31/03/2012 Boxing

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All the best action from this year's Welsh Amateur Boxing Association Finals night at the Welsh Institute of Sport, Sophia Gardens.

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Welcome to the WABA in Sofia Gardens. It's the championship


finals. We are under the spotlight as a Welsh boxing looks forward to


London 2012 and beyond. Things have been great for Welsh boxing. There


will be a hell of a lot to fight for. Fred Evans has been fantastic.


There is no reason why they cannot win medals. Two years to go to the


Commonwealth Games. Now is the time to make an investment. To be home


country champion tops it off. is the one I want him to win. The


It's a big night and the big names are in town and on the team.


Starting with the light heavyweight champion. Nathan, you have another


fight in a month. For weeks tomorrow, the Albert Hall and


defending a world title. Keeping busy. What is your role tonight?


Interviewing the fighters tonight, the winners, getting their thoughts


and feelings. There is some serious talent. The yes, good names on the


list and I look forward to it. for you later. Another member of


boxing's intelligence it, Nicky Piper. A before they get started,


one small but significant change. Although amateur boxers score by


the knuckle part of the glove to the body, they were not be


announced until the end of the round. The average will be on the


scoring pass. The boxer with the most points is the national


champion. And we complete the line-up of big


hitters with former British Commonwealth and European


welterweight champion, Colin Jones in the commentary position


alongside Steffan Garrero. Big names for a big fight night. Let's


get it on! First up, the battle of the flyweights. Ryan Llewellyn from


Cwmcarn. J Harris was a finalist The first of the finals for 2012.


The flyweight category. Ryan Llewellyn from Cwmcarn in the red.


J Harris from Gwent. Immediately, Ryan Llewellyn is on the attack. A


new scoring system this year. There is no running scores on the screen.


We get those at the end of every row. Five judges at ringside. Those


who score furthest away from the other three, those scores are taken


out and an average taken off the three remaining scores. Fairer that


way, in major tournaments at the end of the bout it's always the


right winner and that's the most important thing. How they get there


is another thing. As long as they get to the rights Boxing and the


verdict that's important. What's interesting is they have done away


with the one-second window where they had to have three judges,


hitting the bottom at the same time. The when second window is unfair


for the judges and puts them under pressure. That's been taken away.


We are seeing a fairer results. Ryan Llewellyn is a tough cookie.


His physical disadvantage is quite something. And so he has to get


under Jay Harris and open him up but with. A shorter man but getting


a few shots in in the first three minutes of the WABA this year.


Getting a couple in the end of the round. 7-6 is the lead for Harris.


J Harris seven points to six up. He took a few good right hands in the


first round. Some culmination punches.


Harris is trying to become the 2012 Welsh title-holder at flyweight.


There is still a lot on it. Make no bones about it, Andrew Selby at 52


in the Olympic Games, he will be competing and getting ready for the


Games. It opens up another spot for were the wings the flyweight title


tonight. There's a lot at stake. The boys know what is ahead for


them. There's a lot at stake in terms of competing for Wales and


the Commonwealth Games. Staking a claim for Glasgow, these boys


tonight in 2014. A good combination from Harris. He got his man on the


roads for a second. Ryan Llewellyn getting out of the way. A three


inch height advantage, Harris. He is the more experienced man. Ryan


Llewellyn is getting through with Another right hand hook combination


from Ryan Llewellyn. The second half was all Jay Harris. A good


combination of punches. Keeping his Looking to extend his big lead from


the second round, Harris working on the body and head again. A good


little hook, a great a right hook taking the feet away from Ryan


Llewellyn, a little stumble. He redeems the attack point. When you


look at too little fellows for the Welsh title, you expect great


battles by sue the heavyweights but in their category this is a great


little about. Both boys not giving any quarters. The number of punches


these guys are throwing over this nine minutes is phenomenal work.


Ryan Llewellyn has taken more but he has not stopped his engine. He


is firing them off. Still looks like he's enjoying himself with 10


seconds left to go. A big right from Jay Harris. He is looking to


end this on a high, Harris. He lost in the thick the 6th -- 56 kg


category last year. He wants Welsh title this year. And he has got it!


45 points to 33. He did not have it all his own way. Ryan Llewellyn


came back with some big punchers. A big finish to finish the round. Jay


Harris seals the victory. Finishing strongly. A deserved champion.


