Show Jumping and Dressage European Equestrian Championships

Show Jumping and Dressage

Highlights from the European Championships at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden. The action includes team showjumping, individual showjumping and dressage freestyle.

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Well, what a competition. My word. This horse has been brilliant. Such


a partnership, exceptional. A fantastic combination. Pure class.


And that was easy. Oh, he is way over it.


Hello, welcome to Gothenberg, in Sweden. A famous stadium that has


seen its fair share of drama over the years.


Remember this? It is there, it is two! How about


this? A man who knows he is on the verge of greatness. It is huge, it


is massive. My goodness, that is fantastic!


And more recently this. I think I just broke my leg.


Yes, when it comes to showjumping and dressage, Europe is a hotbed of


talent and these European Championships competition will be


world class. France are the reigning Olympic champions Netherlands


reigning world and European champions. And the Swedes in front


of the home crowd favourite to take the title but no British team will


take them on because selectors have not sent a team, they have picked


individual riders, Michael Whitaker and his nephew. Michael thought his


horse by King was not prepared so has pulled him out. That means that


we have one competitor. I spoke to the director of British showjumping


to ask why there is no team. We have happed to manage our objectives and


the key is the FEI promotion we are looking for and once we have got


that nailed this year, looking towards the world and Olympic


campaign. This is a balance of the campaigns in getting our objective


of the nations cup. We are mindful of the Olympic cycle and want to


allow that to happen in your one, the best time for it. It is an


indefensible decision not to send a team and every senior figure in the


sport I have spoken to, myself included, disagrees with us not


sending a team. Surely it could have been managed that OK we have the


Europeans coming up in August, let's make sure we have a team ready to


go. Has there been a failing from British showjumping to get a team


here? I do not think there has. We pick the best available talent in


any year and we are in this for the long haul towards the games and that


is the key objective. We have a load of riders who could be here. Jessica


Mendoza, she wanted to come and has already jumped at Aachen on the


European team and done well, she is the future of the sport. Tim Wilkes


was in Dublin, he wanted to be here. And we have more experienced riders


like Robert Whitaker, who was second in the 5-star Grand Prix last week.


There must be plenty of other riders, young, maybe less


experienced, in Great Britain who would love to be here but have not


been given the opportunity to compete. There always will be. But I


go back to managing the right opportunity and people at the right


time. How do you say the European Championships is not the right


opportunity? We do not want to push people to heart. If you are on a


team expected to do well there is more pressure. I know from my own


experience if you go with not great expectations, you have less pressure


and if you do well, it is a great bonus. I do not buy that. What about


then mayor and Scott Brash? Two of the best in the world. They are


following their individual campaigns as I have said. Their individual


campaigns are in the big events, surely they could have been given


some heads up that the Europeans were coming up and maybe they would


make themselves available. Of course they know the European Championships


will happen. We know that as well as they do. We want them to be able to


complete these campaigns in the big shows. That makes sense and it is a


great opportunity to do that in the first year. It is not the job of


performance managers to decide not to send a team. They have to send


the best team available. They can gain nothing by having no team here.


According to Andy it is a missed opportunity as far as Great Britain


is concerned. He has gone to the commentary box for the team


showjumping, an individual amount. Team members riding for their


country and individual glory wearers riders like William Whitaker of


Great Britain, riding for themselves. The first round is


against the clock and these times are converted to penalties for the


rest of the competition. We have a further two rounds before the team


title is decided and only the top ten teams at the end of round two go


through to the final round to compete for medals. Each country has


four team members. The individual scores in a team competition are


important as the top 25 riders after the first three rounds qualified for


the final two rounds of the individual competition on Sunday.


The scores from all five efforts count towards the individual title


and the person with the lowest number of points at the end will be


crowned European champion. We will get to the team jumping competition


shortly. The first rider BC is William Whitaker of Great Britain.


Good luck, William. Michael is here supporting him but had to come out


in terms of riding but very much on hand.


Just a little touch on the back rail. Let's hope it is a wake-up


call. William keeping a good rhythm. Let's hope he can get inside the


time of 85 seconds. The leader on zero individually, so


it puts him a pole and a little bit off the lead. He is not far away. He


just moved to the left over the big oxer but still clear.


We are looking for the first clear round in this competition. He will


be close to the time. He might just make it. What a round! That is what


we wanted. 84.0 one. Inside the time. Beautifully written all the


way around. -- ridden. Marcus Ehning.


The German squad includes Laura Klaphake, Maurice Tebbel and Philipp


Weishaupt. Sending out there experienced rider first. We have


different members but we still have the amazing silky smooth skills of


this man to watch. Every time he comes into the ring, it is


repetitive, but we say this is how you should ride a horse. Twice


European gold medallist. Surprisingly, 2009 the last time he


was on a European Championship team. That is surprising. A fastly


experienced rider. Immaculate stylist. Everybody's idea of balance


and rhythm and feeling for his horse. The one thing Marcus Ehning,


he is always smooth. He is not wasting time anywhere. Coming inside


the corner well inside the time. And he has annihilated the time.


Five seconds inside. That, as they say, is how to do it. Nicely done.


Keeps him in contention individually. A good start for the


Germans. They stay on in 11.5 two. This man is known to produce it and


he did at the last European Championships, where he took home an


individual medal. In Aachen. Gregory Wathelet, the final rider for


Belgium with Coree. Belgium keeping themselves in the hunt.


Gregory Wathelet seems to be able to ride any kind of horse effectively.


This mare, Coree, just has to be ridden forward in the right place


and he hits the spot every time. Performed brilliantly at Aachen


early in the year. Gregory has that championship mentality, as well. He


is a class act. World Cup qualifier in Leipzig with this horse. When you


look through the list of top horses, this man has had an involvement


somewhere along the line. He has. It is fascinating now to see these


riders making the tears and making the time allowed look easy. You


realise the gulf in class when you see them going around here.


Outstanding. A really, really super performance from the Belgians.


Gregory Wathelet, as expected, in contention.


Ireland Cian O'Connor. Good Luck is the name of a horse. He rarely needs


that. This season winning the Grand Prix with this horse. A four time


European rider, two worlds. A bronze medal individually at the Olympics


in London. But this has been a standout horse for 2017 already. You


get the feeling with Cian O'Connor he wants to win a championship medal


with this horse, and this is a horse who has what it would take. He is


not the biggest, but he has a massive engine.


Just trying to get him be balanced, get his concentration around the


difficult turn. Belgium and Ireland are tied on the same score in third


place at the moment, so any fence here can make a massive difference


to that and he has done it once again. He points to the horse. This


is a proper championship horse. Cian O'Connor has always set his stall


out to two well in Championships. Peder Fredricson. H All In. Peder


Fredricson leading the way individually and again he carries


the hopes of the Swedish. We have given a lot of riders a lot of


praise for being championship riders, etc, this man, he can go


through a championship with knocking a fence down.


Recovered from a kol lick operation earlier in the last year. Not been


at their best, but certainly come back out in the last few months. His


recent form has come when he's needed it and you get the impression


that Peder Fredicson is not jumping all the big five star Grand Prixes


for all-the-money. He wants to win the championship.


