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Welcome to beautiful Budapest for the diving World Championships. We


have 12 British divers in action, hoping to be crowned best in the


world. These guys work hard, they also play hard, as you can see, that


is the British diving team away from the boards relaxing. It is part and


parcel of easing their nerves and have some fun. Let's hope they put


on a show. Here is what is coming up. Olympic champions Jack Law and


his partner are at the one model that has eluded them. Tom Daley and


Dan Goodfellow attempt to reach new heights together on the ten-metre


platform. Last year, Jack Laugher and Chris


Mears took the biggest prize and crowned Olympic champions in Rio.


The run in to Budapest has been different, a few injuries and a


change coast, but they were confident. Been a great season so


far, we have three silver medals, so we are happy with how it has gone.


Diving well, working well with a team and happy with our new coach as


well. This is the moment for Jack and Chris. Here they go. Yes! That


is an Olympic medal for sure. How special are those memories and what


you went through at The Games? The memories are surreal. We have


settled into our own lives again, come back down to earth. Especially


with diving day in and day out, competing. The memories are fresh


and they will be for ever. It was such a great time, brilliant


performance and to come home as Olympic champions was something we


will both have in our lives for ever, which is so special. Something


to tell our kids and grandkids one day is amazing. It has made us


better athletes. It is so simple doing six dives that are all good


and that is what we did. Just six dives that were better than everyone


else. It just seems so weird to be Olympic champions. It is amazing.


Was the moment when you thought, this is it, we are back to what we


know, we want more medals? I say, if I was to win the big games, I would


quit at any age because I would quit as the best. But I got back and it


just inspired me to more. Basically I am the kind of person who has


changed sport and progress the sport onwards in terms of the difficulty


of the dives and stuff. I still have that dream and I want to be


remembered as one of the greatest in this sport. I am passionate about


diving, I love it to bits. It has taken me this far but I feel there


is stuff I want to still achieve and stuff I want to do. Here I am and


still enjoying it. Pick up the men's synchro in the fourth round. With


three dives to go, here are your commentator, Leon Taylor and


Catherine Downes. It is exceptional from the boys.


Just when they needed it as well. The inward three and a half. It is


such a difficult dive to get right under pressure and they certainly do


that. Just over 11 points in it at the moment is. Jack and Chris in


second place now. Now, take a deep breath everybody because here comes


the hardest dive in the world and it is our Olympic champions from Great


Britain to perform it. Jack Laugher and Chris Mears. Second in the


rankings after the last couple of rounds but nailed this and they


could do themselves some favours. Forward two and a half somersaults.


Three tourists in Pike. Such a difficult dive to do from


birth. He did so well to hang on. Just about square that died up on


the finish. Making a mistake on the hurdle step, which is on the end.


You can see by the interaction he is having with his coach. Will that


proved to be critical? That is not good. Now there is a massive gap for


Jack and Chris to make up after the competition. Just one dive left to


and they have given themselves a lot to do if they want to make the


podium here in Budapest. The Russians, in with a chance. They


were third at the previous round. 3.4 degrees of difficulty here.


The Russians have taken it on. They can blow hot and cold. I did suspect


that the watching them in the prelims, they are on form. Certainly


some good showings earlier in the year at the World Series and they


have saved the bus for the World Championship final. The Russians


have catapulted themselves into the lead with the Chinese still to come.


It will be down to the last round to decide the silver and bronze, but it


looks as though with a good dive here, the Chinese could cement their


lead going in. But this is a very difficult dive. It is, 3.6 on the


difficulty scale. These are the leaders.


Slightly blown, slightly botched. Not enough to sacrifice their lead.


But the Russians putting pressure on the Chinese. Look at this. Banana


men, both of them, hitting the water. Execution will be five on


one, seven .5 for the others. This is tight at the top, the Chinese


have just given away the huge lead they have. Only five points now.


Chinese still in front, but coming into this last round, it is tight at


the top. A big dive, forward for the half somersaults in talk.


-- tuck. This is massive from the Ukrainians. This is a stonking dive


to finish. There you go, thrown down the marker. Different spin speeds,


but look at this at the entry. This is going to get close. 97! That just


goes to show what you can gain from taking the risk. Here come Jack and


Chris. They are doing exactly the same dive. Just like the Ukrainians,


please. Yes, we would like to see a mirror image dive please, if you


want to win a medal at the World Championships. Fourth after the last


round, this for a World Championship medal.


It was almost there! There is Jack's mum. Plenty of supporters in the


crowd. Take-off is good, spin speed is better than the Ukrainians.


Little bit of a fault from Chris, slightly short of vertical.


Frustrating for the boys, they put in a valiant effort with some


unfortunate preparation with injury and board maintenance issues, they


could finish outside the medals today. An agonising wait for them.


Here come the Russians and they too are doing the same dive. 3.8 degrees


difficulty. Hold onto your hats, Leon. These guys are in the silver


position at the moment. Sensational from the Russians. They


are on fire. They nailed this in the premiums, they scored a massive 98


points and they have done exactly the same again. This has put untold


pressure on the Chinese. The Russians will be top of the


leaderboard after this amazing effort. They are going to get over


100 points. Look at that. And the Russian commentator, he was going


apoplectic. Quite right. That is the dive of the competition so far. I


know we are only on day one of Budapest, now China in a position


where there is a lot of pressure on them. They are doing exactly the


same dive. How will they respond? They have let the world so far and


it is all about keeping a cool head. For World Championship gold...


