Show Jumping Badminton Horse Trials

Show Jumping

Coverage of Badminton Horse Trials, one of the highlights of the equestrian calendar. 2016 proved a memorable occasion as Michael Jung became the first German to win the event.

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Well what a competition. My word, this has been brilliant. Such a


partnership, these two. Exceptional. What a fabulous competition... Sheer


class as a rider. Hello, welcome to Badminton, the


historic and grand setting for the most important day of the east


questryian calendar. When this first started the winner got a check for


?150. Now they are presented with the Mitsubishi Motors trophy and get


a cheque for ?100,000. If they can negotiate all three phases without a


mistake, believe me they would have earned it. Particularly around the


Lake, there'll be hundreds of thousands people here, across this


vast estate and many of them will be hoping to see someone make a splash.


Welcome. One of the great titles in the horse world and we have a field


second to none... To us riders, it's totally sacred.


Intense pressure. It's a very tough course. It's big, bold, difficult.


Eventing is one of the only sports that genuinely gives men and women


an equal chance of winning. If you look at the results you can see it,


62 titles. 25 of them won by women. That is 40%. When you look back at


the greats, there are three women who set the standard.


Jenny Holdgate. Pippa Funnell... Sits up. Now pick it up... And she


is a lovely clear round by Lucinda and wins the Whitbread trophy. The


Badminton Horse Trials championship and ?1,000.


The first year I won it was driving my tiny horsebox with my horse


virtually over my shoulder at night. And turning on the news and in those


days the news had who won Badminton. I couldn't believe it. That is what


I remember first about Badminton. So the Queen congratulates Lucinda.


I think I was ordinary. I wasn't super talented, but I really loved


horses and loved the thrill that cross-country gave me. I was fairly


chicken, so I very quickly adopted a seat that kept me as much out of


trouble as possible. In other words, a defensive seat. In those days,


very few people sat ready for trouble.


I never quite imagined I would be able to win it. Incredibly lucky to


have three very different horses, actually.


Priceless, Master Craftsman and Welcome Houdini. All physically very


different and, you know, what a joy to be able to have three horses win


this amazing competition. The first time I won it on Supreme


Rock, I really sensed that the horse just felt amazing. I just had this


sense that I was convinced he had a chance of winning it.


The feeling when I jumped the last show jump knowing I'd won it was


disbelief. The stuff that dreams are made of.


People really underestimate the such huge emotional ties that we have


with our horses. It's about mind games and that's half the intrigue


in the sport. It's about getting into the horse's minds.


One thing about this particular sport is it's so rare with men and


women competing absolutely level. Same dressage, same cross-country,


same showjumping and I cannot think of another sport where that happens.


Why hasn't there been a female winner of Badminton the last ten


years? The dorss we have got in-- the courses we have got into


latterly are possibly centred around strength because they are so trappy


and tricky and technical. You've literally got to be able to have the


strength to pull your horse from one line to another in a very quick time


and it suddenly struck me this is the way cross-country should be


going if men keep winning because there are plenty of very good girls.


And one of the very best in the world is Ingrid Klimke, the


49-year-old from Germany has come close to winning here on Bob. She


empathises the emthe relationship between horse and rider. I got him


when he was five. I bought him while he was such a new jumper and while


so clever and while he's strong minded, he's a real fighter and


knows exactly what he wants. He's very determined. So I really love


his spirit. I know whenever I have a good line and whenever he sees the


jump and knows his job, then I so much know that he will try and get


over it. He's very clever and smart. And he has his own ideas. It's


sometimes good because he takes over when he thinks it's time that he


makes a decision. So he's not shy or spooky. He's very much bold and,


what I love. I think it's really difficult and challenging because


the fences are very high. Really big, big fences. It will not be an


easy round. So it could be a woman for the first time in a decade. But


when you look at the male contenders they are so strong and they include


the best rider in the world, who is also the defending champion.


I think the cross-country is very tough. You have to concentrate from


the beginning to the end. There are many questions directly after the


other. He's a strong powerful horse and the


last months, the last weeks he's given me a very good feeling.


I've come to Badminton to win it. I feel I have a chance. He's a very


good chance. He's not getting any younger. I'm not getting any


younger. I'm relying on him this year to win it for me. All to play


for. He's been galloping very well at home and not feeling like he's


17. Don't tell him he's 17. He doesn't know he is. Badminton is


terrifying, isn't it, from start to finish. There's no let-up. I think


Eric's done a fabulous job. You have to ride very well from start to


finish and there's no let up and you cannot make a mistake. I'm actually


looking forward to getting out there, but I cannot say I'm not


inner vows. I was expecting something softer for the first year


for Eric Winter. But it's been designed in a tough way in my


opinion. I'm happy to see it. It a east not a dressage competition.


It's an old combination now and we get along very well and I can rely


on him and know everything about him. It's very good when you take a


horse to such a tough competition. Well, here's an exact approximate of


what the riders have to face. It is a big course, it requires a horse of


great scope. And Eric Winter has designed it. What sort of test were


you trying to set? I wanted to set a general test. I wanted to change the


velocity of the course and go back a few years to big, bold questions.


Slightly less combinations, but bigger jumping. So something like


this is a real sort of rider frightener, a crowd pleaser. It


looks enormous. When I came here as a child this was the sort of thing I


thought, wow I would like to jump that. As a course designer I come


here and look around and think I want to go back to that. There are


only five difficult combinations on the field but they ask everything. I


wanted to say actually the horse that jumped around here was an


all-round athlete and the rider was an outstanding rider and not


everybody in their first time should come here and think they would jump


the straight ways all the way. It is about a relationship between you and


your horse, the course and a recognition of what your horse is


very good at and what you are very good at and what you are not. For


you, personally of an honour is this? For me, amazing. The first


event I ever came to. I walked aroind looked at fences like this. I


rode a couple of times around here. I started to design. I spent a lot


of time walking along. As many would have done, I would do this, not


that. What an horn tore put out a course in a place like this.


Beautiful! There are more than 807 horses


competing here. They -- 80 horses competing here. There is the


youngest horse in the competition. She a chestnut mare and is ten.


She's ridden by the youngest competitor, at 20.


He this horse is just over 15 feet high. He finished ninth last year.


He's been here five times. This fella, Mouse, is coming to Badminton


for the very first time at the age of 18. I reckon that makes him the


oldest debutante ever. He's come over from Italy. He's big, too. 17


hands high. He'll make the fences look small. The dressage test their


suppleness, it is a sequence of steps and they have to follow it


with complete accuracy. Last year Michael Jung set the pace on Sam.


He's back to defend his title. Let's find out who was impressing the


judges. There hasn't been an injure winner


here at Badminton since 1965. Jonty Evans is trying to become the next.


He produced a career-best dressage, for a score of 37.2, which puts him


into third place. He loves the crowd. He was just brilliant. I am


over the moon with him. I have said before that I know he'll turn up, so


I have come and do my best. I think I did my best and he was there.


If there is to be a first female winner for a decade, the hot


favourite would be Ingrid Klimke, representing Germany on Horseware


Hale Bob. She produced a beautiful dressage, in a high-quality


competition. Her score was second best. He showed all his quality. I


could ride the extensions and everything like I wanted. He walked


so relaxed and quiet. It was really fun to ride him.


Out in front, on his own, is the Australian Christopher Burton riding


the 12-year-old Graf Liberty. He won last autumn and finished


fifth at the Olympics and could be regarded as the rising star of the


eventing world. This is why a dressage test of elegance, beauty


and accuracy for an outstanding score of 32.9. I'm elated. I'm over


the moon. He went in there and he got a little bit spriethly. Lifted


his head and I thought we could be in trouble. He went back to work. He


did everything so well. I was asked before, did I know he had that good


a test in him? Of course, I did. I didn't expect it at Badminton in the


main arena, that's for sure. The standard for dressage gets higher


and higher. You can see looking at the leaderboard. Eight with scores


in the 30s and not Michael Jung. He is ninth on Sam, with 40. The top


seven come from seven Different nations. Not a single British rider


because the leading Brits are in 18th.


It is a truly global competition. For the last time on BBC television


it will be described by Mike Tucker who is stepping down from the


microphone. Our commentary team. I give you an idea of the massive


crowds who are gathered to watch this cross-country course. All the


riders agreeing this is a testing course. It needs plenty of respect.


And we Seaman any number of stories unfold. Could Christopher Burton add


Badminton? Could Ingrid Klimke become the first female winner for


10 years or could Andrew Nicholson finally win the title which has


alluded him so far at the age of 55? We will find out now, as we see how


the early starters fare on the cross-country.


THE COMMENTATOR: Mark Todd, first of two rides. This, the first real test


on the course. He's away to the Lake.


