09/05/2014 Giro d'Italia 2014


Live coverage of the opening Team Time Trial as the prestigious Giro d'Italia 2014 starts in Belfast. Presented by Jill Douglas.

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Belfast has been transformed into ACL glee and pink. Every statue,


building, almost everyone, proudly showing the colours of the Giro


D'Italia. We are bringing you live coverage of each of the three stages


when the race is in Ireland. Here, on BBC Northern Ireland, starting


with tonight's team time trial. Welcome to the centre of Belfast


where in the shadow of the magnificent City Hall, we will bear


witness of the finished the opening two stages. Alongside me, to share


the colour and atmosphere, one of the greatest ever cyclists to come


out of this part of the world, Michael Hutchinson. It is fitting


that he is with us as he is a time trial specialist. The buzz has been


extraordinary. So many people. Such atmosphere, such pleasure. You grew


up on the streets, riding your bike. Did you ever believe that you would


see something like this, grand tour coming to Belfast. What would it


mean to Northern Ireland? It is extraordinary. It feels as if


someone has delivered the world's second greatest cycle race to the


wrong place. It feels like it does not belong here but it is so


positive for cycling as a sport and a past time, as a hobby. It has got


everyone so excited about it. Everyone is talking about bikes and


riding bikes. A wonderful crowd on the streets already. Kevin Andrews


is amongst them. We are on the finish line. The


riders will come past us. Some fans have been waiting all day. The


photographers are ready. Some of the riders are coming past. There is a


great seat up there if you want it. Over the evening, we will hear from


some of the riders and hopefully some local celebrities. The only bad


thing is the weather. I think everybody in Belfast is aware of the


scale of the event. Over the last few days, thousands of come into the


city. We have had the teams and their entourage, hundreds of media


covering this race. It will be broadcast to 175 countries around


the world. For anybody unsure of the race's significance, you is an


overview. -- here is. The Giro D'Italia is one


of cycling's three grand tours. They each take three weeks and run over


21 stages. There are 22 teams with nine riders in each team. The winner


of the race is a writer with the lowest aggregate time for completing


all stages. Throughout the race, the currently dirt where is the famous


pink jersey, one of the most iconic emblems in world sport. The nine


riders do different jobs. Each team will have a leader, the best


all-round rider Michael will try to win the overall race. The others


help the leader by carrying food and drink, shielding him from the wind,


so that he can conserve energy. The overall race is won by someone who


can do a bit of everything, covering breaks, time trialling, and riding


in high mountains. But other specialists compete for stage wins,


in high mountains. But other a stages element of every grand


tour. Each stage is different. The latter stages are won by sprinters.


Every team will have one of these, an expose of rider protected by his


team-mates until a few hundred yards from the finish when he will be


unleashed to sprint against the other fast men trying to win the


stage. The sprinters compete for their own jersey, won by the rider


who has picked up the most sprint points. The best mountain climber


also has a jersey, a blue jersey, to fight for.


also has a jersey, a blue jersey, to fight Electively, the 198 riders are


known as the peloton and they are bunched together on the road. Expect


to see the race favourites tucked away in there safely for most of the


stages. On each stage, a small group of riders will race away early from


the peloton, forming a breakaway. They will try to stay clear for the


race but the collective strength will usually catch them before the


end. Since the race was conceived in 1909 as a means of promoting


Italy's famous pink sports newspaper, it has become a true icon


of world sport. It attracts the very best cyclists in the world and a


global television audience of around 690 and people. Each year, the race


covers a different route and every other year, it starts outside of


Italy. This is the first time it has ever started outside continental


Europe. That is the trophy the winner will


left on the 1st of June after 3500 kilometres of racing. Vincenzo


Nobilo lifted at last year but he is not here this year. We have a


stellar cast list, though. Unfortunately, we do not have


Vincenzo Nibali, but we have horrific riders. We have three Irish


riders who got a fantastic reception for the team presentation last


night. Ben Swift is the only British rider. We have a lot of terrific


talent here. Some of the best names in cycling. And the favourite, Nairo


Quintana, the Colombian, such a star last year. He was a real revelation


of the Tour de France last year. He took the most of his chance. He


wrote aggressively, even for a Colombian. Time trialling is not


usually good for Colombians but he is really a hot favourite. And such


a popular character. Very much so. He is a smart, interesting guy. I


think he is pretty popular. What about the big Spanish challenge?


Joaquim Rodriguez. 35 on Monday. Ten years older than Ken Tanner, but


certainly he will fancy his chances. He was third last year, so here's


part of that quality of riders that are here. But last year, he was very


much a following rider. He was not aggressive and he did not attack. If


he wants to take this, he will have to take the race by the scruff of


its neck. We do not have a Chris Froome, last year's Tour de France


winner, he is building up to the tour and choosing not to write.


Bradley Wiggins is in California, and Mark Cavendish is not here


either, he is in California. But one of the big names we have, Cadel


Evans of Australia, writing for PMC. He is a popular writer. He won


the tour in 2011 but he is 37 now, even older than Rodriguez. But he


has been extraordinarily well this spring. He is in good form. I think


he is someone you would not want to overlook at the age of 37. He


probably has the strongest team in the race behind him. And some things


improve with age. Absolutely. We say that you cannot win the Giro


D'Italia in the opening days, but you do not want to lose it here.


Before the race is finished, maybe one of the GC contenders will have a


bad time. Obviously, the streets are slippery and it is not impossible


that you could get a crash around the corner. You could have a -- it


could have an influence on the outcome. You mentioned the Irish


riders taking part. Who has the best chance, do you think, in the general


race? It would began Martin. At the minute. -- B Dan Martin. The team


and not decided on a single leader yet. Dan would be one of the guys in


that team who might be able to take on the leaders role. If he does, he


would have a good chance of an overall result. Let's skip to the


first stage of the Giro D'Italia. 22 teams in the race, each racing


against the clock. They go off at five minute intervals around the


course of 27, trips. Time trialling is a specialist discipline. And


Michael is one of the best in the business.


It is the simplest by grace. One rider, one machine, against the


clock. It has been called the race of truth for 100 years, because that


is what it is. -- bike race. In 18 time trial, each team races


alongside. The riders take turns in setting the pace. The time is taken


from the fifth rider across the line.


The art of time trialling is feeling the edge of what you can do and what


you cannot. You have to learn to do that. It is about riders who can


produce a high level of output for a long time. They can settle down to a


strong rhythm and write fast. The position is different. The bike is


lower, more compact. You are not as agile. It is for going very fast, in


straight lines. It is about getting low and narrow. You will see time


trialists would narrow shoulders and low heads, captain as compact as


they can get. It is the simplest possible by grace with the least


amount of technology. You were a skin suit for time trialling, which


will probably save you a couple of seconds a mile. If you were an


aerodynamic helmet, it will save you as much as a second. You will wear


rubber shoes over normal cycling shoes, which will save you another


second. It all adds up. It is for geeks with heart. If you watch a guy


coming in on the final corner, he knows his numbers to four decimal


places. But he is having to dig deep. And that is the joy of a time


trial. You get a lot for your money if you were at the side of the road


watching the time trial. Of course, you are seeing a team come through


every five minutes. But it is a very specialised discipline. And you can


tell, even to the uneducated eye, if a team is going well, and when


things are not going well, because it is like watching a team shoot in


the velodrome. If they are in formation, you can tell that they


are getting the most out of it. You can see from the tight formations,


who is getting it right and wrong. And it is critical. Because you are


right on the edge. But because you are riding with others, if you push


to deep, you can not slow down. Some of the riders here will be writing


for the first time at a big event because it is not that common a


discipline. It is specialised. And we have seen the teams out earlier


today when the roads were closed, practising formation. But as you


say, many of these riders, certainly those in their first tour, at


perhaps not written in these trials before. -- have perhaps not written.


