2013 Boxing: European Amateur Championships


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Amateur Championships here on the BBC and it is in the unlikely


setting of Minsk in Belarus that the road to the Rio Olympics gets


underway. It is a new look squad with familiar faces, but a lot of


Luke Campbell is the Olympic champion.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


And they come out in favour of Yes, with three of the Olympic team


turning professional including Luke Campbell and Anthony Agogo, it left


Andrew Selby and Josh Taylor boxing in Belarus. There is a couple of


familiar faces, I am delighted to be joined by two gold medallists from


the London Games. It is Anthony Joshua who won gold with that famous


comeback in the last round of the Olympic final.


And alongside Anthony, we have the first woman in history to win an


Olympic boxing gold medal and that's Nicola Adams who has three World


Championship medals to her name as well as a European card. And she is


still smiling about that moment. We have Steve who has been ring side as


well as following the likes of Nicola and Anthony. I am sure an MBE


is on its way to you. We are almost coming to the first anniversary of


the London Olympics and to think what has gone on, film premieres and


going to Rio and Buckingham Palace with the Queen, how o would you go


about describing the last yoer?le year? Absolutely epic. We have been


here there, and everywhere. And being on various TV shows. We did


Super Stars which was really, really cool. That was really cool to do.


Has been an amazing time and if you said that was going to happen after


winning gold, he would never have believed you.


Anthony? A positive thing in my life. It is great to go back to my


who local clubs and see the kids that I used to train with and the


praise they give me. They see I was a normal kid and they can go on and


achieve it. My family are proud. All in all, it has been a positive time


the last 12 months. It is talked about that this is the


start of a new cycle, isn't it, Stephen? It is about looking at the


new talent coming through? Well, the first Europeans after every Olympics


are the hardest Europeans that exist and the Europeans are hard. They are


one of the hardest tournaments to win because of the soviet boxers


boxers they can ALL: Come in and what you have in


the situation is you go post Olympics and it is a miracle we


managed to get two Olympians, generally we have one or none. It


was nearly two or three guys. train with the new ta he lent coming


through -- new talent coming through. There is lots to be excited


about? Yes, Jack Bateson, I was sparring with him up to the Games


and he is a good talent to have on the squad.


The same with me, I was in the guys at France at their last training


camp and training alongside Jack Bateson and the new faces and josh


Josh Taylor and and Andrew Selby. I know you would love to be there,


but injury put pay to that? It has. I am back in the gym. How was the


foot after the operation? Snaol I'm bouncing and running and dance


dancing I'm doing it all again. It is terrific if he was on the


trampoline, but he is a boxer! One of the things that's coming through,


almost every single weight we have got two or three boxers and that's


true. If it was the same going into the Olympics, a year out from the


pim licks, hand on heart -- Olympics, I couldn't have told you


who would go to the Olympics. Several of them had no chance.


Anthony Agogo could have gone on holiday. He came up on the outside.


It is not full of familiar names, but they pull stuff out. In terms of


winning medals at the competitions, this is the toughest of the lot,


isn't it? It is the toughest. If you look at the 60s and 70s and 80s, we


went three or four Europeans. Eight year cycle without a medal. Once we


sent 27 boxers, Great Britain and Ireland, and we came back with one


medal. This is a tough tournament. Thank you. Well, Andrew Selby was


the British team's big hope of a four in a tough semi-final. Selby


made it through to the final. He will face Michael Conlan.


Both fighters are looking forward to the final when they spoke to Leon


Mann. You are on the cusp of making


history. Do you think about that? think I made it anyway because I


have had four medals and four Europeans, but if I get a gold


medal, it is a bit of pressure, but I know what pressure is about now. I


went to the London Olympics. I think I'm good enough to win gold.


In terms of how you felt in your career, how confident are you going


into the later stages here? always confident. I have always been


a confident person. It doesn't matter who I'm fighting. It is just


me on the day. I know if I put in the peril formance, I can beat --


put in the performance, I can beat anyone.


Talk to me about Michael. I'm sick of fighting him.


Why do you say you're sick of fighting him? He is tough and he is


very fit. We have had two fights and it could have gone either way both


times, but I come out the better. Does that give you the edge? You


have won those two fights, do you believe that gives you the edge, do


you think he thinks about that? he is going to want to beat me up


morement of I know Andrew quite well. We had


close fights. I'm looking forward to get it on again and hopefully I will


come out inwither this time. They have been close, but if we


fight this time, I'm going to have to prove I'm the best because I've


trained really hard. I need to set the record, it is the


first fight in the World Championships and the world final,


he beat me by a point. The last fight, it was close again, but he


took it. Could history be in the making as


well as Andrew Selby becomes the first British fighter to retain an


amateur gold, he is against the man from Belfast, Michael Conlan. Your


The final word of encourage encouragement. What a contest this


promises to be because the boxer wearing red, Andrew Selby


representing Wales is the reigning European championship Gold


Medallist. He is the tournament number one seed. The number one


ranked in Europe and the world and the world's number one ranked boxer


and he is taking a a man wearing blue, Michael Conlan who is almost


as highly decorated. A tournament number two seed and number three in


Europe and world number three as well, not to mention the fact that


he is the Olympic bronze medallist from London 2012 and that man


Michael Conlan is representing Ireland in what proves to be a


terrific third encounter. The first round in a contest that both


competitors are evenly matched is crucial because it dictates the


tactics for the rest of the contest. You heard Andrew Selby's corner say


he has got to win this first round and at the moment, it is anyones.


They are both boxing well and Conlan is getting through with the better


shots early on. Selby continuing to switch his


stance. He is a really adept switch hitter operating out of both the


Southport and orthodox stands. He gets through with a good right-hand.


He goes to the body effectively as well, but Conlan, almost his equal.


