on this very horse - he won here before - he's been in


good form in the warm-up. He's been away in the early stages of this


course. Gwendolen Fer at the Shoogun Hollow.


She gets underknead that. Sits upright and keeps her leg on and


forces the horse through. Jean into the main arena. He's had a great


ride around here. He is flying. Look at the time. Is he going to make it?


It will be tight. He has an in-built clock in this head of his. Let's


make it... Nearly there. One second over. But there is a big smile on


the Frenchman's face. So there should be - excellent!


Sam Griffiths at the Mound. Australia looking to have a good


squad for Rio. Over the big log. Has he... Oh, no, he's just shot past


that right flag and when you look at that route the horse doesn't see the


question. You have to have a bending line. It just offers that option to


duck by. So, that is one of the big guns with 20 penalties on his card.


Quite a surprise. And Gwendoline, she gets there. More organised


there. She comes towards the end of the course. It is the Olympic and


European champion, Jung. They have achieved that Olympic title. He's


got a great team of horses. The crucial part here, he's won two


consecutive legs of the Rolex Grand Slam. If he happened to win here


then he could be in line for $350,000 as a Grand Slam prize of


eventing. The man is up for it, believe me. He had a great win in


Kentucky last week and he set off in a very positive mood. Two lovely big


hedges to get the horses away. Opening up. They are such stylish


and they make it look so easy. And look at this time - the French


will be singing and happy. They will be delighted with. This two of their


great riders and Gwendolen Fer punching the air inside the time.


This is looking positive for the French for Rio.


Well, what is really showing up in this course is positive riding. One


rider with conviction, you will get that from 33-year-old Michael Jung.


He won his Olympic title on his 30th birthday, of course, in 2012. Just


started, Jesse Campbell from New Zealand. A very talented young rider


and probably as tall as Mark Todd with his long legs.


And really... Beautifully ridden. So balanced, so controlled.


Michael Jung at the Mound, with his horse. This has caused a problem or


two. Gets underneath the log. A super line out. This man is looking


110%. This one is not looking so bad


either. Yes, and really punches with strides, looking positive, good and


looking classy. Michael Jung with his horse at the


New Pond. You can see his time at the moment.


Target time 5: 33. This, so intense sieve this section.


Is-the-is where it can be won or -- this is where it can be won or lost.


If you go behind the clock on this intense section, we will get a


chance to see how he's doing it. He makes his way over the Rolex Grand


Slam hedge. Now watch the time here. It is from the Mound to the Vicarage


skaf V. There it is - top right. A beautiful jump and he's right on the


target. He is the fastest so far. And Kaapachino is very focussed.


Now Michael Jung. Sam is still full of running.


It is where the dressage counts - keep the horse straight. No problem


at all for this man. My word, he is of course brilliant at dressage,


brilliant at showjumping and very good at cross-country. He's setting


new standards. Here is another one we want to be seeing, Andreas


Ostholt, for Germany. Very close to the leading points here. And a lot


of pressure on Andreas. Just overly steadied there. The horse shows all


his strength and power. He pops over that wall and that is a big wall at


the top of that ramp. The Germans at the moment of course hold all three


major titles - the worlds, the Olympics and the Europeans. This, an


important test, for them. He set this chance up after winning


Burleigh. He really is berm determined to set the pace. Remember


he's got to win here Sunday night. Looking balanced at the Mirage Pond.


A little bit of a rattle on the way out. Nothing wrong with that. At the


escalator... The rhythm remains the same. Just really shortens the


stride to get the accuracy. He's so good at that. We are getting a


wonderful lesson how to ride cross-country from him. Andreas


Ostholt into the water and over the oxer. Holds a good line. Doesn't get


a great jump. Pretty close to that time. He needs to quicken up a


little bit later on. Now, virtually inside of home. Over


the Rolex Crossing. Those two big logs, all done by chain saw -


brilliant work. He's got under 30 seconds to get home, but he's


flying. This will be another inside. He will stay on his


overnightdressage, which means he will be the leader of the


cross-country. That is sitting comfortably in his target. Turns for


home, takes a pull, gets the shot... Oh, that's been a real classic


class. There he is. Stops the clock. Seven seconds inside. 34. : 4.


It is beautiful to watch because you interfere so little. You ride him on


a long reign. He comes back when you need him to. We are such a good


partnership. I trust him and he trusts me. He knows that he can


trust me in everything that I do. Everything, when I prepare the


fence, he knows which fence is coming. He jumps very careful. He


jumps forward. He does everything that I say to him. And that gives me


such a good feeling. So, that is unbelievable. Everything feels so


easy. It is a tough course. But, through the energy of him, I didn't


have a feeling that I was galloping fast. It feels - everything is so


easy with him. It is a wonderful feeling.


So, coming to the Vicarage is Vee. Putting together a very good team at


the moment. He's taken the alternative. Not very confidently.


But he got over it. You can ask as well as going over that red flag,


you see the pins, they are very much for the safety of the horse and the


rider. You can see from this replay, the balance is good, the horse has


his eye on the fence. He's drifting through that right soldier and does


-- shoulder and doesn't get over the fence. His shoulders and front legs


go around the flag and therefore encourage 20 penalties.


And so at the Lake for Jesse Campbell. Got to put that little


hiccup behind him. He is such a cool rider, stylish and positive. The


horse is just not playing the game. He left his front leg there. He


still pushes and gets that two strides.


Andreas Ostholt at the Outlander bank again.


Goes right. Again for New Zealand Clarke


Johnstone. At the Mound. An influential fence already on the


course. The horse keeps his eye on. That it is too easy to turn too


quick to that final element. He's slow on the clock. He's some 30


seconds behind. That one refusal will be disapointeding. He's a very


talented young man, this. He ends on 66.


In fact, 67.3. Goes seventh at this stage. A beautiful round of jumping


from Michael Jung means he's out in front.


Oliver Townend has moved from 24th after dressage to be second ahead of


three French riders, including 62-year-old Jean Teulere.


