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Dan Walker is joined by Martin Keown and Danny Mills for a look ahead at the week's fixtures. Featuring interviews with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Paul Clement and Antonio Conte.

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It is absolutely brilliant. Oh, this is getting better and better. A


chance for Ronaldo! History boys indeed. They have won the cup, they


have won the cup. He has done it! Welcome to Football Focus. Last


weekend two managers sounded like they had conceded the title. Today


we have all this on the way. Mkhitaryan at home in Manchester. He


is even learning the lingo. From Munich to the Mumbles, the Manager


of the Month is on the show. I have come into a team in January, in the


middle of transfer window, a team that was bottom of the table, so


there was a lot happening in a short amount of time. As Liverpool play


Spurs, what interrupts the kip of Matip? I hate when I do mistakes and


sometimes it takes me a long time too sleep. Even Conte struggles to


keep his players' attention at Chelsea. After five minutes, ten


minutes... They get bored. Very difficult. And Danny and Martin will


assess all that for us this weekend when this is the fixture list in the


Premier League. Let's have a look. Today early kick off sees Arsenal


play Hull. One man who has hit form at


Manchester United is Henrik Mkhitaryan. This week he visited a


local school with the Manchester United foundation.


You're nicknamed Mickey, where did you get it from? When I came first


to Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp said, listen, Mkhitaryan, it is your


family name, it is too long, so Henrik it is too long, let's call


you Mickey. Are you OK? I said no problem. Since that day they started


calling me Mickey. Henrik you're Armenian and it is a very different


place to here, what was it like growing up? When I was in Armenia,


we had a lot of problems with our neighbours, Azerbaijan, we were in


war and until now we have this bad situation, but growing up in


Armenia, to be a footballer and to go from Armenia is a bit hard. You


come from a family steeped in football. Your dad was a striker?


Yes he was a football player and I was always happy to go with him on


training and he was my drive and my dream. I wanted to become a player,


because being in this kind of family, you're supposed to continue


the job that he is doing. Even until now I'm thankful for him that I


choose this sport. Your father passed away when you were young,


what impact did that have on your and your ambitions. At that time, I


was very young. I maybe didn't feel the impact. But I knew that he is


watching me from the sky and he has to be very proud. Who was your idol


when you were growing up. Many lovely players, but I think the main


one was Zinedine Zidane. That is a goal. Zinedine Zidane. I was in love


with his way of playing football. I don't know why, but he impressed me.


Of course like when I started watching football, I was just


watching the games with Zinedine Zidane. You were brought to Borussia


Dortmund by Jurgen Klopp. What was it like to play for him and how does


his style contrast with Jose Mourinho? I'm thankful to him,


because he picked me when I was in Ukraine. He worked a lot on me, like


most of his work on my personality, on my psyche logic part, because I


was really stressed after a few games and we were playing bad and


I'm thankful to him. He was always supporting me, saying everyone is


playing bad, but you don't have to bring your head down. You always


have to keep your head up. To compare to Jose Mourinho, they're


two different persons. They're very friendly, but a lot of them they're


good in their jobs. Like two big managers. But the way of their work


it is different. What is day-to-day life like under Mourinho? At the


beginning we had not like problems, but a bit difficulties. But then


starting from November we start winning. Mkhitaryan doesn't need


anybody else. Day-by-day, he understands what he expects from you


and you're trying to do your best to be involved in the training and the


game he wants to see. He said that he was protecting you at the start.


Did you understand his think something At that time, even when I


wasn't playing, I had always a smile on my face. Because if I would be


sad, if I would be mad, nothing would help me. So I was waiting for


the time and I was sure my time would come and I would have one more


chance. If I was like 23, 24 years old when I just came to Manchester,


maybe I would suffer, I would have problems, because I would take


things very like seriously. If I wouldn't play, I would be sad, I


would be mad, I don't know. Maybe I wouldn't talk to friends and family.


