2015 Highlights Equestrian: Olympia Horse Show

2015 Highlights

Lee McKenzie presents the action from the Olympia Grand Prix, the highlight of the final evening of the annual London International Horse Show.

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Olympia is one of the best horse shows in the world, fabulous festive


entertainment to boot, from Shetland ponies to dogs to the Household


Cavalry, to top-class sport and plenty of fire, this place has it


all. Throughout this programme we will be


bringing you highlights of one of the Olympia's most prestigious


show-jumping competition, the Grand Prix, Andy Austin is here, I'm


delighted to say, we can see the competitors walking the course, what


sets this apart from some of the others we have seen at Olympia? We


have the World Cup at this show and the Grand Prix, those are the two


major classes that all riders want to win, tonight, they will be trying


really hard to win this one. We can see them having a good look at some


of the fences. The courses there have been riding pretty well, rates


news that a riders, perhaps less so for the course builders, will they


do anything different, to try to raise it up a little for the final


class at Olympia? Good point, the ground has been jumping so well,


they floral than they wanted, but that is


great because the ground have been entertained with exciting jump ups.


I had a word with the course builder, he has said he has put in a


fuse like the more difficult distances, not a massive course, but


the things technically, it could be more difficult. -- jump ofs. We have


got to look out for Ludger Beerbaum, the legend, quite weak, -- it has


been a quiet week, but the Frenchman, he has been on fire as


well, and Scott is in there as well, not with his top horse. I have got


to pick who I think will win, and my pick is the Irishman, O'Connor, last


to go, need has the draw, if he goes clear of the first round, then he


will be the one last in the jump off. Interesting, and interesting to


see how many riders are using the horses they had in the World Cup


qualifier in this class today. Yes, Michael Whitaker, near is one of


them, riding Viking, but he did not jump the horse the rest of the week.


-- he is one of them. Real top riders, they know how to save a


horse for the big-time. Is appointing that Ben Maher, last


years winner in this class, has got to pull out. -- disappointing. He


has a youngish horse, winning an Boomerang, but he decided it was a


step too far, good decision but said not to see him out here. At about


young riders, Bertram Allen has been having a tough week, Jessica


Mendoza, very strong, winning it last year. What a team she was on in


Aachen, and what a year it has been. On Friday night, she won a big jump


of class, beating all of the top professionals. 19 years old. Winning


in Aachen, for the Olympic qualification, tremendous. Bertram


Allen, and characteristic to look to win in style in this way. But he


does not have the top horse, these courses are not machines, they must


have a rest. Bertram Allen is a very exciting young man. Some horses have


been having a well-deserved break, but not Andy Austin! When he leaves


here, he will be heading up to the commentary booth to join Mike


Tucker. COMMENTATOR: Good evening from the grand Hall in Olympia, near


we go, with that start list, some big names there are, Pius Schwizer,


he has done well consistently, William Whitaker has had a couple of


wins, Ludger Beerbaum has not yet hit the big-time but it not be


unusual for him to come good. Bertram Allen, by his very high


standards, he has not had a big show. Certainly, Jessica Mendoza


has, she has shown just what she is capable of. But Simon Delestre is


still the man who has Bromley had more international form in the last


few weeks than anyone here. Laura Renwick has shown some good form, as


has the Dutchman. Peter Drayer, another, all of them big names. --


Hanns Peter Dreyer. Michael Whitaker went so well in the World Cup, and


O'Connor winning a very good speed class in the last 24 hours.


Getting under way with the nine-year-old, by Staccato Gold.


He will give us a little indication of what this course may have in


store. CO-COMMENTATOR: Only nine years old but a very powerful horse,


with huge amount of strife. We'll start to get quite strong towards


the end of the course. Henrik himself is a very tall and powerful


rider. Two strides and then once dried out over the big box -- one


stride out over the big oxer. Five awkward strides. Around to the


little style, right by the end of the arena, so hard to jump. --


stile. That triple bar is one metre 95. He is through, into the jump


off. What a way to start for a good competition, well inside the time,


that time, remember, 62 seconds. That is plenty. Pius Schwizer, he is


definitely on form, slipped back in the rankings when he sold his top


string, but he has begun to put a very good team together, this is one


of them, PSG capital at a future, and he has been ridden very


successfully by the very young Swiss rider, Peter Jukes. -- Markus Fuchs.


