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Hello and welcome to the European Championships 2016, taking place


right here in the Aquatics Centre in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


British swimmers and divers have plenty to be confident about coming


into this competition, and why wouldn't they? Because let's be


honest, 2015 was awesome. COMMENTATOR: He's got it! The gold


medal goes to James Guy! World champion. Gold to Britain. Superb


dive by Tom Daley. Well done Becky! And utterly brilliant swim. A new


world record for Great Britain. Today we're dedicated to diving and


there's plenty to celebrate. Here's what's coming up. Tom Daley in the


ten metre platform final, he dives in about ten minutes time. And we


reflect on a brilliant week, with the thing connived springboard.


Couch goes for gold in the ten metre platform. It wouldn't be diving


Couch goes for gold in the ten metre Leon Taylor wasn't sitting next to


me in a leather chair. It's pretty loud here. If


me in a leather chair. It's pretty Leon goes -- says something


irrelevant, that is Leon goes -- says something


Daley fans are going crazy! Leon goes -- says something


been on our televisions for so long, hasn't he? He has come he's a


household name. First Olympic medal at 14 years old. He's all set for


Rio and he has had a great year this year. He was head and shoulders


above the rest this morning, so we will wait and see. The reason he is


a household name is will wait and see. The reason he is


world title in 2009 when he was just 15 years old. It only seems like


five minutes ago, doesn't it? Take us back to that moment, you must


have been buzzing. It couldn't be any more perfect than that, he


managed to leapfrog Matthew Mitchum, the Olympic champion. What an


amazing moment in his career. Listen to the atmosphere here, it's


incredible. It's absolutely brilliant for the divers, Tom


included, to get this, because they go all over the world, more than


people realise, and they don't get this home appreciation. How does it


help someone like him? This is his homecoming he trains here every day.


The pool is rammed to the rafters, The pool is rammed to the rafters,


you have the cameras and all the The pool is rammed to the rafters,


lights on, it's going to be awesome. Here he is coming out, that is why


the crowd is going crazy. He still looks pretty baby faced to me! Talk


us through his form this year. He's been having a view injury niggles,


he is the grand old age of 22 now and diving from the ten metre takes


its toll on your body, you are letting the water at 40 mph. Tom is


training for six hours a day but he is working hard with his team and


having a great role through the World Series and the dived really


well this morning. Last year at the World Championships in cows and he


got himself a medal. Obviously more competition then. The fifth dive was


a bit of a for. -- Kazan. It's been a bit of a hoodoo for him. This is


him last year in Kazan. How good was it for him to get that medal? For


him to stand up in all that pressure and deliver... The Olympics are just


a few months away now and that's when it all matters most. This is a


good indicator for him. Let's look at that start list and see who his


competition is. It's European so not on a world stage, but still some big


names? Absolutely, I think Tom would be the first to admit that he is


head and shoulders above the rest of the field, so he qualifies in pole


position and everyone starts in zero, doesn't matter what you did


this morning. Sascha Klein is pretty strong and the two Russians will be


putting pressure on him, but I think this is Tom's pretty comfortably.


Look out for Matty Lee as well, but time to send you to the commentary,


here is Bob Ballard. COMMENTATOR: Here we are, the blue


ribbon events of world and European diving and here we are with the


great expectancy levels for Tom Daley. As they climb those arduous


stairs, arduous for the likes of me, not him. Maicol Verzotto. Last died


he was not in the top 12. He managed to edge his way into the top 12 in


the ten metre. 12 to go, two Germans, two for Great Britain and


two Russians. The opening dive for Maicol Verzotto, the degree of


difficulty is 3.2 on this. We will refer to that quite often. Pretty


good start for Maicol Verzotto. Up and down, did not look quite so good


this morning on that dive, but a good vertical entry. There was a


little bit of splash on the edge but that's a terrific start for the


Italian. 72, and the marks that come up on your screen will tell you


exactly how well he's done, and remember, the lines through the


marks mean they do not count. But 37.5 Global do and that is


multiplied by the degree of difficulty. -- but three 7.5s do.


Leon Taylor has now joined me. That was a nice opening for the Italian.


Good opening dive from the French diver. Three and a half somersaults


in Pike position. Relatively easy, so it needed to be good. He's a


little bit far away from the diving board and marginally over rotates,


but he keeps the splashdown. The judges will be excited, maybe they


will give him eights. Here come the marks. 72 it is for Alexis Jandard.


That was right on the button, the Italian got 72 and so does the


Frenchman. Onto the third of our divers. He has shown he is among the


top 12 in Europe. One of those who just made the search for the tape in


the latter stages, from Armenia, Lev Sargsyan. Three and a half turns


with Tuck, 3.2 degrees of difficulty. Just emptying the pool a


little bit as he goes in, which is a shame because they dive was


relatively on the money all the way until his hands touched the water,


then there seemed to be a bit of an earthquake going on, almost like a


little fault Quesne erupting once he hit the water. He will only get 6.5s


and 7s from the judges, the entry needs to be splash less. -- like a


little volcano. If you are a lover of tattoos, you will love this man,


Jesper Tolvers of Sweden. If he needs a book to read, he can just


read his body instead. Onto Jesper, who had an in and out morning and he


is now on his way down. The old in and out, shake it all about. It was


a twisting dive. He ends up pretty good in the end. One is if he was


completely up by it, he would be looking at nines. A very solid start


from our Swede. It is. Eight will count, pretty much all states across


the judges and 76.80 is what he gets. That's pretty


-- pretty much all eights. There is a pretty big German contingent here.


They will be making lots of noise, they did in the preliminaries and


I'm sure they will do now to watch the German Timo Barthel. Going for a


3.2 degrees of difficulty, the arm stand back two somersaults with two


and a half twists. Pretty tidy from our young German, who had a bit of a


calamitous time in the mixed synchronised, when he slipped off


the diving board. No slipping in his only dive here, one and a half


twists of course. The marks with the lines through them don't count, the


two highest and two lowest don't count. The three without the lines


through our multiplied by the degree of difficulty to get the first round


Mark. Exactly the same as Jesper Tolvers of Sweden, so we have joint


first and joint third at the moment. Remember, six rounds of this. The


dives get more intricate and the degree of -- degrees of


dives get more intricate and the get bigger. This man


dives get more intricate and the take a risk or two if he is just


dives get more intricate and the behind the medals. Perhaps we will


see that later on. Vadim Kaptur of Belarus. He's also going for a 3.2.


A back two and a half with one and half twists. Very tidy from Kaptur.


Well, this is a high-level first round. Sometimes we see, especially


this end of the field, we see some nerves and a bit of a wobble going


on for a view people, but this is a stead fast start for all of the


athletes concerned. We haven't seen anyone drop below 70 points, apart


from the Armenian who was just under it. Kaptur goes into joint first.


This is like a world final at the moment. The Europeans will be


slightly down on the attempted quality because we don't have the


Chinese or the Americans or the quality because we don't have the


the Mexicans either, but here the Europeans are doing us proud in


terms of quality. Hopefully Europeans are doing us proud in


Lee will do the same here. Two and a half somersaults, one and a half


twists. Very nice from Matty Lee. He's been having an absolute corker


of a week. He is growing in confidence, growing in stature. Only


18 years old and this is a beautiful dive. Marginally short of vertical


as he goes in the water, but the degree of difficulty like-for-like,


three point two. He's going to get a handful of eights. Home advantage


too, and the marks are exemplary. He goes to the top of the pile with


78.40, Matty Lee. Anything you can do, he can improve upon, and he has


just done so. A range of 3.2s, so in terms of the degrees of difficulty


you can compare and contrast. Forward three and a half degrees


with tuck for Nikita Shleikher. Looking like he's going to walk away


with nines, but not quite. The take-off is good, he has plenty of


drop time, a bit like he was skydiving on the way out.


drop time, a bit like he was couldn't quite keep the splash down.


