Day 2 Equestrian: Global Champions Tour

Day 2

London's Horse Guards Parade provides the spectacular backdrop to the eleventh leg of 2014's Global Champions Tour. Coverage presented by Clare Balding.

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clue as to where we are today, not right outside Downing Street, but


very close, but at Horse Guards Parade in the shadow of Whitehall.


240 horses are stabled here and we will have a packed crowd to watch


top-class sport because the world's very best riders are here. This is


the London leg of the Global Champions Tour, nearly ?120,000


available to the winner of this class, 50 riders trying for it. One


of them will win. If we're lucky we could see a finish in the jump-off


as last year, where w it was held on the edge of Olympic Park and came


down to two of Britain's Gold Medal winning riders. It's an enormous


course for this pot of gold. Fireworks could begin. Now he makes


the turn. He's absolutely flying. That has really set the target.


Scott said he would have a go. He's not hanging about. He's gone for it.


Oh, not to be. Christian has set the pace. Sit tight and keep the fingers


crossed. Nick Skelton, good luck. He's a long way off. He's jumped it.


Yes, he's done it! It's not over yesterday by Ben Maher will give it


200%. He's quick enough to win it. If he jumps the last, I think he's


done it. He has! He's done it for Great Britain. It's a superb British


one, two here this afternoon. And Ben Maher is back trying to defend


that title. No Nick Skelton because Big Star is out for a year. British


showjumping is looking strong. It is an all-star international field.


Before we get into the contenders, let's tell you more about the Global


Champions Tour, what it is and who's in it.


London is one of 14 prestigious stops on the Global Champions Tour,


where the world's very best compete for the richest prize in showjumping


and the crown of overall champion. The series takes in some of the most


glamorous cities in Europe and one stop in China before heading to the


final in Doha. Global Champions Tour has been running a number of years


now. It's like the ATP Tour of tennis or Formula One. The venues


are unique. I think it's really global. It's everywhere in the world


almost. We have all the good riders with good horses. Normally they go


to quick and fast jump off. We have 28 of the top 30 riders here. You


never see that at any other events. COMMENTATOR: He can do it. If he


jumps the last, I think he's done it. He has! Ben Maher has delivered


for Great Britain. The crowd standing, as so they should be,


because that was a world-class performance. After the success of


last year's event at Olympic Park, the man who brought it to London is


determined for a repeat performance in its spectacular new location. It


ticks so many boxes. It's a world-class sporting event. We have


international broadcasters, showing London in a fantastic light and more


importantly, from a sporting perspective, we're doing what the


tour set out to do, bring showjumping to more people, take it


out of the traditional equestrian foot prints. When the beach


volleyball was there, it was a great atmosphere, and I thought it would


be fantastic to have the event. It took a while, but at least we are


here. I think Horse Guards Parade, I think it's just perfect. It is


fantastic that the Prime Minister can look out his back room window


and see the With just event. Three more events to go after this one,


it's getting tight at the top. Edwina tops Alexander who has won


the overall twice. There are 50 riders gunning for the top prize,


but the same name is on everyone's lips. Who do you see as the leading


riders in the world? Scot brash. He's number one. Scott's doing


fantastic. He's number one for a reason. He's had great success here.


He won in Cannes and he's been placed in many of the others. Four


more left, we'll see. He will be, of course, very dangerous for us. At


home, here in London, for sure, going to perform very, very well.


The benefit for the British riders is that they have the full support


of the crowd, Ben Maher rose to the occasion last year on Stella. For


me, it's been a lucky place to ride in, over the years and in front of a


home crowd. And to have, it's just nice for family and friends and all


the people who help me along the way to be here. The crowd makes it for


me. And the atmosphere when you're riding and out of the ring. They're


cheering you on. It makes you want to win more. It's a big boost


whenever we ride in the ring in front of our home crowd. Yes,


indeed. For the spectators and the riders these are the perfect


conditions, late afternoon sunshine and as the name suggests, Horse


Guards Parade no stranger to horses. Originally a jousting square for


Henry VIII, every year it is the stage for the Queen's birthday


parade for Trooping The Colour. Tina Fletcher is with me. Tina was the


first woman to win theic stead Derby and a regular member of the British


team. How much of a difference has this tour made to the sport? It's


the best thing that's happened to showjumping in my lifetime. It's


enabled people to see showjumping. It's gone to every major city in the


world. The best thing for us riders is it's enabled us to make a living


in the ring. We will see riders of different heights, different styles,


horse that's are big, horse that's are neat and nippy. What actually


makes a good show jumper? There's a lot of qualities that make a good


show jumper. The most important thing is their want to actually


clear the fence. You've got to have that, more than anything else. You


can see a lot of big, scopy horse that's can do it easier than the


smaller horses, but if they don't have the want in their heads to want


to win, then they won't be good enough. You mention the prize money


on offer, how much would a top show jumper be worth these days? How much


do you pay for them? A lot of money. These horses behind me, any one of


these horses would be worth anything between 1 million and 10 million.


Really? Oh, my word! You have an idea of what we're dealing with.


Let's look at the standings: So right here official Government


buildings and in their shadow, a temporary structure with well over


100 horses in it. Amazing. It's quite amazing what they can do. Put


a show on wherever and in whichever city around the world. It's quite


amazing. It's a really glamorous tour, the Global Champions Tour.


Yeah, I mean, what the team have done for showjumping it's really


lifted the profile of the sport. He's put it in all these different


countries, we're able to shine high, Madrid, London, I mean it's just


really is fantastic. And this is Hello Sanctos. This is him. Is he in


his prime? Yeah, I'd say a horse's prime in our sport is from ten and


13, 14 really. He's 12 now. Yeah, for sure he's in his prime. He won


two big Grand Prixes recently. Then last week he helped Great Britain


stay in the super league in Dublin. He was clear four in the nation's


cup, which helped Britain stay up, which was very important for British


showjumping to be in the top league again. Do you think this tour is


putting show jumpers in the sort of league of tennis players and


golfers, where you're on tour together, the best of you are seeing


each other all the time. You have a profile, got good prize money, good


sponsors, that it's really lifted the Yeah, definitely sport? . As I


said, what they've done for the sport is amazing. It's what the


sport needed. Top 30 in the world go to all these shows. Yeah, we compete


against each other every week at a different venue throughout Europe


for great prize money. It's what the sport was If you needing. Are Andy


Murray in this set up, whose Djokovic, Nadal and Federer? Ben


Maher, and the other guys, they're the top of the sport. Yeah, they're


all fighting against one another each week. But our sport is


different in the sense we have a different animal. Obviously, like he


can't jump every week. We would swap horses. It's very important to have


a top string of horses. Unfortunately, we can't, horses


can't talk, so we don't know if they're in top form today or not.


That's what makes our sport very unique, I think, anyone can win.


It's not always the favourite that wins. You are the Global Champions


Tour champion, you are world number one. I remember interviewing you


when you were left out of the team at the world equestrian team. You


were so cross. Do you remember that anger? Yeah, that's right. How


different do you feel now? It's amazing. I have a fantastic team


behind me. I have fantastic owners. They then bring fantastic horses and


people to look after these top horses. It's a key in our success.