Conlan having a final word at this point. Selby is a very talented


boxer indeed. He is probably the most talented in the GB squad. He is


a natural switch hitter. He will switch to orthodox and he can do


both styles as equally as well and his range of movement and his timing


when he is doing it, I think he sometimes does it without even


realising he is doing it. He is that ta he lented. -- he is that


talented. It is the third time these two guys


met. The first time was during the World Championships. Selby said that


in each of the two connest tests either -- contests either man could


have had his hand raised. This is how their two previous encounters


have been - nothing it as we approach 30 seconds to go in this


opening round. Conlan coming forward and going to


both body and head. Selby catching him immediately. Conlan coming back


and each time somebody has their Ono fencive and they are met instantly.


High skill level. High intelligence being dem straitds in the boxing


range -- demonstrated in the bobbing ring between -- boxing ring.


What a terrific opening round in this flyweight gold medal bout. As


competitive as we anticipated it would be between two of the best in


the business! Yes, some good work from both boxers. Conlan tends to


work better on the inside. But Selby works better at long-range. His


movement is excellent on the outside. A close round to score and


there is Selby bringing Conlan on to the shot there. The Irishman had the


better of the work on the inside, but just gets caught there with the


shot from Selby. Well, the judges, no unanimity


there. Two of the three seeing it for Selby. The first judge seeing it


in favour of Conlan and that's a fair reflection of how the first


round played out. It was either way and Selby just sneaked ahead.


We move into the second round of this 52 kilogramme flyweight final


and Andrew Selby is looking to defend his title from the Olympic


bronze medal from London 2012. These two boxers met over five three


minute rounds without a vest and without a head guard during the


World Series Boxing Competition and it is one of the best contests I had


the privilege of seeing and they produced an encounter that's living


up in terms of standard and quality of the first two in their attempts


to be crowned European champion. A good left-hand by Selby. Conlan back


on the front foot. Selby's elusiveness causing him to miss.


What is evident here is Selby's movement. The movement is key to his


success. Once he holds his feet, he brings Conlan into the contest and


when he is hitting and moving, he is difficult to catch indeed and that's


what Conlan just can't grasp. He can't get to grips with that


movement from Selby. So Selby he must hit and move and Conlan has to


drag him in and hold his feet. Terrific reflexes both the boxers


possess. Selby gets through with a good jab and takes the straight shot


up from Conlan as well. An due Selby can dart in and -- Andrew Selby can


dart in and out. Conlan is adept at switching his stance and he is


shot as a southpaw. Now Selby has got to change things. Conlan scored


with a right jab. Terrific action here inside the final minute of the


second round. The gold medal at stake. Andrew Selby looking to


defend the European title he won in Turkey two years ago. Conlan


continues to be in hot pursuit of Andrew Selby. But look at the way


Selby can skip left and right, in and out, to rhythmic movement.


Changing stance and direction. success that Conlan had at the start


of this round is being rubbed off now. Selby is having a great last


half of the round. Selby is having more success in the last minute or


so. You can hear the instruction from his corner, move, moved. And


that is going to be a key tactic during the third and final round.


The second round, pick your style, what do you prefer? Selby was a


little bit square, he got caught a little bit coming in. But good


movement again from Selby. It is nip and tuck. Both giving each other


some good shots, especially with the right hand from Selby and that


exchange, Conlan played his part as well. A close round the school. --


close round to score. The final moments of instruction to these two


highly experienced, high quality third and final round in the men's


52 kilograms flyweight final. Michael Conlan, the Olympic bronze


medallist, he lost to the eventual gold medallist, Ramirez of the


was off in a flash to his left. one 's -- Conlan 's corner would


have told and he is behind. He has got to pull it round somehow. This


might suit Selby, he prefers boxers to come onto him. So Conlan is


getting a bit desperate, that might suit Selby. He has to do something,


he gets through the good right hand. Less than two minutes to go. The


gold medal at stake. Andrew Selby, to continue his terrific run. The


reigning European gold medallist. He was the number one boxer during the


World Series boxing tournament as well. Prodigiously talented. He


really is fulfilling the immense promise and potential he showed as a


youngster. Selby is just boxing better at range now and Conlan is


just struggling to make his opponent hold his feet and try and drag him


into detail to toe battle he must have to gain success. He is boxing


at range, Selby, he's keeping his distance. Conlan, impossible to


deter, impossible to discourage. boxing. These two boxers, operating


at a terrific pace as we're deep into the final round. European gold


at stake, they both know it. They have got to keep the shape. Selby,


cutting his opponent, it is those eye-catching shots which are the


difference again. They are catching the judges eyes, with those better


quality shots. Selby, holding up a club in celebration that he has


and compete right until the final bell. It has been another terrific


encounter between these two familiar adversaries. A warm embrace, which


is nice to see. But Andrew Selby is no doubt he has done enough to


successfully retain and defend his European championship gold. Again,


it is the third time these boxers have met, and it will be another


razorthin decision. Selby has perhaps just done enough coming into


this third and final round, it will be down to the judges. The official


the winner is, in the red corner, Andrew Selby. He has done it! He has


successfully defended his title with a split decision victory over his


this third encounter between these two boxers, to be crowned European


champion. Words can't express how I am feeling now. By have had a few


fights with him, he is the toughest I have thought. It was a split


decision, could have gone either way, just like the other two. I am


just glad I have got to gold medals. How difficult did you find it out


there? I thought I mixed the first two and I got tired at the end, he


comes on strong. That is boxing, I will be back. How much confidence do


you take from this huge achievement, going forward? I was confident


anywhere, my main aim now is to get a gold in the world Championships. I


went there last year and are lost by one point for the gold, thought I


had done enough to win. But I will be 11 going into day now, I will be


the one to watch. Britain have won five European gold


since 1961. Andrew Selby has won two of them back-to-back! How big the


achievement is it? He is also won two bronze medals as well. He has


been part of the elite programme GB boxing has since just before the


2008 Olympics, our system is the envy of the world. You saw there


with Selby, I was talking about it with Nick and Anthony come he


doesn't know what he's going to do. You can't teach some of the stuff


that Andrew Selby does. I was saying, look at this, and Anthony


were saying, how has he done that? ! You can't do it! It is that hard! It


is beyond extensive. A hugely impressive performance. That is to


reach hugely tight contests between him and Michael Conlan. It shows all


the hard work in the gym is paying off. He is a good, top-quality,


tricky boxer. He can box orthodox as well as southpaw, it is hard enough


boxing an opponent in one stance he is always giving you guessing. He is


a good thinking boxer. He is always raising his game. One point! Nothing


in it. Do you spar with him? How tricky is it to be on the receiving


end of that switching? Really tricky. You don't know where he's


going to be, you throw a punch and he is of the other side of the ring!