So, it's very, very, very tight. The cat this. Quite an opening. They


have stepped up their game cat this. Quite an opening. They


across the board from the prelims this morning. 72.20 four Nikita


Shleikher. Onto the second of the Ukraine divers, Maksym Dolgov. Just


the back end of his programme fell away this morning. He got off to an


excellent start in the prelims with this dive. Inward three and a half


with tuck, 3.2, to remind you. Well, Dolgov making a bit of a mistake on


the bottom, there. Seemed to get the take-off as he needed to come are


plenty of height. Just having a bit of a fight with the water as he goes


in. A bit of a shimmy, and ends up throwing up the splash which moves


away from the dining board. He will be disappointed with that but he


won't get more than 7.5s. The judges couldn't fail to spot that, so he


has been marked down a bit. Two-time winner and long-time European


champion across the boards. In 2011 he was the best. He still has


thoughts of being the best in 2016, the German, Sascha Klein.


Very clean entry. Good take-off, very precise. Just sticking his


backside out still as he goes in, marginally short of vertical but


still exceptional. He has got his game face on. And he is the first to


edge into the 80s. 83.2 zero. He usurps Matty Lee as we get onto


Viktor Minibaev. Tom Daley will do the same dive, coming up next.


Inward three and a half. The best score, 83.2 from Sascha Klein. There


you go, I wondered what kind of show Minibaev would be putting on. He has


been a bit here and there in some events and in training but this


opening round dive will get nines and 9.5s. This will put the pressure


on Tom Daley, Minibaev has his game face on and that is a corker. Same


one next from Daley. There was in-depth Onuoha ten in there but it


won't count. Definitely Viktor Minibaev is here to play, big style.


Tom Daley will be going last in all six rounds. The others will set the


target for him to chase all the 88 points from Minibaev. -- for him to


chase. It's not as good as Minibaev. It is


an outstanding dive from Tom Daley but he played it a little bit safe.


He knows that he will not get more than 8.5s and nines. He leaves it a


fraction short of vertical. It is a solid start but he will be just


behind Minibaev and Klein. Still all to play for. A decent start from all


of the main protagonists. 83.2 from Tom Daley. He does not lead after


the first round, just like this morning. They are all close at the


top. Matty Lee in fourth. Five more rounds to go and a lot of


high tariff dives. Those who go burst are just delighted to be here.


It was very competitive for these spots this morning. Some people who


were in there fell out at the last round and this man just snuck


through by a couple of points. This is low tariff compared to the


others. 2.8. A low degree of difficulty. Most of the diverse


choosing the reverse three and a half somersaults in the tuck


position. He will be looking for 8.5s and if he gets that, it will


give him about 70 points. It is good from the Italian. That is two out of


two, this is high-quality diving. Don't crack your head on the


concrete, please. Take your time. Onto the Frenchman, former gymnast,


now making his way in diving. Early stages for him so to make a European


final is a big advance compared to where he was. Alexis Jandard. He


will be going for the inward three and a half somersaults with tuck.


The first slight mistake. The Frenchman just let it get away from


him. He was rolling over and he will get less than sevens. Almost doing a


victory roll on the bottom. Unnecessary. He needs to control it


much better than that. We have not seen many faltering yet but Jandard


much better than that. We have not does but the marks are not bad. In


this quality of competition, it does put him further behind as we move on


to the diver in 12th place after round one. This is a big dive for a


man with not a great experience, Lev Sargsyan of Armenia. A lot resting


on this as he tries to get to the top half of the pecking order. Back


three and a half somersaults with pike.


He turned into banana man as he went into the water! I thought he went


into some difficulty when he let go of it too early but he managed to


pull it around. He averts any kind of pain coming his way although he


will put a lot of pressure through his back that way. A little bit


wonky as he went in so the marks will be less than six is. --


wonky as he went in so the marks You don't often realise how much


pliability there is in the back in those situations,


pliability there is in the back in themselves look like Indian rubber


men at times. 63 for Sargsyan and he will remain at the bottom of the


pile. Onto Jesper Tolvers from Sweden. Inward three and a half


somersaults with tuck. Make sure you are a long way from the board


because it will be spinning away from him. Just let his feet slip


apart as he entered the water. Not sure what happened. You normally see


that on the twist dives. Safe distance from the board and just


that on the twist dives. Safe losing his form goes into the water,


looking a bit like a cactus as he went in,


looking a bit like a cactus as he wrong places. And the marks... 78.4


is OK. The judges are feeling quite generous. He got away with the


cactus feet. There are some jokes that spring to mind but I will be


careful, it is Sunday afternoon! Timo Barthel of Germany. This is the


same dive as we have just seen from Tolvers. Nice from Timo. He is


pretty good, did not have a great competition last night as we alluded


to. Relatively steady. When he gets it right, he is on, and at the


moment he is just a little bit here and there. Still some work to do.


Floundering slightly on his entry once again. I do love those Kenny


Everett hands that the German fans have got! Timo Barthel gets 72. Here


is that capital. Everybody has to do an armstand -- Vadim Kaptur. Forward


to somersaults, one twist. Oh! What an impressive dive. Wow. That is the


best I have seen him do this. Holding the forward armstand, his


nose touches the ten meter and he pops it up, he jumps higher off his


hands than most people can jump off their feet. Impressive athleticism.


He is right up there. 75.9 five. Now, Matty Lee needs to take all of


those thoughts out of his mind. He needs to concentrate on this. Fourth


place after the previous round. It is the inward for him as well. Has


to get a reasonable distance from the board to complete this dive. Two


out of two four Matty Lee. An exquisite dive from our young


18-year-old from Leeds. Excellent take-off, beautiful line, just


allowed it to roll marginally over vertical but he will get a lot of


nines. Two out of two, he is very much in the mix. Wow. They like and


we like. The marks that count give him 86.4. He has let into the lead


for the time being but we have five more divers to go yet. The first


time we will see this. Nikita Shleikher launching himself off the


board, looked a bit like Eddie the Eagle. He was almost on the third


black line and somehow he manages to control his momentum and sneakily


gets in. He will come away with 7s. He needs to be a bit steeper to get


control but 85 is good. They are wearing out the buttons on the


judges pads. 85.1. Very big scores this afternoon. The winner will have


a big score. Sometimes you can get up towards 600 and we might be in


that range today, if somebody can be consistent over six dives. This is a


slightly different version of the arms and from Maksym Dolgov --


armstand. Reasonable from Dolgov. Back armstand triple, starting and


finishing on the hands. He get a good take-off and flicks the feat in


but allows it to over rotate which means he will get penalised. The


aerial work is good. Just throwing up a splash because of the open


rotation. He had a great preliminary. A little lacklustre


compared to the others this afternoon. He is in seventh now and


that will be lower by the time the others have gone so he has a bit of


work to do. This man is capable of landing right on his head and this


mark could be towards three figures, it could be over it if he gets it


right. Sascha Klein on this 3.7. He has fluffed it ever so slightly.


Just over rotating. This is very easy to do. He is in better balance


than Nikita Shleikher but here's a bit too much forward momentum and


his chin is tucked in. He got 8.5s on this this morning. And Klein has


opened the door slightly for the nearby and Daley. Let's see if they


will. That means that Matty Lee stayed in first place at the moment


-- open the door for Minibaev. Both Viktor Minibaev and Tom Daley


fluffed their second dives this morning. Viktor Minibaev has the


same dive on the intricate forward four and a half. He has woken up!


Outstanding dive. Wow. He has brought his capital a -- his A game.


