18/07/2011 Diving: World Championships


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The welcome to the start of our coverage of the world swimming and


diving championships. The swimming starts on Sunday but the diving


programme is already well under way. To mop up a code for London, Pete


Waterfield and Tom Daley, had been in action -- two of our pig hopes.


Peter has been suffering from a bad head cold. He was very good


prepared, in a very good shape but unfortunate lead when the got here


from the camp for this competition, he absolutely unexpectedly got girl.


He could not train for three days. He is the most experienced diver in


the team. Even if he does not train for three or four days it will not


affect his performance. But he has to be robust on the day of the


competition. Pete had just one day of training but was given the OK by


the team doctor and the boys qualified in 5th place for the


final. The competition takes place in this specially built open air


pairs rather than aid. Going ate our Pete Waterfield and Tom Daley.


The ones to beat other Chinese pair of Qui Bo and Huo Liang. -- going


should be. Almost a mirror image of each other. You will see the most


basic of dives in the first couple of dives. So it is very important


to be together. They may be the dark horses of this competition.


The German -- German Sanchez and and as far as quality of required


dive goes that is not right up there. What I am most excited about


is the final round when these boys start spinning around. This could


be sharpened up. I don't think the marks are going to reflect a great


dive there. You are correct, they go into 5th place. Ukraine,


represented by a Oleksandr Bondar back dive in the opening round. --


doing this back dive. A beautiful that and it takes them into first


place. There is a lot of support for Great Britain. They are still


in the early stages of their team supporting. A solid start. It


is funny to see Tom Daley towering above Pete nowadays. That is the


way it is these days. An inward 1.5 somersault. The steady start that


they would have wanted. They are pair. One of the most experienced


pairs in the field. Really solid this morning in the preliminaries.


They will certainly be looking to hold this place or better as they


go through for the final rounds. David Boudia and Nick McCrory. They


will do the same dive as we just high and no one is giving away


anything in this early round. As you would expect, there world's


best divers here at the World Championships. Maybe not quite as


Huo Liang. A picture from the home dignitaries are watching on. I'm


not sure if some of them know what is going on. The Chinese have


changed their pairings so you have Qui Bo in there now, who is the


superstar in the individual. Remember, these are not the big


tariff dives. The end of the first round and China, Germany and then


in joint third Cuba and Great Britain along with Ukraine and the


could see, or 1, 2, 3, go. Very precise. You need to be steady on


these opening dive to keep yourself in the next. I'm sure the Canadians


will not be featuring in the medals. They see this pair as the way


London 2012. Again, a relatively more, a Ford 1.5 somersaults with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


dives have a tariff of 2.0. -- two end of the field. They are pushing


for a top-three place. They could start for the British pair. Looking


for 50 to war but on this reverse have to have a chat to them to see


why that is. A beautiful dive. They are moving at the same time. An


excellent second round dive which will keep them very much in the mix.


They got 51 for that dive this morning and now 52, so the distinct


are on their feet. This is the difference. If you remember the


Mexican pair were a little bit ragged but this is sharp and


an adult in Rome two years ago. -- both went in. But the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Up, 1, 2, 3, go. But it seems to work for them. It will be


interesting to see how they hold that through the final rounds. We


are almost at the end of the completion of the required dives.


Staying in third though they may go get night 0.5 at the very least. --


9.5. I don't think it is worth 10, but it is not far away. Our


movement at different times. There is a 10th and attend. -- the 10 and


10. Those marks will take them clear after round number back row.


when they come up, the ones with the lines through them, they don't


count. A quick explanation? This caused on the left-hand side of the


screen are poor execution -- the scores. The ones on the right-hand


side of for the synchronisation. Then it is multiplied by the degree


of difficulty. Now, we are run limited on the degree of difficulty,


so these are the most difficult dives in the world. -- unlimited.


a little bit hit-and-miss, but that is three our top three so far.


