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BMX is where I started. It is how I made my name. It is where I came


back to. Columbia, BMX is big here. Medellin is home to the current


Olympic champion and queen of BMX, Mariana Pajon, the track here is


even named after her. The Colombians know their stuff and they are hugely


passionate and out in force to have the best riders roll into town.


Hello and welcome to the highlights of the 2016 BMX World Championships.


The riders might be out in the sunny climes of Medellin in Colombia,


South America. We are here on the edge of our saddles at the National


cycling Centre in Manchester. Joining me providing expert insight


is the six time Olympic champions Sir Chris Hoy and Sinead is read.


You made the jump from track to BMX, is there a bit of you that wishes


you were still at it? Having done BMX for so many years, I always have


that thing inside me that wants to get back on the starting gate. I am


happy to be sitting here watching. Chris, you actually started out in


BMX. I raced at the BMX World Championships 30 years ago, in


Slough, 1986 and 1987 in Orlando. Before you were born. So it has


changed a lot in the last 30 years, the tracks have got bigger and


faster. It is so spectacular now but I am happy to be on the sidelines


watching. One of the big favourites going into the main event meant a


lot of home interest. Liam Phillips has been the overall Supercross


world champion for the last couple of years and the 2013 BMX world


champion. Getting his hands on the rainbow jersey is top of his


priority list. How is your form at the moment? I am


going really good. Probably better than good. I have only raced twice


this year and that was always the plan. It was not going to be a


short, sharp season but the racing has been done over the last few


years. I am never satisfied and I am happy overall but I want to push


that level on again. I want to produce good starts and get on the


flight full of confidence. How well do you know the track in Colombia? A


great track, really technical and long. It is altitude, not massive


altitude, 1600 metres I think. It will be a physical day. I think it


will be about getting into the last eight and being in the best shape


possible so you can produce your best ride when you need to. When you


do that, the chances of being successful are high. Colombia is a


country, Mariana Pajon is the Olympic champion from London, she is


an absolute queen in Colombia. Again, you put all of that together


and we will have a World Championships to remember. Everyone


who has experienced racing in South America thinks it is fantastic. We


have been to Argentina the last four years on the World Tour. It is


always a stop that is the most memorable every year. We go to this


tiny little town in northern Argentina and the kids grow up with


absolutely nothing and for a world-class event to come to the


city every year is the highlight of the year. I leave that race with


nothing every year, I give away crash helmets and goggles. I give


away everything. These kids love it. So to race in Colombia in the world


champion ships will be special. How important is the rainbow jersey? For


me personally, it is the greatest honour in cycling. It is something I


looked to achieve throughout my career. In my first World


Championships, that was 1996 as a six or seven-year-old boy. That is


when the rainbow jersey was first awarded to BMX. I have grown up with


that rainbow jersey being awarded to the best riders every year and it is


something I have strived to achieve. To wear the jersey for 12 months was


the biggest honour and highlight of my career so far. It is something I


love to race for. How does it compare winning the rainbow jersey


or the World Cup? It is difficult. In football, the rainbow jersey is


like the FA Cup, performing on one given day. Whoever performs on that


date gets the honour to wear that jersey. The World Cup is like the


premiership, it takes consistency over five different stops. I have


been really pleased with how I have been able to back the World Cup in


the last couple of years. I was third in 2013 and won the series in


2014 and 15. To have that and a level of consistency I have had in


the last few years has been something that doesn't happen


overnight. It is something I have achieved and am proud of. Not


immediately on your calendar but the Olympics gold medal, what would it


mean? It would be extremely satisfying. It is something I have


worked towards. It is the ultimate goal at the end of the day. I am not


dreaming about it now, I am putting the foundations in place to make it


happen. It would be massively satisfying on a personal level but


nationally, as a sport in the UK, it would be huge. It would turn the


sport to the next level. That is something that would mean a lot to


me. He looks on fine form, you know him well, how confident will he be


going to this World Championships? Looking at him in the gym and on the


track in Manchester prior to the World Championships, he will feel


confident. He is probably the best in the world from the start so I


think he will be confident. The World Championships is one of the


big things in cycling but with the big O looming over the corner and a


man who has been in both, will he be distracted by Rio? Everyone is


talking about Rio but this is still a World Championships. The chance to


win a rainbow jersey means a lot to every rider. The Olympics are on the


horizon but they won't be thinking of that when they line up at the