That is like a ninja! Pressure on Tom Daley. This is the dive that Tom


made a slight error on this morning. Minibaev has thrown down the


gauntlet. 96.2, we are getting some enormous marks here in


gauntlet. 96.2, we are getting some Aquatics Championships. We have the


culmination of something quite tremendous here. Tom Daley, can you


keep your composure together and put behind you what you did this


morning? It was only 49 points this morning on this dive. It is worth


3.6, slightly down on Minibaev. Yes, stunning from Tom Daley! That


is just what the doctor ordered. It needed to be good. He made a mistake


on it this morning. This is the dive he has been working so hard on. He's


the only person in the world to do this dive. I've seen him do it that


well in training, it's about time he nailed it here, in response to


Minibaev. This is game on. Daley into second place. Every time


I have seen him in practice this week he has been working on that


dive and trying to get it honed to perfection. 180.40, for him. Just


four points behind Victor Minibaev. Has been a high-quality contest, as


we enter the third round of six. Ten metre platform, European


Championships. The event at which Tom Daley was a European champion at


Championships. The event at which 14, in 2008. Maicol Verzotto, for


Italy. He has improved greatly on his morning performance so far. A


slightly higher tariff dive from his previous round, up to


slightly higher tariff dive from his time. Forward three and a half


somersaults from the Italian. That's the first little arrow we've seen


from Maicol His first the first little arrow we've seen


capable of. Just a little too loose in his shape, there. He's only going


to get 7.5s on this, but still, consistent diving. There is a man


who does both ten metre and three metre, Maicol Verzotto. He's been


doing a lot of running around today, has the Italian. Not going to be in


the shake-up for the medals, surely, but an improvement from where he was


in the prelims this morning. Onto Alexis Jandard of France. The back


three and a half. Oh my goodness, he hit the water like a dodo, just fell


off the diving board, spin, spin, spin. Look at this. A Val Kano


erupting again. This is a below average dive here. Wow, look at all


the splash. 5.5s, probably. He will be way back. He knows he's let that


dive go by. That is your definitive sack of potatoes dive, I'm afraid.


51.1 five, four Alexis Jandard. I'm afraid it's au revoir for him. He


will have ambitions of gaining a place or two. Almost time for a cup


of tea! Reverse three and a half with tuck. Sets his sights. It


didn't really work for him, the delay this morning.


Oh! What a dive from the Armenian! I was getting ready to critique may be


something a little bit under par, but that was an absolute duty of a


dive. He was up there talking himself into it as if he were on the


end of a plank and he were about to jump off, but he has jumped off in


fine style. Wow, I am very impressed with that young man. Look at those


big smiles. 86.70, great marks for Sarkisian. -- for Lev Sargsyan. Onto


the Swede, and Jesper Tolvers is going to go for a back three and a


half. Well, Tolvers making a little bit of a mistake on the time he came


out of the dive there. Spinning a little bit slowly. He ends up


botching the entry. Floundering. Over he goes. It's a mini surfboard


moment for our surfing fans out there. When the dive goes over, that


wave appears, and fives to boot. Not good for Jasper, the marks are not


encouraging. 51.15 does not get the job done. As we move onto Timo


Barthel. Here he comes. This was the dive he slipped on yesterday. Almost


had a very heated debate with the referee and tried to get a redive,


bad he was sent packing. Just over rotating on the entry to the water.


But he made a real dog 's dinner of the one yesterday, slipping off. But


this was above average. Let's see what the judges say. They're feeling


quite generous today. 7.5s the order of the day. Remember, it is the


degree of difficulty multiplied by the three that remain. Those marks


on the screen with lines through do not count, that is how we arrive at


65.5 zero. Vadim Kaptur, forward three somersaults with pike. Not the


three and a half that we will see later on. He is diving very, very


well indeed. His entry not quite straightening out. The judges will


be lies him for that. -- will penalised him for that. That said,


Vadim Kaptur is having the Europeans of his life. It might knock him a


peg or two back, but solid enough. At the moment he will go into third


place, but plenty more still to come. We are halfway through the 12,


as we move to Matty Lee. Excellent second round. This was actually his


best dive of the morning, aesthetically. Arm stand, back three


somersaults. Matty Lee currently in third place as well. Oh!


Sensational! Matty Lee is having the competition of his life at the


moment. He is rocking it. Wow. Fireworks are going off in here this


afternoon. Matty Lee is matching Tom Daley in many respects, he is


diving, well... Through the roof, off the roof almost. Looking calm,


looking composed and thrilled with what he's done so far. Only half the


job done so far, though. Three more rounds of three to go, but so far


absolutely on the button for Matty Lee, who has a lead over the rest of


32 points at this stage. Nikita Shleikher, a higher tariff dive,


3.6, this one. Act three and a half somersaults with pike. Get this


right and he will go above league. Oh! Shleikher getting back into it.


He was looking a little bit wobbly, certainly in training, especially on


this dive. He hit the water almost like a starfish in training. No


starfish this time, he is bang on the money. And that is going to get


a huge score. Its 3.6, maybe 90 points, and if it does he might


break a smile. Smile, come on, you can do it! It doesn't hurt. He has


got a lot of tape on the lower back, though. He gets a 3-point lead, a


3.15 lead over Matty Lee. Lee will get notched down maybe a place. Now,


Dolgov. Everyone is going to do this, all the main divers are doing


it, not all 12 but all those in medal contention will do the forward


four and a half somersaults with tuck. Maksym Dolgov. Wow, that's a


much better take-off. They were so far away from the diving board on


this particular dive, Dolgov popping up there and he manages to control


the entry. This is going to be another dive over 90 points. Wow. We


are being treated here this afternoon to some world-class diving


at these European Championships. We're going to see that dive go over


100 today, I predict. Someone is going to do 100 plus. Now you said


that, Bob! Go on, get your crystal ball... Sascha Klein up next. This


is the arm stand instead. We're seeing different varieties


is the arm stand instead. We're arm stand today. This one has 3.5


attached to it on degree of difficulty. Arm stand back three


somersaults with pike. Sascha just about holding onto that. Comes a


little bit forward on his take-off, but he needs to. Well, that's a bit


of jiggery-pokery at the bottom there. Somehow manages to stop the


dive sailing over. He bends his there. Somehow manages to stop the


impression he wasn't going surfing, and he gets away with it, good dive.


89.2 five, four Sascha Klein. A winner five years ago. Now, Viktor


as the marginal lead over Tom Daley. They are matching each other stroke


for stroke and died for dive at the moment. A reverse three and a half


somersaults with tuck, 3.4, four Viktor Minibaev. He really has got


-- magnificent dive. Good take-off, magnificent died from Minibaev.


-- magnificent dive. Good take-off, squeezing into the Tut position. He


is our current leader and Tom Daley is right on his shoulder. That is


three out of three, from Minibaev. 88.4. We're not getting low marks


from the big boys here, are we? They are all up there on the higher


register. Tom Bailey, arm stand back three somersaults with pike. This


and the next dive... They were pretty good this morning but they


will need to be pretty good this afternoon because everyone around is


not faltering. Tom Daley in second place right now.


Boom, three out of three for Daley as well. Slugging it out with Viktor


Minibaev. A little bit of a minor twist as he enters the water, I


don't think the judges will notice that. His entry is very clean. You


can see both of his feet pointing towards us. But he sure the judges


won't see that. This is a 3.5 degrees of difficulty. There is some


kind of technical issue. He doesn't need this. Doesn't really matter,


the dive is good. The judges will impact their scores and the


computers will reboot. Let's see what happens, I predict nine is. --


nines. 98. And there is a ten in there but it won't count, sadly. The


middle marks will come and that means that Daley has edged into the


lead at the halfway stage. The quality of diving is sensational.


