Chesterfield v Swindon Town Football League Trophy Final

Chesterfield v Swindon Town

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Hello and welcome to Wembley where we are down to the final two team


as for the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. An intriguing contest as


Chesterfield take on Swindon but, as we know on these occasions, the


form book counts for little. It's about who turns up when it matters


and can deliver on the big stage. This is the final stop after quite


a journey. This competition has been a godsend for Chesterfield.


They have struggled to come to terms with League 1 of. The


Johnstone's Paint Trophy has it been good to the Spireites. They


knocked out opposition all the way. After an indifferent start, Swindon


it must need to pinch themselves when they consider how well things


have gone. Swindon are four points clear at the top of League 2 with


games in hand and on course for an instant return to League 1. They


knocked about Exeter before seeing off Wimbledon, Southend and Bonet.


-- Barnet. An occasion to savour British Summer Time and its Wembley


final weather. At final that's not just the big day out for the bottom


two divisions, as has sometimes seems, but it matters. There's a


trophy to be won and both teams are looking to win it for the very


first time. Chesterfield, their first ever visit to the Wembley


Stadium. Simon Ford comes in and Westcarr makes way for Jack Lester,


whose late goal last I'm got them signed on Wednesday. They beat


Torquay earlier in the league, their first win in at 13 games.


Paolo Di Canio never got to Wembley as a competitive player. He played


at a charity match in 2008, though. John Sheridan got the only goal of


the 1991 League Cup final here. Sheffield Wednesday 1, Manchester


United nil. It's not often that the sides in the high Division are


viewed as the underdogs. Not in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. That's


how many see it today. Chesterfield, rock bottom of League 1. Swindon,


in effect, only one league plays below them, flying high at the top


of League 2 and set for promotion. Mark Bright alongside me. On form,


Swindon are the team to bid. question about it. Riding high


in the Swindon half early on. Tried to get Talbot forward. Jack Lester


using all his experience at the sharp end for the Spireites. Simon


Ferry. What a place to make your debut for your new team. I was just


thinking that. How do they go down in the dressing room? Somebody


signs on in midweek and starts. It's great for him, but not for the


foot on Tuesday and they wished he'd kept his mouth shut now. He's


Swindon on loan and he wasn't far away -- Holmes. Good play on the


left foot, trying to get to the far post area. His third Swindon game,


second time around. A spell with the club as a teenager on loan from


movement, excellent cross. Jack Lester dropped into the middle of


the screen, moves in front of his whenever he gets on the ball for


the Robins. He plays it through. A few groans from Swindon fans who


felt he could have taken that on himself. Excellent move, it really


of was, from back-to-front. An easy pass. Holmes was freed. In patches,


showing the form which have taken them to the top of League 2. Got


off to a slow start. My goodness, they haven't looked back since the


autumn. Exactly, they have come good at exactly the right time,


with games in hand at the top of Forced a little wide and then of


the ball, but it will be a Chesterfield corner. Well,


staggering. I thought Bowery was a yard offside when there's ball was


played, absolutely. The assistant doesn't see it. It was a good touch


and then that is a really bad touch. The lucky to get the corner. He was.


Just bundled behind off Devera. visits. No, a to hit the crossbar.


It won't count. I'm not sure he get that right. The assistant on the


far side, I'm not sure he got that right. He took such a long time to


put his flag up. They are told to take their time but one this was


played in here, I don't think so. think you're right, Mark. I don't


think it is. I don't understand why he has put it up. Is it a foul?


shot, almost on target, just over the top. That's a guy who knows


where the net is. No question about that. Let's have a look at the


offside decision. I would not say that was offside, I really wouldn't.


Why hasn't the flag had gone up now? I really think that's a bad


decision. Will it rallied Chesterfield and a rattle Swindon?