start gate. We are about to see the action in BMX is incredible. The


margin for error in so small. It is a battle out the. They are guys


racing from six and seven and now they are raising later. Why is there


such love between the riders? If all we were in the Olympics, it was more


of a laid-back sport. You can become friends and travel on the circuit


all the time. People in America training and working with each


other. You develop a friendship and we are always travelling. Come the


Olympics, it didn't change that. People are still friends off the


track, not to much on the track. That is why the relationships keep


going. We do have a man on the ground in Colombia, a former BMX


world champion and Chris's partner from the team spent in Beijing that


won gold. He is now the wee extra rector for USA cycling, Jamie staff,


here is his insight into the events coming up. The last big race of 2016


in the BMX Callander. A lot of riders trying to gain a spot in the


Olympics in a few months. Some of the big riders to look out for our


Caroline Buchanan from Australia. She has been on the podium at every


single World Cup event. Alise Post has looked great all season but has


not been able to put it together and get on the podium. She is still


definitely one to watch. And of course, Mariana Pajon, the current


Olympic champion in her hometown. In front of her home crowd. For the


men, Sam Willoughby from Australia. Another great contender and


consistent athlete. He lost the World Championships. We have Maris


Strombergs, twice an Olympic champion and he won just two weeks


ago in Holland. We also have Liam Phillips Great Britain trying to get


another world title. He did not get it last year but made the final. He


will try and get that jersey again this year as he heads to Rio in


2016. Great to have some local knowledge, what can we expect from


the track? It is really technical. Out of all the B extracts I have


been to, it is the most technical. It is a long course and is


challenging. Big jumps and super technical rhythm sections so it will


be a real challenge for the riders. Does it favour the Colombians


because they can train on it all? Definitely, any home advantage, like


when we race in Manchester, it benefits you so much more. They will


have that home advantage. How much will altitude play a part? They are


at 1500 metres, not high altitude but you notice it. You feel out of


bread going upstairs. But for repeated effort by the time you get


to the final and the start gate, they will be feeling it in the legs.


Even factors like the extra speed, a little bit faster. Trying to adjust


how far they are jumping, possibly overshooting the jumps. It is a


different thing they have to consider when racing out there. We


also saw the weather play havoc. It is not indoors like in Manchester.


We saw it last year in Belgium. It is a big factor. You cannot plan


your warm up warrant badly when you will race if the weather delays the


action. The wind, will that affect things? Piller radius, particularly


with the size of the jumps, you have to be so precise way you land. A


little gust of wind midway through the jump, there is not much you can


do about it. It does mean extra variables compared to an indoor


circuit like this. Riders start on the eight metre hill and then


immediately faced a huge triple which gives them plenty of speed


through the next set of jumps and into the first burn. The course then


splits, the women taking the right-hand side and the men on the


more tricky left root. This technical and long track was built


especially for these championships. Wet weather would make all of the


Burns here hazardous. With them is the riders best friend on the third


straight. All about maintaining speed. By the third burn, or things


will be on the line. Keeping rhythm through the final set of swoops


before the big finish. Time to get into the action as we pick up the


first of the women's quarterfinals and Chris will be joining Simon


Brotherton in the commentary box. This is the women's elite


quarterfinals. Caroline Buchanan nearest the camera. An early fall.


Buchanan leading the way. Right on her wheel is Poitier of France.


Then, Bonder Rincon of Russia. Buchanan of Australia still leading


the way. The Russian trying to close the gap. Those three with an


advantage over the rest of the field. Not sure who the fall was. It


happened so quickly right at the start of the race. Buchanan looking


good, as expected, looking to the add to the world title she has


already won in Medellin. Those of the first four riders over


the line. Heat two and Merel Smulders, Laura smoulders and the


Olympic champion as well. And Fernandez of Valens whaler. --


Venezuela. Almost as soon as the race has started, Stephanie


Hernandez of Venezuela finds herself at the front with Melinda MacLeod of


Australia in second place. Real drama in this women's quarterfinal.


The other rider trying to come through is a Valentino of France she


is in third the moment. Hernandez of Venezuela taking it relatively easy


here. Just trying to get through and stay at the front. But possibly


conserving energy if she can. Hernandez looking good, untroubled


and unruffled and chased all the way over the line. The Dutch rider


rescues the situation for her country by a certain extent by


crossing the line in the first four. But Laura smoulders of the


Netherlands was on the deck very early here. Mariana Pajon is in this


next heat, nearest the camera. The big local favourite.