Absolutely top Michael is really -- Maicol Verzotto


really enjoying it, as he prepares for round four. He has opted to go


for the inward three and a half somersaults with tuck. Made up a


couple of places this morning, 12 after round three.


It's good from Maicol. On that one in particular, his entry was a


little bit loose. Not quite keeping the splash down but he is diving


very well indeed. He just scraped into the final. I think he is the


only divert to use a towel. I haven't noticed. -- only diver. On


the end of the board, you mean. Yes, just to help the purchase. It is a


comfort blanket. We did see somebody slipped off the board last night.


Reverse three and a half with tuck for the Frenchman, Alexis Jandard.


He will stay in 12th place. I can feel that in my lower back and I


didn't even do it. He lets go of it too early, he was loose in the back


and has nothing to do but to try to scrape it in. The jiggery-pokery


didn't work and he has made a bit of a dog 's dinner of that. He will be


looking forward to his own dinner this evening. And letting those


aches and pains melt away. Looking for the physio in about 25 minutes,


the way things are going. That is two rather unfortunate dives for


him. Sargsyan had a superb third round which lifted him from the


bottom of the table up to seventh. Again, it is a high tariff dive and


a lot involved in this. It might take me a long time to read it.


Armstand back two somersaults, two and a half twists. A high tariff for


a man of his experience, 3.6 degree of difficulty. He was catapulting


himself as though he was out of control like a spaceship spinning


out of control in orbit but he managed to reorientate himself and


end up slightly under twisted. It has a high degree of difficulty and


he has all sorts of control issues. The judges will see that over twist.


he has all sorts of control issues. The second judge did because he gave


it five. Maybe the others from their different angles thought it was


better than it was. That is why we only give you the three middle


marks. At the bottom and top do not count. That gave him a grand total,


if that is the right phrase, up 68.4. -- of 68.4. This is Tolvers.


Not quite is the feedback on that, not quite making it, not quite


getting the take-off right. And the entry suffered, getting a slap on


the back of his legs. Some good stuff early on from Jesper but that


is under par. Some nasty smacks on the back of a


neck for a few of the divers in this round. Onto Timo Barthel. This one


is not quite where he needs to be. Still three rounds and a lot can


happen. Back two and a half somersaults, one and a half twists.


That is neat and tidy from our German. Good take-off, one and a


half twists, it is quite easy for him. He will be getting 8s because


of the position of the entry more than anything. Minimal splash and


upright. He will be around the middle of the field with that. 76.8


is what he gets. Not really a middle of the field with that. 76.8


contender for the top three. This man has slipped back a bit. He was


working his way through the field and this is his danger dive because


he gets much too close to the board sometimes. Inward three and a half


somersaults with tuck. Hold your breath. If he is feeling aggressive,


this might be a bit too close for comfort. Safe distance from the


board. You were right to give the heads up because he has clipped his


head previously, I can't remember where it was. Technically very


proficient at that time. He ends up washing it, a fraction over vertical


but apart from that it was good as he waits for the scoreboard. The man


in the black jacket who keeps walking towards... One of the judges


has not put the score improperly. -- the score in properly. Hello, Judge


four has given two. He deems it was dangerous and too close. If that is


not a mistake, that is the penalisation because if he hit his


head on the board, he could die instantly. Was it that close? I


didn't think so. Matty Lee now. Fourth place at the


moment. Forward three and a half somersaults with pike. Lovely,


lovely dive. Four out of four. This is a superb diving from the


18-year-old from Leeds. Heavily strapped on his wrists and the


all-important entry in to the water, that is what the strapping is for,


that is going his way at the moment. This was his lowest degree of


difficulty, it needed to be good and he has delivered. I did suggest, and


some thought I was being fanciful, that Matty Lee might get close to a


top three place today and people said, well, not realistic. He is


proving me right at the moment. He moves into the lead. As you


mentioned, everybody has to do an armstand at some point, some do it


early, some late. Nikita Shleikher. Two somersaults and two and a half


twists which adds up to 3.6 in difficulty. That is the first error


we have seen from him. His armstand is good, he just get after it a bit


too much, over rotation caused by the excessive somersault rotation.


That will see him drop into low 70s even though it has high difficulty.


His execution marks only 6.5s. That means he moves below Matty Lee who


is in the lead at the moment. We have four more to come in this


round. Tom Daley will be last up. Viktor Minibaev is his main


competitor at the moment and he will be going just before him but let's


see what Dolgov can do on his back three and a half somersaults with


tuck, 3.3. He hit the water as if we dropped a post box from the ten


metre. He did not get any kind of rotational speed. He left it short


vertical and gets a smack on the backside of his body from the


shoulders all the way up to the calfs. That will stink. He will not


be read as a lobster but he will be feeling that going into the


remaining dives -- red. Not first mail today. -- first-class mail.


Onto Sascha Klein. He is going with a 3.6. Another one of his favourite


dives. His favourite comes at the end but this is pretty decent, back


three and a half somersaults with pike. I don't know, that is still


pretty good, I am going with that. This is the dive that the German


pair capitalised on the synchro. He is marginally short of vertical, he


might get 7.5s and 8s. He is still there, poised and ready and in medal


contention. I am going with judge four, but there you go. Just under


80. This is where the main competition starts, I think. Unless


he drops a dive here, I can't see it will be anything other than Minibaev


against Daley now. This is his armstand.


Two somersaults, two and a half twists for the Russian. What kind of


Mark Cann he set for Tom Daley coming next? -- what kind of Mark


can he set. We saw Shleikher doing the same. He pops up nicely, didn't


quite have enough rotational speed so the water smacks him on the front


of his chest. There we go. Not sure whether to celebrate or commiserate.


Let's see what Tom has got. 77.4. If my prediction is right, Tom Daley


will get three figures here because I think one of these four and a half


dives will go. He got 98, 99 this morning. He can do it. Forward four


and a half with tuck. Don't let me down, Tom. That is not going to get


three figures. But it is still a very good dive. Not quite as good as


this morning. He pops it up and gives himself a real chance and he


is going to get over 95. It is a shame he let it over rotate. He did


a bit of jiggery-pokery to save it with the forward roll underneath.


Very good from Tom Daley. 96.2, not quite three figures. He got three


figures at the World Series recently on two dives. What it means is that


he has a 24 point advantage. Matty Lee just edging out Sascha Klein who


is now in fourth place. Three, four and five changing places quite


rapidly but first and second domain quite firm, Daley from Minibaev with


two rounds to go. The penultimate round, round five. We are with the


not so big movers and shakers at the wrong end of the table at they are


all trying to get the highest scores they can. This is Maicol Verzotto


with his back three and a half somersaults with tuck. The degree of


difficulty is 3.3. He needed a 10.5 metre platform for that. You could


see the head tilt as he came out, he knows he struggled. Just collapsing


into the water a little bit. Running out of room, he just about scrapes


it in. Started off very strongly, the Italian, and he is still there.


Mind your head! There is a lot of concrete around here. You don't want


to bash into it when you are not involved in competition. Alexis


Jandard of France. 3.2. This has quite a lot


Back to and a half with one and a half twists. Much better from the


Frenchman. He knows his way around anything which is forward finishing.


Very tidy, little bit of a poor entry, bumpy and lumpy in all the


wrong places for that expert line. He will still probably get eight


from the judges. For nine, he would have needed to straighten a


from the judges. For nine, he would more. 76.8, four Alexis Jandard of


France come he crosses the Rubicon of 300. Showing today


France come he crosses the Rubicon of promise in this man from Armenia.