Clarke Johnstone been in New Zealand since 2014. That is where he's


campaigned for this Olympic event. He's looking good. And Andreas


Ostholt taking a pull there. Getting organised for this second last


fence. Makes nothing of it - leans forward, flying, trying to make up


that time. He's only got eight seconds to get into the main arena


and over the final fence. He's pushing on and the horse is


galloping well. There he is, on the time already. How many time faults?


Where will he end up? The main thing is he jumps the last fence well.


He's a very happy man. Into second position.


A chance to catch up with Andreas Ostholt. Well done. A few time


faults, but you are clear and into second place. Yes, thanks a lot. I


am very pleased. Generally speaking, how did it ride? I had a really


great feeling. For sure, at the Vicarage I was really lucky. It


shows me, did a little bit of acrobatics. Luckily I managed it.


So, it is the Kiwi, Clarke Johnstone, with Balmoral Sensation.


A big winner in New Zealand. Been to Adelaide. He's had good experience,


but this is a different game here and he's certainly answering the


questions through that New Pond. He's looking good on the clock as


well. Two seconds up at this stage. And so Jonathan Paget, at the


Huntsman's Close. That position of his - looking forward.


Balmoral Acceptation, a little stumble. He is kept steady as he


comes to the Shogun Hollow. This man is certainly knocking on the door


for the Rio Olympics. A lovely line. Absolutely a lovely


line. A big check on the catch.


-- on the watch. He is always with the horse. The


horse responding there beautifully. Michael Owen now out on course. With


Bradeley Law. And he just goes too far left and clips the ditch, which


gives Michael no hope. There is such a fine margin that you can take to


make it safe there. And sadly Michael and Bradeley Law says, bye,


I'm off home. He is eliminated any way. But this horse is definitely


looking for home! A disappointed Michael Owen. He has had some good


performances, but this I'm afraid sees him out. Quite a clever fence


this. Could waste a lot of time. But the tight line shows how quick and


easy that fence can be. Clifton Lush, an ex-race horse. A new price


of ?1,000 for the best ex-race horse. Time looks good. So one Kiwi


out, but another one coming to the finishing line. Clark Johnstone is


only just over. A very good performance. Never easy to bring


horses from the southern to the northern hemisphere and get them to


compete well. A great round to go into third. A lovely clear round.


What was it like? Thank you, I'm excited to have gone clear. It was


hard work. It was a big track and took a lot of jumping. But I'm


thrilled to have come home clear. There is a long New Zealand


presence? Yes we are all trying to get selection for Rio. What do you


think of your chances? Jumping a clear round wouldn't have done them


any harm. Hopefully a nice dressage test on Thursday and jump a clear


round, a difficult trek here, so we put in a good clear round tomorrow


and hopefully it should be good. Well done. Thank you. So we have for


Britain Francis Whittington and Hasty Imp. A lovely jump there. It


is a clever fence and it is riding really well. I wasn't a fan of the


seeing the twisty, Turney approach, but the horses are coping well. It


is as quick as you can make the tight lines that will set you up for


the rest of the course. Clifton Lush 45.2 in the dressage. Was in 19th


place. Disa pointing for what he can do. But they're all so close. Oh,


picks up an early -- up a little early. But sits tight. Look at the


crowds - absolutely jam-packed. Enjoying great weather. The ground


trying out. It is -- drying out. It is riding fast. He straightens him


up and flies away towards the last sector. The mound for Hasty Imp. He


has had so many good horses over the years. This is a very nice horse. He


has got to stay focussed. The horse, gives the horse time to look at that


final element. A little nod of his body. This partnership now beginning


to run for home. Mark Todd here and Leonida. Looking as good and as


young as ever. Now Francis Whittington, Hasty Imp at the New


Pond. This fence had jumped quite beautifully. He doesn't get the shot


he would like. Keeps riding forward and gets the shot to the very big


corner. Down on the clock, but only fractions. He can pick that up.


Francis going as well as we have seen him in recent years. Here is


Jock coming in. He wants the horse to stay confident for this last


fence. This looks like another one inside the time. Earlier we thought


it would be sticky, but the horses are enjoying it and Jon is thrilled


with that. You finished third on this horse last time, you're


rocketing up the leaderboard. That was great. Yes I needed to head


north after Thursday. It wasn't the best test and I let him down in a


couple of movements. So I owed him a good ride. He responded well. Sir


Mark here at the sixth, one of the friendlier fences. But it is a


massive, big, square fence. Now to the pond. A good canter. And what


you want to watch there is the way that Mark Todd keeps his horses so


well in balance. Francis Whittington, Hasty Imp, at the


hollow. He too had a wiggle, but he does well to keep straight. The


horse still looking good. Now we see Astier Nicholas. Another of the


French who are up for this. Always very quick on this horse. Francis


coming to the lake. Just a bit long. He felt the horse didn't respond


there and he gave him a tap with the whip, saying come on, boy, we have


got a few more fences to go. It makes him think a bit more forward.


He is taking Francis into the jumps, rather than being a little


reluctant. He responds well there. And now coming to the final fence it


is Ben Hobday. This man a year ago had blood leukaemia, but he is


strong and finished in great style. The fans love that. Well done! This


is one of the most remarkable stories, Ben Hobday jumped around


that cross country course, there was a massive cheer in the riders' tent.