But I sad this is life. If you just smile through your life, the life


will smile to you as well. So I just kept smiling and working. Now I'm


happy. He is in here, Mkhitaryan, fabulous goal. Jose Mourinho said he


needs more goals. Are you confident that you will be able to bring in


more goals, maybe another scorpion? I don't know if I will be able to


score a scorpion goal. What a finish that is! When I scored the scorpion


goal, I couldn't even imagine in my life it would do that. It is not


always about scoring goals, but what you're giving to the club. That is


the main thing to win. He is a great talker. Looking at his stats from


Dortmund. 140 appearances and 41 of goals and assists. Even at


Manchester United the ratio is the same of goals and assists, and yet,


as he said, when he came in, people asked why he spent ?27 million on a


quality player and almost ignore him. Well, they bought him because


of that quality. 82 involvement in goals, scoring and assists is


phenomenal. But again some players take a bit of time. When they move


countries and clubs, Manchester United is still one of biggest clubs


in the world. Mentally, could he meet that challenge? I think that is


what Alex Ferguson said, it is not about the ability to play for


Manchester United, can you handle the mental side of game? Does


Mourinho deliberately test people and test their resolve. I think he


does without doubt. What he then gets is he guarantees a performance,


because they know how they have to behave. He has been part of the


improvement of Manchester United. They have had nine draws, six at


home, if they could turn them into wins, they would be right behind


Chelsea and he has played a part. He loves that central position and he


can see a pass. He's great player to have. It is a mystery why he didn't


come in until November. Two months ago, Manchester United looked like


they didn't have a hope of the top four. But the league position has


not changed, they're still in sixth and are desperate for Champions


League football. Yes, but what we are seeing now is Manchester United


or Mourinho, that Chelsea-style of play. Inter Milan style. Defensively


strong. People see the wounded animals Arsenal ahead of him,


Liverpool stuttering and Mourinho is on the chase. He wants to get into


that Champions League. If they could win a couple of trophies this season


and get into the Champions League it would be a good season. And we


shouldn't ignore Watford. It is great to hear from Mkhitaryan, but


Watford have had wins over Burnley and Arsenal. They're going through a


good period and they're a side, who staying in the Premier League, they


want that to be season on season. It was looking a bit precarious until


two or three weeks ago. They have had a couple of great results and


they almost look safe. They were brilliant that night and Niasse


looks special. They made changes in the Cup and they profited from that.


There was a freshness about them. Arsenal looked mentally not strong


enough on the night. That is a huge difference, I saw them at Burnley


and they didn't have a high tempo and didn't play particularly direct


and it was a dull game. Now they're realising that they have almost got


themselves out. But do you think United will win? Yes, they're almost


safe and Watford have, it is a strange dynamic at the club. The


manager's probably likely to go at the end of the season, however well


he does. That is the one of three 3 o'clock kick offs. We are 15 minutes


from the first game of the day, Steve Wilson is at the Emirates for


Arsenal against Hull. Arsene Wenger whose future is the subject of more


speculation this weekend has made one change to his eleven. Gibbs in


for Monreal. Bellerin is fit. And Wenger completes his four-match


touch line ban. Hull have Markovic in and Hernandez is injured and


Niasse comes in. They're in credit after four points from games with


Manchester United and Liverpool. Reasons to be cheerful certainly.


And confirmation of the Arsenal line up.


The man on the sidelines is interesting, if you were listening


to Five Live, Mr Wright said this. I was with the boss last night and if


I'm going to be honest, I get the impression that I think that's it. I


genuinely believe, I was with him for a few hours and we were talking


a lot, he didn't say I'm leaving at the end of season, but if... You get


the sense. Yes, because I just get the impression in looking at him


that... That's it. I think that's it. He mentioned while we were


talking that he is coming to the end. I have never heard him say


that. He looks winded like somebody hit him in the stomach. I feel if


somebody asks do you think he will go at the end of season, I would


say, I think he will. Ian qualified what he said last night on social


media since then. But it is something Wenger has never


discussed, when he wants to go. What tuning of the latest speculation?


Listen, Wrighty is a good judge on how he is. It is almost becoming


boring. If he goes out of the Cup to Sutton and they don't mean the


Champions League and he will be leaving. But he will be the one that


makes the decision. Because of what he has achieved. It is almost a


unique situation at the club. He has got to got back to winning. But I


get the feeling he is now coming to the end of it. He is not at the


beginning of his career. You still think he is unsackable. Nobody above


him at board level has sacked a manager, or appointed a manager,


Arsene designed the ground, runs the whole club and sadly for the fans,


those shareholders are not fans. So as long as they keep finishing


fourth they're happy. It is a healthy situation for him to be


deciding? No it is not. When clubs change the manager, it is a huge


decision in the life of Arsenal and not one, it must be done in the best


interests of Arsenal and not just Arsene Wenger. It will be a massive


wrench for him. Don't forget how successful he has been and what he


turns football into. He has been a huge part of a lot of good for


Premier League and English football. But everyone has a shelf life. Have


you Have you noticed a change in him. I have seen the opposite, maybe


after losing the Chelsea game, but before that match he was the same.