OK, here we are at the famous like. I started to come here in 1984 and


been here since then and well before that. I'm going to jump the Flower


Garden, land on my back side. A bit of leg pressure. Centre of the fence


and then look up behind it and keep the leg on and ride up to the jump.


As they jump I want to sit backwards. It is a 2 m jump. We


don't want them pecking on landing and be shifted out the front or even


take a few strides to get balance back again, you then miss almost B.


Get to here, my eyes glued on the element behind us. Then we have one


stride to here. So it is a very narrow, on a big angle, the jump is


angled away from us. So we want to make sure we get the horse up close


enough that it is very clear, he has to come up, jump through the gap,


land, turn away we go and that's the Lake done for another year.


COMMENTATOR: Well a lot has to happen here as Andrew Nicholson


suggests. Oh, very hesitant. He has to sit tight,k by up the reaps. He's


got the line? This isn't looking - a quick change of mind. You have to


get the right track here, it is easy to pick up penalties. New rules,


complicated but quite possible. I think he might have got away with


that. He has got a bang in the face, I think. Well, now the Showgun


Hollow comes up at 10. Two corners either side of the hollow. The blue


route, red route, short route and very long route. This man, remember,


rode in two show jumping Olympics as well as winning two medals eventing.


A brilliant eye A superb exhibition of how that should be jumped. He


heads to the bridge. This is one of the big famous Badminton fences. I


don't think you will find anyone taking that red route. But there is


a big scary ditch here. He needs the right shot. A little laboured. Had


to reach for it, but safe. Look at the clockp counting down. Alexander


Bragg at the Staircase. A good dressage test and a positive start


for them. Here we are, fence 5. ABC, the Hildon Water Pond. For me starts


at the top of the hill. The hill might help to close the horses up a


bit but that's what we want to do, putted them in a more of a show


jumping canter or collecting canter for the question to come then riders


will be looking for the line. Choose a spot in the fence to jump. For me


I want to look at the red flag to make sure I've go the my line early.


The other important thing to remember is the who ares might not


know it is a water jump until this late in the distance, so here we are


keeping our leg on, sitting tall, trying to get a good strike at the


fence then you see riders sitting up and looking. The most important


thing is the line, you don't want the horse going left or right, you


want them to follow the rider. Ideally you want them to land with


you, take a stride. First stride, somewhere about here. Very important


to hold my line. I really want my toe of my boot on that red flag. You


can see how clever he has been the with course design because the


horses will feel and the riders will naturally want to go left which


wouldn't be a problem expect for the C element. So ideally, staying


straight, keeping the right rein a little bit out here. Really good


distances. You will see, in my opinion, riders doing it really


nicely and making it look easy but plenty of things can go wrong at


this tough fence, that's for sure, with these steep banks. COMMENTATOR:


A very big log in. He has to land, balanced. His body position perfect.


Has he got the line? Yes he has. He makes it look easy. Not sure all are


going to do it that well. ! And the 13-year-old Zagreb at the Lake. A


little bit of balancing there. A very nice jump a quick recovery from


the rider there. That was a long stride there. He does it in two.


Here we are at the Corral fence, it is a new fence for Badminton, it is


really difficult. You have to climb up a hill to theist if,


really difficult. You have to climb up a hill to theist if, very,


upright railings, a hill, make another turn to climb up another


hill and over for some railings. There are two options and it is up


to us as riders to decide which is the best for our horse.


COMMENTATOR: To Leonidas II coming to the Corral. He jumps that and is


he going left or right? They are on an angle. Again, looking very well,


very easy and looking good on the clock, too. Zagreb, a massive jump


at the Bridge, looking impressive. So we are at fences 21 A, B and C,


the Ewells Corners, the three jumps are big, wide, boxy fences, the


first fairly straightforward to jump but finding a ride for in is


important and it could be tricky. The riders are conscious of the fact


they would like to get five canter strides, five strides between this


part and the next part which will require riding forward. The riders


will becomep around this corner and what becomes interesting, as they


get to this point here, as you look down the line, you see accuracy


starts to become apparent. Riders need to mentally build a wall on


white flags on the left and the red flags on the right. As you look as


you come by the width of the fences, their maximum height and top width.


So the horses need to be scopy, accurate and bold. Ideally horses


will land within this two-yard area of the back of the fence and then


it's measured by four steps and we should find that take-off point is


about here. As you can see, the apex of this corner moves away and the


accuracy required is really important. We want horses and riders


focussed on that line and then hopefully the accuracy carries you


over the width of the fence. There should be some big pats as riders


love away to the Lake at this point. COMMENTATOR: Two-thirds of the way


around this course, Mark Todd and Leonidas II. 6,500 m. Got the line.


And makes it look easy. Optimum time 11.35. Is he on target? And coming


to the Hildon Pond for Alexander brag. He is going to be influential


in this competition. That was very quietly popping his way through.


Looking very impressive so far, this combination. The new course designer


eased off the pressure of the course towards the end, Huntman's course


looking easier. Mark Todd flying through there and off it the last


quarter of the course. Coming to the two gates, very upright. Really


breaks the rhythm. You can see Mark Todd just setting the horse up. 180


degree turn, can go inside the tree and jump the next one on the angle


and he does go inside the tree and jumps it beautifully.


Looking for that time of 11.35 when he'll get no time penalties, 0.4 of


a second after that. Well the Mirage Pond comes quickly after the Hildon


Pond. Horses getting very used to water but it isn't a nice jump in. A


good line. Interesting the. The horse had his eye on the little


house on the ride. The rider knew where he was going but the horse


wasn't so convincing. So, Mark Todd, remember the first of his two rides


at the Quarry. Another accuracy test and this big castle wall. This horse


looks full of running. And we turn to the very talented young French


chap, Astier Nicolas Nicholas. He was so impressive in Rio last year


with this horse and again, looking convincing.


Within 400 m of home, Leonidas II, Mark Todd. Already over the time.


That's significant, that red score up in the top is now counting up the


seconds he is over. Four for every second. The penalties kicking up for


Mark Todd. There were thoughts there would be quite a few inside the


time. But I'm not so sure. He is he flies the last. And he's home. 78.1


for the New Zealander. Has he made it look easier than it's going to


turn out? CLARE BALDING: How did you feel the course looked? As it


walked, he was big, he was tough, he is funny at waters sometimes, we had


strides here and there but he was so gene wine he kept going but you have


to ride all the way. And the time is tight. The time is tight. I think


without my detour at the Lake, I could have' been closer but, I think


the ground is fast and the horse finished full of running so I think


it is possible to get within the time. COMMENTATOR: Well Astier


Nicolas coming to the famous Lake. A massive drop in over this rail. This


is for the stride and gets another one. Well, Astier recovering from a


broken shoulder. I shouldn't think that did him much good. Support from


the crowd. Again, we will just have a look at this. Pushes for that one


stride. The horse almost looks as though it has stopped. It was


incredibly honest to jump that. And hang on to his back teeth. Well, now


the famous Quarry, still an accuracy test right in the middle before the


big stone wall. The blue route, short one, the very long red route.


Don't think too many will take that. Here comes the talented part-time


Farrier. Alexander Bragg with Zagreb. He has ridden great maturity


his first Badminton. Beautifully through the quarry.


This is a very interesting horse. Huge strides as it gallops here. He


has already seen a big stride right up the ramp. Made that look just


like a little jump at home. Making his way up to the Hildon Povenlted a


very big log in this. You really need the right spot for take-off.


Oh, just leaves a leg there. And Astier, is shouting to the jump


judge, telling him he is going the long way. A quick change of plan


there but a good bit of riding. A massive jump in. Good reaction from


the rider there. 38-year-old, Alexander brag has really impressed


at first Badminton. He had that very good dressage of 34.6. He will add


time faults but it is not going that many. The way it is working out,


this is a brilliant round for the first timer. Alexander Bragg from


Britain, completes. CLARE BALDING: Well I have an elated


Alexander. Clear at your first Badminton, what was it like? I'm


elated relieved. Emotional really. The horse tried really hard. Our


first one. I thought he was getting hard, I tried to help him and almost


add strides which made it harder but when I came in the to the finish,


God did he gallop. I think learning from this, I think I could push him


more knowing when he still has it there, he has t but super feeling.


COMMENTATOR: Well, another first-time rider for Great Britain


at the Pond. Oh, he shoots her out. Virtually straight into the water.


She's been an outstanding young rider. Won medals, both individually


and team for Great Britain, but sadly, that's the end of Badminton


2017 from the young rider from the Midlands. Let's see it again. Leaves


the rider badly. When the horse flips like, that you have no chance.