They are relatively inexperienced, some of the teams. For them, it is a


learning experience to come and ride around a city circuit, which is


always a little bit technical. And possibly for one of the first time


trials of their career. Talking of inexperience, the team from Colombia


were making history to date, rolling down the start ramp in the Titanic


Quarter. This is the nine riders. The first time that the Giro


D'Italia has taken place outside of continental Europe. Magnificent


scenes there. Huge crowds. We have teams that riding these tours, but


this is a national team from Colombia, to bring on young riders.


What a reception for them. A fantastic reception. Connolly are a


well represented nation. It is great that they are using an event like


this to bring on younger riders. Very positive for global cycling.


And Kim Tanner, leading from the front, inspired by him we have many


other riders. Some of them have a great chance. Tashkent Hannah. He


deftly has a chance at this race. -- he definitely. Huge effort goes in


to putting the bikes on the road. A huge effort went into securing this


great race. We have been taking a look behind the scenes and some of


the elements that go into racing and some of the hardest working members


in the backstage of Team Sky. This is Gary, the chief mechanic. Is this


where the hard work is done? This is where we keep the equipment and bike


checks are done inside here in the comfort of our truck. We have good


lighting here so we can work late at night. Currently I am working on Ben


Swift's time trial bike and double checking the measurements. This is


his spare time trial bike. We have measurements of the race TT and now


we are duplicating with this device here. The drawer are full of


equipment. We are stay on the road for over a month. Four mechanics on


a Grand Tour and then we have 27 race bikes that need to be checked


on a daily basis and washed every day. And each rider has two time


trial bikes. It's additional 18 bikes there. During a day we start


about 6. 30am and end between 11.00 and 12 at night for three weeks. You


do have rest days but there's no rest days for the mechanics. Then we


have a chance to really check all the equipment properly. And change


the tyres and so forth. Do the riders like to tinker with the bikes


or do they put their trust in you? They put their trust in us. Some are


more precise than others. You have a rider, let's say Ben Swift, that is


very particular about the sad saddle height. For instance, 77. 2.


Yesterday's bike was 77. 3 and he came back and said it feels too


high. Riders will feel the last millimetre. It's important that we


are precise. Therefore, we have a measuring to duplicate the bikes as


accurate as possible. The technology, there is electronics in


this? Battery here on the frame. You have cables running through. They


can shift on the extensions. They can shift on the handlebars.


Everything is fully electronic. The gears, two buttons here. This will


work the rear, in a time trial in position you will stay and only need


to change gears in the rear. The aim is to hide all the cables for


aerodynamic purposes. We are passionate about it and we all


strive to achieve the best we can. Everybody puts in 100%. The riders


do, the staff do. Unlike the riders you can have a pint in the evening.


Yes, not every day, but yes. It's not good for us, we are not


exercising, so can't drink too much. I love hearing about the attention


to detail and Ben Swift being able to sense a millimetre of difference


in the saddle. Is your chair the right height tonight? It's finely


tuned. It would slow him down. They have to get these things right. A


team like Sky goes through everything. Even to the extent they


take riders pillows to the hotels so they have their own personal pillow.


Everything is looked at. Don't you always take your own pillow?


Absolutely, yes. Let's look at some of the riders and teams back. The


race started earlier today. We saw Colombia. Orica Greenedge are very


much one of the favourites, mainly made up of Australians, there is an


Italian in that team. But a strong team time trial.


This is them coming home in a time of 24. 42. Tremendous.


Let's look at Katusha. A little disappointing. Their time was behind


obviously, 26. 15. A slow time. I wonder if that's because the


conditions were deteriorating? Yeah, conditions have got worse. Orica got


around most of the course on the dry and around the technical sections at


the beginning in the dry. Strong ride there. Let's get to the live


action now to see what's happening out on the road. We can join our


commentary team Dan loid and Carlton Kirby. -- Lloyd.


OK, this looks like Trek coming through. There is Team Sky on the


course now, looking professional indeed. There is the standings at


the moment. This is Team Sky. Looking very well.


In formation and they are out on the course. Looks like a bit of dry road


at this stage. It's clearly dry at the minute where they are. Team Sky


will take this seriously. They probably on this occasion don't have


the strongest possible team. They've a lot of climbers in the team for


the end of the Tour. That's Christopher Sutton at the back. He


was drafted in to this team after Pete Kennaugh had to drop out. They


lost Ritchie Port who was going to be their overall contender and a


week after they lost Peter Kennaugh. They brought Chris in. They're on


the hunt for stage wins. They don't really have an overall prospect.


We should mention Philip Deignan, the Irishman, an Ulsterman but


brought up in Letterkenny, I understand. He is 30 years old. He


has been around a few years. He has ridden in big races before. He will


be relishing this opportunity. It's marvellous to do this kind of event


in what is your home country. A lot of riders from Ireland never get a


chance to ride something like this here. He will be hoping to show well


on the Irish stages. here. He will be hoping to show well


We saw the mechanics with the guys looking at the bikes before the race


in the build-up to this. Gavin was allowed in to see some of that


cutting edge technology and you yourself said looking at team time


trialing you are looking for minute differences that can make all the


difference when it comes to getting the best time on the road. Time


trialing is a very critical discipline and team trialing even


more so. They're looking for every margin they can get. And trying to


keep it a tight formation heading into Stormont. Tease them taking the


drag up to Stormont. Philip Deignan there. This drag up to Stormont, the


driveway there, this is a very flat profile, the route, the 21. 7


kilometres up to that iconic building. It's a slow drag up. If


there is a climb on this time trial course it's there. Well, it's not


that slow. It's reasonably steep but it's short. It's the kind of thing


that isn't going to trouble these riders. Possibly if the climb had


been nearer the end of the course maybe it would have caused more


trouble but it's not going to be an enormous problem for them. But it is


a reasonable climb. Look at these crowds there. They've been building


all day. Thousands of people have been coming in and getting their


places. There is one of these wonderful characters running


alongside the bikes as we have grown to love on these Grand Tours.


Thousands are going to be making their way there all day. Earlier


today our reporter Gavin was up there trying to get a sense of the


occasion. As you can see it's bouncing in the


grounds of Stormont, these kids aren't going to be annoying in a


couple of hours! Lovely. You are in charge of this madness. What's going


on this evening? Well, obviously we are here to support the Giro. The


cycling club will have hundreds of friends and supporters and club


members to celebrate the Giro. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for


us. Our club colours have always been pink when the club was formed.


This is in honour of the race coming here, it's a fantastic day for the


club and country. Talk us through the outfit. Pink shoes, socks,


trousers, T-shirt, wig, do I need to go on? No thanks. You have left


yourself-respect at the door this morning. -- yourself-respect at the


door this morning. I am worried about my hair. We will get that


straightened. That's Belkin, just finished in 5th


place. That's the team from the Netherlands. They've had mixed


conditions on the roads. Dry at times, but that wind and the rain


just breaking in to the course. The weather certainly playing a role


this evening. It's a lot of wind on the course. It's going to disrupt


things particularly on the more exposed sections near the start.


It's wet roads towards the end of the course. Sky - one of the Sky


riders off the back of the string. That looks like Chris Sutton off the


back of Team Sky. I think he's probably been overextended, probably


pushed too hard. They're getting to the second half of the ride. They


will start to shed one or two riders. The time is taken on the 5th


rider home. You might as well use them and drop them, no point in


bringing all nine riders home if you don't need them. It's the first five


riders, five in the team, that's the time given to the team? The team's


time is taken on the 5th rider. Any riders who don't make it home in


that five will get the time they got on their own. If you are dropped by


the team you can lose time overall on the team time trial. It's why the


top teams will be careful to make sure they get all of their


contenders home. For instance, Katusha will be making sure


Rodriguez gets home. This is one of the five Italian


teams in the race. They'll be well supported when they hit continental


Europe. For the Italian teams it's the biggest race of the year. In


Italy, try telling anyone this is the second biggest race in the


world. For the Italians this is the biggest event of their year. It's


important for them to perform at the top level in their home tour. A lot


of communication between the riders out on the road. They're also


communicating with the team cars following them who support them.