Really sharp mentally, mravening for the future -- planning for the


future. The new training ground is on development. He won't let go of


the club lightly. He has got to do, all the gre leaders decide the time


to leave. Now the Hull team. Six of the seven players Mr


silverback bought in start. Harry Maguire at the back but the way they


are playing, we talk about Swansea later, they are dragging more and


more teams into that relegation battle because they are picking up


some nearby -- Mr Silva. It was a bit left-field. Not many of us knew


about Marco Silva, his history, and they started to sell some of their


best players. Snodgrass and Livermore. Then you are thinking is


this for relegation? He has a contract until the end of the


season. Suddenly all the players are buying into him. They look happier,


they are energised and they are at a good run. They'd given themselves a


chance. To get those results in the bottom three is outstanding but I


don't think those players are good enough to stay up. If you will


choose someone to go down, Hull will go down. Strong words. What do you


think about Swansea? Paul Clement has been a Premier League boss for


six weeks but already named Manager of the Month, despite taking over a


Swansea side bottom of the league, four points from safety. What a


turnaround in south Wales. Time for a bit of Clem and Clement. Sacked


Garry Monk, the manager. Looks to be the last straw. Replaces Bob


Bradley. Head coach, this season. I've always wanted to work at this


level. Magnificent goal from Swansea. One


of the best leagues in Europe, no doubt. Swansea get their first ever


league win at Anfield. Any team can go to anywhere and get a good result


and we've shown that already. From desperation to optimism at the foot


of the Premier League. I've only been a Premier League manager for


five or six weeks, it's very new to me, I'm a novice. But I'm working


hard and enjoying it. Nice little marker to get Manager of the Month


award for January. Of course. It was a surprise. Other managers and teams


have good records in January but our situation was different. We were


bottom of the table when I came here but got out of the bottom three at


this point. Nice recognition for everybody, the fans, players,


backroom staff. For the good work that has gone on in January. Three


wins in 19 before you got here and three wins in five since you've been


here, can you put your finger on what you've been able to change?


Credit has to go to the players. The way that they've taken on board what


I've asked them to do. They needed the organisation, they wanted it and


they got it. Ultimately, they have to go out on the pitch and deliver.


I gave them the confidence to do that. They were going into games


well prepared. If we had been having this conversation just before


Christmas, how would you have seen your own season panning out? Well, I


would have been at Bayern Munich. And hopefully winning the


Bundesliga. And maybe even getting to a Champions League final and a


German cup final, who knows. That's part of the reason I'm sitting here,


the background I've had, six, seven years as an assistant to Carlow,


working at a high level with some wonderful players. And some great


clubs -- Carlo. Different challenge, motivating players to effectively


hang onto something, rather than to try and gain something. A bit. But


ultimately, the objectives are the same comment is a game of football,


11 versus 11, 90 minutes, the game is the same. I'm quite clear about


how I want this team to play. There are players who have responded


really well to the way that we are working. I'm fortunate we've seen


some positive results that have come off the back of that. COMMENTATOR: A


result of huge significance at both ends of the Premier League table. It


has finished Liverpool 2-3 Swansea. When you went back in the changing


room, for example, at Anfield, what a beast that must have given them.


Not just the 11 boys that finished the game. -- what a boost. But the


whole club. It was. It gave everyone a lot of belief. When we went to


Manchester City last weekend, everyone felt different. 81 minutes,


we went 1-1 and conceded 93, which was a massive blow. A real


roller-coaster of emotion. The feeling in the dressing room


afterwards real, real disappointment. I'm not sure that


was the case a couple of months ago, that they would feel like that. But


now we're going to man City away. Not picking up a point we thought we


deserved. Feeling so, so bad about it. There's definitely been a mental


shift here. COMMENTATOR: Absolute heartbreak of all Swansea, who were


stubborn throughout. Do you think you will survive? I've got a lot of


belief we will. But I can't say for sure we are going to. The direction


we are moving is very positive. There's a lot of hard work to be


done. Preparation for Leicester. As soon as our finishes, we will feed


back on that. We are taking it one game at a time. My belief is that if


the players focus at the level that they have been since I've been here,


and apply themselves, but they have been, right until the last game


against West Brom at home, we will OK. -- like they had been. Cheadle


Hulme High School speaks strongly. A rather


We talked about Marco Silva at Hull, like championship preparation


appointment. Some people said that about Paul Clement because of Aix


experience at derby. What a ridiculous turnaround at Swansea. --


his experience at Derby. He was but just a few weeks ago. They were


bottom when he came in. Without naming it, he said there was no


organisation at the football club. The players now know what they have


to do. Maybe a slight on Bob Bradley, which was clearly a strange


appointment at the time. He's got great experience. Fantastic


knowledge of the game. Top players he's worked with. Equally, it didn't


go that bad at Derby. He didn't play the Derby way, that's why he got the


sack. If the challenge, can you become a great coach, ten years, no


doubt, lots of big clubs. Now he is proving he can be a great manager


and he needs to keep that going. You can see in his eyes he wants to be a


manager and probably always wanted to be a manager. Lots of good


coaches in the past, it could do it but let's see if he can. The first


step is a good one. He's got to keep doing it. A massive game against


Leicester tomorrow. That is absolutely huge. We talk about who


will go down but when you look at it, Leicester are in it. If Swansea


were to beat Leicester tomorrow, wow. You've really got to start


worrying. The Champions League is coming up and their focus will be


taken away from the league. He knows his own mind. There is a clamour for


him to play Sigurdsson through the middle but he stuck him on the left


saying he wants him to cut in and that seems to be working. He's been


working at Real Madrid with the likes of Bale and Ronaldo, they


start in wide positions but they end up in the middle. Mkhitaryan does it


at Manchester United. That is a starting position. Great players


go... Sigurdsson is their great player. He has the players to get


them out of the drop. You said Hull were going to go down, who are your


other two? Swansea? No, I think Swansea will stay up, Middlesbrough


will go down and Sunderland don't have enough to get out. Amazing


resolve against Palace but that is the three that will go down. Swansea


will be fine. -- amazing result. Speaking with authority. Paul


Clement Saul Leicester in FA Cup midweek, the game went on so long


they even delayed the kick-off for the 10pm news.


