Day 3 Darts: World Championships - Extra

Day 3

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Hello. Day three at Lakeside is about completing the line-up for


the second round in the men's draw. Meanwhile, the women are at the


quarterfinal stage. Julie Gore is trying to make the semis for the


first time in five events, against Anastasia Dobromyslova.


ANNOUNCER: Are you ready?! Ladies and gentlemen, let's play darts!


CHEERING Will you please welcome, from Wales,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


Will you please welcome, from Wales, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


So, Wales against Russia in this women's quarterfinal. Julie Gore


the second seed. A quarterfinalist four times at Lakeside. Every year


for the past four years she's been here, but yet to win a match on


that stage. Against the champion from 2008, Anastasia Dobromyslova.


it's a Welsh bounce-out. Getting into the rhythm. No problem with


of the only two girls ever to have Dobromyslova. She's had great


success since returning to the BDO. She has won in the last 12 months


the International Open, the Mariflex Open, the England Masters


and the Latvia Open. All of thall and she's still unseeded. The only


debris in 2008. the 16. But it's a nice out shot,


one, two, six options on the 19s. Gore not for the finish yet. The


2010 World Master. She beat a French player in that final.


-- she beat Francis in that final. 18 leaves double 16 for the first


set. For the first leg. Just the wrong side of the wire. 130. Still


Well, shaky start from these two young ladies coming to the finish.


So two eights to break in the first leg.


Good shot. She finds the middle of the double four. And that will


settle any lingering nerves. In camp Russia.


There may still be jitters on for 20 years. These two met in 2008


in the semifinals of the World Masters. Dobromyslova won that


young Welshman. And he will come up of the most nerve-racking jobs in


darts, isn't it? Referee on the Lakeside stage. You've gotta just


keep concentrating, don't you? I should know - I did it for 24


years. And, yes, it's not an easy task, I promise you. But it's


get down... 19s in this. Well, we've been having a little game


with the cameraman. I bet him he couldn't find Wally, and he's found


two of them. second leg, to double top. Might be


the best of five breaks. Three sets. Double top coming in.


There is Tony. And Julie Gore, despite all that experience, gets


to really -- yet to really settle. You can see by that dart. That


one's better, but she's yet to find 2010 was Julie's year. She won on


the World Masters. Picking up On Monday at Lakeside. Lots of


Welsh fans. That one met with huge cheers. She will go for treble 17


now. 97. Anastasia requires 141. APPLAUSE


Treble 20. So, Julie, a chance to... 2.5. But Julie Gore very much in


Julie. Really enjoyed the players' parade, which takes place about


half an hour before play gets under way, all the players in action, up


on stage. They wave to the crowd, shake hands with the referees. She


was the first on stage and really milked the attention. One lady


already through - Lorraine Farlam. She played Deta Hedman in the


semifinals. Could be a classic. Those two that we saw in the


background, the two blokes, they are Romanian darts players. Come


all the way from Romania. And the young lady looks as though she's


for Anastasia. Just a hundred. For the first set.


Treble 20. She will be coming back for 40. As you can see there, puts


her on the flights... Anastasia to open. Game on.


She lives in Cheshire. First to Dobromyslova now. Married to


another darts player, Mr Martin, who played here in 2005 and lost to


Simon Whitlock in the first round. Made one appearance, as you say, in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


Dobromyslova. 12 scores of 100-plus for the Russian. Just six so far


better prepared, ready for a battle, looking very fresh. Well, I


mentioned all those titles, the BDO, five of them. Carry on dreaming!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


You can carry on dreaming there! Starting with the 19s. Treble-18


Another leg. Game. Straight in. No problem with it.


Game on. As you mentioned, Tony, she really


looks like she's on form and she means business. Trina Gulliver


awaits in the semifinals. Yes, the struggled in Hollywood.


-- She struggled in holland. Such a good player, Julie Gore. She's been


here four times before and four times she's lost in the


quarterfinals. At the moment, it's looking like five out of five. And


that doesn't help, a second bounce- out in the match.


Well, the best from the crowd. look more alike, could they? LAUGHS


the time. It was on my mind. were voting for Robbie Savage, were


you? I was. I rung him. 85. We did have X Factor here at


the darts, but no longer. Andy there for Julie. 261.


61. Anastasia requires 40. Very good switch. But still not on a


finish. The second seed, Julie Gore. And that is it. Classic!


the semifinal spot. 45. Long set-up, two... Checkouts 100%. 45. It's


unbelievable, with just five out of It's all very well to have 100% of


checkout percentage, but when it's one out of one, and you're in the


closing stages of the second set, Dobromyslova. Definitely. Like you


say, you can score as well as you want, but if up don't get the train


through the tram lines, it just doesn't go. And this is punishment.


I think Julie would be pleased to give thup... -- give up this...


could be the match. Another one leaves double-18. This


would be some way to finish. She will be back, though. 140. Oh, two


tonne 40s in this leg. Excellent darts -- oh, two ton-fortys in this


leg. Excellent darts from Dobromyslova. Just the double now.