Now this brill yanted young Frenchman making this course look


relatively straightforward. A bit of a let-up fence there, and he comes


to the Corral. Interestingly, he takes the right-hand route. The


first one we have seen doing this. Oh, and just pops two there. He had


to wriggle around the tree. CLARE BALDING: Well having her first ride


is Li is, sa Green, the daughter of the six times champion, lieu


Sindhia. -- -- Lucinda, who is looking more nervous than she ever


did when riding. Good luck. THE COMMENTATOR: She's had several


years in the build-up to her first Badminton. Getting to the latter


part of the course now. Takes a little bit of an extra pull. There


kicks on to the wall and the horgs is very clever. No room for a


stride. Lissa Green at 10. Sits very tight,


just like her mum. Chosen not to ride in the famous primrose colours


that won six times here for Lucinada. The second to last fence,


this horse has been interesting. Makes it look so easy and well


within the time. He's just running out of petrol towards the end. The


time tells. One of the fastest riders across the country that we


have seen in recent times is coming to that last fence. He'll be a


little disappointed, I think w this timing. It is a very tough course


out there. We have not seen many near inside the time as yet.


Well the Olympic silver medallist Astier Nicolas has got around. Many


horses would have stopped in the lake. He will never stop. He's too


good. He's a star. I felt a bit unhappy with some


fences, especially at this lake because the horse has got a huge


stride, is keen. He was in a perfect rhythm going forward. He should,


every day this stride and having to add a second stride because it's so


long was so punishing to him. To made the rest of the course very


long. He got tired. The rest was difficult and like a gas tank has


gone down like this and then after it was all down to his big heart.


Lissa Green now at the Hildon Water Pond. Again, well ridden.


This young lady is not daunted be think course. She's well through the


water pond and now reaching the halfway point on the course.


And the great German rider Bettina Hoy. The strongest point of the


German team for many years coming to the Staircase. A little bit of


fighting on the approach, just making sure she gets the right


stride and gets three strides in there. That's quite surprising.


Don't see many get that in. Over the big,er and now to the


Caral. Certainly jumped better than we thought it might. The rails on


the top of the hill, a big set of rails.


And going to go around. Going round will lose them probably 15, maybe a


few more seconds, but it's safer. Lissa trying to pump out a good


rhythm and you see the twists and turns. That can rather daunt a


horse, it can really tire him. Bettina coming to the Table. Has a


very surprising run out. A pretty experienced horse this now. I have


to say Bettina will be disappointed with that. She puts her hand up.


Retires. That is a huge disappointment from Bettina and the


German contingent. A bit surprising because I would have expected better


from this horse. Clare Abbot for Ireland. Ireland with a big


contingent here. Euro Prince. Represented in the worlds in


Normandy. Positively through the water. That's as well as anyone at


that point and she presses on. And Lissa at the Quarry. Sliding


there on the landing. One or two horses have been slipping on bits of


the turns here. Nearly home. . . She'll be very excited a at this


stage. Looks back. She's safe. Had a 51.7


drissage, as you can see. She's got ground to make up. Coming to the


final fence in the arena, Lissa Green, I should think her mother,


Lucinda, will be holding her breath at this point. She will be thrilled.


Quite a few time penalties. The fact is she's completed this course. It


has to be a very positive step for this rider in the future. And the


horse looking good and relaxed and quite happy. Mrs Green very happy,


too. Your first experience of Badminton


and you have got around, well done? It was a bit of a wing and a prayer.


That would be the way with this gorgeous horse. To keep him in the


right balance was tough. A lot of work would be used. To be honest, a


lot of people think you are very brave as well? Stupid or brave! It


is a close thing. You have not felt great in the build up to this. To do


that when you are not feeling that strong Orwell is amazing. I know. If


I am on death's door I would drag myself out of bed. I did honestly


worry yesterday morning that I might not have made it today. To have


actually have completed, I can not believe it!


Now Thibaut Vallette from France. He's at the Staircase. He gets very


spooky there and again. Not the confident start we expected


from this combination. At the Quarry for Clare Abbot, they


have flown around this track. She sees a massive stride. Skinny in the


middle and another big one. This horse is full of running. He has not


been hanging around. Now Thibaut Vallette, this lovely horse. Big,


bold jumping. It's what we expect from this horse. Oh, pops up. Leaves


a leg. Very quickly tries to correct that. He'll get 20 penalties for


that, I am afraid. This was a combination that we expected to be


right at the top of the leaderboard. We've got a world-class field for


this competition and this was one that we thought would really make


their mark at what is their first Badminton.


See it again. John Majors in really we right speed.


-- jumps in really good speed. Doesn't get the speed he wants.


Steps on it, slips at the back and you lose all impulsion. Does quickly


try to change his plans, but too late. 20 penalties.


Well we talked to Lissa Green earlier, having completed her first


Badminton cross-country course. Now with me is her mother. What was


watching your daughter like? Amazing. I never thought I would see


this day. When I saw this course, I never thought I would see her gallop


up that hill back into the arena to finish. One of the biggest courses I


have seen. It is fantastic. I am thrilled. I didn't think those two


would have enough to do it. They have. You sprinted from the rider's


tent to come in with her. I was just so amazed to see her come over that


log. We said this is a big drop and it's the second last fence, don't


turn too quickly because they will be quite jelly legged. She did such


a good job and she's been so sick for about ten days. I thought she


wouldn't have the strength. She did. We went up there with her.


This is Clare Abbot, Euro Prince. They set off very quickly. One


wonders whether she went off too fast. She's the quickest we have


seen to this point so far. Only six seconds over. This is a brilliant


round from the Irish combination. Turning for the very last fence.


This fence, designed by a young lady, a brilliant last fence. That


is the best Irish round so far and goes third with the 60.1 completion


penalty score. Brilliant French combination come to


the Bridge. So impressive this horse has been


over the last couple of years. Makes that look so easy.


And so quickly back into his stride. Doesn't waste a second.


Well, here is the Badminton title winner of last year, double Olympic


champion, double European champion, it is the great Jung with La


Biosthetique Sam, setting off. Water at the top of the hill here.


Very cleverly done. Oh, fascinating! He's decided to go the long route.


He obviously had that planned. Wastes some time, but is much, much


safer. He doesn't actually hang around on


that circle. He keeps the rit emgoing. Keep -- rhythm going.


Michael Jung, ninth after dressage on 40. Still quite close. Very


positive into the Lake. Picks up reins. This is why this man is one


of the best we have ever seen. Nowhere in time could this man be


the first. Coming to these corner ins in the


middle of the park, in front of the wonderful Badminton house. A big


jump. Five strides. Some are getting six in there. Then they found the


distance quite long. Takes the flag out. Such scope. Incredible horse


this! Well, this man has got so much


ability in every side of this sport. Three disciplines and the man leads


the world in each one. So quick. These two corners have jumped well


again. Nice line as he heads off to the big footbridge.


He's returned from Lexington. He won in Lexington last week on his very


good mare. Now, could he set up another Grand


Slam? Remember he won that here last year.


Beautifully positive stride over the bridge and makes it look easy.


Thibaut Vallette coming to that final fence.


Must be quite good on the clock. Didn't get a perfect stride to that


final fence. A big, deep sigh from the rider there. Looks as impressive


as ever. Michael Jung coming to what is so


far the most influential fence. Great line. Never looked in trouble


at all. Time, it's looking promising. Remember, 11. 35 the opt


mum time. We are counting down on that clock. So he's got now five


minutes 50 seconds to get home. One of the let up courses on this


course. There are not too many of them. The way the big fences keep


coming is the significant feature that Eric Winter has built into this


course. Do the Mirage Pond. Again line, accuracy and the speed of


approach important here. It is a big drop in. You need an accurate line


to the next hedge. Well done!


En and Allstar B, coming to these big, big corners. Takes the flag


out. Safely over the fence. Oh, very accurately ridden. Didn't


waste any time either and gets a huge stride this horse. Holder of


the under-25 champion, it is Tom McEwen.


Tom good dressage at the Staircase. That's a confident start from this


combination. Michael Jung coming to the Corral.


Quite an influential fence on this course. Takes the left-hand route.


He sees the stride from a long way out. That was incredibly quick. That


is probably the best we have seen through there all day.


Tom McEwen on this lovely horse, Toledo De Kerser at the Lake. Tom


sits well. Good line.


No problems there. Some young British riders have made


their mark. Alexander Bragg, one of them. Is this young man going to do


the same? Rosalind Canter having a good ride.


These fences look quite small with this horse. He's got a big scopy


jump. The horse that went very well in the


World Championships and then bought for Tom to ride. Well over the


Bridge. This horse got a really big jump.


And Michael Jung coming to the end of this course on brilliant Sam. In


case you wonder what's on his back, it's the wonder pony, making


awareness of the bone Cancer Research for young people and look


at this horse quicken towards the end of the course.


