2011 European Eventing Championships


Rishi Persad introduces highlights from the three days of competition at the European Championships in Germany. Great Britain is the most successful nation in the biennial event.

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The crowd are on their feet in the grandstand. Good footwork again.


Rebecca Adlington is bringing it home for Great Britain. Denise


Great Britain get the gold medal! Yes! Yes! Kelly Holmes for Great


Britain. What a performance. are absolutely brilliant. Great


When it comes to European Championships, no-one is in better


shape than Great Britain. Gold for our dressage last weekend. This


weekend, can our eventers make it 19 golds in a row in Germany? Held


every two years, these are the 30th HSBC FEI European Eventing


Championships. Not only is there a team gold on offer, but an


individual title, too. # Will you recognise me? #


What a fantastic performance! The European Champion for Great


Britain. Sheila Willcox and High and Mighty,


champion of Europe. She is the European Champion. British riders


have won this 18 times. It is going really well. The Germans


entertained us with beer when we arrived at the end of the cotsz-


country walk. -- cross-country walk. I remember it so vividly. You know


nothing has changed even though ten million euros have been spent on it


to make all the surface all-weather. The whole place has still got the


same feel, the same heart, the same soul. It is wonderful. But for the


14 nations competing, it will be a very different Luhmuhlen. The


Showground here has undergone a nine million euro makeover. This


cross-country course has been designed by Captain Mark Phillips.


It is very different to the compact Olympic course at Greenwich.


Nevertheless, what happens over the next few days will have a huge


bearing on selection for 2012. Now, though, it is time to have a closer


look at the British team. Nicola Wilson was part of the gold


medal-winning team two years ago. The 34-year-old will be performing


the role of Pathfinder. It is lovely to be part of the team and


to go out first on a horse I have ridden for so many years. It is


very exciting. Anything can happen. We keep fingers crossed that we


come home clear and inside or as near as possible. Piggy French won


individual silver at the last European Championships. Will make


her first appearance as part of the team this time around. It is what


we all work for. I get such a thrill out of riding for my country


and trying to do as well as possible. We usually are a very


strong nation at it. To be with people competing in the same team


as the likes of William Fox-Pitt and Mary King, that sort of calibre,


is very thrilling. Mary King's teenage daughter has been selected


for the Junior British Eventing Team and the 50-year-old will be


out to set the perfect example by winning her fifth title. I am old.


We are very much a team. We are all in it together. There's great team


spirit. We are looking forward to a good week. Mr Eventing, William


Fox-Pitt, is targeting a seventh European team title aboard Cool


Mountain. The Germans, in Luhmuhlen, which is one of their biggest


events, they run here regularly, the horses are produced here. The


terrain they are very comfortable with. There was bad news for Polly


Stockton who was forced to withdraw moments before the start of her


dressage test leaving the 37-year- old disappointed. You know your


horse inside out and I knew he wasn't 100%. The vet has had a look.


We are not sure what is wrong. We decided in the best interests of


the horse to go out there on the cross-country, it is too big an ask,


if they are not feeling 110%. I'm gutted. The final member of the


line-up taking part in the individual competition only is 21-


year-old Laura Collett who becomes the youngest rider to grace the


squad in over two decades. I'm delighted to welcome the reigning


European Champion Tina Cook to the show. After withdrawing him from


Badminton, he had to have a course of antibiotics and was very, very


ill and had to have blood transfusions. He nearly died. He's


alive and putting on weight very well at home. I think I'm not going


to be able to get him fit enough to get him out this season. People


will be worried about you qualifying for the Olympics next


year. What is the situation there? As bizarre as it may seem, we are


the reigning bronze medallists. We are not qualified as we speak. I


will be working on him over the winter to come out next season to


get him qualified in the spring. And get my form back. The British


team is so strong, I need to get back into the reckoning and get


selected for London. Speaking of the British team, the record in the


European Championships is quite outstanding 21 team golds out of 29.


It looks as if it is there for the taking. Is it that simple?


Championship can throw up all sorts of surprises. There is a strong


opposition out there. The Germans have 12 riders here. They will be


picking four of their very best. Four of their very best are World


Champions, they are reigning Olympic Champions. Nothing is


predicted at all. You need a bit of luck on your side. Well those are


Tina's thoughts. Let's take a closer look at the newest member of


the squad, riding as an individual. Here is the young lady they are all


talking about, Laura Collett, the youngest rider competing at this


year's Badminton. She's looked after him all the way round. I read


a headline that said "Laura Collett takes Badminton by storm." Would


that be fair? On the first day, I was very early to go, I was like


fifth in on the first day of dressage and I ended up after two


days in third place. For me, it was unbelievable. Here is the young


lady that has put her name very much in contention for the title,


Laura Collett. I first went on a horse when I was two. I went


through showing until I was 13. That is when I decided I wanted to


do something more challenging and I dropped very lucky with the first


pony I bought, who took me to my first pony championship. I went


from there. When you got bitten by the bug, you were lucky to get on


the World Class Programme? I did at the beginning of 2005, so before I


went to the Pony Europeans, that has been a massive boost. They help


with everything. He is unbelievable, the way he has helped me. Even


through the decisions of selling the pony and setting me up for life,


really. I sold Spring and I never wanted to, but he said it is the


right thing to do for my career. So I sold him and bought a horse and


he was right when he said, you know... Yeah. I went with the pony


team way back, probably in 2005, with the European Championship and


Laura was on that team. I think what really hit you was her


coolness under pressure. Cool. Well, at the moment, I feel quite cool


and calm. It has not kicked off yet. I am sure I won't be very cool and


calm during the week. Just really excited to have got here and it's


been the worst five or six weeks ever. You think something is going


to go wrong. Once you get selected, you want to go the next day. With


horses, anything can happen. Does it matter to you at all if someone


trots out the stat that you are the youngest member of the British


eventing team since 1989? Yeah, that is quite scary. Yeah, I feel


confident in a way because I know him inside out. It is not like


having a new horse and coming here. I have to keep remembering that. It


is another competition even though it is probably the biggest one of


my life. Laura was in third place after the dressage. Let's see how


after the dressage. Let's see how they have fared here. Laura could


hard I will have hoped for a better dressage test. Her score was the


best of the British contingent and a great start to her senior


international career. As for the British team members, Mary King is


the highest placed. Mary is in tenth place. Piggy French and


Jakata are one place behind. It was not one of William Fox-Pitt's


better days. Cool Mountain made a few errors and finished on 42.7.


That left him in 17th place. Not a day to remember either for Nicola


Wilson. 52.7 was the best she could do for 39th place.


Great Britain are well in contention and currently lie in


second place behind Germany with Italy in third.


The host nation are dominating the top of the individual standings,


with Ingrid Klimke at the top. Now it is time for the cross-country


phase. Tina has been out on the course.


are at fence 13, 14 and 15. The horses have got their feet wet at


fence five. Here, at the second water complex, we have a


combination offences over a big log, a big drop into the water. The


water is not that deep. The main problem that I feel for the horses


here is that you need to get a clean jump up this not very defined


bank because they need to jump up here to jump this narrow fence. If


they don't get their striding right and they land at the edge of the


bank, there is not enough room to put a stride in. So it could cause


a problem. There is an option of jumping two further fences around


there, over a smaller jump, across the water, up a relatively small


step, one stride, over the same question. It is a bit longer, but I


feel it is a lot safer than taking the chance of this area here that


might cause a problem. We have had a long fast gallop around the edge


of this field to then be faced here with 19, 20 and 21, up this short,


steep slope they have to get the horses together to jump this narrow


fence at the top of the slow. This is what they are going to be


surprised with at point of take-off. As the horses land over this fence,


depending on how shocked they are, they could leave their hind legs on


it, prop the riders forward. They will have to sit up really quickly


to go across this water and ride them really positively towards the


Bees Fence. They then have to cross the field to these two angled logs.


Without the water here, it would be easy. The deep water may cause the


horses to shorten their stride and not get the distance across there.