Belgium and the United States in this one as well. Leading the way


into the first right-hander, Pajon at the front. Judy Baauw of the


Netherlands in second. Looking good for the quarterfinals. Judy from the


Netherlands, and the Australian, Kirsten Dellar is in fourth place.


The crowd getting what they came to see in the quarterfinal with Agen


safely through. Vanhoof of Belgium edged out, not finishing in the top


four. Alise Post finished fourth in the Time trial yesterday. Alise Post


and Reynolds, the two closest to the camera. We have a faller, it it was


the Czech Republic rider. Same spot as Smulders in the last race. Alise


Post has got some daylight. Being chased by Reynolds of Australia. The


Brazilian is in third at the moment. The Colombian challenging in the top


four. She should be just behind the Brazilian. At the front of the race,


Lauren Reynolds and Alise Post will qualify, if they can just get over


the last few lumps and bumps. Open towards the line. The Colombian


rider gets through in fourth. Two South Americans through, Brazil and


Colombia. There are in happy there. Absolutely. -- very happy there.


The quarterfinals underway, heat one. Niek Kimmann being edged out by


the Frenchman into the first corner. Everybody is round safely. Jores


Okore is leading. Niek Kimmann in second. -- jobless


Daudet with a clear run. You could pick his line at the front. Not


under any pressure. You will not feel them breathing down his neck as


he comes into the finish. Niek Kimmann, the defending world


champion, safely over the line in second.


Britain's second representative is Kyle Evans, producing a stunning


display in Manchester last month to get his first ever world podium,


behind Liam Phillips. I caught up with him before he left for


Colombia. BMX wasn't my original sport. I did BMX from a young -- did


motocross from a young age. I found BMX and it was pretty much exactly


like motocross but without the engine. Your legs the engine. For me


it was an easy and quick transfer over. I loved it from the moment I


started. We are a close team, spending a lot of time together,


training in the gym and on the track. We spent time together away


from the facility, we meet up for food and copy and things like that.


It's superb. I think it has shown over the last few years how


brilliant the programme has been. For me to be chasing Liam down and


wanting to snap at his heels, I guess it's almost invaluable. I'm


very confident. I never going to a race expecting a specific result,


but I always go there with my head screwed on, thinking that I will


give it my all and do my best and what will be, will be. That proved


in Manchester. If I do go out and do my best I'm capable of the podium. I


googled the word Championships, keep my head down and hopefully put in a


result like I did in Manchester. -- I go to the World Championships.


COMMENTATOR: Heat two includes Kyle Evans of Great Britain. He's really


stepped up this season, taking it to a new level. It would be a big


challenge for him to make it to the semifinal but it's definitely


possible. He is on the outside, you don't want to be stuck there,


ideally in the middle or insight. Sam Willoughby in green in the


middle. From Australia. Willoughby goals to the front straightaway.


Cameron of New Zealand is right behind him. Everybody still upright,


good to see. Willoughby leading the way. Cameron in second. Torres of


Argentina almost nudges him to the outside of the track. Torres putting


him under real pressure. The Latvian also going well here. Willoughby


leading the way with Cameron in second. The Latvian rider up to


third. He has finished third and a battle for fourth, it might be the


Swiss rider, Blanc, finishing fourth. Kyle Evans finishes seventh,


knocked out in the quarterfinals. Tough for Kyle Evans, but Willoughby


is a class act, controlling from the front. You can tell that we are


getting closer to the finals and the competition is getting tighter.


Strombergs exist nearest the camera in this one. -- Strombergs nearest


the camera. He's the big-name rider this heat. The Frenchman up towards


the front. We have had a faller. Strombergs still leading the way.


Strombergs is the double Olympic champion, being followed by the


United States rider. Ramirez of Colombia pushing hard as well. The


Frenchman in third. Here comes Strombergs, leading the way from


start to finish. Good ride from him. Corben Sharrah of the US is the


route. Ramirez from Colombia and the Frenchman in fourth. Rang --


Rencurel. Anthony Dean was seventh recently in the Supercross. He was


eighth in last year's World Championships final, and in 2014.