2012 Welsh WABA champion is in the blue corner! Jay Harris! Well then,


blue corner! Jay Harris! Well then, you looked nice and sharp. I lost


last tip in the final against Chapman. I dropped down the weight.


Back freshener. With London 2012 less than four months away, it's no


great surprise the Olympic boxers are not fighting tonight as they


have been sharpening their mettle elsewhere.


Sheffield, City of steel and home to just to get -- Jessica Ennis.


is going well, keeping in the gym. It is everything I have dreamed for.


It is not often you see what people in the Olympic Games. It is really


big. High work-rate. Get Ready! Two qualifiers are Welsh, art of the


five I can see five medals. I am confident about Andrew and Fred's


ability and moving to London. the's speed is out of this world.


He can move, it's like will-o'-the- wisp! He is a special talent.


one of the most talented boxers I've ever seen. He is one of the


best in the world. Fred Evans has been a revelation, a tremendous


fighter, Southport very smart. have known him since he was forced


-- a four-year-old. He came back after Christmas and beat the cube


number one and won gold. Fantastic. Both are moving along nicely.


Wales's only Olympic boxing medal to date was Ralph Evans in 72. What


are the final preparations? I had the tournament last month and one


silver. A want to keep shop. Fred has come back from two major


tournaments. He is back in the gym ticking over but not really putting


it in yet. We don't want him to peak too early. When the time is


right we were left the training and get them spot on for the Olympics.


The Olympic dream is still alive for Joe Cordina, he has made into


the second European qualifiers in Turkey in two years' time. I will


push myself to the limit. I am hoping to get it. That's my goal,


the Olympics. It is brilliant for Wales to have boxes of this calibre.


I want a medal for my country. There is pressure but I know I can


do it I am good enough. See what happens.


And I am happy it I have found Fred Evans. Great to see. Last year he


won this, did he fancy this year? would have liked to be here but I


have preparations for the Olympic Games. I had to miss out. You have


to be careful about the preparations. They write a program


for me every week. I have to stick to that and do my preparations for


the Olympics. You won gold in February. Yes, a hard tournaments,


I lost four times but beat the Cuban on the way. It was good. I've


got a good base to go on. How to prepare your mind and body for the


Olympics? I have training camps, international training camps which


are all benefit from sparring. I have another competition at the end


of next month. There will be me finished then the stock there is


more spiring and ready for the Olympics. The whole country is


behind you. Best of luck. Cheers. At 64 kilos, the light welterweight


promised a good punch-up on paper. Thomas Hoar is an awkward fighter.


At 5 ft 11 he comes with a reach advantage. Nico Morrison is the


finest and so far has success ratio BELL it looks to be a very evenly


And in goes Nico Morrison, trying to find out where his range would


be. A big gap between the two, there will be a bigger reach


advantage for the man in red. Already, it's a little scrappy and


a little ungainly, but that is what you are going to get at this weight


level. And you have got a big international ring tonight, a lot


of these boys would be used to the ring. It will suit Thomas Hoar,


because he likes to move a little bit, a lot more than Nico Morrison.


Morrison will have to hunt him down and look for those body shots.


Which would be an easy shots -- I thought the mood was more than


that, actually. The left jab was the superior Penge. That punch.


Keeping it long, doing the right thing. I think he deserved more


This is what Nico Morrison wanted to do, forced him back as much as


it cannot to the ropes and get as many shots away as he can while he


is enraged. -- in a range. Not really pouncing on his manner,


Morrison, but that is down to the foot work up Thomas for getting


himself out of this awkward spots. -- Thomas Hoar. Constantly bouncing,


He doesn't want to be there having exchanges with Nico Morrison, he


wants to keep on the move. A couple of shots while he was on the ropes


He landed a good right-hander that second round. Some good scoring


Such an interesting contrast between the two men in the ring.