Forward for and a. No, I will not be good enough. They


need 96 points. The Russians know it, I will back them as well.


Russia, gold, China, silver and the Ukraine bronze. How interesting, the


Chinese pairing who have been faultless all year, feeling the


pressure on their last dive. The Russians are world champions. It is


confirmed. After three silver medals at the last three World


Championships, the Russian pair of Zakharov and Kuznetsov, finally win


their gold medal. And agonisingly for the Olympic champions, Jack


Laugher and Chris Mears, they finish in fourth. Today is a bit of


heartache because we wanted to medal at this event, but this is how it


turned out. A technical issue with my head men's I went than a few


mistakes cropped up. At this level, you make mistakes. What do you put


it down to, Jack? Massive respective Ukrainians. They were not expected


to medal. We are disappointed. First of all, the first dives were


fantastic, the last two sucked. No excuse, even with injuries, we are


disappointed. You can hear and see the disappointment. How disappointed


will they be with that? That would have been an easy bronze for them


except for the big error on their last dive. They are the Olympic


champions and you are the pair to be. They were beating easily today


by Russia, and China. Do you think the pressure got to them, going into


the Olympics, it was a surprise gold medal. But now they are the mark


men? That will always play on your mind. How frustrating must it be not


having your coach, not having diving boards the train on, it was a good


effort, but you can see they will be back again. It was a difficult dive


they mopped up, so they will be contenders in the future? It is high


risk, high rewards. There is a glint in their eyes, there will be some


diving to be done. Your glass is always half full and I love that


about you. Let's go to the women's three metres synchro. Grace Reid and


Catherine torrents are a new partnership. Let's join them in the


fourth round. If they can keep their cool here


with a reverse 2.5 somersault with Pike, they could leapfrog the


Ukraine, and claw their way up the leaderboard. 3.0 degrees of


difficulty. Yes, they have stepped up again, died after dive, a


magnificent effort from our girls. Superb! All the way through,


synchronisation. A little scruffy into the water, they will not get


more than sevens but execution is well worth eight. A lovely


fourth-round effort there. These are the Canadians, forward 3.5


somersaults with Pike, difficulty of 3.1. There is your answer! Oh,


Canada! That was the dive that they needed, if this had gone awry, they


would have put themselves in hot water. But, actually, they have come


out and spiked it. Forward 3.5 in the pike position, 3.1. This will


keep them right up there. 75, and certainly on for a medal. Barring an


absolute disaster in the last round, which I do not think will happen!


This is a high-quality final. These are the highest quality divers in it


so far. Barring major upset in their last two dives, China on for gold.


3.0 difficulty. Canada are not making it easy for them. No, the


pressure is on, which is how we like it!


Well, it is a very loud and clear response. From the leaders, from


China. The synchronisation is just super! Nines on synchronisation,


well, 8.5s, a little off on execution, how tight is it?


Unusually so, isn't it? Yes, the gap has closed at the top of the table,


only six points between Canada and China. Grease and Kat in sixth, not


doing badly at all. -- grace. They are looking for a strong finish with


a back 2.5 somersault in Pike for the first World Championship


together. Come on, girls, let's see what you are made of!


A tremendous dive to finish on! Back 2.5 somersaults in pike position.


Strong take-off, good on the spin speed. A little scruffy going into


the water on the execution. But the synchronisation is worthy of eights.


The girls have upped the game, look at that! 294.6, wonderful diving


from start to finish. The pressure is on the Canadians now, with an


inward 2.5 somersaults with pike, 5.0 degrees of difficulty.


Yes, it has gone well enough. That will be at least silver for Canada.


This pair have just dived well all day. Different spin speed but that


is the only thing wrong with that from a synchronisation point of


view. Canada, delivering again and again. Jennifer Abel, beautiful


diving, new partner coming along, three, two, three -- 323. A


wonderful and high-quality field. They know it is a World Championship


medal in the bag. Silver medal, for now, barring an enormous mistake on


the part of these ladies. They have led from the get go. China, four


World Championship gold, forward 2.5 somersault, a twist with pike, 5.0


degrees of difficulty. Unflappable! That is top notch once


again. Gold, for China. They have won the event on the bounce many


times, unbeaten in the World Series. Leading into this contest, and


unbeaten today. Dive after dive after dive, just too good to keep up


with. They have filled their destiny, haven't they? A clean sweep


of golds in the World Series, and there is confirmation. Straight


nines in the synchronisation scores, and it is back-to-back world titles


for Shi, diving with her new partner, Chang. Grace Reid and catch


Torrance finished in fifth position. We are over the moon, it wasn't our


ideal start but we regrouped, went back and gave it all we had. A great


result. Compared to some of the pairings are there, you haven't been


together long, what you've achieved is a boost going forward? Yes, we've


only been together about six months but it is a great pairing! LAUGHTER


Fifth place for the girls there, and Kat torrents finishing ninth in the


final on the springboard, Maddison Keeney of Australia took the top


spot in that one. Ross Haslam placed tenth in the final here, it was


China's representative who won gold. Tom Daley and Daniel Goodfellow got


themselves a bronze medal on the ten-metre synchronisation, in


Budapest here they are hoping to get on the podium once more. In the


fifth round, they are hot on the heels of the Germans, diving


first... COMMENTATOR: These big guns, taking to the platform, a


reverse 3.5 somersault in Park, 3.4 degrees of difficulty for Germany.