Full of running. Sees a brilliant stride at the second last. And


Michael is saying, come on. He's kicking on. The horse has his ears


flat back. He's responding, he's full of running. He comes to the


arena and a huge cheer from the crowds. No wonder. Look at that


time. Eight seconds to go. Quick check at the last. Kicks on. Looks


at the clock and that is an incredible performance. No wonder he


looks so smug. CLARE BALDING: We know now the man


to beat. And it is this man. Having said that time and in time penalties


and Sam, the greatest horse, just brilliant at cross country and


brilliant at everything. A brilliant horse. Great discipline. I think my


dressage was really good. It is an amazing feeling when you see the


horse has so much trust in you, he understands quick, an amazing


feeling. The only horse inside the time and he made it so easy.


What a rise up the ranks from Clare Abbott. Shows how influential this


cross country cores is going to be. COMMENTATOR:. Tom Mc-Ewan now. Well


over the corners. Still pressing on. Looks a promising ride And Rosalind


Canter kicking on. A great performance the Burghley last year.


A silly run out. But he is accelerating, enormous stride this


horse and shows his scope around this horse. Look at the tierges


pretty good. One of the fastest rounds we've seen. Very promising


for the future. Two riders from Belgium here, Karin Donckers the


most experience of them. A 37.3 dressage. She was fourth after


dressage. She certainly has the experience to get around this


course. Good lines. Now at the Countryside Birch but doesn't make


it inside the tree. A couple of seconds Goth gone. You have to take


every short route, surely, to get this time. And Tom McEuan has done a


pretty good job out there and another horse, finishing full of


running. The ground here at bad inton it is on the good-to-fast


side. -- at Badminton. They have worked very hard on the course. They


have been spiking it and working and Tom and Toledo De Kerser flying


through the finish line. 54 seconds over the time. Karin Donckers at The


Lake, goods the right-handed route and runs out. That's another of the


world stars dropping down the leaderboard. This course is really


having a very big affect on the overnight scores. Izzy Taylor coming


to the bridge. Oh. And Izzy is pretty cross with that one. That was


a bit of a nasty one. They were both lucky to walk away from that. That


was good. The horse just stamping its reins but good to see them both


standing. You can just see he comes around the corner, Izzy has seen the


stride, pushing, the horse hasn't quite focussed. Goes to take off,


sadly missed the fence and sadly the horse ends up in the ditch and Izzy


stamps her fist in frustration. CLARE BALDING well for the last 16


years Chris has been in charge of the Berlin team and seen them win


countless medals. Now you have the British team. A great thin on the


ground. Great cross country runners but what do you make of of them?


Well, great highlights. Alexander Bragg, it is great he has had a


great round today. So there are some foifs, I guess we are thin on the


ground but at the same time it is a starting point you know that I see


as a good base that we have to build on. One of the real highlights of


the spring has been Zara Tindel and her performance out in Kentucky


finishing third. I sadly couldn't go out to Kentucky, I had to watch it


on the screen but it was fantastic to see her back in a great vain of


form. She was riding cross country and then show jumping, just, yes,


you know, as she did in 2012. COMMENTATOR: And Paul Tapner from


Australia, at the Staircase. A nice jump in. Very fluid and positive. A


A good start for them. Well Elisa Wallace coming home now. This horse


looking weary. In the last mile, it has definitely looked like the


petrol is getting low. Oh, leaves a leg and she gets Jupp unshipped,


almost in crawling distance to the line. Oh, heartbreaking. Non-the


worse I don't think but to get so near the finish, she will be just


wondering, though, if she perhaps could have pulled up a little


earlier and saved perhaps the horse that fall right at the end. Now Paul


Tapner in the famous red colours, a good stride N swinging left but


coming the quick way out. A good jump out and, oh, that was a nasty


one. The horse, pole axed with the one stride. The horse chipped in.


Ah, the look of frustration. That was a nasty one, though. We see it


again, he gets a good stride up. Lands well. A little bit short.


Takes the one stride and the horse, you could see, he didn't know


whether to take one or two strides or go up to the fence. Got it all


wrong and hit it with his forearms, and the two crashed to the ground.


Great to see them all up and walking abut sadly an elimination for Paul


Tapner. Now first time ride for Arianna Schivo. Oh, my word. That's


the second. A lovely profile and hits it at the roots and down they G


one has to wonder whether the qualifications for this level of


competition are good enough when you see falls like that. Well, it is


great to see Japan represented here at Badminton and Yoshiaki Oiwa and


the Duke of Cavan. He is a good one coming out. He really rides for it.


He was effective. This is James Sommerville, riding


258ent. They are based in Yorkshire. The combination here for the first


time at the Corral. And he is in and oh, missed it totally and flicks


him. Now that fence on the angle, that's exactly what can happen.


Experience there, perhaps, or lack of experience I should say. Well,


young James will learn by it and luckily horse and rider


non-the-worse for the problem. Hits it hard and when you hit it at an


angle, that's exactly what happens, that the rider has nowhere to go


than out the door and on to the ground. Well, non-the-worse. That's


the cost of experience I think for James Sommerville there.


And Yoshiaki Oiwa, at the Outlander bank, a big step up this and bounces


over neatly. A good pat for the horse. A well-deserved pat at this


stage. He doesn't get a good strike there on the top of that mound but


the horse helps him out. It is so nice it see Japanp represented here,


especially with the next Olympics coming up. There is no doubt this


chap will be leading the squad there. The hill done Without Pond. A


nice jump in -- the hitch ildon. He makes -- the Hildon Water Pond. This


is Gemma Tattersall. They were third last year. They rode for Britain in


the Rio Olympics. Away from the Staircase, the odd problem there but


on the whole jumped pretty well. They head off to The Lake. Jerks


jumping that big fence, the big Oxer. It is difficult to say it is a


lettout fence, it is massive. Heading to the Corral. A good jump.


In a little quick through the bottom. But the horse is very neat


in front and Yoshiaki Oiwa kept his position very well. Didn't drop the


horse or lean forward. Arctic Soul, at the Bridge. Won a prize last


year. And over the big table there, coming to these rather influential


corners right in front of the house. Look at the crowd. Loving this day


of cross country. Gets a good five strides. Holds his line and pushes


for that, two strides and actually very impressive. That's good and the


horse very relaxed. Arctic Soul, Gemma Tattersall at the Pond.


Disappointing dressage. 55.8. Got to get it back at cross country. Goes


for a long stride in the middle and shouts long, another one just to


remind the judges which way she's going to go. Can be good thinking


sometimes. So loses a bit of time there. Remember, still only one


inside that optimum time at the moment, Michael Jung and Sam. Psalm


Griffiths at the Staircase. A previous winner of Badminton, this


combination. Look so easy and so calm and relaxed. Let's hope the


rest of the round looks like that. So, this is a very good sight for


Japan. They really are putting in a big effort for those Olympic Games


in Tokyo in 2020 and this could be the man who leaves them there. This


was the horse that was bought out. It was found to be big and strong


but Yoshiaki Oiwa has given this horse a peach of a ride. It is


30-plus seconds over but this man has shown that Japan really now on


the international stage. Well done. Sam Griffiths. He was here in 2014


with this horse. He had an unlucky time last year. First corner, oh, he


could have' gone the other side of the fence there. And crucially he


has gone on. That could bring in a new rule which could end in 50


penalties. And Gemma Tattersall going to the Corral. Always keen and


enthusiastic this horse. Can get a little bit strong. Oh a rattle


there. A slightly flat jump. She has to hold him and gets very close to


that second element. But they get away with it These are on frangable


pins these fences so easily dislodged but no problems there. And


Sam Griffiths was in the bronze medal team for Australia in Rio.


Finished fourth himself. He looks really in the groove as he heads up


now to the big jump. And Gemma coming to the Quarry. Not the most


difficult we have seen the Quarry but right at the end of a tough


track. It is all about having the stamina. This is one of the fastest


courses cross country. It'll be interesting to see what we are time


is like, she is kicking away. Sam Griffiths, the 2014 winner here, at


the Pond. Had an unlucky 20 penalties in the competition last


year but so far clear and looking good. It is a very exciting prospect


for Ireland here,p Jonty Evans on Cooley Rorkes Drift. A brilliant


performance in Rio last year. Gets three strides in, takes the flag


out. They'll need to settle into this course. A big test. Gemma


Tattersall over the fence, still inside that optimum time. Not sure


whether she can make it, no. She's not. But it is a good ride. This is


good news again for Chris Bartle. This is a an important combination


with the Europeans in Poland this year. Needs to improve the dressage


but an excellent cross country again for Gemma Tattersall. They go 7th.