You are following him around, he is that good. He wins! As a box as


well, looking at what he brings to the table, we shouldn't be that


surprised. He has been unbeaten in 14 bouts. Should we be that


surprised? Yes and no, he has been on top of his game, for a fighter to


stay at that level, that is what Andrew Selby is doing. At the same


time, I think he is in these tough championships as well, nothing is


ever guaranteed in boxing. So he is going out there and proving himself


time and again and that takes a lot from within, in his personal life,


even though he is on top of his game is and it looks easy, I'm sure he's


going through a lot to be able to achieve history. What next for


Andrew? He has signed up for this APB pro boxing, what is that about?


I would like to be able to tell you! But I'm not too sure myself! It is


something that the people who final from the Europeans to the Olympics,


they have something called APB, and the men that sign up for this will


get paid, they will box eight, ten and 12 round contests. It will be


continent based, they will box against Africa, against Asia, and


against the Americans, it will go towards... He could have 20 contests


between now and reopen and he could still go to Rio. This starts in


January. It was meant to start in April. It is a bit behind schedule.


It might work fantastically and it might flop, it is a gamble. If he


has signed up, will we not see him at the world Championships? This is


the crazy thing, or you can go in the world Championships, you can go


in the Europeans, you can even go in your old domestic championships as


well as the APB over 12 rounds. I wish I could explain it, as I say!


Thanks for muddying the water for us! Just to let you know, just


Taylor, also fought for Britain in London, lost in the second round.


But in the light flyweight category there was a new face on Britain 's


team as Jack Bateson made it to the next round where he faced


headed this third and final round in this 49 kilograms light flyweight


semi-final. He has lost the first two rounds unanimously from all the


judges ringside against the tournament 11 C, European number one


and world number one, David Ayrapetyan from Russia. He has kept


his composure throughout the contest. Just 19 years of age,


Ayrapetyan, he has been in and out performer in the English team in


this performance. He has only been in the GB podium scored a few


months, he has done exceptionally well, he is the baby of the team.


This team has been deeply affected, with people coming to the


professional ranks, Luke Campbell, Anthony Ogogo, so it is a rebuilding


process. Jack Bateson here is flying the flag for the English team.


first step in an international senior career for Jack Bateson, he


turned 19 during the course of this tournament. The two-time national


champion. The reigning British champion from 2012 is well past P


has made the decision to the senior ranks seamlessly. He has guaranteed


himself a place on the pony. He is emulating the achievement of Charlie


Edwards in Turkey. The path, as we build on the road towards Rio in 26


team, very much in place. -- in 2016. He is boxing well here,


Bateson, a lot of straight shots, that is what he has got to practice


here against this tricky Russian who comes in at different angles. He


throws shots from all sorts of different directions. It is a great


learning experience for him. Who would've thought he would be boxing


number one Russian, present number one in the world at the beginning of


this year, it is an incredible achievement. He is doing really well


in this contest. Acquitting himself very well indeed. A medallist last


year, Ayrapetyan. He won this title in 2006 will stop hugely


experienced. He knows his way around the international block. The ten


second clapper sounds in this third and final round. It has kept his


composure very well throughout this contest. He has. No disgrace at all,


he can hold his head-stop -- hold He is delitds with his boxer and so


David Ayrapetyan, the European number one and world number one,


goes through to contest the gold medal, but what a brilliant perform


performance for baby faced Jack Bateson. He is just 19 years of age


and he earns himself a place on a medal podium as a light-flyweight


medal podium as a light-flyweight bronze medallist.


I'm gutted, but at the end of the day he is number one seed. I could


see the strength difference. I could see he was older than me. Once I


have a bit of strength, I will be able to keep up. Yeah, I'm


devastated. It was a big ask today? I put a lot of pressure on myself,


but I always want to win, but I suppose that's the game. You have to


lose and it will only make me stronger. I will be back definitely


and the Worlds a the end of this year and I will come back and beat


that lad. He is disappointed. He was only


promoted to the podium squad two months ago. He is only just 19 now


and you can see that he is starting to fill out. This kid is a super tea


lent and he is not short of confidence. Who knows he won't -- he


knows he won't win a gold medal at the worlds. He is looking at Rio, he


has been looking a at Rio since 2008. I went up to his club and I


said do you want my awe owe graph and he -- autograph and he goes, "


From one legend to another legend." He is backing himself which is


impressive. The experience he has got, it will be invaluable for him?


I wonder what tournaments he has come off the back of? To go to his


first major tournament with two months on the podium squad is a test


for himself mentally and physically. He has gone in there and put up a


great contest and he knows the tweaks and the changes he has to


make in order to go to the worlds and compete with these guys and go


on to better things. Nicola, you spar with him. What's


that like? He is really tall for the weight. He is 5'6" or five foot


seven. He has really arms and good reach. Good hand speed. A bit of


power as well. Well, we are all good from Leeds, aren't we?


LAUGHTER You would say that clearly!


The future for him looks brilliant, doesn't it? Yeah, definitely. We


should be excited for what Jack Bateson should offer? He is a


cracking lad. He is always giving 110% in the gym. He is trying to run


the fastest and throw the most punches. He gives 110% in everything


he does. Anthony, I know you like his


attitude particularly in training? What it is with Jack, not that I am


a coach or anything. He always has his bottle of water with him. Always


stretching because I'm big guy I see how important stretching is, I


always see him stretching as well. I see the little things he is doing


after training and you know, it pays off. It does pay off and he is going


to keep on improving and improving and this is where he is going to go.