Their fans in the crowd willing them on towards a World Championship


medal... Ooh! Germany with the air horn as well... Encouraging them


before and after their dive, plenty of fans here. And the old guard, the


old guys, are they beginning to rule? Wait and see. They are right


up there. It's game on! 8.5s across-the-board for synchronisation


and execution. Germany, keeping their cool. Now, this one is tricky.


3.7 degrees of difficulty, forward 4.5 somersault with Tata for the


Russians. -- with a tuck, for the Russians.


That can prove to be decisive! The Russians are hot to trot. Fist pumps


from the coaches. This is big, big diving. Interestingly, they swapped


sides on this one, I do not know why, it is just a comfort thing.


Look at the spin speed, if this gets above 90 points they will be


difficult to catch. They do not quite make it, 89.91, meaning their


competition is still on... This is it, a decisive point for Tom Daley


and Daniel Goodfellow. Rio 2016 bronze medal lists, back 3.5


somersaults with pike, 3.6 degrees of difficulty, keeping up the


pressure on the Germans. Aah... Sugar! Mark Houldsworth


holding his chest, the flag is being flickered. The error, sadly, was on


execution. It was on dan, he led his dive -- he let his dived over


rotate, only scoring three. The British team, as hard as they


worked, you can see there is no magic rewind button, you cannot take


it back but sadly, there is no medal. No medal for Great Britain,


that would be too big a mountain to climb for Tom and Dan, but these


guys look sure to get gold. 3.7 degrees of difficulty. Phenomenal,


isn't it? If it was going to go wrong it might have gone slightly


there, but it was world class. They are streets ahead. Unaffected by


other competitors, the crowd, the lights, the dry ice, its 8.5s on


synchronisation but a monster 95, and they are already almost over


400. A masterclass from China so far, they are streets ahead. Here


are the Germans. Diving for a World Championship medal.


They are going to be an uncatchable with that! The ground ats have done


it! Who says that the old guys do not rule? -- grandads. An amazing


pair of dives from the experienced, and just deserved. These guys work


their proverbial backsides off! They have been diving for decades, with


more medals in more championships than most people. They have just


added a World Championship medal to that collection. Another one! Yes,


we will just have to wait and see what colour it is depending on how


the Russians go. Here are the Russians. In silver medal position


at the moment. Back to .5 somersaults, 2.5 twist with pike,


6.3 degrees of difficulty, to consolidate World Championship


silver. Faultless from the Russians!


Absolutely faultless. World Championship silver, nailed on.


Absolutely nailed on. This is really something special. What a dive to


finish on. That is their banker dive, they always choose to finish


on this one. And they have really saved the best until last. 90


points, what is that? 458. A monster score! Well, this is it for Tom


Daley and Daniel Goodfellow, their final dive together at this World


Championships. Too much work to do to reach the podium, but let's at


least have a solid finish, boys. Forward 4.5 somersaults with tuck,


3.7 degrees of difficulty. This is a tricky one. Let's finish on a


high... They do! Just a glimmer of what they


can do. They smashed this one in the preliminaries, and nailed it in the


final. The director cutting to the Germans there. They can do their


maths and they know that even with 12s, the British may not have caught


them. That is a good dive, what a shame that they messed up their


fifth round dive, but it is six consistent dives and you make one


mistake, you are out of it. Do they leapfrog the Ukraine? They did. It


is forth for GB, quite a long way off the pace. There is no worse


position than fourth, is there? In the competition. It feels like these


guys could tumble off the ten-metre platform into the gold medal


position. They have been faultless throughout. With this, then, for


back-to-back World Championships for the Chinese. Back to .5 somersaults,


2.5 twist with pike. 3.6 degrees of difficulties.


If you even need me to confirm it, that is gold the China.


The judges are slightly tighter than they might be. This will be an


absolute monster. Descartes ten for execution. Just 1.5 points off the


mark. Holy Moly. It has been a masterclass from the Chinese. No


medal for time and down to go with the bronze medal in Rio. It has


qualified as for the World Series next year. We can take massive


positives, our entrance is looking better, synchronisation away from


the board is better. With more training and more time to practice,


we will be all right. We were only 20 points off the medals with a big


miss. It says a lot. We are always in the Huns, which is nice. I had to


pull out of the World Series and I didn't get the volume I needed to


compete well in the World Series. I felt great when I came here, decent


amount of dives under my belt, just a shame for earlier in the season. I


am looking forward to getting back to the gym and getting fit so I am


ready for the World Series next year. They finished in fourth, but


they were a way of the medals? Won the fifth round dive cost them the


medal. They were 20 points off the medal, and they were 25 points down


on what they could have achieved. You have got to do six good dives,


but you have got to do five. They talked about their preparation not


been great, but they also said that going into Rio and it didn't bother


them then, so how did this affect them? Dan has been out of action


from almost an entire season. They haven't done any synchro, so it was


a bit more of a mad rush before Rio. Poor preparation and in fourth, that


was a positive, but they want medals. Let's turn to the women's


ten-metre synchro. Tonya Crouch, has competed on every international


stage. They got fifth in Rio and they are hoping to build on that in


Budapest. We have grown together so much, we have been together a year,


not even that long. I enjoy training and competing. She has a lot more


experience than me, get to work with her, it helps. How much has it


changed over dear? We know each other more, we know how we are


feeling on the board and we can work well together. When we got together,


she was a little girl, now she has become a young woman. It has been


lovely to watch grow. How has that impacted the you dive together? I am


still young! She keeps it young and fresh. If you don't get on as a


pair, it isn't going to work. I have watched people argue and jump off


the boards, not get on. Not from our country. But they won't get medals.