Clearly an issue there. Communication in a team time trial


is critical. If you are struggling you do have to explain you are


struggling. Clearly this is one of the important riders who has been


dropped and they're wait waiting for him. That's why they've the five


riders to get home and you need all your stars in those five. If


somebody gets dropped and there is a lack of communication you end up


with a problem because someone is off the back and somebody at the


front doesn't know. It will be Europcar next, I think. One of the


French teams. We are back on Team Sky. A team who have enjoyed


phenomenal success in the short time of their existence. Yeah, they are


sort of the commercial art reach of the GB track programme. They've


brought attention to detail that they had across to men's


professional road racing. And they've done extraordinarily well.


Only a few seasons' old now. They've done strongly, performed strongly in


nearly all the Grand Tours they've done. Their rate of progress has


been nothing sort of -- short of phenomenal. A well-drilled team, as


well. You see them. This is Cannondale up towards Stormont.


They're out of the saddle pushing hard. They're attacking this. They


have to be careful not to drop is somebody off the back. You could put


distance, if one of their star riders drops off the back it can


create a problem. Once you are out of the string it's almost impossible


to get back in because it will be one of you against eight of them.


Here they are, they're off the ramp right now. Let's hope they go


safely. Also a handy squad.


Appollonio is their spinter. -- sprinter.


If they go well and it's drying off now favouring these late running


teams they can go well. This is a team who should go well and haven't,


Europcar. In the first time check. -- they were way down at the first


time check. They're not going to be setting the race alike. In fact, I'm


not sure what they will be lighting today. It is not grateful at all for


peer Holland. As far as the title is concerned, he may as well be


standing there waving it goodbye. As the crowd screamed them on, a


terrific atmosphere in Belfast. Not a terrific performance by team


Europe car. 10th of ten. That is a lot of time


to lose, two minutes. You can see all the disarray among this French


team. And nobody wanted to talk after the line. Eyes down. They know


that that was bad. It cannot get much worse, they are last at the


moment. Colombia will be doing a rain dance next time. Right now,


Orica-GreenEdge is about everybody. And Tinkoff-Saxo, and Nicole


Roesch, that is fantastic. -- eggless Roesch. A big difference


between Tinkoff-Saxo and Movistar. You would expect Movistar to have


dominated. I think we have already seen it several times. Tinkoff-Saxo


have benefited from the dry conditions. Cannondale having


another nightmare time. They came through the time check 47 seconds


down. There was only one team worse than that, and we saw them a moment


ago. That is the same corner. A dicey moment. They could probably do


with amending that. I've already mentioned that they have looked at


the course multiple times but it is always different when you come in to


race. The conditions, not only, but when you are at race pace, and the


skin suits are on, and the adrenaline is going, you come into


everything quicker than when you are training. It can take you by


surprise, especially if the road is wet. Team Sky, taking one of the


turns to the end... This is the first of the jurors in Belfast. --


tours. Sky approaching the end of their run. Doing a good job between


the first and second test. Ninth place at the moment. Six seconds


down on the leaders. That is the negative split that we were talking


about. Giant Shimano will be all about power. Their leader is a big


unit. He is also desperately good-looking. But not a great time.


I've thought you were going to say that I could not say that! The man


is a God. And his fan base is huge. But as you shall say, this is not


brilliant. We thought the power would deliver but we think the


Skrtel resurface, still wet but drying, has found them out. Marcel


will not be bothered. Simon may be going for a half decent time trial.


But he cannot do it for everyone. Five second is the deficit for Giant


Shimano. Another team not going to threaten the leaders. One of my


favourite teams, from Venezuela. Why is it my favourite? Courtesy of


Gianni Savio. Because the Prince. -- they call him the Prince. It is hard


to say what he looks like until you see him. Imagine a 60s game show


host and you have kind of got it. He is a hell of a character. He has


signed up some great riders. You might say somewhat questionable but


that may be unfair. Johnny hooter land on board, who you may remember


nudging into the riders upfront. He is out there, on the course. Plenty


of stitches. Lampre-Merida do not look like they have taken too much.


26. And they are looking at each other. At least they have broken 50,


but 20 down. And that goes to show how bad the conditions are.


Lampre-Merida, despite their troubles and waiting for their


leader, based ill beat the Russian team by 13 seconds. A really poor


start for Rodriguez. I wonder what the issue was today. We will find


out. I was about to speculate whether even tyre pressure would


have been an issue. I'm not looking to blame anyone but they have had a


lousy run. Orica-GreenEdge, on the other hand, brilliant. But they were


blessed with an early run on changeable conditions. The road is


still damp and giant Shimano do not look too happy. And just look at


their protected rider's size. He is a powerhouse when it comes to


sprinting and he is the man to beat at the moment. He is head and


shoulders of many of the sprinters in the world. He has had the better


of Mark Cavendish this year twice. He could become part of a select


group of riders, kettle. -- Kittel. He is a tall man. Probably about six


foot four. Him and Taylor Finney standing next to one another, they


are in the clouds. Ag2r are on the up into their run, approaching the


eight minute mark. Their number 11 man, he has some good grounds to


credentials. I expect he might well do very well here. But it comes down


to this as well. If you were going to get yourself into a position of


advantage, why not grab it is today? We have a great course here, and


Sky, for example, have had some very dry sections. This could play into


the hands of teens like BMC Racing. It will be about 12 minutes before


they hit our screens. You know what we were saying about management,


Team Sky are such good leaders. They knew what they had to do today. And


that was produce a smooth and efficient performance. It looks like


the more ragged, to say the least, with team Cannondale. They do not


look like they are 18. It is a section of individuals. -- they are


a team. Like Team Sky, they have not done too badly between the first and


second checks. They were way down. About 17 seconds down, on Team Sky,


who we see approaching the finish. The Norwegian rider, leading the


Team end. Last year, his contract was spoken about ending, so he will


look to do very well over the next few weeks. This is a very good time.


Team Sky had some rain. But Tinkoff-Saxo are their target. I do


not think they will get quite there but they have done a superb run.


They started off in the rain, and Dorothy Greenidge were blessed with


better conditions. It is drying up now and we will start to see better


runs. They are going to beat Movistar's time. 51.4 kilometres per


hour. They were not the quickest in the first part of because. We were


talking about negative splits. That was perfectly executed. I think the


put together an impressive ride. They started with wet roads. To only


concede 30 seconds, I think that is a job well done for the British


want. Only 12 seconds behind Saxone. -- Tindell Saxone.


That puts Team Sky in third place, possibly with the worst of the


conditions of the main contenders. That is an impressive ride. Slippery


roads, and not a Team that is really set up with a view to the time


trial. If you look at the other teams, some of them have been


targeting this event from the beginning, so they have a group of


climbers. And Team Sky, have done a good Team trial, but that is


something they have clearly taken seriously. They have done the best


they can. Tomorrow, it will be interesting to see who will be


wearing the pink jersey when they take on the second stage. At the


moment, it looks like the Orica-GreenEdge Team contained the


likely candidate. They have been preparing for this for some time.


Ballamoney is home to the biggest fan of two. We have prepared a Tiger


alley, where we are commemorating the greatest cyclists. We're doing a


family fun day. We will have a raw deal boule, a bouncy castle, tents,


this will be the place to be. You are really up for this! I am in. I


am so excited! As a real enthusiast, what does this


mean to you? I'm over 50 and have dreamt all my life of seeing this.


To have it on my doorstep in Ballamoney, it is awesome.


Meanwhile, at the castle, The MacDonald clan are welcoming the


Giro D'Italia to the Causeway Coast. We will grant them safe passage. We


have set up five horse riding events at Ballamoney because it is part of


the territory. The theme is that all of the horse riders are escorting


the Giro D'Italia cyclists passed each of the castles and monuments.


As for the pink horrors... Will it not distract the cyclists? Good


question, good question. But pretty girls always the -- attracted the


fellas. It is great writing it pink horse. Why have to be fast enough to


beat the cyclists. I will try. -- I have to be.