Looking to improve on that having established himself as a contender


in getting into the final. Dean on the outside. In the middle of the


field and your picture is Liam Phillips, going well in. Just


getting his nose in front. The American rider, Long, is neck and


neck. Phillips goes wide but is safely through. Nicholas Long


leading away from the United States. Liam Phillips in second place. He is


being chased hard by Anthony Dean of Australia. Number 44. Phillips


holding onto the second spot. Long leading the way, the American rider,


set to finish first in this quarterfinal. Looking good for Liam


Phillips as they come to the line. Got closer towards the end than he


would have liked. Safely through. That's the name of the game, getting


into the top four. Doesn't have to win. British women have so far


failed to make a mark on the world stage, but that might be amounted


change in the form of 17-year-old Bethany Shriever who competed in the


senior event in Manchester last month, narrowly missing out on a


finals place. But she impressed the selectors so much she booked herself


a ticket to Colombia. I've been doing sport since I was eight years


old. I think I'm in my eight year. I got involved with BMX through my


brother. And his friend's dad was basically the coach of a local club.


He invited us down one evening. We just fell in love with it. Really


excited to go to Colombia. It will be my first World Championship race


in junior. Something I've never relieved on before. There will be


some pressure, but you just have to deal with it, really, and ride. My


main aim for these World Championships would be to make the


final. If I make the final, I'm just going to ride as best as I can and


hopefully make the podium. The main aim is to make the final and then


see what happens. She set her stall out early with a silver medal in the


Saturday Time trial. In the main event she cruised through to the


semifinal. That's where we pick up with Chris and Simon. COMMENTATOR:


Bethany Shriever is number 138 for Great Britain in the yellow helmet.


Can she make it through to the final? That was her aim. Shriever


making a good start. The Russian, Afremova leading the way. Shriever


staying out of trouble, allowing the Russian through. But Shriever is


looking good for Great Britain. Great Britain and Russia leading the


way. Neck and neck at the front. Shriever coming through on the


inside, excellent piece of riding. Bethany Shriever looking very good


in the semifinal. She needs to concentrate and keep the bike


rolling, keep her concentration. In pole position to qualify for the


final, and to do it in fine style. Excellent riding from Bethany


Shriever. Superb, winning the semifinal and through to the World


Championship final. Fantastic ride from Bethany. She lined up the ride


ahead of her beautifully, dominated the inside line and the race. It was


Kate two for Bethany in the final, not the start she was after. Big


crash on the first job putting paid to her World Championship dream.


Thankfully, she was OK, but that was the end of her medal hopes. Nerves


might have got to me a bit. It was a mixture of a lot of things. I have a


lot of positives to take from this weekend, have been pretty


consistent, and a silver medal in the time trials was a bonus. I have


enjoyed my time here with British cycling. I look forward to next


year's worlds. Keep training. Disappointment personified. She must


be gutted, she looked so strong. I think she will be devastated. She


looked so good in motocross, dominating. And in the time trial


getting the silver, and to end the day like that, I feel so sorry for


her because I had great expectations for her in the final. Good prospect


for the future. Definitely. She's a great girl on and off the track.


She's on par with the best handling skills in the world. With a bit more


power development she could be up there with the best girls in the


world when we get to Tokyo. Actually we have not qualified any women for


Rio. It's a disappointment for the team and the country, it's a shame.


It's not like we haven't had leaked riders trying to qualify, but they


haven't quite made the. Tokyo is the next target but it's all about the


men at the moment. Joining us now is British cycling's go ride coach, Rob


Hawker. What an amazing venue this is to come and learn to write. It's


open to everyone to start out learning how to ride, the BMX kids


on the track right now, who do it as their chosen sport. It caters for


everybody learning. Writer to the elite guys on the team. Chatting


with Liam Phillips, he said one of the legacies of this place was to


try to find a world champion from the streets around it. That's pretty


good. Definitely. We have a lot of locals come through the door and you


see and find a lot of hidden talent from the local streets. They could


all be potential stars of the future. On the track today, right


here with us, kids as young as four, right up to 44. It's a sport for


everyone. Definitely. There's a massive age range of riders. And


it's a family sport as well. Everybody does it, brothers and


sisters, dads and lads, everybody does it. Onto the women's


semifinals. Home eyes firmly focused on one lady, Marianna Pathan. First


up the newly crowned women's time trial champion, Caroline Buchanan.


-- Marianna Pajon. Com imam the semifinal elite women.