This horse was very disappointing in the World Cup, with Martin Fuchs,


looks like a sensational Grand Prix horse. Usually he can write any


horse, but these two have not quite clicked. Very lucky gamma


combination. One of those positive determined characters, he will still


be determined to jump clear around here. Starting an awful lot better


than in the World Cup, the riders have to attack the triple bar,


floaty five strides. Down to the huge double. Good round... Jumped


the last... Your comment that he did not jump a good World Cup round was


bound to put that on the cards! That is a good clear around, so good at


riding different horses. William Whitaker, Fandango. Finished fifth


in the King George fifth Gold Cup at Royal International horse show,


Hickstead. Good Grand Prix recently, and has had a good win here. That


will give him a lot of confidence. William Whitaker getting under way


with Fandango. Well, that was not just unlucky, that was a very bad


mistake, towards the entrance, it is quite square, but he would like to


think that at this level that would be a relatively straightforward


fence. William is not going to win this competition, but we like to


sing his praises. Watching him over the last two or three years, he


really does stand out as an exceptional talent.


Just the one clear around... Sorry, two clear rounds, but still get


prize money, you have got to take it seriously, get it going, going


south, as he can Duke, falling apart down the last line full of -- as he


can do. Fandango getting quite tense there. Now, Ludger Beerbaum,


Germany, it has been a big winner for him,


this horse, as yet without a major win at Olympia, this year, in normal


time, quite unusual. This horse has almost too much easy ability and can


sometimes be a bit casual. In the World Cup, one slightly lazy jump.


Clipped a back rail. You get the feeling that Ludger Beerbaum is


going to be pretty hungry tonight. A mayor with a little bit of a


character, putting her ears back. Showing her temperament. -- mare.


Very capable of jumping the world's most difficult courses. Very good


record of jumping mares, Ludger Beerbaum, including Gladys. Not


everybody's choice, but definitely for a Ludger Beerbaum. He has done


it, he is clear, that is a very good round from the Gubbio bum. -- that


is a very good round for Ludger Beerbaum.


Now, the young Irishman... He has been so successful, one tends to


think that he will jump a clear round every time, but that has not


proven the case here at Olympia so far, Bertram Allen, riding a horse


from the quaint and starred in Buckinghamshire, and it is quiet and


easy, this horse, wrote in this team for a couple of seasons at least,


and has been a good winner with Bertram, actually. Another


tremendous season. He has moved up the world rankings to be six, just


20 years old. -- Quainton Stud. We have to keep remembering how young


he is, he seems to have been around for a long time, but he has won so


many Grand Prixs in such a short span of time, he has real belief in


his in his own ability, and as you have seen with Molly Malone and


others, he instilled that into his horses, and that is a gift this


young horseman has, just encouraging horses and giving them that little


bit more. -- Grands Prix. It has put in the extra stride, good


decision with the shorts riding horse. What a round. Class round,


beautifully written, making it number four. Switzerland, Sweden,


Germany and Ireland. We have plenty of riders to sing their places, and


you will certainly hear praises sung hire of this man. -- sing their


praises. He won this Grand Prix in 2012 with Sabrina. And, in fact,


Germany have a very good track record, Markus also won it back in


2004, Sandra Boy. Marcus Ehning is set to go, this is his top up and


coming horse at the moment. He has really shown that he is in form.


Some very good placings this week. -- Sandro Boy. This young horse has


an enormous amount of ability, he will have to sit quietly, middle of


the combination, he has nailed that. Beautiful type of horse, future


engine. But of course that Markus loves to ride.


He is holding an five strides. Made it ridiculously easy, very good


indeed. Marcus Ehning joins the list. And look at Ludger Beerbaum,


he has also won this title. Williamson has had a very good show.


Now, out in Deauville and enjoying his new base out there and this


horse going very well for him, he won a team bronze medal in the


Madrid European Championships. 2011, that was. The horse then went to


Edwina Alexandra, did not quite work out for her. Took a little bit to


get it back to the top and get it back to his ways and means. But it


is certainly now a very good horse in his hands, gone well this week.