So there will be ponies and parties right around the north coast but


this could be the place to be to watch the racing on Saturday. The


hills on the route, and as you can see, it might slow the riders down.


But do you know what we could do without? This.


The one thing you can't control is the weather. The Giro d'Italia is no


stranger to bad weather. Last year the riders faced horrific


conditions. It was Armageddon last year, much worse than anything


they're going to see in Northern Ireland. It's amused me this year,


all the riders and team directors talking about the weather in


Northern Ireland, the weather and the rain. Whatever they get, last


year in Italy was far worse T rained for almost the entire tour last


year. Exactly. I think there was snow on occasions and all sorts.


There we go. Here is Cannondale coming in now, we


will go back to our commentators. It's a very good time. They may not


have the smoothest style but it pays. Look at this. They're going to


beat Movistar who started today as one of the favourites. It proves


that drying conditions, we are seeing faster times, we are back up


there. They did well. Over 20 seconds behind Movistar at the first


time check after eight kilometres. They've had a great second part of


this race. But as we have already been saying things are starting to


dry over the last few corners so that will make a difference. BMC


will be overjoyed if it continues to stay dry and the sun might even come


out, because that will really help them. Five minutes before BMC leave.


It's going to be Aussie joy today, you just feel it. Cadel Evans may


well push them very close here. Orica had part of their run in the


wet. It's now almost entirely dry. So yeah, it might be scary


performance a little bit later on. We shall see. It's going to be


fascinating, that's for sure. Team Giant Shimano and Garmin Sharp. Will


there be joy for Dan Martin today? Well, I think he will be happy to


limit his losses, quite hard to get out of Dan Martin whether he is


focussing more on the GC or looking to stage wins. A few can go into


that group of riders who have won a stage in all three of the Grand


Tours. Never finished inside the top ten overall before, but perhaps this


year with the extra motivation of the race starting in Ireland he may


be able to do that. Let's hope so. Thank you for those of you who have


written in on Twitter, there is a load of you. We will spare you some


of our thoughts, or take some of your questions in a moment. Check


this out, it's the same corner. He did a good job of getting to safety.


His calf muscles are exceptional. Marcel is a big unit. A big bloke. A


lot of these cyclists, you look on the television screens and I


remember when I first started racing against professionals, more often


than not they look smaller in real life than when I was watching on TV,


actually Marcel is big in stature in all ways but doesn't seem to hold


him back. Bonnie has written in, she describes Marcel as swoon-worthy.


Calm down! You will see his magnificent hairdo later when he


takes his helmet off. This may change, because conditions are


drying. I am looking at the screen now and as they head towards


Stormont, Garmin Sharp at the moment, are they experiencing


wetness as well? It's party time here in Belfast. If you are


wondering why this Ireland is so green, it's because it gets plenty


of water. We had some earlier on today. Unfortunately, for some of


the teams it hampered them. Big losers so far is Team Katusha and it


was a shame for them. Some early guys went off in dry conditions and


then it rained. Right now the course is drying. It's paying great favour


towards those who are on the end of the timetable today. Last team to go


will be Neri Sottoli. BMC we are waiting for. Orica Greenedge are the


benchmark setters so far. Some teams have gone very well, including Team


Sky in a partially wet run and Cannondale. This is BMC. This is the


team of Cadel Evans. He is, of course, a Grand Tour winner and he


is here to do some serious damage to everybody else. I reckon this team


of which is a good time trialing team, could actually have a party. I


think they're going to put in a good time in this trial today. Giant


Shimano coming in to the finish. It's the 5th rider across the line


who will stop the clock. Not a bad time. 5th place looks... Just lost a


couple of places there over the lost 100 metres. Going back to BMC, I


think they'll be very happy that things have started to dry up. They


took the team time trial victory at another event. That's a team full of


confidence. Brent, one of two Americans within this team, but this


morning took a tumble whilst practising the course, not actually


on the course. They headed back to the start and he hit one of these


bollards. Luckily unhurt. Talking about Americans, John Bolton


has written in, have a great Giro, guys. Thank you, John. Good that we


are, if you are listening to us, you are joining a world party, I might


add. We are down under, as well. We are across in the United States. We


are in South Africa. We are around the Pacific rim and of course we are


in Northern Ireland. And Belfast, it may be damp and chilly, but the


warmest of welcomes. I can't remember a day that's been just so


well-celebrated. It's always great when the Giro for any Grand Tour


starts outside the country. So many people waiting for it for so long.


It's great when it arrives and you fans enjoying things.


Staying with Bardiani in a team time trial when the 5th rider crosses


does the team get the same time? No, only those riders ahead of him and


the 5th man, if they're in the same bunch they all get the 5th man time.


If there is any gap, in other words, if you are dropped rider, you get


your individual time. However, if there are gaps, let's say, within


that lead five, they have to wait until the 5th man crosses the line


and then those ahead of that 5th man and any that happen to be stuck on


his back wheel gets the same time. Everybody else gets their unique


time which is a big deficit for some guys especially if you get shipped


out early. It looks like they're riding into sunshine. The ultimate


time won't be pleasurable for them. 16th at the first time check, 48


seconds down. Haven't reached the second time check. They have already


lost a huge chunk of time already today. Dan Edwards is accusing me of


screaming. Dan, this is jazz club compared to what's going to come.


There will be plenty of screaming tomorrow. We have, of course, sprint


sprinting Belfast out and back again. I hope the weather does cheer


up for us because there's spectacular scenery up to the


Giant's Causeway. Then we are heading for Dublin. And the first of


three rest days and then we start in Italy and then we will be hitting


the mountains the next day. We have some serious climbing here. Serious


contender has to be that man. Riding for Team Sky last year. Uran, after


Wiggins going out through injury, ran second over overall. He is now


the team leader of this squad. They Off the ramp and away they go. I


like this team. This is a team I like. Whether they'll like the


course, I think they probably will. AG2R are going to hit above their


weight because of conditions. They'll be pleased with their time


today. Still a number of riders left for the 5th place. I think again the


team that's not really noted for their team time trial capabilities


are going to be pleased with that. They're ahead of the likes of Trek


Factory Racing. Katusha having a horrendous time today. Rodriguez one


of the favourites, the big loser so far. We said you can't win it, but


you can lose it. Apologies for the temporary fault.


We have now regained control of the Giro d'Italia.


Just overlapping the wheel! I think it was Dan Martin the first to


crash. Oh, no! That's it. Reaching out for it, grasping at it. This is


disaster. It was a drain cover. I don't know


whether it started off the skittle. He certainly went down very, very


hard indeed. Worse than that, he stayed down. Back on the bike is


Nathan Hass. Well, everybody is look looking concerned. This is the


reason why. Dan Martin is still on the deck. That's the end of any


ambitions he has had for the GC. We just hope that he can continue


within the race. Right now he looks in a bad place. We can't see him on


the screens. That's the sports director of course looking extremely


concerned. It could not have got off to a worse start for this team. We


have one rider with a pedal missing actually at the moment, as you can


see. That looks like a - explain the position of the rider. Here he is.