It hasn't quite happened for him today but he is still finding his


way into the sport, making his way. You imagine he will be on the plane


to Rio and at the World Championship 's in Budapest next year. It's the


back two and a half again. That earned Alexis Jandard 76.80. Two and


a half somersaults, two and a half twists. He does it very well, I'm


impressed with this young man from Armenia. He has had an absolute


pearl of a meeting. What a dive to finish some and fluently excellent


guides from him, and as Bob mentioned he has got fabulous


potential. Big smile, bit of acknowledgement, so far so good. We


will see a lot more of him next time round. If he can just tidy a couple


of dives up. The Swede has been erratic today, good, bad and


indifferent in equal measure. Oh! It's a bit low on the water, it not


very ninja like but it's good enough. Such a tough dive, good to


see Jesper stepping up and taking on the world's most difficult dives, as


we're being treated to by many of the athletes here this evening. Just


scrappy, low in the water, but still seven on that dive is very good. We


know about their swimmers, some very good European swimmers. They will be


here in the pool starting tomorrow with the swimming you can see


tomorrow, rounding off with the three metre synchronised for women.


But before that, Timo Barthel going in round five. Very nice, for


Barthel. He's been very consistent. He plays the waiting game. Just


marginally over rotated. He was still not happy last night. He was


talking to his coach and trying to talk to the screen and watches


coach, like he was watching Wimbledon, his hopes going back and


forward. 79.2, he was not happy with that. He wanted nine is Antigua


eights. Vadim Kaptur got his bogey dive out of the way, I think. Back


three and a half somersaults with tuck, this one. Shouldn't be any


problem with him getting too close to the concrete. This is his bogey


dive and the one before is the dangerous dive. It was Shanghai 2011


in training that he hit his head on the diving board and had to be


carried out. This one, he goes to the tuck shape and incorrectly goes


to let go and over he goes. Well, he was a contender but he's not a


contender now. 66. Still four more to go, he will not be anywhere near


fourth place by the end of this round. I don't want to but the


commentators curse on Matty Lee. Four absolutely superb rounds so


far. Everything he would have hoped for. Can he keep that sequence


going? Back three and a half somersaults with tuck. Oh! That's


the first we've seen from this young man. It was almost too good to be


true. He has absolutely spiked his first four dives. This dive was role


reversal. The water has given him a good slap as he over rotates. That's


a real shame for Matty Lee, because he was mixing it up with the Giants,


with the big boys, and now he's been relegated to the middle of the pack.


But still, still diving very, very well. Oh! Look at his face! As


somebody once said... Now to Nikita Shleikher of Russia. Reverse three


and a half somersaults with tuck. Currently in fifth, on the cusp of


getting into the top three, especially with Matty Lee blowing


that dive, he could get there. Wow, Shleikher straight in there, like a


spider monkey, he couldn't wait to get his dive in. What an absolutely


perfect dive from Shleikher. After faltering on the previous round, he


was neck and neck with Matty Lee, Matty Lee was in front, he saw the


opportunity and he has grabbed it with both hands. Shleikher back up


there on the mix -- in the mix. Heat moves a long way clear of Matty Lee,


actually. 37 points. He's certainly taken over his space and may have


taken over another space as well. The current leader, Nikita


Shleikher. Maksym Dolgov of Ukraine. Reverse three and a half somersaults


with tuck. He can at least close in on the top five if he gets this


right. He was leaving for a while this morning. That is good from


Dolgov, isn't it? He's had a mixed bag this evening. Some of the dives


earlier on in this programme, that's why he was drifting away. That's


pretty solid. Just needs to finish off the extension on the jump, give


himself a bit more time. He's got a very big split tuck as you can see


from the camera angle we just enjoyed. He needs to tidy up. 76.5,


then, the other Ukraine diver, as we move onto the top German, who is


still in range, still a threat, certainly for the top three. A


reverse three and a half with tuck, from Sascha Klein. Oh! Faltering.


The supreme Sascha Klein has got so many European medals that you would


think he would be untouchable. That is a hodgepodge, Diaz waited too


long and over he goes. That is going to score low from the judges. He got


away with this last time, Bob wasn't happy, but the


away with this last time, Bob wasn't relatively kind to him there. A


mixed bag but it is the sevens that count.


Onto Viktor Minibaev. He and Tom Daley were going neck to neck up to


round four. He needs to get back on the horse with a back three and a


half somersaults with Pike, 3.6. He had a really good finish this


morning. The last two dives were exemplary. He needs that now. Well,


back into the competition with an absolutely wonderful back three and


a half somersaults in the pike position. We're going to see Tom


Daley finish on this dive. Minibaev doing it now. He's going to get huge


marks, 95 plus I would imagine if he gets nine. Minibaev back on the


horse and in the saddle, riding, chasing after Tom Daley. 97.2 from


Viktor. Now, if I've done my calculations right here, 74 puts


Daley back on top. Not as high a tariff dive, 3.4 attached to this.


On the reverse, three and a half somersaults with tuck. Yes! Just


marginally short of vertical but an absolutely drilled entry


marginally short of vertical but an Daley, very clean. He's not going to


get tens but the judges will give him in nines on this. He's


fractionally short of vertical, he disappears into the water. Tom Daley


is rocking and rolling. He loves this place, doesn't he? He has won


gold, and a bronze medal in 2012. Something over 550 would be


massively impressive, and Tom is very much in that zone. On course


for that, definitely. Victor Minibaev has some ground to make up.


Those are the two who are kind of cast adrift. Last round of the


platform final ferment. In London at the European Championships of 2016.


Are we going to have someone who has already done it before as a gold


medallist? It's looking like that. For the Italian supporters, it's


like being at a Donald Trump rally, isn't it? The Italians seem to have


disappeared, we have had them with their horns this week like something


from one of those old 60s films, but here is Maicol Verzotto. Nice solid


finish from Maicol Verzotto. He has done very well this evening, just


scraping into this final and just seeing clips of if he goes over 415,


he will be delighted. I think he's going to get a very, very good mark


for his repertoire. Let's have a look. 44. He's kind of limited in


the degree of difficulty, 76.80 final dive, taking him to 424.05.


Just scraped in this morning, but this evening no such problems. A


couple of really nasty smacks on the back of the neck. Let's hope that


doesn't occur this time. Arm stand, back two somersaults, one and a half


twists will stop let's hope he has a safe passage down. He does, yes. It


just seems to be the reverse movements that he has difficulty


with. Anything finishing forward as this arm stand twist does. He was


safe, he got it across the line and he has competed well in this


European final. Final set of marks for him. 70.40.


Coach reasonably happy. A member, he's a gymnast turning into a diver,


early days for him. This will have been a great experience, as indeed


it will be for the man in your picture now, Lev Sargsyan. Now, I


don't think he is the man to give us the three figures I was hoping for.


This is a really tough time for an inexperienced diver. It is the


highest we're going to see in this programme, a forward four and a half


somersaults with tuck. 3.7 on degree of difficulty. Forward four and a


half. Lev Sargsyan of Armenia. Wow! Go Lev. He launches himself, as if


he is coming off the ski jump like Eddie V Eagle. He manages to get the


4.5 and somehow he Eddie V Eagle. He manages to get the


distance award from the diving board, he should swim to the right


of screen but he does very well to control that and Lev Sargsyan has


been rocking that. Just some news, he's entered the 50 metres


freestyle, he's gone that far! Lev Sargsyan, and a very decent return


for him at the end, 432.75. Some people leave their arm stand to the


very end and he is one of them. It's a solid finish from the Swede. He's


had a bit of a mixed bag out there today. Some of his dives were a bit


wishy-washy, others on the money. That one was a bit more on the


money. Interesting to finish on an arm stand.


Good balance, everything in the right place and a reasonably good


total, just below 400. Just shy of the 400 mark. He moves up into sixth


for the moment. Timo Barthel. A bit of a rivalry between the Italian and


German fans as to who can be the loudest. The Italians probably just


have the march. This is his last dive. Oh! Timo Barthel finishing off


with an absolutely tremendous dive. Reverse three and a half somersaults


in the tuck position, this is his best dive, he absolutely buries the


entry. Not even a ripple of splash. What a dive to finish from this


young German. Wow. Pressure on his team-mate now. What a way to finish.