Why is it a miracle that you're here? I'm fortunate to be here. Last


year looked a bit uncertain at times. I got diagnosed with cancer


last year and... My and dad and mum and girlfriend have been brilliant


and it has been a real it is a tock get here. I'm so grateful to


everyone at the NHS. They have helped me. And the owner, she,


Sally, she made it possible. Sally it is amazing and the horse he has


ridden around has helped, must have helped in the recovery. Well


exactly. I think Ben was in his hospital bed and he was saying to


us, want to do badminton again. We were thinking, what? We never


thought, we never thought in a million years we would be here. Let


alone for him to go around like that. We are all just so proud of


him. Because he has had some very dark moments and to come back with


that fight and determination, fantastic. This Teddy bear behind


your back, who is this and why did you ride around with that under your


back protector. This is a new charity that has been set up. It was


set up by somebody who got diagnosed with cancer and the outcome of


hearse isn't looking very good. She set up this charity to give people


in her situation, not just with cancer, but who are terminally ill,


a chance to enjoy their last days. I have never met someone so brave and


it is an honour to be a patron of her charity. Mark Todd retired after


Sydney, but came back in 2008 to ride in Hong Kong, Beijing. Now


riding as well as ever. Those long legs helped him there. Jumped right


down the bank. That is a long way down. Sits up again. That won't


trouble him. Now comes to the Shogun Hollow. Caused an odd problem or


two. Oh! Leaves his leg and again nearly - two legs on one side.


Looking for his iron. Watch again. Toddy living dangerously here. Gets


a good stride in. Has to shorten and gets close and catches his legs,


because of the angle, flicks Toddy to the side. But stickability and


perfection. Reminding the selectors that he can do the business. Hasty


Imp over the keeper's brush. This is where you like the horses to be on


the bridle. Point four of a penalty for every one of the seconds you see


being clocked up in red. He was well up after dressage. So that will help


him. The horse looking weary, but still responding. Most horses have


finished very well. The going has tried out since the middle of the


week and that's very much to the horse's benefit. Turning for home,


going to be about 35 seconds I would think over. Here he comes to stop


the clock. 34 seconds, 53.6 and a broad grin on his face. The crowd


looking pretty tense as Britain's former European champion, Tina Took


with his Star Witness. A beautiful piece of riding. This man twice gold


medallist at the Olympics, heading this year for his sixth Olympics at


the great age of 60 and look at the time. He is incredible. He has shown


some great class, great stickability and he is well inside the time. Well


done Toddy. Clear seven seconds inside the time, the magic is there


still. Is it enough for the selectors? I would be disappointed


if it is not. The other horse I have was in Kentucky last week and he was


7th and this is also a good horse. Fingers crossed we will get there on


one of them. Tina Cook European champion. Won an individual bronze


in 2008. Now with Star Witness. Did well at Burleigh. Not the best


dressage, but going well at cross country. Astier Nicola taking the


long route. He is known for his speed across the country. This is a


very fast horse. Look at the time, he is three seconds down. But they


have been flying around the cross. They have taken the long route. .


Tina had some wonderful owners and they have clubbed together to get


another one. Beautifully ridden through there. Tina riding as well


as ever. Look at the clock - 16 seconds under at that point. The


first water splash and they don't like that. It is a fence that


surprises the horses. Very uphill approach. They can't see the water


until the last stride. In fact they can almost see the water unther the


rail and the horse -- under the rail and the horse still isn't keen. They


have got to get their act together now. She gives him a confidence pat,


but she needs to be riding more positively. 49.7 her dressage score.


Lovely line. Positive. That is what that if fence needs and sector split


the quickest. They're flying. Really settling into a lovely rhythm. That


is the hall mark of class. This lady has got that. That is for certain.


The crowd sticking to this wonderful cross country test. It is really


exciting. Another one just to land, just to stumble a bit. But Tina


picks up Star Witness and out over that and up to the hollow. Still


looking full of running. This course really does involve really judgment,


pace, judgment and that has always been one of the strong points of


Tina. Into the last third of the course. Astier Nicholas for France


at the last and look at the time he has taken a pull. Thumbs up to his


mates. That is pretty cool. This is some young rider and one that we are


going to see a lot of in the future. Here is Zahra Tindall, she has got


an uphill task. She has got to qualify still to get a chance of


going to Rio. Having had quite a lot of time off, they have also too got


to show their form. Remember they were in that silver medal team in


London and of course Zahra a former world and European champion.


And the second water splash for Alice with her horse.


A sneaky little stop, I have to say. She didn't do much wrong there. He


had a look at it, as he did the first water and now she has to get


her wits about her and get him sorted out. The riders slightly


underestimated the fence. It is not so easy. I think that might be


calling it a day. In fact, that is three spots for Alice on the course.


-- stops for Alice on the course. In fact, I think the grand jury will


talk to her because she's gone for a fourth time and that could well give


her some problems in terms of discipline.


Out she goes. Alice Dunsdon with Fernhill Present.


Well, here is Tina. Alice and Tina are related. Their mums are sisters.


Meanwhile, that is not in this lady's mind at the moment. She's at


the escalator. Not more than a quarter of a mile to home. It has


looked very good on the clock to the Hollow. The horse has kept up the


momentum. It would be great to have this lady back with the Rio Olympics


in mind. Got a tremendous record, this horse without a lot of


experience at the moment. It was so impressive at Burleigh and now


looking good here and will gallop all the way home and that is what we


want to see. Coming to the crossing - a big


fence, tired horses tend to make it look bigger than ever, but not the


lovely horse, Star Witness. The crowd is beginning to build in the


arena. One of the great featuresor the riders to come into -- -


features for the riders to come into - all the shouting and cheering and


people coming into the arena for the big finish we have in prospect. And


this is the fastest time we have seen. That is a very good round.


Finishing 18 seconds inside the time.


I am pretty certain it is the fastest round so far, Kristina Cook


on Star witness. You flew around there. He is quite lazy. If I stop


kicking, he slows down a bit. I trusted his thorough bred. How is


the Vicarage Vee? It is so frightening coming to that. I have


jumped it so many times over the last 20 years. The horse kept


straight. It was magic. Back to another of the London silver medal


team, Zara Tindall, with High Kingdom. Up the hill. The flag does


fall down, but she was well inside it.


The horse owned by Trevor Hemings. Emily King and Brookleigh. Brilliant


dressage put her into second place. A lot of pressure on these young


shoulders. If she's as cool as her mother


there'll be no problem. Zara at the big New Pond. This horse has had the


best part of a year on the sidelines. It is a big test for


them. They are answering it. Zara has always been one for a big


occasion. Slightly behind the clock. This is a horse which can gallop.