I'm sure it has because it they will look at that. They will no by


half-time. There will be a feeling of injustice. By the way, does he


know it is British summertime? He must be absolutely roasting. There


Thompson. Yes, Dunne so just dummies the quick one. -- Holmes


just dummies the quick one. It has caught Chesterfield out. Sheridan


is in the technical area. Pointing to the team there. You have got to


concentrate and focus. You have a man to mark. You react to the short


corner quickly. Risser is on the move. It is back into Tommy Lee.


is under a little bit of pressure. It didn't get the direction he


wanted, but it is a decent header. John Sheridan, northerner, C.


think Paolo Di Canio is struggling a little bit. He is thinking


superstitions should take a back seat. It is in the Seventies at


pitch-side. He has got his woolly hat ready. That's definitely a


superstitious thing, definitely. is his own man. In the background,


there are some beach balls, as well. It's a sunny day. In goes Mendy and


he wins it well. Oh, what a rocket. Alex Mendy couldn't buy the top


Just outside the 18-yard box, get your head down and it is a very


And now he does. Tommy Lee has saved it. He did not know he had,


not completely. He is one of the best keepers in this league. Tommy


Lee does ever so well. He just needed to stand up. What a great


save. Paolo di Canio is feeling the effects all right. As is Jack


Lester. Alan McCormack delivering some heated instructions. And there


is the Swindon team boy, sitting with the staff at a big day out at


Wembley. They are part of the club and the team. It is a nice touch.


Shame for him, shame for Chesterfield as well. You don't


shake them off as quickly when you are 36. It is a real shame. There


won't be too many games in those legs left are now. I think he


thought it would be his last chance to get on the scoresheet at Wembley.


He might be climbing up to lift the trophy at the end of the day.


just happens doesn't it. What has got? 600 games? Last chance to lift


the trophy at Wembley, you can see in his face how disappointed he is.


Simon Ferry has played that pass so many times beautifully. What a


chance! I think that might have come from the sun. Good play from


Paul Benson. Back into the danger area. This ball from left to right


has been played so many times from Simon Ferry. Take your time! He


probably thinks he doesn't have that much time. Just a nice cushion


and touch and then you can strike it. He used to pop those in


acrobatically in his sleep. Jack Lester's thoughts of it all are


the first half. Now it is time for tea. Swindon's t boy is with us,


doing his bit for the team. At the start of the second half, they are


as they were six years ago today. That was the last time Swindon and


Chesterfield faced each other. It was a League 1 meeting. Around


about 80 minutes from now, Swindon took the lead. By what we have seen


in the first half, I think, Mark, we would make them slight


favourites? No question, a team on the up, playing with confidence.


Probably nothing has changed tactically at half-time. Just maybe


keep the ball a bit better. That was blocked by the legs of the


goalkeeper. A good Chesterfield spell. It has gone in, it is an own


goal. Chesterfield have the lead. Oliver Risser has put the ball into


his own net. Good possession, they moved the ball around the pitch and


down into Swindon's territory. This is good link-up play. It is a good


attempt on goal. Nice and slow. The ball is active in the 18-yard box.


This is a good touch from Alexandra Mendy to stop the Defence have got


good positions, but what can you do? He has to do something to stop


the ball going across the six-yard box. That is what the game needed.


It is what Chesterfield wanted. Great work from Alexandra Mendy. It


is Oliver Risser who cannot do mess of it. He did all the hard


work, it was just about cutting the the first half. Full-backs are


forward. He Chesterfield are pulling Swindon apart at the moment.


Looking like the team from the higher divisions. The raw of


expectation from Swindon fans as they try to get forward. Tommy Lee


in you were that it was going the moment it left his foot. The ball


was sitting nicely for him. And he This is better play from


Chesterfield now. The goalkeeper did not get much distance on the


punch. That could have been a foul as well. That was brilliantly let


through. Benson was waiting but there Chesterfield defenders were


there. You can flick it with the outside of your right foot, or you


It is a goal-kick. Another about to make his Swindon debut after only


joining the club on Thursday, on loan from Spurs. Jonathan Smith is


going off. Swindon have got to do it, got to have a go. Jong Bostock


is only 20 years old. He has got ability. Craig Westcarr was through


for Chesterfield and that might have won the trophy that


Chesterfield. This is a gift, take your time, drawer the keeper and go


to your left and slot it in. That is a crucial mistake. He will look


has got a problem. Is it a nose bleed? An accidental collision? I


think Craig Westcarr's apology has been accepted, at least by the


referee. Was it anything sinister? Dear me! He has got to go.


totally miss that. Totally missed it. Joe Devera got it. I am shocked.