That's what you have to do - you have to have a plan and a target.


As we have said before... He's inside the time. Got it! Got it! Got


it! Clear round it is. Peder Fredicson continues a fabulous run


of form. He keeps himself in the lead individually and well he keeps


the home fires burning well and truly.


Final rider then of the day and it's Switzerland that lead on 6. 15. This


is the man they turn to keep them with their nose in front. Who better


than Steve Guerdat - the Olympic chasm p Ion in London in 2012. Steve


Guerdat, he wants to do well at championships. He targets them. He


always has done. Another rider with a pedigree, temperament and skill.


This mare she can jump. Oh, he had to work hard at the


water. Jumped four rounds in the Nation's Cup this year - all of them


clear. She's one of those mares, wants her


say. Chucks her head around a little bit. When she gets there she does do


the business. She has the ability to jump. She's not the easiest.


Oh, he was a long way thauf oxer there!


So that really is quite surprising. He didn't see that one coming. We


certainly did not. And well Switzerland - that one fence makes


all the difference. So Steve Guerdat 5.84. And he picks up the one time


fault in there as well. The team standings then going into


the final stage - it a east the home team, Sweden who lead the way.


Switzerland keep themselves on 11. 15. Joint bronzed position going


into the final stage, it is Ireland, alongside Belgium on the same score.


In the individual competition Peder Fredicson keeps hold of the lead.


Ehning in second spot. Popular leaders as you would expect


after round one. The Swedish crowd rode every jump with their team.


Let's see how the medals were decided. Could they hang on to gold?


Let's get back to the action. William Whitaker then for Great


Britain. 5. 06. This is where all the hopes are carried. A super round


yesterday. Can he do much more as he climbs up


the world ranks? That was one fence early on that we


didn't expect this plucky little horse to have. He's such a trier.


Hasn't got the biggest stride. He's not the biggest horse.


William's got to put that behind him.


Keep his focus. You can see they are adding up


strides all the way around. It will not help his time, but I think at


this stage the best tactic is to try and hold it together. If he has a


time fault so be it. Cannot afford another fence.


Beautifully ridden into the big oxer. Now this tricky last line.


Adds up. Gets the extra stride. Beautifully ridden. He's over the


time, but that was a fantastically well ridden round. Very unlucky with


that one vertical. There's the family watching and the rest of the


British squad to support. It is ten to add for William Whitaker. Let's


concentrate on the Irish team. Bich Allen has withdrawn. So they


are done to three and Shane Sweetnam will start them off. Jumped clear


yesterday. They are tied in Bronze Medal position with the Belgians.


Shane Sweetnam is really stylish. He was immaculate yesterday. He jumped


a lovely round. He's got that nice fluent forward style, quite capable


of getting inside the time. Come together here thand are looking


strong. They can get on a plane. They are used to travelling, that is


for sure. You need us, ship us in. Shane Sweetnam, two European


Championships already. A top ten finish in the Dublin Grand Prix. Top


five in the King George crown cup at Hickstead. On 2.1 he's not far away


at ausmt Individually he's there or thereabouts. I love the way he's so


confident, coming around the corners, not taking a pull, quickly


away from the fences. Very Direct Line into that big,er. -- into that.


Very confident. You have to believe in your horse to do that.


Wonderful round. He'll get there for the Irish. It is a battle between


they and the Belgians. Stride for stride, mark for mark. Sweden,


though, keep it at the head of affairs at the moment.


That combination, it is starting to play its part. Another one.


One thing about this lovely mare, she doesn't have naturally all the


scope. Maybe she's finding it too much. You can see it now. I think


maybe she's going to have to retire. It is such a shame. This mare is a


lovely, lovely trier. It looks like this is a step too far. Once the


heart's gone out of it... It is a little bit too big for the horse and


she has to retire. Such a shame. Belgium now. Equal with Ireland at


the moment. And Jerome Guery, the third rider for the Belgians. He won


in this horse in the Grand Prix last year as well. Horses he's ridden in


the nation's Cup. They have come under pressure before and to deliver


them. They have to do it now if they're going to stay in the charts.


Clear from the first rider, five from their second.


Touching distance to top just 2.9, the difference between the silver


medal position and the gold medal position at this stage.


Oh! The Belgians have gone from jumping clear rounds, one after the


other, just the odd fence creeping in now. It was four clears from


yesterday. It is clear and five today so far.


Just wouldn't want to have another one.


And you hate to say the Irish would have enjoyed seeing that one. He was


very lucky at that oxer. Going to run close to time. Should


just... No! No, he doesn't. So, he gets a similar score. And well,


Belgium now start to separate from Ireland. They were tied on the same


score. But Belgium will have to carry that fine. Moves up to 17.11.


Drops them into fourth place at the moment.


Double clear in the Nation's Cup this year. This is where he needs to


draw on that again to produce it here.


Douglas riding another Swedish-bred horse. Very famous Swedish stallion,


Cardento. And talk about pressure, Steve. He's had one already.


Every one of the crowd riding with him.


A big crowd here tonight and it has gone quiet again.


Oh, and he's missed his stride. It was a long five. Went for the five.


Didn't get there. So it is going to be a slide down


for the Swedish. The Irish will move up. The Irish in a strong position


after that. The The Irish will move into gold


medal position. They have to count this round. But


the Irish will have to count their last as well. Absolutely.


Whether it also plays well for Switzerland.


Oh, he's a long way off the last fence. He managed to get there.


Well, it is one that racks up the score for the Swedish and


Zacramento. Fourth place after nine for Douglas. It means the Irish move


up into the gold medal position. Swiss into silver and Belgium into


the bronze. Gregory Wathelet rode to silver


medal at the last European Championships as well. Sitting on 6.


25 individually, too. Gregory, last to go for Belgium, who are in Bronze


Medal position, on 17.11. Sitting, well, just fractions back from the


Swiss on 16. .15. These are the last few rounds now


that will do besides the medals. Boy, have we got some class riders


to come in. Some fantastic horses. Gregory Wathelet one of the great go


to riders that great to see him with a superstring of horses he is


creeping under him at the moment to show what he can do.


It is really tough. He has come back with the new string -- keeping under


him at the moment. He is quick. Time is not a problem.


Two fences. He is a long way off the last fence but inside the time. Puts


four onto the score for Belgium. Sweden would move up. It is the


final rider for Ireland, Cian O'Connor, the team leading the way


so far. This is to take it home for Ireland. Cian O'Connor can have a


time faults. He will also be seriously looking to


be in the hunt individually, as well. One fence, but no time fault.


Let's just watch! Confident on the forward five


stripes. Still clear. They last won in 2001. He gets


there, inside the time. And clear. He has done it. The man from Ireland


delivers. Cian O'Connor on a horse called Good Luck that needed little


of that. The Irish kept ahead of the field in the gold medal position and


the Irish last wedding in 2001. -- last winning in 2001. And to keep


the Swiss in a medal position they have sent in the 2012 Olympic


champion Steve Guerdat. Bianca jumped brilliantly yesterday.