So positive riding is necessary here. We are here at fence 27. We


are getting towards the end of the course. It is the third last. The


horses might be getting tired. They will be confronted with this


massive ditch. It will take a huge amount of effort to get over this


fence. As the horses throw in a big fast jump over this fence, the main


problem with going the quick route is to gain your control and


accuracy to jump this narrow, wide corner on a related distance and


then have the accuracy to jump C which would be so easy to run out.


There is a slower alternative by jumping that fence there, round the


trees to jump a much easier corner, round the bend to jump the same


sort of question. I don't think the long route here is going to take


that much longer towards the end of the course. It depends on what sort


of ride and how the horses are your course Walker. What do you


make of it so far? I think Mark Phillips has built a true


championship course. Whether it is as technically challenging as we


have seen in the past, it might lead riders into a false sense of


security and mistakes could be made when they are going for their time


at the end of the course. haven't got much time to get to the


commentary box, see you in a bit. Let's see what happens in the cross


country with Tina, when she arrives in the commentary box, and Mike


Tucker. A lot of galloping. 29 fences. Some big jumping fences.


The first water coming at fence four. Two corners, with an accuracy


test. A way over summer my senses in 14 and 15. Two Rhodes, the one


down the left is quite risky. Big imposing fences. A few little


pimples and then onto the next water. That is the two and gold


locks, moving two strides. Then galloping away over the Rolex Turn.


The two last logs. Just make sure they don't gallop home too fast to


morning, as you can see. A lot of heavy rain overnight. I think now


it's Stanislaus does a quiz. The French squad, in that the Europeans


are a few years ago. -- Stanislaus They are jumping pretty easily.


They are jumping very well. The two corners asking similar, but


different questions. Very easy to run out. The first important rider


for Great Britain. It is Nicola Wilson on the fabulous Opposition


Buzz. She really needs a good time Kyle. The first Iris rider.


looks like he changed his mind going through the corner. A nasty


trip. Luckily, he was well in the saddle and the horse picked up


speed up to sort him out. We are now watching pictures of the German


first team rider. The very experienced Andreas Dibowski. He's


chosen to ride FRH Fantasia. He wasn't a team member when Germany


won gold in 2006. But he's a key member of the team. Germany, with a


very impressive 23 point lead over Britain. 18 score of 98 point seven.


is very quick and he's on the good Hardly noticed that bit of bank.


They want the horses to jump on top of it. Very quick through that Park.


Now the galloping stretched through the wood. 14 years old, now. But


still, fingers crossed, as we now join Mark Kyle with his new horse,


Coolio. That nasty moment in the second quarter. He looks to have


recovered. Now looking very positive on this interesting loop.


The third and final water. Two inches deeper. Coming up to what we


thought was one of the most difficult fences on the course?


it has a very big kitchen front of it. -- a big ditch in front of it.


They are just getting a little bit tired towards the end of the course.


They don't give the corner a lot of height. 40 seconds to get home.


Mark is in the driving seat. He's looked at his watch. They know


where they need to be able stop that interesting, that is going to


be the first inside the time for Ireland. Nicola Wilson and


didn't even notice it. He has complete trust in Nicola, and he


wastes no time. This is Andreas Dibowski for Germany. Its ridden


into the course. Nicola Wilson, 3D and gold locks. The horses looking


as good as ever. -- through the and Probably the most experienced of


all the German riders. Confirmation that Mark Kyle is the first one


inside the time. He stays on his dressage. 60.4. We know that the


course is very durable within that time. 10.05 is the optimal time.


Nicola Wilson is virtually home. He's pulling and she's got a


difficult angle. Well recovered. Just needs to set him up for a very


narrow triple brush. She's going to stay on her dressage. Well, this is


a fabulous round. He absolutely flew through that. Luckily, that


corner is not that wide. She was able to pull him around. He


listened to her. He's looking a bit strong. She doesn't want to be


making silly mistakes, so close to the end. She knows she is well on


the time. A fabulous round. She will be a happy girl again. She's


done the job for the team. certainly has. A great round as an


Now based in Germany. Her sister Linda is one of the great riders


for Sweden that has helped Sweden to those titles. She's riding Vira.


As you can say, a big crowd. They've had a damp run to get here


this morning. Thunder, lightning. We had it all last night. It


doesn't seem to have made any difference to be going. It's


amazing, I was down here a few years ago and it didn't stop


raining for about three days. We were wondering if the competition


was even going to be held. I think the ground will stay consistent for


most of the day. That is such a help for the later riders that are


coming. Andreas Dibowski, FRH Fantasia, needs to get Germany off


to a start if they are going to win what would be their third European


title. They won and 59 in North Yorkshire. Then in Kiev, in 1973.


They have been close on a number of occasions. But they are so


determined to give Britain a run for their money, after two


disappointing performances. First, the Europeans in 2009. Last year


they fell apart in the worlds in Kentucky. Goodness me. He just


caught that. Sliding on the ground, just caught his knee. Can pretty


unbalanced a horse. The speed caused him to crumple on landing.


They are both fine. Look at that! This man is about to have and


refusal in the Coffin, in the World Equestrian Games, when he was


fancied. Frustrating start for the Germans. It happened in the last


two a major championships. really couldn't expected to happen


again. Reasonably straightforward fence. At every fence has to be


jumped. You can't get away from that. How thrilling was that?


amazing. What a fabulous horse. He just set out meaning business, he


finished in the same rhythm. Just a pleasure. He looked spring-heeled,


enthusiastic, like he loved every minute of that. He loves his job.


He loves going across country. It's like his birthday and Christmas


coming at once. The team its instructions were to go wrong. Team


instructions were to be on the clock. -- don't belong there. We


are going to have to set out quickly, which was a small concern.


Sometimes he starts to buzz. But he was so switched-on and just


quick and nimble through this part of the course. A horse way you can


just press the accelerator and move on. The ground is holding up well.


But the ground team is very aware that the ground does not want to


impede any of the later riders. This is the last water, coming up


to fence 19. A brave stride, going in. Didn't give a also a lot of


chance to see what she was doing with her feet. Totally honest,


totally trusting in the rider. The balls would not have seen where she


was landing when she took off. of the very experienced riders. In


Badminton, they finished 22nd. He's been in the sport for well over 20


years. Just getting angle between these two rocks. An easy stride.


in her face. There is no point as working at an indoor school the


whole time. Now any arena, Fence 9 and 10. The end of the first hurdle.


He's gone! Well, stood off too far. Wasn't counting the steps? They


took a stride out. I would be surprised if he has hit himself.


This is a big fence. But it should be four or five strides. He was a


long way off the corner. They just went plummeting into the ground. He


has got up. Just a bit of a face plant into the sand. He'll beat


frustrated that his let his country route. She has been so quick.


could be the 4th inside the time. This could be the Swedish rider,


very much based in Germany. The last two fences on the course, they


are numbered independently. It doesn't make a lot of difference on


the bending loop to the line. Gets home. Nine seconds underneath.


Jumping cleanly so far. She was course is the London Tower Bridge.


Here is Piggy French, very much in Germany trying to build on her


wonderful entry into the international stage. Silver


phases. Jayne Doherty on The Only One. They didn't really have a


stride. That was frustrating. She needs to turn left. Yes, that's


fine. To come round to the other question that is coming up. The


horse didn't focus on it. That was such a silly run-out to have. When


they just started off looking so confidently. As easy as it may seem


for us here, she has to put it behind her to make sure no more


mistakes further round the course. Jakata is not that keen to go into


the box. Just for a moment, I wonder whether he was going to go


to the box. Away they go. 40.4, another very consistent performance


in the dressage from Piggy and this the fore in 2010. It's gone from


strength to strength. Can she put the water. Went a slightly longer


positive to the first of this combination. Lovely stride to the


might just have set her up properly for the corner. Yeah. Not entirely


the most confident of jumps there. A little slap down the shoulder


with the stick. She is on her way. That wasn't very comfortable for


her. Just the horse misjudged the spread and dropped his hind legs


but as these fences are filled in, they don't get tangled up and that


will be a wake-up call, I would say. Sandra Auffarth, 24 years old,


finished a very, very good second in Luhmuhlen. She won the HSB


Training Bursary Award for that performance and she is away on


Opgun Louvo. This is a real star in the making. She of course the


second team member for Germany who were the overnight leaders. This a


crucial round. She will be feeling the pressure as we have seen on


screen. Her fans are watching her as we are watching Piggy French and


Jakata going the slightly quicker route, wanting to keep Jakata on a


straight line and there just showing the ease in what he can


jump a big fence. Made that look very easy. The water is reasonably


shallow, down that long side, and she is a very quick rider, cross-


country. Jayne Doherty from Ireland, at what is the first crossing of


the last water complex, 19 and 20, then on this figure of eight. This


is Sandra Auffarth, the second team rider for Germany. She is riding


Opgun Louvo and they are coming to fence four. A big chestnut looking


real quality. He's got a lot of thoroughbred racing-type blood so


the courage and the distance shouldn't look a problem to him.


