Day 1 Golf: Scottish Open

Day 1

Hazel Irvine presents highlights from the opening round of the 2011 Scottish Open, held this year at the challenging links course of Castle Stuart in Inverness.

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Hello, a new era in the history of Scottish Open begins in the


Highlands, we have switched from the banks of Loch Lomond, to


beautiful views out over the Murray, highly significant ahead of the


open champion, we have swapped to Links golf, in a new venue, Castle


Stuart, a spectacular spot. The A wonderful shot. Come on, come on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Maknif sent shot. -- magnificent shot. The dual which provided dream


with the numbers one on two, Lee Westwood, and still dualing at the


top of the rankings is fourth time winner Phil Mickelson leading money


winner Matt Kuchar, and 2008 Scottish open champion, Graeme


McDowell. Former winners, Ernie Els, and others aiming to bag the top


five, and one remaining spot in the open next week. Padraig Harrington


back in the field. And Martin the best of the 16 Scots to represent


them in their open. Underlining the quality of the field we have eight


major champions, and ore. This course has been open two years.


Samuel Lyell said it looks like it's been here for 100. Why the


instant attraction for the top instant attraction for the top


quality players. It's generous off the tee. The players can stand on


the tee and get on idea on how to play the hole. Once you get to the


greens it's difficult, they have a lot of undualations, they'll take a


bit of getting used to. It is beautiful. It's a great piece of


land and looks like it's been here forever. It's a beautiful spot.


Particularly pertinent is the timing, playing Links before the


open championship. Many players have asked for this, of the


Scottish Open for some years, that's the selected and some of the


members, and the field this week. Absolutely. Loch Lomond was a


beautiful place and a great place to go. It had its run, it was there


for 14 years, we are on a Links course, a lot of players said


they'd come to the Scottish Open if it's on a Links course. It's back,


we have a great field and its a great challenge. Luke Donald hasn't


played in the Scottish, Padraig Harrington since '99 and both this


week in the field. What do you make of Phil Mickelson's aassertion that


the winner of the open at Royal St George's is likely to be in the


field this week, Phil Mickelson noonk. It's -- notwithstanding It's


a big call with Rory McIlroy not here. It's a safe bet. Phil, I know


has come and played the Scottish Open for many years, he'll be happy


to play another Links before the open champion sense. There's a


sense of excitement. Big fields. Weather forecast - a mixed bag,


let's show you how we start to see it. It's been 13 years since Lee


Westwood played the title, two starts and Lee began at the 10th,


by the time he reached the 18th, this approach yielded an Eagle 3,


putting him 4-upped par for his putting him 4-upped par for his


round. What a -- 4-under par for his round. What a shot.


Westwood right at home as he flights this to the first green. A


birdy chance here. Also Edoardo Molinari, Italy's defending


champion from Loch Lomond snapped up a chance. Putting him 4-under.


And Lee Westwood slotting home his opportunity like the Italian. A


third birdy in with that Eagle. He's five under. This shh the look


of things as we pick up play, Peter Laurie becoming a dad for the


fourth time, going well 5-under. Stanley Mill us, a winner, and


Chris Wood performing with distinction on Links courses


alongside Edoardo Molinari, at 4- under. A couple of major winners


heading in the right direction, Michael Campbell. We look out at


the beautiful new course at Castle Stuart, it's a funny day, we had a


bit of all sorts, rain, sunshine, and smiley face, Colin Montgomerie,


playing nicely. Here he is, starting the 10th, this is his


ninth, he's 2-under. He has this for a birdie and he's popped it in.


3-under. Well done. Battling hard. A good nine holes. Playing with


Luke Donald, and Peter Hansen, his chance for a bird at the 18th, his


ninth. 2-under 32. Luke Donald out in 36. A healthy looking card. All


threes and fours. The tide is out, it doesn't look as pretty as it can


on occasions. It's a very difficult line for Edoardo Molinari, on the


edge of the bunker. Starting the reverse way around. Swinging nicely.


That's straight down the middle - will it come up, will it? No. Very


interesting at the greens, some have them raising lots of run-off


areas. Second green, Retief Goosen, a birdie chance. Second on a par 5.


554 yards. Nicely done, down the right-hand bunker with the approach.


He moves to 4-under much Luke Donald. Second shot to the second.


Spins away into trouble. See how close the water comes in there.


Second shot here on the third for Lee Westwood, on the sure par 4.