We have not had a ten that counts yet. We have had a few sprinkled in


the marks so far. This man threatened to do something special


but has slipped away as each dive and folders, each has been slightly


substandard by his standards. Last up for him is the 3.4, reverse three


and a half somersaults. Just ran out of room. He does struggle with this.


He does not have the opening through the chest and shoulders and cannot


generate the rotation needed. Not quite the trapdoor we talked about


last night but he does skip off and leave himself a bit too much work to


do and he collapses into the water a leave himself a bit too much work to


stuff from him today. He puts his arms up, thumbs up to the crowd but


unable to raise a smile and rather disappointing with the expectancy


levels he would have had. This man was right in there for a medal and


still is if he can get this nailed. People around him have faulted a


bit. Reverse three and a half with tuck. Yes! Matty Lee! What an


absolute corker to finish on. What a shame his fifth round guys let him


down. He has been diving out of his skin -- his fifth round dive. He has


really stepped up to the plate. I take my hat off to you, that is top


drawer. He likes what he sees. take my hat off to you, that is top


Thumbs up and smile. Another good day 's work. No medal today maybe.


But day 's work. No medal today maybe.


future will be raised by that performance. 91.8 to finish with.


Now we are at the sharp end where the medals will probably come from,


or certainly will come from. Has this man got one? Nikita Shleikher


of Russia. He made a bit of a mess of it right at the finish line.


of Russia. He made a bit of a mess mistake happens here, he leans back


too far and has trouble controlling mistake happens here, he leans back


it and he over rotates but he will still get a huge score. It does not


seal a medal, he will have to wait and see what Sascha Klein and


Minibaev and Daley have to offer. 70.2, he


Minibaev and Daley have to offer. smile on his face, which is good.


But he might just be a bit short in terms of getting a top three place.


It has not been this man's date in terms of a top three place, -- his


day. You would have had him pencilled in for a medal but it has


not worked out that way in the final where it counts. His back two and a


half with two and a half twists. Pretty chunky all the way through,


hitting the water and not quite straightening out. Underwhelming on


quite a few of his dives, throwing up too much splash. It is a big dive


to finish but he has been off the pace. Good luminaries and a shonky


final. A little shonky goes a long way. Three sixes. He had a long chat


with his coach. They will go back to the drawing board to seek what they


can get right next time -- to see. This is where we could get a change


around the medals. 3.6. Same dive, back to the half, two and a half


twists. He likes this. He does a reasonable job and keeps the splash


down, he did have his backside sticking out. Did Shleikher have too


much of a lead? It will be ever so close Ulster he needs 8.5s. Will


this multiple gold-medal winning European diver B on the podium? --


be standing. Sascha Klein is behind Shleikher with two to go. Viktor


Minibaev is the only person now, probably, who can usurp Tom Daley


but this will have to be out the top drawer. Tom Daley has a different


dive to finish. We have seen a succession of these, back two and a


half somersaults, two and a half twist. Can the Russian do something


miraculous? Well, faltering at the last minute,


but I think that will still be good enough to take out his team-mate. He


is looking for more than 480 to secure a medal but that could have


changed things at the close. The pressure will be on Tom Daley but it


won't be that much. Tom is a country mile ahead. He just needs to land on


his head. By then a 24 is a huge score. -- 500 24.


-- 524. As Leon said, Tom Daley just needs to land on his head. It


doesn't even have to be that great, just make sure all the component


parts are done and walk away with another gold medal. Back three and a


half somersaults with pike. This is just for the crowd. Supreme diving


from Tom Daley! This might as well get ten. It is his favourite dive,


right at the end of his list and he has given everybody a masterclass.


He will get a huge score. Consistent all the way through. China, they


wear. I don't get my hundred! -- but where -- beware. He has won that by


a country mile. 570.5. Viktor Minibaev was 45.9 behind. Tom Daley,


Viktor Minibaev and the did Shleikher. -- Nikita Shleikher.


Matty Lee did very well, only 15 points short of a medal in the end.


There was no touching Tom Daley, he got everything right. 83, 97, 98,


96, 96 and 99. He never went below 83.2 at any stage. All of the others


were in the 90s. That is Chinese diving. 570.5. If he does that in


Rio, it is a medal for sure. Top drawer diving by Tom Daley. Minibaev


was the only other man to go over 500. What a competition that was,


our high-class competition at the top end. This man was unassailable.


He was not always leading but he did when it mattered, at the back end of


the programme. It was all about Tom Daley. When he is on, he is really


on and in front of his own crowd he was. Matty Lee was as well for the


most part: he just dropped one dive which cost him the chance of a


medal. But he would have taken fifth place at the beginning of the day.


Tom is absolutely thrilled. That is Tom Daley with gold, Viktor


Minibaev in second place and third was Nikita Shleikher. Excellent


stuff from Daley and now we look forward to seeing what he can do at


the Olympic Games in August. He will be up against some of the same


names, Minibaev and Shleikher and Klein and hopefully Matty Lee as


well. And the Chinese as well, when we get to August. But it is all


about Tom Daley and gold we get to August. But it is all


metre in London. Huge congratulations to Tom Daley,


it was a bit of a battle, him and Minibaev went toe to toe. How much


fun was it? Watching Tom doing what he does best. You were asking


fun was it? Watching Tom doing what about his form. That is the answer.


fun was it? Watching Tom doing what 570 is a corking score. The Chinese,


as I said, will be watching. That kind of score will put pressure on


them. You said he looked nervous early on, the second round he


wasn't. Put into context for us how difficult it is. This is the one he


made a mess in the preliminary because it is so technically


difficult. He is the only person in the world that does this. This


replaced the twist that he had difficulty with. I have seen him do


it in training but difficulty with. I have seen him do


competition has it been that good. difficulty with. I have seen him do


This was Tom Daley at his very best and good that he is at his best in


Olympic year. Bob mentioned the Chinese several times. Can you take


a lot of confidence from this? What will he be thinking of going into


that? There is still a long wait until the Olympics, nine weeks of


training. He needs to let this calm down a bit and then work on those


technical things continuously. We are always a work in progress, there


are always things to be tweeting and it was a world-class performance,


head and shoulders above the rest. The crowd loved that final dive. A


lot of people came down to see him, at household name. It was marginally


short vertical so not quite a ten! But it was a celebration of a great


diver in front of his home crowd in his home pool. A delight to


commentate on. I am sure we will be hearing from him soon. We can hear


from him now. What a phenomenal performance, how much did you want


to put it on for the home crowd? Going into this I was really


excited. I have had a few injuries and I am finally feeling back to


being me. I have been training well and I wanted to be able to dive at


my best. It was lovely to get the gold but it was about being in the


right place at the right time and right now I am in the perfect


position going to the Olympics. I'm excited for the next one now, bring


it on. I'm ready for anything, I can't actually believe I have won.


Viktor Minibaev has been a tough competitor all year in the World


Series, he beat me in Beijing. We always have that rivalry and I'm


glad I came out on top. It was bronze in the last Olympics here.


What you have achieved today and that performance, can you better it


in Rio? 570 with a few guys I can do better, that is a medal performance.