Good left hook again from the man who has been slightly more on the


defensive, but Morrison goes on the attack this time. Get a scoring


shot into the right. The referee calls them apart and the closing


stages of this round at number three, if you are Morrison, need to


be all-out attack. A couple more scoring shots from Thomas Hoar. And


he already had the five point lead going into the round. Morrison was


slightly off balance that time when he went into the attacker, but he


looks like the one tiring. You have to admire Thomas Hoar, he has stuck


to his tactics all three rounds. Nice and simple, he has had


complicated things, used his feet at the right times, kept a nice


distance between them. It is good to see it is not all about the


blood and guts and big swinging punches. Good to see the foot work


and the skilful jabbing and keeping his man at bay. When he doesn't is


when Morrison comes in with some serious punches. He needs a flurry


He hasn't got the power in his arms, hasn't got the energy, and I think


Thomas Hoar can see that. Yes, keeping it dies and simple, no


sense trade. Nico Morrison looking for the big shot, which he will


have to look for -- nice and Big shots coming in from Morrison,


not finding their target. But he has definitely got it in him to


swing a big one. BELL.


BELL. Just hadn't got the energy to put


his full power behind it. Thomas Hall shows a big tactical display,


Words can't express how much it means, it is amazing. You are well-


suited to the points system. I was always catching him with the third


shot, I thought I would keep that going. Are you aiming for the


British? Definitely going for it. Well done, mate.


This is a real chess match, let's see why. Thomas Hoar up against


this shorter, aggressive Nico Morrison. The third round exploded


Morrison. The third round exploded into life as Morrison tried to


close the gap with his all-out aggression. This proved to be a


mistake as he ended up walking into the straight punches.


A Olympic ban Fred Evans won the six tonight kilo about last year by


beating Jamie Evans. Jamie is back this year under the tutelage of


Gerald Jones, who has already trade 71 champions and would like to


This club has been by love, I just love it. I don't know what I would


do without it, you know? At think I have been lucky, two world


champions. The boys are, they wanted. -- want it. You can't get


it out of your blood. He doesn't say a lot June training but as soon


as he spot something wrong, he will say something to -- he doesn't say


a lot during training. Jamie is a good box fighter, very good. If the


title fight came tomorrow, I would say, OK. I wouldn't go with anyone


else. For JB to be the champion, he would be the sweat -- 72nd champion


to come out of this gym. I'm just hoping that all the hard work


actually does pay off. I hope I will have a lot for champions


coming out of this team in the future.


With Fred Evans missing, this year's welterweight is a wide-open


affair. At 25, Kristian Nagle from affair. At 25, Kristian Nagle from


Splott is one of tonight's most experienced boxers. JB Evans lost


last year to Fred Evans. Can he go one better this year and give


George Jones another champion? Plenty of coaching experience


behind Jamie Evans, and with Gerald Jones of ABC behind him, he has got


the makings of a future champion. Unlucky to come up against Fred


Evans last time round. Fred are not competing this time around because


he will be involved in the Olympics later in the year, he is the


current champion. Kristian Nagle, 25 years old, a few schoolboy


titles to his name at the youth title as well. Been on the


international scene for a little while with Wales. Could be an


interesting match-up. Yes, Kristian Nagle is very clever and very fit


and then you have the Harkness of JB Evans. -- harshness of JB Evans.


Don't blink, there is every possibility they could be assured


one here. -- it could be a short A lot of bluffing from both men


before the big shots finally come, and when they come, they look


pretty big. A good left hook from Christian Aid all right under the


guard of Evans. That time, Evans learnt from his mistakes -- from


Kristian Nagle. This is a very Another great left hook from events


which finds they header. This is very interesting -- from Evans. A


very interesting combination of boxers. Similar styles. Just


waiting to take first blood in this one.


A about she would have thought with a round that close, or five points


apiece -- and there she would have thought.


It started very slowly but it burst into life halfway through. At the


into life halfway through. At the end of it, a left hook by events.


end of it, a left hook by events. end of it, a left hook by events.


Close fight, a big punches. Peschke I heard the whole story that Eddie


Thomas, my old manager, used to stay about Gerald is that if they


could get him a world title fight in the mind as well, he would have


Both have the same very well- matched, same height, same way,


Beasant left hook by Kristian Nagle, but it seems that every time he


fires one, one comes back from Jamie Evans. It is almost like they


are boxing against mirrors here. Sparks are flying at the end of


round two. Both men scoring a, both men looking for big haymakers. A


huge left hook which Mrs coming from Kristian Nagle. Just moved out


Some of those big shots are scoring and more of them for Kristian Nagle.


Trying to keep it longer, Jamie Evans, but it wasn't always working.