Markers there. One to go. Eight. will be double-4 when you come back,


because 183 is still a lot to do. Well, can she pressure it?


55. Not as much as she would have liked.


Once again, for the match, for a place in the semifinals - no, she's


busted. Julie requires 128. You can finish on here, treble 18 first


with this first dart. Right. Treble 20 would give her a shot at the


goal to save the match. Unfortunate, but there you go. Anastasia will be


coming back. 56. Anastasia requires eight. Double four for the match.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Anastasia Dobromyslova! Gotta feel


for Julie, just never had it tonight. But there's the young lady


- Anastasia once again in the Three Dutchmen had already made it


through to the second round in the men's draw. And the magnificently


named cast cast cast was hoping to join them, as he took on Alan


Norris. -- the magnificently named student. In his second year,


studying accounts. Alan Norris, 39 subtract?" He said, "Sometimes


that's the tricky part." But the thing is, he's been playing some of


the tournaments on the circuit this year, seeded number 14, after some


great performances. To beat Tony in already teant first one. Back into


the rhythm -- taken the first one. Back into the rhythm. Grew up in


Yoville, did Alan Norris, and then spent some time working in Spain


and lived for many years in a town where -- in Sweden, where he won


the National Championship, then isn't it? It's unbelievable, the


speed. Another one! CHEERING


Whoa! Look at that. 180, 180. 41 Norris and, boy, did he make it


count. But look at this. Back comes van de Pas! It is interesting. I


was asked a former smilist here, I said, "I have not seen van de Pas


play live. Is he one of your traditional fast Dutch throwers?"


He said, "No, he's not. He's actually quite steady. If you see


him speeding up, that means he's nervous." I just wonder, in that


last leg, Tony, we saw him speed up. Were the nerves getting the better


of him? Well, he's settling down and going well. As I said, he's 18


Hasn't had a chance at the double yet. 20 for tops. He will do. Bad


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


angle, a bit awkward. But he's got Seems to hold the dart quite a long


way back, doesn't he? From outside of the shoulder. Unusual.


Reminds you of anyone from the past? Um... Not really. Just trying


to think. Similar to Richard, I would say.


Just a bit taller than Richie Burnett, but I see where you are


coming from with that one. Lovely guy. Well, Alan's left


himself on 169. So a chance for Benito.


Here's a chance as well. I am surprised he didn't go for two


double-tops. Requires 71. 18 after that. Went for the treble. Double-


top. That's the one! CHEERING


Against the throw as well. And it seems all that practice, training


with the Dutch, has rather helped him out.


Game on! Alan Norris winning the first set.


And his average was 97 exactly. him. The 180s. The first leg of the


21 World Championship. Against Michael in the semifinals. But can


certainly hold his own on the stage against the seniors. Well, I have


never seen Norris throw like this before. In all the time he's been


here, he's never come out like this. 82. So true. Even in the 3-0 win


against Colin Montgomery in the first round last year, he wasn't as


yet Benito van de Pas not with a chance to break yet. And only 40.


There's 16 for tops here. Where's he gone? He's gone treble 14 tore


double 12. That's a change. He was going for 66, Alan Norris. That's


what the scoreboard on the stage said. Well, it's double-top coming


Double ten. Taking his time. Oh! 24. It makes no difference. It's all


over that way. Game on! CHEERING


And there, double 12. That's what was showing. The referee, a mistake


called. But he wanted 66. And he went treble 14 for the double-top.


For that 66. Unless it's questioned by the foreman. Quite. But it


wasn't. 56 would have been better for him.


By the way, Alan Norris won and wen move on.


-- and we move on. The thing is, you can't - after you have thrown.


is Julie, Julie Gore. We've seen her play. Yeah. In the women's


World Championship. So, single 16 for double-top now.


To square it up in the second set. 96. Oh, dear. And a double goes


begging. He rather smashed at it, Tony, didn't he? Yeah. 140. Alan


Norris is just querying the score here. Just 108. Right. 108 it is.


CHEERING And Alan Norris, well done there.


Because he had to wait quite a bit. But he set up double ten.


Game on! For many, many years on that stage,


I can guarantee it's not easy. And Mark, all the way from Holland,


first time on the stage, you have got to give him credit. 120! One on


the floor. Definitely 64, wasn't Well, interesting there, Tony. He


dragged that second a long way down. I am surprised he didn't switch,


rather than just make the adjustment along the right-hand


side along the oche. I am talking Just before he throws as well.


have been handy. 94. This 94 was handy enough. But


Benito could still follow that in. Went treble 14 for double-tops.


Double-top with this one... Double ten. Oh, chances here, David.


Chances to absolutely - the big chance, big effort. And a break of


throw from Benito. Well, there's a lot of snarling on


that stage. I think he's just enjoying the


rhythm, the pace, the occasion. His for a couple of years, and then


moved to Scotland. He must like it where it's cold. Gonna go back to


in the corner. CHEERING


Nothing he can do about it. But it's always nice to see a maximum -


five for Norris in this match now. 99. Benito, you require 133. Treble


206789 can't finish - -- treble 20. Can't finish now. Alan, you require


a 63. To make 14. Double-top. So, Benito van de Pas has the


opportunity now. "Come on," he says. Lovely first dart for double 15.