Dan Martin. He is clearly feel feeling for the collarbone. I think


that's it. Oh, I just don't know what to say really. After so many


months of preparation, mental and physical and in the first 15 minutes


end up like that, is just horrible to see. Too many riders went down,


if you are wondering why they're still riding with damaged bikes,


they didn't have enough bikes essentially. They handed them all


out. You can't compete on a bike that's mis-sized for you. Dan


Martin, if you are just joining us, is on the deck. It looks like a


broken collarbone. He is in no hurry to get up. He knows the gravity of


the situation. . What a shame for Dan Martin. They've


regathered themselves, they're getting the news through on big


screens for them to see proceedings. They will not have liked the sight,


who would, of Dan Martin hitting the deck. It was eight terrain, a drain


cover. They have all had to deal with that. But it seemed to just


chucked out to one side. -- a drain. He went down hard on his left


hand side. We will get back to them in a moment. One minute and 14


seconds down, 10th at the moment. But the Team that will be last, I'm


afraid, is Garmin-Sharp. Apologies for the break-up with the


pictures. But while we were away, some drama on the course involving


Garmin-Sharp. But the show you what happened. On a straight piece of


road, the riders were in great position, a very professional


outfit. Of course, this was Dan Martin's Team, one of the three


Irish riders. And we have spoken about how the rain has affected this


race. And I think what happens here, it looks like a drain cover


just takes the wheel. And four riders fell, including, hugely


disappointing, Dan Martin. He is holding his left clavicle, or his


elbow. It looks like he has done serious damage to his elbow. The


Portuguese rider, Nathan Hass, also down. And they are already down to


eight. This happened just a couple of seconds ago. An absolute disaster


for Garmin-Sharp, left with only four riders are bright. So this is


the end of any kind of hopes in the race for any of the riders. But the


big issue, the big story, is that Dan Martin went down first,


extremely hard. And he was left lying on the road looking like a


rider with a broken collarbone. The collarbone is a regular injury and


riders know when they have done it. He went down very hard. Desperately


unlucky. It looks like he caught the drain cover and of course, it would


be very greasy. Remember what happened to Dan before. It was one


of the big one-day races and he was in a great position coming into the


final sprint. And he went down on a small patch of oil, very hard. He is


really not having much luck at the minute. And these time trial bikes,


when one goes, they are very difficult to manoeuvre. They are


quite rigid. It is not as easy to handle. You are tucked up low. You


have not got your hands on the brakes. You are not thinking about


sharp manoeuvres. When something goes wrong, they all go down. And


the riders who stayed upright went on, but they are having to wait for


their team-mates. But the team did not have enough bikes. They have


clearly damaged the right hand pedal, you can see, just to get to


the finish. They were left there for so long, trying to get sorted out,


that other teams came past them. We're not talking about losing a


minute or two, we're talking about the loss of an enormous amount of


time. It is a horrible thing to see. And you feel so helpless. It they


will have spent months getting ready for this. Months of preparation and


it all disappears in the blink of an eye. Dan Martin's Giro d'Italia may


have lasted less than 20 minutes. That is not something anyone


deserves. Well, we will keep you updated with what is happening on


the course. This is the last team about to start, coming down the


ramp. This is the 22nd team to come out on the road, and I'd imagine


that all of the information is being relayed to all the teams. Look, it


is wet out there and there are patches where it might be greasy.


Just be careful. We have had a shower evening and some of the debts


of road are dry. Everybody has to deal with the same conditions. You


have to deal with what you get because it is an open road. The


riders are used to this random element but whether these riders


know that Garmin-Sharp has gone down, I not sure. The referee will


know but he will be telling them to be careful. The Director will want


to know what has happened because he has radio contact with the riders.


He can tell them when they need to press on. There are the Garmin-Sharp


riders, still operate. Five of them there, we are pleased to say,


finishing and coming back. But they will have a very poor time. Let's


get back to commentary. We're looking at Garmin-Sharp,


hobbled team. When we said the result would be favourable, we're


talking about them not being thrown off the race because of exceeding


the time limits. We're trying to count how many riders are remaining.


BMC Racing, two of their riders crashed in training. That was the


first to be distanced in the race quite early on. 16 and a half


minutes so far. The time for them, 17 minutes and 37 seconds. I think


BMC will be up towards 18 minutes when they come through. So, Cadel


Evans has a great chance today. I think the field is being thinned


down, either by accident or by lack of efficacy when it comes to team


time trial on. Rodriguez started amongst the top four for this title


and has been hobbled by an appalling team time trial. Cadel Evans cannot


measure himself against Quintana. Movistar have had a good run, fifth


quickest. But they had the best of the teams that contain the main


contenders. Don't forget, huge gaps get thrown up. Garmin Sharp are


coming through and the crowd know what has happened. Some of them are


looking for Dan Martin, looking in vain. It will be a huge


disappointment for some of the people here, who maybe do not know


exactly what has happened. I would say that the tour is very much over


for them. No confirmation about Dan Martin, but he will be out of this


year's Giro d'Italia, I am afraid. Let's look at their average read.


Listen to the roar of the cloud. -- the roar of the crowd. Gladiators,


all of them. 28 minutes given away. That would be it for the challenge


if it was not for the break. News from the course. Team BMC have


come through the second time check ten seconds down on the leaders.


They are closing in on the Australian squad. And this could be


a lot closer than we were expecting after we sought Orica's time. --


after we saw. This is Astana. We asked them and


that is the correct way to pronounce the name. They sent that is what


they are called so that is what we are calling them. Heading towards


the first intermediate time check. I've reckon they will go well. And


this will be good news for Scarponi. And a Spaniard, if yields on and


does not do what Anton did, getting dropped by the Movistar team early


on. He was expected to go well in the mountains but he will not be a


challenger for the title. Should anything happen to Quintana, as has


happened to Dan Martin, let's not wish that on anyone, Anton would


have been the default to take over the team principal role. Let more


pressure -- yet more pressure on Quintana. Can he take it? This team


might looks like a laundry accident. Last team, out the opening day. The


first of the grand Tours, Belfast, our home and hospital destination,


if you happen to be Dan Martin. Leaden skies, and here we are. Not


sure who that is coming through. Certainly not Dan Martin, who we


believe is taking no further part in the race. Everybody is


disappointed, including us. Why was looking forward to see them. And


party any, coming towards the end. -- Bardiani. And they will be going


for individual stage victories. No juicy contenders, I am afraid, among


them. 30 seconds down in eighth place, but


low Orica-GreenEdge. One more team to come through. That is Neri


Sottoli, we are not expecting to be in contention.


Astana, still running. And in the dry, I guess there's a lot of talk


about diesel particles in this part of the world. Tends to be the


favourite fuel in this part of the world. We have not had huge


downpours, so you tends to get a scooter resurface when there is


light drizzle. BMC Racing, in the red. The man who will be feeling in


the pink is Cadel Evans, in the red helmet. Very handy for us to pick


him out. And Cadel Evans is going to have a birthday present here, not


that he would want to wish ill on anybody, certainly the injury that


Dan Martin has suffered other the news that Quintana and Rodriguez


have had difficulty, EMC are clearly going to push Orica-GreenEdge's


time. -- BMC. The time will not be too bad. We have mentioned


Scarponi. But they have a young rider, Fabio Aru, who was very


impressive last year. One year on, one you're more experienced. I think


perhaps he could do something special. I mean top ten overall. It


will be interesting to see. Here comes BMC. In their pomp. Just go


for it buys, that is the call. -- boys. They have done well to get


back into the fray. Cadel Evans at the front, and it may well be he who


is allowed to take the line. He is a man who will function brilliantly in


the mountains. He has thrilled as a rider ever since he was a young man.