Buchanan of Australia looking to take advantage of the number-1 gate


position. -- COMMENTATOR: The semifinal elite women. Taking the


first turn really well and making a lot of ground through the air.


Buchanan is in second place. Alise Post leading the way. Being chased


by Judy Bo of the Netherlands. Post continues to show excellent


form in these World Championships. She will be desperate to get on the


podium tonight, she will be safely through to the final with Buchanan.


Valentino of France, Poitier is edged out in fifth place. There is a


turn-off. A bit of a surprise. Did not make a great start, it is


difficult if you don't get away well in the first straight. Post awesome


in the straight there as she was in the time trial last night. She kept


her head. Lovely slow motion shots. Post has a weakness, it is the last


quarter of the track, she seems to run out of steam a little bit.


Buchanan will be up there in the final. And the local hero, Medellin


born and bred. Second semifinal for the elite


women. The local favourite in the fluorescent trousers on the left of


your picture. She is the Olympic champion. Hernandez, the defending


champion in the yellow sleeves is also up at the front. They are


dominating the race in the early going. Mariana Pajon at the front,


Hernandez in second place, there is a fall, one of the Australians.


Mariana Pajon staying out of trouble. She should be safely


through. Hernandez will have the chance to defend her title. The


Russian will go through and Lauren Reynolds from Australia. Mariana


Pajon is the winner, Hernandez through, the Russian and McLeod,


Melinda McLeod going through. It must have been Lauren Reynolds who


fell earlier in the race. So much drama in every race, the riders know


what is on the line, a place in the world final. The crowd were pleased


there. You can see, hit the deck very hard, that is collarbone. So


hard that I think the helmet was about to come. Mariana Pajon made


that look straightforward considering it was a World


Championship semifinal. And Hernandez looked good as well. The


Russian could be a dark horse as well in the final.


BMX made its Olympic debut in 2008 and Liam Phillips has no doubt of


the impact on the sport. It has given us a platform to showcase our


sport to a wider audience. You only need to look at participation levels


nationally. Before Beijing, we had under 400 riders in National 's but


now we have 1300 riders who are national. It is on the up and I


don't think it will slow down any time soon. At 13 or 14, I was one of


the only guys on the UK making finals at the European and UK


Championships. I now watch the racing and almost a full date of


eight. We have champions who are 13, 15-year-old boys. That is the next


generation. He is such a good advocate for the sport, do you agree


with what he said? Definitely, the X had what we wanted but we always


wanted to be Olympians. -- BMX. I looked up to people when I was


younger and it is great that we have got it in the Olympics. He was


probably looking up to you at some point as well. BMX is such a good


discipline as a sport. You can transfer bike skills to any cycling


discipline? It is about learning winning and losing as a kid. You


will always have the odd crash, a technically demanding sport. The


sprint and power element. Even if you don't continue with cycling,


there are so many sports where men and women have started their career


in BMX. You don't have to know the ins and outs, it is first across the


line. With the crashes in it as well, it adds to the excitement in


it. When people line up, you know it will be action packed. The are not


many boring BMX races. It is now on to the men's semifinals, Liam


Phillips goes in heat number two. Which is super stat but first, heat


one. The line-up for the first semifinal,


Joris Daudet in the light blue bottoms. Away they go. Long is the


American in the light trousers as well. Joris Daudet has looked smooth


in this series of races so far. He takes control for the time being.


Chased hard by Van Ghent of the Netherlands. Long is challenging the


third place now. But Ramirez of Colombia is holding third place at


the moment. And it looks as though he will be heading for the final.


Joris Daudet looking really good here. He will be safely through, so


smooth and fast. Joris Daudet leads over the line. Great celebrations


for the Colombians, they have a rider in the final. Long is also


through. A tough one for Shara from the USA, crashed I understand. They


said he needed to beat Nic Long to get the Olympic place. He


potentially could be off that possibility now. Joris Daudet look


impressive, so smooth. A very tall rider as well. Managed through the


jumps really nicely. There we are, Joris Daudet, Ramirez.