Yeah, I mean, growing up, being left out of the team, it only makes you


stronger and more determined to want to win and want to be part of the


British team and you want to be the best at what you do. Yeah, I don't


regret any of those decisions that were done. Because I think that's


made me who I am today. Really interesting listening to him because


that was just four years ago that he was left out of the team. That's


right. His career is escalated. The big thing that's changed it, he's


always been a fabulous jockey. You watch him and he's so silky smooth


in a jump-off. In the end of 2011, whore the horse was bought for him.


They bought more horses after that, he now has fabulous owners. He has


an amazing team behind him and basically, he's run with it. He's


done it and he's become number one. He's done really He's brave well. .


He's not afraid of taking chances. On a practical note, when you travel


horses around the world, they have to have a great temperament to do


it, how are you doing it? They travel basically in lorries, in


horse boxes, all over Europe. The only time we fly horses, if they go


to America or some of the Arab countries. They go on the boat, so


they travel in the horse box on the ferry and then off to the next


place. You don't travel them for too long. Only about eight hours. Then


you stable them at night and carry on. Scott said the big difference


between tennis and golf is that you have another animal. Men and women


also compete on level terms. 50 riders started out. All of them


jumped a full size first round. The top 18 of that or all clear rounds


more than 18 goes through to the second round. After that, the clear


rounds or indeed all those on four faults will go to a jump off and


that will decide the winner with a prize of around ?120,000. Let's see


what happened in the first round. Our commentary team is Andy Austin


and Mike Tucker. This is a high class field that


normally come in these competitions. Here is the Olympic team Gold


Medallist from the United States on this exciting new, young horse. We


were really impressed by this horse. Everyone walked the course, all the


experts and riders and trainers and said this was a really huge,


technically difficult course. The trouble is, you've got so many of


the world's best here, that they are in a different league. Just looking


here at qulaur. This is a very exciting, new, interesting horse. We


saw it go well attic stead in the King's Cup. Laura slightly


rebuilding there. She had to work hard down that combination. Around


here, this is a very difficult line. Very wide triple bar, then four


strides to a narrow, light fence with the water tray behind it.


Didn't cause as many problems as we expected. So around to the last. The


time allowed looks generous 84 seconds. She's clear on this


exciting horse. She won a Gold Medal in Hong Kong. She has been at the


top of the world of showjumping for many years. Based in Warwickshire


with Nick Skelton. Skelton part of that London gold medal with this


man, Ben Maher. He rode out on triplex, but now he has a superb


mayor, Cella. He is currently the world number three. This is a


fascinating mayor to watch. This man works very closely with


Ben. This mayor gets up in the air like a helicopter. Sometimes Ben has


to work hard to get her to jump the back rails of the white fences. --


this mare. This line is very interesting. Tight turn to the gate,


then sweeping down to the combination. It is downhill. This is


where Ben has got to work. He had to really kick. Managed to jump out


over the ox over the third element. A very important horse to Ben, part


of the team for the world Equestrian games in France in a fortnight.


Triplex has been sold to Canada. You weaker, one of his other stars,


sadly injured. He is clear and Britain has won through. He is on


target to retain the title. It will be a tough one. Fantastic to see Ben


getting into the jump off. We saw last year how fast he can go. He has


to get through the next round. This is a three round competition. Now


the man from Sweden. Individual silver in Hong Kong. European


champion one year later. Rolf-Goran Bengtsson, the Iceman from Sweden,


riding. He is the man currently leading the Global Champions Tour.


It is very competitive, he won in Chantilly, which put him ahead of


Edwina Tops-Alexander from Australia. She is here, fighting to


try and get back. This is a fairly new house. Another man beginning to


build again. This is a constant thing riders, having to rebuild. You


can see the tour leader struggling. Inexperienced horses showing helped


off the course is. -- showing out of the courses. He has produced great


spectacles. This is proving too much for


Rolf-Goran. Not able to jump clear on this occasion. But he is the tour


leader at the moment. He retires, it will make an interesting situation


for the league leaders at the end of the Grand Prix here at Horse Guards


. In comes the lady who dropped into second place. She won the tour


twice. The overall tour in 2012. She has this big ten-year-old, Ego van


Orti, Edwina is managed married to Jan tops. She is the star of their


sport. Interesting that fence, that Square oxer is rustic, a very light


offence. It has a water tray underneath it. That fence has been


used to great effect this week. Townhill, right by the edge of the


arena. The going is fantastic. The crowd are very close to the horses


and sometimes when there is a jump by the edge of the arena it takes


their attention away. It is very interesting because the star is


currently at the top of this Global Champions Tour week are going out


two fences down for the lady in second, Edwina Tops-Alexander. We


have already got 17 players from nine nations, so this competition is


very much a live with some of the big names going out. Remember we


take a team through to the next round. As a minimum. We could get


more because we still have some good ones to come. Watching Edwina coming


into the last fence. Brushing the middle. It is towards the edge of


the arena, causing a lot of problems. Edwina certainly will not


go through to round two, I can guarantee that's now. We could have


a new league leader by the end of this very valuable Grand Prix. Over


?120,000 goes to the winner. In comes Scott Brash. The overall


winner last year. Lord and Lady Pauline Harris and Lord and Lady


Kirk owned this horse. Just listening to Tina Fletcher


talking about Scott Brash, she has produced a number of forces that he


has gone on to write. This unit being the best of them. The skin off


the road at the moment. This is the horse we assume he is going to ride


at the championships, the World Championships coming up in a few


weeks time. Lovely rhythm. Cruising up to the oxer. This is a feature of


Scott's riding, he does not interfere with the horses, he lets


them go smoothly down to the fences. Effortless scope and ability, those


two oxers. Some horses with less jump have struggled there. No


problems for this horse at all. A big, wide triple bar. Then a little


style with a water tray behind it. It has not cause that much trouble.


Round he goes to the last. Can Great Britain have two through to the next


round? Ben Maher is through. We have 19 players and still more to jump.


This competition is building into another classic. It certainly is.


The crowd so excited to see their heroes jump in here. 23 riders went


through to the second round. They are walking the course now. Ben


Maher coming towards us. Striding out the line so he knows how many


strides he will have on his horse as he comes into these multicoloured


upright planks. Tina Fletcher is with me. You have walked the course,


are you surprised so many went clear the first round? You have got such a


high standard, the top authors and top riders in the world. Was the


time relevant and is it relevant in terms of the draw for the second


round? Fastest riders are the last ones to go, basically. Now we have


to go. Same as a whole new cause, another course and it takes a lot


out of the horses. How tall are you? I am five foot seven. It is nearly


as tall as me, it is a big fence. It is a difficult colour to John. Scott


is coming through, we will let him stride out. Are you happy with the


horse after the first round? Yes, he jumped very good, I was very


pleased. It is the calibre of horses and riders here, the jumping has


been very, very good. This is a tough course. With its suit him?


Yes, the bigger and harder the better, normally, for him. We will


keep out of the way. As the riders come round, they are coming on the


line that makes sense to them so they can count in their heads. You


will see the riders walking the distances. It is four human metre


strides to everyone horse stride. Most are one half strides, you


either have to push forward and take a longer one or take a cheque and


fit another in. You can see the multicoloured upright they have to


jump, they have to come right back on the oxer, almost on springs. With


this double you get a nice, wide oxer. They really have to stretch.