I scored 555 in London. I am around those scores now and I feel I can be


better than that. In Rio, anything can happen, it is an outdoor pool


and that is exciting as well. Congratulations and good luck in


Rio. Definitely congratulations for Tom Daley, gold in the European


Championships. We will talk more about Matty Lee later. It has been a


very busy week for the British divers. Become division kicked off


on Monday and we have had medal is all week, plenty to celebrate. We're


going to talk about the first day of competition. George Ward and Matty


Lee took bronze on the opening night. Plenty of people in action


and plenty of names you might recognise. George award and Matty


Lee, a bronze on the opening night of competition. We can relive that


team event. It is not one you see a lot. George award first up, talk us


through this. It is male and female, you go one at a time. Both need to


use the three metre and ten metre. Normally you get specialist. You had


to spread your expertise. Matty Lee on the ten metre, they were just


really close and the open up other bronze medal on the first night was


a stunning. Great to see Matty Lee get on the


podium earlier this week. Didn't quite manage it this afternoon but


he was so close, plenty of promise from him. Let's turn our attention


to the women's sink -- synchro platform. A missed time to


to the women's sink -- synchro meant that they finished outside the


podium position and it was Germany who took bronze. Here is Lois with


Nick. It's a bit annoying but hopefully we can learn from it and


get stronger. Part of me hate that we put that on television but part


of me knows that we needed to do it to prove how hard this sport is.


Sure, they were leading going into this final round and all it takes is


one error. In some way it's better to fail spectacularly at the


Europeans, because going into the Olympic Games, that's where you want


to get it right. She said she wanted to learn from this, what sets you


back makes you stronger and it's a very difficult competition. There's


a lot of competition for those girls's platform places. Difficult


job for Lois. When you're in a synchro partnership, you're doing


your best and your partner is doing their best, there is no blame


culture. It's not like, I'm going to sack you can get someone else in.


We saw Taina there. She is incredible, I love that lady. A


pairing we don't see very often, Grace Reid and Tom Daley in the


three metre springboard synchro, it's not an Olympic event yet. It's


good. I was holding my breath. Right on the edge of the diving board but


he had enough experience and composer. He is all over the shop on


the herbal step. Good work, 68 points, straight into the lead. Yes!


Nice diving. Wonderful synchronisation. Marvellous


execution to boot. Now, the British pair... Fabulous speed. They should


get 8.5s, nines. 76.26, from grace and Tom. Incredible finish from


Daley and Reid. They have thrown down the gauntlet to the Italians


and the Russians. Their work is done. Trying to challenge the Brits


for the gold. No, that won't be good enough for


the gold but it will definitely be good enough for a medal. There you


go. They will wait and see whether that is good enough for the silver.


This is the only pair that can overtake Reid and Daley and get to


first. No, they are miles apart, distance wise, on the diving boards.


There you are, is it Tom Daley, is Grace Reid?


CHEERING Let the roars rip. Where has that


come from? You knew you could do it, Tom Daley. Reid and Daley winning it


at a cancer in the end, by 13 points over cack not and Verzotto. -- over


Cagnotto. They've only trained together a handful of times. From a


golden pairing to the golden boy of diving at the moment, let's look at


Jack in the three metre individual. This is the dive for Jack Laugher.


He needs to get this on song. Three metre dive which earned him 83 this


morning. Yes! Phenomenal dive. He turned up in great numbers. He is


half a mark behind... Forward three and a half somersaults


with tuck. It's good! It's not sensational, as I hoped it would be.


Taking off a little bit back from the end, makes it difficult. And it


is down to the final dive. Forward 4.5 again. He had problems


with this this morning. Oh! He got an absolute beauty. That life was


absolutely tremendous. -- that dive. 100 on the money. What a dive. Jack


has some work to do, hasn't he? Gold is out of reach now, because of the


degree of difficulty. Back three and a half somersaults with tuck.


Oh! It's a good dive. That will be good enough for the silver.


Oh! It's a good dive. That will be errors in his programme. Jack will


be very cross, he's a errors in his programme. Jack will


but he could have been crowned European champion today. Two


mistakes isn't going to cut it. 24 points


advantage for Evgeni Kuznetzov. Jack did not look very happy with that


silver, how will he feel about it? I think Jack has had a bit of a


mixed bag this year so far. Last year he was really rocking it on all


the World Series but this year he has been a bit hit and miss. He's


been injured, hasn't he? Yet, of course, but divers are always


injured, it's the nature of the sport. I'm not going to say there's


something going on because of that. In the final he made a mistake on a


dive that we did not see there, that meant it was an repairable from


that. When he gets the it all right, he's difficult to beat. He was 27th


in the men's three metre in 2012. Of course he is now proven himself time


and time again and I think he's going to come good this summer.


Plenty to celebrate this time around in the summer. We've just seen


George, with the union Jack around her shoulders. She is celebrating


committees certainly allowed. Let's take you back to the men's ten metre


synchro, with Tom Daley and Goodfellow. In order to keep up with


the Germans, this needs to be good. Yes! Yes, exceptional! Well done.


Good work, boys. 91.8, that puts them marginally in front. Great


Britain, Germany, Ukraine. Look at the margin, hardly any margin, is


there. 0.84 of a point between first and second. Yes! It's good enough.


It's good enough, there is a massively glaring error with the


distance from the diving board. Tom gets eights, the synchronisation is


7.5s, good enough for the lead. They will need something special to put


pressure on Daley and Goodfellow. Second-place at the moment, back to


Andujar of somersaults, two and a half twists. It's a good, good dive


to finish on. Well, the Germans have thrown down their best effort.


They're going to get a handful of eights across execution and


synchronisation. There you go. 445 to beat, that's a good score. 445 is


what they need. 85 will do it. Got to be 8.5s, nines probably, to make


sure they get there. Oh! Tom's dive was superb, Danny just let his go


over a bit. I think that's good enough for the gold. This is going


to be so close. Well, some people are cheering. Who's cheering? The


Germans are cheering, because 83.16 means that they finish less than a


point behind Germany. Silver medals for Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow.


How unusual is it, because they are paired but they don't train


together, how common is that? Look, it's not that uncommon. Peter


Waterfield and I trained at different ends of the country. Tom,


Danny has had injury problems over the years so he has never been at


the right point to work with Tom. The matching has been taking place


relatively quickly and the pair keep going from strength to strength. The


German pair, that was the ninth time they've won that competition. They


are a formidable force and they almost got beaten by our boys, just


a slight error on their final dive meant that Danny and Tom didn't win


the dive. How difficult is it to find the perfect partner? We're


talking about millimetres of difference having an effect. In the


UK diving is a relatively small sport and to be at that level,


there's not that many people to choose from. Hats off to Danny to be


able to match Tom. They're certainly in Rio with a better chance. No


doubt hear that it is kicking off behind us because we are on the


verge of the women's three metre synchro. Rebecca Gallantree and


Alicia Blagg going in that one. After 15 minutes you can follow that


on the red button. We're off air before that competition finishes and


we don't want you to miss a single dive. You can follow that, dive by


dive. We've got so much to share with you from earlier in the week in


the women's ten metre platform. I reckon it's 46, that's all that


Georgia needs. Oh! I think it's going to be just about enough...


Well, she's doing it the hard way, George award. It will be enough.


She's in first place for the time being. -- Georgia Ward. She should


be uncatchable. 3.2 to finish, once again. There you go, that is signed,


sealed and delivered. Four times she has won this, this is number five.


Well done, 385 is a monster score. Now, 41, if I've got this right,


that is what she needs to overtake her team-mate Georgia Ward to get


silver. Yes, beautiful dive. That will see her safely win her first


European individual medal. It will be silver this time, Tonia


comfortably finishing a medal winner. We have a British 2-3, Tonia


and Georgia Ward. Well done, girls. I had to focus on myself and not


concentrate on what anyone else was doing. I did OK, I scored pretty


high today but it's not my best but I'm still really, really pleased.


Talk us through the moment when you got the medal.