they celebrated that win but in the league their form has been miserable


this year. They are bottom of the league table for 2020 -- 2017. A


statement, full backing for Claudio Ranieri, sometimes the kiss of


death. He said they are in trouble and they can't seem to get things


together and galvanise that team in the Premier League at the moment.


It's really strange. Look at them two years ago in this sort of


position, survived and went on, amazing. Unimaginable, what they did


last year, they deserve all the plaudits for that but they've lost


focus completely. There is no energy about the team. They are not dynamic


any more, they are not working hard enough for each other, conceding


sloppy goals. I really fear for them. You look at this, I was


tempted to call them the dirty dozen last year because this was 11


football players thrown together with a very difficult... Watt where


does it come from? The manager. What Ranieri had did in terms of


tinkering with the team, couldn't get it right, they were amazing last


season. They don't want to be remembered for a team that goes


down, addressing the needs to pull together as one. They are a set of


individuals. -- that dressing room needs to pull together. They have


new contracts, BMWs. Go back to what is important, winning games of


football. They had the pretty penny to come together as a group. This


stat can show you where that can be misleading. -- they have the ability


to come together. Vardy is more, go this season than last season. It


doesn't tell you that he was getting more than a chance a game last


season but he is only getting one every two games. No supply for the


likes of Vardy and he's not playing particularly well. Bring us together


and it is not working. It's not that teams have worked him out a bit.


Last year there was almost that arrogance, especially from the big


clubs, it's only lasted. We know they want to hit balls over the top


but it's only Leicester. Teams wouldn't let them have the ball.


This game tomorrow at Swansea, the wake-up call could be there. They


have lots of the ball, that might suit a Vardy ball over the top.


Teams have dropped off, Vardy isn't as playing -- playing as well. Huth,


Morgan aren't playing as well. They have to be careful. They are right


in it at the moment. One other thing, you might have seen this in


the papers this morning. Continued fallout from Saido Berahino leaving


West Brom to go to Stoke. Ryan Shawcross suggested that the drugs


test came from West Brom. Tony Pulis apparently has called Ryan


Shawcross. Called him a loser. Did you ever have a phone call from an


opposition manager or member of staff telling you to keep your mouth


shut during your career? I don't remember ever getting a phone call


from actual manager! No! Surely that must be banter! I can't believe Tony


Pulis is bringing up a former player to give him a bit of stick. I don't


understand why the FA just don't come out and say it in the first


place, that would clear it up and we move on? A simple solution. Let's


move on! 2017 can only get better for Liverpool, since beating


Manchester City on New Year's Eve, Jurgen Klopp's side has lost just


once. They prepare to face Spurs at Anfield later. One of those, there


he is, has been speaking to us. How would you sum up your time here,


so far? The beginning was not that easy. I had a few problems with my


right foot. But I had a good time here once I came back. Really


successful. It was really nice for me. And my other team-mates. The


beginning of January was not too easy for me. I had problems with my


ankle. When you are injured, you always want to be back on the field,


you want to help. I hope now it's getting better. Matip will not be


playing today. He is fit for selection. He hasn't played for


Cameron since June 2015, he is considers himself a retired


international. How would you sum up the frustration, the disappointment


and the fact that you couldn't play, even though you decided you didn't


want to be part of that tournament? It was really frustrating and


disappointing. Because I don't really understand. At the moment, I


don't understand it. I couldn't understand it. Now it's solved. Now


I hope I can help my team-mates and the club to get back to where we


normally stand. You seem quite a calm, collected person, is that your


personality? Nothing much concerns you? I think I am more of a calm


person but of course I get angry. What makes you angry? From time to


time, the decisions which I don't understand. But, of course, they are


emotions that sometimes help to stay clear in mind. It always helps. I


hate when I do mistakes. And sometimes it takes me a long time to


sleep. But when I'm on the field, you would do everything to do our


best to win the game. You will fight against your opponent like... He


tried to kill you, or something like this. Piazzi in on goal, to seal it,


surely, for Hull City. Liverpool's title challenge is in tatters. It


was a hard month for us. The last games was not like we... Hoped the


games would be. Now we have to change that and get back to the old


results. And get some points. And win games. You have a pretty good


record against teams in the top six, what is it about the teams in the


bottom half of the table that you seem to struggle so much with? Of


course it's nice that you don't really lose a lot of points against


these games but it doesn't matter. You'd get a few points against Hull,


if you points against Tottenham, four example. Only points count. How


do you deal with the defeat, the frustration that's going on now?