A tough one for Phillips, needs to be on his game here to make it into


the final. Men's semifinal, the first four riders through. Can Liam


Phillips get through here in the first four and race the gold later


on. Phillips in the middle of the picture, third at the moment. The


world champion. Nick Kamen at the front being challenged. And it is


the Frenchmen going well at the moment. Liam Phillips back in fifth


place at the moment, he has ground to make up. Edging up towards fourth


at the moment. We will keep a close eye on it. Nicky Mellon, he is


leading the way. The Frenchman has had a good race. It will be tight


for Liam Phillips, has he made it. Liam Phillips has been edged out,


finishing in fifth place. It was desperately close at the end. Liam


Phillips was in contention for a place in the final all the way


through. He got away from the gate well. Yes, just a little bit boxed


here went from third into fourth and eventually fifth at the end of this


corner. He lost a bit of momentum over this next straight. If you


watch the Latvian rider, he comes through with a late charge. So tight


at the top but Liam Williams very disappointed. As much as it is about


the World Championship, he will be looking forward to Rio.


Disappointment for Liam Phillips, who was aiming to become the world


champion for the second time in his career. He will have to wait for


another day. Reid I don't know anyone else you could have chucked


in to make it more difficult. Every race at the world chanting chips is


tough and I knew that from the start. I had a great start in the


first race and I made a really small mistake coming out of the second


corner. That knocked my track speed down and I didn't qualify with a


great time and had an outside lane. All of these things add on to each


other and in a World Championships, you can't afford for that to happen.


I put myself in the mix in that semi-but there were some of the best


guys in the world on the inside. Just wasn't meant to be. I could


perhaps have ridden the race differently. Sam made a few mistakes


in fourth and I was in fifth, I could have been more patient but


yes, it is important to be how the and it has been a great race but not


the result I came here for but I can take positives from it. You pretty


much qualified for Rio, earning your spot, does that remove a bit of


pressure for this World Championships? You were just after


the rainbow jersey? Won yes, again, it is a difficult one. I am


prequalified but it is a World Championships and a rainbow jersey


on the line. I am not going to think that the World Championships would


be secondary to the Olympics, I came here to do the best I can. I wanted


to race hard and if I had picked up an injury and not been able to


compete at the Olympics, I was willing to take that risk.


Thankfully that hasn't happened. There are certainly different parts


of my race that I want to improve going into Rio. You have learned a


lot coming here about South America, totally different to Europe, as we


know. Is there anything you have picked up you can apply to Rio? For


me, I have won some big races and I feel comfortable that I will be able


to execute that. But every race, you cannot just lead from the front. For


me, doing some really big races behind riders and in traffic and


riding smart and not just being a time trialist on your own. That is a


difficult one, I don't come to the World Championships for experience


but at the same time, there is a limited amount of exposure to races


like that. Unfortunately, it was some exposure to being behind guys


but there are some positives. Overall, I am bitterly disappointed


because I came here to try and win another rainbow jersey. Liam


understandably disappointed but look at that heat. Maris Strombergs was


in that heat. Sam Willoughby, all going out. It was a big surprise,


all of the big names you expected to be in the final didn't make it


through. But that is BMX. It is unexpected. They say that, Liam will


be disappointed but at the end, he is already looking forward to the


Olympics? In BMX, you need a short-term memory, after that race,


you have to be moving onto the next one. If you dwell on the pass, it


will carry on and you don't want the disappointment ahead of the Olympic


Games. You have to train hard and get ready for the Olympics. We saw


in 2012, he crashed in the world chanting chips in Birmingham and


went to the Olympics. He has not crashed here but not the best


preparation come will that play on his mind? With what he was saying


about the race, he has gained a lot of experience in taking positives


from the World Championships. He was riding from behind and he is not


used that. If he can work on that kind of thing in his training, it


can be a good thing going into the games. World Championships aside,


Rio just around the corner and again, Liam will be one of the


favourites? He is, it is about getting it right on the day, he can


beat anyone in the world when he is in the right state of mind, it is


that one chance, the one shot. If he gets it right, there are all the


chances in the world that he can be Olympic champion. How did you get


into riding BMX? Reid I was watching it and I thought I could do it so I


tried it and I have been doing it for four years. How old were you


when you started? Five. John, forgive me for saying this but you


are close to 50 years of age, not the kind of sport that a normal


50-year-old would take up? It is not. I got cold and fed up watching


my son so I decided to do some training myself. What an amazing


sport that riders as young as nine up to 49 can ride on the same track?


Yes, it is a sport that does not differentiate between age or ability


or money or anything like that. It is therefore everybody to have a go


and enjoy. If you were to say something tickets back home, how


would you inspire them to get into it? Because it is a good sport and


you get stronger and fitter. Young Liam will be hoping to emulate these


guys in the future, it is final showdown time for the men, who will


be crowned the 2016 BMX world champion? COMMENTATOR: The men's


elite final. They will be up at the start, getting nervous. Making the


most of getting to this World Championship final before it starts.


