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Day 1

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Welcome to tarts extra, your late- night review of the day's best


action of the 2012 BDO Darts World Championship. We start with the


defending champion, Martin Adams on the prowl for title number four. It


was up against Scott Mitchell. We would take this on from the walk-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


ons. Please welcome the reigning Ladies and gentlemen, he is Scott


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Thank you ladies and gentlemen. First set, first leg, Martin goes


bust. The defending champion goes A nice last dart. I had the


pleasure of sharing breakfast with both of these men and I have to say


they were both very laid back and very calm about what could be the


of three sets, it could well go all the way. Both guys really fancied


their chances. Scott Mitchell knows if he can Stawell, and put pressure


on in the early stages, he could have eight-match on our hands. That


is what he needs to do. In is to Yoweri Museveni and what has


changed for Wolfie in the last nine And that his grand mum, his wife


Sharon. They met at her 18th birthday party. They still wanna


tell me how many years ago that was. But Hello this afternoon to their


grandson's the UN who is watching Quite a few in the from the area of


Would he go treble 20, double 10? For the first leg, Scott Mitchell


is against the darts with treble 19 Another chance for Mitchell to make


a nervy first leg. That is a good marker. He has blocked it, can he


left Over the Top? I am surprised Adams did not give him a double


chance. -- second chance. That could have been a worry for Wolfie


Mitchell with the darts. He will be desperate to hold this through now.


He will after that opening leg. Martin Adams is not going to give


you that many chances and when they come a long you really have to take


them. What is phasing Scott Mitchell today is a man who, since


winning his first World Championship, has only had two


defeats in the last five lakeside tournaments. He has only averaged


under 90 in four of those 23 matches. He has as consistent as


consistent can be. The last man to beat Wolfie was Ted Hankey in the


He was the champion in 2007, 2010 and 2011, as well as the runner up


in 2005. He is a fine time semifinalist and three-time


But if you are looking for an Achilles heel, Martin Adams has


been top seed before and lost in the first round back in 1997


Marton Adams is a little wayward with his first start, having to


adjust to much. He has not quite found the range on his doubles yet.


A little shake of the head. A He is going to pump his best. That


is what it means. Chances for both It is level at 1 a piece as Adam's


sets out again with another ton- Interesting there, my then Adams


the ticking of the 25 quite early This fight for sale on the Wolfie


website. The Scott Mitchell is no stranger to Scotty Dog memorabilia


If you're so inclined, you can buy a Scotty Dog key ring. If he gives


me mates rates, I might. 136 for Scott Mitchell now. He cannot


finish now, missing the big 20 on his last dart in his last visit. It


Martin Adams is just a bit a bit off. He is giving Scott Mitchell


Once again, Mitchell does not take the chance to break the throw.


Surely he will not get another. Two You can just feel the tension,


whether you are at home or queue at Lakeside. 19 visit and accounting


Marton Adams, 13 doubles so far in this match. Wolfie now voted onto


BBDO board. Combining the role of administrator and play as well. Big


changes behind the scenes of the BDO. I ensured the man who used to


head the organisation is at home watching the action right now. I am


sure he will be enjoying what he As well have caused the hordes who


This is much better for Martin Adams here. He could do with a


136 points ahead. Mitchell needs and his many as he can, but that is


The first to three makes wins a set, first to three sets is through to


the second round. A good time to hit that 140. Scott Mitchell's son


would know his that is under an enormous amount of pressure in this


A balls I will live -- leave double Ken Mitchell put some pressure on?


Not at the moment. He has defined a treble from somewhere. He has only


had one of them so by in this leg. Under no pressure at all then.


Martin Adams body said. The first set, Martin Adams. You say no


pressure at all, but I think the fact that Martin Adams is defending


the title and going for the hat- trick has put him under a little


bit of pressure. AKG opening set up Wolfie is the first man to success


varied depend a title after one other in 1988 in Dundee in 199 --


Mitchell is still trying to get the Both players know each other very


They know each other's game inside and out. I do not think that is


helping either of them relax and Scott Mitchell played well for


England. He has won five of his six matches representing his country.