Imauto ImI'm sure he will get to the top. In the second semi-final, it


was Ireland's Paddy Barnes in action. The Belfast man looking to


regain the gold he won in the Europeans back in 1010. We join in


at the -- 2010. We join in at the Billy Walsh has done a good job


stemming that blood from the nose of Paddy brarns as we move into the


third and the final round of this light-flyweight semi-final. Paddy


Barnes, wearing blue, the tournament number two seed taking a on Alizada.


Paddy Barnes missed that tournament after winning the title in 2010. He


missed 2011 through injury. He wasn't given the opportunity to


defend his gold. Paddy Barnes is ahead and Alizada knows that. What I


like about Barnes, he thinks about his defence and keeps the guard nice


and high and the elbows tucked in. He takes a lot of shots on his arms


and elbows and he counter attacks. His beats his opponent with sneaky


little shots as his opponent is coming forward. He is accurate with


his work and has damage to the nose, but he is ahead here. Indeed, the


referee keeping a close eye on that nose. It is really one of the best


amateur boxers out there in this flyweight division. Two time Olympic


bronze medal and European champion in 2010. Commonwealth Gold Medallist


in Delhi 2010 as well. The only major tournament where he is missing


podium hardware is the World Championships. He will be hoping to


put that right later on. There you see that nose just smearing it away


with his glove. It has been giving trouble since the quarter-final


stages. He took damage on the nose from earlier contests. It is just


his style. He is there to be hit and also Paddy Barnes, the way he stands


there, but he is trying to put great work and combinations are going in,


but he is putting on a finish here. Paddy Barnes is well ahead. .


Beautiful combination from the rapid fist of Paddy Barnes and the referee


calling up the doctor. Sending Barnes to a neutral corner to have


the doctor inspect the damage to this nose. This is amateur boxing


and not professional boxing so there is a tendency to call things off,


but Barnes remaining concentrated. Another rapid straight punching


combination of three or four punches, keeping Alizada on the ends


of them. Barnes really finishing this in highlight real fashion. Now


surely he has done enough to book his place in the gold medal bout


again. The closing bell sounds. Good job Paddy Barnes. A magnificent


exhibition of boxing, but there you see the damage to the nose once


more. The reigning Gold Medallist Alizada. Barnes put on an exhibition


during the third and final round that will surely see his hands


raises raised as the victor. Yeah, he finished in style, Paddy


Barnes. He put the combinations. Threes and fours were going in. It


is his accuracy and the work rate and he brought Alizada on to the end


of the shots. A fine display. Paddy Barnes flexes his by accepts


in celebration because he boked his place in the light-flyweight


division. He gets the opportunity to regain the title he never got the


regain the title he never got the opportunity to contest in the ring.


You got a lot of people worried when your nose went. How does it feel?


feels really bad. I can feel it moving too. I will get the doctor to


have a look at it to see what the story is. A conce a ahead of the


final? Ah, definitely. One jab and it got bust. It is not nice.


Is there a chance you won't fight in the film, do you think? -- final, do


you think? No. You will go ahead and fight? Yes.


You want it that much? It is only a nose.


You want it that much? I trained so hard. Of


Unfortunately, the nose injury was more certificate jus than he thought


and after x-rays it showed he had broken it which means he had to pull


out of the final. Huge disappointment then for Paddy.


did it in his first fight and he bled every fight and someone at ring


side, " We better look at that nose. ." Paddy was saying, " It is fine."


Because that's the way Paddy Barnes is. He came across as a character,


that's nothing. If you have been in Belfast with Paddy Barnes, I thought


Barry McGuigan was big in Belfast, he is the lord and master of all


Belfast and he won't mind me saying that! He is a phenomenal talent. He


clearly beat his opponent and didn't get the decision.


About Paddy, what a circumstances to have to leave the final particularly


when you are close to getting gold? I think these are things - the thing


in boxing, you get your nose broken and your nose bleeds and sometimes


it is not down to your technical ability etcetera. Even in the


Olympic final I had an elbow injury that I had to get numbed and me


going into that final, it wasn't that I couldn't move my feet or I


wasn't ready, it was down to injury. It is a shame, but it is for the


best for his future. It is all about in and out with the amateurs and


going into the worlds in October, I am sure his focus is let me get fit


for that 100%. Disappointment for Paddy Barnes, but


two more finals to come with Irish interest. After two golds at the


last Europeans, it carries on the She joins Ireland's boxing


immortals. She stands at the very pinnacle.


Some great faces there. Next up in Minsk, it was John Joe Nevin who won


silver at the Olympics and is in the final against mike Butsenko.


Representing Ireland, John Joe Nevin the Olympic silver medallist. In the


blue is Butsenko from the Ukraine. 9//11 prefers boxers coming forwards


him. -- Nevin prefers boxers coming towards him. He tends to land well


with that right-hand and Butsenko's feet are too slow. The pace is


suiting Nevin. He is in a comfort zone the way he is boxing here and


Butsenko has to quicken the feet up a bit.


He beat the world number one ranked 50 kilogramme boxer during the


course of the Olympic Games. He outpointed him. It was a terrific


contest Great Britain versus Ireland for Olympic gold. Butsenko got


through there. , it was a similar style. He brought him on to the


right hands. He is working again here, Nevin. He has got a relaxed


guard and that's why he is open to the right hook as Butsenko comes


forward, but it is the movement from Nevin that takes him out of range.