And Emily had a great ride in France at the end of last year.


Went a little bit far off that. The horse showing scope. The horse


didn't worry about it. It was definitely a couple of feet too far


away on the take off. Nice and close to that wall.


The nice thing is Emily sits quietly. She doesn't fluster. Gives


the horse time and lets him ease himself properly. Here is Zara now.


She's with the approach. Oh... Oh, my word. They both had to work hard


to survive that. They so nearly caught it, they could just have


tipped over so easily. Well, that is a moment saved. Let's look again. As


she comes around the corner, I was there with her father and Zara this


other day when they walked this line. Walked and walked it and the


horse drifted a fraction left. A great recovery.


Well, it is certainly ice cream weather. It was forecast to get a


bit warm and it certainly is. Emily King at the Mound. She has been with


Mark Enning trying to improve her position and better balance


Zara, meaning business. She's got to keep up this pace.


As we have seen in the past High Kingdom is very quick across the


country. Has to push... Shoulders, arms,


everything going there. Emily King, over the big brush, now it is the


Vicarage Vee. 20 years old, for this iconic fence. A great piece of


riding. Spot on. As cool as a cucumber. Is that training doing


good? And Zara is flying at the Keeper's Brush.


Such a brilliant competitor and always comes up with the goods when


it really matters. A little bit of pressure on here, the last


combination. Now she's got to sit down and ride. How is the clock


going? Is she going to make it? She's termed -- determined looking.


Flying into the main arena. Listen to the crowds cheer her. They cheer


her everywhere they go. Brilliant crowds in eventing. They are always


supporting. She's over the time. How much closer can she get to the


clock? She's a happy girl. Well done!


Zara Tindall, you are nearly there. He's such a cool horse. At the


beginning he was a little bit keen. I couldn't let the hand break off


too much. I had a rubbish line into the Vicarage Vee. He stayed


straight. To get his head up again. He is just awesome. He saved me some


other place too, which hopefully wasn't on TV. So another one for


Germany. A very experienced rider, Andreas


Dibowski. Their trainer has changed these German riders and their


cross-country riding. Emily King. Brookleigh at the


Escalator. She's nearly home. She's ridden so well. She's of course been


in the youth championships of the British teams and done pretty well.


Had the odd tumble, but it has stood her in good stead. Can she get her


second big international three event. November was her first. This


is her second. It has always been a dream for this lady as she comes


down to the Keeper's Brush. Time will be good. Whether it will be


inside, I am not sure. It is certainly a round she's kept going.


Jumps well over the Keeper's Brush. Now this Crossing. Emily wouldn't


have ridden too many horses getting weary. Dives in. It is going to be


long. Oh and he went to take off realised it was a long way away. The


horse gets up. Emily on the floor. It would have been a hard landing


for Emily. And that, I am afraid, is the end of her dream. She was so


near, yet so far and of course having the full eliminator. She's


pushing for the long stride. The ground is uneven here. He drifts a


little bit right which makes the distance longer. If she could have


been nearer that white flag, but unfortunately a very sad picture and


Emily is out. It is good to see the horse up and


indeed it is great to see Emily up, being helped away there. She is more


concerned about the horse I would think than she is about herself.


Twice runner up here, Andreas Dibowski, and he, of course, has


been in the Olympics and won an Olympic medal.


Very experienced. All that experience showing. Time a


little behind, but not far. Marry is playing the role of groom


and I saw you leave the tent hopefully to greet her as she


finished and then it came to a crunching end. Very sad. I have done


it myself. I have fallen at that fence when I was in the lead. Emily,


unfortunately it happened to her as well. They are both fine and


fantastic around the rest of the course. It will not put her off,


she'll be back. Until that point you were having a terrific round? He


felt good. I am over the moon with how it felt. Really annoying, but,


hey. As your mum said before, you have many more years here. It can


only get better. Former European champion back in


1997, Bettina Hoy. Water Mill Stream is her horse.


The Hunt'sman's Close now, with Tim Price. A brilliant line. Effortless


there. The quickest I have seen through t Huntsman's Close.


Very experienced. Good line. Sees her through. Nine seconds down. And


Andreas Dibowski coming to the final fence. Still galloping. He's already


over the time. But pretty close. A great dressage start of 43.7. How


close can he get to the leader? He is kicking as he crosses the line.


Into 11th position. Another great performance by another great German.


Bettina Hoy coming to the Alexanders Silver Birch.


Come on to the scene for the German team in the last year or two. And


Tim Price, with Classic Moet. One of the fastest ever cross-country


horses this. Produced by Karen Dixon now - a


British team member for many years. Caught the lip, but so agile, so


light on his feet and quick to recover. Bettina Hoy, into the


arena. She will be over. Her best finish ever at Badminton was last


year on this horse where they finished fifth and they are going to


be right up there after this round. Another good round for Germany. 13


seconds over. 49. 2. Kiwis are together. An impressive


squad heading towards Rio. And she is one of those.


Plenty of time on this turn. This horse jumps as though he's on


springs. Lands away from the fences, so doesn't waste any time. Never


wastes a second. Well, now another for France -


Rodolphe Scherer, at the Outlet Mound. A good number of years now,


spent two years over here - a long time part of the French team and you


saw his experience. Had a hiccup earlier on. Overcame that and is


safely through. Jonelle coming towards the end of


the course. And we have seen some hairy turns there. And it looks like


exercise in the arena at home for Jonelle. Here comes Nicola Wilson,


with one of the top hopes for Britain - with Rio in mind. One too


many at the corners and had a really good season last year.


Disappointed at the end, particularly at the Europeans. She's


very determined and great across-country. And Rodolphe


Scherer, flying at the Vicarage Vee. And enormously, way out beyond the


fence. Lapsed a little bit behind. But a good recovery.


Here is Jonelle Price, one of the fastest horses in cross country.


47.3 and they go ninth. New Zealand showing their strength.