35.4 in the dressage. In fourth place. Jakata can get quite strong


for Piggy French. She's just having to steady him up a little bit


further away than she would ideally like to. He was very clean. Piggy


having to sit back over that first element. She slipped her reins.


Where she is so brilliant at cross- country, she was so quick to get


back into the flow again. difference, Tina, is that Piggy and


this horse look absolute class across the open country of Kentucky,


but is having to work for it here. We are back with Sandra Auffarth


for Germany and Opgun Louvo, the second team member, a crucial round,


remember. Andreas Dibowski fell, so they are down to three. They need


to get this girl round clear and fast. It is her first major


championship. A big question with this large German crowd, but she is


answering all of the questions so far. Jakata, Piggy French, over the


fence that Andreas Dibowski fell at. As you say, this horse is pulling,


Tina, you can see how Piggy is trying to set up the narrow


question, now coming towards the end of the course, this is fence 23,


for this - that one is out of the way. 1:58 to get home. I think she


is going to get a few time faults. Sandra Auffarth for Germany. Safely


through the water complex now. That comes at fence 14 and 15. Looks to


have set out quite quickly. Incidentally, Jayne Doherty, for


Ireland, she did finish, finished in a minute over, 11:07. Has added


44.8 on cross-country so 94.8 for Ireland's Jayne Doherty. Jakata


going the wrong way here at the big open ditch close home. I thought


that Piggy would have to do that, even though she's down a little bit


on time. I think because Jakata is pulling so much, she didn't want to


risk a silly mistake there and I do believe that was certainly team


orders early on. She is not going to be far over the time.


interesting thing here, Tina, is with London at Greenwich on that


sort of terrain, which is going to be quite tight, it will be twisty


there, Jakata is definitely going to be quite difficult to ride from


what we have seen this afternoon. She is home, 14 seconds over. She


will be 16, 17, yeah, 17 it is. 47.2. Piggy into second place


currently. Pleased with that, Tina? I feel for Piggy. For her, to do a


cross-country time is so easy. She is so skilful at that part of her


cross-country riding. I think she will be frustrated to be getting


any time faults at all. Sandra Auffarth, a key second rider.


Remember, Germany down to three. They had that very good overnight


lead after dressage. This horse, when she asked it to go forward, he


really does open up in her hands. She was quite chancey. You would


probably like to see a little bit more control on the approach. She


rather stood off it. If you were there with the training of a horse,


you wouldn't want to be having that sort of stride. He just could


easily have caught a knee and mistake is made. He is a lovely


big-striding horse and hugely talented. Just maybe at those


technical fences, you would just want a little bit more control and


really does kick and the horse just bursts away. He is a big, scopey


horse. Your first reaction after that?


Frustrated. That would be a polite way of putting it. He jumped really


well. I was like, "Gosh, not here, we don't need to do that here." He


jumped generally really well. He just gets strung out. The more


tired he gets, the lower he puts his head. I heard the watch beeping


further and further away from where I should be. Oh God. There was that


heart stopping moment in the arena. Take us through that one. I think


he went on and off it, which isn't the idea. I thought we have a


corner coming up, do I go the long route? There happened to be a


stride there still so I was lucky. He did a few. After the arena fence


he jumped on the tops and the bottom of the banks, so he was


the second team rider. She might just have an odd time penalty. It


is a good first team performance on a horse that looks exciting as a


nine-year-old for the German sport. She is going direct. This could put


her back on target. Is she going to get it? Oh brilliantly done!


APPLAUSE That was really class. has put her back on top. Look at


that. Almost definitely. Whether that was what she had planned to do,


but she obviously felt that the horse is going to make the distance


easier and it is going to be quicker for her. It is looking like


she has made the right decision so far. She's got two or three seconds


to stay, to go into the lead. I think she is going to go second.


Yeah, she's in the end got 0.4 which puts her on 37 and Sara


Algotsson-Ostholt is on 36 for Sweden. Still early days in the


leaderboard. That is a very good performance for 24-year-old Sandra


Artus. Again, that fence is generally riding very well for


these horses. He's a sharp, nimble little horse. You seem to fly


around that course today? Yes, my horse was brilliant. He is very


good jumper. Yeah, he was flying all the time. You also took the


short route at 27. What was the thinking there? To the beginning, I


had only that way in my head and I had not the time to go the longer


way, so he was brilliant, it was no problem for us.


Here is Frank Osthol, his wife, Sara Algotsson-Ostholt, leading at


for Sweden. Sara will have been telling her husband all about the


course. Amazingly, he is riding as an individual for Germany. He has


been part of the gold medal success, both in the Worlds in 2006 and then


of course the Olympic gold in Hong be wanting to make sure the horse


keeps straight on his line. The selectors have felt there is a


reason why that they have been left out of the team. I would have


thought Frank would be fairly disappointed with that decision. So


it is going to be vitally important for him now to show them that they


may have chosen the wrong ones and to prove to them. On this horse, it


is not like he is a young horse - he is 13 years old - but there has


to be some questions as to why they were left out of the German team


this year. Here is a lady who will be part of the British team in


years to come - Laura Collett. A very cool, young lady, this one.


She has won more medals in the juniors than anyone else. She has


been a European young rider champion. What can she do here at


her first senior performance? Dirk Schrade, so helped by Betina Hoy.


Taking that long route, only three have gone direct there. Sandra


Auffarth under pressure rode it probably the best of all, actually.


So, mixed messages cominging back from the German squad -- coming


back from the German squad at the moment? This competition is full of


surprises. To be honest, it is what you expect when cou come here and


it adds -- you come here and it adds to the excitement. We are


getting half-way through the day now. Just wanting to respect the


last - got a little bit close to that. 15 seconds over the time.


time faults to add. So Dirk Schrade, 42.7. Dirk Schrade, very good


dressage, eighth overnight. Goes The British individual. Having to


work quite hard through that water. It does come up quite early. There


has been a big build up for her coming here. She is young, but she


has had the experience. People have been expecting great things from


her. Look at that. Isn't that a great sight? I wonder whether they


will be here. But back with Laura. the favoured option. A nice, level


distance. Oh! She's had a run-out. Really, that was very frustrating.


Most riders were thinking of going for the five across there. You'd


have to say, on initial thoughts, it was a little bit four and a half.


Just not working together. She lost concentration and she will be


totally gutted about that. Here is a man that could do it today,


change the leaderboard. He's chasing to do the top of the


leaderboard at the moment. Some of the dressage leaders to come later,


no more so than Ingrid Klimke. His wife, Sarah, is leading on 36. But


then it is Germany's second and third. Dirk Schrade is third.


was lucky, he went the right side of it so it will not be any penalty.


A good decision. Now he's going to be over, but it's only going to be


a whisker. Very expensive on this part of the scoreboard. Mum it's


of help from Frank. He's really driving down the finish. He is


pleased. 15 seconds over the time. Six time faults to land for Frank


Osthol. He goes to 40. He moves That is her second refusal, three


on the course and I'm afraid she would have to walk home. Now, where


is she going? I imagine she will be going over to the other side. Up


the steps. Things are not going her way now. She's just going to have


to sit down and get on with it. Really give him a kick. Susanna


Bordone, for Italy, an important round with Carrera, a very


experienced horse. She was here in June. She had a huge chunk taken


out of her face by a horse that literally bit her. She had an


operation, but she's determined to ride here. She's a two or three


riders with the elimination of the cross country by Andreas Dibowski.


