Day 10 Commonwealth Games Sportsday

Day 10

Karthi Gnanasegaram presents a round-up of the day's action from the 2014 Commonwealth Games, with highlights of all the home nations' gold medal-winning moments in Glasgow.

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Hello and welcome to Commonwealth Games Sportsday from Glasgow.


I'm Karthi Gnanasegaram. This is your final stop of the


evening for all of the best action from today and we'll get everything


in before midnight, I promise. Coming up on the programme.


Bolt produces a breathtaking performance


and a Games record for Jamaica as they take relay gold. Making history


in the Hydro - Nicola Adams wins the first gold awarded to a female


boxer at the Commonwealth Games. Daley retains his 10m platform


title as England reach double medal figures in diving.


Good evening from Glasgow. This is Commonwealth Games Sportsday. 250


handmade gold medals have been awarded to athletes so far and there


are more to come tomorrow but it has been a very soggy Saturday at


Hampden Park. Usain Bolt sealed his superstar status with Commonwealth


gold, the only medal missing from his collection. There were


impressive performances on the track and field from English and Welsh


athletes but Jamaica certainly enjoyed tonight's party. Patrick


Gearey has our final round up of athletics action from these Games.


Here he goes, Usain Bolt has it in his hand. Jamaica go clear. The


Usain Bolt show starts. Jamaica qualified. How do you beat the


world's fastest nation? Covering the track with raid might be a start.


That had stopped by the time the relay team entered the arena. Usain


Bolt danced to The Proclaimers song. And then prepared for an iconic 100


metres. Usain Bolt has the baton in his hand. Usain Bolt takes the


title. It is Glasgow gold for Usain Bolt and Jamaica. England's Danny


Talbot battled to live with the legend. The English came away with a


silver. The attention was where it always is, with Jamaica and Usain


Bolt. Makers of a lasting game 's memory. The female sprinters were


Jamaica had broken their games record before the final and it


became clear they would do it again. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce will storm


to gold. An astonishing statement of Jamaica's sprinting class. There was


a significant bronze medal for an English quartet, also. England had


been competitive through the men's 4 x 400 metres. It came down to


Matthew Hudson-Smith and the Bahamas' Chris Brown. He leads the


gold. Hardly the weather for sunglasses, but they will go well


with the gold medal. The England women's team were some way behind


the Jamaicans are Nigerians, but finished well clear of Australia to


take the bronze. This was no night to be in the field. The weather


delayed non-track events. Wales' Sally Peake held on tight and got a


silver medal. For all the superstars of the show, perhaps the achievement


of the evening was Jo Pavey's, the 40-year-old mother of two, who


battled with the Kenyan runners and going into the straight they passed


her, but the English runner came back one last time. On a golden


night, the bravest of bronze medals. The Hydro can certainly rival


Hampden Park for history tonight. Just behind me is the venue for the


boxing finals and it has been emotional in there. Nicola Adams


became the first female ever to win Commonwealth boxing Gold. England's


Savannah Marshall also won this evening. While the hosts Scotland


secured two more podium topping finishes. Northern Ireland have also


had an historic night with their best tally of 9 boxing medals -


two of them gold. Tim Hague reports.


Here she is on the cusp of claiming the first women's Olympic boxing


gold medal. Nicola Adams of Great Britain has just made history. She


has done it once and did it again by becoming the first female to win a


Commonwealth Games gold medal. But she had to get past 21-year-old from


Northern Ireland first. Michaela Walsh. 11 years younger and full of


fire and desire. It seems the Olympic champion done enough, but


only just. It was a split decision. I am over the moon and overwhelmed.


I cannot believe the support I have had through the tournament and I


would like to thank everybody who turned up to date and supported me


at home. I feel like I have been cheated from a medal. It is not her


fault. She is the Olympic champion, they will give it to her. Nicola


Adams wasn't the only woman to win gold. Savannah Marshall made it two


from two. In men's finals, the home nations dominated with Paddy Barnes


of Northern Ireland proving himself once again. He becomes the first


British boxer to defend a Commonwealth title ever. His day got


better when his friend and roommate Michael Conlan did as well. What of


the Scottish finalist? Charlie Flynn had everyone on their feet with his


performance. He got the gold medal and talked a good game. Sometimes


you need to beat awkwardness. That was the case. It was a hard fight. I


am well winded. It looked like his countrymen Josh Taylor was feeling


it, but a dog or display of Scottish grit saw him through. The host


nation's most successful Commonwealth Games ever got better


and better. The old enemy England cannot complain. Top of the medals


table and two further gold medals thanks to Scott which Gerald and


Anthony Fowler. Both were totally dominant. Before it was left to Joe


Joyce in the superheavyweight final to close the show and he did so in


perfect styles. Another historic day for the home nations.


Quite a medal tally being notched up by home nations boxers while at the


Royal Commonwealth Pool it was England leading the way with double


medal figures in diving. Tom Daley retained his 10m platform title and


alongside Hannah Starling's springboard bronze this has been


England's most successful Commonwealth Games for the sport.