If we get on, like we do, anything can happen. We joined the women's


ten metres synchro in the fourth round. They are in eighth place, but


growing into the competition. COMMENTATOR: What can they do? 3.2


degrees difficulty here for the Brits. This is the bogey dive. It


was of the market in the prelims. Time to step it up now, girls.


It is better, it is much much better. I had to pull myself back


from shrieking really loudly. All good, entries look like they will be


fine. Just look at the splash coming up. Much better synchronisation.


Better execution than this morning. But I don't think it will be good


enough to challenge strong enough for the medals. Little bit


disappointed. Here are the North Korean 's in the silver medal


position at the moment. They know and medal is very much on the cards


if this goes well. Good enough, good enough. Good


synchronisation. Superb synchronisation in fact. Kim,


closest to us, not getting her hands together on the entry, putting up a


bit of splash. I thought they would crank up the pressure on the


Chinese. They have kept it on. I was hoping it was going to be a bit


more, just to spice it up a bit. They are ahead by four points, from


the Malaysians, but here come the Chinese. They had a 6-point lead


from the last round. There you go! There is the response.


Far superior to what we have seen from all of the other pairs. That is


banged on the money, all the way from start to finish. Spin speed,


distance from the board, entry into the water, execution and


synchronicity. 9.5 in there for synchronisation, that doesn't count


to average things out. That is a commanding lead for China. They are


head and shoulders clear of the field. Here come the Brits, our last


chance for Great Britain. Currently in seventh. This needs to be very


good indeed if we are to be anywhere near the podium. An impossible task.


But Lois and Tonia will want to finish with a bang, nevertheless.


They saved the best till last. But too little too late for the girls


today. Watching on, supporting. Wasn't to be for a medal for best


pairing today. They will be medal of the pack. They have stepped up from


the prelims. They have been outclassed today. Good effort, but


it won't be good enough for a medal. Here are the North Koreans. Silver


medal position. What a fantastic showing today from


the North Koreans. That is impressive diving. Five out of five,


they have been unfaltering all the way through. They have stepped it up


from the prelims as well, even though they finished in second place


there. Silver medal for sure. Let's see what the Chinese can do to


finish. They are up next. That is the dive of the meet so forth. Back


cranks up the pressure on the Chinese, who are the last two dive.


Nailed this and they will be world champions. Just back, 2.5


somersaults with one and a half pipe. -- Pike. No shadow of a doubt,


a tremendous showing today from this very, very formidable pair from


China. Non-the other pairs were able to knock them off their game. Dive


at the dive, after dive, finishing as strongly as they started.


Sensational diving from the Chinese. Gold, without a shadow of a doubt.


And there is the confirmation, China, once again, Queens of the


ten-metre platform. North Korea with silver, Malaysia with bronze. Tonia


and Lois finished in seventh. I thought we dived really well. We


have gone away happier than we did this morning. What things can you do


over the next few months to move things on as a pair? Everything is


looking good, it is working on the finer things the judges pick up.


That will make the finishing touches. 12 months on from winning


Olympic silver in Olympics, Jack Laugher is aiming the world goal.


Tom Daley is in the mixed springboard and Tom looks to avenge


his real heartbreak in the individual ten-metre platform. That


is a it has been a testing week that the divers in Budapest, but going


into the team event with Britain won in the last World Championships, it


was the French who took top spot in that event. But hopes are high in


the men's individual three metre springboard, Jack Laugher goes in


that one, joined in the final by Ross Haslam. We joined the event in


the fifth round. Ross Haslam has been diving very


nicely indeed. Yes, five out of five. All you can


ask for is consistency. Just diving at your best and that is what we are


seeing from Ross Haslam. I was thinking, he has made it to the


final, he might let it all go, but do you know what? He is diving even


better. This is the dive, his bogey dive at that has cost him medals in


years gone by recently, but he is better at this now. Can he make it


count? He didn't make it easy for himself. Toes hanging over the end


of the diving board. The problem he used to have, he would throw it


halfway down the pool. I don't know. He has been caned by the judges, he


did well to complete the dive because the take-off was so poor.


Patrick Hausding, Germany. Patrick Hausding making a play. Look at


that. Zakharov, opening the door. This man with the most difficult


dive. Forward, 4.5 in the top position. He has burst through the


doors with conviction and that statement of fact. And that fact is,


I am having a World Championship medal, as long as I don't mess of my


final dive. This makes things very interesting.


The final is hotting up now. Which means that Jack Laugher could be in


with a chance? This is inwards 3.5 in a pike position, I did not even


know that this was humanly possible! We will find out... He has been


doing it all day. And done a good job of it as well. Watch this.


Ooh on demand! Hit the bones out of that. He's the only one that can do


this... 3.7, this is supersonic. Wow, catch me if you can! That's


what that says. Yes, he must surely extend his grip on that top spot.