They have to stretch. Look inside here. You can see how wide that is.


For a horse to stretch that distance across... Coming in is the difficult


bit. You have to be steady coming in to jump vertical. It is quite short


here, which makes it more difficult. Short, you have to wait, they have


to have the ability to make it over the back rail. There was a water


tray in the first round, have they got one on this course? I think it


will be the most influential fence on the course. It is the second


last. What happens... Is the water tray wide enough that they might put


into it? Not so much that, water tray is for horses, they generally


look into them and might touch the top rail across their focus has been


taken off the top rail and they have looked into the tray. The colour of


this fence is very influential because it is very rustic, not very


bright, it will be an easy fence to have down. There is no water in the


tray, it is the reflection it creates. Absolutely. It looks to me


as if the very last fence has a water tray as well. Two water trays.


In a row. This is a hardline, a very long distance between here and next


fence, it is... You do not want to be going full pelt. This is a fence


recycled from the Olympics, the Abbey Road fence. I will not


interrupt them a while he is counting strides. -- interrupt Ben


Maher while he is counting strides. Number two is big and wide as well.


The first fence is fine, the second is a big oxer, then an unusual


line, a short four strives towards the wall that goes into


hospitality. The horse will be looking at hospitality. I can see


the line you are talking about. The London eye in the background, people


sitting at tables, all of these things can distract the horse. You


have two have a horse that concentrates well. Sound is an


issue. We see a lot of horses wearing ear covers. And a lot of


them have earplugs inside those. You can see how close the cloud is. --


crowd. When the horses hear the crowd cheering they can be very


distracted. The majority of horses wear earplugs. They are this close.


They will be along the line where the horses are jumping. We will hand


you to the commentary team up there. Mike Tucker and Andy Austin.


COMMENTATOR: We are up here waiting for what looks to be a thriller in


prospect. 12 nations, the best showjumping nations in the world


represented. 23 are here, five from America, free from Germany, two for


France, two for Britain. -- three from Germany. They go in reverse


order of the time they finished on their clear round.


Kent Farrington will be a name to watch for because he is on form.


Number 13 is the form rider in recent tours. Very strong


Americans. Absolutely. That field of 23 is a high-class


field right to the end. Now we will go around the course. Coming away


from the entrance already if his 155. -- it is 155. They go into a


spooky wall, that is at 160. An awkward turn towards this water


tray. Running downhill, write to the edge of the arena, huge oxer. The


horses will be distracted by the entrance. Those plaques at 160,


maximum height. Back to the combination. A lot of power needed


going in. Then a very long stride, two short strides in the middle.


Power needed here again. Getting towards the end of the course,


swinging back down to this double, where it is all about careful going


in. Horses do not see the white rails too well. Then around the


corner. This is the double water Chase, five long strides, tremendous


power needed over the first one. Really careful going forward over


the last four is not -- over the last. There is an electric


atmosphere in this arena without a shadow of a doubt. The man in the


hot seat has been this Italian course builder. This site has a fall


on it. He's used that in part of it. That makes it a lot more difficult.


Now the first horse in, Doda -- Athina Onassis de Miranda, the


daughter of the great shipping magnate. She loves her showjumping


and has very good form in this year's series. She finished fifth in


another round. She's currently 25th in the league. Her husband Doda de


Miranda represents Brazil. And in fact, she ran a show down in Brazil


for the global tour for several years. That's a show that has come


back into Europe. Now she is the first, remember, this is the second


round and any equality after this round, we go into a final round


where time will decide against the clock.


Sometimes she starts to go a little too slowly and can get problems with


the time allowed. The stretch out in the combination


beautifully done there. You see the power and ability,


spending a lot of time in the air, that was beautiful.


We've seen here, down the hill problems in the past, but this is a


lovely round to watch so far. Time allowed is 72 seconds. So she's


going to be close. Problems with the time, that's such


a shame. One time fault and that will certainly have bush telegraph


around the collecting ring. Time fault here, we can't hang around


that. Could be very expensive. Big prize money, goes a long way now.


That time fault could be From the costly. Start you could see that


coming. She got away with the first round going slowly because the time


was generous. They've gone for a little bit of a


tighter time here. The riders will now have to just move up a gear.


Now we go to a nation that is pretty new at this level. Actually trained


by Jan Tops. They've gone well here. This is Bassem Hassan Mohammed, who


has won the global challenge grauneries this year one in Monaco.


This is a lovely mare. Remember Saudi Arabia won the bronze medal in


London in the team competition. The Arab nations really getting involved


in the sport now. They have certainly shown what they can do


here over the three days in Horse Guards Parade.


This is a gorgeous horse. Spends time in the air, floats off the


ground. Seems to have unlimited scope and ability but you see there,


able to shorten up over those two vert culls as well.


Absolute dream horse. -- verticals. These two work well as


a partnership. Oh, just that hanging in the air,


just for a split second. That is a big fence coming out of that double.


And again. Well, a lot of power needed. It's all fallen apart at the


end of the course. Yes, time fault as well.


And this Horse Guards Parade bathed in sunshine, capacity crowd. And


they really are seeing something very special in the showjumping


world with the high-class field we have in the second round. Now


30-year-old Tiffany Foster from Canada.


Tiffany ranked 45th at the moment. Hasn't jumped in too many of these


rounds, but she's impressed us here. One of the last was in Holland. She


was sixth. This horse was ridden and is a real


world-class horse. Huge scope. Very rideable.


Very interesting those planks have not caused the problems, the pink


planks on the top seem to get the horse's attention.


This round is tougher than the first. Quite a few clear rounds,


probably two or three more than we really wanted. But this is bigger.


The time is tighter. It's starting to take its toll already.


Just three gone so far, and already you can see it's a tough course.


Tina, you said to me, we won't get any clear rounds. It's a big course.


The horses are tired. It takes its toll. Can you see the first few


horses that there have been. They've tired at the end of the course.


Those are the parallel They come fences. Around and they look at the


screen because they don't have long to walk it. You are constantly


having to memorise new courses. Yes, you are. That comes with the job.


They do their job pretty well so far.


COMMENTATOR: Here's a lady who does it very well. One of the most


stylish lady riders in the world 43-year-old Luciana Diniz born in


bra distil, came over to Europe. She's really the centre of world


showjumping, if one's absolutely honest. She's now very successful in


these global tour championships. She was fifth in Hamburg. Second in


Cannes. Fitness plays a part here. If these


horses have been going around the first round with the turbo on red,


the engine is going to blow up. The horses are just not going to last.


We need horses to jump the big fences, just a bit within


themselves. This horse appearing to be comfortable at the moment, this


is one of the big tests. Very easy there. We will see our first clear


in this round. No, that big one again. It's been causing problems


all show. Athina Onassis de Miranda and then


the four faults for Luciana Diniz, the top two scores at the moment,


with the first four gone. That fence there, right by the edge


of the arena, very light touch. That's all it takes. The water tray


distracting the horses slightly. I think it's more to do with the


colour of the poles being rustic. Here's the first of the five


Americans, the Olympic team Gold Medallist of Hong Kong, Laura Kraut.


She won that with a great horse, Cedric.


Nick Skelton's partner of course. Great to see this stylish American


here in Europe. She has a very good record in the Global Champions Tour.