Snuck into his treble, Martin Adams. That is a great first data. So much


space in which to pop another in. Which he does. Mitchell looking


The referee looks on in the background. That is perfect for the


first dart. Can Adams now stepping in steel? I had seen him do this so


much in the past. It was Derby He is not looking like a man to


take a big checkout at the moment. Mitchell with a double Hague. Busy


looking like a man to take anything There is no celebration From


Mitchell or any emotion as he gets the double either. Lots of room for


This is the point where Martin Adams will be wanting to stick in


the 140 or 180. In is to apply Mitchell solid, but not spectacular


enough to put pressure on the throne. Too many loose starts.


both players. Another treble 20 from Adams leads a double eight.


That is a poor start with the darts. Will Adams take advantage?


really, it has to be said. Choosing, once again, to not go for the cover


on trouble 19, but to pick of the bullseye. I wonder if that is a


deliberate strategy from Martin Adams. We could do with a treble


Scott Mitchell is the owner of his own landscape gardening business.


He's also a very keen golfer and motocross enthusiasts. He used to


play football quite a bit a long time ago as well. I enjoy his


friends will be watching this and will congratulate him if he


That is the perfect time for will be to impose himself into the match.


Treble 18th puts Mitchell on the In the context of the match, this


could be a very big lead. Scott Mitchell has been bombarded with


the Wolfie bullets. 180, 104. Martin Adams from 204, completing


the lake in six starts. He is now That was eight per big darts in a


row for Wolfie. The perfect mate of course is done in nine darts. --


Martin Adams has tried his average up from the 80s. The first nine


darts have given 100. This is lovely, fluid play from Martin


Adams and another massive -- This is a body set up. -- This is


He needs a treble, but does not get one. Another six darts from 81 for


a two-set lead. Treble tour of I love to see a player taking on


the ball finished there. He did not have to, but the 81 was there to be


taking an he did just that. You do not ruin your momentum and stop


yourself in your tracks. You go for the double when it is available,


what ever double it is. Scotty Dog will be having that sinking feeling.


He has never won on that lakeside stage. But he just could not take


advantage of some early nerves from It does get you after a while.


come in for a first match and blues. Plenty of players have done it in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Scott Mitchell with the tarts to start this leg could do with


10140 scores for Martin Adams in Only 100 m. At -- and the 188


Not far away from his first 180, Scott Mitchell. Adams putting in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Only a whisker away from the He poured it, didn't he? I think


his chances have been there, but I get the feeling he is not going to


get many more after this. That was This match has gone scrappy again.


Double four. Very scrappy, indeed. I cannot believe Adams has a lack


Mitchell back in again. Perhaps the match in Holland is playing on his


mind. There is a big lead for He has to find a way to bring down


Martin Adams. He started a lead Nice to see them smiling on the


oche. I would not be smiling if I was Scott Mitchell, though. He is a


lovely lad, but he is not smiling through enjoyment, put it that way.


He is not putting pressure on Adams and has not done so on Adams' throw.


Good thinking from Adams, because a single would have left him on a


He is going for it. He is back to the bullseye again for 130 trip.


Thank you very much. It is sensible to go for the balls I first, but


The second time in the match way he did not have to go for a bull's-eye


finish, but still went for it He will feel that he can hit


anything. An overall average of 92.8, about what he would normally


be throwing in a first round. If you take into account that he has


only had one out of every four doubles he has gone from, the


Some of the legs had been scrappy He knows he will have to play


better than this. But we know he The expression on his face, it


almost said, you know what? Get me off the stage. He will not give up,


though. Are these to be his final For Martin Adams, who has gone out


on the first round before, the passage is open for him now. 25


Leeds tops. He has the 25. It is double top of the match. Just above


He needs double five. It was like a gust of wind blew that final dart


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start from 501. Could this change the context of the match? Look at


this. Just 60 from Martin Adams and straight into the treble 20 from


Scott Mitchell. He did not capitalise on what was an excellent


first start. Rather than relaxing, he got tense. The opportunity is


still there. He is 50 odd points ahead, or was, in his bid to break


Martin Adams for the first time in Mitchell has six starts from 195. -


- darts. 65 would have left him 130 and the won treble 20 would have


left him the chance at a double. But he is back under pressure now.