It is interesting with Titus, 15 years old... For some horses, they


lose a bit of energy and power but Titus has so much energy and power,


you can imagine him jumping when he is 18. Gets caught out in the middle


of the combination. Going to have to hold him back here.


Brilliantly ridden. Well done. He is definitely going to take some good


year rose back to Deauville after this year. He has been placed on a


number of occasions. Now, Jessica Mendoza. Her top horse has shown


exactly what they can do in big indoor competitions at this very


show, but this is a new horse at this level, Sam de Bacon, nine years


old, a French bred horse. She has really made her mark since the


European Championships when she was catapulted into the team. She made


that decision look very good indeed. Jessica Mendoza famously doing


brilliant things this year with Spirit T. You can see that this


young horse has got a little bit wound up here in this atmosphere,


but he is a big horse here with a lot of ability, and the one thing


Jess has to do is build up a string of horses behind Spirit. The girl


with a lot of talent and a string of horses behind her, she will be good


for Britain in the future. It is not possible as an international rider


these days to have just one horse. Now it is the Frenchman Simon


Delestre, ranked four in the world, he has had a fantastic two months.


He finished brilliantly in Aachen. He has done exactly what we were


talking about Jessica Mendoza doing. He is no newcomer by any means but


he now has a team of horses that really seem to be giving him the


back-up and launching him right up the rankings. The point you are


making their is it is the horses these riders need. There are a lot


of early and riders out there that could do with two or three Grand


Prix horses added to their string. But this man, strength and depth. He


is lucky at the triple bar but has kept his balance, just the last


fence. A very good clear round. France are in the party.


Incomes Britain's Star, the world number one, Scott Rasch. -- Brash.


He won those three Grand Prix, never been done before, on Hello Sanctos.


Again, trying to put together a team of horses to back-up Hello Sanctos,


so that he can save him from time to time, and with the wonderful owners,


Lady Harris and Lady Kirkham, who supported him to that brilliant gold


medal that he was an important part of the London.


This one atypical for pleasure horse, he goes with his head up.


This is a horse Scott thinks a lot of, and he is only nine years old,


so it is a big ask to jump the Grand Prix here. This is the sort of horse


that will gradually improve year-on-year, you can see the amount


of power and scope he has got. Down to the last. A clear round for


Britain. We are at the party. Seven clears, and six Nations involved.


Laura Renwick, a little frustrated that this horse in particular has


been jumping so well, and she's been so near yet so far. Gone very well


yesterday in the World Cup, and still couldn't feature in the real


top half-dozen. Certainly this is a horse we have been watching very


closely with a view to the British teams coming up in the next year or


so. Only nine, a horse with obvious power and scope, by the lovely


stallion Tangelos. This is a horse was just an extra little bit of


jump. Just twisted in the air, finding it a little bit hard going


over the fence. Riding with luck at the last fence.


Britain have got two! Laura Renwick deserves to be there tonight, she


has been banging on the door but has not gone any act. Tonight, who


knows? John Whitaker, what a week he has had. Leading rider of the show,


presented this morning. Not sure he would be at this point of time, if


he could get good placing here, he could end up lead rider. Riding this


wonderful horse by Arko, Argento. When asked what he could want for


his Christmas list, he said, I'm perfect. He doesn't want anything.


He has been nearly perfect this week. The interesting thing with


Argento is he has been looking a bit too fresh this week. He is a cheeky


character, typical stallion, he likes to have his say about the


proceedings. You can see their adding up extra


strides, he hasn't much of a stride, this horse, and you always looked at


where he can. So after the triple bar, expect to see him put an extra


stride in. And he has lost his rhythm on the corner. Yes, he gets


the six, but that works so well. John knows what he's doing. Well


done, John Whitaker. It is our 10th clear, and suddenly Britain, from


having none, have now got a very good three.


He has really produced the goods when it matters of as far as the


world and the Europeans. He is not necessarily the biggest winner


against the clock, but when it is about the clear rounds, he is always


there, so Jur Vrieling more than capable of giving the Netherlands a


second clear round. They have got Maikel van der Vleuten clear. This


is a true championship type horse, all of the power and scope. He


sometimes looks a little deliberate the way he goes. Jur Vrieling a very


strong, effective rider. Safely home, Holland have got two,


and it really is building into an exciting affair, as we thought it


would, for this 100,000 euros Olympia Grand Prix. No other term of


Daniel Deusser. He is riding to Largo, riding for Germany. -- riding


Toulago. He hasn't hit the big-time here yet, but a man with all the


class to win something pretty special.