Solid from this pair. -- A three our top three. Squeezing into the


pike shape before they complete the rotations. Grabbing hold of the


hands that to make that all- important punched into the water.


Trying to deport up the air bubbles down. The coaching team like it.


They got five more marks than they one as well. A beautiful entries


into the water. Hardly a ripple as they are going. Squeezing into the


pike shape. Chest almost flat on to the thighs. Out together. A very


good. The execution was good, Synchro not bad. They will be happy


with that. It was a lower tariff required diodes, but they can


certainly spin around. This is the easiest of the died as they are


going to do. Backwards towards the diving board -- dive. That is an


excellent dive, clean entry into the water. And they have got their


biggest dive yet to come. It is And as their tariff get bigger, the


somersaults, 2.5 twists and the pike position. He will see this


from a lot of the stronger pairs in this competition. Squeezing into


that pike shape. Wobbling around a little bit, but into the water


together. That is a solid dive. The degree of difficulty. It puts the


pressure on the pair's yet to come. are looking for. On to the big


dives for the British power. -- a pizza. The synchronisation was


bang on. When -- coming up from Pete Happe. Spinning at exactly the


same time. You see Pete Waterfield just tipping his feet. Tom Daley's


dive was absolutely superb. But The execution marked is there at


Capitalising on a slight mistake from Our Boys. The Russians are


certainly stamping -- stamping their authority on this ground so


far. Spinning inwards towards the diving board. Jumping backwards,


you have to dive backwards to bits of the board. Maybe a bit of splash


on the entry, so you won't see any box of 10, but apart from that,


bang on. They will be happy with German pair. 4th number back great


years ago in Rome. -- two years ago this pair. Plenty of support here


today. Opting for probably their easiest died of their repertoire.


1.5 twists -- easiest dive. But very solid, unwavering. They are


used to being under the spotlight, Olympic medallists. That puts them


in third place. They haven't made up any ground on that. Two more


powers to come in round three. -- hated, they are in, if they miss it,


the coaches aren't sure -- if they hit it. That could be the dive that


costs them. 1, 2, 3, 4.5. Just into the water at the same time. One


short, one splashy. David Boudia throws up a lot of water as he goes


in. The execution box will be lower. The Synchro is OK, execution is OK,


somersaults. They are building up more superlatives I can throw at


that. Untouchable, I might suggest, but there are still a couple to go.


But lengthening their lead, I am sure after this. We will wait for


the confirmation, but you won't get much change out of perfect tense


for that. -- tens. Whoever you see as the combination for the Chinese,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


they tend to work. A clear lead for Geyson there. 1, 2, 3, go. The


national performance director of Canadian diving chuckling away. His


guys are doing a good job. Despite tuck from Eric. -- the split.


biggest dive right until the end, the diving board. Of the Synchro


element is awarded on distance from the diving board being equal. Entry


into the water being equal. And the angles of entry being equal. In


other words, a mirror image of each other. You can see that slight


disparity. The diver furthest from us is about half of what further


away from the diving board. -- half Mexicans have. All the twists and


the tents and the danger is that goes with a dive of 3.8 degree of


even attempted that dive. That is a forward to 0.5 somersaults with the


three twists. -- 2.5. Squeezing into the pike shape and landing in


a horse and jockey position almost. Not quite what they wanted. Flat on


their faces as they go in, the execution marks will be incredibly


low. But I know that these boys can nail this. Not today, but these are


later on. -- dive. 4.5 somersaults And it needed to be a lot better


than that. Their third round diet was 3.6, and they nailed it. --


dive. It is very simple in optional dive terms. The Synchro marks will


be around 7.5, because they were different distances from the board


Peter Waterfield and Tom Daley did this died in the preliminaries, 3.3,


85.15 marks they got this morning - this afternoon. I'm not surprised.