But counterpunching from Kristian Nagle. It was getting heated at the


Good left hooks coming in from both men, but they Jabez coming off more


Both men firing of shot. Even when they are tangled, they are not


afraid to mix it up. They have any good Fred Evans at the Olympic


Games in this division, showing he is the top in the country. With


these young plants -- lads coming through, it shows that the future


The final half-hour minutes for Jamie Evans to try and overhauled


A good right hook, two from Kristian Nagle. JB Evans is


starting to throw caution to the wind, he has to to a certain extent


he -- Jamie Evans. He is trying to open up and reduced the deficit and


Kristian Nagle has the perfect opportunity to counterpunch. Do


powerful, noisy shots coming onto the head guard of Jamie Evans from


Kristian Nagle. Another right hook comes through, Evans tries to work


on the inside and push his man off of. Just being held back slightly.


They could block that time from Evans with his forearm as the left


hook came through of -- a good block.


He saluted the crowd, he thinks he has got it. At 23-15, the judges


64 kgs Senior champion, you looked sharp. Banks a lot. It is any my


second fight in four years, I have been out for three years -- thanks


a lot, it is only my second fight. I thought it would have been good


I thought it would have been good tonight. Happy with that? Yes, he


has trained very hard for the last few weeks. So it wasn't champion


number 72 for trainer Gerald Jones as JB Evans found the


counterpunching of Kristian Nagle too much can handle. He founded


Close, but it wasn't enough, as Kristian Nagle took it. He will


have to wait another year. The way been for 72 tonight, but it


wasn't to be. Up -- you were aiming. Another two years and I were led by


London 2012 will be big for female boxing. For the first time affair


they will be Olympic medals at stake. However, this ignores the


limits of three. Bad news for whilst champion. She lost out as


she found herself to light to qualify. Becky Price still has an


out side chance of Olympic qualification if she can make a big


impression at the forthcoming world champions in China -- championships


in China. She has to defend her title against Charlene Jones from


Merlins Bridge he won the Welsh Three weight classes for the women.


Plenty for these girls to go for. Price has the more experience, she


is in the red vest. Jones in the The opening exchanges are a frenzy,


to say the least! It is like a premium of the world championships.


The weather wins this is guaranteed a spot to go to the world


championships in China -- rule ever wins. -- and whoever wins. Decent


shots from both boxers. It is a good start from Charlene Jones. You


can see a good long jab, a perfect shot making it through. Look at the


defence. Everything on the arms. This is have a score these days.


The final minute of the contest. A great chap from Becky Price.


Shots like that could be the decisive factor. Charlene Jones has


in given up yet. No, one of the best girls' finals and boxing I


have seen for many years. It's a really grates standard. The winner


of this one goes to the championships, the quarter-finals


and you get yourself at the Olympic Games. That's how much depends on


this next few seconds. Price is two points ahead going into the round.


June's refusing to the final seconds to give up on her dreams.


It seems the cleaner work is coming from Becky Price. Charlene Jones is


falling into every shot. She needs control of her feet again. In the


red corner and I think Jones crediting her opponent with a


victory. 13.28. Becky Price goes on to the World Championships and


maybe a name to lookout for at maybe a name to lookout for at


London 2012. Well done. A lot was riding on it. Hopefully China now.


Best of luck. Thank you. Becky Price was a big favourite against


Charlene Jones. Price try to control the action from long range.


The experience of price and she moves on to China. I am delighted


to be joined by Nigel Davies. Thank you for coming down. How important


is it for you to be here? Well, it's very important that I come


here. Being a Welshman anyway, I would not miss this for the world.


Being a podium coach is important I come down and not miss the talent.


There are many talented boxers in Wales, men and ladies. If I can


keep an eye on them and report back, between us all... The Becky Price


fight was really good for us to have no way we Charlene Jones


letting her through easily. Charlene started so aggressively.


She was like a tornado! A very high work-rate. I think in the end it


was the height and reach of Becky Price the got her the points in the


end but a close contest. An entertaining one. Becky is still in


with a chance of going to London 2012. Yes, yes. If Wales centre to


China in May and she gets to the last four that's what it's all


about. 54 kilos was a Gwent battle between Danny Price and Rachel


Pritchard. Let's enjoy the best of the action.