This is a new horse. Only a ten-year-old. It's a mare with huge


ability. Laura really beginning to build up a fantastic relationship


with this horse. You can see she can ride forward to the fences, trust


her to be careful. Backing up beautifully to jump that very light


plank in the middle of the combination. Still waiting for that


first clear. We saw so many clears in the first round that we perhaps


didn't expect and now this course has gone up even more difficult.


It's quite interesting you say that Andy, because John Dhoni is the


president of the ground jury here. He of course, was a course designer


at the very highest level. He was amazed how testing these courses


were and how many clears we had, but that young horse that we really


thought was exciting is proving again, what a star he's going to be.


What a round! Laura Kraut gives us the first clear round for the United


States of America. This horse is turning into a big jumping Grand


Prix horse. Every time we see this horse it gets better and better,


fabulous round. The Americans on fire at the moment. I movement. Say


they look a very good bet for the world equestrian games coming up


shortly. Coverage will be for all the Olympic disciplines on the BBC.


We turn to the first of the German riders, Hans-Dieter Dreher. This


horse has won World Cups in Bordeaux and elsewhere too. A lot of ability


this horse. Hans-Dieter Dreher has become one of the riders that the


team manager uses often in their nations cups. Germany not quite as


invincible as they were. No. They used to be winning absolutely


everything. Not nowadays. But this horse. You just have to watch him in


front of the fences. It's scary at times. Because he's like a cat when


he jumps, but he has an explosive gallop at the fences, which is quite


strange to watch. Two or three strides away. Suddenly he


accelerates there. Then he throws himself in the air. Must be a


strange feeling to sit on him, but can you see there, incredible


ability as well. He's going to need it to jump this fence.


Did one of his strange leaps but he left it up. He's We've got through.


A jump-off for the 148,000 euro first prize. One for America, one


for Germany. Of course, a lot more to come and challenge. So often,


when you get one clear round, more come.


It's like waiting for a bus. That's great to see. Hans-Dieter Dreher is


always exciting and he will go for it.


The world of showjumping has gone some very, very classy lady riders


and here is one of the best. Beezie Madden is on Simon, 15 years old


now. This lady has won world cups. She's won two Olympic golds,


individual world silver and, of course, the First Lady rider to win


the King George V Gold Cup attic stead just two weeks -- at Hickstead


two weeks We're at ago. It again. It's all in the timing. No, she is a


fantastic rider to watch. We have seen Laura Kraut, another American,


beautiful, stylish riders. They always flow forward. Their style is


worth watching to try and copy. That was a very uncharacteristic


mistake from Simon. He's a very experienced horse. As you say, been


to championships and that was a bad mistake.


She's actually not long come back from quite a nasty fall which had


her out of action for a while. Her husband is chairman of the


international discipline, great manager of super horses. But she's


not going to win the London round of the Global Champions Tour.


The course, although we've had two clear rounds, continuing to cause


jute a if you problems. The front rail coming off. Something


interesting I want to show you, in the far corner is Ben Maher warming


up, the mare he rides wears a black nose blanket he calls it. What is


that and why would you have one? You put one on when a horse shakes its


head a bit. With her, she's always jumped in it. She's always jumped


well in it. He says, well, if it's not broken, don't change it. That's


why she has it. Probably didn't give you the clearest shot there. You'll


see what we mean when she goes in the ring. COMMENTATOR: The world of


showjumping has some very exciting youngsters. We have World


Championship potential in Britain. Here is Belgian's, Constant van


Paesschen. His father has won Olympic and world bronze. A very


good trainer now and this young man is already hitting the high spots.


Riding Citizenguard Cadjanine Z. He is 20 years old. Lucky going into


the combination. His luck did not hold when he came out. This young


lad is making a big name for himself, a very famous equestrian


family is from. His father won a lot of international classes. You can


see he is getting quicker. The money down the line will be decided on


time. He has got it. Two clear rounds. One on one time penalty and


on the second, four. Laura Kraut of the USA is definitely into the jump.


Her mare is a little inexperienced. It is her first season jumping in


the bigger classes, she has It is her first season jumping in


the bigger classes, been coming on slowly but I am proud of her today.


What will be your policy in the jump off, steady clear or put your foot


on the gas? It will depend how many double clears there are. I will


probably get her around with a clear round and put pressure on the


others. Fantastic job, I look forward to seeing you in the jump


off. We will watch your team-mate. COMMENTATOR: The order for the jump


off will be the same order they are going in now according to the clear


rounds. Here is another that could join her from America, 33-year-old


Kent Farrington. Previous winner of the King George V Gold cup at the


International horse show. He looked in very good form riding this horse


at the Aachen Grand Prix. One of the very big winners on the American


circuit now. Kent is turning into one of the


world's superstars, he is one of those riders who can ride a number


of different horses. He has got great strength. He says he can rest


his horses. He has hit a fence. It is a shame. We were not going to see


him in the jump off. He is an absolute flying machine against the


clock. That's oxer in the middle. The man ranked five in the world,


higher than he has ever been before in the world rankings, as our guests


enjoyed a wonderful showjumping. That was Bruce Springsteen. His


daughter has been jumping here. She has been in tremendous form. She is


in the winning American team, they won in Dublin last weekend. Constant


van Paesschen is a little quicker than Kent Farrington as far as the


four faults are concerned. Still two clear rounds, editor Drayer and


Laura Kraut. -- editor it will always be a good point if


you have been in Jan Topps stables. The Global Champions Tour went to


Shanghai for the first time will stop Daniel Deusser been over there


and was in the money in the league. Fascinating horse to watch, very


long in his body. Daniel is very tall himself, well over six foot.


The horses just a little slow in his action. He is only nine years old.


Just coming up to this level, still a bit green. This is a horse that is


going to definitely jump a good few Grand Prix is in his time. He's


clear rounds are not coming to thick and fast. We saw so many in first


round, just two at the moment. Ranked eighth in the league at the


moment. Daniel Deusser with one fence down. For Germany. One of our


two British challengers is coming in next. Daniel Deusser just a bit


disappointed, the horse showed a bit of inexperienced uphill to the oxer,


did not get the width. Just held his breath. These fences are absolutely


huge, 160, 170 wide, that is as big as you can build that Grand Prix


level. The one the crowd are waiting for is Ben Maher. Jane Clark's super


mare. Clark was one of the owners for the American showjumping team.


After the London Olympics she decided... There she is... Jane


decided she loved the way that Ben Road, so she has given someone


before horses, including this superb grey for him to ride. It has taken


him to the world number one, first British rider to be the worlds


number one in. At the end of last year. He has dropped down to third,


but still with an important job to do here. Did a very important job in


Dublin where he helped Great Britain to stay in the senior nation 's


league. And the world Equestrian games around the corner. This is the


one he wants now. One tricky moment in the first round. Coming out of


the combination. Two verticals here. A very different combination. Proved


to be a problem. Needs to stretch here. That is just the Achilles heel


with this mare sometimes. You see her struggle with those boxers.


Think back to when he was part of the European gold medal team and


where he finished individually, Silver. It was a similar box that


was the downfall. Early oxs. -- early oxers. We did not want to see


them going out. Scott watching with interest. Then goes out, he will not


retain his London title which he won in sensational style last year. Of


course, very important job for Ben around the corner, the world title


at stake and world team title. You can see the oxer is a very steep


incline towards the end of the arena. It is a huge fence. If Cella


does not have the right rhythm and momentum she can sometimes do that.