He was a serious handful for mee, I'm 5'5", he is 17-1. He is an out


and out galloping machine. Quite a handful. We had to go one long


route. He jump sod well, almost too well that I didn't have enough time


to get to the straight route and I didn't want to have a silly 20, so


went wrong, so that's why we were a few seconds older. But gosh, that


horse sore a machine. Well, Ireland will be having everything crossed as


Jonty comes to the the Lake. Light on his feet this horse, he really is


so good. You see it there, a brilliant piece of riding and away


they g away from the Lake, clear and fast.


Taking the favourite left-hand route.


Careful jumping. Sees a good one. Nice jump. Doesn't waste any time


there. Already 30 seconds over on the clock.


On that good score of 38 could Jonty Evans catch Michael Jung t only one


inside the time. This horse has got quite a round action. Still he


covers the ground. A brilliant dressage test for Ingrid


Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob, as they come to the Staircase. One of


the best jumpers in the sport of eventing. When he came out as a


young horse some of the top showjumpers were trying to buy him.


He looks hesitant over these steps. Needs to step up a gear. It is many


years since Ireland have won the title here. But this is certainly


their best chance for a long time. Jonty Evans clear. Gets a good line


through there. Still on target and far from slow.


Sam Griffiths, nice gallop and turns into these fairly massive gates. You


can see there from the penalties, the jump judge and the ground jury,


they have given him 50 error for the error at the corner.


I am sure there'll be discussions later on in the evening. Still


looking full of running.


Looking determined. Good jump in.


Oh, and a big stride out. Still manages to chip in the second stride


and quickly away. Quick pat for the horse. Thanks,


mate! Jonty Evans coming up to the Corral.


Based up at Cheltenham. I love the way this horse is so


light, such a good jumper. Careful, but quick.


Very neatly through there. There is a longer route. There it's three


jumping efforts rather than two. Most of the riders are tackling it


straight on. Not wasting any time. Ingrid has


always been known as a very fast rider across the country.


And a great stride over the bridge. You can see the horse's shape. The


neck neek of his front legs and his head and neck in the balance. Just


quite brilliant over that fence. Jonty Evans coming to the corner.


This the fence he talked through. Jumps well enough.


Oh, and the horse just looks right and glances right. Ah! I think Jonty


will perhaps appreciate he didn't ride it quite as he should it should


have been ridden and that's so unfortunate.


Let's see it again. Just watch the horse look right.


Impact left and then right. He tried to change it but could not get the


horse to concentrate on the all-important line.


That is such bad luck. And Sam Griffiths coming towards the


end. This rather big log. A bit of a drop


on the landing. It's quite an angle. Rileders have to be aware of that


landing and keep the balance. He's kicking on T clock's looking good.


He will, as yet, be unaware of the 50 penalties. I don't think he'll be


a terribly happy bun any when he finds out -- bunny when he finds


out. Kicking on to the last. Quite a good time.


Comparing to everybody else what's ahead of him.


How did you feel out there as you were going around your course? My


horse went beautifully. She's a superb horse. It rode tough out


there. It is showing in the results that it's a tough course to ride


around. THE COMMENTATOR: Ingrid and


Horseware Hale Bob. They jump the bank. A little


hesitantly, but perfectly safely. She wastes nothing in the approach


to the fence or getting away. The time is looking pretty comfortable


at the moment. Still here country colleague, the


only one inside the time, Michael Jung and Sam. Top of the leaderboard


on the overnight score of 40. This is probably Michael Jung's biggest


danger. They have been such competitive colleagues for many


years. This water... Nicely over the log in


the mid-. She's got the line. And there's no problem there. Two-thirds


of the way around and Michael Jung will be biting his finger nails.


And Jonty, disappointing 20 for them on the board, but he's kicking on


till the end. Fantastic potential in this horse. I think it is a


combination we'll see a lot of in the future. Certainly will be the


mainstayer of the Irish team later this year for the European


Championships. Has to put that disappointment behind him. It's a


bit of a learning curve, but he has to be thrilled with this young horse


and you can see he's delight. A great performance.


So frustrating to have a run out? He was brilliant around the course. He


was dubious about the Staircase. After that he seemed to grow in


confidence and he was super. I cannot fault him. I have to hold my


hands up. It was my mistake. So, we'll go away and we'll learn frit.


When you look at the leaderboard, the guys at the top of the


leaderboard do this week in, week out. I've only got this one at this


level. I've got some lovely young ones. It was a great experience and


he was fabulous. He didn't put a foot wrong. There was a lot of


support for you, I was at the Staircase and the cheering must have


lifted you? It does. I don't live very far away. I live near


Cheltenham, so it's almost local and half of Gloucestershire comes to


Badminton. It is great. They cheer you home and it does help. The crowd


support is fabulous! A very frank analysis from Jonty. This girl could


go top of the leaderboard. She's going that well. Coming up now


to the Mirage Pond. The crowd has been absolutely enormous. They are


still here now as we get to the exciting closing stages of this


cross-country competition and the world's best and they are here for


this year's Badminton title in a big way, beginning to get an exciting


finish on the horizon. She east going to go -- she's going


to go long. A few seconds wasted, but not many. Oh, a slip, we've seen


one or two of those. The green grass on the fairly firm,


fairly hard-going, really making it slippery in places.


Up now to the Corral. Ears pricked. This is a horse with so much


quality. A loot of the german breeding is involved. This, horse


which has got it there too. It gives this emthe speed, has made them


world leaders for so long. Being challenged by France now. But this


lady is not going to be beaten easily at the.


You have heard that rattling with those pins a lot, but there's no


problem, they stay in tact. And the great Mark Todd. We heard


him saying after his first ride that the horse finished full of running.


I reckon we'll see him close tore the optimum time on this one. Such a


brilliant rider over the years. 61 years young now. And he's still as


determined as ever. A bit of a twist over that second


fence. It is a big fence. Ingrid Klimke, now to those dual course.


-- to the Joules Corners. And the horse jumps it easily. She's on tar


et. This will be nip and tuck over the last third of the course here.


Down into the Lake. The Bullfinch. At the Hunt 'sman close now. A


stumble, but quickly picks up. All importantly for ingrid, the horse


still looks pretty fresh. Remember her father won Olympic golds for


Germany in the world of dressage. This lady is so talented.


Actually this a horse that was part of some very big part of the horse


jumping world. That could be important here at these gates. Oh,


pops through. Everything's in tact. The Lake for Toddy. Didn't have the


best jump in the first ride, but much better. Pure class in this one.


Oh, kicks for the one and another horse, yet another horse to chip in


that stride. He was quickly, he's waving to the


crowds. He's a cool crowd. At the Quarry. The horse still


looking full of running. The moment it looks as if she got that very


close to the time. 11. 35, remember. As you look at that clock counting


down, she's got 42 seconds left. She can afford nine seconds over and


still be in contention. She would then be level with Michael Jung on


Sam. So, nine seconds over. That's all she can afford to still retain a


part leadership. Quicker than that, and she will take the lead and it's


going to be that close. All uphill now. The horse full of running.


Under the Grandstand roof. The crowd building here as we get towards the


final climax of this cross-country. What a day it's been. She's going to


go over. We're looking for something under nine seconds to get the lead.


She's going to do that. She's going to do it. One second. Can you


believe it! 0.4 of a penalty between Ingrid Klimke and Michael Jung.


Germany, one and two. A great finish in prospect.


Well, Mark Todd didn't get the most perfect stride on his first horse at


this bridge. The horse showing all its scope possible as he just pops


over it. CLARE BALDING: Record crowds here.


There are fence judges. At fence 24, they had a look at whether Ingrid


Klimke dislodged the frangible pin. Did she break it? Did the fence drop


down? If so, it would incur 11 penalty points. That's where she hit


it. You will see her look around when she jumps the second gate. The


judges said, yes, you have hit it, you have broken the pin. That is 11


penalties. She appealed and the grand jury finally took those


penalty points away. Which means she does lead narrowly from her


countryman Michael Jung. The best of the British at the moment is


Rosalind Canter ahead of Alexander Bragg. Then we have Mark Todd and


Yoshiaki Oiwa. Well Ingrid Klimke has had a torrid


five minutes. You thought you were leading, then you thought you


weren't and now you are. And now they took it away. He did a


fantastic round and he deserved it. He's a good jumper. They gave you 11


penalties and you appeal it? Yes. He was jumping it very careful for


So they went and checked it again and realised everything was clear.


So now, on reflection, what do you think you've done so far at this


competition? I think I'm so proud of Bobby because he was bold. It was


tough. It was not an easy round. I could not wave to the crowd, enjoy


myself too much. I knew everything was quick. He wanted to go fast. He


was a bit strong. He wanted to go faster than I wanted to prepare.