The aggressive nature of Pritchard that is taking it away from price.


Danny price is giving as good a shot as she can. Price is giving it


everything but how -- has not got off the clean shots. The 2012 Welsh


champion, Rachel Pritchard! heaviest female wit, 64 kilos saw


Rachel Tobin against Tamlyn Williams.


All square after the first round. Rachel Tobin are more on the


aggressive side of things. Williams got a couple of shots in. These are


the big -- the big final few seconds. A single-point victory for


Rachel Tobin. 18 points to 17. She is the light welterweight champion


for Wales. Every year there's one fight that


more eagerly anticipated then the others. This year, its the 81 kilos


between the prominent members of I have won eight titles, the


British title. Ice bar with Nathan before. He is a quick one. He is a


tidy fighter. Nice and fall and through the jabs. I need to stay


away from him! Nathan is strong, although he does not look strong,


he is tall and strong and fast. His speed can be deadly. He is unbeaten


this season. He is very fast, fast reactions. Low hands, he gets away


He tries to capture with the counterpunch. Hopefully we can put


some pressure on him. If I decide to box, that's what it will be.


can't wait to get in there and show what I can do! Show him the


business. It will be a great fight. This title is No. 9, it's going to


The fight of the night is a battle for Welsh Development Squad


supremacy. Sexual chocolate Morgan- Jones has won 21 out of 26 so far.


Nathan Thorley has one Welsh championships in the past. Not one


A B contest for both men. Both on the 2014 elite squad. -- a big


contest. Big markers to set down for both of these guys ahead of the


Commonwealth Games. Morgan James in the red. Nathan Thorley in the blue.


Immediately they decide to go at it. Nathan Thorley with a three inch


advantage. Nathan Thorley has moved up. He has a 6 ft 5 frame, 75 kilos


Morgan is a talented boxer. He likes to counterpunch, quick hands.


Jones, a good big punch from Nathan Thorley just missing the whiskers


of Morgan. Another angle... Just about Mr, thankfully. He came back


with a good combination of his own. Good fast hands. Some good work


coming from Jones as he looks to extend his three-point lead he


holed from round number one. Another good jab. Nathan Thorley


trying to avoid them, it depends what the judges are set as to what


they think. Another wild attempt. Nathan Thorley will not worry about


that. A tight guard up to his head. There was a cheeky shot and the


response from Nathan Thorley is what you would expect. He has been


He gets his man back on the ropes exacting revenge. He gets back


centre ring. Nathan Thorley almost gets caught with a straight jab


from Morgan-Jones. He has found his range, the big man. He gets one


through the guard but gets one back for his troubles from Nathan


Thorley. A typical round to score, this one. Morgan-Jones extend his


lead, 12 points to seven. An aggressive start the Nathan Thorley


but messy and not much accuracy. A great chap from Morgan-Jones.


Morgan is doing the damage. excellent shots which had spurred


Nathan Thorley into life. Good shots straight through the guard.


He is trying to turn round, Nathan Thorley. Jones needs to be careful


with the body shots. They are making contact as well. Getting the


head movement back as well. Jones wasn't fully with us for a second


or two. I am not sure that is the way to protect yourself. The final


exchanges. Both men on the elite squad looking ahead to the


Commonwealth Games in two years but this would be a body-blow to Mother


loses this one. Psychological advantage to the winner. On the


back foot again goes Jones. Try to cruise the final stages of this


round. Will he did it with a three- point advantage? -- do it. Making


contact at will. His footwork is in bed but he is clubbing the shots in.


The confidence of the man is something to behold. He has his man


That is it as far as Nathan Thorley is concerned. It is all over and


Morgan Jones has struck a huge... Look how much it means to the


Look how much it means to the Merthyr Ex man, it is a big win for


Morgan Jones. The light heavyweight champion of Wales for 2012 is


Morgan Jones. Well done, an emphatic victory. I enjoyed every


second of it. You have come on a lot than the last year, improved


rapidly. I have found the right weight, you know? I had been at 75


for a long time but I was struggling to make the weight, but


light-heavyweight, that is for me. You feel stronger, the punches are


snappier. I can concentrate on my boxing. I'm just loving it.


So we have to the elite squad members in North -- Morgan Jones


and Nathan Thorley fighting for superiority. It was a hard contest.