It's always hard, not before self-confidence. But can I change


the past? No, you always have influence on the future.


Realistically, can you still reach that a Champions League? You never


know who stands on the table at that level. There are a lot of games.


We will try our best to win these games and then we will see. Talk


about that game in a moment. These are interesting statistics again.


What it does tell you is he is a big player for Liverpool. When he starts


games, their results tend to be better. How do you rate him? I saw


him at Spurs and thought he did OK. Not fantastic in possession. I look


at Skrtel, a player that's gone and look at the acquisitions they make


and how good is he really. He got rid of Skrtel, he was a big player


who organised. Is Matip any better? He has youth on his side, but he


still has a lot to do for me. He has decent quality. He's big man. I


don't see him as world class. He is a steadying influence. Lovren was


fantastic at Southampton and went to Liverpool and he was all over the


shop. Skrtel was aggressive, red cards, bookings, Matip looks like a


nice steady centre-half. He won't do anything flash, but Lovren maybe


needs that alongside him. But it is the two midfield players in front


that have caused them problem. They're not doing their job and


protecting the back four as well as they should do. The sides that drew


at Anfield in April last season, Coutinho scored for Liverpool that


day. Jurgen Klopp said he is almost trying too hard. Do you understand


what that position is? He never tried too hard! You have to trust


yourself and let the ability flow out of you. There is a lot of


factors with the Liverpool team. I manager Jurgen Klopp will be working


with hearts and minds and reminding them how good they are. But against


Spurs I think they will only make it easier for Chelsea. People say you


can never try too hard. It is like in golf. If you try hard to hit the


ball ten yards further, you start hooking it and slicing it. You have


to be relaxed ed and when thins aren't going well and you're the


main man, there is pressure. Like Torres at Chelsea, he couldn't score


for love or money. You try too hard. Martin looked too confused by your


golf anol Ji. Anol Ji. Still they have not won at Anfield or Old


Trafford or the Emirates or Stock Stamford Bridge. Yes but Rose being


injured will affect them. They're a team and you look at the midfield


with Wanyama and Dembele, there is so much that is good. They can


switch from a three to a four. But this is about feeling. If Liverpool


can regenerate that feeling that Jurgen Klopp does and they're


dancing to that heavy metal tune, they can do something special. But


Tottenham can hurt you. They have got to switch from being safe and


thinking about not losing the game and defensively they have been


outstanding and they haven't lost many. But at some point you have to


gamble and think, we have kept it tight, let's try and win the game.


Maybe they need somebody off the bench with pace to win the game. You


can stay across this afternoon's games from 2.30 in Final Score. That


is on BBC two. That is because the Six Nations is on BBC1.