Now, that's awkward. And you could see how awkward he made it. Such a


shame after a perfect first half. He couldn't take the set. Norris


can now save it. Just went away for a drink of water before he threw.


hung in there. Van de Pas squares it at one set all.


A little bit different, this contest, to last November, and the


quarterfinals at the Czech Open, when Alan Norris beat Benito van de


Pas by four legs to two. Here it's all about sets and handling the


pressure of the World Championship. I have to say, both players have


given us some great entertainment so far.


And it's continuing. A 140 Netherlands. Seeded number 14. In


this World Championship, against Alan Norris, the qualifier. Again


to the International Play-offs, squeezing the quarterfinalist 2-0


in the final match. That's a good dart. Right in there.


Yes. Good finish. 18s. Benito was also in the International Play-offs.


Still manage to do get through on the ranking points.


They might stay there. The treble 18 couldn't find it for a second


time. So a single 16. Norris misses the finishes. A great future ahead


of him, I think. Totally agree. Totally agree, Tony. Credit to his


mum, Sylvia, and his dad, Tony, who are both here watching. Here to


cheer him on throughout Europe and maybe throughout the world one day


as well. That was his fifth double after 13 attempts. A shade under


40% for his checkouts. A bit loose. "Come on," he said.


But there he goes. Big scoring before the break.


That's not too bad. Is it me or has the pace slowed down a bit at the


start of this third set as well? think Norris has. I will just check


round, then, I wonder. It's on, so marker.


A double eight. Comfortable leg, this, for Alan Norris. 140 and a


180 helping that. He doesn't miss out at all. He's had his slow


period. Now we're starting to gain momentum. What fascinated me was


how quickly Benito got dragged into Norris's pace. You fully expected


that to go in. The records for a five-set match here at the Lakeside


is 12 - belong toss... Here's another one, probably. Belongs to


John Henderson, who lost the match, actually, against Martin Adams in


the second round, when he hit those 12. I am sure Big John is watching


this tonight. He was from Scotland as well. Absolutely. Another?


not another. No. Looking at the score line. With the attitude, he


almost released the darts to go tell you, Big John Henderson will


be watching this, thinking, "Slow down, Norris. Don't take my record


away from me." One of the nicest guys in the world of darts, is


Martin Adams started out here at the Lakeside, the defending


champion. Made his first appearance here in 1994. Yeah. That's a slip


there. 166. He's let things go a little bit here. Alan, you require


128. For the set. Double ten. Benito, you require 160. Well, to


take us all the way in this third set, he did, I think, have to take


that. A double five there? He is going for it.


CHEERING And he gets it as well. That is the


set. Alan Norris! Scoring well, finishing well.


Fourth set, 1st leg. Game on. 2-1, he leads, in sets. One more


set. is forging ahead, finish on 132. Oh,


and another bounce-out as well. Clipped the first dart. Into the


side. Look at that disappointment. Well, absolutely. But it was a


fifth bounce-out. You can see there, Norris, appropriately for a man


called Chuck. That treble, his double four. Oh. He was expecting


double four. He didn't like that very much, did he? OK. Benito, 51


left. Double-top. Oh! Difficult in that first start. Adam, you -- Alan,


you require four. Double one. Still have time, even with all those


doubles. Norris holds his throw - that's all


he's gotta do to reach round two. 16. I tell you what, I think this


is the best performance. He's tonight. Here to cheer on Anastasia


Dobromyslova. A friend of hers, in the women's championship. She will


be enjoying this one. Everybody be coming back, without a shadow of


a doubt. A 180. There's the first bounce-out for Norris. Denied him a


it isn't. Lovely finish. 105 for Benito van de Pas there, with


Norris putting pressure on him as well. He did really well to leave


that 42 and ask a question of the young 18-year-old, that he dually


answered. -- that he duly answered.


100! The advantage in this leg is with


Norris. And that will help. Three ton-forty for Norris. Gee,


that's a lps... Well, Norris, picking up his score. Ton, ton, 164,


which is a finish. Van de Pas slipping up here, and he need toss


the opportunity, really. He has really come to town, has Norris.


Never seen him throw as long as this. Yeah. Well, he spent a lot of


time in Holland. Practising over there. Practising with Steve


Douglas too. Douglas already through to the second round. Van de


Pas still scrapping away. Wants a treble 19. Didn't get it, sadly.


Double ten. Alan, you require a 20.


One left. think, in this match. There's the


Norris supporters. They have all gotta the Chuck Norris slogans on


there. But, I have to say, Norris moving over a long way to find that


angle. Brilliant. Well, he did catch the indeed of the barrel.


Just brushed it in a little. But still now is this, the last leg, in


this year's World Championship. of this crowd, you've got to have


some strength, really, to play like this. Absolutely. Chuck Norris does


it with one dart, or 180 with one dart is one of those slogans.