Right then, Jack... He has seen some fault and some step up and just out


of the medal places at the moment in fourth position, A forwards 4.5


somersault, to keep alive his World Championship medal hopes, come on,


Jack, stay in the mix with one dive to go...


Ooh... You go. You can see the grimace from Mark Houldsworth, as


part of the coaching team. A great take-off from Jack, just coming out


of the dive a fraction too early, leaving the dive short. He will


still be up there, in third position at the moment as you can see. He is,


he is in there. Just a couple of points ahead of Sakharov, in fourth


position, breathing down his neck but Jack Laugher in bronze medal


position. This man is toted toe, head-to-head, shoulder to shoulder


with our man, Jack Laugher. He has just pulled out from the


bottom of his diving toy box a very well polished and presented 4.5 in


tuck position. Firmly putting the pressure on Jack Laugher, up in


moments time... The Olympic champion from London 2012 fancying a medal


here, and he has done everything in his power. 505 is a lovely total. He


must wait. Year is Patrick Hausding, currently in silver medal position,


three twists, pike 3.9 degrees difficulty a big last dive from the


German. Ooh, what a dive! Patrick Hausding, helicopter fleet, yes, but


that was the best I have seen him do that. Yes, that is at least a silver


for the German. The German grandad I referred to the other day with his


partner, a little harsh but his experience is coming in. He locked


his legs a little there, understandably with so much going


on. There is the fist pump, what a round of dives. Six out of six, 526,


a monster score. That man is in a gold medal position. Yes, were you


watching? Our current leader, Siyi Xie, four World Championship gold...


'S, it's a gold this man. He has out dive to everyone. No mistakes. Dive


after dive after dive, quality and exquisite from start to finish. 547.


Remarkable. Now, Jack has to do the dive of his life. This is back 3.5,


3.6 degrees of difficulty, and of course Zakharov nailed his 3.8. So,


Jack has less firepower and therefore he needs 9-9.5s otherwise


he will be in fourth again. It is really good! Is it 96 points


off good, though? Will he get 9.5s? No, I think that will be an


agonising fourth Place, for Jack Lew has battled his way through the


final. -- for Jack Laugher, who has battled. Zakharov just beating him


in the final dive, no, he is even in fifth, beaten by half a point. This


is confirmation for you. The world champion is Siyi Xie, Patrick


Hausding with his second medal of the World Championships in silver,


and Russian Zakharov taking bronze. Jack Laugher, five points off a


World Championship medal, slipping into fifth. Dreadful from start to


finish, the opener was awful and the third dive was awful as well. Some


good dives in there still, five points off a medal wasn't good


enough. What has gone wrong this week? I don't know, I felt good and


prepared and free of injury, everything was in the right place.


We've worked well with my coach, the session before was good but it


hasn't fallen into place today. I felt nervous and stressed before the


competition, which obviously showed. Agonising for Jack Laugher, an


understandable amount of frustration there. In the women's three-metre


springboard event, Grace Reid got into the final, the 21-year-old is


in fifth position in this round... COMMENTATOR: Grace Reid, focus, back


doing half somersaults in pike, 3.0 on the difficulty scale for Grace


Reid of Great Britain, her penultimate dive.


Yes, come on, Grace. Well done. And faltering, like the first four


athletes of this round, Great Britain's Grace Reid pulls a beauty


out of the bag when she needed it most. She is right up in the


business end of the field. That will keep her right on the money. Well


done, Grace! This is Jennifer Abel of Canada, forward 2.5 somersaults,


two twists with pike, 3.4 degrees of difficulty this one. So, much more


tricky. She has nailed it! Just when she


needed to. Looking a little off form, Jennifer Abel really takes the


competition by storm. This is a huge risk, right here. 3.4 degrees of


difficulty. Jennifer and Maddison Keeney the only women on the planet


capable of doing this dive. She has come away with 7.5s. That will help


her campaign. Here come the Chinese in gold and silver medal positions


respectively at the moment, a forward 3.5 somersaults in pike, 3.1


degrees of difficulty Very well executed indeed. We have


seen a lot of faltering. But, we are not seeing any faltering from this


young lady. It is quite a difference to the platform dive, these are


teenagers from China, 16 and 18. Han Wang and Tingmao Shi 21 and 25,


showing their experience. This is 3.1 degrees of difficulties for the


reigning world and Olympic champion. Nice... And faltering, even with a


dodgy take-off. Toes right over the end. The Chinese athletes have a lot


of strapping on their feet, haven't they? On their toes, on their feet,


ankles... It leads to a good effect, though. Tingmao Shi still


effortlessly top of the leaderboard. She will definitely win the gold,


barring a calamitous last dive, all of the rest have it all to play for.


And here is Grace Reid. Come on, Grace. Is 3.0 degrees of difficulty


for Greece to finish off her World Championships in some style.


She saves the best until last. A wonderful list of dives from Grace,


with many other athletes faltering, she has been unwavering, steady and


consistent dive after dive, she stepped it up from the preliminaries


and again after the semifinals and has put in her best effort here this


evening, to put pressure on the business end of the field. She will


be, I think, outside of the medals for sure. Up on the edge, 336. She


is really pleased with that, look at her smile! She is such a cheery


character anyway. Great to see her finish with a well-deserved result


here in Budapest. Back to .5 somersaults in pike for the World


Championship bronze, for Jennifer Abel of Canada.