Tonia Couch is having the time of her life. This feels


Tonia Couch is having the time of year for her, she has been around


since 2003 but it feels like she is coming to her peak. Experience is


something that you gain over time and you make it count when you need


it and she was able to stand there with all the expectations of the


home crowd, she made a mess of her first dive but should it out and


composed herself and came back with four excellent dives to finish. She


was a bit, it was all right, the last four were great to get her on


the podium. George award, -- George training hit since 2014, she trains


with Tom Daley. -- Georgia. training hit since 2014, she trains


at a European is that nobody would have predicted, coming away with


more medals than most. She is a baby faced assassin. And talking of


which, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears were going.


Come on, boys, let's get it done and put the pressure on. Yes! That is


all they can do. I'm looking over my left shoulder, the British team are


on their feet and the coaches are smiling. They know that if it, that


is all they can do. They are coming to the party.


Forward two under par with two twists. Very good. It is going to be


high 80s, may be just over 90 which would lead it short for what they


need for gold but it would put pressure on the Russians. Second at


best for Ukraine. Zakharov and Kuznetsov need a massive score on


this forward four and a half last dive of the competition. Very good


but not good enough for gold. This is a fight for silver. GB gold


without a shadow of a doubt. That is very impressive and we'll get them


in second place. But in the end there was 12 points between first


and second. Did lowering my tone because we have


lived diving going on -- I'm just lowering. Cynical beagle might say


this is not a World Championships so how significant is the gold but it's


not about that it is about the quality of the diving. The Russian


silver medallists were silver medallist from the World


Championship last year where Jack and Chris took bronze so they have


leapfrogged them. It is only the Chinese do not here. The quality,


11th point PB and they were rocking and rolling from start to finish.


That is what you need if you are going to be on the podium, that


consistency which we are seeing from them now. How confident will they be


in an Olympic year? They will be confident, you can't come off the


back of medals in the World Series and a bronze in the World


Championships and a European gold so there is still a way to go. They


have got to earn it in Rio but they are more than capable. A lot of


people make a lot of their friendship, they lived together, a


lot of fun, so how important is that? When you are standing in the


spotlight, in the lavatorial arena of the Olympic Games, you want to be


standing next to someone you like -- gladiatorial arena.


There are no guarantees and they have to keep working hard which is


what they have been doing. They have been working on their programme and


they have the potential. Let's look at yesterday when it was the ladies


on the three metre individual springboard.


Cheers ringing out for Grace Reid. Top three is in range but this has


to be beautifully executed. Forward to run a half, one twist, 3.0, one


more time for Grace Reid. And it is beautifully executed! Well done.


Saving her best dive until last. The equal highest degree of difficulty,


she was in fourth place going into this and this will put a lot of


pressure on the athletes still to come including Rebecca Gallantree.


Well done, Grace. This will put her firmly in the lead. Although the


gold medal for Tom Daley. Can she win another medal? Gold for Italy


and Tania Cagnotto. Uschi Freitag in second, Grace Reid just edging out


Rebecca Gallantree for bronze. A huge achievement from Grace Reid.


She is very elegant. She seems to be coming into her own this year so has


anything changed? She is a younger athlete and when you make that


transition from at excellent junior, she had a great Commonwealth Games


in Edinburgh, where the diving was. We remember her big smile, she


started to mix it up and two years later she is making those


incremental changes and improvements and getting more consistent. A


belated happy birthday to her, she can celebrate now but she is at


university as well, working hard and it's paying off. This was the dive


from Alicia Blagg and Rebecca Gallantree. This was a couple of


moments ago. If you want to see this live, you can do so online. And it


will continue in 15 minutes on the red button. What did you make of


this? We refer to Rebecca as a veteran which seems a bit unfair.


She is in her prime. It is a good opening round dive. Rebecca throwing


up a bit too much splash but they work tirelessly together.


up a bit too much splash but they pressure and on them. So many medals


for British diving, they have to keep their composure. Chances are


the medal? We have so many, of course there is a chance. I'm


watching to see how everybody else is doing but these first rounds,


nothing to choose from. It is medals left, right and centre this week.


Yesterday we had the mixed ten metre synchro. Matty Lee and Georgia Ward


took silver so by the end of yesterday the medal tally was nine


and with Tom's, that takes us up to ten all stop the same pair took


bronze on the opening night of competition as well. A great


competition for Georgia Ward, she is having the time of her life! And so


she should be. And I'm delighted to say that a lot of our divers are


with us now with their medals. Georgia, we have to come to you


first, three medals, you must be buzzing. It was so much fun it here


at my home pool and it is crazy coming away with three medals. Why


is it working so well this year? I think my bond with Jane and Tom and


Emily who I train with, think my bond with Jane and Tom and


and it makes it worth think my bond with Jane and Tom and


competitions. Jack and Chris, the jokers


competitions. Jack and Chris, the that fair? It is definitely fair, it


is the hardest dives currently being performed, we the first people to do


it in synchro which is a massive achievement for us to do it well in


front of the home crowd was. It is risky, aren't you nervous coming in


with something that difficult? I think so, but we had time to train


it in the World Series and compete it and we figured out what was


working and what wasn't and we used that to our advantage. What is


possible for Rio? The Chinese in your sites? Of course, our score


yesterday it was massive. 11 points bigger than our PB. That bodes well


for us. After a performance like that we are really excited but we


have a lot of training, nine weeks at home to consolidate, and the


mistakes we made, I think we can still do better. But the Chinese are


in sight. What about you, Tonia, you have come so close so many times and


achieved a lot but in an have come so close so many times and


year, how confident are you Latin I have been close so


year, how confident are you Latin I almost got a gold last month at the


World Series. I almost got a gold last month at the


with silver but hopefully at the Olympics I will get it. It has been


with silver but hopefully at the a great year so far. We have nine


more weeks of training. And in your event especially, the individual ten


metre, we have some British girls who are very good so it is


competitive even within the squad. Definitely, we have some amazing


girls all over the world and especially in Great Britain. It is


not over yet! We have to go back and train hard like everybody does, we


will come in and work hard as a team and bring it. Scotland's first


individual medal at the European and bring it. Scotland's first


Championships for six decades! You might be knighted! I had no idea. I


just wanted to do myself proud and I got a PB and somehow two medals.


Dan, your partnership with Tom was a bit shaky at the beginning but now


things are falling into place. We did our first competition at the


nationals and it wasn't great but we got a bronze at the World Cup and in


the World Series we were progressing nicely. Our scores seem to be


getting better. We had a good performance here, we were gutted at


the end not to get gold, only one point in it. But it was good for us


because we can train even harder for the Olympics. I do think you need to


be disappointed, it has been a good week all round, congratulations. I


know you are straight back in the pool and we will celebrate for you!


But you have more work to do! You can see what is happening on the red


button and of course there is plenty more to come from the aquatic Centre


this week. That was me talking to the guys a bit earlier because they


have busy training schedules. What a great team, read it to themselves


and their families and coaches. And plenty to celebrate. Great Britain


is on top of the medal table at the end of the European Championships


with one competition still going on, Rebecca Gallantree and Alicia Blagg


are in action and you can see that on the red button. So far, so good.


Three gold medals, four silvers and three bronzes. A lot more action


this week. Tomorrow from 6pm you can see James Guy, Hannah Miley, Adam


Peaty and a couple of relays. And if you want to join as for live


coverage, you can do so on Monday to Thursday on the red button from 6pm.


We on BBC Two from 6:30pm. And on Saturday and Sunday we are on BBC


Two from 4pm until 6pm so hopefully we will see you then. Thank you for


your company this afternoon. One week down, one week to go and it has


been pretty good so far. Bye bye. What


Yes! Incredible finish from Tom Daley. A phenomenal dive! The


British team are on their feet, the coaches are smiling. Supreme diving


from Tom Daley! China look out!


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