So Benito with a chance. 20 is not van de Pas. It might not be good


enough to beat Norris, who wants tops for the match! Oh! He's pulled


it. Is it a choke for Chuck? A single nine.


Double eight. Two darts to go to save his life. Complete silence.


He's got it! CHEERING


Brilliant! bottle, now has to raise his game.


And he's gotta break the Norris throw in this final leg of the


fourth set that pushes all the way. And unless you're cheering for


Chuck, I think everyone is with the youngster here. Well, he won't


Has he got the answer? Yes, he has. Brilliant recovery, after the


treble one. Lovely recover as well to keep the


youngster interested. And, boy, is he keeping us interested.


125. Never changed anything. You require 157. The treble. So, 35


scored. Oh, that's unlucky. Went for the 25


and into the three. This has made it very trick yip indeed for him


now, on this -- tricky indeed for him now, on this 190. 99. He's got


a chance. Treble 20. He's got to reach double-top after that. Yes!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh! Unbelievable! Remarkable!!


I am sure every single neutral is wearing orange now.


That really did take so much bottle. You could fill a city drinks


factory with it. Game on!


Magic. You have got to give him credit.


Sparkling stuff. Norris breaks. A couple of loose darts. Yeah. And


with that loose darts, and with it, the humanity frailty comes the


drama. He's gonna have to do it again to win the match. He's not


out of it. Ten maximums so far. What's the record, we said? 12. 12


in a five-set match. Big Hendo. Four more to go, Norris, to equal


it. He might have five legs to do it in. He might have more! We Might


might go to sudden death! Exactly. Only 45 from Norris. Yes. He's been


the last one. 18. He changed it as well. Instead of going 16 for tops,


he changed it around. He couldn't complete the checkout. Still one,


double 12. Oh, dear! Nervy stuff.


It is. A chance there of going ahead in the match. Double 18.


CHEERING He's back in the lead.


He's loving it. They are loving it. giving him a break of throw to


start this final set. The momentum with him, but we have a little


problem with the scoreboard on stage. And that momentum is being


slowed down. The screen vs.... what's that? The scene's been


resetting. And they did reset. Computer said no, the crowd shouted


yes, so we can get on with it at last.


That first leg went to Chuck. He didn't chip that one away. 100.


Good start. Absolutely. His 21st of this match. 11 ton-forty plusses.


John Henderson has the record for a five-set match. But that was in the


second round. The record for the first round is nine 18s held by a


Belgian. And Ron Harrington, who I am sure


is watching, hoping Norris doesn't get another 180. Laurens, hey? The


lion. Best thing to ever come out of Belgium. Really? Brilliant man.


You never tried a chocolate there? Well, vi. LAUGHS


254 still. Looks like he's gonna go two no down.


That's the pressure that he's tried to apply there. 16 for double 16.


Why does he keep straying away from double-top? Only Alan Norris knows.


OK, 25 first. Treble 20. There's plenty of room to get to. Just a


fraction. But he went for it. Norris straight in.


CHEERING And Norris wants to get him. He's


one leg away from taking the match. Straight into it now. They are


still applauding Norris's finish, when he was throwing. I have never


seen anything like it for a long time in the first round. Absolutely.


Look at that. Not missing many doubles. That's had a 92 average.


That's the third-highest of the Tony. No, not this time. The big


finish is on. Trying to do it. Can he take it away? Of course he can.


But not on this occasion. You know what? I think he rather got carried


away, didn't he? Only 40. That's double-top. Double ten. Oh, 130's a


good out shot. Oh! This could be it. Alan, you require 130. Very good


old shot h130. Only need one treble 20 don't you? Leave yourself double


five. Needs to hit one, though. And they are both over the top. 65.


dear. Benito, you require 20. stay in the match - double ten.


Yes! Remarkable. Game on. More reserves than Fort


Knox, this young Dutchman. Somehow he's finding great strength


and character. He's not got as many as Manchester United. LAUGHS They


are all injured! 112. 112 there, whereas a treble 19 and a treble 18


in a single one. this lad, though. And here's the


man in the spectacles and in the treble 20 bed. Oh! Need add maximum


to get to a finish. On 170 again and wants more. He can't find a


treble when he needs it the most. But still no out shot for Benito.


Look at them. Engrossed. Pag -- engossed.


Oh! He's got to get 96 to win the match, then.


So 20 for tops for Norris. He's done it! Alan Norris! Great


character! Great bounce! Great play from the Englishman! Knocks out the


courageous young Dutchman, who really gave it a brilliant


performance on debut. He will be back. So will Chuck, in round two.


That's what darts is all about. Dean Winstanley gave us everything


months ago. We had pride, passion and tears. Well, the number three


seed was back on the big stage, taking on the best-dressed Dutchman


in the game, Joey Ten Berge. Dean Winstanley looks no more than


a 30-year-old than Joey Ten Berge looks like a 26-year-old, quite


frankly. Ten Berge has a whiff of Tony Davies about him, doesn't he?


They say Winstanley is the oldest 30-year-old in the business. He


looks young for his age. A father seeded couple at Lakeside.