We've just heard that Laura Collett had a third refusal, so she is


eliminated from the competition. Little Carrera, pulling pretty hard.


She's run out! Not for the first time. Just glanced off. She will be


disappointed with that. That is going to give the Italians that


little bit more penalty, a little bit more difficult to qualify. She


If you don't mind what telling us, what happened? He was switched off


from the start. He's normally a good cross country course. His mind


was elsewhere. The first problem came at the corner, in the arena.


He never locked on. He was the same the whole way round. It made it


quite difficult. Can you find a reason why? Not right now. We are


taking home and test his blood and stuff, see how he is. But he seems


all righted himself. Whether his mind was on the crowd or what, but


he did Badminton and he was fine. It could be the ground, it could be


a number of things. We'll wait and France. Tomatina surely, riding


Ocarina de Chanois is. -- Tomatina the Coffin. Right at the end. They


jump at the very well. Carrera had that refusal. France are now trying


to qualify for London. Their last Olympics was disaster. They only


ran two, in the end, in the country. It will be interesting how strong


it gets as it goes around the course. A big, powerful jumbo. He's


a very stylish jockey. Looks very slowing out in front of the fence,


just to prepare the horse. Great Britain's third team rider, waiting


in the wings. It is Mary King on Imperial Cavalier. The horse which


has been so much part of her great success in recent times. Third at


Badminton the last time, they went on to win one and two in Kentucky


as well. Back with the Frenchman, soft did, round feel on top of the


loch. The horses can just slither over it. He's certainly got his


foot down, going for the time. Did get quite close, not that Sharpe


getting his front legs out of the way. He's looking secure. Making it


very clear where the horse has got to go. Mary King, what a record


she's got. Four-time Olympian. Clean round, she doesn't get a good


got to do, such a confident horse. He can move and gallop, he's got a


fantastic job. Confident over the round to the big Rolex Turn. The


big ditch towards the drop. Only three have gone the direct route. I


think he's got plenty of time to get home. He could bring joy to


France, has effectively their second team member, with Pascal


Leroy going out after a fall. course to hold together, which he


did. Got to sit up quickly. -- a more time than you need to. I think


he'll do it. Mary King, Imperial positive through the first part.


All she's having to do is ride him through it. Really driving to the


finish. So, he stays on his score. Donatien Schauly for France. So, he


moves ahead of Piggy French. He moved into 5th, Piggy French was


goatee here a lot more about for France, Donatien Schauly. -- we had


right, but she kept at hand on. This shortens him and gets his


attention. Another experienced piece of riding. Mary King, 50 last


year. As keen and hungry as ever. She's got a very talented young


daughter, already on her way internationally. Safely over fence


11. Back into the country. Ingrid Klimke for Germany. The third team


member. Here is a crucial run-out. A FRH Butts Abraxxas, the lead


after dressage. Germany are down to three team members. A clean round,


crucial for Germany if they are going to maintain their lead and


win the European team title here. This horse has such an amazing


temperament. Stood perfectly still in the start box. Most horses would


be jumping up and down. Ingrid, giving him a pat over the first


fence, getting the confidence. It showed in the dressage, the


beautiful control and has moved the test was. What a fabulous brain


this horse has got. The rain has eased off. Here comes Mary King,


Imperial Cavalier. She's come down the left route... The horse just


tripped up on the step. Mary King has gone, Britain are down to three.


Didn't dredge the bank at all. Didn't really have a stride. Nasty


fall. Nearly getting her foot caught. The airbag has blown up, it


can get very tight. I'm sure she's OK. She's being held to get her


back protector off. It's there to protect you if you have a fall like


that. The 30th running of the championships, full of drama. Now


we are back, waiting for Ingrid Klimke to come through to fence


four. Here she comes with Butts Abraxxas. Ingrid Klimke, you might


remember that she had a fall and made herself a bit of a leg injury.


But she's come back. Quickly through four and five. This is the


way she rides cross country, she rides right on the limit. Good to


say, Mary King getting at. -- big crowd and she's really going


for it. She's absolutely making the horse's mind up. Ridden very well.


Just keeping a real flow. Took a stride out there. The crowd are


really behind her. Clapping and cheering from everybody, really


thrilled to see her going so well. She's in the lead. There's always


pressure on the leader. But anybody situation. Well, Ingrid Klimke


getting so close. -- team the behind them after the dressage.


Andreas Dibowski fell out. Piggy French, Nicola Wilson, they went


clear and fast for Britain. That looked to put the advantage back


for Britain. You have to say, with Ingrid Klimke on the course, it is


going back Germany's wave. But this lady has to stay clear. The crowd


have really come out on the course now. That is the crowd towards the


end, over that big Rolex Turn at fence 27. Ingrid goes to the big


silver birch. The silver birch Oxer, coming at 13. It is the fence that


has caused problems a little bit. Ingrid rode that really well. It's


easy to come around the corner, thinking about the clock and not


presenting to that relatively straightforward, but clearly big


fence. I should think that she has probably seen some of the falls


earlier on. She's learning, seeing from those mistakes. A good looks


like she is chattering away to herself. -- ING grip. Making sure


she's keeping up to the instructions she wants to give to


Everything is going her way so far. Ingrid, who was in the team when it


all went so horribly wrong for the Germans - in fact she didn't


compete on this horse, FRH Butts Abraxxas. But on her home ground


she has set her heart on putting the record straight. Still leading


at the moment, individually, Sara Algotsson-Ostholt, on a score of 36.


This lady could change all of that and put Germany perhaps in the box


Ingrid Klimke just has to respect that bend - there is a big log pile,


table, as you come round the corner. You could easily make a mistake


there. Back into the darkness of the wood. Getting cut-up on the


approach. Very smooth. She's driving away. She would be OK on


the time now. It will be interesting to see what team orders


Surely she will go round. We will see. Here she comes. This is the


Rolex Turn at 27. She is going straight. Oh! Easy! Is this the


European Champion in waiting? at Ingrid's face, she is so pleased


with that performance. That was - she knew that was a massive risk


and it has paid off for her. Shh could just be her Championship.


Going straight there does put her straight back in line for going


inside the time. Her dressage score was a brilliant performance. She is


going to do it, she is going to be three seconds inside the time. She


goes a little more than a fence ahead of Sara Algotsson-Ostholt.


Germany's Ingrid Klimke, brilliant round, followed up from the


dressage yesterday, takes the lead individually and now will be the


overnight leader. There is her husband and daughter alongside.


They will be thrilled. Here is that place looks very good for Germany.


This the last of the team rounds now for Sweden, it is Malin


finished 14th in Kentucky after going very well in the dressage.


Got a bit tired towards the end. But went very impressively and


hadn't done much since Stefano's wife has been quite ill. Luckily,


she is much, much better and he has been able to put the work into this


horse. He is setting out very positively.


Fantastic stuff. Take us through beginning felt him really going and


the ground is quite deep, it takes the horse to keep cantering. He is


a small horse. I felt he was like a little racehorse. Especially in the


beginning on the trees. Then he saw the boat and was a bit spooky. I


thought we have to be encouraged. Then the rest went fluently, fun


and I felt him brilliantly jumping and bold and I knew that I was


having quite a good time. I wanted to risk, I wanted to ride the last


complex direct. So I was lucky to try it and it went so much fun, so


well. So this now is Malin Petersen -


this combination went well two years ago, finished 12th


individually. They are based in Germany, they do a lot of their


work there. So to get their last rider home clear and fast,


certainly does put them in touch of a London qualification for next


year's Olympics. Back with the key round for Italy - really positive


here, too positive? Oh! Stefano him. APPLAUSE So clever over that


fence. Just for a moment, I was wondering whether he had just


locked on to the corner. Hopefully, now they have got out of the arena,


they can settle into more of a rhythm. It looked a little fast and


furious earlier on. Malin Petersen is at the Rolex Turn, going the


wrong way. Interesting to see this horse's time. Piccadilly Z - he is


from one of the world's top studs. She is going to be over the time.