Every time I had him, he saw the line, jumped and was fluent and pure


fun, really. I don't know whether you realise this, you could afford


to be nine seconds over and be level with Michael Jung. You were eight


seconds over, that is why you are in front. So, one second. So we both


will have to ride clear give everything to do it. Bobby is a


very good showjumper, isn't he? He is a very good showjumper. I have no


worries he does it well. I did the alternative route at the third


quarter. I think that was a few seconds. But I am very, very happy.


Well done, ingrid. Thank you. Mark Todd at the Hildon Pond. Now a


little tap on the shoulder and just pops out. These are enormous logs.


Well, this is Lauren Kieffer, one of the leading American riders. On a


very good horse, Veronica and by Rebecca Farm. Her second ride.


Safely through the Staircase. The Mirage #1k57 pond has caused some


problems throughout the day. -- Mirage Pond. Perfect line in and


equally perfect out. Brilliant style. Didn't have a good ride on


her first. Didn't get round but now the Lake. A lovely mare. # oh, oh, I


thought she might duck out but this is a mare, that with Lauren has been


twice second at Kentucky. Well the dressage leader starts, CHistopher


Burton and Graf Liberty. Over the first. An incredible test. Todd on


his second ride. Back at the corners. He had that good dressage


of 43.6. He won't go into the lead but he could get up into the top


five. This a man who has won here four times. CHistopher Burton, a big


threat to Ingrid Klimke and Michael Jung. A


really good jump here. The mare, that Karen O'Connor rode and


finished her career but taken over by Lauren Kieffer and has been very


successful. Surprised she's gone the long way round. This is a mare


that's normally quick across the country. Did have a nasty fall going


across the gate in Rio. The Lake for Graf Liberty. A little test on the


landing. Gets the one stride. Not many have done that. That just shows


the scope of this horse's jumping ability and the length of his


stride. So, Mark Todd, NZB Campino. NZB the New Zealand firm that


sponsored him to bring him out of retirement. He retired in 2000. Came


out for Hong Kong Beijing in 2008 and he is back in the top of the


world. Could he have two in the top ten? A great performance that would


be for Mark. Time ticking away. He is quick but not inside the time.


Stops the clocks 17 seconds over. 50.4, goes third. CLARE BALDING.


Mark Todd is another who had a smooth ride. How did Campino feel?


Not the fastest thing on four legs but tried hard. Around a curse like


this sometimes it feels messy but the good horses want to jump the


fences and want to go between the flags and they try their heart out


for you. COMMENTATOR: The great Veronica and Lauren Kieffer through


the Quarry. They haven't looked the fastest around this course but thief


jumped immaculately. Never putting a foot wrong. Christopher Burton, he


won Burghley last year. He could challenge the two Germans. Oh, ran


out of energy there. The horse just dried up on him and this is a


surprise. This is probably the fastest rider of cross country


throughout the world. Not normally a case of the horse losing momentum


but he did there and so that's 20 penalties and puts Chris Burton out


of the reckoning. And Tim Price had, well that's interesting. He has The


Lake and going the long route. Unexpected. Not quite sure what is


going on here but he's obviously had this planned. Oh and just a little


cautious in. Maybe that's why he didn't tackle that big log but takes


the quick route out. Gets the two strides and turns away and really


wastes very little time. A little slap with the stick to make sure he


stays going forward. Lauren Kieffer finishes. Lauren Kieffer, the


leading American rider at the moment. David O'Connor the team


manager, here trying to support the Americans but they've not had a good


day and the surprise is - she's clear but the surprise is she is


over time. Normally the mare is very quick indead but it is going to be a


67.2 score for Lauren Kieffer and Veronica. That will put them 13th


place. And here Christopher Burton, a


little bit dejected after that silly stop at the water but makes nothing


of these trick Y corners. And Christopher Burton coming to the


end. Well that's fascinating. After the stop he slowed up. Was visibly


going slower and look at the time, faster than most competitors out


there. So he must have been right up on the clock before he had that


problem. Disappointing but this horse was off last year, so he will


be happy that he is back and showing the form.


Tim Price and Xavie Faer a may scombroort of the team these days.


His wife who rides expecting a baby in August so it is up to him right


now. Up to the Corral. Positive and jumps it well. Looking good on the


clock. Oliver Townend on his second ride. ODT Ghareb. Oh, tips Oliver


forward into the Lake. Quick recovery. That shows Oliver's


brilliance, strength and balance. He reorganised himself and the horse


and jumps out beautifully. Still a big crowd here. Dogs, children, you


name it, they all come here to watch this cross country, it is a big


crowd. Tim Price comes to the Joules Corner. He has gone quickly, but he


could come a long way up the leaderboard with a good, quick


round. The Hollow for Oliver Townend. A good picture of the horse


kicking out there, hiteding the flag. Perfectly legal. Under way.


Back with Tim Price. He had a disappointing ride at Lexington, so


he will be looking to make it up here. He is through the Quarry.


Nearly in sight of home. And Oliver, at the hill done Pond. Almost lifted


the horse over there. Keeps it going, keeps the momentum. Doesn't


waste a lot of time. Andrew Nicholson on the great Nereo. This


man has won all the majors except the title here at Badminton. Nereo


now a senior but Andrew thinks he's in good nick. It Tim Price and Xavie


Faer coming into the arena. Look at the time. This is very impressive.


Probably the fastest we have seen all day. Faster than Michael Jung.


We knew he was fast across the country but look at that, cruising


over the finish line, one second within the time, brilliant. Nice to


get close to the time and inside the time on a day like today. I'm really


pleased. And on a day like today, it makes a real difference to the


leaderboard. Definitely. I want to do a bit of dressage on this horse,


which will come in future. It is not all about a climb. But it is great


to come out and have a climb like that and testament to a great day's


sport of cross country. Tait ate Andrew Nicholson and Nereo. This


horse has won Burghley and several of the big ones. Could this horse


now be in contention for this win? Dressage is good enough. The Joules


corner for Oliver. Look at his expression. Eyes on the fence. Oh,


doesn't get the perfect stride. Recovers quickly and stretches for


that two stride. Not the fastest horse of Oliver's but he's doing a


brilliant job out there. Andrew Nicholson. 15, 16 months ago he was


covering from a virtual broken neck. A brilliant recovery. Now very much


back on son. Gives himself sometime. Riding brilliantly. Good build-up.


It is showing. Away from the Hildon Water Pond and he is on a good


target. And Oliver setting up for the gates. We have seen them being


rattled and broken pins. He almost lifts the horse again. And


interestingly, he swings around the tree it is. To get straight for that


final gate. Taps in 234 in front but leaves it standing. Andrew Nicholson


coming to the Corral. We have seen him exercising his neck a little


when he has been riding. Just stitches up. He wants the free do.


Needs all the freedom to get ride lines and angles but he dozen that,


no problems. They are looking good at the rail. Well, kicking and


giving it all he is worth and Gharee Berks gallops to the final test.


Tail squishing, ears back and the crowd cheers. A brilliant ride. The


horse has enjoyed that cheer from the crowd. Gives a great jump over


the last. Look at the time, as I said not the fastest horse of


Oliver's but brilliant performance. 13 seconds, 6th position. Andrew


Nicholson back at the Quarry with Nereo. 17 years' old but looking


good. Full of running. Quell get a look now. Andrew trying it make


every use of this great old horse. Filing down to the two big rushes.


It is going to be nip and tuck. Very close. Remember, on that score of 38


he is on, after dressage. Ingrid Klimke is there and Michael Jung,


40. That means he canner hardly afford any time at all. Across the


second last. Now for home. The horse is giving 200%. The crowd will love


this. He's such a competitor and the crowd so knowledgeable. They'll be


urging him home. He's not going to get there. It's.4 for every second.


One slip, two slips, over the last. Oh, it is going to be close. He is


not going to make T there we are, six seconds over, he goes third.