Looking comfortable so far. A tall man on a huge horse. Just cruising


down these distances. He did write that with huge


confidence, didn't he? Down that final line, he attacked it and made


it, but you would have thought a big horse like that might have made up


ground and then found himself in trouble, but not Daniel Deusser and


Toulago. He has had some big wins in his


career, but he is now stringing them together, and as we have said with


some other riders, they are putting strings of horses together. He has


jumped well in other Grand Prix lately. Hans-Dieter Derher is riding


Colore, and they have been very consistent this week. He is great


value to watch, an exciting ride, his horses are always bouncing


around all over the place. Hans-Dieter Derher sometimes seems


to have his reins up around his ears. The horses love him but they


really try for him. And he is another man that we really


want to see in the jump off. Oh, he is a long way off the triple bar! He


is going to have to work hard to keep balanced. He sat backwards and


he was very lucky. My word. I think he rattled the last four fence is


quite hard, and they all stayed, so there we are. Clear round number 13,


not unlucky to Hans-Dieter Derher, very lucky!


As in comes Robert Whitaker with Catwalk, for me, his best horse. He


started well at the Royal Wintour is show, and has gone on jumping big


rounds in big competitions all summer. A little time off through


his own health after the horse of the year show, but tells me he is


back to form. He has had several good placings, including this horse,


Catwalk. He is the fourth last ago, 13 clear rounds so far, one of them


being his dad. This horse couldn't be more different to dad's halls,


Argento. This is a horse with a big stride, all the ability. If Robert


can keep him focused, he can jump anything.


So, he will jump the triple bar and keep moving. He gets the five


strides quite easily. Lovely round! So, Britain now have got four


through. Michael Whitaker now, what a jockey


he is. A key round in that European Championship at Aachen to get the


qualification for Britain. He has put in some very good rounds here,


including this horse yesterday in the World Cup. A brilliant


performance. His wife's horse, Viking. Brilliant horse. A clear


round now would give him a really good draw for that jump off, and we


have got 14 at the moment, five of them for Britain.


That was a very lucky moment there are, he needs to sit up in the


middle of his combination. Have you got radiocommunication? LAUGHTER


I think that Michael knows what he's doing! He has saved the horse for


the end of the week, jumping clear in one of the big classes. Did not


jump off. Went really well in the World Cup. Try to keep Viking ready


for this last class. Sitting up for the extra stride.


Classic, that gives Britain and clear around. We have the numbers


there, can we keep the opposition at bay? The last one to go, for


Ireland. Cian O'Connor, and he knows what it is to win this trophy,


because he won in 2009, this is a horse called Super Socks and he will


be jumping on an aeroplane to Florida, to spent the early part of


the New Year on the circuit down there, top horse in quarantine


already out there, he has shown some good form this week. You have two


love this little horse, only nine, short, bouncy way of going, but


absolutely powers into the air. Lovely feeling, bit of an


experienced caught them out there. That is a shame. This is a horse to


keep your eye on. Lovely one to watch, really tries his heart out.


Ends on four faults. Was that just a bit of spring out of


his step? Jumped an lucky, went right into the corner. He has jump


in there six times, I am happy with him. Nice clean round, it has been


trickier than you may have been hoping for. Must have been a great


relief. Yes, everything has not just gone exactly to plan, jumped a few


good rounds, clear in the World Cup, but hopefully we can finish it on a


good note. Did not quite get what I wanted. Maybe not quite in tune with


each other. Fantastic horse. Jumped fantastic all week. I have high


hopes for him in the future. Wonderful horse. We have to get the


jump offs a bit better. COMMENTATOR: 15 clear rounds, it is a jump off,


starting with the Swedish jockey, Henrik von Eckermann, and after


that, they come thick and fast. The previous winner, Pius Schwizer, the


young Bertram Allen, Marcus Ehning, he has won it twice, Simon Delestre,


he has never won it but he has good enough form. As we go on down...