He has got to hit two treble 20s. There is one of them. There is two


20s from Martin Adams. No mistake this time. No trouble in the end.


Tony O'Shea made it all the way to the final against Ted Hankey in


2009 by the last tee he fell at first hurdle. Could he avoid that


this time round? His opponent was Steve West looking for his first


silver back. He usually plays in the blue and white shirt of his


beloved Stockport County. But all in black today. Yes, he idolises


Stockport. He will be hoping for a better season for his football club.


They are currently 19th in the conference. They are playing dates


two brothers. If they were both to win all of their matches they would


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


meet in the final. I cannot tell It sounds easy. It is more


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


difficult to get. The treble is tries to make some inroads into 250.


stage. They are the only two brothers to appear in the World


Championships. There is always at least one Alvis Presley in every


session, isn't there? -- Elvis The runner up in 2009, what a final


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


He has done well to walk away their average would have been Sky high if


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Olympics this year, dart. I would a long way from here. They only


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


need one late for the set, these in the madhouse. More pressure.


the players are smiling. But there are no smiles out there. No!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


match. 2009 was his year. Yes, he won a few titles. Five of his


tournament wins came in 2009 and of course he reached the lakeside


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


his debut, the Dutch referee. The other is even younger. He is very


the first time the Netherlands have boasted eight players in the main


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


draw. The Netherlands is a hot spot would have left trouble 16. --


He has a lot of fans, beneath me. He practised on Christmas Day. It


was at the insistence of his grandchildren. Get out there and


practice, grandad, they said to him. He has five grandchildren. They


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Look at this, he is putting him No mistakes there. After the


madness of the first set and all be missed double once, he takes the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Strangely enough, that first set Tony O'Shea has won five legs in a


A nice start to be made with a ton- eighty. Come on Tony, let's have


He is one of very few players to have won eight make in nine darts.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


He has also had a hole-in-one in There is still a long way to go,


Since these first set, Tony O'Shea's average has gone through


the roof. 77 in said one, not good enough, but he won it. 100 m and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


eight now. 2.5 legs into the third He is still in with a chance, but


it is a long one. What a finish! What a finish from Tony O'Shea.


Steve West came up against someone who was just brilliant.


Me to a battle between two It is the number 16 seed from


Holland, Meulenkamp he gets us A quarter of the men's singles


field is from Holland. Therefore it is only right that one of our


referees is that as well. Interesting how both of these


players approached the oche for their first visit.Ganstead adding


to the dish and -- distance, while Gary Stone played up the applause.


That is a breakthrough for Meulenkamp. Stone, he did not start


yesterday, is lagging behind the touch. Always important, whether


you have been here for 34 years or your foster-parents, to get a leg


on the board and feel as comfortable as you can -- first


He has bought himself plenty of time here. Hugo, Meulenkamp. That


He was a bit hesitant. I think he was composing himself a little bit.


He seems a fairly laid-back character. He did so well after


There are two left-handed players in this contest. There was a left-


Meulenkamp comes in as the number 16 seed. He has only ever won 1


Meulenkamp was the youth champion He has picked up enough points to


drain the top 16 at Lakeside this season. Gary Stone does not really


compete on the brink into work. He does pick up an awful lot of prize-


money in and around Scotland, playing some of the Open's north of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


I think Gary has a lot of chancier. I had been watching him warm-up.