Approaching the end of the run. They are going to have fun here. 900


metres to go. Look at this time! The target time is 24 minutes and 42


seconds and I think Cadel Evans will feel like a very happy Antipodean at


the end of today. We thought that perhaps Nicholas Roach was going to


be the best place rider at the end of today but it looks like it is


going to be the Australian, Cadel Evans, winner of the Tour de France


in 2011 and 30 last year -- third here last year. The last turn. 250


metres from the line. It may not be good enough to beat Orica-GreenEdge


but it will push them close. Very tight indeed. 150 metres or so to


go. It is going to be second place for BMC but among the GC boys, they


will be the daddies. And Cadel Evans as done an absolutely amazing time,


as had his team. They have happy blessing of the weather, all right,


but nonetheless, that was impressive. It certainly was and


they will be extremely pleased with that time today. A lot of time that


Evans has put into his work has been in this race. More than some of his


rivals, including Rodrigues, who was 18 seconds down on Evans overall. A


lot of Cadel fans out there. Good time trialing from BMC and from


Cadel Evans. That's a super effort. First blood to Cadel in the race for


the overall. He has a significant advantage over Rodriguez now, more


than a minute in front of him. Particular Particularly the team


time trial is not one of the BMC focuses. Orica were focussed on then


stage. BMC came with the riders they've got. It shows not only is


Cadel in great shape but the team is, as well. He will be very, very


pleased going to bed tonight. He is a great individual time trialer with


that crouched position low on the bike. Yeah, there is a long


individual time trial in the middle of the Giro, a long flattish


individual time trial which Cadel will be well placed for. You would


expect him to get the best time there, as well. Even one day into


the Giro d'Italia it's beginning to look good at the moment for Cadel


Evans. All the climbs in the last week of the race it can go wrong but


for the moment he will be content with his day's work. A good day for


him, not such a good day for Dan Martin. Disappointing to see him


come down and nurse that shoulder and according to the commentary,


when we heard from Carlton in commentary that Dan is out of the


race, hugely disappointing. I feel desperate for Dan Martin. You


prepare for these events for a long time. This has been a focus to come,


the Giro d'Italia, on home soil with a strong team. It's something that


he will have been working to for many weeks, months now. For it all


to end as adruptly as that and the way it did -- abruptly, and to make


it worse being the firs rider down, it's not really his fault -- first.


It's not the way you want the day to end. I feel desperate for him. He


came down on Newtownards Road. It's actual actually on Upper Newtownards


Road where one of the great personities of cycling --


personalities of cycling has a shop and were having a party today. Hard


to beat this. It's all happening here! It's the place to be. Let's go


and find Dave. He was working on this bike. Dave,


did you imagine when you got this shop running years ago the Giro


d'Italia will be going past the front door? It's fantastic for the


cycling community. For Northern Ireland, as well, for the economy,


for tourism, spectacular. Brilliant. All the big names in cycling have


been to see you when they've been here. Kelly and Roche and the German


pursuit champion was in. It's all happening. You are a legend. It's a


family steeped in cycling tradition. Mark is at the shop, busy. Mark, we


will take you away from the customers. Can you believe it's


here, it's all happening outside the front of the shop. It's incredible.


This morning the taster we got with the practice laps and the crowd and


the atmosphere was just unbelievable. Still don't think it's


sunk in. In 2008 I went over to the Dolomites watching and when we past


a bike shop, it was ten kilometres from the finish, on the window he


had a sign saying closed. Don't think you would see that in our shop


and now it's coming past the door. Can you believe the buzz in Belfast?


It's incredible how everybody's got into the Giro and it's building up


that this evening will make for a big party. It wouldn't be the same


without a few buns. Jill, I will save you one, but not this one!


Very nice indeed. Let's get back to the action.


. The line beckons. They might get


second ahead of BMC. Here we go. There it is.


They do by a margin of two seconds. Five seconds down on Orica


Greenedge. I think they'll take that. They probably will do. Omega


Pharma-Quickstep. Terrific that we have a good performance by Evans BMC


team. They worked for that. Perhaps more than you think. It's not their


A-Team as far as team more than you think. It's not their


concerned. I think they took a step above themselves there. They


certainly did. I was not thinking they were going to finish mid-pack


by any means, but they lacked the likes of Mark Cavendish. I thought


they might struggle to be up there with the big guns today but they've


proved me wrong. Maybe it's the weight of expectation. They decided


to match it. This is Astana, looking slightly ragged. They've about four


minutes of their run to go. Neri Sottoli will finish today. It's been


a dramatic day. Plenty to talk about and plenty to hide your eyes,


because unfortunately, if you are just joining us and wondering how


Dan Martin has done, he has done a collarbone. Ne Sottoli -- Neri.


Almost into the sunshine. The gloom is starting to lift at the end of


today. We had some performances, I guess in terms of the overall sort


of near tragedies today, thank Heavens that everyone is OK but it's


a broken collarbone we believe for Dan Martin. That corner is an


absolute nightmare. There's been several of them. At least they got


around that reasonably cleanly! That was, for me anyway, a sharp intake


of breath. I wasn't expecting him to get around that. It's a very


experienced squad. Experience and youth, you might say. They start


with Scarponi. He is always consistent. It's a squad that can do


a lot of things over the next three weeks especially in the mountains.


Do you have to drive the climbs here and Astana doing a good job. Neri


Sottoli are down to six already. There is a burden of going last, you


know what you have to do and where you are likely to feature. Right


now, unfortunately, the main feature is the fact that they are


diminishing with every pedal stroke, it looks like. Yeah, as we said, as


they roll down the start ramp, the last team to do so today, they


aren't at all at the top of things when we come to think of teams that


might do well in the team time trial. The order of depart for those


who have joined us, is ran dam. They pick names -- random. They pick


names out of the hat. We haven't had a big climax, but we have with those


teams pushing Orica. These last two teams I don't think are going to


come close. I don't think they will. They'll have a go. One thing has


been constant, it's been the warmth of the welcome. It's been terrific


to see the crowds just unconcerned, it seems, by the rain that has


fallen. It's a dry run for those going off, but I am afraid for the


likes of Neri Sottoli it's not going to help their cause much today. Some


great racing nonetheless against the clock. Astana coming to the end of


their run, it's not going to be a bad one. They'll be reasonably


pleased with the time they'll put in today. The big winners from today,


we talked about Orica Greenedge, but in terms of the GC rides, Evans and


Uran looking very strong after one day of racing. Uran the best of all


the GC riders if you dis discount Santori.


150 metres for Astana, it's going to be outside the top five for them, I


believe. Team Sky going off in damp conditions. Astana on a dry run not


getting as close as Sky on a mixed run, wet and dry. And we are not


talking sandpaper. So, it's one more team still to come. Neri Sottoli,


five more minutes before they hit the line. Well, we know our result


because I have to tell you that they're not going to set the world


on fire, despite the brightness of their jerseys. Astana just across


the line. 6th place there. 38 seconds down on the leaders. They'll


be pretty pleased with their time. It puts them ahead of a number of


key rivals. But so many stages still to come. Anything can happen. There


will be a few pleased people and a few extremely disappointed people at


the end of today. I am intrigued to listen to the reaction of Rodriguez


at the end of today's stage. No disrespect to Neri Sottoli but it


gives us an opportunity to talk about tomorrow. It's going to be


wet, we are praying that's not the case. It's going to be a pleasure


hopefully. Same finish line as today, from a different direction.


Normally it should be a bunched sprint finish, depends on how much


wind there is. Looking at the wind direction earlier I decided that


it's not too likely to split up on stage two, whether the same can be


said for stage three I am not sure. Forecast for Sunday gusty winds as


they head south and south-east. We could see some echelon.


They're all right. They got awhich with that. -- away with that. I


reckon that tomorrow with a ten-second bonus at the line he has


to fancy being in that leader's jersey. I think so, yeah. Michael


Matthews, two stage wins last year. He only has to finish ahead of his


team-mates tomorrow, which he will do as they'll be leading him out for


the sprint finish. What an experience that will be for the


young Australian. There he is looking very happy with himself with


his pierced and diamond-studded ears, I believe they're diamonds!


Well, they're talking about the chase being on right now. There's


still one team on course. But it's all done and dusted. I think I might


bid you farewell at the moment and head down to see the Australian team


and hopefully get an interview with the director and also Sven. Dan,


thanks. He will take his leave. Thank you to all of you who have


joined us on Twitter today. It's been a pleasure to have your


company. Don't forget you can send us your thoughts post-race and


indeed throughout this Giro d'Italia. Yes, Dan Martin, sadly,


without of the Giro d'Italia with a broken collarbone. Orica Greenedge


had a mission today and mission accomplished.


Meanwhile, Neri Sottoli, no disrespect whatsoever, but their


time is not going to set the world on fire. There we are, they'll be


taking this turn. They've been blessed with a dry run, so this may


well flatter them ever so slightly. Starting tomorrow we have three


sprint stages. Then we climb. An old Monday astroery was rebuilt --


monastery. Some of the performances today have been. It's not only about


setting your rhythm, it's about having the focus to turn your mind


away from the weather and on to the rigours of team time trialing, we


have seen terrific performances today. Final bend with 300 to go.