Jumping a little bit too high over one oxer. Steve is a fighter and


this mare is a fighter. The great thing about Steve Guerdat,


he can go around the world winning big prize money all over the place,


but he really does want to win at Championships and Olympics and he


has the record to prove that. 2019 gold medallist at the Europeans in


Windsor. Bianca is just getting a little bit


untidy. Losing the back end over the oxer.


He adds the four to the team score and the Swiss group dropped down


into the bronze medal position. This all on for a silver medal and for


the man who leads the individual race. The silver medal he has from


Rio, finishing behind Nick Skelton. Now, can the Swedish on their home


ground take home a medal? Peder Fredricson to try to deliver again.


Fastest in the speed round and clear yesterday. Peder Fredricson is a


former top event rider. He loves to Wright in a forward ribbon. He is


flying around this course. It has gone very quiet. Very quiet.


A fence down will cost a medal here. But it would be a good finish for


the home team, if they finish where they are right now.


A clear round will keep him in front individually. Two to go.


There he goes. He continues on his way for the title potentially


individually. A super finish for the Swedes, to put the bin silver medal


position overall. The Irish will take a gold medal, Switzerland in


bronze medal position. Confirming that it is a gold for


Ireland. Silver medal for the home side, Sweden and Switzerland taking


the bronze medal. Confirmation of the individual scores. Peder


Fredricson on the zero score. William Whittaker in the end just


missing out. William, you just missed out on the


individual by one place. Commiserations. Yes... Yes, a bit


sad, really, but, I mean, what can I say? My horse jumped fantastically


again today and when I looked at the video I think I was slow to number


three and he made a fault which mess me up for the next fence. From fence


five he jumped brilliant again. I could not fault him. To miss out by


one place, you never know, somebody might pull out yet. We will have to


wait and see. But yes, it was tough out there today. All in all I was


pleased with the way my horse jumped. It was a shame I was slow


from the beginning. Shame, congratulations, three clear rounds


to be crowned champions. It does not get much better. Definitely. It


seemed a mile away this morning but everybody came through and thank


God. We have worked all year towards this and I think we deserve it. You


said you have worked all year towards it, you all live in


different places around the world and come together, how does that


work for the dynamic? We are experienced individuals and we have


been doing it a long time. Sadly we have not had a team success, the


last time island won the medal was 2001 and to recreate that tonight is


history in the making. 16 long years. A gold medal back then and a


gold medal again. Describe when you landed the final fence to clinch it.


I am looking forward to the video because I do not recall the round!


The horse jumped out of his skin. We came with a plan devised by our


Brazilian leader who has done a great job to get people to work


together. At times we sacrificed other things, certain nations


competitions but no doubt it was worth it now. Ireland are European


champions. You have Sweden as your prediction. You did not see that


coming. I was not far-away, with Sweden coming second. The Irish lads


did dig deep and they lost Bertram Allen. He was out. The others


performed brilliantly, three clear rounds today. Cian O'Connor's last


round, never looked like having a fence. A fantastic performance by


the Irish. Sadly, William Whittaker misses out on a place in the


individual by one place. The top 25 go through and he came 26.


Heartbreaking. He did well today. He just had a silly fence down early


on. He has ridden well this week and he is a class act and will be their


for British teams for a long time to come. We will have more jumping


later in the programme. Now we will turn to dressage, which, for the


last few years have been dominated by this pair. APPLAUSE


Charlotte has iced cake style. It Charlotte Dujardin with the great


Allegro has done it. And so we entered the post Allegro era, after


years of top class service he is enjoying retirement. And with no


Allegro, Charlotte is not here either. So why have spoken to double


Olympic medallist Carl Hester about the new dynamic in the team without


them. The team is experience. We first rode in the 92 Olympics and we


have known each other a long time. Spencer I know. That was one of mine


horses that came from my yard when he was young, Supernovae. It is not


a problem supporting each other but a shame we had to lose one along the


way. Charlotte is not here because her top horse has retired. How much


have the team missed Allegro and the high marks he consistently posted?


He was our anchor since 2000 and he brings in enormous scores. -- since


2011. He enables the rest of us to do what we do without pressure. But


I said if we could come here this year and held our own, show good


scores, it just shows how far British dressage has come. It cannot


all be about Allegro and now it is time for the new horses to step up.


Supernova is a top horse. Not quite going, the atmosphere affects it,


but has the same capability as Allegro. There is plenty to be


positive about. How far are we from producing another Allegro? How long


will it be up until we see Supernova reaching... ? One year. Supernova


will be the star. Charlotte has an amazing young horse. She is a


superstar waiting in the wings. I have a lovely horse. Charlotte has


been competing at small internationals and they both have


been winning. Those of the scores that take you back up to gold medal


position. This is a temporary year. We hope for a medal this year and


should have had one. I am pretty confident we will be back very


strong. Let's get into the action. We will watch the freestyle


competition where writers design their own tests and pick their own


soundtrack. Judy Harvey and Stephen wild will guide you through it. Carl


Hester and Nip Tuck. A good season already. Top three at the World Cup


final. Scoring over 80. Similar in Amsterdam and of course winning the


World Cup qualifier at Olympia. Judy, over to you. Watch out for


this start. It is fantastic. A huge degree of difficulty.


And there you have it. Piaffe, pirouette and counter pirouette and


not even turning left. That little bit of tension rescued.


That is by the masterful riding of Carl Hester.


Beautiful double error wept followed by perfect one time in front of the


judges on the centre line. We talked about highlighting your horses' best


things and that is how you do it. Carl Hester is so clever, the way he


bends the horse. When he is spooked. Look in this direction! Do not look


at that, look at this! Clearly demonstrated extended walk.


The horse supple and relaxed. You are looking at brilliant


horsemanship and brilliant training. He is a nervous horse, a big horse.


Not so talented in some areas of the work, and he has been produced to


show his full potential. And more. Just a slight loss of rhythm at the


beginning of the extended trot. I think he was a tiny bit ahead of his


music and was waiting for the note in the music to start the extended


and the horse just faltered slightly in the rhythm.


If you want to talk about harmony, this is it.


Carl Hester and Nip Tuck. The scores to come and we will see if it is


enough to put them in medal position. It needs to be 77.696% and


above. The rider has been such a sensational part of British success


in dressage. They seem happy down. They should be. The horse did a


fantastic job. That was great fun to watch. It was challenging, the music


fitted beautifully. The horse tried his heart out but still there was


the little bit of excitement when the horse gets tense in the corner,


will he contain it? Edge of your seat stuff.


At the same time, Carl Hester looked like he was having a lovely time out


there and enjoying sharing this moment with us and partnership with


the horse. They're there was a problem in the flying change. I


hoped the judges would not see it but obviously the cameraman did! You


talk about Carl Hester, it is a trusting your own ability, that you


have been there and done it. It is unfortunate the cameraman has


highlighted the areas that were difficult, but they came in parts of


the test where it would not matter so much of the judgment point of


view. At the centre line, you cannot get much straighter. Look at that,


beautiful. That should have ten. Not that we are biased! Sensational. The


scores will be along a moment. Carl Hester, what a great man he has been


for Great Britain already. Looking to the future already but Nip Tuck,


team- wise, they just missed out into fourth place earlier this week.