Ross Montgomery was telling me about him as well. They played for


the same county team and Ross was speaking quite highly of him. Gary


Stone and the play darts -- started playing darts four years ago. It


was his wife's idea. She asked why I do not think he will be too fazed


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


First maximum of the year down at the lakeside. He has been


threatening it. Giving him a great chance to break the throw and steal


It could have gone either way that lead. Gary Stone still has a little


advantage here. Can he now start... Yes, he can. A good finish and a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Look at them go. The first match, Get me to as much as he can to put


any sort of pressure on Gary Stone. -- Meulenkamp. It is his body said.


Tony Toni Ali at the -- Berry tummy earlier that he felt all right and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


It did not help that he had to make that little adjustment to be right.


It puts a bit of pressure on. He was going for the treble 18. He has


left himself on a double, but Ken Meulenkamp put himself back into


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Another little twist in this match. He was unlucky with his second. He


took out the double 10. Meulenkamp in the last event of last year in


Holland but through to the finals. Big money. So at least we know what


It was a cracking tournament. He does not always provide the


Still lots of running in this match. What a time it to hit a 180. This


is a great way to get the crowd Once again Gary Stone is giving


himself the opportunity, but missing out when it comes to the


doubles. Meulenkamp to save his single 18. Only just in, but double


Is fast and furious this. This is intriguing. It can so easily be


Gary Stone two cleans up in this tournament, but he has tossed away


the advantage and now Meulenkamp is in pole position to hit straight


Stone is not a man who will give up easily. He is currently the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


district champion for the five -- A wry smile from Gary Stone. But


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Double 15 was not what he thought I like the 25 deaths. -- there.


Gary Stone may put pressure on him. He has done the best he can for


That was all about the pressure. Gary Stone replied to Meulenkamp.


He did not mean that, I promise you. That is not the way to check out,


but Gary Stone got away with it. is all happening here. It is


interesting how the straight for doubles he wavers on, but when he


has to rescue something, he has He seems to think too much why he


There you are, the 2012 champion That's not in nicely. -- that snuck


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Ron Meulenkamp has not made the From 2-0 up he could now lose it.


Run Millan car will get a chance Third set, first lake it is a Ron


Meulenkamp to throw first. -- first Could we be on the verge of the


first upset of the 2012 World Championship? The number 16 seed is


He is going to keeper no stone unturned. He will be pleased with


that, and overall 90 average. A decent score. Missed a few doubles


along the way but he has rescued a At the moment this day it belongs


to Gary Stone. There is the head of the National Association in Holland.


The Dutch expert of the game. very well-run organisation it is as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


well. It is great to see so many Look at them. You'll be seen that


After breaking the Heathrow Gary Stone is in a little bit of bother


here. -- the throw. That is the A great opportunity for Ron


Meulenkamp to get back into contention. Oh, no! I don't think


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Gary Stone fancied he would get a The second delayed, Gary Stone. --


the second Lakei Heimuli, Gary This could be the last of the match


unless Ron Meulenkamp can hold his throw. Gary Stone looking very


confident now, he is flying. Meulenkamp keeps giving him chances.


Waiting in the second round, the winner of Martin Adams and Scott


Mitchell. He could be up against the defending champion. Who knows


what is going to happen in that. always seems to flip the second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


No advantages yet. That is a good They are going at it hammer and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


That 20 points cost him a finish. He just got a bit carried away.


close. The last dart of the tournament. It might be his last


because Gary Stone is coming back. The first seed is out and Gary


One's got was through to the second round and Montgomerie was hoping to


make it two because he was up against Fabian Roosenbrand. The


commentary is David Croft and It wobbled but it stayed. He has


got some extra glue on that. Now each changes. Ross Montgomery


should have got that one. Fabian Roosenbrand came in to steal it.