A little bit sticky there, put a great jump in. Extraordinary how the


ride verse underestimated that pond. It has caused a fire amount of


trouble. And stands off a mile! Great recovery, but there is a


broken pin. That will be 11 penalties. The new ruling is if you


break the pin there is 11 penalties added on. She is pushing, but it is


almost impossible. The horse picks up she is stretching back, hills a


cab. The horse is on its knees and a brilliant recovery. Sadly it look as


if she is going to call ate day. You can -- call it a day. You understand


why. There are more opportunities for this pair to perhaps show their


true form. Brabham up in Yorkshire, an important competition in June.


Nicola Wilson has retired One Two Many and the news from the British


camp is not good so far. Very disappointing to see them walking


off the course. They could be such an important part of team. Here is


France now. What a day they have had. Rodolphe Scherer another of


their best. Riding this grey horse. One remembers his round in the World


Championships in Normandy. He had the crowd on their feet. Here is a


great one for Britain, fantastic round at the European Championships


last year for Jemma Tattersalls. Makes nothing of this big brush


corners. Here comes Rodolphe Scherer. Slowly to the last, but he


won't be many seconds over. Another experienced competitor looking to


get in the squad for Rio for France. Goes 16th. The leaderboard Dom named


by Germany. Can a British rider get into the top


five? Here is one who might. Gemma Tattersall. Went well at Europeans,


but didn't pull it off in the show jumping. They're very determined


now. Lucy Jackson and Bosun at the Vicarage Vee. Didn't quite get the


line right and pays the penalty. Good to see them both up. That was a


nasty fall. But they're walking away. Probably more disappointed


than anything else. The horse was an interesting one, the horse was


fighting a bit on the approach. You can see his head is up. A bit


arguing and he is not focussing where he is going. He is still head


up and you should be looking at the jump and he suddenly sees it and he


tries his heart out. Does an enormous jump, but in the wrong


direction and wow, that was a nasty, but it is great to see them in full


recovery. Fight for another day. There will be another competition


next week for them. Arctic Soul at the new pond. Ex-race horse there.


Another in that train a race horse competition. At the moment it is


Jock Paget out in front in that competition. But she is well on her


way. Just a four seconds is up on that time at this stage of the


course. Danny Evans for Britain. Coming to Huntsman's Close. Did a


good dressage test. A seriously good jumper. A bit drifted right. But


they're OK. Huge stride this horse. Back with Gemma Tattersall at the


Outlander Bank. . Several horses have stumbled. It makes that


distance difficult. But not Gemma and Arctic Soul. As they come to the


turn. This horse looks much more rideable now. Certainly setting up


for this test of accuracy here. Does it well. Doesn't lose a lot of time


and gets the results as a result of that very good set up. Danny


galloping along, not in a big hurry. I know she is coming to a difficult


combination at the mound. But a bit steady. At the turn. The horse is


jumping well. But she is going to have to quicken away tr this fence


to get back on the clock. Looks as if she is wasting too much. Two


thirds of way round, still clear Gemma Tattersall. This horse has the


speed to get home inside the time. 44.6 would put her in that top five.


Lovely rhythm through. Really become a very good rider of cross country,


Gemma. Here is Izzy Taylor on her second ride. Disappointed on


Matilda, but she puts that behind her. Very tight turn. Very neat.


Wasted not a second there. And a neat little pop and quickly turn


away. Looking good. Now at the final, Gemma Tattersall quickens up.


That is good to see. A horse full of running as they come into the arena.


I'm sure time will be good. It is, 16 seconds to get home and they will


do that no doubt whatsoever. This is good news for Britain. We wanted


some and we have got it. And goes third. That is more like it. Gemma


has gone into third place on Arctic Soul. He is incredible. He just eats


up the ground. He skipped over Vicarage Vee like it was a pony club


jump. I landed and I laughed to myself and thought, no, God


concentrate, we have got lots more to go. But he is some machine. Here


is Danni at the Vick rage visa. She is going attack and she got a gentle


landing, but not pleasant for the horse. He said, I'm going home, you


lot can get lost! One thing is certain he didn't look that


convicted. Yes, she is riding forward, but not with enough energy


and there wasn't a Gad stride and she tried to help the horse, but it


was too little too late and they paid the penalty. I'm glad to see


the horse off on his own. Looks a bit dejected poor Dani. It is a long


walk home. Here is Izzy Taylor, still on the bridle at the Mirage


Pond. Very good natural rider. She is not getting the response she


would like from the horse. Christopher Burton for Australia. A


great dressage test and one of the fastest horses ever at cross country


I should think. Made nothing of that splash earlier on. So sharp in


front. Look how neat he is. Very impressive start to the course. Here


is Izzy Taylor around to the Vicarage Vee. She is going to long


way. That is a good decision. It was here where her first ride came


adrift and she retired. So over that and onward. After a brilliant ride


earlier on, Oliver Townend comes to the New pond. The elbows are going,


you can tell when he is determined, those elbows get going. Another a


brilliant jump. But impressive on the time. Only a couple of seconds


down avp it is a real galloping machine this, so should be able to


make that up. He comes down the hill towards the Vicarage Vee.


Christopher Burton, one of the best riders of cross country in the


business. On this ex-Michael Young horse. A little deep there. But


again well ridden at that narrow fence. Away he goes. Izzy Taylor has


had to work hard on this horse. But the horse has grown in confidence


and stature. We have seen her give it a couple of smacks, but she has


an effect on the horse. If it needs confidence with a smack, she gives


well, if it goes well, she gives it a pat. She is still riding forward.


A bit weary on its leg, she gives it a pat, saying, thank you very much.


Christopher Burton has been in Britain several seasons as he comes


to the new pond. He had a very good dressage. At this point Michael


Young has extended his lead. He is well over the corner. He is 16


seconds up and not surprised at that and looking easy. Coming to the


second last Izzy is still riding. Two strides and gets in a third


ride. But she is still nimble. Still pushing for this clock. She will be


happy to get this one round. Disa pointment earlier, but the horse is


slowing down. She is still looking enthusiastic. Still got her ears


semi pricked and very close to the time. Only a few seconds over. This


will be a good one for the British selectors. They will be happy to see


this. How many time faults? 15 seconds over. Into ninth position.