What a round from the Kiwi. Clare Balding. He was so close to


making the time. He looked close to slipping out there? He slipped it a


few times but he is a big, rangy horse. He is older N his youth he


probably would've pedalled the back legs quicker or less stride or maybe


I was pressing a bit hard, who knows but when the ground is dry with


green grass, you notice on a big horse, my first never slipped but


she's like a pony. Early margins, barely a sense in it between the top


three. Clear round. That's what we have to do, so the pressure is still


on. Andrew Nicholson never holds back but look at the leaderboard,


dominated by Germany, New Zealand and Great Britain moving up the


order: 31 horses jumped clear and just two


with inside the time. Not a fence between them, not even a time gap


between the two top and then a gap to Tim Price. Now this is the final


day where the Mitsubishi trophy will be decided. Now after vets


inspections, three horses didn't make it through, one is Lissa


Green's horse and Becky's who jumped clear cross country and most


significantly, aleggs Ander Bragg 's horse, did a grab, they were lying


in eighth but had to pull out. Emily Galruth had a heavy fall. She was


taken to Southmead hospital and remains in intensive care. Our


thoughts are with her and hope she makes a speedy recovery.


thoughts are with her and hope she makes a speedy recovery. As well as


today's action and seeing who will be this year's champion, we'll bid a


farewell to a crucial member of our BBC team. Zblts appropriate that


Mike Tucker is bowing out at Badminton. Born and raised nearby,


he started competing here in the 196 #0s. He put on a great show for the


BBC cameras. Tait tanchts Mike unfortunately is catapulted out of


the saddle. Even before he retired he was getting straight off the


horse to join the commentators. Oh, Lucinda takes no time. And again


perfection through there. Combining commentary and riding must have been


a challenge in 18 138 when he came oh so close to winning Badminton on


a horse he bred himself. General Bugl he can. A natural over the


cross country fences, dressage hampered his chances of victory that


year but even so, only the great Lucinda Green could beat him it take


her fifth title. Go on, go on, go on. For 40 years, Mike has been


entertaining us with his crucial contribution to equestrian sport on


the BBC and since 1992 he has been our lead comem Taitor all around the


world. He has seen Zara Phillips grow from a little girl who looked


up to him, to a ruder who became world champion.


She's done it, Zara Phillips, the world champion. He's been the choice


to guide us through the Olympics, first in London... What a


performance! And last year in Rio, with more gold for Charlotte


Dujardin and Skelton skel. Mike, it has been an amazing career.


Important for you to finish here at Badminton? There's been a huge


family association with this estate. My father farmed here, my mother was


born here. This was always going to be the local gym karn that from the


word go. Some years you rode and commentators, not at the same time,


nearly! It was a challenge. One that one enjoyed because there's a lot of


similarities between riding and commentating. It's all adrenaline,


as you are well aware. Having done it, you could actually put more into


the commentary. I really enjoyed that. You always had a particular


strength of feeling for the Olympics. When did that start? Well,


it started in 1968. We were all given the opportunity to go as


grooms to hex co-and I was -- Mexico and I was very privilege to groom


Cornishman. They won gold, an amazing Olympics. The one memory I


have it is when I was holding the horse, the National Anthem was


played. It was magic. I remember saying to myself, gosh, I want a


piece of this. That is where it all stemmed from. You set yourself an


ambition to call a British gold medal. That is dependant on other


people. It took a long time to come. My word, it did. Started 1996, and


it was London when everyone came right in a big way. This could be


the first gold... Since 1952 and Britain have got gold! Three gold


medals. It was wul worth waiting for. What a game to bow out on in


terms of success in Rio. It is the fairy teal of all. Charlotte --


fairy tale of all. Charlotte winning back-to-back was special. The one


for me which was the best moment of my commentary life, that was Nick


winning that individual gold. For a man's career who'd gone from highs


and lows and remembering he broke his neck in 2000, came back to the


best form on the world stage and that last day he did get better and


better. It was magnificent. I had tears in my eyes. I'll be the first


to admit. It's been a pleasure to listen to you for all of those


years, work alongside you for some and good luck for today. Thank you


very much. Very kind. And before Mike does his final piece


of commentary for the BBC, he was out there in the middle of the arena


to receive a very special trophy from the Duchess of Cornwall. That


is what he uses to comment tat with and a picture of the British horse


federation. Very apt she should make that press sensation. Our leader in


the clubhouse is Mark Todd, at 61. He's going strong. He has two horses


in the top ten. He went clear and on 58.1 penalty points, he is our


leader. It is four penalties. It is one penalty for any second or part


of a second over the optimum time, 87 seconds and the first horse we


will see live is Oliver Townend. We are joining our commentary team.


THE COMMENTATOR: Winning in 2009 on Flint Curtis. To finish on 56.2, in


seventh place. But he's got No leeway whatsoever.


Toddy finishing on the first of his two rides. He went out of word with


Leonidas on 68. A combination which have not always


had their best results, but Olly is very competitive. The time has been


very influential throughout the day. That is unfortunately one down there


for Oliver and another one. It is going to be expensive. It's a very


good track. It is big, it's square, it's vert kasmt


-- vertical. Although it looks a very flat arena in here, there's a


gentle slope up and down and it does make a difference to the horses'


strides. The downhills, just sit there and hold tight. A long way off


that. That's a short distance in there.


Oliver made it look quite easy. He's, I think deliberately keeping


off the rails, acting for a little bit of standoff. Not getting him in


too close. Another one goes. Already gone down more than three places. He


was seventh. And the last. It's expensive. It's 16 to add.


The time is all right. So 72 .2 for Oliver and Ghareeb.


So, he goes down seven places. Expensive.


Yes, it was expensive. Just kicked it out in front there. He got one of


them earlier behind. And Oliver looks despondent as he


walks out. Now the turn of Rosalind Canter.


She's been one of our top young riders for quite a while. Here last


year she had to withdraw in the end of the day before she'd even done


cross-country simply because the horse's heart was not in the rhythm


required. She went to burg burly last year. Really cross-country this


combination went well. Rosalind Canter with Allstar B.


54.5. Currently in sixth place. She's going to stay ahead of


Yoshiaki Oiwa of Japan and indeed Mark Todd, she's got to jump clear.


Full house. Absolutely packed. And we're in for a nail-biting


finish. Britain want young stars for the future and this very much could


be one. Certainly could be. She did a brilliant round yesterday. Again


she did a great round at burglary. -- at burley.


He wants to jump the fences. And Ross has done a brilliant job of


jumping with him and on the flat. A real hopeful for the British team, I


should think. Later this year for the European Championships that are


going to be held in Poland. It is great to see some of the


youngers coming through for the British selectors, so they have


choice. Clare said one of her disappointing bits of news this


morning was the withdrawal of Alexander Bragg and Zagreb, they


were potentially another pair. We'll see that combination around for a


long time, hopefully. The reason he was out this morning will not


detract from his future career. Clear! And inside the time.


Stays on that 54.5. Remain in sixth place. Recognition


as a future star. He gets lots of height over these


fences. He never touched the pole in there.


Ears always forward, looking to what he's doing. Look at the height


behind. So Rosalind Canter will be our


leading British rider here at Badminton. A great chance to be


selected for the British Championships. This is our leader,


Ingrid Klimke, in that bright jacket, I love to come back here and


watch the riders go for their final preparations. She knows the title is


within her grasp. The people that can beat her, well Michael Jung, he


can. He's over on the right. The top five are three New Zealanders, two


German riders and Andrew Nicholson. What a story. The record of 35


completions, but never won Badminton before.


THE COMMENTATOR: Well, this is where every fence down gets to cost the


winner of this year's trophy could get ?100,000. A record top prize.


The second ?54,000. Then down to ?41,000. Then to ?21,000. So a pole


will be very expensive. Mark Todd jumped a brilliant round earlier on


his first horse and he is particularly good in this phase. A


rider that's jumped right at the top level, at Grand Prix, representing


New Zealand and showjumping as well as eventing. He could have done it


in dressage as well, had he wanted to turn his hand to that.


Such a good eye. And incredible balance. This horse goes with his


head quite low. Mark doesn't interfere with him. He uses his head


and neck to balance himself. The Kiwis hoo-ha r had what such a great


record -- who have had such a great record. He probably jumped one of


the worst showjumping rounds he's ever jumped. Dropped New Zealand out


of a team medal and him out of a medal. I think that is one he'll


want to forget. He will not be thinking about that at the moment.


Brilliant! His showjumping experience of two Olympics have


really helped him in that phase. He gets at least fifth place. Could it


be more? Well, before we see the top four,


let's grab a word with Ross. How did you do it? Well, it is just trying


to hold, and I have never been in an atmosphere like this. But I am on a


super jumper. He's consistent. As soon as he goes to the start, he


clocks into work mood. Mode. This is a terrific result. A very different


experience to last year? Last year we did the dressage test. He had a


heart defibration. He had to go to the vet. We have been learning all


the time. We have been gearing up for a good result. It is a case of


getting all three together at the right time. We pulled it off. It


could be the start of a very good year for you. Well done. Thank you


very much. Now it is Tim Price. New Zealand,


and this a mare who went beautifully across-country yesterday. 48.2.


Along with Michael Jung. One of only two to go inside the time. But this


a horse that hasn't jumped too many clear rounds in a final phase.


He's jumped clear twice since he started in 2015 in eight runs.


Very important he jumps one here. He's on 48.2. He has got one, but


not two fences. A clear round would put the pressure on the top three.