Still to come on Football Focus before 1. Conte gets a grilling from


Gary. No one's ever lost this kind of lead at this stage. And we will


find out what the Hibs boss Neil Lennon has fallen out with a sturp


star. Superstar. What did you think of the the draw, that Rod Stewart


would be off my Christmas card list. And a few Sunderland players went to


see a young fan, Bradley Lowery. He actually fell asleep on his football


hero. Sunderland's 4-0 win over Crystal Palace has left Sam


Allardyce's side at the bottom. And John Motson is there. Sam Allardyce


said the players do serve to be booed. He has never been relegated,


but he is in a bit of a fix isn't he? Yes, I spoke to him this morning


and he sounded in got heart and he denied there was a trip to Dubai


booked, although people think it was cancelled. But the chairman went in


after the game and Sam Allardyce got the team in on Sunday morning to


look at it as a punishment. But the Palace fans, they are restless, but


one statistic tells the whole story, Crystal Palace have won five of


their last 47 Premier League games. Obviously, the greater part of that


time was under Alan Pardew. But as Sam Allardyce has said, they're now


playing with fear and he has got to try and get that out of system if


you like. This game at Stoke, it is a mixture of snow and rain here by


the way, this fix xhur is one that Palace might not mind. They have a


good record here, five wins in seven visits and earlier in the season at


Selhurst Park nay beat Stoke 4-1 when Townsend was a key figure. I


wonder if Sam Allardyce may recall him today. The other admission I


have got to make as a comment commentator, a player they signed in


January from Greece and he is Luka Milivojevic. I am sure I will get


that wrong on Match of the Day and I can imagine you having a good laugh


at that. Now in the House of Commons, there was a motion of no


confidence in the FA. What is the mood in the governing body about


where they go from here. Well, if you listen to Greg Clark, he thinks


there there will be a slow revolution if that is the right


expression. I'm getting confused, it is not all about the FA council and


diversity, the big problem the Government have got with the FA is


that they don't think they're governing the game the way they


should. The other stake holders, particularly the Premier League have


more power than they should. Three or four years ago, I interviewed


Greg Dyke about the relationship between the FA and the Premier


League and suggested to him that the FA could make a gesture about the


crowded calendar and cancel FA Cup replays after the third round. Well


they have cancelled they will in the sixth round. I said, if you make


that concession, then the Premier League would have no option if


people said, come on, move two of your January fixtures and now we


have a mid winter break. He said, perhaps you should speak to our task


force. Well I don't know whether Danny was on the task force, but I


never got the chance to tell them. Diversity is one thing, but


governing the game has wider implications. You cannot accuse John


of not caring about football, thank you. He makes an interesting point,


on the sort of FA council side of things, it is great to have


commissioner Mills with us. Much-many lined! Of the 122, only


eight are women. Only four aren't white. Is that a problem. He said


there is problems elsewhere. How much of an issue is diversity in the


FA council? I don't think that is a huge problem. The age is a massive


problem. 92 are over 60. Yes, which is ridiculous. What do they do? Not


a lot. If I'm honest and I will temper what I really want to say,


realistically for the good of game they should hold their hands up and


all resign. They should all walk away. Let the FA be run as a


business. Put somebody at the top, two people under them and run it


like a football club. Like Arsenal has been run. With chairman or like


Manchester City is run. Put David Gill at the top. The lifetime


membership is wrong. It is like Fifa. Everyone gets a vote and it


doesn't work in business or football. I think if they have got


the good of the game in their interest, give them their tickets


and blazer, but all just step down and walk aWye from it. -- Walk away


from it. Lovely to know what you think, get in contact with us.


Chelsea play Burnley tomorrow and everyone is singing the place of


Antonio Conte. He has been telling Gary Lineker why things have clicked


this season. There are days in the late winter and early spring when


you see champions in the making. You have a big lead, are you confident


that you're going to win the league? No. It is a big lead, no one's ever


lost this kind of lead at this stage? No, we are on top of the


table. But the league is tough. For me, it is important to continue to


push and to exploit this momentum. If you send the right signals it is


very important. Boos from the Chelsea supporters. Plenty for


Antonio Conte to go through. Why did you start with four at the back when


you had been so successful with Juventus and Italy with three? I


tried to start with... With the full-back and in my mind, this team


could play with 4-2-4. We won three games in a row, but in that period,


I don't feel the team in my hand, because sometimes you can win, but


you can see that... It is not quite right? Yes. Why, was what miss


something Because in every games we conceded many chances to score to


the opponent. Then you changed the system? Yes I tried to change the


system. I tried to give first of all a good balance. In my team. Don't


lose offencively, but to have a defensive situation more correct and


there were players with these characteristics. When you have a


good winger and a good No 10 as Pedro and Willian, I knew in my head


we can change and we can find this Su nm. -- is in new system. Do you


analyse and discuss with the players? Honestly, my players...


They're not used to... Do they like it? No, at the start we found a bit


of difficulty, not because... After five minutes, ten minutes... They


get bored. Very kift. Diftd. But when we -- Very difficult, but when


we saw in the right way to see the game, not to find who the fault.


Because we considered it good. No, only to improvement when the player


understand this and he is more open to watch and improve and to ask why


I have to stay in this position. And when you start to have this


relation, you can build something important. Oh, what a sensational


goal! From Diego Costa. Everything was going well and you had this big


story about Diego Costa and possibly China, or whatever it was. Is


everything calm down? Yes, but Diego Costa is an important player, but


the situation is very clear and he is very happy to stay with us and he


is very happy to fight for the title. Do you think he will stay


here for some sometime? Yeah, I think so. I see him every day and I


see his commitment, his behaviours, he is very involved in the team and


yeah I think he loves the this club. Do you think China's a big threat to


European football? Yes. It is funny how it changed. Because big wealthy


clubs like Chelsea have been able to pluck players and pay a lot for


players, now they're getting a bit of their own mid sin. But I think it


is the not the right way to pay a lot of money also. I don't think it


is a good example for the young player. For the people in general


that work every day. Antonio Conte danced down the touchline and


screamed at yelled. Do you look at yourself on the touchline hen you're


getting angry. Yes, but I don't like to to watch me. Because I have a lot


of pressure and you know that during the week you work a lot to prepare


your team and a lot of time you don't sleep to prepare your team.


You think of the right solution and when you score the goal, yeah, for


me... It's... It is no normal to participate with my players in this


joy. STUDIO: Another statistic to show


you. Chelsea managers in charge for ten games or more, and he is


currently top of the tree with Win percentage almost 80%. How much of


an advantage has it been for Chelsea this season of playing European


football? Absolutely huge. Especially the way he has


transformed the system, he gets to work on it for five days before a


game. Even with a rest day. Players are fitter, stronger, they don't


have to worry about recovery so much. To change that system takes a


lot of work, lots of work on the training ground. He can do that


without the destruction of European football. It does help you but it's


only part of the way. This manager has been outstanding. Is there a


weakness? Will there be a period with that side where they lose


enough games for others to catch them? I've played in the back three


and it is in the wide positions you seem to get punished and they don't.