Craig Westcarr, centre of attention for all of the wrong reasons.


frustrations of missing the chance. There is always a coming together,


contact between centre-backs and centre-forwards. It was the first


thing initially when he put his hand up. I did not see it. Holmes


tried to pass it into the goal. by Hurst. Cibocchi, I think that's


the wrong decision. Has there are three given a free kick? I thought


he had given it a throw-in. This might be the chance Paul Benson has


Cibocchi so close to levelling matters. That is spectacular from


Lee. Great save. I thought it was going over. A corner has been given


Lee reacted, he ran to the assistance as if to say it wasn't a


corner, but, from where we are, it looks like he got a touch to it.


think anybody in the ground thought he had and, you know goalkeeper's,


he would have claimed it. The team, inspiring them to go one more


will tell everybody he saved that later on. Westcarr as a go. What


can Swindon do? Whatever, they will have to do it quickly. Murray


managed to get it into Benson. In trying to control it, he played it


up on to his arm. Seconds to go Ritchie is writhing around. I


thought Smith won it you defeat. old fashioned challenge, catching


Smith in possession. He has won the ball and, in the old days, it was


just a tough challenge and I don't think the referee has given


anything except for a throw-in. A bit loose. I think Paolo Di Canio


is instructing his own player to get up. Yes, they haven't got the


time. Swindon Town with a long Mendy. Boden, a long, long way from


his area. A good header. Allott. Good play, beautifully set doubt by


ramble to Talbot. How long can he the last few minutes. Smith has to


go back to Lee. That will do for Chesterfield. Risser can only look


glumly on of. His own goal as it looks, has a subtle the final.


Foderingham. -- has unsettled the This time, no mistake! Chesterfield


have one of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy! -- Chesterfield have one be


Chesterfield, Swindon. They let themselves a little bit exposed at


the back. When you have missed one of these opportunities and another


one comes along, I think you are nervous. But he keeps his composure.


He just has a look around and knows he is onside and knows where the


defenders. Composes himself. A lot better contact. More crisp and


accurate and its the match-winner. John Sheridan, or the Chesterfield


staff at know that they played their part. In a famous day in the


club's history. Not this time for Paolo Di Canio. He will hope he can


lead Swindon to promotion in League Swindon barely had time to get it


back out onto the field. Westcarr booked for his celebrations.


Swindon will point out he should have had a red card earlier on.


is that Chesterfield have won the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. The team


anchored to the bottom of League 1. They had just got the ultimate


boost in their bid to beat the drop down to the bottom division. They


are taking a trophy back home to Derbyshire. Paolo Di Canio's dream


of winning one of four Swindon has been shattered today. He needs to


lift his players. It looks like he is sulking. He's got a big job to


get out of the division. They have done ever so well. Today was not


their day. Well done to You came out and went for it and


obviously it was a scrappy goal but they all count. The gaffer told us


we need to get up. I thought Jordan was great in the second half. And


then resealed it at the end which was nice. The sense of relief it


must have been immense, wasn't it? It was the last five minutes, we


were chasing it a bit. Any defection, it was great to get the


second goal. And take the pressure off bollards, to be honest.


Everybody was saying Swindon Town on the way in. Yes, we just left it


to it. That's what we have done all the way through these rounds.