She really paddled into it. What a shame. Ben Maher was Mac four fault


puts him in sixth place. A long way to go. The placings will be done on


their time. Constant van Paesschen is the fastest four fault at the


moment. From another famous jumping family, his father jumped for the


Netherlands on many an occasion at top level. This young man part of


the silver medal team in London. 30 has been used extensively for


breeding in Holland. You can see his not the easiest to ride. -- Verdi.


Very talented. For a big horse, he was agile there. He made that oxer


look so easy, that is the power you need at this level. A true


championship horse, this one. He is up to 12th in the world. Part of the


Silver medal team for the Netherlands in London. Behind Great


Britain in the team competition. Of course, he has been a winner of one


of the major Grand Prix is on this circuit in Madrid, when he beat


Henning and Schroeder. He makes it three, one for America, one for


Germany and one for Holland. I am amazed that horse had the


energy to have a buck after the last. He is an absolutely fabulous


horse. He rides him so well, he is so light, he has been a great horse


for him. He said as Ben went in on Cella, she will do well to jump this


clear. She did not look on form today, she was sticky through the


combination on the first round. Then had to work really hard, she was not


on form, not going as well as she can. There is a break before the


next round. Rob... I will grab a word with the team manager of the


British team. He will head off to the world Equestrian games in


Normandy in a couple of weeks. I know you have Scott coming on, he


will be riding hello Santos. This is pretty key. Our last show before the


world games. Not what we wanted with Ben. Finished on the inside line,


got close, jumped too high. He thinks he should have gone five,


that is always the way. thinks he should have gone five,


that As far as the British team are concerned, a couple of names in


there are new. Four Young ones and one experienced. We have not picked


the final four, we will see how we go. We promised you stars, they are


coming thick and fast. This man, now 50, has been world number one. He


has won Olympic olds. His first in Barcelona in 1992. He has never won


this global two league, he has been second to Edwina Tops-Alexander in


2011. The years riding as well as ever. One thing we do need in this


round is power. This is a power horse. A real big jumper. And that


is the fence that if you do not have the scope and power you find it


really difficult. Just balancing. Getting the hocks underneath. Jumped


to the right, nearly took the wing out. He is living dangerously there.


Germany, remember, with one clear round already. The great Beerbaum is


through to the next round. Germany with two, America with one and the


Dutch with one. It is certainly building. My word this man is riding


so well. He is into his fifties, Beerbaum, but keeps himself lean and


trim, superfit. He is so focused and hungry as ever. Watch him work here.


He made it happen. He is a strong, physical rider when he needs to be.


This big horse takes a lot of holding together. A good round from


him. Well, all British hopes pinned on our next rider in the man who won


the overall lead in Joe Hart last year. -- the overall lead in Doha.


It is the great Scott Brash. This is a crucial round. If that jump over


the wall is anything to go by, let's keep our fingers crossed. He used a


lot of pace to come down to that oxer.


That rattle, let's hope it has got Hello Sanctos's attention. A little


strong down to the double. Two fences to go.


Yes! He has done it, he has done it. So many people holding their


breath. Fingers crossed. But this man, he is so good, Scott Brash.


Road absolutely at his best. Of course, he has already won in


Cannes. Just look at this combination. Sorry to interrupt, he


just had a little tricky moment. He made up a lot of ground. Rob is


riding every fence with him. Scott Brash thrives under pressure, he is


the Iceman and he showed it there. 67 .11 is his time.


Five clears now. Now it's for Sweden, the one


representative of Sweden, Henrik von Eckermann, a pupil of Ludger


Beerbaum. He is such a good trainer these days. Three or four of the


German team are trained and actually stable with him, as indeed does this


man. He's won a bronze medal in the


Europeans last year for Sweden. Very tall epted. Oh, it's gone. --


talented. What a late-falling pole.. He's lucky in the first round with


the combination. No luck there. He hit that quite hard. For a second it


looked like it was going to stay. This is where the horses if they're


struggling at all, not comfortable, this is too big, too difficult. It's


really sorting them out. The class combinations are now starting to


come through. Henrik von Eckermann has been in very good form on the


Global Champions Tour. He was second recently. He was one of the favoured


competitors in this London round. But out he goes with 12 faults. Just


having another look there, going into the combination. Things just


starting to unravel, the pressure taking its toll. It's slightly


downhill, using the gradient. The horse is looking at the bushes in


the middle of it. There are the warm-up facilities. We


come back into the ring with the one Japanese entries. Good to see this


man. He's been their leading rider for a number of years now, Taizo


Sugitani. This is a 15-year-old horse. He's one of a number of


riders - whoa, he was lucky to stay in the saddle then, my word. That


was entertaining. Something different, we don't normally see at


this level. He has no stir ups, he's carrying on. We won't get any bonus


points for staying on. Should have done. He's certainly won the best


prize for entertainment so far. The Japanese really upping their game, a


lot of them in showjumping and eventing based in Europe to get


ready for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Japan also have the Asian


Games coming up shortly. This is a big warm-up for those competitions,


in Korea actually in September. This little horse has been a great


servient. He's just found it hard going in there. We've seen plenty of


other combinations. This is much bigger, tougher course than the


other. CLARE BALDING: The cricket score in


terms of faults, but top marks for recovery there. That was amazing


stuff. Ben mare alongside me -- Ben Maher alongside me, no jump off for


you. No, not today. I had to work hard in the first round. She felt


easier in the second round there, but she jumped a little to the left


out of the treble combination. That meant that the distance came short


for me. I tried to correct and just the hill, the gradient caught me.


She tried hard to jump it, but it wasn't to be. Do you stay and


support Scott? Absolutely, I'm going to make sure my horse is good. She's


just walking off, she gets ice and cooled down then I watch the July


of-off. Thanks -- Jump-off. Thanks Ben.


COMMENTATOR: The French star now Kevin has been the world's number


one rider for many years. He won the Paris round under the beautiful


arena under the Eiffel Tower. He's a man bang in form. Kevin Staut with


Estoy Aqui de Muze, a ten-year-old mare. She always looks as though


she's a bit grumpy. Tail is swishing an ears back. That untidiness


catching her out there. She always goes around the ring the same way.


Very scopy, very talented. When they don't concentrate and they just get


a little bit annoyed with the job, they can sometimes have a silly


fence. Kevin quickening up here, a lot of prize money at stake. That


last one will probably put him out of the money, I would think.


Eight for the French champion, former European champion and he's


been world number one for many occasions in the last few years.


Let's have another look. Just swishing the tail, ears back, a


little untidy. Didn't concentrate at all out of the combination, which is


really frustrating. Hit it quite hard. Now Qatar. They really are


becoming a force to be reckoned with.


It's all very well spending money on world-class horses, but you have to


train the riders to do so. My word, these riders lock at home with these


horses. -- look. They say good horses make good riders and these


lads they're very privileged to ride some of the world's best. This is a


horse called Whitaker. An 11-year-old by Clinton, fourth in


the Olympics in Athens. It's interesting because they rang the


bell to tell him to stop and he kept going because the middle part of the


combination was down. I'm not sure how the judges will react to that.