I am sure Lorraine Farlam is here, watching Dean Winstanley in action,


just as Dean watched her first- round match in the Women's World


Championships as well. Like two boxers here, slamming out


the jab, no big punches just yet. But Winstanley is darting up a cup


from here, maybe. That's the sort of darting up a cup


he's looking for. Particularly when it lead toss a double-top, which


he's normally looking for. So, 141 to hold his throw. Can't be done


now. He will probably aim for 25 here. No, 15s. 95. Dean, you


require 40. They call him over the top, but he


loves double-top. And his celebrations sometimes go over the




And the first leg! Dean Winstanley! 2Nd leg, it's Dean to throw first.


Game on. No such thing at Lakeside, over-the-top, fancy dress. It's


almost part of the uniform. Lovely first leg, though, from Winstanley,


has to be said. Some nice, consistent darts from the number


Albeit, the big one. 161. Have a go tore this. Treble 20, yes. Treble


was going for, but better than a single seven, I'm sure. Ten Berge


is long way back. It shouldn't make a huge amount of difference. He


would probably rather hit the single. He's actually getting


treble four here. So 66. Treble 10, double 18. 16 for tops. He has left


his favourite double. Ten Berge, finish. A really tenta tive start


top. The marker, a little bit low. Double ten. 30. Joey, you require


98. Well, early stages, so you do get a few misses. Treble 18 for Ten


board again. Someone just calling out in support, forcing him to


going for anything. And the 2nd leg to Winstanley! Always afraid of


that double five, Wen WIN. 3Rd leg, he's lost at Lakeside, despite


winning just one match of the four he's played over the past three


years. He lost a deciding set to Martin Atkins three years ago, a


deciding set in the first round to Brian Woods two years ago. And


again lost 4-3 in round two last year to Martin Phillips. The match


he's won, he won 3-0. LAUGHS He's very, very good. When he's bad,


he's not quite so good. But not long-term girlfriend, Roxanne. So


competing for the first time as a married man. This time around, he


had to qualify through the international play-offs in Hull,


despite winning a tournament in checkout of the week so far. It's a


double-top finish if he gets another treble. And this would


share the kitty. He does! CHEERING


That wasn't bad! Over-the-top celebrations! 2Nd set, 1st leg.


It's Dean to throw first. Game on! Did he enjoy that? You bet he did!


Well, all the way through that first set and Joey Ten Berge still


hasn't aimed at a double. No. Has to score a little more


deliberate style, very much his own man, pace, is not helping Ten Berge,


who I am sure would prefer his opponent to get on with it a little


faster. It is very noticable, isn't it? Change in pace. 50% slower is


Dean Winstanley. Than Joey Ten Berge. And he said before the game


he will not be rushed. So either Ten Berge comes down to his level


or he just lumps it. What it sometimes does is, because you're


waiting longer than you would want to throw your darts, you tend to


rush your own visit. So you actually speed up your game and


then spend longer mentally, and racing around to come back -- and


waiting around to come back. Either way, Ten Berge putting a little bit


of pressure, but not enough, on the Winstanley throw here. Another


double-top for another leg. A haven't seen any counting problems.


I am sure when that lad gets back to school, they won't seep counting


problems as well. A few years ago, the Government had an initiative of


getting people counting through darts. And why not?


140! Up on the stage, our referee, Brad Butler, calling a seventh 140


for Winstanley. The man currently throwing, not


known as the greatest counter on the circuit. 100!


He's getting better, though. His darts have been good as well,


since we last saw him here at the Lakeside. Got through to the final


of the World Masters, lost out to Scott, 7-2, but did well. There's


Joey Ten Berge's wife now, Roxanne, new wife. They went to the


Caribbean to get married in the done 160, how about a Shanghai 1


20? He needs a treble and a double. There's a treble. Oh, just over the


top for Over The Top. Oh, Ten Berge, a lot of pressure on him here. He


can't get down to a double once again. This might be the fifth leg


in a row. It's gotta be high fives for him, surely. That's game shot.


42%. That would be good, even if your opponent was getting chances.


It would have been the last thing Joey Ten Berge practised before


coming out on stage. By the time he does aim for a double, he will have


to up that scoring, because the damage has all been done at the


start of the leg here, Winstanley on a hundred with his first nine.


The darts don't take the doubles into account, and that 42% keeping


his average above 95, or was just above 95. Still, though, 12 points


Winstanley throwing for the second set.


Brad Butler, our referee, just miscounted. Didn't give Ten Berge


as much as he should have. Joey needs all the help he can get at


the moment. So a 25. No, he's hit the bull. So


25 bull or treble 17 double 12. Another bull's-eye for the set.


This 144, for a stopper. To stop Winstanley. Oh, Ten Berge is not


gonna come that much closer to getting a shot at the double here.