There is no consistency there. 180! For the second time in the


match a maximum from Ross Montgomery. He was a bit off-target


Double top to hold his throw. There you go. Straight in. That was just


This puts all sorts of pressure on the Dutchman. 180! But Fabienne


risen brand, straight back, how about that. -- Fabian Roosenbrand.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


180! And the match catches fire in Surely now the boss will take


No score. I am not sure why Ross Montgomery is smiling there. Fabian


Roosenbrand now has passed it. He has gone for the double seven. He


was going for 19. Now he has busted. I think the score on the stage


might have been a little bit wrong there. He knew he was going for 19.


Either way it is two sixteens For Ross Montgomery. He has missed it.


And another. He is asking the question as to what is right. Which


score am I meant to be going for? If you go back he was left with the


nine, which is why I thought he had passed it. But this is the


referee's first ever match in the championship. I do not think that


delay has helped Fabian Roosenbrand Ross Montgomery can smile now. When


you have lost so many times in the first round you do not want to


throw away a good position. Now he will take a bit more confident.


What will Fabian Roosenbrand say afterwards? There was a mix-up with


the scoring and it left him very confused. He is not happy at all.


It is the last thing the referee Everyone is settling back noun into


the third set. The agony continues for the young Dutchman with another


bounce out. He is making the referee retrieve the dark for him.


Five bounce out now in just over two sets for Fabian Roosenbrand.


180! He is venting his anger on the A break at the start of the third


The match might be warming up a touch. Tension in the air. There


always is here, and that is why we love it. I do not think steady


towns are enough to break the throw for Ross Montgomery at the moment.


-- tons. Getting to the business end of the stage and those were not


close to the treble fur Fabian Roosenbrand. He just tightened up


on his throat. Ross Montgomery will be on at Shanghai if he gets the


opportunity. A lovely finish. Ross Montgomery is being asked a


few questions. It is not over yet. He has missed 19 doubles, Ross


Montgomery. He is missing on the Ross Montgomery was solid in the


opening two sets. He has started to A scrappy late of dance so far. --


He can not score as highly as he A good cover shot from Ross


All that confusion at the end of the second set has a rather


inspired Fabian Roosenbrand who has settled in nicely now. He won that


set against the throw. If he can hold his through here, that will


He did well to change his darts as well because one of them was


looking dodgy in the travel bed. -- Winner of the first late, Fabian


You would say that at this stage experience counts for a lot but


when you have had the experiences that Ross Montgomery has had over


the years here, it is not going to help him much. At times he is


looking a little bit scruffy with his shooting and lacking


inconsistency. -- in consistency. Ross Montgomery needs to keep his


focus. It is the first year that he has played here with glasses.


Another bounce out for the Dutchman. He will be feeling hard done by.


Six of them. But it is not like Ross Montgomery has taken any


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Ted Hankey famously won the title Single too old leaves a bull's-eye.


-- twelve. He will be feeling a lot He was leading by two sets to one


but we feel that Fabian Roosenbrand was looking at squaring up at 2-2.


This leg is still up for grabs. Ross Montgomery can still not force


the pressure. And Fabian Roosenbrand cannot cure this bounce


out of problem. He will be made to It's Ross Montgomery has moved


himself to within one Lego the match here. He has found his focus.


-- on leg of the match. I just wonder if Ross Montgomery let his


brother play a bit here, because it is Jekyll and Hyde. Well, he was in


charge, wasn't he? He just let it slip. Has the Bull's eyes have


pulled him down again? I think the advantage of first throw will be


key to Ross Montgomery because he is still not putting the big scores


in consistently enough. He has never averaged over 90. He is on 89


at the moment. If he can just pop his scoring and deliver some 94, 95


average games, he would be more comfortable. 202 hundred and 227


points away from the next round. -- This would be some way to finish.


He has got to keep concentrating. Why he stays up there, I am not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Another bouncer out. That looks like it came off the wire. A lot of


them have been Darts catching other darts, rather than just popping out


Ross Montgomery has the advantage in this deciding leg of the set. He


Is that the opening? Is that Ross Montgomery buying a little bit of


time here to finish off the match? Only 100. Fabian Roosenbrand is not


finding the treble when he needs it Half the crowd were ready to


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