But he should actually have pulled up when they rang the bell.


It is possible they could eliminate him, I think. It depends how they


judge it. If the course is with the fence down, you are allowed to keep


going. They did ring the bell. Well, we'll be interested to hear the


result of that. CLARE BALDING: We'll come back for confirmation of that.


Scott Brash is fifth in the jump-off. Living dangerously there,


but clearment Yeah, a rub coming out of the combination there, but luck


on our side today. You are a guy who just loves pressure, don't you?


Well, I mean, I do, I think it brings out the best in you. You want


to try harder. You really want to win. That brings out the best in


you, yeah. You get the feel for the horse as soon as you get on them,


how is Hello Sanctos feeling? Really good. He's jumping great. It's a


really tough course. I can't complain. He feels really good. You


aren't allowed to walk the jump-off course, you study a -- study a map,


do you? I always have a sneaky peak as I walk the second round, just in


case we were in the jump-off. I know where we're going and know my plan,


what I'm doing. I imagine your plan will be to go for it from the


beginning? Yeah, well, try and win. Lucky, I'm near the end to go, so I


can watch the others and see what I have to do. Lovely, thanks Scott.


Good luck. COMMENTATOR: There we are, five


clear rounds at the moment. Now it is McLain Ward from the United


States of America. Twice Olympic team Gold Medallist with a great


mare. They just gave four faults for the priests rider. He wasn't --


previous rider. He wasn't eliminated. Not many horses jumped


the big class yesterday and will last the trip in this three-rounder.


Roth schild jumped well actually. Lazy fence in the middle of the


combination. That's one big danger. Some of the riders that are clear


will be pleased not to see McLain Ward in the jump off, because he is


a serious competitor. Absolutely. Four it is for McLain Ward, who was


part of the American win in the nations cup. American winning


back-to-back nations cups and then in Dublin a week ago. They are on


form. CLARE BALDING: Such a mean looking horse with his ears back an


everything, but very willing. The one fence down means they will not


be in the jump-off. We assume there were five, but Tina has been out


hunting around getting the news, what have you heard? Laura has had


to pull out. Her horse pulled a shoe off and it's a fraction sore. He's a


lovely young horse, so she's decided to call it a day. Laura Kraut will


not jump in the jump-off. COMMENTATOR: That will be


disappointment for Laura. But a horse with an exciting future. Now


we come to another Frenchman in flying form, Patrice Delaveau. He


has a team of horses, riding better than he ever has done. He's quite a


senior French rider these days. Should he get through - and he won't


- he would have been one of the dangers against the clock. Fences


coming all over the course. The middle part of the combination very


short. You can come up there on five or six strides. That's the one that


Ben Maher had. It's a tough course now. No question about it. It's


really sorted them out. Yes, it has. It really has been a test of what


showjumping is all about - balance, rhythm, power and of course, the


speed to come with the jump-off. That one error for Patrice Delaveau.


They haven't really shown their best form here, but don't disregard the


French with those world equestrian Games coming up.


The middle part of combination, very light plank, planks always come off


more easily. They're on flat cups. Something in French there that we


probably don't understand, but he wasn't too happy with that.


We learn now just four through to the jump-off with that withdrawal of


Laura Kraut. America will two still to come. Here is 20-year-old


Katherine Dinan. She's been competing both sides of the Atlantic


actually, but again, very capable. Katie Prudent, one of the top


international ride frerz America, her God-mum and trainer. She really


has a prospect here, that's for sure.


This horse has got springs built into the back legs. Flying up into


the air. Very small horse, lovely action. Almost like a big pony.


Going to need to motor on up the hill after this combination to jump


the next. Using a bit of pace, there's the ability. That's


fabulous. These horses don't have to be big to have power.


We've seen some of the senior American stars, but is it going to


be the juniors that will carry the flag for them? Oh, it's going to be


this one, 20-year-old Katherine Dinan shows what she's made of. That


was a brilliant round. Some very exciting young riders. The American


team manager was a great rider but my word, he has some prospects.


Lovely to watch because it was running and jumping, using pace and


power and pinging into the air. Never really looked as though it was


going to have a fence down. A lovely combination, those two. Giving the


horse a well deserved pat. She might be young, but she looks very capable


of putting in a speedy round. Yeah, she will certainly have a go and


gallop at the fences. Two to go. One for Brazil and another from America.


This is Doda de Miranda. This is a man whose been at the top of


Brazilian sport, won a team bronze medal in Atlanta in 1996. He's had


some good results in the global tour. Remember, his wife was also


in. She currently with one time fault in seventh place at the


moment. Six clear rounds, including Laura Kraut, who isn't coming


through to the jump-off. Just struggling a little bit at the


early part of the course. Just getting it together here.


Really good through the double. He's trying to keep up a quick time. But


with eight faults, the prize money really disappeared for him. Takes a


stride out to the last. I think that was just a lack of concentration


with a few fences down. That goes as well. Three fences down. That puts


him down to 22nd place with one left to go. The sun sinks low in the sky.


Three and a half hours. On the edge of their seats. Kessler was in


London in 2012 as an 18-year-old. The Americans did not show their


best in London, that is for sure, but they are looking a lot stronger


now. This lady looks another exciting prospect.


A real, good jumping pedigree, this. Meaney we saw this mayor jumping


recently at Hickstead, not in the best of form there. More than


capable of jumping this course. Seems to be making the odd fence at


the moment. Really frustrating. Did not put herself out to jump the


combination. I will remind you of the news again, Laura Kraut was


clear on that lovely new horse, nouvelle. The Americans have


Katherine Dinan through. She will not go through. So there we


are, it is going to be a very international jump off for this over


?120,000 first prize in London. As dramatic as ever. It certainly will


be, we have quality, we have horses who can go quickly against the


clock. Very importantly, we have Scott Brash in there, he is the man


we are all rooting for. He is the guy who has proven he can go against


the clock under pressure. And Hello Sanctos is more than capable of


coming out winning the class. Here is the situation. Laura Kraut sadly


will not come forward. Don't disregard Germany and don't


disregard Michael van der Vleuten. He could be very hard to beat. It is


the clear rounds that are going to Tina and I are looking around. We


have heard rumours that possibly Hans-Dieter Dreher is not going in


the jump off either, we might have lost him and Laura Kraut, winging it


down to just two jumpers will stop -- bringing it to two jumpers.


Didn't Katherine Dinan do well? A great moment. Happiness, she rode


unbelievable, her horse jumps like it has springs in its feet, a


fantastic course to watch. We had a word with Scott Brash and he


admitted it had been sticky coming out of the treble on Hello Sanctos.


Yes. What happened? He was having to write quite hard, working fairly


hard the whole way around the course. -- ride hard. He got flat


coming out, just touched behind. It stayed up. He has a chance of


winning it. Sometimes you need that element of luck. Absolutely. I have


learned something fascinating down here as I have been watching these


horses in the warm up area that I am going to share with you, it is about


stirrups. I noticed, you may think it will be boring, stirrups, it is


interesting. A few of the riders have brightly coloured stirrups made


of rubber or plastic, not metal. This is a new thing in stirrups.