And that second dart just the wrong side of the treble. Now Winstanley


is what happens when it's away from the double-top. It will give you a


chance. Here he goes. He's gonna have a dart as a double. And


another. CHEERING


He will hit one. Joey Ten Berge! Barely a flicker of


emotion on the wife's face. And a smile from Joey Ten Berge. But it's


an important leg to win, that. He's a set down, he's two legs to one


down, but he's just broken the throw. 125. For all his problems in


the first five legs, he could yet go in one apiece at the break at


the end of the first two sets. 100!


Well, why not? He says. "If I give myself a chance, I can get them."


to win this set. Now a chance for a maximum, a first


Nice rhythm for that visit. He looks so much more comfortable when


honest. Go for it, mate! 141. Treble seven again. So, 32 for Ten


Berge. Suddenly it's all changed.


Whoo-hoo. A treble 20, just that third dart from Ten Berge. There is


a bit of a change to this match. It was an important break of throw.


Ten Berge got in there. But he's got to do it again. That's the


feel. 60. That lacks the rhythm, that


lacks the fluency we saw when he threw for the 180 in the previous


leg. 121. And that seems to have given Dean Winstanley his


confidence back. because of that bounce-out. So a


treble 20. A single one and that double-top for a two-sets-to-nil


lead. Still think there's a chance for


Ten Berge here. Oh, there is now! There is now!


CHEERING Winstanley's missed four. Here


comes number five. That's a nice little marker, off the barrel and


in. But double five, with one dart, it's not too bad. He will just go


for it. That was a cracking dart from


Winstanley. Great pressure from Ten Berge but the number three seed


came through with aplom. -- aplomb. Now it's the Dutchman. 26-year-old


Joey Ten Berge, the entertainer, who has it all to do. Comebacks


have been done before of course on the Lakeside stage from this number.


We will need to see another. 140! We will never know if Ten Berge


would have taken out a finish, had Winstanley missed that double five.


But it was a cracking dart from the having the one dart at the double


five, there was no fear there. No fear here for Ten Berge either.


He's not totally out of his game, if Winstanley misses double-top.


180!! Double ten for a 12-dart leg.


Berge is not out of this game if Winstanley misses double-top. It's


his favourite double, it's the one that he seems to - seems to get


hexed on every other one. But sometimes it doesn't penetrate.


Here we go again. He's missed more at double - the double five stays.


Well, his scoring was so heavy in that leg he could afford to miss


four darts at double and still be Three out of five on the double


five for Winstanley. And this double ten six times. So it's twice


as good for him, isn't it? The double fives and the double ten. It


should be all right for him. It's right next to his favourite double.


But he hasn't left himself double 16, that's for sure! 100.


Apart from the three double 15s he had for a whitewash in the second


set, he's only got 20 tens and keeping a little opening here.


Winstanley has already taken out 160, though, but he's not to do it


on this occasion. So the Dutchman can hit straight back. 82. Joey,


you require 81. Plenty of options for him. He's gone treble 15 for


double 18. Off the barrel? Yes! Good there. This is probably the


best leg of darts that Ten Berge's The Russian, who now resides on


Mersey Side. I am sure Anna's dart- playing husband, Tony Martin, here


as well. A former champion here, of course, Dobromyslova, in 2008. Now


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 91 seconds


back with the BDO and playing some bit of control.


Really doesn't respond with enough. You require 115. A treble 20. 15


for top, gotta be. It is double-top for 115. 95. Joey, you require 136.


see. just a glance off. Taking it into


the single ten bed. Nine missed on double ten, it is now.


Double eight. Another chance. A double five for


Winstanley. But once he misses it, and now double two.


Three breaks to throw before Winstanley now a leg away from


taking the match. Staring at the defeat, not only his


shoelaces. I'm sure he can almost feel the


stare coming from Mrs Ten Berge out in the audience.


There's Roxanne. Looking glum. Her face reflecting the scoreline.


140! That's better. A slip-up from Winstanley here.


fails to get a treble. And all of a sudden, Ten Berge is bang in this


leg. This is where Winstanley can be very good at taking control.


This is no ordinary leg of darts. I think Winstanley feels the weight


of expectancy as that number three seed on his sign justifies the


performance 12 months ago. And a little more than the scoreline


would sut. -- would suggest. Brilliance.


Brilliant. 180. And he will feel he the match.


Will be 16 tops. For the match! He keeps us waiting. Keeps her waiting.


And in waiting, Ten Berge wants 76. Two darts to save his skin.


Same as the previous leg, where it went to begging. On this occasion,


he has... CHEERING


He smiles in the background. This is a mad, mad set of darts, and it


gets ever more bonkers. Roxanne looks quite cross with him. It's


Joey to throw first. Game on. Well, "Can I hear you?" he says.


Give them something to shout about, Joey. 180! How about that?!


CHEERING As the whole match hinged on a


single throw at a double eight. Slightly swung, but Ten Berge needs


more consistency. Owe together fact that Winstanley has just slowed


down his scoring and started to miss more doubles, that's given the


Dutchman the opportunity. 140! raised his game hugely, Ten Berge,


but we all know the potential's there.


Just gotta hold his throw and then he can relax. With a set on the


finish this time, but he will take a chunk out of it.