This is a good team performance. Malin, very much focused for the


last two jumping efforts - 40 jumping efforts on the course.


10:05 the time allowed. She is over that. Stands off that last. It will


be so disappointing to fall at these last two logs - she is over


both of them. APPLAUSE There will be 26 or 27 seconds over - 27 it is.


63:1 it is for Sweden's Malin Petersen. Karin Donckers waits at


the start for Belgium. A lady who has got probably more fourth


finishes just out of medals than probably anyone else in the world.


the 11-year-old stallion nearly parted company with Karin at the


firs. Well! That was a massive -- the first? Well! That was a massive


wake-up call. There is lazy and having a refusal at the first fence.


That will definitely get her blood up to really wake up and get on


14, now 15. Trying to be careful not to pop up the step and not trip


up that. That's such a safer route going down that line. When you have


got a horse like this, he will be able to gallop and make up those


few seconds that it takes to go down that line. He is sitting back,


hasn't got time to shorten his rein,. The horse is sharp. Really


neat there. That is what you want from an event horse, to be able to


get his knees out of the way. is a very different picture to what


was seen in Kentucky, that is for sure. Definitely got his


would seem to have got the alarm bells over and done with. APPLAUSE


Stefano Brecciaroli - this horse looks so much neater and lighter on


his feet. The stallion isn't really built for galloping. He does the


jumping job, but this horse is so quick and athletic. Everything


about him is what you are looking for. That won't be going through


his mind at the moment, he will be concentrating and putting that


horse in the right position to do his job. That means just taking a


bit of pace away, get his line and then be positive. He was there! No


question - two strides. Now, he can press the accelerator to go round


she had to take a pull. The horse was very genuine to her there.


Shortened up and jumped it perfectly well in the end. That is


where genuine horses are so important. If they are not, they


can stop when she makes an adjustment like that. Very, very


experienced. They know each other Apollo van de Wendi Kurt Hoeve is


coming to the Rolex Turn. An important round for Italy. They


remember won silver two years ago. I don't think he is riding the


tidiest finish that you might see at Cheltenham. A pat down the neck.


This has been a performance that has been half expected because he's


a horse that is very, very much thought of. Coming to the last two


fences. He's got time penalties. He was in sixth place. He's got 23


time penalties, 0.4 for every one of those, so 9:02 time penalties,


he goes just ahead of Donatien Schauly for France. Here is Nicolas


Touzaint on the course. This is a crucial round for France. Twice


European Champions away. Neptune de Sartene, he is a young horse that


he has produced very carefully. His old horses are certainly past their


best. This is the horse that he's putting his life on for the future.


31 years old, the Frenchman, Nicolas Touzaint. Oh! That looks


like Karin Donckers. Yes, it is. It is Karin Donckers. Oh! Lamicell


Charizard. Just had a horrible fall into the water. Thank goodness they


are both up. He has water down his ears - poor boy. May see what


happened there. That was a real shame. At least they are walking


out all in one piece. The poor horse will hate having that water


Sartene from France. APPLAUSE France trying to push Britain right


to the line now. Germany, France, Britain - France have been second


in a European Championships seven times. They have never won the


title. At the moment, it's looking very much Germany's way. Now, for


Ireland, three left to go - it is Sam Watson away. Sam Watson and his


very good horse - Horseware Bushman. He likes to wave his elbows around


a bit, pushes his horse through. He is usually very quick across the


country. He doesn't waste any time at all. This horse looks like he


gallops very easily within himself. Horseware Bushman - Sam Watson


making him get on and get across that water, which he does. APPLAUSE


Following in the footsteps of his father John Watson who won a silver


medal in the Worlds in 1978. This is his son who could well equal if


This is a round that could put France very much in contention for


medals in the team. It looks like it's between France, Germany and


Britain. Britain have the advantage in the gold medal position. Sam


Watson, worth Horseware Bushman, in the ring. A good flow around there.


The horse is locked on, focused. Decided to go for the five strides.


Looking at the safe options. He's looking revved up, he's looking


like he's going to have a real crack at the time. He's had a


mind up. No doubt in his mind about putting that extra stride in that


long distance across the water. William Fox-Pitt, the last for


Britain. There he is. Some anxious moments for the British team. Mary


King, you may remember, fell at fence 14 and 15, into the water.


This manner, it all depends on him what colour the metal is going to


title in Kentucky, the last man at his best. A run-out... In fact,


it's a refusal for Sam Watson. he was being quite punchy with a


horse. He felt it really backing off. Then a lovely clean jumper. He


will be so disappointed. What caused that? It's not a course that


normally stops and cross-country. He did have penalties when he


represented Ireland. Here is could go forth on the edge of the


medals. Ingrid Klimke is leading. 30 years her score. Sandra Auffarth


for Germany is third. He could change this, he can get in touching


all going to be counted. So tight at the top. Each penalty is so


expensive, for Sinn -- pushing you further away from the individual


medals. Ingrid will be thrilled because it gives her a little bit


more transfer when it comes to the show jumping on the final day. The


clock is ticking already. He has four penalties, one fence for


has 9.2 time penalties given. 47.1. He is 0.1 ahead of Piggy French.


Just gone ahead. That puts Nicholas in eight. Piggy is down to 9th. Not


looking good for Britain. What can used to this sort of pressure in


the past. It's not a pressure that he would have chosen, obviously.


The fall of Mary King, that has changed the whole team outlook.


William has got to go out and be positive. Cool Mountain has proved,


and William has as well, that they are world class. Back in the ring


for this last drama, over nine. Now 10. He cannot afford any time


faults, either. William is so smooth and cross-country. He


doesn't waste any time. Went for the stride, good decision. There is


the man that beat him in Kentucky. Michael Jung. The reigning world


champion. Can he win a world and European title? 33.3 as his score.


He was second after dressage, behind Ingrid Klimke. He cannot


lead, but he could be a fence behind. Ingrid is not known for her


skills in show jumping. Michael Jung, away. Set up, William! Oh, my


goodness, Cool Mountain. He's going to have to grab hold of the reins.


Just hope that he forgets about the water in his ears and trust jumps


the fences ahead of him. So, they are penalty-free. I thought they


were going down the left-hand side? They were, whether he was thinking


of moving down the left-hand side, he was talking about adoption. I


mean, my goodness, William was sitting up. The horse was ploughing


its head through the water. An horrendous feeling. But he's got


his brains back. Luckily, he hasn't presented that option on the left-


hand side. Absolutely no way would you jump that from there. I'm not


sure what happened. I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't lost a shoe.


More than likely, or something. For Bushman. He's had 20 penalties, he


considering this 20 penalties. would have hoped for a decent


position. 50.2. But here is the cool cookie from Germany. Michael


to end. Now, William Fox-Pitt. What effect has that narrow escape at


horse. And it does look like he's possibly lost a shoe. That will not


help going around the corners. Just looking... You've got to ride


positively. You've got to put it behind you. I'm not sure, but


certainly troubled the horse. The horse was quite tense in the


dressage. He didn't get the performance that he was hoping for


man's skill, to get the confidence back into the course. Michael Jung,


the dressage as well. Both of these two horses were not relaxed as they


could be. The German crowd, following him around the course.


Perfect, there. Confident Pat down the neck of La Biosthetique-Sam.


William Fox-Pitt, Cool Mountain. Silver medallist behind Michael


Jung. A man who has won 17 gold, or two cell that the euros. If Britain


are going to win a team medal, he needs to stay fast and clear.


lovely shot. Now he's going to have to really kick through the woods. A


thoroughbred horse, he should be able to gallop on the straight


stretches. Clean and slip through the water fence. He manages to


crouch right down onto the course's for the gold medal. He's gone down


the right-hand side. That has to be a sensible decision, I would have


thought. It has looked like that. When you are sat on a horse like


this, you just take away that risk factor. You have to say, William


was unlucky. Pecking in the water. The drop is so much less on this


side. This is a man that has jumped into prominence, right at the top


of the sport. He and his father do all of the planning and the worker.