Well done. Here is Olly Townend with Black Tie. An important contributor


perhaps for Rio. Going the long way round. Coming to second of the two


and the horse dropped the bit and suddenly up goes Ollie's happened. I


suspect he felt the horse beginning to faulter and get tired and he


calls it a day. That is again more disappointing news for Britain as


Black Tie and Ollie Townend retire. Big frustration for Ollie. So near,


yet so far. Christopher Burton coming to this hollow. Caused a


surprising amount of trouble and another one has a problem. The horse


left his left lowing Legg leg so low. Quite often we see riders


sitting on the ground for a few seconds, a bit winded. Usually it is


frustration. You can't believe it has happened. That is good news to


see him up. That was a surprise. Probably one of the biggest


surprises of the day. See it again. The horse really doesn't get high


enough at all. Hits the hard part. Twists and sees his jockey disappear


on the ground. Very surprising sight and it means Michael Young will have


an extended lead after cross country. He does and he leads by


nine penalty points. That is more than two fences. It is very tight


for second place. Big mention for Tina Cook, the


fastest round of the day. A fabulous clear. And also Zara Tindall. If she


completes the show jumping she will have qualified. An Janet Breakwell


who had a heavy fall and was kept in hospital. She has cracked ribs. But


she will be riding again soon. The vet's inspection there were no


problems for any of the leading contenders. So 32 jumped around


clear. The most emotional story was Ben Hobday. You saw his interview.


This was him coming into the show jumping. Bear in mind that in June


he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He was only given the


all-clear in November. He got a huge ovation. Zara Tindall had to


complete to qualify for Rio. She did so. She finished on 62 penalties.


That should be good enough to finish top 25. And this is our current


leader. Because Tina Cook on Star Witness jumped clear. She won a


bronze in Beijing and a team bronze and silver in London.


Let's join the action live. We're into the top nine. Kristina Cook


leading on 49.7th going in at ninth place is Izzy Taylor, looking to


Finnish the top ten here at Badminton.


?10,000 to the ninth place. A clear round from Tina has taken her up six


places. It is still so close that there's still more potential


climbing for Tina. Let's go around the course with Ian.


It is a good course here. It is quite technical - sort of bendy


lines at the beginning and a few technical straight lines. It is


mixed up, so it keeps the horse's interest. It is difficult the day


after the cross-country the horses can get flat in the showjumping, as


we see there. Izzy had one down. The footing round conditions yesterday


were almost perfect. The horses are springing today: The showjumping


ground is very good. They are on the top of the ground and the horses all


look wonderful this morning as they trot up. That was one of the more


technical lines there. Around the corner.


And seven into this combination one in one. We've had a few parts of


that combination now. It was nice for this horse. Coming to the end of


the course. So one down means that she drops


down one place. 50.4. Kristina Cook into the top ten, with


Star Witness. The poles down are very, very expensive. So, only four


have gone clear in the horses that we've had in this afternoon's


jumping. 11 of them and then there were eight clear rounds in the 28


that we jumped this morning. Of course, there is the added pressure


with the scores so tight and quite expensive poles if they go down.


They are expensive. You are right, the morning's showjumping, there's


no pressure on the riders, it is a question of competing rather than


getting into the placing. There were a lot of clear rounds. This


afternoon, the first two jumped clear. We thought, wow, this will be


a walk in the park for them all, but then the problems starting. The


pressure is on. Here we have Oliver Townend for Britain. The wonderful


Armada. Such a brilliant trail blazes round yesterday. In fact,


made the cross-country look easy and finished inside the time. It proved


that the cross-country was not that easy.


It has not always been the easiest in this phrase. Saw him walking the


course earlier with the previous rider of this horse.


You might remember that in fact this time last year he was in second


place after cross-country and then had a number of poles down. Paul and


Diana have been super owners, both for Andrew and for Olly, but they


have had disapointeding times when they have been so near triumph.


Already with eight penalties. It looks as if he's been trying to ride


this a little bit more forward and less restricting in the showjumping.


He's good across-country, but he's not reliable in this phase. Has no


real respect for the coloured poles. And Oliver is chopping and changes


the way he's riding the horse. Trying to get him thinking. You can


see he finds the distances short because he's got this massive


stride. Such a great horse. So frustrating when you have these


downs and expensive, I might add. Yes, indeed. Of course Olly had


frustration in his other horse, well placed after the dressage. Actually


he pulled up, retired in the last part of the course. Disappointing


for Oliver Townend. In all 20 jumping penalties. 66.2 and he drops


down some 13 places. You can see he gets quick and holly


ver can't -- and Oliver can't shorten. The horse doesn't want to


shorten. Well a beneficialry of that is Britain's Tina Cook. She goes up


another place. She's into eighth. She couldn't have dreamt that to


happen, I don't think, even if she had crossed everything.


?12.500 to eighth. Not only clear... So Tina Cook talking to Clare now.


Yes, because Tina is our leader. Congratulations. Gosh, that is a


lovely horse, Star Witness. We have a lovely relationship together. He


came out, even after that cross-country yesterday. He didn't


half try for me in there. The bigger the event the better you ride. You


have proven if you are selected for a British team you will be a key


selector? I hope the selectors are listening to you. I prep them in the


one day events, don't prime very much. This is what makes me tick and


what I absolutely love, at this level of competition, taking on the


best in the world. You have moved into the top ten. You will watch the


others closely, very closely. I am so pleased with the horse. He's


pulled out another personal best. The scores are ridiculously close.


All the pennies counting towards that final total. Well done you.


Thank you. Astier was in seventh place. They


are now in all five horses, all within a fence.


This is one of the fastest horses on the cross-country course. It is ak


actually jumping very well. Can flick the odd pole out.


And again he got a little brave in that related distance and paid the


penalty at the middle part of the combination. So, that is a couple


down. Another expensive round. Only the final one to go. And that


has dropped him down seven places places.