This could be good enough for him, this leg. Winstanley can't leave a


finish. Ten Berge now went for the bull first. Not sure why. The 16 is


there for him, though. And that's why it all works out. For once, Ten


Berge had no misses and gets a set on the board.


Game on! Well, he didn't miss a dart at a


double for five legs, but he didn't have one. And he's only had ten


opportunities. He's hit them five times - 50% - that's excellent. Wn


WIN, when he's gone away -- Winstanley, when he's gone for the


double-top, has missed lots of shots for the double, and crucially,


towards the end of that third set, he started to miss double-top as


well. Including one for the match, of


course. 180! But he still got through in the treble 20 bed. And


he still has the darts in this set, starts three out of the five legs.


Down to one -- down to 121. He has to get it again, does the Dutchman,


if he's to force a deciding set. Twice in the previous set. I mean,


he held his throw on the final leg and he played it. Would have had a


huge adrenaline surge when he hit that dart to win the set, the


double 16 dart, and now he's just gotta regather himself.


20 tops then for Winstanley to... CHEERING


And there is the double-top. Like an old friend coming back to say


hello. Joey to throw first. Game on. 180!


The maximum. Four apiece now in your opponent fails to find a


treble. Oh! So close to six out of six!


And he won't have many better opportunities, because there was


room either side and a little bit underneath as well. 60. Everyone, I


promise you, was thinking of the nine darts when the first two went


in. This is a lovely-looking leg for him. No nine-dart leg, but it


could be 11. Benito van de Pas watching his


fellow Dutchman. Double 18! Oh! Lovely! On the second leg. Joey Ten


Berge. Third leg, Dean is throw first. Game on.


And a cool 12-dart leg. Can he do it against the Winstanley throw,


big deflection with his last, taking it out of the treble 20. But


he's woken Winstanley up, who gets And that big reaction to the


Winstanley one seemed to put Ten Berge off his first dart. He


snatched at it, he rushed it. Still needs to break, remember.


Winstanley leading by two sets to at 19s. 59. And to be honest, a


single probably serves Winstanley better than a treble in that


respect. 60. You could go two double-tops there, if he so wished.


Well, he hit the treble, which means it's a double ten, which he's


missed 11 times now. 12 times now! 60. Joey, you require 143. That's


11 times he's missed that double ten. It's a shake of the head. Come


whether a may. It might cost him. He needed a treble 17 to Ten Berge.


But, still, Winstanley can take this out. A lot of pressure on the


number three seed here. And the pressure tolled.


CHEERING Another big sigh of relief. Geam on.


And -- game on. And once again Winstanley need one more leg to


take the match. 43. He's missed a dart for the


match, remember. Here's an opening. Even if he fails


to break here, he will have the darts next leg. 59. But Ten Berge


opened with 43 and Winstanley could only reply with 59.


81. Not a leg that either player looks to be enjoying at the moment.


57. It's showing in the darts they are throwing. I'm not quite sure


why the referee called that as 57. 100. Looked to me like that was a


40. One 20 and a 19. And Dean's actually looking at the score and


saying, "I have got 40 there." He should be applauded for that,


Winstanley. He didn't have to tell our referee that he made a mistake.


That's not his job. Dean - 40. you ever want an example of


sportsmanship of the highest quality, look no further than what


Dean Winstanley has just done there. Brilliant.


APPLAUSE And Joey Ten Berge rightly says,


"Thanks a lot, mate. Cheers." Berge. He still is a leg away from


elimination, remember. 140! good. A 140 for Winstanley. He


wants to get the score at the right time. Ten Berge wants another


treble 19 or a single for the bull! Oh. 81. Trebled a left in double


left himself eight for tops, for the match, for Winstanley! Oh, he's


missed another one. Treble 15, left double nine. He said he has


problems with his counting sometimes. Ten Berge's back in.


Double 16. Saves the match again. And 4th leg. Joey Ten Berge.


number three seed might yet make it third time lucky, if he gets an


opportunity in this leg. 139. A good way to start when you


are throwing for the match. manages to force the mind, get that


third dart into the red. Oh, yeah, that is cruel. Half a millimetre


away from a 140. Instead he's at 26. He needs something heerklyian from


here, Ten Berge -- herkliwran from here, Ten Berge. Herculean from


Treble 18 leaves bull. Doesn't have to go for the bull's-eye. I am


thinking, I am counting. Is he going for...? He went for the


bull's! 88. Wow! Why did he do that? She can't quite work out why


Dean Winstanley didn't go for that. He got a bit of luck.


But he has! And six darts for the match! Dean Winstanley, not without


a hiccup loaning along the way. Last year's beaten finalist is


through to the last 16 here. After seeing his brother, Steve,


knocked out on Saturday, Tony West had more motivation than anyone for


trying to book his place in the second round here at Lakeside and


his opponent was the only Belgian in the draw, Vasse Vasse Vasse.


The Belgians, Mexicans, men from Essex, Holland, an international


flavour in this World Championship, and some great young talent up on


that dart board coming from Europe this year.