Nick Hope reports. Since claiming the Olympic bronze at


2012 Olympics Tom Daley has been plagued by the Demon dive, the back


to an a half somersault to the heart with routine has seen him miss out


on medals over the past two years. He claimed to have dealt with it


before the competition but in the preliminary he was struggling. His


other dive saw him through to the final. There he would deliver a


better return on his least favourite routine. It is better than this


morning. The Australian 2008 champion struggled from the early


round and there was no one to push Tom Daley as Tom Daley successfully


defended his title he won in Delhi. Hannah Starling is not fazed by the


big occasion. Each dive was greeted with a wave to her parents before


delivering a solid routine. Others had more difficult dives, but Hannah


Starling was consistent. England finish with an incredible total of


ten medals, a confidence boost to the team ahead of the European


Championships in less than two weeks.


Let's have a look at some of the penultimate day's other news.


England's women's hockey team were just 11 seconds away from winning


the gold medal - but instead lost on a penalty shootout. Lily Owsley had


given England a 1-0 lead but a late Australian equaliser took the game


to penalties. Australia won the shoot out 3-1. Disappointment for


England's men as well, they lost their semi final against Australia


4-1 and will play a bronze medal match against New Zealand tomorrow.


It was gold, silver and bronze for England in the table tennis mixed


doubles. Husband and wife team, Paul and Joanna Drinkhall top the podium


after a net cord at the end of their final against 15-year-old Tin-Tin Ho


and Liam Pitchford. Kelly Sibley and Danny Reed took bronze. Pitchford


also claimed bronze in the men's singles.


Silver and bronze for England too in the women's squash doubles. Laura


Massaro and Jenny Duncalf lost to the fifth seeds, Indian pair Dipika


Pallikal and Joshana Chinappa to take silver, as they did four years


ago. While Emma Beddoes and Alison Waters claimed bronze.


Amantle Montsho of Botswana, who finished fourth in the women's 400


metre final earlier this week, has been provisionally suspended from


the Games after testing positive for a banned stimulant. Testing of a


second sample will take place on Monday.


There was a silver medal in the para-sport powerlifting lightweight


competition for England's Natalie Blake. While her compatriot Ali


Jawad took bronze in the men's event. The top honours though were


taken by international athletes. With news of those and some of the


more surprising moments you might have missed here's the eagle eyed


Drew Savage. Singapore signed off with five gold


medals in table tennis. Success guaranteed in the singles.


Singapore's women were unstoppable. They contested the singles final


yesterday and in the doubles were too good for Australia. The last


night of boxing provided blood, sweat and tears. This 18-year-old


was overwhelmed after taking the light heavyweight title in New


Zealand. And a sweet night for the man known as sweet Sammy. He struck


Commonwealth gold for Canada at the age of 33. Not a bad night for the


Australians with Shelley what's winning the first lightweight gold


medal. -- Watts. Two gold medals for Nigeria in the para-sport


powerlifting. Loveline Obiji was successful in the heavyweight class.


Relieved to finally get the better of England in the deciding game in


the semifinals, the Indian needed five match points to clinch it. That


was not his lucky racket! He will hope for a better souvenir in


tomorrow's final. Drew Savage.


Badminton still has five gold medals to be won tomorrow but the table


on this penultimate day of action has England top with 56 golds.


England can't be surpassed by Australia who are on 45 gold


medals Canada are in third place above the Hosts, Scotland,


who have smashed their previous best of 33 medals - Scotland now with 52


in total, 19 of them gold. Wales are in 12th with 4 golds


Northern Ireland's boxing medals today means


We have been taking a look behind the scenes of the Commonwealth


Games. The medals are beautiful, but some athletes have not been too


careful with them. It is the nightmare sub -- scenario. That


moment when you cannot remember where your medal in -- medal is. And


Nicola Adams creating history, she said, I did it. This is her with


Clyde. Apparently he is sold out. A lot of athletes say they are happy


with the games. The pictures of Usain Bolt this evening,


unbelievable. The action has been incredible. I looked back at some of


the more memorable moments. It gives me the greatest pleasure to


declare the 20th Commonwealth Games open. It started with a bang. Could


the sport live up to the billing? Some of the big stars were missing,


but those who signed up were ready to create their own Commonwealth


dreams. Alistair Brownlee is now the Commonwealth champion. The big guns


came out blazing and most hit the target. I am dying, but I am not


losing the race! Some weathered under the dish Mac withered under


the weight of expectation. It was an emotional end of the road for some


of them, but others had an unbelievable start to their journey.


Under the spotlight, those who dared to dream delivered. The people of


Scotland have embraced it. A teenager's twists and turns lead to


gold medals galore. Claudia Fragapane. There were flips and


flops. And roofs were raised by huge crowds as records fell and new


champions were crowned. The king of the track caused controversy. What


do you think of the games? They are awesome. When he got down to


business, he was like lightning. The rain fell, but mostly the sun shone.


The fans flocked. They witnessed emotional moments. This meant


everything and there was no way I would go through everything I have


been through and not get a medal today. Those who did not come missed


a fantastic party. We thank Glasgow for it. Tomorrow night, the sun will


set on the 20th Commonwealth Games and the baton will be passed to the


gold coast of Australia. I think you were trying to make me cry with that


piece. What was your favourite memory?


Probably the side of a 13-year-old girl of the Shetland Islands,


realising she had taken a bronze medal. And, Usain Bolt, dancing to


the Proclaimers. I hear he is DJ in town, I wonder if he has 500 Miles


on the wheels of steel. Thank you for giving us a behind-the-scenes


glimpse. That is it for Commonwealth Games


Sportsday on BBC One on the day that


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