This man was surprisingly good, beating some big names in the


semifinal. Nicholas Long from the United States.


Home support for Carlos removers. -- Carlos Ramirez. Defending world


champion Niek Kimmann. World champion in the time trial this


weekend already. Looking to be a double gold medallist. Joris Daudet,


the elite world champion of 2011. I think it will the between Niek


Kimmann and Daudet, but anything can happen. The men's World Championship


final. Under starter's orders. Away they go. Daudet on the inside in the


pale blue trousers. Daudet Anthony Kim and have been the class of the


field so far. Daudet making a better start. -- Daudet and Niek Kimmann.


Van Gendt in third. Daudet needs to stay smooth and keep his cool. Clear


track ahead for the Frenchman. Daudet looking to become world


champion for the second time in his career. There will be one hell of a


race for the bronze medal. Daudet and Niek Kimmann going head-to-head.


In in, Daudet takes it. A world champion for the second time. Niek


Kimmann of the Netherlands takes the silver, and Nicholas Long of the


United States takes the bronze. Rencurel of France is pushed down


into fourth. That was spectacular. Daudet was flawless. Niek Kimmann


pushed him all the way to the line. Awesome display of control. Daudet


just seems to be at one with the bike and track, accelerating before


he hit the deck. Daudet is by far the most experienced of the two. I


think they are keen to put Niek Kimmann under pressure early in the


race and give him something to think about. Daudet needed a clean start


because he was in lane one and could have been boxed in. It wasn't enough


for Niek Kimmann, the French take the gold medal. He has looked the


best rider throughout the series of races. Niek Kimmann was superb as


well, but we mentioned before how well Daudet was riding. Confirmation


of the new world champion, Daudet. Niek Kimmann has silver to go with


the gold of 24 hours ago. Nicholas Long of the United States finishing


with a bronze medal. Feeling really good. We trained for that all year


long. I'm really happy tonight, a good day for me. I felt good all day


long and I'm happy to have the title tonight and wear the jersey. I felt


I was getting better all day, but in the final I was next to Daudet who


had the inside. He was making mistakes, normally I might have


passed him, but too tough days like this, it was too bad and I had to


settle for second. What a race. We saw you write down predictions


before the final and you got it right. Daudet looked impressive


through all the rides, the time trials, the heats, quarters and


semis. So smooth. Niek Kimmann was unlucky, but both of them were head


and shoulders above the rest. I wrote them my piece of paper, one


and two. I didn't write down third. Niek Kimmann has kind of from


nowhere. Three years ago he came here as a junior and didn't even


make it out of the local nationals or the motos. Now a double world


champion in three years. It's great to see. Onto the women's final. It


promises to be a cracker. Can local girl Pajon regain her crown as Queen


of BMX on the track that bears her name is to mark -- bears her name?


COMMENTATOR: McLeod through to the final. 2011 double world junior


champion. Valentino was third recently in pattern Dahl. He World


Championship bronze in 2013. Bondarenko, fourth in the world


Junior Championships a couple of years ago. Can she make the big step


up? Defending world champion Stephanie Hernandez of Venezuela.


Seventh in Manchester last month. Caroline Buchanan aiming to be


double world champion in 2016. The local favourite, on her own track,


the Olympic champion. Alise Post, world silver medallist a couple of


years ago. Her form is good. Fourth in Manchester, 12 recently as well.


Now time for the World Championships final. The floodlights twinkling,


but who will really sparkle and strike gold here? Good, clean start


for everyone. Pajon hits the front and the decibel level goes up around


track-side. Pajon leading the way. Post of the USA in second. Pajon


with a gap, needs to keep her cool and keep the pace up. The crowd are


beside themselves. Buchanan of Australia is in third, not even in


the picture at the moment. Pajon has just got to get round the final


bend. Post trying to challenge but she will not get close enough. Pajon


takes the world title in front of her home crowd, in her home city, on


the track that bears her name. The Olympic champion for London in 2012


is the world champion in Colombia in 2016. The crowd have got what they


came for. It was a wonderful moment and a dominating ride from a great


champion. Flawless performance, absolutely perfect. Didn't make any


mistakes, and you can see what it means to her and the crowd.