They are a real team. They are certainly giving Germany the edge.


Remember, Germany were the overnight leaders after dressage.


It looks like they are going to do the business. France have finished


on a score of 151.1. Sweden are 173.2. William Fox-Pitt... And he's


going straight! That is going to cause him problems... Is it? What a


good horse! That was absolutely brilliant. He had no option but to


go there. He was down on the clock. The original team plan was to go


along, William changed his mind. To catch his knee on the corner, that


is what they were worried about. That put him back on schedule again.


So, he is going to finish on his dressage score of 42.7. He does. He


goes ahead off Dirk Schrade. He goes into 5th place, behind Frank


Osthol. There will be some stories to tell, surely, from William Fox-


Pitt. Wow. He had his nine lives, didn't he? Actually, it doesn't


look like he's lost a shoe. It will be interesting to talk to him later.


Let's hope that the horse is in one piece. We get back to watching


Michael Jung. If he just produces horses so well. The ownership of


this horse looked under threat last winter. It looked as though Michael


Jung might lose the ride on the horse. Eventually, it was sealed,


with some German federation support. The ownership is now secure for


this man to ride. He is class. He really is class. World champion,


trying to add the Europeans to it. He took a chance, there. Didn't he?


I agree! That was quite a chance. He lengthened as he went through


the water. I was thinking, you're going to be getting a flyer. When


horses Llandow they drop fence at that speed, there is always the


risk of a peck. -- when horses land on a drop fence at that speed. You


always wonder if it's necessary to take that sort of chance. He looks


Klimke cannot be beaten. She's out front, individually, or 30. Michael


Jung, if he goes inside the time, and he looks set for it, he would


go second. Sara Algotsson-Ostholt would be third for Sweden,


individually. Then it would be Sandra Auffarth. William Fox-Pitt


would be 6th. Dirk Schrade are would be second -- 7th. It looks


like the Germans would have the team gold medal. At the moment,


after cross country. Seems to be in the bag, with show jumping to come.


But they only have three riders and they have inspections and show


jumping to come. I was going to say, we've got quite a way to go yet.


They've got to get past these tricky few fences. Nothing is


guaranteed. You cannot assume anything. It's so exciting, this


cross country. Well, this really has been a tremendous day's sport.


Right at the very last. Germany have won it three times. They


haven't won it since. 1989, name that was when the Germans last won


it. England are not looking strong for it at the moment. He's going


straight. What a shot. Took a stride out. Goodness, he came in at


some speed. I was wandering, William's horse got a very close to


it. There is a brave man, he's looking cool and calm. He is. He's


ridden with a lot of accuracy. He's taken a chance or two. Sometimes it


pays off, sometimes it doesn't. Today it is definitely the Germans'


a day. Despite Donatien Schauly going out, the first team member,


they finish on a high. Germany will finish on a score of 100.3. A so,


that is definitely Germany to the two - Sara Algotsson-Ostholt is in


in case you were bored, I thought I would brighten things up! That was


not my plan. What an amazing horse. He was so brave and genuine and it


wasn't his fault at all, the water is one of those things that does


happen. I saw Mark Kyle do it earlier on. I don't know how he


stood up. He had water in his ears. We were still on the clock, I


couldn't quite believe that. I kept going and he picked up. I think he


cleared all the water out of his lungs a bit and got a second wind


and we were flying. I said to Yogi, I prefer the direct route for him,


he is very genuine on line, was I allowed to do it? He said no, of


course you are, if that is what you believe. With Mary out, it was a


big risk. Again, I ran too deep into that corner after the hedge.


As I took off, I thought this isn't going to be good. Because he was a


bit tired, he clipped it. We were facing the C element and I was


thinking it is too late to pull off. I said, "You can do it" and he just


had another go. How amazing was he? Michael, how pleased are you with


that round? I'm very happy. It is a really good horse. A strong horse.


Very flexible. From the beginning, I had a very good feeling for my


horse. He jumps really well. Yeah, very fresh. I'm happy. Did you feel


under any pressure after Andreas Dibowski's fall? The pressure is in


every competition. We do the best we can. Yeah, I hope that it is OK.


Here is the team position. Germany have got now - they have increased


their lead over Great Britain. Tina has joined me to reflect on


yesterday. How is Mary? I have seen Mary this morning. She is fine. She


was taken to hospital to have some precautionary x-rays. No bones


broken, absolutely fine. Disappointed, though, with the fall.


She is looking forward to next week. What did you make of our team


performance yesterday? Obviously, Great Britain were disappointing.


They would like to be threatening for the gold. Things didn't go


quite our way yesterday. A few time faults here and there. Obviously,


Mary falling and being out of the team, so we were down to three. The


Germans were on fire. Everything went well for them. Lots of


pressure on William Fox-Pitt after Mary's fall? The Anchorman! It can


be the best position in the world and sometimes the worst. After


Mary's fall, he had to go clear and fast. A few little trips and


mistakes around the cross-country, but he was magnificent. He really


got Britain back in medal position. Although we are still in silver


position, are we too far behind the Germans to make up the ground in


the showjumping? Unfortunately, it does look like that. They are ten


fences ahead of us. It will need a miracle and a disaster from the


Germans for us to catch up. We have to put in good performances to


secure the silver. France are only two fences behind us. So we can't


relax. We have still got to keep our performances up. We have heard


that four horses won't be making the line-up. Two horses weren't


presented. Two others failed the inspection. Our horses are OK?


horses are fine. The ground was fantastic yesterday. The other


horses that weren't presented, they are minor injuries that the riders


don't feel they want to present their horses for the final phase,


but nothing serious. It is time to let Tina go. She will join Mike for


the climax of the event - the showjumping.


This is the French team member, it is Stanislas de Zuchowicz on


Quirinal de la Bastide. 58.4 his current score. He is lying at the


moment in 18th place. 2.8 time penalties yesterday. The French are


chasing us. They have three team members to come - Pascal Leroy fell


yesterday, France down to three team members, as is Britain, as is


Germany. All above us. But Stanislas de Zuchowicz on 58.4.


This is the battle now for the our breath. Competition further


down is wide-open. This is quite a big horse to hold together. Just


have to see how he's come out from the riders. Riders put enough


pressure on themselves anyway to put in a faultless performance.


When you know there is only three of you left, it's a lot more


pressure. He was one of the few riders from France who abgcomully


got round all three phases -- actually got round all three phases


two years ago. Germany have made huge use of that here, they have


impressed. This man very experienced. He's in the services.


He is showing it. He is giving this horse a fabulous ride. He is a big,


striding horse. He's giving the horse enough time to get his legs


out the way and leave the fences up. He was 26 individually in Kentucky.


Coming down to the last. That is a good round. APPLAUSE It is a good


round. It is inside the time. Pressure on for Britain. So he goes


clear - 58.4. He was the lowest of the French team members in the


position of 18th. That is an important clear. There is the team


position as it stands. It is really close between Britain and France.


There's only two fences in it. Sweden look to be cementing their


place in fourth. Not sure they will catch France. Now, wherever you are,


sit tight, it's the first of the British three trying to get the


silver medal. It is Nicholas Wilson, another outstanding performance --


Nicola Wilson, another outstanding performance on Opposition Buzz


yesterday. Lying 14th. It is a clear round for the team which is


pressure before. Doesn't always necessarily mean it is any easier -


I think that vertical has gone. A little bit quick over the fence.


Opposition Buzz has his own style of getting over a fence and Nicola


does ride him so beautifully. He's not necessarily everyone's cup of


tea. They do have such a partnership. He can be a bit quick


over his fences and there, she did an amazing job to shorten him up to


ahead of the French and the French have had one clear round. It is


upping the pressure. Really can't afford to have another one. Just


got to try and steady him up. Time a little nudge. But Nicola Wilson


does the job yet again. This lovely 14-year-old, home bred, he's been


such a star. She joined the team to help Britain win team gold two


years ago and she has done little wrong since. She goes on to 56.7.