Now, tense moments as British supporters await. Deep breath,


80.571, into the gold medal position, Carl Hester and Nip Tuck.


He has big challenge is to come and three of those after this, but a wry


smile. And a bit more celebration. Three big hitters still to come in


our line-up. It will be a deep breath for the Danish now. Catherine


do Catherine Dufour, not too long ago she was in young riders. With


this horse that took her to Rio. Aachen, Doha. Success in those.


Another big contender. Her score in the Grand Prix special,


it was a test that had risk-taking and perfect harmony. A great


combination these two. Having come up through Young Riders with this


horse. They know each other inside out. Lovely one times again. He is


quite a small and forgive me for saying ordinary looking horse. But,


boy, does he come alive when he gets his rider on his back. He rises to


the occasion. And you do get horses that grow under the atmosphere. I


think they are often the ones who have been in partnership with the


rider a long time. They love to please their riders.


Lovely extensions. Direct extension into passage. A very correct piaffe.


Could perhaps lift the four legs a little bit more. That is looking at


the detail -- forelegs. You cannot get much more on the spot than that.


Really has impressed me this rider, her mental approach and focus and


guts and determination to get in there and deliver the goods. From


what you see already, you have the feeling she will be a sensation in


the sport for time to come and more to come from her yet. I am sure she


will be around championships in getting medals all over the place in


the future. Again, you do not see many who can


do the piaffe on the spot as she can. But perhaps it is at the


expense of the forelegs. But that is her decision. Lovely half pass.


The horse really uses his body in his top line in the extended walk.


It is exceptional to see that. Hans Zimmer movie theme music. Yes.


You win on that one! I am much more up on the 80s stuff!


The height he is getting in the passage and the energy he is


prepared to put into it after a week of sport and three long tests. And


amazingly generous little horse. Lovely turns.


Catherine Dufour of Denmark. Atterupgaards Cassidy. A pairing


that have come together through the under 21s and now part of the senior


stage. Where will it put them? Will it put them in a medal position? We


will not in a moment, but it has been a good week for the Danish. And


also for Sweden. Patrick Kittel currently in sixth spot. And


if there is an after party, there might be some schnapps. We will look


at the scores closely in a moment that 80.614 for Carl Hester, so


increases a little on the confirmation. Leaving him in the


gold medal position at this stage. What were your standouts here for


this test? I think the correctness, the lack of mistakes. The harmony


between the two. The Two tests to come after this for


Germany... Closing out a good week for


Catherine Dufour, who was in the medals as we mentioned for the


teams. 84.5 61. Into the gold medal position. She is going to be a


superstar. She ready is. -- she really is.


Sonke Rothenberger with another young horse, ten years old, Cosmo.


This is the provisional score at the moment. Carl Hester in the silver


medal position as it stands. He has been part of the team gold medal


winning combination here this week. Good score over 80 in the Grand Prix


special. This could shake things up again? Certainly could.


Choosing to go a long way down the centre line before stopping and


saluting. This has to be the highest potential


horse of the championships. Cosmo. Very exciting, talented, brilliant


horse. I have known him some time, because he grew up with. A truly


wonderful talent. But with that flair and excitability that can


sometimes cause mistakes and little errors. That is an extended trot and


I am sure he will do one for more marks later in his freestyle.


Look at those front legs. Also matched behind.


The bounce and spring in that piaffe. Gosh, he is a fabulous


horse. The youngest rider in the field at


22 years of age. If you have a Formula 1 horse, you have to have a


Formula 1 rider. 34 jumping starts on the FEI website before he


switched to dressage. That has perhaps given him the temperament to


Wright a machine like this. -- to ride.


Spring and elasticity in that cantor.


These two times were outstanding. To do them on a line with that power


and that height Music's very clever, too. It goes


with this sharp, light, intelligent horse.


Mistake. Got a little bit too big and free.


That's clever. I was wondering when he was doing the twos again. He took


them to one-time changes. They will count to his one-times mark. He


could have pulled back that little bit. I am sure we will see there's


been a lot of tens in that test. Completing his test. The leading


score today is 84.5.61, confirmed. But the Germans, plenty of elation


there and you can see why, Judy. That was just exceptional. It was


real hairs on the back of your neck stuff for me. The excitement of the


horse. Such a live wire, with so much power and the knife edge and


the risk-taking and all coming off. Little mistake at the end of those


ones. But wow! That was great to watch. It is what dressage should


all be about. The thing is she's now thrown down the gauntlet. She cannot


make any mistakes. Look at him go. The harmony. The horse looks so


enthusiastic. Finds it so easy. He has since he was three this horse.


He's been phenomenal to watch. Well, expecting a big score for the


German rider. We will see what it will be in a moment's time.


The Danish judge looks disappointed there.


The Danish are slipping out of the medals. That is only my opinion.


Still at the top for the Danes. . You see that mistake. Just got


slightly ed. If you compare with the straightness of nip tucks. When


you've got that mistakes can come in.


The score on its way. A different feeling in the stadium


as well. Just a complete hush. There it is - coming at 90. .614.


Rothenberger and Cosmo - blown it away in a different way here in


Gothenburg. The last to go for Germany. She's


got medals by the bundles from five Olympic golds, similar at world


games. European Championships as well. She scored up into the 90s


with this horse already this year. Already been so solid this week.


This mare is such an enthusiastic partner for Isabel. Yesterday an exh


I bigs in considerate horsemanship, giving them more -- exhibition in


considerate horsemanship. Giving them this for competing today.


This is a real nail biter for the judges.


It is going to be very, very close. Watching closely...


She's not about to make a mistake and throw it away, that's for sure.


All that experience. You don't get six Olympic gold


medals without learning how to... Exactly!


Think correctly under pressure. Fabulous pirouette. She's even


smiling. There we go. Coming in and after a sensational performance, in


the Grand Prix special to top that, now the freestyle.


A round of applause, six times Olympic golds. This week she'd


picked up individual gold. I think he knows he might just have been


pipped to the post. Well, she couldn't have done any more. It is


down to his brilliance and whether the highlights of his test were


enough to overtake Isabell who has not made a mistake and done


everything technically correct, and in her own unique brilliant way.


Isabell's score to come. Well she's had 97.02 in Amsterdam. It is very


possible for her to go higher. Superb harmony - the horse willing,


supple. It will be lovely if they could be


equal. Might have to have a shuffle around for another medal at that


point. Surely they stack a spare away


somewhere! She knows she's done her best.


There's nothing more she can do and it's in the hand of the judges. Time


to sit tight and wait for the score. Will it be gold following on from


the Grand Prix special yesterday and a brilliant team performance to take


gold earlier on in the week? Leading score 90.614 from Rothenberger, also


from Germany. Heads the golds at the moment. A deep breath. It's


coming... 90.982. It is enough. Yes! It is a philosophical smile because


you can see how much it means to Isabell. She's hungry for the win.


After all that success it means a huge amount to her. So, let's have a


look at that result. : Carl, fourth in the free event and


now fourth in the freestyle as well. It hasn't been your week, has it?


Not really. You know, to say I'm disappointed is a bit of an


understatement. It came here to try and get a bronze in the freestyle.