That is the first six in the jump off. Scott Brasher has not won this


one yet, Laura Renwick has been looking at winning the big one all


year. Holland have won this, but do not count out the Dutchman. -- Scott


Brash. And the last three, could we finish off in style with Michael


Whitaker? It is not beyond the bounds of possibility.


CO-COMMENTATOR: The first fence of the jump off is what was the last


fence, that is not cricket, no filler whatsoever! One or two riders


will not be liking that. The first rider coming in. The first, Ludger


Beerbaum, the first of Ludger Beerbaum's pupils, Henrik von


Eckermann, very capable, first ago, in what is a serious jump off, very


classy field. Quite a young horse. It'll be interesting to see how


course looks. Only a couple of strides to get straight to did from


the corner but he is perfectly clean over it, here we are, into the line.


Down into that Ludger Crouch. He has cleared it, this is what was the


combination, second and third element turning very tight back to


the green oxer. Missed destroyed completely, tried to turn, did not


know whether he wanted the long all the short but he has got to press


on. Seven strides, down to the last. You get the feeling there is plenty


of places down the fence time. Just the one rider from Switzerland,


pretty good challenger, however. You have to say. Pius Schwizer, the man


to try to lift it, for Switzerland. Ranked 29 in the world. And


climbing. The interesting thing, watching it again, once he has


jumped the blue double, the angle that the green oxer is set at is


very hard for the horses, as they come around the corner, the fence is


jumping now, that is the fence the horses will see, and it really takes


their eye off, look at this, comes out over the double... Horse sees


the orange one. And you have to say, no, you are jumping the green one.


Clear, coming down the final line... He has gone! Flies to the last. He


has four. Faster time. Brilliant time, took an


extra chance to the second last. Swept around the corner, nearly


jumped the fence. Ludger Beerbaum, twice winner of this Grand Prix.


1994. And then, more recently, winning it this time.


Look last... Does not go flat out, tends to go for the percentage


round, but he's looking hungry. His horse really operating... Good


turn... Still looking for the first clear.


Has set the target, it is a good one, that will not be beaten easily.


We really have got a blend of youth and experience which show-jumping is


very much enjoying at the moment. Enormous experience of Ludger


Beerbaum is now followed by a the audacious talent of 20-year-old


Bertram Allen. 30 plus years in difference between this young man


and Ludger but that will not worry Bertram because he is such an


attacking rider, flying around these corners. Unbelievably quick, again,


does not take one hesitation, absolutely motoring full. He is


going to go miles into the lead. That shows what the young man is


capable of, well! Taking the best part of two seconds out. Fearless


riding. Marcus Ehning, giving quite a lot of help to Bertram Allen,


because Bertram is based in Germany. He had to say, there is a lot of


Bertram's riding that is very similar to this man, Marcus Ehning,


twice winner of the Grand Prix here. Jin Shin and Lyndon Hoff, a horse


getting a bigger and bigger reputation as the weeks go by.


Delestre, loves galloping. Look at him going around this corner, if you


are going to be Bertram Allen, you cannot... He has gone white! Coming


to the ground, going very wide there, as well. -- he has gone wide.


Not quite quick enough, here though, goes forth... This is going to take


quite a round to get ahead of that Allen, no doubt about that.


Now the first of five British challengers. The first being the


world number one, Scott Brash. A very well bred nine-year old, this,


in the ownership of Lady Harris Lady Kirkham. He will give it a go, I am


certain, big question for the young horse. This is a very young horse.


But we known Scott and he will not surrender. Try to go fast in the


jump of the other night and had a run out, but he is taking every


chance in the book, he's going for it. Again, sweeping around the


corner. Just like Bertram Allen. That is exactly what happened. The


other night, when he tried to go fast, it was just all too much for


this lovely young horse, Hello Forever, could not hold it together


mentally, Scott will be disappointed but even the world number one, when


you are under that kind of pressure, you are taking it right to the


limit. We'll have two settled there his horse, get his confidence back.


Exactly that, it is the risk you take by going fast, so often you can


do a lot of harm, and it will take several weeks to get it back, maybe


not with the horse, pop the last couple offences nicely. It is a lot


for a young nine-year old to do. Went for the win. Now, a lady who is


so keen to win a big one, has been frustrated, cannot get into the top


three, I have no doubt that she will give it 100%. Trying to beat the


time set by Bertram Allen. By Laura's own admission, not the most


naturally quickest moving horse. A little bit deliberate in the way


that he goes, just the pace caught him out. Bertram Allen will be sat


back there wondering whether he has done enough armour riders really


struggling to get anywhere near that incredible time. What a pity, you


have to give credit, got through to a lot of the jump ofs in the big


glasses, still not quite able to nail the top three placings. -- big


classes. Now the Dutchman comes to take on the challenge.