How pleased were you with that? was very pleased. Very disappointed


to have a fence. It is very unlike him. He jumped a beautiful round in


there. I'm thrilled to bits. I hope that one fence doesn't alter the


team position. What will you be telling Piggy and William? I don't


think I need to tell them anything, they are so experienced. I will be


there if they want to ask a question. They are superb riders. I


am sure they will do a fabulous job. Easy to put that first fence out of


your mind after you have made that mistake? You have to. I thought


through the treble, I thought oh gosh, come on, but no he was lovely.


Thrilled with him. He has been super. Piggy coming up now. We will


let you support her. Thank you. Now, Britain's Piggy French. Piggy


French with Jakata. Good performance yesterday. 6.8 time


penalties. He pulled very hard. She was very frustrated and is 11th on


47.2. Now, of course, Britain in need of clear rounds here to keep


phases. She admits she doesn't feel the nerves in this phase which I


always think is amazing. It's so important to leave the fences up.


They are really getting a thinking, she has a real art with


these tricky types of horses. She was disappointed, she was very hard


on herself yesterday to get the time faults. Oh! Just tightened up


behind. Dragged his hind legs through. They are no more than one


penalty ahead of France. I can hardly breathe. He has to jump the


last. She does! APPLAUSE It's one to add, 51.2 for Piggy French and


Jakata. Remember, second behind the great Mark Todd at Badminton. She


is a real star that Britain needs to build on for London next year.


My word, Luhmuhlen has been a wake- up call for the British squad.


got tight in his back. Lazy behind. Piggy trying to sort him out to


make sure there was no more faults still to come. Good performance by


Piggy, really. One to come for Britain, of course. William Fox-


Pitt. Now for France, here is a crucial round. If France are going


to put the pressure on Britain for that silver - and France have


finished second on seven occasions - they have never won the title. I


don't think they will do today. They might get ahead of Britain. If


this man jumps a clear, the pressure is on for the final riders


for each of the two nations. The double European Champion, with his


lovely young horse, Neptune de rounds under this sort of pressure.


This horse was very impressive and a good back-up horse because he's


had to sell some of his other team horses. A lot of the riders have to


sell to earn a bit of money to be able to continue to compete at this


level. He's been producing this horse to take over as his mainstay


in the team so he's used to the pressure. Just hoping that the


dressage score across the country yesterday. It is a horse that looks


more in reserve. He has to jump the last for the clear and he does!


APPLAUSE It is game on for that silver medal. Britain have to


depend on William Fox-Pitt to hold his nerve. It's going to be


nailbiting time for you back at home. Nicolas Touzaint is back.


That double European Champion, he so nearly won gold individually in


Athens. This is a horse to put the man's talents back on top of the


Obviously, he jumped OK. He was more sore than I thought yesterday.


It wasn't - he didn't jump like he could do. I found him quite


difficult. Having to ride him differently to how I would normally.


One pole down, it felt like it could be a few more. I don't know


how we are getting on. We didn't need that, I should think. It is


very close. The French are putting in some clear rounds. You said you


weren't quite sure, or you are not quite sure why he didn't jump at


his best today. Were you saying his muscles? A little bit. Some days,


it can take more out of them than others. This morning, he's needed a


bit of work to loosen him off. CHEERING Hopefully, that is not


another clear... Another clear round for the French! I was saying


hopefully it wasn't. It probably is. Oh well. All down to William again


now. Like yesterday! Pressure much on him again. Thank you for talking


really impressed, Donatien Schauly. He's 26, riding Ocarina de Chanois


is. If he jumped clear, he's a team member. Wiliam has got to jump


clear to win the silver. If he has worn down, Britain have a little


bit of breathing space. I would like to emphasise a little bit more.


Cool Mountain has got to come out today and show what he can do.


Stumbles, wasn't the luckiest course yesterday, but William did


the best job on him. -- pluckiest tan Air show jumping round so far.


We have seen some world-class riding through the whole of the


competition. France have won Olympic gold, world gold. But not


European. Just the last! He's done it! He's done it. Donatien Schauly,


the young French army officer, he is being French champion for the


last two years. He stays on his dressage score and that's a


tremendous achievement for this young man. He's a real man for the


future in world sports. No wonder they are pleased and punching the


air. The French have really, really held strong, putting masses of


pressure on the British team. Absolutely right, he should be


pleased with that horse's Britain have got to jump clear to


going to be a classic. It's certainly proving that way. In


comes Stefano Brecciaroli. It's a very talented horse. Produced back


at home in Belgium, but bought by Susanna Bordone's mother for the


Italians. This man rides it beautifully. He added 9.2 time


penalties. We thought he was travelling quicker than that. He


now lies 8th. They were silver medallists, but what a quality


horse. This is a horse that has caught the eye last year. Even more


so so far this year. I absolutely love him. The quality, he's got the


movement, he looks to be class in all three phases. He's come out


today and he's really wanting to be careful, very quick off the floor.


You are looking for an event horse, and that is what you want them to


do, to come out on the last day and look athletic. It makes your job so


much easier. Yesterday, Stefano did look very quick. We couldn't


believe he'd got time faults. They didn't object to it, so they


clearly felt there was time lost in certain places. But it doesn't take


away from the scores's performance. -- this horse's performance.


classic round again. He is a lovely, lovely horse. He stays on his 45.


Italy is not going to win a medal this time. But they are gathering a


team together for the future. Fantastic performance from Stefano.


He's had a few personal situations going on at the moment, so he


hasn't been able to spend as much time working on his horses. But


when you got a CALS like this to look forward to, my word, doesn't


it make it a much better situation? Germany. We I in the top seven now.


As of those seven, Germany have five. That is the sort of strength


they have shown. Dirk Schrade, who has been a team member since he was


15 years old. The an individual in 2006. He has brought another very


good horse, hop and skip. There is Peter Thomsen on the right. One of


his colleagues. Dirk Schrade, just six time faults. A very good


dressage. That is where Germany really showed how strong they were.


Some very exciting dressage for them. Exciting news for the rest of


the world, they are really going to be hard to keep out of the top


positions when they perform like age on his side. He's 15. It's


great to see these older horses staying and eventing into their


teenage years. They put so much work into producing them. If you


manage them well enough to keep them physically able and capable.


You can get a good few years at this level. He gave that plank a


good rub. They are sitting on flat caps, they hardly take any Robben.


Goodness, he got very close. -- get a grip down the last line. A


debt and tidy in front. But luck is with him in this round. And he


jumped the last. -- a little bit going right for you, defences will


are flying. They are going to enjoy this day. Remember, Dirk Schrade is


riding as an individual. Pointing down to his Wolves, he knew he had


made a mistake. You appreciate it when a horse looks out for you, so


occasions to pull it out for Britain. Now he's got it again.


William Fox-Pitt, with his lovely horse, Cool Mountain. It's got to


After the World Championships in Kentucky, it really did look so


exciting. We knew that it was going to be a battle. There's certainly


going to have to be some thought and reviews after the event.


Britain, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We had so much


success at the European Championships. We knew what was


going to be tough. All of the other nations are really getting their


hats -- act together. They are setting themselves up with some


luck, that hasn't necessarily been with us this week. Let's hope we


don't necessarily have any more down. We are only talking about one


fence, but it can become crucial. And William jumped the last. Almost


an unlucky one. But if they are moment of the team. France moves up


to the silver medal position. That is how it will remain, and last


Germany has some unusual disaster. -- unless.


Was there a feeling of disappointment after what happened


today? They can only be. You know, each of as have a lot of talent, it


is disappointing. They all great jumpers and it just wasn't


happening. If you look back over the last few days, we are all lucky


to be here. We are lucky to be in one piece this morning. There's a


lot to be taken from it, in a positive way. A bronze medal is


fantastic, given the week we have had. The individual next for


Germany. It is Frank Osthol. When you leave out a man who has won a


medal, you know how it is. Little Paint, just six time faults


yesterday. His brother was an individual as well. His 5th in the


moment on 40. He is literally 10 marks behind the current individual


pressing for an individual medal. He will, he is only one fence


behind bronze. As close as that. Four points between Sara Algotsson-


Ostholt, his wife, and him. Could be a bit of a family discussion.