Some of them are so you cannot get your foot stuck in the stirrup if


you get dragged and the more interesting ones have magnets,


magnet in your boot and magnets in the stirrup. No way? It is very hard


to lose your stirrup. If you lose your stirrup it can be the


difference between winning and losing the class. Your foot is


attached by a magnet. I can think of plenty of jockeys that might fancy


it, although it weighs heavier than light aluminium stirrups. You have


magnets in the plastic stirrups, they are still not very heavy. I am


determined to get a really good shot of one of these, but I know you are


just saying, really, I never knew that! With eventing and dressage and


showjumping, this is one of the and exports we cover here. If you can


find out where you can write a locally, if you win of -- dream of


winning prize money, have a look at our website. Here is what is coming


up on the BBC in the next few weeks. Such magical moments. The brothers


showing the way once again. It is simply stunning. A wonderful


performance. Geraint Thomas, what a superb victory. It is a golden floor


routine. As well as that, the European Championships continue in


the Europe tomorrow at 8:45am. Heaven 40 K VM, sorry. -- 7:45am,


sorry. The swimming European Championships


every day this weekend from 5pm. The likes of front house, Ross Murdoch,


all of those people who won Commonwealth titles.


Let's have a look at the map for the jump off course. This is all that


the riders are able to do. They do not get to see a map as detailed as


this. Coming over the first fence, the first part of the course is the


same as it was in the second round. Going over the wall, third fence,


swinging left-handed back over this oxer. This is where the riders can


stride out. Down to this big square oxer by the side of the arena. Then


we swing back to jump just two parts of the combination. Two verticals.


Need to be really careful there. Galloping on, power here, we can


stride out there, come upon five strides. Coming on around, jumping


this one back the other way, this is the last fence in the second round,


jumping it with the water tray, backwards. Well, we can confirm that


both Laura Kraut and Hans-Dieter Dreher are not coming forward in the


jump. Not sure of the reasons. What an interesting jump off. Two of the


speed expert in third. You cannot discount the young American. It is a


fascinating situation. Perfectly poised now. With only four riders in


the jump off, tactics play a part. When you have a big jump off and a


lot of riders and our first to go, you have to go for it. These riders


need to leave the fences up. That is Harry smoulders on the left.


Harry's mother won the big plus for the Netherlands yesterday. Rob will


be supporting Scott Brash. He will be looking at how van der Vleuten


goes, so he can go back and advise Scott, said that Scott goes in with


all of the possible advantages he can. I still think with Catherine


Cumming last, Scott will have to put his foot down. -- with Catherine


coming last. Matthew won in Madrid. The serious looking Scott Brash. He


is the world 's number one. Michael van der Vleuten, who won in Madrid,


a tremendous performance. This man is no slouch. There is Ludger


Beerbaum, you would never call him that, that is for sure. Lunch may be


over for the guests, but they have certainly got unexciting last dish


to come. -- got an exciting last wish to come.


This man won the youth championship at Juniors, young riders. He has


been a superstar in the seniors. Silver medallist in London. What we


are looking for, the big striding horse, can he take strides out? Now,


this is an interesting tactic, he is not really going for it there. If


you just going to go for the clear round? He has decided he has got


quick riders behind him. This is a tactical round. Really taking it


steady. Going for the clear. And if he does jump clear and the


others... His tactic has not worked. A fence down now, it really will


have dropped him down because he has not had his foot on the accelerator.


There it is, 41.76. I am quite surprised about that, I really am.


It is a tactical gamble, but we all have to make these decisions in jump


off scum he decided the other riders were going to be faster than him,


this horse can be untidy and difficult to turn. He went for the


double clear, did not travel clear. He did not get it.


Will he be the league leader after this has finished? Ludger Beerbaum


is in the top ten, Scott Brash is in the top ten.


This man could change the leaderboard, he might be 50, but he


is a wily, canny, superb horseman. This again, with only two behind


him, this is not the fastest horse. Ludwig may go a tactical clear. --


Ludger Beerbaum may go for a tactical clear. This is a battle of


tactics, he is going really steady. He knows the worst he could be as


third if he gets it clear. Remember he is number two in the world, Scott


Brash is number one in the world. The world rankings might change. You


said he was canny, this is good, experienced tactics. If he can get


home now. He gallops down. Terms for home. -- he turns. Jumps water


ditch. The first clear, 43.85. Is that going to be enough? With Scott


Brash to come and then the young American Katherine Dinan. If Scott


Brash does not go quicker than that I will eat my hat. All I can say is


the master tactician, he has been in the sport for a lifetime, Ludger


Beerbaum. It was the decision he made, he had his clear. But Sahni


has given us some incredible showjumping. -- Vezzano. The monitor


in the ring there. There is one of those plastic stirrups they were


talking about in the collecting area. It will not be on the mind of


this man. Scott Brash. Time to beat 43.85. He has got to be clear. Now,


he has gone not for full gas, he is holding a bit back. Very, very easy


for him with that turn, he will already be quicker than Ludger


He quickens up. A careful enough around. He only has one combination


behind him. He gets the clear round. Puts the pressure on the last rider.


It does not want to blow it. Steady. There it is! 38.54. Takes five


seconds off Ludger Beerbaum's time, is that going to be enough? The


young American will go in uninhibited. She will go for it. She


has absolutely nothing to lose. That was a brilliant round by Scott, he


did exactly the right thing. It was quick enough to put on a lot of


pressure. He did not go so fast he took any gambles where he may have


had a fence down, still holding a little bit back to make sure he got


it clear. Watch him here. Made a really nice shape coming out of the


double verticals. He knows he has done all he can do, that was exactly


the right round. Brilliant. The world number one showing why he is


there. We'll he be top of the pile after this lady? We will know in


literally a minute and a half. At the very most. Katherine Dinan, the


young 20-year-old, on this impressive. -- impressive horse.


38.54. She knows she will win this amazing pot of money, ?120,000


plus, she cannot hang about. little horse, a real athlete. She's


going to have to put her foot on the pedal a little more. She's not quite


moving enough there. She's definitely behind the clock there.


There's a big gap for her to go into second place as well. Quickening up


here. This is a tight turn. Oh, and she's stopped and she's off. It's


all over. That's not the way that you'd like to win it. Up goes


Scott's hand. He knows he's won. The young American, there will certainly


be another day for her. There you go, that's horses. What about drama


today. Hope she's OK. She went for the turn. It was a very, very big


gamble. She probably felt she was slightly down on the clock. Scott


had put the pressure on. He's done the business yet again. This guy is


just unbelievable. Well, that will put him right up the Global


Champions Tour league. It's his third victory, having won already in


Cannes and now here in London. And of course, could he win it two


gleerz a row? -- two years in a row. Getting congratulations from


everyone. Another British winner in London. Just what the crowd came


here to see. Well, there we are, confirmation of another British win.


The world's number One Shows why he is exactly that. What a wonderful


set of owners and a thrill for them. Beating the great Ludger Beerbaum.


That is I class final order. The young American eventually


finishing fourth. CLARE BALDING: Let's check that


Katherine Dinan is fine. I'm OK. My horse is OK. I was trying to catch


Scott, I ended up on the ground. My horse couldn't have done any better


today. For me, I had nothing to lose. I tried to go to win and not


just to jump a triple clear. Unfortunately, sometimes that


happens. You have to go for it. You certainly did that. Thanks so much


for coming to chat with us. We were a little bit worried about you. I'm


fine. He's just too fast for He is me. , too fast. Too good. He is the


man that everyone was talking about beforehand. It's one thing that


everybody building you up, talking about you as a favourite. It's


another going out and doing it. Yeah, but my horse has been


unbelievable. I think my owners kept track of it. I think he's jumped


something like 31 clears in these competitions. It's incredible. You


know, he really is a fantastic horse. He made my life easy today.