Certainly pressure making a big difference to this course in the top


20. Yes, you can see here Astier boots that middle element out big


time. It wasn't even just a casual rub that one. You are right, as we


get nearer the final placings, the money gets bigger and better and the


riders feel the pressure and they all want to have a go at winning it


and then the nerves creep in. It is all about having the cool, calm,


collected attitude and not translating the nerves to the horse.


The New Zealand combination which really impressed here yesterday - in


sixth place it is Clarke Johnstone with Balmoral Sensation. Risky to


bring a horse from New Zealand, but the change of the seasons of course


and he showed what a really good horse he S three times he's been


national champion in New Zealand. Clarke has been here before. Been in


New Zealand since 2014. He would love to clinch a top six point. In


sixth. Impressive so far. Brave to that oxer.


He paid the penalty a little bit. He was a little close to that vertical.


It looks as if he's got a conscience. They have to want to


leave these poles up, if the horse has disdain, little respect for the


poles, they there is little anyone can do. They have to be as


competitive as the rider and want to leave them standing.


The famous Spanish international showjumping has been helping the New


Zealanders for a number of years now and he's made a big impact. Still


clear. A clear round could put the pressure on as he turns for home.


So, he's doing a pretty good job on this horse. The final fence, and


yes, a lovely clear round. So, he stays on 45.6. It will guarantee him


sixth place. There is four within a fence.


Clare, what is the news? Clarke going into the lead for New


Zealand. We have big names to come, including Mark Todd, who has won the


title here four times and is 60. Our leader is Michael Jung of Germany.


This is his father here in white with the cap on. He does all the


training with him. He was telling us about the relationship between him


and his horse, he adores Sam. They trust each other entirely. Michael


is a pure, good show-jumper. He competes on the professional


circuit. He can have two knockdowns and still win the title. Let's point


out the leading British rider, Gemma Tattersall, she will go in third


last. We wish her good luck. Now Jonathan Paget, known in the


competitor's area as Jock - winner of course in 2013, when he pipped


Michael Jung at the very final show jump fence. That was on Clifton


Promise. Now on Clifton Lush. 45. 2. Still a fence between the three


horses above him. He cannot afford a fence down to go below his colleague


Clarke Johnstone. Well, that is one away, ex-penive. A little tight in


the back legs of that previous fence.


It is so tempting at this stage when the horses have been around that


gruelling cross-country to protect the front end. They look after the


horse. Then the risk of doing that is that they drop their back legs on


the poles. One down, he stays just ahead of


Tina Cook. 49.2 is what Jock is on at the moment.


Tina is on 49.7. The time really lean yentd. A lot of


horses getting well inside. Four it is. 49.2. He will drop the one


place, Clarke Johnstone from New Zealand will move up to fifth.


One down for Jonathan Paget means Clarke is our leader on a horse who


has always been a good show-jumper. He is. I have done a lot in New


Zealand with him. It is different when you jump cross-country the day


before. It is a different feeling. Your first Badminton experience -


you must be enjoying this? It is amazing - it is the best horse show


in the world. We are about to see Mark Todd go - he's in the arena


now. As a young New Zealand rider with this guy riding to the level he


is. He is quite inspirational, not quite, hugely. Sometimes our younger


ones have a go ourselves, but he's an amazing athlete and someone we


all aspire to be like. Let's see how he gets on. Thank you.


Sir Mark Todd these days. Two brilliant recoveries on the


cross-country when he could easily have hit the hit. Those long legs


did the business. 44.8. This man rods in the pure showjumping


international Olympics of Barcelona. So, this is a phase that he doesn't


find too difficult. It is something which most of the New Zealand riders


do actually. They show jump a lot of their horses, not only the event


horses, but pure showjumping horses. They do ak sell in this phase and he


was saying Sir Mark would back off and let the younger ones get in. The


way he rode yesterday it looks like he's not thinking about backing up.


He's always been so brilliant in this phase at helping horses that


aren't particularly the best jumping in -- jumpers in the world.


Turns for home. Two left. Four times winner. Double Olympic gold


medallist. Could be in Rio as a rider and a trainer and he certainly


is going to hold on to fourth place. Clear round and that really puts the


pressure on. He is just over 10 marks behind the leader. But he is


going to secure a top five place for sure. A man who lives up the road in


Wiltshire so, the crowd know this man and they adore him. A full house


here, history very much in the wind, with Michael Jung on the edge of a


second Grand Slam of eventing and this is a really special afternoon


to be here at badminton. Out goes Mark Todd and in comes the


leading British rider. Could be in line for the Butler Troughy. Trophy.


It is Gemma Tattersall. Arctic Soul. A brilliant performance yesterday


and she is just putting her finger to her mouth, because this horse


does react. He is an ex-race horse. There is a thousand pound prize for


the best race horse. Gemma is in line for this prize. Jon Paget is


the one behind her and he has one fence down. They did a great


performance in the cross country in the Europeans, but disappointed in


the showjumping. Not the easiest of showjumpers. He has not been the


easiest, but he is overly enthusiastic. He wants to get on


with it. He has a great jump and yesterday was just fantastic. Gemma


and this horse looked so settled and established and by far the best


round I have seen from this combination. Let's hope we can


emulate that in the showjumping. He was asking the crowd to stay quiet.


He has some ear covers on to help deaden the noise from the crowd.


When they have been on the racecourse, you want to make sure


they're settled in the atmosphere and not let the atmosphere get to


them and that quickens them up and they lose concentration and respect


for what they're doing. What is very important here is the


temperament of the rider. She is looking much more cool and calm than


she did in those Europeans. That again, riding in a team for the


first time it has that effect on you and here they're individuals, but


they're striving to get that place in Rio. She certainly doing her


reputation an enormous amount of good so far. Just two to go. Time's


all right. Just the last. And does it! In style! That surely books her


ticket to Rio in August. 44.6. She is 10 points behind the leader. Hard


to catch. But she has done all she could. So Mark Todd stays in third


place. In fourth place, Gemma Tattersall in third. Two more to go,


Mark Todd could move up into the top three. Whatever happens, you have


had a hugely successful time. It has been brilliant. After the


disappointment of the dressage, I thought he could have been up there.