Nathan Thorley put everything into the third round attempted to close


the deficit but ended up walking on to a big punch that closed the


contest. Of Morgan Jones at the champion.


-- Morgan Jones, the champion. Lot a state tonight with boxers


from all over Wales fighting for funding as the Welsh Amateur Boxing


Association prepares the 2014 Welsh -- Commonwealth Games, and that


further ahead by investing in future stars of the sport.


We want more success. We have had Andrew Selby and Fred Evans when


European Championships, they have qualified for the Olympics, and it


is thinking how can we invest in the sport further? We think we have


got there the support, financial and from Sport Wales, to really


make a big difference. We have got three programmes in place in Wales.


A talent programme for youth and juniors. Then. A women's programme.


It is about seeing what they can achieve, and what they need to do


to move on to the next level. are identified, really, from a very


young age. There is there reason why these young boys cannot emulate


champions. I remember up when I was there. Boxing has changed a lot, it


is something that would improve more as time goes on. The up taking


up on board what they do up on GB and from youngsters up to the


seniors, we will hopefully be a strong a nation in the boxing world.


We have two years to go until the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow said


there is the time to make a big investment in the sport, and have


even more success -- there is the time. Things have been great for


Welsh boxing and we intend to keep the ball rolling. Of we want to


stamp us Mark in Great Britain and represent ourselves and let


everyone know well as a big force in boxing -- we want to stamp our


mark. A I'm joined by the chairman of the Welsh Amateur Boxing


Association Terris bed. What have you made of the standard tonight?


think very good. -- Terry Smith. With the development squad working


on them regularly, we have a lot of promise. Can you explain to me what


the support Wales support of WABA has meant to the organisation? --


Sport Wales. We have everything from them. It is the basis of our


development. We have just introduced the new performance


director James Thomas and with Colin Jones, we are looking for


buried pick things. -- very. It did that basic, decent funding and you


end up with better boxers? Course. We can see the boxers at


grassroots levels and if we can support them, they can become an


elite performers. If seems to be working, some good fighters out


there. I am blood -- glad you enjoy A North-South bust-up between


Cwmbran's Joe Hall and Kazim Ghani. Just waiting for Kazim Ghani to


fire one up. Wherever the gap is, he finds it. The big shots are


coming from Joe Hall. 24-22 for Joe coming from Joe Hall. 24-22 for Joe


Hall. I didn't know anything about his style, I didn't know what to


expect in the ring. St Joseph's Leon Goodman and Daniel Richards


were well matched at middleweight. There is the big left having


strayed from Daniel Richards, the head of the valley boxer. Leon


head of the valley boxer. Leon Goodman felt that one -- head of


the ballet. He needs to keep attacking, Leon Goodman. Daniel


Richards knows exactly how is going to defend his lead. Every time, he


finds a way of getting that left through the guard. 14-7, he secures


victory. What is next? I'm going to go on and turn professional and


hopefully come and join you! Nice Next up, it is the big boys, with


current heavyweight champion of Lloyd Davies from Mountain Ash


taking on the man from rural Wales, where in boxing circles, he is


I am not even a farmer. I have never been on a farm, never worked


on a farm, but it is stuck there, so I had dared have much choice. --


I started when I was 15, I walked in and instead of shaking my hand,


he hit me. He was tiny, and he is now 6 ft 3. The first year, I was


allowed to hit the back. I was terrible. Boys from the country are


strong lad, they need to train and they love training -- strong lads.