They'll open up the taps in the run for the line. 200 metres. The men in


yellow finishing their run and drawing the opening stage of this


97th Giro d'Italia to a close. Plenty more still to come, of


course. 20 more stages in the run. Belfast has been our glorious start


to this first of the Grand Tours. And indeed first team at the top of


the real-time screens. Orica-GreenEdge take over the Kings


seat. And they have not been dislodged. They are the leaders and


we will be speaking to the birthday boy, the Canadian within that


largely Australian team. He will have the pink jersey. Dan Lloyd is


heading down to have a chat with some of those who have been blessed


today, it's fair to say. And there is confirmation thereof the result.


Orica-GreenEdge with a time of 24 minutes and 42 seconds. Mike Farmer


quickstep did a great job to get close to them. BMC and Cadel Evans


in third place. Tinkoff-Saxo fourth ahead of Team Sky. Astana are in


sixth place. Cannondale and Movistar can feel aggrieved. 55 seconds down.


Quintana has imagined decline, quite literally. He needs to go well. He


needs to find 55 seconds if he is going to get the better of Rigoberto


Uran. There are the time trial standings. Some big gaps. All were


down to Lotto-Belisol and Garmin Sharp. The sad news is that Daniel


Martin is out of the Giro d'Italia. Saint aft is our leader in the


overall standings. -- Svein Tuft. But Michael Matthews, if he wins the


sprint stage tomorrow, it would be hard to get against him. He only


needs to beat his team-mates. He may not win the day that might be Marcel


can tell. -- Quintana. Happy birthday. Not much better way


to celebrate it than with a pink jersey. It has been an amazing day.


An amazing way to spend your birthday. To finish on that way,


what a treat. Cannot thank my team enough for giving that opportunity.


It is a once-in-a-lifetime for a guy like me. And what a fantastic team.


And the other riders in the team, first participants this year, they


must be over the moon. I was just opting to Michael Hepburn, and he


said, is this how it always is?! I was like, no, it is a special day.


There was a predetermined plan to cross the finish line first. Was


that decided during the stage or in advance? They gave me the gift. It


was a birthday present. This team is really selfless in that way. I'd


feel really fortunate to be given that gift on my birthday.


Congratulations. I hope we see you again tomorrow.


What a nice man and what a nice present.


Orica-GreenEdge, they came through mixed conditions and delivered


today. The nearest him to them, Rigoberto Uran's team. Ahead by just


a second. I heard of the DNC boys. No doubt about the winners. As you


saw, spent aft, very grateful. -- Svein Tuft.


Belfast, we have some winners and some significant losers. Dan Martin,


of course, has taken a fall in the wet. And Joaquim Rodriguez, he fails


to fire on all cylinders on a damp day.


The thing about luck is it comes and goes. And it is not handed out


fairly. Today, no doubting our winners and their credentials.


Absolutely fabulous and a great result it certainly was. For all of


those on the podium, Orica-GreenEdge, Oregon Farmer


quickstep and GMC. They can take the drive and pleasure in their


performances. -- Micah Farmer quickstep. A great effort. They


delivered every way. Horrific. You would be hard pushed to meet a nicer


bunch of guys. And this bodes well. Our leader is a Canadian. Svein


Tuft. It will take a while for them all to be handed flowers. But it


will be Softy who takes the bunch. Third from left, Michael Matthews is


likely to take over that pink jersey. -- Tufty. Matthews issued,


by rights, be in a different jersey tomorrow. -- Matthews should. Ladies


and gentlemen, the winners of stage 1... The rain is coming down again.


It is expected to login for tomorrow. You never know, if it


stays wet as we head up to the northern coast, here in Northern


Ireland, it may well prove to be a difficult day for many. Let's hope


not. It is a difficult day for Irish cycling fans, I'm afraid to tell


you, that Dan Martin has found himself on the wrong end of an


injury today. He is out of this year's Giro d'Italia. No hiding the


joy and sense of achievement from these boys.


Svein Tuft, look at that. What a birthday, one he will never forget!


Surrounded by his mates. Hoisted aloft. He will be wearing the pink


jersey. I do not know what has happened to it. Maybe everyone is


scared of them. Or scared of the fizzy stuff. Michael Matthews,


Catherine Meyer, Svein Tuft... So we will start handing out the jersey in


just a few moments time. No king of the mountains today. But we may


well, you never know, they may well have declared it. No more interviews


today. It looks like the teams have decided to take themselves off to


the buses as we speak. The second charge of confetti has been put into


the canon. -- canon. And our PA is on stage, announcing that we're


going to hand over the leaders jersey and here it is. Coveted, most


certainly. And a delight. To our leader, Svein Tuft.


And now the first pink jersey of the 2014 Giro d'Italia, from


Orica-GreenEdge, the Canadian rider, on his birthday, Svein Tuft!


Svein Tuft, happy birthday. What about that?


Presented by the tourism minister. And our proud sponsors of the Giro


d'Italia. The smile is mile wide. Fantastic to


see Svein Tuft enjoying that. Says it is a gift from his team-mates but


if you sort the effort he was putting in as he came up to the


finishing line, he was not a passenger. They all wrote superbly.


I was very impressed with them, riding that had, managing to


organise themselves to get across the line. The team is confident, and


working together. And Orica-GreenEdge came here with this


very much in mind. We saw how dominant they could be in the time


trial last summer. But this was the goal. This was the goal. It was the


first stage. And that always gets a lot of publicity and interest. And


they are a team that are well adapted to it. He did not actually


have the best weather in the end. They had to deal with showers on the


course. The plan perfectly and that is what you get. If you get one of


you guys in the pink jersey, you are happy. A great party behind us and


fantastic to see so many of the crowd staying for the presentation


and joining in the celebrations. They are lapping up the location.


The atmosphere outside City Hall has been fantastic. It has been a great


thing to see in Belfast and a big, exciting event. People who might not


have had a lot of interest in bike racing have really engaged in it and


have become part of it. Lovely to think they'll be inspired.


Tremendous to see that. Well, one young Irishman we would like to hear


from, it was a bad day for Dan Martin, he is out of the race, but


one of the Irish riders is with Team Sky. Philip Deignan spoke to Gavin


after their ride. What did you make of this reception?


It was incredible. Yesterday, I won't forget yesterday's reception


in a while. It was amazing. Incredible the way people here have


taken to the race and the atmosphere is amazing. Even the rain hasn't put


people off. And the crowds, did you see any? Just a wall of noise. I


couldn't really make out much. I heard a lot of Phillips and stuff,


it was nice. Did you get the worst of the conditions, are you happy


with the time? I don't even know the time. Obviously you are going to


lose a lot on those corners. You can't carry the same speed through.


Third at this stage. Yeah, it shows what maybe we could have done on a


dry circuit. That's cycling. See you tomorrow. Cheers.


There we go. Philip Deignan certainly enjoyed the experience. He


described it as a wall of noise. In an event like this you can't pick


out faces or hear shouts, you get a wonderful roar. It's a real


motivation. It gives a lot of atmosphere. A lot of the riders,


some new riders riding their first Grand Tour apparently have been


asking their team-mates, is it always like this? Team-mates are


saying no, this one is special. That's what we have seen tonight. We


heard from Philip there, before he probably knew what happened to Dan


Martin. Let's look at that crash. A horrible to see them come down so


hard on the Newtownards Road. It's very, very tough. It's unlucky. You


can see what happened. One rider goes down and everybody else crashes


over him. It's very unpleasant to look at. Four riders coming down. At


this point they were down to eight. The chances of Garmin at this stage


done gone. They would have been hoping to put in a decent time.