But he has been brilliant since and I can finish no worse than fourth


and that is not a bad result. You said after the cross country, you


hope you'd had done enough. If you go to Rio how many Olympics will


that be? I have competed in seven and been to eight. I have lost


track. It is so long. In London there was problems getting on buses


and things. Yes they kept thinking I can't have been an athlete and kept


trying to kick me off. Well you are a brilliant athlete. Well done.


Thank you. It is two left and they're both from Germany. Here is a


name that has been top of eventing for a wile, Andreas Ostholt. No 40


it is. The 13-year-old. He had a very good round on this horse


yesterday. 43.4. So he is just over two fences behind his colleague


Michael Jung, who is going for a first German win in this


Championship. A wonderful trophy. And of course the Grand Slam of


eventing. Can this man put the pressure on? Stay clear. You said


earlier the time here for the showjumping has been lenient


compared to previous years and it it has taken some pressure off the


riders. They can take their time. But there is plenty other pressure.


There is a bit of a rub with the back feet there. He gets away with


it. Sometimes you can benefit from that. A lit p -- a little tap and


the horse thinks the I had better go higher. Gemma Tattersall and


Britain's Arctic Soul could benefit. An interesting horse to watch


jumping. He looks dare I say fairly careful, but he sort of steps over


the fences. His body doesn't get very high. His legs do all the work.


That was a bit risky. But he got away with it. Has he gone? No, it


stayed. Turns for home. He is over the last. We are going to


get our first German victory whatever. First ever German victory


here at Bad minuteton. Minton. -- at Bad Minton. This could be Germany's


afternoon and as you're aware, the Olympics are in mind. Michael Jung


is taking his time before he goes in and gives us a chance to catch up


with the leading British rider bgs you will be third at worst. Well


done. I can't believe it. I can't believe Arctic Soul jumped a clear


round. You did such a job, you calmed the crowd down, you know how


fizzy he can be. He is wants to jump a clear round, but he gets


frightened and worried and that is when he is not thinking about what


he is doing. When we go showjumping, he jumps clear rounds, because there


is no crowd. So I was pretending I was at my local place and not here


and he jumped clear. Into the arena now the man who has led from the


beginning and it on the verge of doing something only Pippa Funnell


has done before. I know one viewer who will be watching and that is


Pippa. Did it in 2003. Won Badminton that day. Michael Jung started his


consecutive three at Burleigh last September. Then a fantastic victory


in Kentucky on his other good horse. Which has led him here to the


richest prize in the sport of eventing. The grand slam worth


$350,000 and the ?80,000 first price here. A lot at stake in the next 60


seconds. He has always been reliable in this phase. But he's particularly


clear over the fences. He is stringing off his feet. He is


getting way up in the air. I don't think he has ever had more than two


down. Most of the time he has had clear rounds. But he was beaten here


in 2013. Heed that very last fence down. He has got to have more than


two down here to get beaten. He is turning for home. Two left. Is this


the first Grand Slam of eventing since 2002? Many thought it would


never be done again. And he's there! He is there! He has led from start


to finish and the crowd rise to salute a wonderful hero. He was


Olympic, world and European. He holds two of those titles now. But


now has won Grand Slam of venting and takes the Mitsubishi motors


trophy, fantastic. What more can you say about him? He is incredible. He


has taken this sport on to another level. He is something for every


other ride rider to drive to beat. Phenomenal. So we have seen history


here at Badminton today, Michael Jung and Sam winning the Grand Slam


of eventing. He also BPs the first German -- becomes the first German


to win at Badminton. I want to say well done and to pay tribute to how


good Michael is. Thanks a lot. I'm so happy you can't believe. I was so


unlucky in the warm up, I lost two times a shoe. I lost again at the


third last fence a shoe. We decided the ground is perfect. We have to


try without the front shoe. And... So I'm so glad. So happy it is


unbelievable. We are joining in with the rest of German team. Tell me how


big a deal it will be in Germany and how good a rider Mickey is. Y. Yes


he is something special. It is difficult to find words for it. He


is here, the Badminton champion, there is Joachim. You did it and led


from start to finish and you now have the record winning score at


Badminton. Lowest score ever? I can say nothing, I'm so proud of my


horse. He jumped a fantastic clear round. I'm very happy about him. We


say always in my head that this is not a special competition. It is


very normal. Just easy going. Concentrate and do normal on an easy


competition. But this is unbelievable. This is really... A


big feeling. Thank you so much to every people they help me that I can


ride such a good horse. I'm very happy about my whole team. You have


made history. Well done. Thank you. Well here is the full result.


The New Zealanders packing in there. Tina Cook climbing. A great


competition and history being made by the win and the Grand Slam of


eventing for Michael Jung and Sam. It is an extraordinary performance.


They call him Mr Ice, because he remains so cool. He said he was


trying to play down the magnitude of being the first German winner here,


but you could see how much it meant. Coming up next on BBC Two we have


got Rugby League action, Challenge Cup and it will be good and also on


the red button the basketball league play-off finals. Details on that and


next week the women's FA Cup final. Here in the sunshine I hope you have


enjoyed a stunning three-day event and a bit of history for the Germans


and Michael Jung. Goodbye.


Clare Balding presents coverage from the final day of the world-famous Badminton Horse Trials. This year's event features one of the strongest ever fields, and the competition draws to a close with the enthralling showjumping stage.

British stars competing include former world champion Zara Tindall with her London Olympic horse High Kingdom, London 2012 silver medallists Tina Cook and Nicola Wilson and previous winners Pippa Funnell and Oliver Townend.

With Olympic places still up for grabs, it's a chance for British hopefuls to impress and earn a ticket to Rio. The strong international challenge is led by Germany's double Olympic champion Michael Jung.

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