For sure, she has been diving particularly well. By her standards,


but she is good enough to dive, not at her best, and still win a World


Championship medal. We have pinned the points on her, that is for


certain. A slight chance that it might be different. At the moment,


here we are, sporting his white shirt... 351. Han Wang of China, 2.5


somersaults and one twist in pike, 3.0 degrees of difficulty.


Yes, she looked a little nervous. Very steady indeed, but no mistakes


from Han Wang, safely confirming that she is second best on the


planet at what she does. World Championship silver, finishing eight


points in front of Jennifer Abel. She needed at least a 7.5, she could


have got away with that. But decisively staking her claim on the


silver medal. There is just one woman with the gold in her sights.


It is Tingmao Shi. For back-to-back world titles, forward 2.5


somersault, one twist in pike, 4.0 difficulty.


Boom, drops the mike and leaves the building. World champion again, to


go with Olympic gold medal last year. Already a gold medal from the


synchronised event. She is, dare I say, the Golden girl of these World


Championships. Shi Tingmao, 25 years old and from China. The World


Championship gold, convincingly. And, she has sailed so Renee through


this final. -- sailed through this final. Grace Reid, the story, as far


as Great Britain are concerned, she finishes just outside of the medals


in fourth position. Fantastic from her, she kept her cool, eighth in


Rio and finishing better here. She can say that she is fourth best in


the world, after her season, that is a big, big deal. I don't have words,


it feels surreal. I went into the final purely to have fun and enjoy


myself in something clicked today which hasn't before! Calla where


were you of how well you were going through the rounds or did you block


it out? I blocked it out, I don't like knowing where I am sitting. I


knew I was diving well, in every dive I was aggressive and confident


which showed. Fourth for Grace Reid, 54 Jack Laugher, Grace with a lot of


positives? What a performance, she is smiling and loving life and


loving competing, she went from the preliminaries which were good,


stepping it up for the semifinals and nailing it in the final, taking


out some big scalps. Steady fourth-place, impressive. It's


interesting, we said hers was a positive fourth, she missed out on a


medal but it was a personal best for her. Let's look at Jack Laugher,


Olympic silver-medallist and it did not happen for him today and he is


understandably frustrated. Annoying for him, it was his undoing. He is


an amazing athlete, he is trying to win. If he relaxed a bit more, and


let his diving happen, he could wipe the floor with them. It is


interesting, Grace has a lot of life outside of diving, in her full-time


studies, she has something else to pay attention to. She doesn't have a


lot of time for anything else other than diving in Budapest, she is back


in action alongside Tom Daley in the mixed synchronised.


COMMENTATOR: China with some work to do.


The gaps appearing aren't the gaps between the divers on the diving


board. That was better by way of synchronisation by Wang and Lee. A


marked difference by what we have seen so far in this round. The


Canadians look to build on the silver they won at the last World


Championships. It is OK. Very consistent, this


pair. Marginally out of time on their arm swings and Jennifer Abel


over rotating. We didn't see that yesterday in the three metre final


when she came away with a bronze. I think she has got away with it. Here


come Tom and Grace, diving exactly the same dive. You can come per like


for like. -- compare. To push Tom and grades over the halfway mark in


this competition. Currently in bronze medal place.


Back is the best we have seen. Much better than Canada. Much better than


Canada. Look at that lovely rotational speed. Maybe Tom making


the dive a little bit easier than grades. Tonia likes it. Pretty handy


from grace Anton. Much better. Grace Anton of Great Britain going toe to


toe with the Chinese after round three. Team China will be looking


for the highest scores. Defending world champion, handwriting with her


new partner. Back is a fabulous dive. That is


what China have to say to the rest of the competitors, including the


British team, Tom and Grace. The Chinese have upped the anti-and they


have just put in the dive of the competition. Huge scores coming


their way. Good bit of flag-waving. Nine on synchronisation. China and


Great Britain tied for the lead after round three. And these guys


hot on their heels. The Canadians. Well, a rare mistake from Jennifer


Abel. All looking good. Leaving that thy very short of vertical. She is a


multiple World Championship medal winning diver. She gets six on


execution. Here are grace Anton. Tied for the lead with China. -- and


Tom. We need a good one here from Tom and Grace.


It is good. That potentially is their bogey dive. Tom just a little


bit close to the diving board. Both of them executing the dive


reasonably well. What will the judges make of the synchro? Tonia


likes it. They didn't like it as much as I would have liked them to


like it. And everybody at home would have liked them to like it. Still


makes excellent reading for British fans. China have opened up an 11


point lead on grace and Tom, who are in silver medal position, seven


points ahead of the Canadians. The current leaders, the defending world


champion, Han Wang on the left. They have a 9-point lead and they could


put this out of reach. This, for the world title for China.


Yes. Well, I did mention they could put it out of reach and they have


slam dunked it. That is the best dive we have seen from this pair.


Superior through and through. Extending their lead dive, after


dive. That is very skilful. The Chinese have secured another gold


medal. Look at that. There is a lot riding on this, particularly but


Jennifer Abel, going for a hat-trick of medals at this World


Championship. Already won the bronze in the three metre last night.


Silver in the women's three metre synchro as well.