I don't understand how people don't overload on the sides with Moses.


Spurs put balls into the box and scored goals with their head. Dele


Alli. Maybe that's a weakness. But he's been able to make them solid,


strong but still have the Hazards, in really good positions and win


games of football. He's been brilliant. They take on a Burnley


side, the only team with a bed to record at home at Chelsea and Spurs


bizarrely. -- better record. They have turned it into a fortress, Turf


Moor, whatever you want to call it. Sean Dyche is amazing. Why he can't


turn that into a waveform, it is so strange. Not like they are


travelling halfway around the world every time, is it? Conte has done an


exceptional job. To transform that. You have to say, with the players he


has available this time round. The swing from last year and this year


for Chelsea is enormous. I bet it isn't very dissimilar from two years


ago when they won the title, that first part of the season they were


outstanding. They lost to Spurs, like they have this time. And they


shut up shop. Coverage of Chelsea at Burnley and Swansea- Leicester on


much of the day two tomorrow. On BBC Two because of the BAFTAs.


Award-winning performance from Martin because he is everywhere this


week. Retallick is with Martin. The return of the Champions League to


look forward to next week. -- Retallick is with Martin.


COMMENTATOR: Oh! What an asset. Lahm Scores the first goal of the 2006


World Cup finals. Look at that for a perfectly timed challenge.


What a setting for a game that promises so much. Germany rules the


world again. What a ludicrous career, 33 years


old. Why is he stepping down at 33? He says he doesn't feel he can


perform at that same level. The only thing I can think of, perhaps there


is something in his personal life that he suddenly had second thoughts


about and thought, actually, I've done everything. Something we don't


know about, maybe we won't hear about. Maybe it is a more important


than in football. Maybe it comes down to desire. Legend is used far


too often in football but what he has done... Won everything. It can't


be questioned. I wanted to hang on as long as I possibly could. We


tried to change my game to develop to stay longer. Couldn't leave the


money! He has to bow out. But he will come out in some other


capacity. Guardiola saying he is one of the most intelligent ways he has


worked with. A year earlier, he had another year left on his contract.


Might come back as the sporting director at after a sabbatical.


Hasn't he turned that down already? -- at Bayern There must be something


else going on in his life that football has pale into


insignificance at the moment. Bayern taking on Arsenal, you old boys gone


in the Champions League. Top of the Bundesliga but they have got


criticism for the way they played. Do you think Arsene Wenger can


unpick Bayern Munich over two Blakes? No. They have quality.


Watching them closely, they are back in good form. -- two legs.


Lewandowski in the form. A formidable team with their manager,


the experience, won this three times, the Champions League. It will


be difficult for Arsenal a lot about Leicester struggling domestically.


We forget they are still in the Champions League. They played the


week after next with Sevilla. They are in fantastic form, Sevilla. It


is Madrid not too long ago, doing brilliantly in La Liga. It is the


first real test for Leicester in the Champions League. They played in the


group and did incredibly well. This is the first real quality they face.


So just ordered that season you could see them winning that and


going through to the next... If they go out. Martin says Arsenal are


going out and Leicester going through! Who knows. If that sort of


performance from Leicester. They might be up for that next big thing


that they want to do and achieve. They need to look after the bread


and butter, staying in the Premier League. To pop back to Philipp Lahm


at the moment, would he be in an all 11? What position? He has to get in


there as a fallback somewhere along the line. He is so measured. We


could talk about this for hours. Certainly in his period. At right


back? Depends what sort of defender you want. He is a leader. You could


play him centre midfield. You could play him in almost any position.


That has to get him in the team. He would get in our squad. We will


continue this discussion another time. Rangers. They are currently


third in the Scottish Premiership, level on points with Aberdeen.


Whopping 27 points behind Celtic. A bit of confusion with Rangers


overnight. Mark Warburton is no longer the manager at Ibrox. I will


explain it as best I can. He met with the club this week. Talking


about how to possibly get out of contract. They agreed something to


do with compensation that Rangers would get if he went to another


team. There was a plan, it appeared. Then there was a movement back away


from that plan and the club so we've agreed this bubbly, we will go ahead


with it. And they almost resigned Mark Warburton for him -- agreed


this verbally. Whatever the rights and wrongs, it's a mess, isn't it? A


complete mess. We don't know for definite but let's assume he wanted


to go to another club and said OK, lets rip up my contract at Rangers.