Fantastic, a great start. Post got a poor start, would expect her to be


cleaner out of the gate than that. Buchanan as well. The crowd are


loving it. We saw Post on the last job, losing control and slipping a


pedal so Buchanan could profit from that to take the silver medal.


Superlatives demonstration from the great Pajon. This final performance


from her was worth waiting for. The expectation from the crowd, the


pressure, she was smiling at the start but the pressure must have


been weighing on her mind, the fact Colombia wanted this so much. She's


a national icon and it will be all over the news tomorrow, not just the


back pages. She won rainbow jerseys in 2011 and 2014. If you add in time


trials, this is her fifth World Championship gold medal. A


superstar. Pajon, the world champion. Buchanan takes silver to


add to the gold from the time trial. Alise Post taking the bronze. To win


here is just amazing. I have been through so mini things before the


race. I crashed so many bikes. It's a dream come true to win at home. My


track, my city, my country, it's amazing. I'm stronger, faster, and I


will be ready for Rio, do my best to do 100 sent there. It all went to


script. -- 100%. Amazing scenes in Colombia. How do you feel watching


that, you know her. She's a nice girl. We had many battles on the


track but off the track we were good friends. It will be a dream come


true for her to win in front of her home crowd. And she did it in style.


It will be a race she will remember for ever. Dominating on her home


track, that's pretty special. Amazing, she's a national hero and


she's a household name in Colombia, Olympic champion. A lot of pressure


and expectation on a track that bears her name, to step up and was


fantastic. On the other ladies, it was a tight final. Alise Post was a


bit unlucky. She made a bit of a mistake and lost second spot on the


final straight. All the girls are pushing now and the level keeps


stepping up in the females. Since I left the sport it has advanced even


more. They have all gone out there, and to ride that course that the men


ride as well, it's great for the sport. I have to ask a bit of you


inside, do you wish you were in that final? Coming up the finishing line


for that world title, nothing has ever compare to, no other feeling I


have had is any better. A little bit of me was thinking, I wish it was


me, but I'm still very happy for Pajon. His thoughts on how the World


Championships went down. The BMX World Championships 2016, what a


show. Liam Phillips couldn't make the final this weekend. He had a


good show this weekend. A few mistakes and he will have lessons to


learn in the lead up to Rio and I'm sure he will address them with his


coach at home. Daudet, performance of his life in the final. Sam


Willoughby went out in the semis as well. Nicholas Long on the podium, a


bit of a shocker, but he's a hard worker. These guys were struggling,


their legs were full of lactic acid. The women as well. The athleticism


needed for this altitude and track length is exhausting. Pajon clinging


on and winning in front of her home crowd was ecstatic. She's had some


serious injuries, and she has knee issue they wanted to operate on but


she said that she wanted to perform in front of her home crowd. The 2016


World Championships have been a massive success. But atmospheres,


good crowds, great to see a home gold medal. Good to see lots of


nations performing well. Not one nation was dominating. It's going to


be wide open in Rio. Colombia never disappoints. Fans coming out in


numbers and the weather held off just about. Every time we race in


South America it's the best atmosphere. They get behind all the


riders and give great support. If there is a race on the calendar in


South America you just want to get there and race. Pajon is the


reigning Olympic champion and she doesn't have to travel that far to


defend her title. Not long to go now...


COMMENTARY MONTAGE: Jessica Ennis-Hill is back on top of the


world. Wins the gold. Nicola Adams has just made history. That's a huge


jump. Laura Trott is the world champion. The drama! Mo Farah,


streaking away! Plenty more Olympic sport coming your way before the


games get underway, starting with women's boxing. We have followed the


British team as they chase the Rio spots. You can see how they got on


in Kazakhstan in their final tournament for qualification. And


live coverage of the women's European gymnastics Championships on


Sunday. With football's European Championships just round the corner,


what better way to whet your appetite for English success than


Alan Shearer's look back at Euro 96. A look back tomorrow night. Massive


thank you to Shanaze Reade and Chris Hoy for joining me. Disappointment


for Liam Phillips unfortunately, but there will be smiles all round for


the Queen of speed 2016, the world champion, from Colombia, Pajon.


Thank you for watching. Goodbye. It welcomes


a million citizens a day, burns ?300 billion worth


of jet fuel and handles over five billion


pieces of luggage a year.


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