A good right-hand causing Nevin to retreat. Butse in, ko contesting his


first European senior championship. He really has had an impressive run


to this gold medal bout. Ousting the number three seed. Beautiful


movement from Nevin again who was using his advantage in foot speed to


right hand, Butsenko. You see a lot plenty of attacks, he was left on


the end of a beautiful jab. He is given the distance here. He is


bringing his opponent onto that right hand and left hook


boxing from Nevin. Up off his stool, ready for work, as is Butsenko, as


we move into the second round in this 56 kilograms gold-medal bout,


the bantamweight decision. Nevin has become the second round in similar


fashion, just floating backwards and snaking out a straight shot,


reddening the face of his opponent, who is impossible to deter.


judgement of distance from Nevin is excellent, his timing is very good,


but because of the slow feet of his opponent, he is just being allowed


to land at the right hand. The pace is definitely suiting Nevin, that is


what Butsenko has got to do, try and push Nevin back onto those robes,


just restrict his movement a little bit. -- onto those robes. For me,


he's totally in control here. the number -- he ousted the


tournament number three seed, Butsenko. It was something of an


upset. He did it using this hustling, bustling tactic, but he is


reduced to chasing shadows, such is the elusive movement of the Nevin.


John Joe Nevin is boxing beautifully. He is well on his way


to championship gold here in the European tournament, to add to the


Olympic silver and two world championship bronze is that he has


as well. -- bronzes. If he gets close enough, Butsenko, he is trying


to land a right hook and with Nevin 's left hand so low, if he moves


that way, he will walk onto the shot. If he moves to his right


committee moves away from the right hook, that is his preferred movement


periods during this second round, when he is on the move, the


advantage in foot speed and movement, he appears imperious. He


is reducing Butsenko to flailing punches that invariably fall short.


The second one did go through, as Nevin had nowhere to go. That is


what he has to do, Butsenko, double up the attacks and put more pressure


on him. Nevin has slowed things down with the feet, he is very good at


doing that, making the opponents box to his pace. All too often, Butsenko


has been met by a reply and a risk -- riposte from Nevin, who hit him


that left hook, Butsenko trying to land with the right hook, wasn't too


far away. He landed to right hands, that is when you double up the


go. Fifth six kilograms bantamweight gold-medal bout. John Joe Nevin, the


bronze medallist, three minutes away from earning a European champ


silver medallist from Russia, but here, in the final he is boxing


superbly. He is keeping his composure terrifically well in the


face of some naked attrition from Butsenko, who got through. -- naked


aggression. Butsenko, just sustaining a bit of pressure there,


he is getting closer and closer to Nevin. Movement is the key for


Nevin. He has got to stay in attack -- in the centre of the ring. Look


out he slows it down. You can see the attacks coming, that is where he


is failing, he slows his feet down when Nevin slows his feet down.


Trying to pin Nevin onto the ropes once again. Halfway through this


third and final round. Butsenko, you see the edge in movement again,


causing him to punch nothing but add. It is great tactics from Nevin,


he knows he's in front, and then you just make the opponents come at you,


then you bring him onto the shot, that has been his tactic from the


word go and it has worked superbly well. The Irish have done their


homework. Approaching the final minute, as Butsenko continues in his


attempt to close the distance. Trying to just slow down the


movement of John Joe Nevin. He has had an eating moment of success but


they have been far too fleeting for the Ukrainian 's liking.


Demonstrating he is in complete control during this gold-medal bout,


Nevin. Well on his way to gold unless Butsenko can find a punch to


put his man on the floor and give him there for the count of ten. --


keep him there. His counterattacking has been excellent here. He is


beating his opponent of the punch, and that comes down to timing. Beats


into the shot, a great display from Nevin again. The shuffle in effect


once more. Something he has taken from the legendary Muhammad Arley.


The hands raised instantly in celebration from John Joe Nevin, he


knows that he has done enough to be crowned European champions after a


scintillating display against Butsenko of the Ukraine. A great


right hand there, lovely shuffle as well, really impressed with that at


the European number one becomes the European champion after Orient


display of boxing against Butsenko rounds in the back, with some


brilliant boxing, has seen him the final was middleweight Jason


Quigley who made it through -- the tournament 's number two seed.


He is ranked seven in the world, Juratoni, the reigning bronze


medallist from two years ago. And the number two seed, looking to


follow the form book and get himself under the gold-medal podium. This is


a tough contest for Jason Quigley, but I think you started reasonably


well. That was an example they are of a shot landed by Jason Quigley,


but he has good technique a tense to slip to his left and then throw this


overhand right -- he tends to slip to his left. It is a lively start


from the Richmond. A good combination from Jason Quigley, just


penetrating the guard. The combination of mid range punches was


effective as well. A good right-hand, the final punch of that


exchange. Quigley is picking his foot, he is a front foot type of


opponents. Strong, but he is there to be hit, gets caught with these


shots from Quigley as he is coming forward. Movement is the key from


Quigley. Juratoni has had most of success when he forces the Irishman


to stand still and then work pattern of this contest has been set


here in the opening round. Quigley is using his movement. Juratoni,


completely on the front foot, looking to wage war, to both head


and body of the Irishman. Here he has got him on the ropes once again,


trying to work away with shots to his rib cage. The ring position for


Jason Quigley is crucial. What he has got to do is stay and box in the


space of the centre of the ring. When he goes on the ropes, his feet


ten to go square. He got caught with a body shot, that was a good shot


from Juratoni. He has to be tighter to the guard, Jason Quigley. A round


of contrasting styles. When Quigley is using his feet effectively, he


appears incomplete control against Bob Dan Juratoni, but he had his


moments of success as well. He forced Quigley to the ropes and


forced him to come square. Juratoni, coming forward, but he gets caught


with a superb right hand. That was good movement. He finishes off the


sequence with that right hand, a good jab, gets caught with a single


75 kilograms metal weight final. -- middleweight. One macro, the


favourite, has come out blazing in this second round, he will be aware


he has dropped the first round against the Irishman -- Juratoni.