Hopefully we can take the team spirit to the leader now. Should


you have been on the pitch? What happened? At the end of the day, we


were both pulling each other's shirts, so it was fifty-fifty at


the end of the day. Some it up Boris 4th of it's been a rotten


season. The fans here deserve this. Chesterfield supporters. They got


to the FA Cup semi-finals, famously, in 1997. A ball went over the line


which should have seen them through to a Wembley final them. The Anglo-


Scottish Cup in 1981, that pretty much the lot for Chesterfield until


today. Outnumbered in the stadium would the fans. Outplayed for long


parts of the game in terms of possession. The two goals they


scored. Jack Lester is smiling now. The 36-year-old, whose goal against


Oldham in January got just a Bill to Wembley. Now here he is as the


captain of the Spireites, ready to lift the trophy. It's already adorn


with blue Chesterfield colours. What a boost this could be for


Chesterfield in their bid to stage a League 1 team. They are the


winners in 2012 at the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. It is Chesterfield


When you have trodden the boards and that lower leagues and have a


reward like Wembley in front of 50,000, it's amazing. The crowd was


excellent. For us to win it, and for the supporters, it will give


them some hope and hopefully it will kick-start our season in the


league. I'm very proud as a manager to win a Cup Final at Wembley. I'm


proud of my players and the pleased for the supporters. They have not


had a lot to shout about the season. Hopefully it will help us out in


the league. Today's teams, they were a good side. I think they


might get promoted. If they can become champions, it's a fantastic


time for them and credit to them for having a good game as well.


was obvious I would be smiling if I had won the game off. Straightaway,


the game we had to play Bristol Rovers on Saturday because it's the


name of the game for us, if we were the local Derby it will be good for


the fans. Then three points to keep it going. That was our first target


at the beginning of the season. It should be a fantastic option. We


arrived at Wembley. It was a very good experience. All the team via


come here love the game. But you have to think positive. The simple


fact is they had the cup in her hands. -- their hands. I have to


work out what's going to happen next week. Well done to


Chesterfield and their fans for the above be a stay at Wembley Stadium.


Steve Claridge now. People outside didn't give them much hope today


but they had a game plan and we stuck to it. Very much so. Although


we talk about them up positionally, they played a better, higher league


and I used to playing against good players and I think it showed today.


Swindon are flattered to deceive somewhat. I think people expected


to much of them and expected them to dominate the game possession


wise. But there were periods, particularly in the first half,


when they were very good. Chesterfield thoroughly deserve to


win. Should Craig West car have been on the pitch along a to score


the second goal? I've watched a couple of times and I don't think


we can say that. A couple of times before that, Devera blocked his run


two or three times. I have been in that situation and I think he got


frustrated. He pushes him away. And then, obviously, a few handbags,


but there is a case there to be answered for with regard to him are


being fortunate. There was provocation. He then scored the


second goal. And it was a good goal. He got himself into a good position


before that. He got tied up and put it wide but this time, he opened


himself up and was confident. Chesterfield started strongly.


Particularly in the first 15 minutes especially not lucky to get


a goal after nine minutes. It was a period where they start the game


very well. Simon Forder, given offside. They can consider


themselves unlucky at that stage of the game. Swindon's game-plan in


the first half was clear. They were getting a lot of joy down the left


between Holmes. He almost forced an own goal, didn't he? Yes, in the


first few minutes, Swindon came back into it. For half-an-hour,


they were the side in the ascendancy. That chance came in


that period. It was a deflection. They managed to get the ball. They


managed to scramble ball wide somehow but you do so only the best


player in the first half. We have got to stop him playing, they


thought. Chesterfield start the second half strongly but this time


they have something to show for it falls up that was the difference.


It puts an extra yard. That's what they did. They started the second


half well but continued it for the majority of the second half and


then to allow Swindon back in the game. Chesterfield can't dwell on


this victory for too long because there is more serious long-term


concerns around the corner. Yes, they are seven points from safety.


They have a local derby. A huge game. They have won a game of


football, which is fantastic. A brilliant occasion for everybody.


Ultimately, they have to stay in this division and they have got


bigger fish to fry from here. Swindon, the situation is entirely


different. How much of a setback is this? It isn't. It's not a setback


because they are looking to get out of their division which you will


imagine they will do. Banks will company today. There's more on the


Football League teams in your area with a late kick-off on Monday


night at the later time of an hour and did he 5:00pm on BBC One. Many


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