OK. It is a good effort. They are lying on the degree of difficulty


here to make the impact. From a synchronisation point of view, it is


OK. Different distances from the diving board. Execution is OK as


well. It depends how harsh the judges are on the synchro. Look at


that. Tom and Grace ready to go with their final dive of this World


Championship final. If it goes well, it will bring home the silver medal.


Yes! Silver again! In the mixed synchro. Tonia is on her feet, and


so am I. Well done, Tom, well done, Grace. Something to scream into my


microphone about. Get in! That is what we wanted to see, and easy


silver for Tom and four Grace. There you go. Celebrations. They won the


European title together last year, but that World Championship silver


medal will taste very, very sweet indeed. Has been surreal, I haven't


slept very well, but a great way to end my first World Championship.


Tell us what the silver medal means, it is a new one, but the challenge


for the divers? It is difficult to find a partner to match a


springboard girl. Tom and I have been training hard and we work well


together. Fantastic set of dives, still not at our best, but so


please. Surprised to see Tom on the three metre, is it a surprise they


got a silver medal? The mixed three metre synchro, I was watching them


train and I thought it would be a close run thing. This trailing is,


Canadians, and others. Chinese will always be very strong and I thought


we could get a medal in this. I was delighted to see them dive


consistently. That is all they needed to do. Tom has had big


spectator and is of the world on his shoulder for some time, is this more


fun for him? Yes, the hours he put it on the platform, it is a bit of a


break. He and Grace get on so well and you can see that in their


diving. We also got a medal earlier in the week, so cast your mind back.


Never knowing who wear the front runners, but what was possible, I


thought they held their nerve and got across the line. Fantastic start


to the World Championships. We have seen some tears from Lois when it


brings Hammond on her way. It shows what you can do when you hold your


composure. The mixed event will be Olympic events? They were turned


down for 2020, so let's wait and C. They did take a lot of the boxes on


the agenda trying to get more mixed event in, so it holds potential.


Fingers crossed, we caught up with Matty and Lois. Our first


competition on a world stage. What does this mean to you and talk us


through the challenges in this mixed event? We have only been training


together about a year and we have shown good performances all over


Europe and in Britain and this is our first world competition. It is


really difficult because it is hard to do synchro with a boy and girl


pairing. So I think we sit very well together on the board. I think I am


relaxed with Lois a lot when she is on the board, it is a good


partnership. Grateful to get a medal in the bad, but as Lois alluded to,


they didn't make the final. That was won by Malaysia. Now we turn to the


final event, the men's ten-metre platform. Going to the World


Championships, it is the next biggest thing from Lealofi games.


You have the Olympic Games full of prestige, but the World


Championships is tougher because you have almost doubled the amount of


participants. It does make it quite interesting, especially the year


after the Olympics. What is the target for this one? The target are,


I have already surpassed my expectations this year in terms of


after the Olympics, I wanted to take a bit of a break and may be going


into individual for the World Series and is working towards the World


Championships. I have had the most successful World Series results in


my individual event. I have been battling a couple of niggles in the


build-up so I haven't had necessarily the best preparation but


I am feeling good and looking forward to going out there with the


rest of the team. No, that is it, unbelievable. Tom


Daley in the semifinals, not making it through. What an awful day there


for him. How tough was Rio? I think whenever you have a performance that


isn't necessarily your best, it is very frustrating, especially when


you put in so much hard work every day, but you have to be able to move


on. You know, what is done is done and you need to be in the moment and


focus on what you can do right now to be the best you tomorrow. Did you


go instantly, right, that's four more years of hard work for Tokyo,


did you think if things went well it might finish? I didn't really know


what would happen after Rio. For me, I always have to listen to my body


because sometimes my body is OK, that's enough, we need to wind this


town and other days it's good, I feel good and ready to go, could go


for another ten years. That's one thing I need to do, listen to my


body and train smart so I can go through to 2020 and be in as good


shape as I was going into 2016. And physically, how are you doing?


Touchwood, physically everything is going according to plan, I had a


couple of little niggles through the year, but I could train after


procedures on my back and hips but other than that, I am feeling pretty


good. Here is Matty Lee, a silver World Championship already to his


name after day one of competition with the next synchronised event


with Lois Toulson, 3.5 somersault and tuck 3.2 difficulty here, on his


own. Ooh... Nearly. Mark there looking


after him, and his coaches. A powerful start. Diving really


confidently, perhaps a fraction too early, not quite able to get that


trademark shape into the water. -- trademark ripple into the water. The


Olympic champion, Aisen Chen, third after the halfway point.


It is really good. Not outstanding, but it is first class. From the


Olympic champion. Look at the shape there, no gap between his chest and


his thighs. An inch short of vertical when he goes in, but he


somehow keeps the splash down and convinces the judges to give him


nine, nine, and eight .5 to count. He managed in the last round, to


keep the splashdown he must have magical feet! Lets hope Tom Daley


has some magic on him as well... Hang on him as well... Hang onto


that lead, a triple somersault in pike, 3.5 degrees of difficulty for


Tom Daley. Chasing a third World Championship medal in this event.


Yes! Come on! That's all I really need to say. Tom, well done. There


was no mistake here from Tom Daley. There is Tonya watching. They have


that, waiting for the scores... More than brilliant. A couple of ten -- a


couple of tens. Looking at the podium as it for now, after round


four, Tom Daley with his lead extended from five points, to six


points, 210 points now! Chen Aisen and Tom Daley head to heads, you


were bigging this up earlier in the Brown. Forward 4.5 somersault, tut,


3.7 degrees of difficulty for the Olympic champion.