Juratoni, beginning to work over to both head and body. Quigley finally


retaliated. Before using his bid to get out of trouble. That was an


example of holding his feet on the ropes, he got caught with a couple


of the body shots. Juratoni is trying to get him onto the ropes,


target his body. He wants to slow Quigley down, that is what you do


against a moving boxer, you target the body. Quigley is back upon his


toes after being pinned to the ropes. When he uses his feet well


and snakes out long shots, he appears to be far more comfortable,


but look at Juratoni roughing it up, the revelry immediately just a that


the forearm is not a legal offensive weapon in boxing -- the revelry.


Quigley has had a juridical run to the reigning world champion. -- he


accounted for the number one seed, that was in a really hard-fought


semi-final. He was declared the unanimous winner. He finds himself


in a real hard-fought contest here against Juratoni, who continues to


pile on the pressure and come forward. Quigley is just beginning


to slow. Those body shots, perhaps taking a toll in this final bout.


That is what he has got to do, box at range, got to maintain a gap,


hold the centre of the ring and move This is the fourth bout for both


boxers. So fatigue will be a factor. But increasingly the exchanges


taking a place at close quarters and at centre ring. Quigley trying to


remain up on his toes and keep it long. Juratoni just bombing away


with that right. Quigley is really excellent. It is as if he is going


to lead and he pulls back and maintains the lap and ma man tans


his feet. He is straight punching. A hard fought second round. That was


a really intriguing session between those two boxers. Really hard


fought. Juratoni just coming forward and you sense perhaps having more


success during the course of that second round than he did in the


first. Yes, it is interesting to see how the judges score that. I think


Juratoni had the best work and this is the mistake he made here Quigley,


standing on the ropes and Juratoni working the body. Excellent work


here from the Romanian and Quigley moves off. Centre of the ring he is


totally different, but there on the inside, Juratoni has the best work,


but when the punches are straight, there is an example there in and out


from Quigley, the better work comes from the Irishman.


Well, two judges seeing it in favour of Juratoni as we enter the third


and final round of the middleweight championship bout in Minsk. There is


everything to box for in this third round. Quigley got his nose in


front. A unanimous decision in the first round. Two judges favouring


Juratoni during the second round. So delicately poised as we move into


the third and final session. The tournament number two seed, Bogdan


Juratoni, looking to add European championship gold to his medal


collection against Jason Quigley who has already upset two seeds en route


to this final. Look at how rough and physical it is getting. Lots of


mauling going on. A good right-hand over the top from Juratoni. Quigley


finding himself with his back turned to his opponent and that is illegal.


The referee intervened and the hostilities resume once more and


again, the head of Juratoni just being driven into the face along


with a fore forearm. A straight one, two is the combination that Quigley


must work on. It is the straight shots he has got to concentrate on.


Long-range work and qig and Quigley is in control.


The number two he seed Juratoni had a competitive hard run, but he


scores with a beautiful left right. It just stopped Quigley ins his


tracks and as we approach the final minute this contest is up for grabs


and in the balance. Look how keenly both the boxers are competing in an


effort to be crowned European champion with less than a minute to


go of this round. Quigley is on the floor. There was a hint of a punch


in there. I don't know whether the punch connected or not. Quigley


attempting to get his straight punches working once more. It is


entwined arms once more. The contest resumes. There is nothing in this


contest. It just takes a little bit of composure and the last 20 or 30


seconds and that's what Quigley has got to do is just stick to his


boxing and pick his shots well. There is nothing in this at all.


Both boxers competing with everything they have. Quigley just


looked over to his red corn corner as if to say, " How am I doing?"


Look at the Finnish he is producing, that both the boxers are producing.


As the closing bell sounds to conclude the middleweight


championship bout, Jason Quigley feels he has done enough. He took


the first round. He lost the second round and in round number three both


boxers let it all hang out and produced spirited competition in a


quest to become European medallist. Nip and tuck, isn't it? He gets


caught with the shot, Quigley. A split decision.


A split decision. Jason Quigley let's out a roar of delight because


he has been crowned the European championship medallist. A job well


done because what a run this young man had to the gold medal to the top


place on the podium. He beat the number four seed. He beat the number


one seed in the semi-final and now, during the course of the gold medal


bout, he has beaten Bogdan Juratoni. Jason Quigley is the European


Jason Quigley is the European champion.


Well it was another strong showing from the Irish. What are they doing


right? Well, I will tell you what they are, they are competitive. That


sounds obvious, but let me explain it. In Ireland, both north and


south, being an amateur boxer carries incredible kudos. Amateur


boxers in Donegal. Amateur boxers in Belfast and amateur boxers in Dublin


are recognised on the street because they have had a funding programme in


place for ten years before we have had a funding programme, but the


most amazing thing about the four finalists, the two winners and two


losers, the two guys who are reigning champions went out early


with Joe twisting his knee when he was in front. They could have had


six finalists. They could have had four winners. S.of


Jason Quigley went into the tournament as a relative unknown a


bit like Anthony Joshua? Yes, we knew Anthony Joshua was around. He


went there not seeded and no one thinks he is going to be a problem


and he just started bashing them and just like Quigley he kept bashing


out the world number four and the world number three and the world


number two to get to the final. Is it about expectation? He has


probably gone there with his team-mates around him. Champions


that great experience, that great morale around him and he has just


thrived of that and he whats gone out and got the job job done.


John Joe Nevin p picked up the -- John Joe Nevin picked up the


accolade as the best boxer? He is a special talent and a lovely kid.


Everybody talks about Irish boxing, the first name is Katie Taylor. Her


record is phenomenal. Five world titles and four worlds and Olympic


gold. Clearly, someone you have huge respect for, Nicola? Yes, she is a


talented boxer and a really good, genuine friendly person as well. I


have been on a few training camps with her, but it is the Leeds in


her. Her dad is from Leeds. LAUGHTER


All points lead to he Leeds on the programme! She is a really good


boxer and she trains really hard. I have been on a lot of training camps


with Katie and she works hard and she is good at what she does.