It certainly looked impressive so far in this round. As the round goes


on, sometimes... Oh, certainly something there. He pushed and got


the result he wanted. But it is often as the round goes on and these


horses get a little bit flatter if they are not known to be careful. So


far, looks good. The New Zealanders are trained by


one of the top Spanish show jumpers, ever. He is a very good man on the


ground. one of the top Spanish show jumpers,


ever. He is a very good man on the ground. Has he got this combination


wound up to jump a clear round at a crucial time? Got to jump clear to


stay ahead of Mark Todd. . One like to go.


Oh, a little tap there. One to G a brilliant round. Oh, he really has


held his nerve. He's got a time fault, though. He's got a time


fault. But that, I think is going to keep him in fourth place. 49.2.


And he stays ahead of Rosalind Canter. Well, Mark Todd is with me


so. Two horses finishing so high. Well done? I'm chuffed. A great


week. Both have come out today and jumped well. They felt really good


after yesterday. So I'm declieted. You know and I know -- I'm


delighted. You talked about Rio, the worse Dave your life and the horses


come out here and jump clear, in fact both did. I don't know what it


was in Rio that upset him. I think he is much happier on grass for some


reason, although he is a bit nooky out there, he tries harder What is


your prediction? Who will win from the top three? Well, I have to say,


you know, Ingrid and Michael are so consistent. You know everybody would


love Andrew to jump a clear round and do well. This horse hasn't been


the most consistent but having said, that everything seems to be jumping


very well this afternoon, you never know. Thank you, Mark and well done


again. Thank you. COMMENTATOR: Well, this a man who has had 35


completions around Badminton, never won it. Within in the top 3 on


numerous occasions. This horse has been good to him. Helped him win


individual bronze in the worlds in 2010 in Kentucky but this phase has


tended to be his weakest. Only jumped clear in the final phase on


five occasions out of 11 completions. But could this be the


one that really matters? And then gives him a chance of making that


dream come true and getting him that Badminton win which he really,


really wants? I must just remind you he is 0.8, not 8, but 0.8 behind the


leader. Oh, he is living dangerously.


It's almost too frightening to say anything watching this.


Come on. Ah, the clock, he is going to get a time fault. He is going to


get one but that's a all. That is masterful piece of riding in the


final phase. He has done his job and so has Andrew. 41.4 his final score.


It could be time faults deciding this. Well, we have never seen this


horse jump for many, many years a clear round and Andrew did a


masterful job out there. Absolutely fantastic. None of us wanted to


speak, none of us wanted to breathe whilst he was out there and Nereo,


lived up to his brilliant reputation of being a fantastic horse and a


brilliant cross country horse. Now great in the show jumping as well.


So, to the last two of the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse


Trials. It's Germany 1 and 2 but Andrew Nicholson for New Zealand


right up there. Neither can afford to have a fence down to keep ahead


and, in fact, two time faults - and we've had plenty with more - could


also decide this. Michael Jung, double Olympic champion, double


European champion and of course holder of the Badminton title when


he jumped clear last year. He's jumped some seven clear rounds of


his nine starts in four star final day jumping. But he did two years


ago lose the Badminton title at the very last fence.


He gave that first fence a little rub, which probably would help.


Michael such a good show jumper and Sam is a very good jumper but he has


had the odd fence down. We know it Oh, and there it goes. Well, that


has moved up, putting pressure on Ingrid right now. Pressure is the


dangest danger for both Ingrid and mike A last year he won in Kentucky.


If he had won here he could have' set up another Grand Slam at


Burghley but it is not going to be. He has been such a prolific horse.


An incredible winner throughout his career and at 17 years of age, still


looks like a youngster and gave a masterful performance cross country


yesterday. Time to going to be all right. It's


the one fence down. It drops him below Andrew Nicholson and Nereo. A


final score of 44 for Sam and Michael junction. CLARE BALDING: He


can't defend his title but this man could win it for the first time. It


is rare to get a clear on Nereo but gosh you did well there? Yes, he


needs to be a very good jumper and probably has not got such a good


reputation because he has been fast at big events and the ground has


been very heavy and they are not machines but he showed today he can


do it and 17 years old, all I need now is Ingrid to help me out and,


here we go, we'll wait and see. The dream will yet come true. We may


keep you here and find out. COMMENTATOR: Down to the last. The


overnight leader, after that challenging cross country yesterday,


it is Ingrid Klimke on Horseware Hale Bob Old for Germany. 39.6, so


she can't afford to have a fence down. Nereo now on 41.4, so, she


couldn't afford to have two time faults. She could have one and still


win but she couldn't have two. She would be the first female rider to


win Badminton since Lucinda Freddics back in 2007 and of course in 2015


she finished second to Chilly Morning and William Fox Pitt.


Well, we know this is a brilliant show jumper and Ingrid said at the


end of her cross country round that she's pretty confident about him in


the jumping ring. A little rub there at the back. But then there is the


pressure and the expectations but Ingrid is a pretty cool girl - oh.


Andrew Nicholson has won his first Badminton title. Well, well, well,


the crowd will go mad with that result. Oh. Well, we've had two of


the best horses and riders in the world just have poles down and given


Andrew Nicholson his first Badminton win. I can't tell you how thrilled I


am for him. No, me, too. I couldn't agree more. Let's just remind you,


particularly those who don't watch the sport on a regular basis. Andrew


Nicholson to nearly broke his neck at Gatcombe horse trials in the


final fence in 2015. He made a major recover rain sadly, it is all


falling apart P oh, dear, Ingrid Klimke is one of the best riders in


the world and she doesn't deserve this because she is dropping down


now, dropping down the order and as we said earlier, it is going to be


expensive It is going to be expensive. Poor Ingrid, it has gone


wrong. But as well as Andrew, I would like to say a huge thank you


and recognise Libby, the owner of Nereo, an incredible owner, so loyal


over the years. You are absolutely right To the last. She is going to


get time faults as well. It is 12 jumping and five, actually one time.


It is 13 and she goes on to 58.6 and it is going to drop her down to


fifth place. Well, well, well, one thinks back to the days of the horse


she rode at Championship level for many years, she had some horrible


finishes then but one didn't expect it today and... No, we didn't expect


that at all. CLARE BALDING: I am with the man who has won Badminton


for the first time in his career. Andrew Nicholson. Oh, hugs all


around. That is aextraordinary. Your grandson there and son here.


Desperate for Ingrid it went wrong but for you a very long time coming?


It has been wrong for me quite a few times as well. I know what it is


like and it is worth the wait. I can assure you, the feeling is much


better when you've waited. You missed this competition last year


because you were still recovering from a broken neck. Doctors told you


you should never ride again? No my so you are on, a clever man, Jeremy


Reynolds he is watching today. He told me straight after surgery that


he had done a very good job. I had good, strong bones and he was very


sure I'd be all right, it would be whether my mind would let me. So,


yes, clever men these surgeons. I don't think there has ever been any


doubting your mind. Oliver Townend was one who rushed forward to


congratulate you when we knew you were going to win. We will have a


look at those celebrations, you will see the strength of feeling around


event riders and owners, how much they put into the sport. How much


they know he has been through and Oliver Townend joked - it is the


only way he gets on TV these days, which is not true. But that shows


how much people appreciate... And the likes of Jonty Evans andestaway.


These people who have worked for me when they were young, and they are


beating me regularly at big events and I feel very proud being


associated with them and that's why they are so excited for what I've


done. Yeah, it's a good feeling. This is the won you really wanted,


wasn't it? Yeah, it is the first event I came to when I came from New


Zealand when I was 18. I came to groom for Toddy. I thought it was


easy, no problem at all. You just turn up with a horse and take the


prize home. That was 1984. I have learned it is not quite so easy.


Well, you couldn't deserve it more. Lilly is in tears, and your daughter


and grandson and Mark Todd wants to congratulate you. Let's confirm the


place, Andrew Nicholson is the Badminton champiour fore2017. Toddy


is congratulating you, over to Mike to confirm.


COMMENTATOR: Well, in what has been a tough competition where experience


has counted, it has been won by Andrew Nicholson, that will be


without doubt the most popular result that could have' been


expected at this this stage. Michael Jung was second and Tim Price for


New Zealand in third. Mark Todd then Rosalind Canter, Marked to and


Ingrid Klimke there too. Many congratulations to the man who broke


his neck and who has come back here to the champion. -- to be champion.


Clare Balding presents coverage of Badminton Horse Trials, one of the highlights of the equestrian calendar.

2016 proved a memorable occasion as Michael Jung became the first German to win the event. Jung had already won at Burghley and Kentucky and this third consecutive top-level win meant he was only the second rider ever to achieve the Grand Slam.

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