He's taking a look around. At saying to himself, -- perhaps saying to


himself, did Bertram Allen go that close, and the answer is, yes, he


did, at speed. Fascinating to see these riders taking right to the


limit. Maikel van der Vleuten, going for the Dutch, trying to take the


Olympia Grand Prix. Very strong challenge.


You'd think the way he has cantered around the corner, he is not quite


going for the win. A young horse, and economical round, and he has had


a fence, so Bertram Allen still way out in front. And we are now getting


down towards the last few riders. There are six more. He goes into


sixth. Well, there is one thing for sure,


there is not only John Whitaker riding Argento but probably 9000


people here in the arena. Can they left him quick enough and fast


enough around this course? John would love to win this, for sure.


So, John Whitaker going for the one that he would really want this week


if he had a choice, the Olympia Grand Prix on his favourite horse,


Argento. 30 .45 is the target. Come on, John, you are going to have to


gallop around the corners. Oh, and he tried to take the chance, and it


wasn't happening. Just that skip and Buck puts him off his stride. Top


riders are making mistakes because the young man has written right to


the limit, and they just don't know what to do to beat him. It is quite


extraordinary. So, John Whitaker's chance has gone, and he is retiring,


on the lovely Argento. It is not his night tonight. The chance was there,


but it hasn't gone his way. There will still be more chances for this


man, he isn't going to retire yet, no doubt about that. Not sure this


horse has got the speed, but I could be proved wrong. We have all been


proved wrong on many occasions in show-jumping, but the point about


this horse is he tried to gallop him around a corner in the World Cup,


and it really didn't work, so can he gallop around the corner to this


next double? Because if you take a poll, you will be slower. And he has


done exactly the same thing. Amazing. The horse doesn't like to


gallop round those corners, he goes out of his comfort zone, and being a


stallion, he will say, no thank you. Riders like Scott Brash, John


Whitaker, Jur Vrieling, world-class riders, put under so much pressure


by the young man who has flown around this course. He certainly


has. We are now down to four left ago. Finishes on 12, 50 .20 five.


The top of the leaderboard doesn't change. -- 50.2 five. We are down to


the nitty-gritty now, that is the sure, as incomes Daniel Deusser. The


horse should be ready to give it a whirl, but can he catch this


flamboyant Irishman? Bertram Allen clear, Daniel Deusser for Germany.


He looks to be a long way off the pace. Bertram Allen, you talk about


young superstars in sport. To come out here, and he has near enough


killed this class so far. And Daniel Deusser is a top, top rider, and he


is basically just surrendering. Safely over the last, he has jumped


clear, that puts him in fifth. And it will give him good money.


And this is Hans Peter Dreyer -- Hans-Dieter Derher, not one normally


to sit and watch the world go by. Lets hope he gets off to a flyer.


Yes! Taking a chance there. This is a good start.


Hans-Dieter gets very busy and makes it happen, but he has gone wide. Now


he has some work to do. That has put him behind the clock, I would think.


He is fighting all the way, he is not quite going to get there.


He goes forth, and Simon Delestre drops down to fifth. Bertram Allen


has made them all fly. It is the Whitaker challenge.


Robert seems to have started off quite quietly. He is going to have


to use his stride here. He is going. This is a deceptive horse with a lot


of engine. And he has had one more there, that hesitation on the


corner. He can't catch him, surely? I don't think so. They are roaring


him on, but he's not going to get there. That puts it into sixth. It


just shows you what standard of rider we are watching, because it


was ADC round. -- a decent round. He has got his work cut out, no doubt.


But he can be a magician, he has had plenty of white rabbits out of that


hat. He will certainly have to pull another one now to get ahead of


Bertram Allen. He is riding his wife Melissa's Viking. What can Michael


Dugher is an Bertram Allen is the one they are chasing for the Olympia


Grand Prix. He has already had one more stride


there. He has got a lot to do. And again. He is slower here. He has


just got too much to do now. I can't see him making it. They are him on,


but he is going to be a little bit down. Great effort, goes second.