What is Katie up to at the minute? She is getting six figure offers to


turn professional and she has to think about them even though she


wants to go to Rio. Welcome to Minsk, the capital of


Belarus and the host of the European Amateur Championships.


The city is home to two million of the country's ten million people.


Now for those of you that know your history, you will be aware that


Belarus used to be part of the Soviet Union, what you probably


don't know is that it also is home to the world's largest population of


bisons. OK, enough about the buysons. Next year, they will host


the highs hockey championships in mincing minutes Minsk. -- Minsk.


the world will see that Belarus is not only the sporting country, but


the organiser of the sporting events.


So there you have it. Minsk in a couple of minutes which leaves one


place boxing has taken you to? going to go with St Petersburg in


Russia. It is beautiful. A lovely place.


Tell us briefly about politics that's going on behind the amateur


boxing at the minute? Well, it happens in all amateur sports. There


is all sorts of problems and there was a dispute inside the GB and the


Scottish A BA and the Welsh A BA. One or two people moved aside. One


or two people fancy taking a places that are vacant. The funding that's


in place for the elite athletes, that's there, that's going to stay.


Unaffected? That's unaffected. Well next up, it is the super


heavyweights. Without Anthony, Britain selected he Joe joist and he


faced the Russian for a place in the faced the Russian for a place in the


final. So both boxers return to their


corners to await the opening bell. We go -- here we go then. Oh my


goodness, Joe Joyce is in real trouble because the man wearing blue


representing Russia has come out blazing and Joe Joyce the England


representative has been caught cold. Worrying times now for Joe Joyce.


Kuzmin wearing blue has put Joyce under pressure. A big white hand has


jumped Joe Joyce on the seat of his pants within seconds of the opening


round. It is all over! The referee has waved it off. And before the


bout really had even begun, Joe Joyce has been put out of it.


Stopped in the opening round in around 40 seconds by serge cap kuz


min of rush yard. It was a -- Russia. P-I questioned the referee's


decision. Look at that right-hand over the top. It was a cracking


shot. I thought that Joe Joyce could have gone on, but it was a case of


have gone on, but it was a case of being caught cold.


A difficult fight. A very difficult opponent, but did you know the two


fighters before you had pulled out so your fight was up so quickly?


No, I was just getting ready and then it was like, " You have got to


go. " I had to like almost jog here. They could have warned us when we


got the gloves and the head guard and that, but it was just rushed.


How much time did you have to prepare for the fight? How much time


did you lose in preparation for a fight like that? Well, at least 20


minutes because we were expecting there to be two more bouts before


mine so I had to get ready quickly. This is the p biggest fight in your


life? Yeah. And yeah, it all ended so quickly like, you know, I don't


see why, how I could be stopped just like that, like I'm fine like. It


wasn't a big shot or anything, but well fair play to him like. He won


on the night so you know, I can't complain too much.


An unfortunate ending for Joe Joyce. If he is saying two bouts vanished


and he put his boots on and gloves on and he lost 25 minutes and he


said he had to jog to the ring to get warm, then he was put at a


disadvantage, but there is a big team out there and I'm not blaming


the team, but everyone needs to be aware of what is going on. Someone


needs to be out watch ing the ring. He got caught cold. Simple as that.


What about the stoppage, Anthony? Should he have been allowed to carry


on? Me personally, I feel he should have been able to carry on. You put


so much into your training and this is boxing so you prepare for these


things to happen and he got back up as a champion does and you live to


fight on. It is a shame that the bout was stopped, but the referee is


doing his job. You know Joe very well. You spar


with him. He will be disappointed after that? You could see how


disappointed he is because he is there. Fair enough, he has his


brands medal which is a great achievement d bronze medal which is


a great achievement, but he is there to win gold.


Nicola, you are in the ring, how important is the build-up to get


into the right zone? Really important. It can be the


making and breaking of your fight. We just saw then, if you don't have


the right preparation, getting ready and warming up, it can be a disaster


in there. However, if you get it right and everything is on point, it


is all smiles. Do you have a detailed, a plan? What


you go through in the 20 minutes? Well, every boxer is different. I


tend not to have my plan so rigid and allow for things going wrong.


Mine would be just, you know, go down to the stadium. Put my boots on


and lace up and put music on and just warm up and get ready.


Time for the big hitters, the super-heavyweight final. It is


super heavyweight gold-medal bout, there is absolutely nothing in it.


Everything to fight for, everything to compete for between these two


from 2010. He is the man who put Joe enjoys out at the semifinals in such


emphatic fashion -- Joe Joyce. He stopped him at at around the 42nd


mark. These two boxes are competing with everything they have in their


efforts to be crowned gold medallist. I have been admiring


Medzhidov more than Kuzmin in this contest. He is beating him to the


shots. He is starting to outwork him now. To take risks like that against


such a strong opponent, that is very brave indeed by Medzhidov. Toughness


is one of his hallmarks full stop --. He beat Joshua, who beat


brilliantly who made the final, but he ran up against this man, who was


boxing at home, the two of them produced a brilliant contest. He got


an Olympic bronze medal in London last year as well. He's competing


with every ounce of his spirit here in an effort to stand atop the


podium. Beyond halfway in this third and final round, the two men


standing toe to toe, testing one another 's strength. Medzhidov still


trying to operate behind an unorthodox jab but at --


increasingly it is an attritional contest. He is working slightly


harder for my money, he's finding the gap and the room to work on the


inside. That was sloppy from the Russian bear, he got caught by some


good shots from Medzhidov. Up till now, the man in red is finding the


target with some quality punches. Both boxers, really feeling the pace


here. It is Medzhidov who turned the tide, he is having the exchanges. --


the better of the exchanges. Kuzmin, terrifically tired, increasingly


ragged, leaning on to Medzhidov, who is trying to push off and get back


to work at mid and long range. He lent to the right hand over the top


again, Kuzmin is trying to boxes way back into the contest. Inside the


closing stages of that contest, one is left with the impression that the


man in red, the tournament number one seed, Medzhidov of Azerbaijan,


has done enough to be crowned European champions to add to his


world championship gold and Olympic bronze. Order to refit contest.