And when you were going into that jump-off you knew Ludger Beerbaum


had posted a steady, clear round. What are you thinking? I saw Katie


go a lot in Palm Beach and she was very fast. It's a fast horse. I knew


I had to be a bit quicker than Ludger Beerbaum. He jumped, you


know, his horse was a bit more inexperienced. I had to put more


pressure on the last one. I knew savrning could do -- Sanctos could


do that. He delivered again. Enough to put the pressure What will on.


You do with him, if anything, between now and the world equestrian


Games. He does Nowak. He goes home. -- He does nothing now. He goes


home. They'll keep him working, keep him fit. But Kentucky is


two-and-a-half weeks away. They don't really lose fitness in that


amount of time. No, I'll be ticking him over till then. The important


thing about this victory is it gives you a proper chance of defending the


title that you won last year, another 40 points on the tour. Yeah,


it's a massive boost. I need seven points, I think there's a lot of


people at the top of the leaderboard which have already got seven points


and I only have five now, five countable scores. You have to have


seven countable scores. There's three competitions left. Hopefully,


we're getting a bit nearer. Exact ly, well, it was a thrill to watch


you and many congratulations, brilliant stuff. Cheers, thank you.


Scott Brash, the winner of the London leg of the Global Champions


Tour and just confirming the standings:


There are 14 legs to the tour and seven legs count. It's quite a good


form really because otherwise you overjump your horses. There's so


much jumping to do. Reallies to protect them from themselves.


Absolutely. And protect the riders that maybe don't have lots of horses


and maybe some of the countries where it's harder to get to -


Shanghai or Doha, wherever. Absolutely. The format works well.


We shall leave it as it is then. Right good, let's look at Brash


brash's jump-off. -- Scott Brash's jump off. I sensed he wasn't going


full tilt. That's a difficult thing to do, to go three quarter pace. It


is. It was a strange jump-off. It was not like last year. Only four


riders in the jump-off. He basically knew he had to go as fast as he


could, but he had to go safely fast. He couldn't just put his foot down


and take all the chances. He was still very quick. He's a very, very


fast, quick horse. It was a beautiful round. It would have won


most classes anywhere in the world any way. Full credit to Scott. It


was a fabulous round. Hello Sanctos seems to be the most beautifully


balanced. He's so light on his feet. You watch him jump and he's so


careful. Every jump he knows where his feet are. He really measures the


fences up. Do you think horses know when they've had a good day? Do you


think they sense that the applause is for them and the love and


adoration is for them? Most definitely. You'll see, he will be


so happy, when he goes into the presentation, his ears will be


forward. I had a horse that, if he jumped badly he stood in the back of


his stable. If he jumped well, he put the head over the stable door


with his ears forward. They know, absolutely. There's a presentation


coming up. Ludger Beerbaum behind us. The man who won individual


Olympic gold for Germany and carried the flag for Germany at the Athens


Olympics and twice a world champion and a member of the Gold


Medal-winning team for the Germans twice. Rob has joined to us reflect


on that. When we talked to you last, it was rushed because you wanted to


watch Scott. It was great. Especially with the owners here,


Lord and lady Harris here and fantastic for Scott to win the first


one here in London. Very happy because it's the last before we go


to the World Games. All the horses look good and sound and healthy. I'm


looking forward to the next event. So far, we've had the Global


Champions Tour in London twice and two British winners. Yeah, want to


try to make it a tradition if we can, try to win all of them. Really


good. Scott rode fantastic. Ben was a little Scott was unlucky. Saying


he will do nothing really except keep the muscles moving and warm


between now and Normandy. I assume the same would be true of Ben's


horse. Yes, all the horses are just ready to go. We're ready, I We wish


think. You well out there. Great Britain at the moment, the Olympic


team showjumping champions, the European showjumping champions and


trying for the first time in their history to add the third title, the


World Equestrian Games. This man, Scott Brash, will lead the way.




crossing our fingers, crossing our toes to see this man at the top of


the world at the World Equestrian Games. That will be special. He's


shown us today exactly why he is respected by all the other riders


and also, why he is world number one. So consistent, such a great


temperament and a great rider. It's not just the technical ability that


Scott has got. One of the things that is God-given, is his


temperament. All top sports people have that extra special character to


operate under pressure and make the right decisions. I mean, his


decision making there, obviously helped by Rob telling him how fast


to go, but it was a brilliant tactical round and very controlled,


very disciplined. That temperament that he's got makes him Yes, and


special. Just to remind you, those World Equestrian Games, we have all


in six red button live transmissions from the Games, all the Olympic


disciplines. Three highlight programmes on BBC Two. You won't


miss anything of the drama and excitement of all the major Olympic


disciplines in Normandy. It really is an exciting time for equestrian


sport. So, our guests of honour are preparing to present the awards. The


Mayor of London, commissioner of sport Kate Hoe is -- Hoey is there.


An the vice-president of Longines and there they are, the winner this


afternoon, the world's number one getting a dousing and it is


Scotland's, Great Britain's Scott Brash. Of course, to have Ludger


Beerbaum alongside and now you get your own back. Oh, my gosh, the


guests are getting it too. Formula One all over again.


There's Jan Tops. He was determined to come to Horse Guards Parade. You


deserve that Scott, that's sure. Jan Tops determined to have this


wonderful London running of the champion global tour. And to have it


here in Horse Guards. It's been very special. Special for so many


reasons. To get a British winner is what we dreamed of. We've done it


again. This young man is bringing so much pleasure to is many fans. -- to


so many showjumping fans. APPLAUSE Well,


the legacy of London 2012 continues and may it continue for a very, very


long time. We really have seen showjumping at its very best and


Britain right at the very top with the world's number one, Scott Brash.


He's just receiving the award from the president of the Qatari


federation. There is Kate Hoey. Getting the trophy. So, what a day.


The man who had Britain's hopes riding high once again, the winner


here in Horse Guards riding high once again, the winner


here in Horse of the London round of the Global Champions Tour. CLARE


BALDING: Many congratulations to Scott Brash. As he begins his


celebrations just a reminder what else is coming up:


We wish them well. Many thanks to Tina Fletcher. Great to have your


input. It was an interesting competition, not the jump-off we


expected with just four horses. But Scott Brash came out on top beating


Ludger Beerbaum and winning this London showjumping leg of the Global


Champions Tour. Hope you've enjoyed it. See you at the World Equestrian


Games, bye-bye. The stars of the summer


are back on UK soil Who will produce


their golden moment?


Clare Balding introduces coverage of the latest leg of the Global Champions Tour, which is taking place in the iconic setting of Horse Guards Parade in London.

The capital city played host to the event for the first time last year, with the Grand Prix providing a thrilling jump-off, which was won by British rider Ben Maher.

The stop in London is the eleventh in this season's competition, which offers £7m in prize money over 14 legs in 12 countries across the globe.

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