This is for the set. Geert de Vos in a scruffy leg, really, that he


started first. 41. And tried to tidy it up as we have progressed


along. West can still finish here, or need add treble 19 to do so. But


as flaky as this was, it's now 99... He has opted for the 19 first, so


two double-tops will win it for him. Oh, yes! And the 3rd set, Geert de


Vos. Brilliant stuff from the Belgian. Cleans up in the third set.


And what a lovely way to do it. set, 3rd leg. It's Tony to throw


first. Game on. It takes some bottle to go double-top, double-top.


A sensible thing to do when you have got two darts and your


opponent is looking at a finish, you have got a bigger target area


to go for, so why not? And if the first one goes in, you can just


follow it in. That's exactly what he did.


The counterargument is, of course, you're normally aiming at a 20, so


you're used to it at that stage. He liked double-top, De Vos.


A big target area to aim for and either side - lovely.


59. Well, this set is Tony West's to win. He's throwing first in it.


78. But this leg is anyone's. Both on 242 after nine darts.


De Vos can reach a finish first. They will hope he K


-- they will hope he can. He nods to himself. The confident swagger


of a box, with all the bell sounds after that treble 20. And didn't


display any confident swagger after that first dart. What a huge sigh


that was in between the second and third dart. There's no need for


that! Another treble 19 would leave bull's-eye. For a 164. 139. And he


wasn't far away, was he? require 122. Right, needs the


bull's-eye now himself, Tony West. He was underneath it and still not


that far away. So for a break at the start of the fourth set.


Which way did he go? Nine double eight or 17 double four? Would have


to go 17 double four here. Double two he's gonna have to use anyway.


There he goes J the first leg. Geert de Vos. Four legs in a row.


To Geert de Vos now. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not call out


while the players are about to throw or whilst they are throwing,


thank you. Geert to throw first. Game on. De Vos holds twice and


he's through. 140! Not a bad way to start.


60. A shake of the head there from Tony West. He's at the stage in the


match now where Tony West will start to think, "It's against me,


no matter what I do. It's not gonna be my night tonight." Keep plugging


away, though. I wonder if he's still thinking back to the two


bull's-eyes that he hit, when he wanted one of them to be in the


256789 That was just plain unlucky. Lovely cover on the bullseye there


from De Vos. 25 would have left 116. So it was well worth going, even if


he hit the outer board. Tops!


That was for an 11-dart leg. This is for a 12-dart leg. He misses.


But with West on 300, does it matter?


Not when West is throwing like this, it doesn't. 16. Geert, you require


He's got at least six darts. Game. And it is now Tony West, the 11th


seed, staring defeat down the De Vos has won all five legs since


the break. Yeah, I think he's even saying to


the referee there, "Spraying it from side to side. It's not going


my way." I don't think the referee gave Tony West much of an answer.


And West's own style, performance, attitude, not really finding an


answer at the moment. He's such a naturally talented


darts player, Tony West. He's the sort of bloke De Vos could have


taken advantage of, but he seems to have gone on holiday. I don't think


it matters, though, to be honest. He has got the darts in his hand,


in the very next leg. And even if Tony West can find something, he is


still with another chance, even if he loses this set. He's still in


with another chance. It's all with the Belgian here.


82. Not in this leg. And I always feel it's a dangerous game,


deciding almost the leg pass you by. Taking a breather.


I wonder if he's gonna trust this? No, he went two for double four. No


point going for double five and missing on the inside, making life


hard for yourself, when your opponent is just over halfway.


only just. One treble, all leg.


Game. It was only a matter of time before Tony West found the double.


So this is where the good players will now open up with at least a


140. He's not a bad player. 140! That's proper darts, that is.


He's given himself a breather, he's not cared about the leg against the


throw of darts. He's saved it all for this and he's now trying to


bully Tony West on a stage that he owns at the moment, on his very


first appearance. Yeah, they call it tanking, don't they, in tennis?


121. This is fantastic from De Vos. You really have to stand up and


applaud it. 137. Well, I don't know if it's a tank or just a rapid


artillery. But De Vos here taking control.


Although, just a little 56 there, that gives West half a hope.


98. Two treble 20s to leave a finish, though, didn't he? So De


Vos will be first to leave a finish, pressure in his elbow now, with the


finishing line in site. These darts And that's a lovely first dart.


Tops for West to save it. Oh! Unlucky. That was a chance. He


knows it. Dad knows it as well. Could be another sorry tale.


require 46. For Tony West. Could be delight for De Vos. This is for the


match. Double-top! Oh. That final double is the hardest to hit. He


knows it. He knows it. CHEERING


One brother has gone west already. Is the other heading out? No score.


He's lost his way. Geert, you require 406789 Are we gonna --


Geert, you require 40. Are we gonna lose boast West brothers in the


first round at the Lakeside? Double-top. Double ten. Taking it


into a third... That's what he needed! How they love that! Geert


de Vos has knocked out the number 11 seed. Bring on the Belgians.


March on the Belgians. Well, we started with 3 in the men's draw on


Saturday. Now there are just 16. We're getting towards the business


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