Full marks to Michael, but Bertram Allen is the man who sent them all


scuffling, but not able to catch him. That young man, we have seen


tonight why this man is regarded as one of the most exciting young


prospects there has been in show-jumping three years. Olympia


has been gripping right to the end. The Grand Prix has gone to Ireland.


The young Bertram Allen gave them all a lesson. Michael Whitaker


chased but in vain. Ludger Beerbaum, one of the world's greats, finishes


third with tiara. Marcus Ehning in the same league, he chased and


finished fourth. Hans-Dieter Derher fifth, Simon Delestre sixth. They


are all stars who have been left behind by Bertram Allen.


What a list of names that this young Irish rider has beaten this evening.


It has been breathtaking, it really has.


Well, we are hearing some amazing news. Bertram Allen may be


disqualified. Such a frustrating end to what has been a sensational


evening of show-jumping. STUDIO: Bertram Allen was


disqualified after a small amount of blood was found on the side of his


horse. Michael Whitaker was promoted to first. I was devastated, the


horse jumped two fantastically around scummy he tried his best, I


tried my best, and we had a fantastic round. My spur slipped,


and maybe that caused it, but that little bit of red, it wasn't even


bleeding. There has to be something done about it. All of the riders,


everyone here, they can't understand it at all. It would have been nicer


to win it, but I suppose rules are rules. I would have been very happy


with second. I am also a little bit with mixed feelings here, because


the class, I was third, it was disappointing for Bertram to be


disqualified. When you see the performers he did, and also


afterwards, I have seen the horse, the mark was up on the hip. You ask


yourself, do we need this? I really do believe we all have to sit down


one more time and think if this current rule is the right one to


protect the horse. I have my doubts. COMMENTATOR: So, there will be mixed


feelings, because there isn't any doubt that the winner of the jumping


we have seen tonight was Bertram Allen, but there are rules, and it


is Michael Whitaker on Viking Allen, but there are rules, and it


the declared winner of the 2015 Olympia Grand Prix. And there is a


very frustrated Bertram Allen. But young enough very definitely to be


back again. And here is the Olympia trophy. The trophy goes to Michael


Whitaker on the Viking. What a controversial way to end.


Andy Austin, can you understand Bertram Allen's frustration? Very


much so. I really feel sorry for him, because he jumped the most


incredible jump off round, one of the best I have ever seen in my


life. He is desperately upset, and that is very understandable from my


point of view. But there is a rule here, if there are marks on the


little blood on the horse, they are looked at when they come out of the


ring by the stewards, they refer to the grand jury, and they took the


decision to disqualify the horse from the competition. Horse welfare,


it is important, but it is very much a question of how you interpret that


rule. And I think most of the riders, including Michael Whitaker


who came second, actually felt that he was harshly dealt with. It is a


disappointing way to end one class, but it is just one class. It has


been a really strong Olympia this year. The ground has been brilliant,


we have had technical courses, but they produced a lot of clear rounds,


and amazing jump office. 15, 16, 17 horses in the big jump offs. The


crowd have had some week. In terms of strength in depth in


British show-jumping, from what you have seen here, how good is Great


Britain placed heading into Rio? We are in a good lace, because with


Scott Rasch, Hans-Dieter Derher, Jessica Mendoza here, and there are


other horses coming through as well but we have seen coming through this


week. I think we are in a good place. Highs and lows, that is sport


for you. And pledging more coming up on Boxing Day. Football Focus at


12.25 on BBC One, final score on the red button from 2:30pm. And in


Scotland, Sportscene from 4:30pm, and of course Match Of The Day, one


of the Boxing Day fixtures on BBC One. It is time to say goodbye from


this iconic venue. I think it is fair to say that some people might


be having a happier festive period than others. But from all of us here


at BBC Sport, Merry Christmas, and goodbye.


Lee McKenzie presents the action from the Olympia Grand Prix, which is the highlight of the final evening of the annual London International Horse Show. In 2014, British show jumper Ben Maher and his fiery chestnut mare Diva II delighted the London crowd by clinching victory in a five-horse jump-off.

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