Pinning 10 back from the frontage of the green. Still has 4 feet left


for his birdie. Second green down the slope. The par 5 from Colin


Montgomerie. Yes. Little old Eagle for Colin, 5-under. You can almost


see the tail wagging. The Monty of old for a week or two there. Nice


to see. Battling to get into the championship next week at Royal St


George's. Took you a while to register that, that it was a good


putt for Eagle. Lee Westwood now for birdie. Beautifully done. New


wide putter. It seems to be the in thing today. Now, there's an


interesting spectator. "This game we play with a smaller ball", there


he is, Sir Alex. Retief Goosen finds the green at the third, par 4.


That was his Eagle chance. Unusual to play an iron off the par 4.


Easily reachable. Luke Donald, level par, and that's a birdie. 1-


under. He's done that well. He's a beautiful player. He's a Dwight,


gentle player, a joy to watch. looks like it's going a touch.


is. Wow. Thank goodness the tide is out. Is he going to get a line, no,


unfortunately in the seaweed. site at the 17th, nicely done, par


317 and in for a two. Couple of Scott's going well. Forsyth and


Robin. Turning back the opposite way, playing into the breeze, a


long par 3. Right at it, it's a beautiful setting, this fourth hole


back towards the castle. The stroke - he took a drop pitch. Good pitch.


Still five on his card. Just cutting off a little ride at the


front of the screen, it's hard to get at. A lot of players picking 3s


up at this hole, and he drops a shot. Luke Donald, 3-under par -


that's a beauty, very interesting design green, they are not silly


greens, they are not ridiculous strokes, this is a course to be


played and enjoyed, the old church. They have a nice Golf Course there.


That was a shove right off the bat there for Monty. A chance for


Edoardo Molinari with a 2 at the 4th, right in the centre of the Cup.


Birdies at the first, 3rd and 4th, going well. Lee Westwood 6-under


par. This for a Birdie. Will it, will it, will it - another one


topples in. He really is striking the ball beautifuly, putting well.


7-under. Looking very, very good indeed. Early in the peace on this


delightful new course. Just to the east of Inverness. Colin


Montgomerie on 4. He's had a couple of goodsiders in front of him.


That's a fantastic shot. Still a bit of fight in the old fellow,


struggling to get into next week's open championship. Joining Peter


Laurie at the 18th, in a third shot. Par 5 - in a little basin today.


Another glorious iron for Peter. 4- under. Retief Goosen, 5-under,


second to the fifth. Looking for a long-odds player next week, you


could do worse than Goosen. have been saying that all day.


have been watching him play, he's been looking pretty good. A


slightly disappointing finish to an almost perfect start, 5-under in


the opening six holes, slightly disappointing finish to a round of


68. Spectateors need a bit of all sorts, sweaters, waterproofs,


umbrellas, sunscreen. The whole works. There's a very good turn-out,


and they are enjoying some good golf. Chris Wood - brilliant par 3,


landed short of the Green, and he'll chase it towards the hole.


The breeze is behind. 226 yards. A crackajack. Keeps drifting down the


hill, down the breeze. We know it must be coming up to open


championship time again, Chris Wood playing well with the putter.


Edoardo Molinari. Just stayed there, misjudged it, 15 yards short of


where he needed to be. 7-under. This is an Eagle putt, one of the


few. One of the few he's misread. He's 7-under. This little putt to


remain 7-under. Peter Hansen played most of his golf on the PGA Tour,


with a good finish last week in Wales. Peter Hansen, Colin


Montgomerie and Donald make a a few birdies, ideal. Lee Westwood, 7-


under, here he is at the sixth with a birdie, right in the middle. 8-


under par for Lee Westwood, who is a strong contend are for the


championship next week at Royal St George's, which I'm sure some here


may go through to see it, he looks in very good form to me, played


very good golf. It continues here at Castle Stuart. Looking at the


leader board: plenty of birdies out there. Retief Goosen has found a


nasty spot, 5-under par, this is his third shot. He just grabbed a


little bit, but pretty good. Second shot here, generally on 17. 3-under


par currently. It's an awkward stance. Nicely played for McGinty.


He dogged it. You can see the long put areer with the thick handle and


the cross-handed grip. Michael Campbell - finding a little bit of


form. He's had a rough run, Michael Campbell. A couple of good rounds


last week in France, going reasonably well, but one slipping


by there. 3-under. Former US Open champion from New Zealand. Better


job of the putter with Edoardo Molinari. Get used to seeing the


greens, there are undualations and roles associated. All is learning


he'll have that for his birdie. Westwood, long put, big swing. It's


coming around. Look at this. Very well done. Awkward putt, good shot.