Pete Waterfield has been in bed for four days, unwell. They have done


really well to qualify. Peter does not quite get his hands and rip the


entry. He looks like he is a bit tired this afternoon. They will


have to tough it out for the remaining rounds. Two marked down


laying out their campaign. Follow that, due money, USA and China. --


Germany. If they nail this, which they have done, it means they are


very much in the shed. What a dive! 3.7 degree of difficulty and they


nailed it. I think the marks are a bit harsh. Maybe they could have


expected a little bit more. But bang on. The execution marked will


be great. That is a pig degree of difficulty. -- big. The German pair


are getting going, putting pressure Sensational 3.5 reverse from the


Americans. They have not let the pressure get to them. Rotating 3.5


times spinning backwards. I have seen it better than that but they


are still holding their own. The knocked down into fourth, surely,


world class and they will be in the lead after this round. This morning


this, nearly perfect tense. But this time, landing slightly over


vertical. But this pair are so strong that even with a slight


mistake there they will be romping work to do. Point-to-points is


probably a little bit too much work Canadians. Both divers going over


on to their chests. The splash going away from the diving board. A


bit of a tidal wave. Joe showing that they are not a pair in the


makes at the moment. Very low marks. After what has happened so far I am


loath to talk with these two up. But they have been consistent so


clap. Not quite where they needed to be. They are relatively


inexperienced on the big scene. They did a great job until they


both hung on a little bit too long in the tucked position, letting go


of their legs a little bit late. The execution marks will reflect


that. That is the first dive that The forward 4.5 is an incredibly


difficult dive. It is 3.7 and these boys make it look like a walk in


the park. Incredible. Look at them spinning around. You can only just


dive of the competition so far for execution. I was thinking why are


they using this died, and that is why, because it is near from


perfect. Come on, judges, that is a work very well in the preliminaries.


4.5 somersaults in the forward one they nailed in Sheffield in


April. But coming into these world championships, Peter is suffering.


He has been in bed for four pays, unwell. 3.7 degree of difficulty.


Remember how easy the Mexicans made it look. Our boys will be out of


the medals today. But still a year to go went to London. -- and tell


pained expression says it all. You do go heart dies really well and


then this one, which is probably one of your bed and -- bread and


butter ones, you make a hash of it. Arching his back as he gazed in and


a big splash. That will open the door for the Germans and the


Americans to capitalise. That could edge Russia out of the medals.


Ukraine will fancy their chances up little bit as well. The Russians


opened the door and the Germans have not really taken their chance.


Still good. They are still very much in the next. They will be


ahead of our boys still, who are out of the running now. It is going


to come down to a cat fight in the final round. They missed out on a


Nick McCrory with his hands on his head under the water. That is USA


well out of it. Nick McCrory flat on his back. I knew this was their


bogey dive and that was full of bogies. More birdies than we have


seen in Sandwich this week! -- They were a little bit different as


they went into the water, not quite straightened out. But they are way


ahead in the lead now. Even the Chinese faltering on this round. I


have seen it a lot better than that. It was certainly better in the


preliminaries. But they are still going to be miles in the lead. Even


when they make a mistake, they do not make their mistakes as badly.


That is way above what they deserve. 85 will help them on their way to a


gold medal. Look how tight it is. Eight marks between second and 4th.


Great Britain in six. The final their biggest and toughest dive.


3.6 degrees of difficulty. Here they go, 2.5 per twists, into the


2.5 somersaults. A little bit scruffy, some daylight in between


their legs. Not as neat and tidy as he could have been, but it is their


They did all the hard work. The aerial work was good enough, so


they jump up, spinning around in the pike position, they have the


rotation they need. Just faltering as they go into the Warner, both


landing short of vertical. Bashed water. -- water. They let go too


early. A schoolboy error. Hansson the head under the water, but


nothing you can do. -- hands on his I have never seen this done before.


4.1 degree of difficulty. The world's most difficult dive. And


they are about to do it in synchro. They will stand backwards.