Lloyd is a better boxer than me, he is strong and he is fit, so it will


be an interesting bout. I expect a hard fight, because he is a good


boxer. I have been involved for 35 years in boxing, trained over 30


Welsh champions. This is the one I want to do it, the Welsh


Big Rhys Williams at 6 ft 3 has a height advantage and if he connects,


watch out. But Lloyd Davies's are three times finalist and last


year's champion. -- Lloyd Davies is A. Experience or exuberant, which


Time for the big boys to show what they can do. Rhys Williams in the


red, Lloyd Davies in the blue. Both of these up above 6 ft, and very


much the heavyweight, the big swingers. Rhys Williams going for a


couple of big shot very early on in the first round, just to see what


Lloyd Davies is made of. Davies beat Robert Penn with a second-


round stoppage last year. They will shoot title for Williams at the


British Youth silver medallist. -- a youth title. It is very much


Lloyd Davies with the best of the opening stages in round number one,


getting through to the head three or four times. Yes, and Rhys


Williams, a little over anxious. Just get back to his boxing,


because Lloyd can punch a bit, there is no doubt about it, should


he gets caught with two or three of them, he will find himself in


trouble. In these to be patient, try and take his shot, because


Lloyd can poach a bit. That punch a bit. -- puncher bit. Incredibly


Lloyd-Davies is starting to find gaps. Three or four holes and that


defence. -- in that event. A very much ahead on points and Rhys


Williams needs to get back guard up. He has done well to respond. He has


proven he has got a good solid chin, takes a good shot. He just wants to


get his hands up a bit tighter. You don't want to be up there mixing it


with the experienced Gilad. He is dropping his right every time he


fires up the jab and that is where the shot are coming from. The


referee having a look at this, a standing count come in for Rhys


Williams to protests like you can't believe it but I'm pretty sure he


can. In the an Rhys Williams is so


strong, he has taken so many punches -- Ilunga Rhys Williams.


How many... How busy standing up to this? He took a lot of shots but he


is standing up so far. You just wonder how much Lloyd Davies has


expanded earlier on. He is looking as though the energy levels they


have gone bad because it did most of the running for the first three


minutes -- may have gone bad. But he reckons again. You wonder how


much longer Rhys Williams can take these heavy shots. The referee will


be having a very good luck in between these rallies. Let's start


forget, he is only a youngster. There is their need for him to be


stuck in their taking unnecessary punishment. -- no need. A learning


experience of nothing else against the current Welsh champion. He is


taking some serious punishment than you wonder whether the referee


needs to champion, three or four to the head. -- needs to jump in. He


took a standing count for the first round and a couple of those punches


looked a little oddly. -- Oh dear. Slashing uppercut coming through


from Lloyd Davies. A few of those were making serious contact with


Rhys Williams. A massive lead of 30-4 and when he is throwing and


landing this may be shot, I am not surprised. How is Rhys Williams


standing up to this? Not the sort of man you want a bit on the street.


But good shot, Class C punches, powerful shots. -- high-class


punches. Williams is taking a lot of punishment. Another big shot


from Davies, crisp, clean punches. Massive books coming into the head


of Williams and Williams isn't going to give up, you can't blame


him for that. He has taken everything. Probably one of the


most courageous performances I have courageous performance that I think


I would rather not see. I have to agree with you, he is taking a


ridiculous amount in there and he has not really firing many back.


That is his third standing count of the bout. He has had one in every


round. The referee decides he is taking too much time and with a


minute left in the final round, it was coming for a long time. It was


coming from the first standing count, Lloyd Davies wins by a


count, Lloyd Davies wins by a stoppage. The heavyweight champion


of Wales for his second year running. The winner and the 2012


Welsh they be a Ali to his Lloyd Davies. -- A B A. Second year


running, feel-good? A Yes, I did my preparation and I homework and it


showed. A happy with that performance? Very happy. Everybody


is saying this boy of Ostrom, he has never been stopped. -- this boy


was strong. Happy to get the stoppage? Yes, even better. This is


my friend of my T-shirt, he passed away about a month ago and I would


like to dedicate it to him. Lloyd looked every bit as champion as he


through combinations of class and power continuously. The strength


and durability of Williams was amazing but eventually, at the


finishing touches forced a third round stop.


How was that you tonight? A great evening of boxing. I didn't wanted


to stop. There were a few big names missing, but it was very good.


the knockout was pretty full-on. Yes, that was my box of the night.


He has improved rapidly over the last year and he had boxed


beautifully up to them and the knockout finished it off. And the


first time we are going to see female boxing at the Olympics. You


think Wales will have some representatives? Possibly, Becky


Price is probably the favourite at of all of them to make it and there


is a good chance they are going to qualify now. -- out of. She has a


All the best action from this year's Welsh Amateur Boxing Association' Finals night at the Welsh Institute of Sport, Sophia Gardens.

Lisa Rogers is joined by three generations of Welsh boxing greats, Nathan Cleverly, Nicky Piper and Colin Jones, with commentary from Steffan Garrero.

It's a big year for amateur boxing as London 2012 fast approaches.