Garmin Sharp are well-drilled, know what they're doing and will have


been looking for a good result. They were doing well. They weren't


leading but were up there at the point when they went down. It's


disappointing for the team but devastating clearly are to Dan who


would have expected and hoped for so much more. We will not see Dan any


more in the Giro d'Italia this year. But we hope to hear how he is and


wish him the best. It's tough for him. He will be feeling it a little


bit. It looked like a man with a broken shoulder. It's a frequent


injury in bike racing and most of the riders know when they've done


it, Dan looked like a man with a broken shoulder. There are winners


and losers in a day like today, we should mention Katusha and


Rodriguez. We don't know what happened there. I think they weren't


firing on all cylinders. We didn't see anything in particular went


wrong. Not a strong team time trial but they had a bad evening.


Rodriguez has lost over a minute on the other contenders before the race


has even got out of Belfast. If you look at the GC contenders, the


winners will be Rigoberto Uran. Used to ride for Team Sky. That was a


good performance from his team. They were really working very hard for


that. They've also got a sprinter which becomes relevant in the next


few days because there are time bonuses on the sprint stages. They


have the potential to get one of their guys into the pink jersey.


Stage two will finish here tomorrow afternoon after a magnificent ride


up to the north coast of Ireland, stage two starts in Belfast and -


ends in Belfast and in between some of the most spectacular scenes in


the whole of this Giro. Graeme Little went to look at the route


with one of the great icons of the sport, winner in 1987, Stephen


Roche. From Titanic skwap skwaurter the


race -- Quarter heads to Newton Abbey, past Antrim and then the road


to the coast takes them past Ballymena and Slemish Mountain.


They'll turn on to the famous coastway route. Around the corner I


will pick up a travelling companion who knows a thing or two about bike


races. 27 years ago an Irishman became open


the second person ever to win the -- only to win Giro d'Italia and Tour


in the same year. You are all dressed, ready to ride? I am ready,


are you? I am. Let's go. Stephen, I am sure when you are


winning this race over a quarter of a century ago you never imagined you


would see it on Irish roads? It was impossible to imagine the Giro


d'Italia going across to start here in our country, no. Amazing.


Tempting as it was to spend an hour or two at the oldest distillery in


Ireland, whisky and cycling don't mix. Anyway, Stephen had to meet an


opened friend at the Giant's Causeway. -- an old friend at the


Giant's Causeway. It's 30 years since we have raced together. A long


time. We have aged well. What we have here is a travelling road show.


The Giro d'Italia with the caravan and all in front. These roads will


be used for years to come. and all in front. These roads will


promoters of diven events to ride the roads that the -- different


events the roads that the -- different


Giro d'Italia was on, it will encourage people from all over the


world to be part of something that's historical. This particular part of


Ireland, the Glens of Antrim and the coast is something that we see on a


daily basis and maybe don't appreciate it. I have been around


the world and seen magnificent scenery and yet when I come home I


am always blown away. It's breathtaking. We have it and we have


to share it with the rest of the world.


Oi, come on! The peloton won't have much time for


taking in the speck taking lash surroundings of North -- spectacular


surroundings of North Antrim but the fans will. This area provides some


of the most amazing views in all of Ireland and brilliant if sometimes


challenging cycling roads. Stephen, we are about halfway along the coast


route now, you must be impressed? I am knackered! It's been a hard day.


A beautiful day with the scenery. In the last section the race passes the


Glens of Antrim, the Town of Larne and Carrickfergus Castle. It took us


so long, did you enjoy it? We had a tourist route. Don't forget, the


best cyclists coming along here will be going faster than we are. Ten


miles from here into Belfast, they'll be sprinting at this stage.


We should do the same. Last one in Belfast buys the beer. I will buy


the still water, let's go. My money's on Stephen even so! This is


the course. We have seen some of the spectacular scenes along the route.


It follows that stunning north coast road back to Belfast. It finishes


again here at City Hall. It's a long way, 218 kilometres but


it's looking like a sprinter's course, isn't it? It's a long stage


but essentially a flat stage. One climb which isn't really going to


put anyone in trouble. It's almost certainly going to be a big bunch


sprint back here tomorrow. Great to see Stephen Roche enjoying that


ride, looking like a young thing. Phenomenal record he has. Of course


winner of the Giro d'Italia when he also won the Tour and the World


Championship. The triple Crown. Certainly one of the best riders in


the history of the sport, he is clearly having a great time with the


Giro d'Italia in his own backward. Let's hear from his son, another


favourite and hoping to do damage in this race, Nicolas Roche.


Finally, the wait is over, most of Ireland has been waiting for this


for months, how have you been feeling? The buzz is really mental,


it kind of - I feel the same way. At the start I was like, Giro d'Italia


is going to start in Ireland, it's like, yeah, cool. Let's change all


my programme, I want to be there, it's going to be great. And then a


few months ago I was like, wow, this is going to be great. Then I was


like, but great, great, you know. And just kind of built up and, you


know, I always get superexcited about riding a Grand Tour, there's


something special about it, I had that buzz of getting ready for it.


Just the fact that now it's in Ireland, it's not the extra


pressure, it's actually the extra pleasure. It's great, I love it. Do


you think people have a concept of how big a deal this is, even in


terms of entourage and scale? I hope now that a lot of people are going


to come out and realise how big the sport is and how nice or, can I say


kind of cool cycling is. It's not a small amateur race that you have on


the side of the road with 20 guise. This is a Giro -- guys, this is the


Giro d'Italia, one of the biggest events in the world. I am proud to


be able to share that with the people who live here and so they can


realise how the sport is. What have the rest of the riders been saying,


have they been trying to scout the routes and get inside knowledge? I


haven't got much inside, to be honest, haven't much information to


give. A lot were asking me earlier how is the weather going to be, I


said well if you are lucky it could rain for an hour, if you are unlucky


it could rain for the week. That's how Ireland is. The weather is


unpredictable. You are guaranteed it's going to rain but guaranteed


sooner or later the sun will come out too. Maybe people are kind of


already complaining, I was like, Ireland is ten degrees and it's


raining, and then you go on the internet and on the Dolomites


there's snow, come on, guys, I would rather have rain in Ireland than


those snow snowy days! So, obviously I think it would have been just that


much more spectacular if the weather was nicer, but that's also part of


the luck, you can never guarantee that. You probably spent most of


your career getting away from your famous dad and the famous name but I


imagine in the weeks running up to this it's all come back and the


questions are back again? Yeah, actual actually it's a long time


since I hadn't had the questions about my dad. People had turned a


page on that, there's no need to do any comparison between myself and


him. He was what he was. I do what I do. I am a big fan of what he did. I


have all the respect for that. I think people now also realise that


there's no point comparing. Great to hear him talking about his


dad there. Of course the weather is a national pastime here. We have


more action coming up. Tomorrow, as we have shown you, we will be here


in Belfast from 2.00pm on BBC2 Northern Ireland. And then on Sunday


we head from Armagh down to Dublin for stage three and we are on air on


BBC2 Northern Ireland from 2. 30pm but that wraps up the action here.


Our thanks to the commentary team and to Michael. It's been a start.


It's been a fantastic start to the Giro d'Italia. Such an atmosphere,


so many people and people enjoying bike racing. It's been terrific.


Hard lines to Dan Martin. We wish him the best with his recovery. Some


great performances from some of the big names here. Cadel Evans, Uran.


It's Svein Tuft celebrating tonight. Happy birthday to him. We will see


you tomorrow. Bye for now. Ulster's last game against Munster


in January Now with the Ulstermen's top four


place secure, it's a chance to impress


before the Pro12 play offs. Ulster playing some


enterprising rugby. You've dug, you've sown,


you've planted, you've watered, you've trimmed,


you've nurtured. Look what you've grown


with your patch of land. A massive thank you for sending in


all your pictures, from BBC Two's...


Live coverage of the opening Team Time Trial as the prestigious Giro d'Italia 2014 starts in Belfast. Follow every high-speed twist and turn as some of the world's top cyclists negotiate the course between Titanic Quarter and City Hall. Presented by Jill Douglas.

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