It is my strongest class. However, when I looked at the three horses


above me, they are huge quality. They have really, really great


horses. They are capable of big scores. And Nip Tuck hasn't done a


show since the World Cup in April. He's bounced back, getting better


and better and better. I think if I had another day he would be even


better. I gave him a fairly easy morning this morning thinking it


with us the end of a long week and I paid the price he was a little bit


inattentive and spooky in a corner. I lost a few points there. I don't


think I would court third place there. I am the only one who's going


to remember I am fourth. The horse has come a long way to g et to this


level, so it is not all a disaster. Those scores from Germany, up in the


90%s. I mean that is incredible scoring, isn't it? Huge scoring.


Let's not forget though I Valegro was getting 95. They have to match


what he did. He holds the record for that. They are young horses. I would


imagine that Sonke's horse that was pipped into the position, that could


go all the way and run Allegro close in the future. You are the European


champion again. I think I have counted correctly 17 European gold


medals. Three of them won this week. Does it ever get boring? No. This


was so exciting and such a great competition today. It was a super


afternoon. We had great rides and pushing each other, it was super.


Germany back in front when it comes to dressage now. Were you pleased to


see the vak of Valegro -- back of Valegro? Love to compete against the


best ones. And it was really a pity that they decided to retire him. I


can understand it. It is always great to retire a horse on the top.


But I was hoping, really I was hoping that they could keep on going


one, two more years because the horse and, young enough, and OK we


have to accept the decision and it is a pity for us. But I think it is


really a big, big, big, pity and for the British team and for British


dressage at the moment and they need new combinations. So this is, I


think for them it is more difficult than for us. Here we go for gold.


Skelton... Against the clock... Brilliantly! One left to go! Just


gallop to the last! Oh, give him a cheer! For goodness'


sake! What a horse, what a rider! It is another gold for Great Britain.


Nick Skelton's gold medal - one of the highlights of the Rio Olympics.


No British riders here going going for individual honours in Gothenburg


after William Whitaker didn't make it through. Today could be Sweden's


day. They got silver in the team jumping.


Can the gold be brought home for the home crowd? . We hope so. We have a


fantastic crowd. He is in terrific form. The horse looks like a


machine. So the home crowd, that I are hoping for that big win. The


Irish team won the gold in the team. They have been going well


individually. Three clear rounds in that final. Cian O'Connor - strong


contenders. Shane Sweetnam is in there. The Irish are looking very


strong, too. Showjumping, in essence, entoo irly difficult to


predict. I will not press you for any more detail. Is it action time.


The best 12 going through to the final round later on this last day


of the championships. The top five riders all within a sense of the


leader of this year's European Championships. Keeping it very close


at the top. But the big interests for Ireland with Cian O'Connor and


Shane Sweetnam, it is the home nations Sweden that have the biggest


interest with the Olympic silver medallist Peder Fredricson leading


the way. Belgium, Jerome Guery. This is very good horse and we saw early


in the week that the Belgians came out that it was clear after clear.


It went wrong in the second round of the team competition but they came


out fighting. The riders coming in, taking it more and more seriously,


getting closer and closer to the leaders. We are not seeing an


abundance of clear rounds. Anything can still happen.


That water jump is interesting. It does not look particularly scary


when you walk the course but this week the horses have had a bit of a


peek at it, and the riders have to put extra pressure on, which am


settles the rhythm. -- which unsettles.


OK for time. Looks good. 9.20 two. He does all he can this afternoon.


With a clear here, it keeps them just in with a faint chance. As you


say getting closer and closer to those riders that only have two,


three penalties. Anything can happen. We have seen it before.


Keeping up a really good pace. Attacks the water. That is the way


you have to rider it. This mare is a trier, very athletic.


The combination has not caused too many problems. I thought the short


five would be more difficult. He follows in his Belgian team-mate


and it is clear for Niels Bruynseels. The Netherlands. Jur


Vrieling. Team silver in London at the Olympics and gold at the World


Equestrian Games and at the last European Championships. Oh, it has


been like the Dutch week. They have not featured, surprisingly. It is


extraordinary. It really hasn't gone for them. This is a lovely horse but


has come in, no concentration. That is a big shock again for the Dutch


team. This line, there are options. This


one is a regular distance to the yellow oxer but the one before is


six or seven and is not in a straight line. So it is not only the


length and stride you judge, but the route you take. You have to know


your horse and understand the length of your horse's stride. If you do


not have a plan, you will be in trouble. In the middle of the


combination, it is very short. Short again. The course builders have got


this absolutely right. Going to run close to the time allowed, just


inside. Germfree lingo is So impressed with Denis Lynch this


week. He is improving as a rider. They know each other inside out.


A big stallion. Loads of range. Eating that distance. He has taken


one out. We have not seen anyone else do that there. It shows how


much range this horse has got. I don't know how that happened, but


it stayed up. Jumped it on the left-hand side. It hit the wing.


That is where he has to shorten. He has taken one out there, as well.


Goodness me. You can see how quick he is. Keeps himself at 7.70 six.


Spain now. He has had one of his best season so far, Sergio.


The only rider for Spain in touching distance of the front group. He is a


tricky horse to ride. His neck has more muscle underneath its ban on


top. It makes him tricky to ride. Almost like riding a big pony. He is


a real trier. He might not be the biggest but he has a lot of range


and a big heart. A big struggle between horse and


rider to get the balance. Both of these two fighting for everything.


When it becomes a struggle, in the end, sometimes, it gets untidy.


The previous's -- previous year's winner. Coming back in fine form.


They were clear in the second round of the team.


Philipp Weishaupt is a fantastic technician who sits beautifully on


the horse. Immaculate style. This horse is lovely to watch, a graceful


athlete. Very forward down both of those distances and he takes a


stride out and makes it look so easy.


Still only ten years old, this horse, and it feels like he has been


around a while because he won the Aachen Grand Prix as a


nine-year-old. He has a wonderful character.


Nicely done. He stays on 6.7 three. Clear for Philipp Weishaupt.


A super combination. The Dutch man Harrie Smolders. The


last couple of seasons this man has been on fire. Winning the Chantilly


Grand Prix. This horse was second in Hamburg. They won the Rome Grand


Prix in September. Now jumping in his second European Championships


with this one. We know the time allowed is achievable but you have


to make sure that he keeps Don VHP Z moving. Using his stride there,


which he did really well. Horses with a lot of scope can take one


less down those distances. He has not touched a fence this week. We


had one time fault on the first day of the teams.


Very cleverly ridden by Harrie Smolders, making sure he did not


jump him too far into the combination. He has done a good job


of keeping his pace. A good one by Harrie Smolders, keeping it tight at


the top. As we are going in reverse order, he goes to the top of the


table. One of the classiest riders in the


world of showjumping. Marcus Ehning of Germany. One fence down in the


second round of the team competition. Second in the opening


speed leg. Marcus has been in this position again and again. He has had


Olympic gold medals this season he has been putting in the double


clears in Aachen and rotten -- Rotterdam.


There are certain riders you come to watch them whether they win or not


and Marcus Ehning is one of those. He can relax and you can enjoy his


style and technique. If he has a fence, so what, he is a master. He


is the style everybody aims for. All of the greats in any sport seem to


have more time and make it look that little bit easier than everybody


else. It is not fair, but they are born that way!