If I go there, Rangers wanted compensation so they can get a new


manager. And pay their new manager. Whatever it was. They should have


stuck with him. 27 points starting hat does things strange things to


people's minds. Rangers coming back. The club have gone, hang on a


minute, you wanted to go elsewhere. You said you wanted to resign but we


will not have you back. Maybe they've done the right thing in


taking this on. Graeme Murty the under 20's coach will be in charge


against Morton in the Scottish Cup. 27 points clear, Celtic, 1-0 up in


their fifth round match against Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Let's


show you this from the week. One of their many goals they scored. 24


touches in this overall. The final few touches, against St Johnstone.


Rabona, backheel, that finish from Mousa Dembele. That is a proper


goal. One man looking on with interest is


the former Hoops boss Niall Lennon, taking charge of his first Edinburgh


derby tomorrow. We have been built spotting. -- boot spotting.


Choose Edinburgh. Choose the Cowgate. Choose the whole dam famous


five. Choose winning the league title. Choose letting out 114 years


of bottled up pain in one joyous green and white explosion.


What did you think when the draw handed you a meeting with Hearts?


That Rod Stewart was off my Christmas card list. I just knew,


you know, I was listening to it on the radio and ball number eight came


out and I thought that's definitely us. Hibs away to Hearts. I was


thinking, that's all we needed at this stage of the season. It's going


to generate a lot of interest and we really want to focus on the league.


But we are the cup holders and we want to defend the trophy. We have


to beat anyone we face in the draw. Being honest, is it a game you could


do without? No, but, yeah. No, but, yeah. Starting to sound like Little


Britain. It's a distraction from what we are trying to do that we are


the cup-holders. Like I say, we want to defend it. Now the week is here


and the anticipation is building, looking forward to the occasion.


What difference does it make that Hibs are the holders?


Psychologically, it's a big monkey off the club's back. I never


realised the significance of it until I've been in and around it. A


long time, 114 years. That's been lifted. Now you are going in as the


holders and there is still the attention. You want to defended


vigorously. There's a lot of good teams left in the competition,


Hearts being one of them. Pressure on him this season to get back to


the big league, do you feel pressure to deliver question must -- on Hibs.


Yes. We have been the favourite since the start of the season, top


of the need for a long time. I want to deliver promotion and I want to


take Hibs back. I am enjoying my time here. The people I work for at


the people in the club have been fantastic. Really enjoying my time


so far. Do you ever think back a couple of years and wonder about the


wisdom of leaving Celtic? No, no, not at all. It was the right time to


go. I had four years there and really enjoyed it. But there is an


end point to everything and for me, the time was right. It wasn't a knee


jerk decision. I thought long and hard about it for two, three, four


months before then. No regrets. Does this feel like a kick-start for you?


Yes. I feel reinvigorated but I'm not looking too far ahead. My focus


is on Hibs and being successful here. Trying to build something here


again. We've been in the Championship, our third season. It's


a shame. You have to earn the right to get back into the Premier League.


If we can do that, you just never know.


STUDIO: Should be a cracking game this weekend. A common theme, isn't


it? Bemoaning the cup getting in the way of concentration on the league,


what's happened to cup competitions? I've no idea because winning


football matches, it's great, you want to play as many as you possibly


can. You don't really want to train, you want to keep winning. I don't


know. The league and money has become so important. It's a massive


shame. Champions League hasn't taken a back seat yet. If Hearts


underestimate Niall Lennon, they could be in trouble. I believe he is


a very good manager. Did well at Celtic and I was surprised there


wasn't more takers. Ended up at Bolton in a difficult situation. He


is a good manager on his way back and Hibernian running away with the


championship. Tomorrow, that game and highlights 11:30pm BBC One on


Scotland tomorrow. The Edinburgh derby and the huge Devon derby,


Plymouth against Exeter, second against fourth in the two. Enjoy


that if you are going to that. Thank you to Martin and Danny. Life at


Huddersfield next Saturday for the fifth round of the FA Cup. A hip-hop


star takes on Lawro in these positions -- for the Premier League


predictions. # We spent all our money on those


CDs. I became a fan of Michael Owen. I was watching England Argentina and


ice -- I saw Michael Owen score a goal. I was like, who is that? My


dad is sadly passed away a couple of years ago and I wrote this is true.


My dad was my hero and it makes sense to pay homage. But I heard


recently that Cantona has heard the song. I think it's cool. As much as


I reckon Troy Deeney will probably bang in one goal, is going to be


like 3-1 to United. Everton on a very good run at the moment. I'm


going to say Everton 3-0, bang. Liverpool are crumbling at the


moment, quite horrifically but fingers crossed, I have faith in


Jurgen Klopp, the best thing to happen to Liverpool in a long time.


Dan Walker is joined by Martin Keown and Danny Mills for a look ahead at the week's fixtures.

The programme features an in-depth interview with Manchester United midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan, while Premier League manager of the month Paul Clement discusses his start at Swansea, and Antonio Conte talks about Chelsea's rise to the top of the table.

There is also a preview of Liverpool v Tottenham with Joel Matip, and hip-hop star Loyle Carner reveals his score predictions.