That will be an interesting meal as well, on home territory. He got


a flier. The horse came up to him. carefully. The poles are so light.


Those Germans are really seeing their very best performance. He


stays on 40. We've now got a battle for the individual medals. The home


crowd love that. Very interesting, Tina, they stepped up to the


world's top as a vocation. Since they have done that, the Germans


have got stronger and stronger. Absolutely, to have this sort of


course, you can see that horse really wanting to try and jump that


last fence. Good old Frank, he is enjoying every minute. That is what


it is all about. Your horse has really put it in for you. He's just


going to wind it down now. Enjoy the team mates go for the gold


medal. Here is one of the young stars, and coming. Almost there, I


would suggest. 24-year-old Sandra trying to hang on. She's trying to


secure and individual bronze medal, or even an individual medal, at her


first attempt. She was a show jumper, but this was such a good


looking round yesterday. Just 1.6 time, four seconds over in an


otherwise great cross country round. This combination really is the


talking horse of the championships. It really looks like a horse that


has got it all, in all three phases. A de CALS, gets his knees-up around


stretch of the imagination, but it makes it so much easier when the


horse has the natural ability to hold his front legs. It helps when


you've got the clock ticking and the time in your mind as well.


a combination of the HSBC bursary and here. You can see why. Classic


Ground. She has put herself in with a chance of a medal. She goes clear


air, she stays on 37. She is one seen so many class performances


here, I feel like I am repeating myself. There have been some world-


class horses here. The Olympics next year will be so exciting.


Aren't they just! Look at that crowd on the bank alongside us here.


We were talking about the lovely Opgun Louvo. This is Sara


Algotsson-Ostholt and Wega. It's a lovely horse, Swedish bloodlines.


This was inside the time yesterday. They were seventh after dressage.


Then with a classic clear round yesterday, moved up to third, the


bronze medal position. Can they hold it or could they go even


it looked like it was going to do the job today. It's so far doing


real jumping machine, Tina. It is great - exactly - to have a matter,


yes she is here as a competition horse, but if you bred here, you


can breed from her again. Look at their future as well. What a


fabulous horse to have in your yard and so proud when you have produced


Oh! Sweden and Sara Algotsson- Ostholt loses the individual bronze.


She gets four for the first fence down and four for the refusal.


There is likely to be time penalties as well. It means Sandra


Auffarth will definitely get bronze. Germany could get gold, silver,


bronze. Just missed her line going in and didn't make up the distance


through that double. Oh what a shame! APPLAUSE That was such a


disappointing end. It is 18 to add. Well! That's time faults, the


biggest problem there. It is one for one over that time allowed of


89 seconds. So she finishes on a score of 54. Poor Sara, Frank


Osthol will have to be consoling her tonight. So near but yet so far.


Just so unfortunate. She was just a little bit off that vertical. The


horse then felt that it needed to put another stride in. He could not


jump it. Because the pole came with her, didn't feel that she could


jump out over it. That is one of the worst nightmares when you are


dreaming of your showjumping round. APPLAUSE To lose a medal like that,


how disappointing for her. moves down to 11th at the moment.


This's two to go. Now, it is the World Champion, Michael Jung with


convincing to win the individual world title in the World Equestrian


Games in Kentucky. He was pretty convincing yesterday. He was quite


unbelievable at the third last. Chose to go the quick route. Took a


stride out to that corner, it was quite breathtaking to watch.


Probably didn't plan to go through three strides but that was the


position he was in so he went with it. The important part here is that


if he jumps a clear round, he very much puts the pressure on the


current leader after cross-country, Ingrid Klimke, with FRH Butts


Abraxxas, who has not always been the easiest show jumper. Tends to


be the weakest phase. You have to jump clear if this man jumps clear


to win. So there is a battle on this horse has jumped beautifully.


What a round! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE He never


looked like touching a pole. This man could end up World


Champion and European champion. What are the odds on London next


year? Oh! Michael Jung, 33.3, one round to go. Will it be Michael


Jung as European Champion, or will it be the last to go, Ingrid


jump a clear to win the European this round as well. They are quite


a long way ahead. It would have to be a big error for that to change.


But this girl is really gunning for to be in this position. Oh and


she's had the back rail at that Oxer. She didn't get very high over


that fence. This horse has dropped down in the past. Things are not


going well. It was such a lovely performance yesterday. Such a shame


to see this sort of thing happen. He looks a bit flat. I haven't seen


her ride in this bridle before. means Frank Osthol moves up to take


European individual title gone and has that - it's 24. The time is all


right. APPLAUSE 24 to add. She goes on 54 and goes right down the


leaderboard. The crowd giving her a very big hand. She is so popular.


APPLAUSE Such a pity. But it means that Michael Jung marches on and


Michael Jung now adds the European title to his world title in


Kentucky last year. It means the young Sandra Auffarth wins the


silver medal. There we are. And Frank Osthol wins the bronze.


Germany take the first four places. Italy's Stefano Brecciaroli with


Apollo van de Wendi Kurt Hoeve is fifth. The Frenchman is sixth.


William Fox-Pitt is seventh for Britain. There we go down. Then it


is Nicola Wilson in 16th. Piggy French of course finishing in the


top ten. Still a dramatic end. Here is the team standings for the 30th


the fourth time. They won it last year. They win it again here in


Luhmuhlen. France taking silver. Remember that. That is the eighth


time they have won silver, never having won gold. Britain, well


disappointing one has to say, takes the bronze. Maybe it is a wake-up


the bronze. Maybe it is a wake-up call for Olympics 2012.


Here is the individual European Champion, Michael Jung. Adding to


your world title as well, what does this mean to you? Yeah, I'm - it is


unbelievable. I'm so happy. I'm happy about my horse. The horse is


really fantastic in all three disciplines. Does a really good


dressage. Was nervous in the beginning. But he concentrate the


rest from the dressage. Super round in the cross and the jumping was


brilliant. He jumps really good. Yeah, I say thank you to all the


people who helped that I can ride the horse for a long time. I hope


we have a long future. How special was it to win this title here in


Luhmuhlen in front of your own fans? Yeah, it is really special.


In my country, many friends, many people are coming and see and I'm


very happy that this was really good. Every right to be happy. Well


done. Thank you. So congratulations to Michael Jung, he is the


individual champion. That means he is currently the reigning World and


European champion. Of course, that's helped contribute to their


team gold medal, finishing in the first four places. France took the


silver and Britain the bronze. Is there a deflated feeling? Naturally,


the British are disappointed. We came here with a strong team.


Hoping to be vying for the gold medal. To lose it in the


showjumping, just by a simple fence down, to get the bronze, but let's


not get away from the fact, it is a European Championship. Luck was not


on our side this week. A bronze medal is still a bronze medal.


There is plenty to work for to get us back on track for next year.


People come here and they look at our record and they think we will


turn up here, the worst we would hope for is silver. No individual


medals either. I think a lot of our fans would be disappointed?


Naturally they are. The Germans have fielded a strong hand this


week. Home territory. 12 riders here. They have got some world-


class combinations and younger riders coming through. Britain have


the same situation. We have got some super young riders to look


forward to for the future. It has not gone our way this weekend. We


will be there gunning at London. The equestrian show rolls on on the


So a tough few days in the office for the great British eventing team.


They came to Luhmuhlen defending a great record in the European


Championships. Ultimately, they weren't up to it. In the end


Germany win the European Championships for the first time on


Rishi Persad introduces highlights from the three days of competition at the European Championships in Germany.

Great Britain is the most successful nation in the biennial event and the current squad will again be leading contenders for team and individual gold. Mary King, William Fox-Pitt and Nicola Wilson were all part of the team that won the world title in 2010, with King and Fox-Pitt also medallists at each of the last two Olympics.

This is the final major competition in Europe before the London Olympics and the British team face a stiff challenge as ever from the likes of France, Sweden and Olympic champions Germany, who are enjoying home advantage at this tournament for the first time since 1999.

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