A typical smooth rider. One of the things about this style, he gets a


quick round and you do not notice he is going quickly. Oh, and that is


that lazy fence. Sometimes Pret a Tout can drop the backend. As we


expected, comfortable with the time allowed.


Fourth at the moment, going in reverse order. Marcus Ehning, a joy


to watch and to see him dropping back.


Daniel Goldstein representing Israel internationally. The recent form has


been fantastic. -- Danielle Goldstein. This horse was bred in


England. A big winner of novice Championships back in the UK.


What we have noticed with Danielle Goldstein, she loves to attack the


course. She is not afraid to rider positively at the jumps.


Tried to set up in the middle of the combination. Very short in. She will


not have trouble with the clock, breaking the 70 second barrier.


Belgium. Pieter Devos. The second to do that. Yes, so fortunate when you


have an early, easy fence down. I say easy, but it is all relative.


Now, the next riders after this, it gets really serious. Moving to the


top five. All within a fence. For this round, the aim is get the clear


round, move on and then take the battle to round B. It is looking


obvious that clear rounds are achievable and any riders who have a


fence now, it will push them right down. We do not like to make too


many predictions, but we expect some clears from the final group. Sales


over the last. -- sails. We can see the current


leaderboard with Harrie Smolders at the top of it. Denis Lynch has been


moving up the position is quite neatly so far. Alberto


Zorzi, Cornetto K. The top 12 go into the next round to decide the


medals. That second fence, coming away from the entrance, very early


on. These horses that have been jumping clear all week, suddenly


losing concentration. It is fascinating witch. You would never


think that fence would come down with horses and riders of this


calibre. In terms of height and size, just


over 150. They could come to a fence like that in the collecting ring and


jump it 50 times out of 50. A little bit of atmosphere, away from the


entrance, it is not always the size of the fence. You are jumping


beautifully and immaculately, as he has been all week, after that. So


the pattern repeats itself. Italy's best hope will slip down.


Cian O'Connor and Good Luck. He has needed little luck this week. It has


been about the plan. He won in Poland with this horse early this


season and as always the championship, he keeps himself in


contention. Walking the course early on, looking at Cian O'Connor walking


the course with Jerry, his long-time mentor and the two of them are


leaving no stone unturned. They walked the course over and over and


discussed every last little bit of what they are going to do.


This is a little horse with a massive engine.


He's keeping up a good pace. Should be OK against the clock to make sure


he gets under the 75 seconds. Shortens up for the Fife. Just one


to go. -- five. Just one to go.


Cian O'Connor, to keep the Irish flag very much in for a potential of


a double gold this week. You never know it is clear from Cian and good


luck. That is definitely, Andy, a man with a plan.


Thaul planning and hard work paying off.


You could see he rode his plan to perfection.


Shane Sweetnam, 2.10. Just a fraction ahead of Cian O'Connor for


the rider. Chaqui Z has come here jumping and


Shane has ridden brilliantly - hasn't put a foot wrong.


Shane, with big backing from America, has definitely stepped up.


Always been a top rider. Brilliant! Executed his plan to


perfection down there. He's able to take the stride out.


And then you can see the instant control to shorten what he wants to.


This is really, really classy at the moment.


That was bad luck. He looked like he had got everything he wanted there.


We had not seen that fence come down.


He will get inside the time. The four to add, that will move Cian


O'Connor up above Shane Sweetnam. 6.1. Shan egos into third.


Two to come. Young. In Martin Fuchs. Didn't use his


shoulders at the double. So Cian O'Connor. At the top.


Harrie Smolders continues to move up. And actually, will stay ahead of


Shane Sweetnam at the moment. Still a long way to go here.


Clearly one of those horses, you know he's super talented, but just


now and again lets himself down. He's not quite on it today.


So it is all over for Martin Fuchs. Cian O'Connor, tlaul. 10.03 in the


end - for Martin Fuchs and Clooney. Dejection in the Swiss squad there.


Peder Fredicson, on a 0 score. He leads the way. He's been exactly


that since the start of this week. And well, he's just been


consistently there all the time. Silver individually at the Olympic


games in 2016. The man who took Nick Skelton to the closest for the


Olympic title, but Nick pipped him at the post. No Nick Skelton this


time. It's a clear run. I watched Peder when he was walking


the course. He's got his pen and paper. He's writing all the


distances down as he's walking them. Riding the course in his head. He's


such a perfectionist. Not extravagant. He's not the most


pretty-looking horse, but he's been like a machine at these


championships. Well, is that the wake-up call he needed? He was very


lucky there. Trying to lift him over every fence.


He's done it. He's done it. All the way to the top


and staying there. Peder Fredicson. H M All In.


A smile across the face of Mullins and the rest of the stadium as well.


I think we were all willing him over that one, Andy. We were. That was


incredible riding. He was in big trouble in the combination. He made


up too much ground. That is whatted a true, top rider can do -- - what a


true top rider can do. He had to make it physical, where he's so


smooth. He shortened that and he got the horse over. He's home.


The scream that went up when Peder Fredicson landed that last fence.


Peder Fredicson is the man to beat. It is very close. The Irish are hot


on his heels. Three Irish riders all within a shout of the medal.


The final stage - our top 12. They will go in reverse order.


Jerome Guery to start things off. Sweet two more Ireland and Peder


Fredicson producing yet another clear round in our previous


competition. H All In, comes through with a clean sheet, in gold


medal position. Yes, it is a royal occasion, too.


They have joined in applause with the crowd. There Peder Fredicson


going through the warm-up stages. There will not be much other than


just keeping it lose, I suspect. Don't leave your jumping in the


collecting ring. They don't need to jump many fences now before they


come in. It is mainly about keeping them warm, keeping their muscles


right and mentally focussed. Jerome Guery then first to start off the


final stage of the European Championship final here in


Gothenburg. Starts on 9.22. Rider from Belgium. We will see him start


things off with the horse which won at Miami beach, earlier on this


season. Very, very different setting. Toll go with Grand Cru Van


De Rozenberg. This will be fascinating to see how he goes from


what we glean from this later on. Time allowed, 66. Those like Cian


O'Connor, Peder Fredicson - they are watching intensely to make sure they


know how fast to go, where to turn. Huge massive fences. This,er here.


No fillers. Really square. You see the extra effort the horses have to


make. Another huge oxer there. This is the


power line. The time does look pretty tight.


That really is big line He's going to be over that time by just a


fraction. Just over. 66. 69. And will take the score up to 14.


25, to add for Jerome Guery of gellum. But Andy, we can see -- of


Belgium, but Andy we can see it will not be an easy finish. This track is


what we thought it was - it is power, it is stamina. This last


line, it takes so much grunt from the horse and you see there just a


step too far for Grand Cru. A huge, huge stretch over the water tray in


the combination. Belgium represented by Niels


Bruynseels now. Cas De Liberte has had a fantastic season. Back in the


early part of the year, back in April, but has been a contender in


their nation's cup campaign, where they finished top of Division 2.


Just over two fences of that leading position.