Everybody holding their breath. You spend forwards towards the diving


didn't have any trouble making it. But this is setting the bar at a


whole new level. These boys have featuring in the medals today but


watch the skies over the next six get it right, it could be a medal.


They have got it right. They have played at save up until now, but


you can say the coaches now, as played it safe. This is one that a


lot of the divers have had difficulty wife, even the Chinese


wobbled on this one. I will be surprised if they don't get a medal


from Matt dive. They left it until the last one, tons of pressure on


them. But they nailed it. haven't seen anyone go over 400


points yet, but we will with this. That gives them a massive lead at


together in synchro. And in both of them entering the water slightly


short of vertical which will mean this caused you see on the left-


hand side of the screen for execution will be lower -- the


scores. Hitting the water at different times. But a good dive


for them to finish on. Not their day today, never going to be good


with such disrupted preparation. But they have stayed in it, they


being, Great Britain move into diet as you saw from Pete


on the Germans. Here we go. After a dodgy fifth-round dive, they have


finished off in style. Much better than our boys. Entry into the water


is the difference. Into the 2.5 somersaults, both divers punching a


hole in the water with their hands. Marginally different times but the


judges went say that in real speed. Ukraine are in the league with


consistency. And that their experience. That is the dive of the


contest for that pair. Clapping from the Ukrainians, they are


thinking it, where did they pull back from? Let's see what the


judges think, it will be so close. the lead. A guaranteed medal. The


Ukraine will have to wait and see how the USA perform. Look at that


synchronisation. The Germans deserve their medal. Russia and


Great Britain are out of the medals. It is all down to the USA. I think


they have a little bit too much to do. It is to be perfect, otherwise


little bit too late. That fifth- round dive full cost them. Five out


of six is not good enough. But that was sensational. 2.5 twists, a lot


neater than the Russians and the Germans. It is a great dive. What a


shame that they left themselves too much to do on this final round the


dive. The Ukrainians and the Americans looking at the scoreboard.


They have not crept in to the medals. 5th place behind Russia.


And the Ukraine will get the bronze. Germany the silver. Unless


something goes disastrously wrong for the Chinese pair at the end.


Quite a bit of leeway between them nursemaid. I wasn't expecting that


in this final round -- my goodness me. They looked a little bit of


they ran, if I could say that, but throws some of Four Marks out that


if you are the judges. -- of Four It is all of the 37 points between


first and second. This is why. Mirror image, down into the water,


both of them perfectly executing. Dreading their entries. 2.5 twists,


perfect Pike position. That is synchronised diving at its very


Chinese medal to celebrate in the diving pit. And the second, and


probably the most expected, this one. They led from the


preliminaries and whenever troubled in the final. Perhaps they went on


the very top of their game, but the score tells you that they are the


pair the rest of the world tells you to catch -- have to catch.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 61 seconds


Cheap though receiving his flowers It is an anthem we became very


familiar with in Beijing in 2000 and date and I fancy we will have


to get used to it in 2011 in Chang don't bash in Shanghai. -- get used


to it in 2011 in Shanghai. It must have been difficult to wait around


and not know if you're going to compete?


Definitely, I think we were lucky to compete because Peter has been


ill, but you have to deal with that. What if that happens in any


competition, you have to make the most. And we came together and did


quite well considering. You have had a difficult few time over the


last beer mugs with the death of your father. How has your


preparation been to two years ago when you ended up as world


champion? It has been a tough couple of months, but I am doing


diving because it is something I love to do and something my father


loved and loved me to do. Does it help to be part of the team and


having a team event to help get you going question mark it always helps


to dive with Pete. I think there is so much more to come from this in


the future. Plenty of time before your individual 10m platform. Will


you be fully fit? Yes, lots of training this week. I have a bit of


a gap that until the individual so I can get some good training under


my belt. Hopefully get the top 12 we need to qualify for the Olympics


and if we get medals, we get medals. All the best for Sunday.


What a start. Maybe a bit disappointing not to be in the


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