Tough last round. He has done enough. Medzhidov of Azerbaijan, the


tournament number one seed, the European ranked number three, the


world ranked number three, has been crowned European championship gold


medallist after a really hard-fought contest against Sir Guy Kuzmin of


have been me! I have boxed the two finalists, and watching them box,


could see their mistakes, what they were doing wrong, sitting here with


a couch with a can of Pepsi! I am being judgemental, saying this is


what they have got to do, but I feel, coming on from the games, I


have come on a long way I would love to compete these guys again knowing


I have beaten one and lost by a point to the others. Any other soft


drink is just as acceptable! Lets see where all the medals have gone


down as team GB in the middle table? There are some Scots boxers who are


outside of the team and some Welsh boxes outside the team, and the


whole team GB thing which is the Welsh, English and Scottish, and the


ability for us to send three boxers from the home nations, that is all


going to end by the next Olympics. And the sooner the better, because


we are at an unfair advantage, that is why they are individual


countries. How does the performance director view the team 's


performance? It has been a long week. The boxers have performed


really well, some really good performances here in Belarus, it has


been a really tough tournament, they always are very difficult. Tough


draws everywhere you look but the boxers have done fantastically.


is all about a new generation, names like Joe Joyce, Jack Bateson, they


have really performed. Lindsey of good performances, a lot of


youngsters in the squad, but a great experience. A couple of them we


brought for experienced and a few report with an outside chance of


making a medal. We are pleased because the majority of the squad


have performed really well out here. On another day we could be


coming away with four or five medals. The highlight is Andrew


Selby, what an achievement. Brilliant. He has led from the front


out here, the whole squad has been looking up to him all week and he is


just a class act, double European champion now which is unbelievable.


For European medals on the spin, is world silver medallist, and I'm


hoping it made up a bit of a disappointment of him leaving to the


-- losing to the gold medallist in London. Result is three years away,


there is no reason he cannot go there and left a gold-medal --


Brazil is three years away. How has the scoring impacted your role?


is tricky, because you have to look at the judges are looking for, so it


is a work in progress, really. It will develop as it goes on and


become clearer what they are looking for and what they know they are


looking for. You are a realist, coming into the championships


committed you are expected to go as well as it had done? It has been


tough, it has been proved very difficult, I was quietly confident


we could pinch two or three medals out here, thankfully we have won


three medals. On another day we could have won 45. It is all


positive, morale is good in the squad, they are all youngsters


developing, they have not lost by much, they are all confident moving


forward. The world Championships will be difficult in Kazakhstan in a


few months, not long to prepare for that, but some real positives coming


out of Belarus. We are really pleased and it has been a successful


tournament. You agree with him? Absolutely


forced up if we had come back with one bronze medal, post-Olympics,


that would have been good. We haven't come away with one, we have


come away with three. We have gone there with a decent squad,


developing squad but there are a lot of guys that are not there. One of


them is next to me, several of them have gone pro, let's say we went


there with a full squad, we would have been close to the top of the


table. That is just stating facts. Will they look back at the week is a


job well done? I believe so. I think Rob was going in there with a desire


to grab a couple of medals, which they achieved. Even if they come


away post-Olympics with one bronze medal it is still an achievement, as


a developing squad. It is all about getting experience for the world


Championships in October? Definitely. All the lads would have


gained a lot of experience. Most of the top boxers in the world come


from Europe so to go into the European temperatures and have a


medal is fantastic. So they will be full of confidence, not just


forgetting that it is October. I am sure they will be all guns blazing


as soon as they get back to the gym and working hard. Do you think all


these new faces for the British and Irish, are they here to stay?


Ultimately they are all looking ahead to Rio. I would be surprised


if seven or eight of the boxers we featured today from Ireland,


England, Scotland or Wales are not part of Rio. I am looking that far


ahead. They are part of a successful, flourishing system which


is a system that winter medals. -- wins medal. It is about competition


after competition, big Josh might be there, the team is solid and strong.


Will they be heading back to Sheffield with that bit of spice in


their training now? They don't lose it. That is the thing. Whatever they


have got, they are going to add to it, they will go out and train,


sparring, big guys will be sparring with me, it will be a great


atmosphere. What is next in your diary? I have the Europeans at the


1st of July, I am going out there as reigning champion, I am hoping to


win another gold and continue my rain! To be Britain cosmic Katie


Taylor one-day! Hopefully!Do you stay amateur, do you go pro, are you


anywhere near deciding? There are options to me right now. All I have


got to do is look at everything. That is where I stand at the minute.


I am keeping a great level of fitness, still in the gym training


and sparring, I will be fighting soon. But you have got in Sheffield


as an amateur is special. It is priceless what we have got up there.


Regardless of what everyone is offering, I have to look at my


development as a boxer. Much to look forward to, throwing it forward?


have been covering this business for 30 years, this is the best for five


years we have had and we will have an even better one coming up.


a purple patch, we have to be excited for Ireland as well. They


are doing what they are doing, and they are going to carry on, they


will carry on winning medals. By the time it is the next Europeans and we


go to Rio, will be the second or third top nation, that is not


fantasy! Good luck to all of you, great to have you in. What a hugely


Manish Bhasin presents coverage from the European Amateur Boxing Championships. It is the first major tournament since the London Olympics and Great Britain have selected a strong squad to travel to Minsk in Belarus.

Olympian Andrew Selby will be attempting to make history by becoming the first British boxer to retain a European Amateur title. The Welshman clinched the 2011 title in Ankara when he narrowly beat Russia's Georgy Balakshin.

Also in the squad are the English pair of Gamal Yafai and Charlie Edwards, who have previously won European bronze medals.

British boxers will represent their own home nations in the competition. Commentary comes from Ron McIntosh and Richie Woodhall.

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