This mare, not if biggest. She's got a huge heart.


The Belgiums have come out very, very strongly after what has been a


difficult time. They have a great group of riders together at the


moment. They have. They have pulled together under their new chef. Can


this plucky mare make that effort to jump down the combination? 160 going


in. Fantastic effort in the middle there.


9.84 will be the finishing score for Belgium and Niels Bruynseels, Cas De


Liberte. You have to love this mare - she's an out and out trier. When


your want your horse to dig deep. There's only so much as a rider you


can do. A lovely mare. She gave it everything. Look at the stretch and


the effort over that oxer there. Germany's Marcus Ehning, was in


second place earlier on this week. He's slipped back and now a score of


8. 8.59. Two faults in two rounds with him with Pret A Tout.


The route this man takes is the one always to watch, isn't it, Andy?


Yes, he just shaves off little bits of time everywhere. As soon as he


lands he's smoothly away from the French. -- from the fence. In the


end, it might not matter, actually thinking about it if Peder Fredicson


gets a time fault. He jumps clear. He can actually get two. So, for him


it is not too big a deal. For the other medals it could well be.


This will give us a good indicator of time.


Marcus just edging off, as you say, all the wasmt He's going to be well


inside. Marcus Ehning, class as ever.


63. 45. It is obvious it is not a technical


course. It is about power and stammered. The distances regular. It


is just really if you're horse has the jump left. And has the power to


jump that last line. Marcus, as always, making it look a little bit


too easy and very smooth, very regular. The Germans happy enough


with that. The closest contender through the week for them. This lady


has risen up during the week. And will be closely watched by many.


Danielle Goldstein of Israel. Flew around early in the week. She won


big Grand Prix this season. This horse only joined her in September


last year. They have franked their form. It is a horse you know well


and has more and more gears. We have given everybody else a mention. Kim,


where the horse was produced. But also Scott. I know he is at home


watching this. This is a horse that has been produced, bred, and trained


in Britain. Unfortunately not jumping on the British team. A horse


that won the King George V Gold Cup last year before coming to the


stable of Danielle Goldstein. She has quickly built a partnership. Her


reputation and standing in the sport has rocketed up over the last few


months. I have been so impressed with her here.


This mare, Lizziemary, has a big heart. Always trying every inch of


the way. Just have the odd unlucky fence but whatever happens this


week, Danielle Goldstein and this mare, they have done themselves


proud and been very impressive. Under the guidance of Elena


Dickenson. She would be somebody to have in your corner. We will look at


the time, not too far away. Definitely achievable. 12.49 will be


the final score. A solid performance. Very solid. She is


unlucky there. Just touching the vertical. Did not do anything wrong.


These fences are so huge. 1.16 metres. After the triple bar, really


difficult to jump. It has been a crowd pleaser, this week. They will


see some fences, that might be up to verticals that height, but they have


wrapped it up here to another level. Pieter Devos. Danielle Goldstein.


Two fences of the leading score for Pieter Devos. This horse going well


this season. Jumping well in the nations cup in Austria, where


Belgium have top Division 2 to go back into the top flight next


season. Making a good start. This is a horse


you think this kind of course would suit because he has so much power.


A big press in the middle and gets the answer he was looking for. He


will be OK. All he can do is sit back and see what the rest do. It


could be a medal, it may not. He has jumped a clear round, he has to sit


and watch. Starting to get to the business end. That was a lovely


round. Pieter Devos with Espoir, that tracksuited them. Accurate


riding. Plenty of power under the bonnet. Just the kind of horse to


jump these big fences. A very good job. Monday back to being involved


in the family fruit and veg business. A busy character. He has


certainly delivered for Belgium throughout the weekend is their


closest finish at 8.0 five. Island with huge interest.


-- Ireland with huge interest. Denis Lynch of Ireland. All Star five. A


horse he rode at the Equestrian games. A past winner of the


Barcelona Grand Prix. Solid all the way. This big bouncing powerhouse


has all the capability at this. There is nothing like making a


prediction in showjumping, but this horse has power in abundance. We


have seen him jump huge oxers over many years with effortless ease. You


would like to think this would be a good course for these two. My


question here would be time. Well... We know he has power, but he lost


that concentration. Sometimes towards the end of the week, fatigue


slipping in. This horse can jump a mountain. The great thing about


showjumping, you have to be careful over the tricky early fences.


And that feeling as a rider when you have the first fence down in a


pressure moment, the kind of jump you know you're horse can jump all


day long, it makes your heart sink but you have to put it behind you


and finish your round off. Keep your focus. Watching him over the couple


of big oxers, so easy. A fraction behind on time. But a


mark of a professional. The first goes but you have to pick yourself


up and get on with it. He did that and the rest of the round was


copybook so massive disappointment. He has gone really well all week.


Good old All Star five has been a fantastic servant. Watch the first.


Maybe he was a fraction loose and open. He jumped it 99 times out of


100. Going into fifth place but that will change because we are going in


reverse order. Alberto Zorzi. A name that has shot into the ranks in the


last two seasons. Cornetto K. Less than two fences off the leader here.


The man behind the stable watching. Alberto winning at the Monaco Grand


Prix. A home victory for the Italians in Rome, the first time in


34 years. Now he will try to deliver success here.


The older generation are having to really fight for their places on the


rankings now because there is a new breed of superstar rider coming


through. And this man is one of them.


Again, Andy, he will creep up into that Marcus Ehning category of cool


and relaxed. He is already there. I love watching him. He is very good


in his temperament and technique. A nice easy five strides, just


watching the time. You see, he moved up a gear. He could just be a


fraction slower. He will be behind the clock. 66 seconds allowed. He


takes the clear, but 68.0 four. The score, it will not make a huge


difference. The time fault is not such a big problem. He showed his


class. He steadied up slightly in the middle of the course and the


margins are so fine, if you break your rhythm anywhere, it is hard to


get your timing. He tried to make it up. He was aware he was a little bit


slow. The Italians are rightly proud and there will be many more


championships where he will figure. Philipp Weishaupt, Germany. Winning


the Aachen Grand Prix last year. Making his championship debut here.


He has missed out on a number of occasions. Now with this horse,


which was out of action for a little while but back into it now.


Ludger Beerbaum, a man behind him in training. That is quite


extraordinary! Not only does he get four penalties for the stop, but he


will get a lot of time faults, as well. That has blown Philipp


Weishaupt's chances out of the water totally. What a shame. I absolutely


love this horse. He knows him well, he has had him since he was a


youngster. He was not expecting that. But they are animals and they


have their own mind and he suddenly took a dislike to the fence. It has


unsettled him and unfortunately this round will be one he wants to


forget. It all starts to unravel. The concentration goes, be horse is


unsettled and if it has a stop, it makes them edgy. You know, that


should not have happened. It gets untidy. As we said it will put a


raft of time faults on top. Philipp Weishaupt and LB Convall.


16. A chunk of that for time. The wheels came off down the road. It


was extraordinary. He is spooked at the fence and he is a cheeky


stallion. He said, I don't like the look of that. We should remember


Alberto Zorzi is actually in the lead. There are a few horses and


riders knocking fences down and things going wrong and we are


beginning to run out of riders. Peder Fredricson, off the horse at


the moment, as we come to the final four. This man on a score of 6.1.