Tom Daley to come with exactly the same dive...


There is the gauntlet! This final is something else. And the crowd are


something else as well! We haven't seen this many people in all week


long. And quite right too. Look at that. Tom doing his visualisations,


he does not care what Chen Aisen is up to, there's nothing he can do


about that. 105 points, hello! OK then... Like-for-like, thumbs up


from the Chinese coach. Still some corrections there for Chen Aisen,


not a perfect ten but now is. Same from Tom Daley. Come on, Tom.


Tremendous staff from the Olympic champion, just before him. Forward


4.5 somersault in tuck, 3.5 difficulty to hold on to the top


spot. It is like-for-like! They are like two giants, just taking slices


at each other. This is unbelievable stuff, ladies and gentlemen. I have


not seen a head to head like this on the platform ever before. Tom Daley,


almost matching Chen, still in the lead, it is tight and will come down


to the last guy. -- come down to the last dive. A straight knockout, both


dives with 6.3 He hasn't put a putt wrong! He has


not put a putt wrong. That is exceptional diving from the Olympic


champion -- he has not put a foot wrong. Huge scores, you would not be


surprised if the judges go 9.5s on that diet and if they do, this will


need to have Tom's dive of his life to get gold. It is mathematically


possible... Chen Aisen scores a load of tens, what about that? There is


Tom's coach. On the diving board now, Tom Daley. Tom, I saw him, he


was reading those scores. There is no way he could have missed that. He


must know... Going into the final dive that he cannot make a mistake


if he wants to end as world champion. He needs three perfect


tens just to be sure. He could get away with a 9.5 here and there. But


nothing shy of perfect will do. You hear that, Tom? Back 3.5 somersaults


in pike, it must be perfect for the World Championship gold again.


It is, it is perfect! That has got to be! That is tens! That has to be


gold for Tom Daley. Yes, come on! My word. He has not made a mistake. All


day. My goodness. Come on, judges. That is it, this is a deserved World


Championship gold for Tom Daley. Unbelievable diving, six out of six.


Yes, he has done it! CHEERING


Two tens and a 9.5 for Tom Daley. He is world champion once again. Eight


years since he last won it. At age 15, Tom Daley is once again the best


in the world. The Olympic champion could not topple him. Tom Daley hugs


his coach, Jane, there. He has not blinked. He has produced the best


diving of his life, just when it mattered. Just five points in it


between the Olympic champion Chen Aisen in silver, and Britain's Tom


Daley at the top of the podium. It has been such a tough year, getting


over that competition in Rio, where I was out of the final, and I could


not compete and show my best diving. Today, it was a tough competition,


the Olympic champion was not going to let me have it easily but I


wanted to fight until the end. You know, I really wanted to prove a


point, go and do the best I could. I am delighted with how it turned out,


a score, a personal best, I think it would have got the gold last year at


the Olympics so I am over the moon. What was going through your mind in


that final dive? The noise was incredible, and a great diver just


out before you, the pressure was on? Yes, I saw Chen Aisen do his dive


and the Chinese divers really cheering and I thought, yeah? You


want to cheer loudly for that, do you? I thought, watch this one. I


went into, yeah, you do that? I will do better. I went into a weird and


competitive mode I've never been in before. It was fun. Leon Taylor,


have you calmed down? Almost! Nobody can doubt his skills. This had


everything, no matter was it the highest quality diving final I've


ever seen in my life, it was dive for dive, the Olympic champion Chen


Aisen throwing down a near-perfect dive and Tom having no choice but to


do exactly the same. It was a battle of the Titans, slog after slob,


right until the last dive, you came over, and you said it needs to be


perfect. I said that it had to be a perfect tens, and he delivered.


Plenty of Tom Daley fans, the Tom Daley story is one that has taken


the whole nation with it. Last year in the Olympics he did not make the


final. He has turned it around, what does that say to the rest of the


team and young divers coming through? It isn't over until it is


over. Tom went through a tough time. He didn't want to walk away from the


Olympic Games have not made the final. This year he has come out,


all guns blazing, he got married this year, his coach hasn't been


there a lot of the time but among his challenges with some injuries,


bits and pieces, he kept his eye on the ball, he came out and gave us a


real insight into how mentally strong he is. And, what a comeback


story! Not a great week for Jack Laugher, one of the limpet champions


from Rio, but some strong performances elsewhere and two of


medals? -- the Olympic champions. Our best ever Olympic Games, you


come down a little, awful preparation by way of injuries,


boards, our best coaches leaving the country, arguably. A lot of


disruption in British diving. To have a couple of medals, silvers,


and some finalists, it is a strong showing. Plenty more action from the


pool this week. You will find us on BBC Two, from 5pm, the swimming


replaces the diving in Budapest. Rebecca Adlington is with me for the


rest of the week and highlights from the final day of The Open golf from


Royal Birkdale. That's at 8pm this evening.


It was a nail-biting finish but in the end, a great week for British


diving here in Budapest. The medals courtesy of Lois Toulson, Matty Lee,


Grace Reid and Tom Daley. You can say it was the Daley double that


stole the show... COMMENTATOR: Absolutely fantastic, this is


utterly brilliant. It is a silver for Siobhan-Marie O'Connor,


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