Two for the Irish. The Netherlands and Sweden are in there. Shane


Sweetnam. And Chaqui Z. Back in 2001 they won the team gold. And now he


has just got to keep finding that little bit more. Four in the last


round. You wonder how much is left in this pair.


It will be interesting to see how easily. He jumped a couple of these


earlier fences and see if there's plenty of fuel left in the tank.


Such a test of carefulness after the triple bar.


First of the really big fences. No problems at all.


This to go ahead if he can stay clear down here.


Oh! Desperately unlucky! That vertical... Dropping down the order.


He's put a good effort up all week. 10. 104. Slip him to fifth place w


three still to come. It's been a fight towards the end. But just out


of contention. The Irish, whatever happens, they go away with medals in


their pocket. Well, it is looking that way. You'll be better than


doing the maths than me, Steve. What happens if one of the next rider has


a fence? Well, does that guarantee a medal? Not quite. I will work it out


and get back to you. I will transtrait on this one first. --


concentrate on this one first. Harrie Smolders, into our medal


positions. 5.5.2. With Don VHP A really solid clear jumping horse.


This is where they have to produce it again.


Well, I am sure the Light family will be watching intently - this


horse was produced by them. So, if I have this right if he jumps


clear he's guaranteed at least a Bronze Medal. Yes.


Correct. He's not hurrying around here. He


doesn't look worried about the odd time fault. Actually on 5. 2.


One won't make a huge difference. The most he'll get is one time


fault. He's done it! Gets in by a fraction.


. And into a medal position for Harrie Smolders. A part of Sussex


that will cheering that one along. This horse, produced there, was a


big winner back in the UK and very, very popular.


Cian O'Connor, riding with Irish hopes once again. They were gold


medallists in the team. Cian needs to do what he does so


well now and produce it under pressure again.


That last round looked fresh, ready to go. He's a naturally powerful


horse. Very unlucky to run out of energy. He's looked pure class all


the way through. So, you know, I don't expect him to find that the


power fence is a problem. But there are so many different little tricky


fences out there as well with the odd vertical, anything could happen.


Anything can happen. The Irish will watch intently. Harrie Smolders


riding out. Cian O'Connor riding potentially for his medal. Harrie


Smolders we know will be up there. Ridden in this situation for the


team several times and to secure that medal earlier in the week.


There's the offence. It wasn't the power fence. It was a little


vertical. A big vertical, but no fillers. Those are the types of


fences when the fatigue creeps in that can cost you a medal. Harrie


Smolders moves up. Well, guaranteed a silver.


Cian has to really focus here. 6. 25 would still get him the bronze.


And he's going to get there inside of time. 64. 77. Into Bronze Medal


position. Harrie Smolders stays ahead.


But either way, he goes with two medals in the cabinet after this


week. He's not had a bad week. He's


definitely got a medal and who is to say what colour it will be. We have


our last ride tore go. Great reaction from Cian. He saluted the


crowd. He's obviously disappointed. It was just that big vertical. A


little bit of fatigue crept in. As we thought he would, he ate the big


oxers. One to come. So that Bronze Medal


position, this is what it comes down to. Peder Fredicson. Silver


medallist in Rio. H All In. He can actually have a


fence and a time fault and still win the Europe peen championship.


-- European Championship. In Rio it was Nick Skelton that


denied him the title. Sweden holds its breath.


Just showed signs of a little bit of fatigue in the last round.


Can he just keep fighting? Deafly silence in this arena. Had to


make an extra stride there. Got to push forward to stretch over the


oxer. Final line. 66 time allowed, but he


can have time faults. Oh, cannot afford another one. Now


he could get one time and get there. He's going to play close. Incredibly


close. It's five fine in the end. It's gold for Sweden on home ground


and a deserved performer. When he hit that fence he hit it


really hard. I thought for a second he would fall apart. All In fought


and fought and fought. And combha what a fantastic result.


The Royal Family watching on. Peder Fredicson is European champion. In


Rio Nick Skelton denied them there. Harrie Smolders, as we mentioned,


will take silver. Cian O'Connor will take another medal home in bronze.


Here's that last line. Quite a bad mistake and fortunately didn't pit


him off. Hit it -- put him off. Hit it quite hard, actually. That must


have been a heart-stopping moment for the connections. When he cleared


the last fence, huge relief. Individual final table here in


Gothenburg - European champion, Peder Fredicson, H All In.


It is bronze for Ireland. It is double medals for them here and it


is Cian O'Connor that takes the bronze with Good Luck.


Peder, congratulations! Describe how it feels to clear the last, hear


that roar and know you are European champion on your home soil? It was


very special. What did it feel like? First, to win


the Europeans at home, in front of my people is amazing and then also


to be last out and I was still in the arena when I knew I had a medal,


the feeling is undescribable. What a week Cian for Irish showjumping -


you must be chuffed to bits? It is brilliant to win a meed. If you told


me I would -- to win a medal. If you told me a bronze. A little bit


upset. What went wrong? Rushed the vertical. I think I rushed the turn


to the bar. He shot forward up that line and I supported him at the


vertical but maybe didn't hold on to him enough. He had a rub. He jumped


brilliant the rest of the way. The combination, gave it five feet.


These horses have jumped five rounds this week and full of running. Best


competitors in Europe. Best horses. If you look at the three horses on


the podium. All In is one of the best in the world. Harrie Smolders's


horse has jumped so many clear rounds. I think the highest


percentage of clear rounds on the circuit and my guy has had a super


season. It is good jumping when the three best horses come out on top.


What an eruption of joy and relief from the Swedish crowd here when


Peder Fredicson clinched the gold. It is much deserved this week, isn't


it Andy? Well, this format here rewards consistency and this is the


most consistent pairing I have seen in world showjumping. Clear through


the Olympics. One fence down here. It was a fine margin in the end.


He's got the gold for Sweden. A medal the crowd wanted. It has been


a great week for Ireland, adding that individual bronze to their team


gold. Cian O'Connor, he was desperately unlucky. That is


showjumping. The odd against down, your dreams are dashed. They are


very happy. The sun is shining here. That is almost it from us. Plenty of


sport coming your way here on the BBC later on. It is a bumper Match


of the Day 2 tonight, with four Premier League matches this


afternoon. Mark Chapman will be here with the best of the action.


On Tuesday, highlights from the Badminton World Championships.


Also on Tuesday, all the action from the boxing world amateur


championships. On the website and connected red button. On Thursday


Dan Walker and his guests will bring you news from transfer deadline day


with a Football Focus special at 10. 45pm on BBC One. Not a memorable


European Championships as far as Great Britain are concerned, but one


which will be celebrated in the Irish history books for years to


come. What a finale. For Sweden, a home gold in Gothenburg. Thanks for


watching. # Shout it up,


put up your hands high


Katherine Downes presents highlights from the European Championships at the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden. The action includes team showjumping, which Great Britain last won in 2013, as well as the individual showjumping and dressage freestyle. In the latter discipline, GB's two-time Olympic medallist Carl Hester could be amongst the contenders.

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