Mont on the sixth green with an outside chance of an eagle. Claws


the edge of the green, good try. Number 6 the easiest hole. They are


making essentially birdies. Lee Westwood 8-under par at the moment.


A short putt. No, no, no. Drops a stroke. You don't see Lee Westwood


miss many short puts, he has a very solid - good nerves. Just goes back


to 7, 7-under. A look of puzzle: it looks good there, wiggles so the


right, catches the edge and disappears. Blimy O'Reilly. Leads


by two, Lee Westwood. 68 to Peter Laurie, he's in the clubhouse.


Chris Wood a little up the slope from the right. Doesn't make a


birdie at the par 5. Reachable in 2. Edoardo Molinari 5-under. Dribbles


it up. He'll stay at 5-under par. Such a glut of good young and


youngish players from around Great Britain, Ireland and the Contin


ends, lovely to see. -- continents, lovely to see. Getting tidied up


for the evening's jousting. Retief Goosen for a tee shot on the eighth.


Flag on the left-hand, wind off the right. Very accessible today, and


well played. McGinty at the 18th playing his 500th tour event this


week. Good campaigner, and from one to another, her is Barry laip.


Ending up with an Eagle. 5-under, well done young Barry, the eternal


juvenile lead. Tired of playing on the senior tour with the old boys,


he's come back to play with the kids. Second shot here on 9 for Lee


Westwood. It gives him a better angle into the flag on the right-


hand side. Can't go right - must be left of the hole. Safely done, a


round of 64. Luke Donald. Right in the back. Saves his par at number 7.


World ranked No.1. Steady game. Brilliant scrambler. Currently 3-


under. Darren Clarke - winner earlier this year. 2-under. Well


done young sir. 4-under all of a sudden. Well played. Lee Westwood


missed the birdie chance. A round of 65. Leader in the clubhouse.


Your number 2 looking to regain the No.1 spot. That's the charge, a


lone bogey. He'll have nothing but prays for the new layout. -- prays


for the new layout. -- praise for the new layout. Luke Donald, off


there, here he comes. Played quite a wayward shot down the left-hand


side, and the ball comes in to the flag from there. Whether it's good


or bad, Tess OK, there's a pretty village -- it's OK. There's a


pretty village across the water. Lots of birdies, and a lot of


Boeingies, double here and there. - - bogeys double here and there, a


good scoring day. 5-under, Colin Montgomerie, his tee shot on the


eighth. Flight is a little higher than Luke Donald. A good kick to


the right. A wonderful shot from the big Scot. Zoo Retief Goosen's


final hole. 5-under. Very nice. chance for a 2. A good save.


Another finds the centre of the cup at the 8th, moving to 4-under. 36


birdys, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and now another at number 8. Thes in a rich


vein of four. -- he's in a rich vein of four. There's a window


blowing. 500 at the moment. This is a birdie putt, he got it. Well done,


Colin. 6-under par. That's more like it. Second shot, Donald on


Nine, looks to be down the right- hand side of the fairway, hitting


to an elevated green, the wind blowing hard off the right. Really


has to be pinpoint accurate. Just like that. Beautiful shot. Peter


Hansen approach to the same ninth, trying to hold it into the breeze.


He made that front pin look easy. Not the longest of fours, you can


see the pintuck. Colin has been playing beautifully, slightly a


wayward tee shot. This is the final hole. It wouldn't be golf without


drama from Colin Certainly not. He's so keen to get into next


week's championship. Over 600 yards, the par 5. The players reaching


comfortably. It makes the frontage. Very difficult long spud. Colin


Montgomerie played a splendid third shot. Pulled up quickly, but has a


chance to finish with a par. Right to lefter. He's not hit it. It was


a dreerie putt, a bit tricky, he hasn't played as well as this for


some time. Despite dropping a shot, it's a good round, a good start.


Three more of those, Colin, and you could be working next week.


thing that will kill him the most is he had his two playing partners


by one or two shots. Now they both have a chance to catch him. Peter


Hansen 66 and a closing birdie. Peter Hansen, the Swede.


Magnificent greens, they run to truly Peter Hansen around in 66.


Justifyably chuffed. Eight birdies on the cards, 66. A couple of


bogeys. Well played. A birdie for Luke Donald. A round of 67. 16-


under par for the group. They have certainly thrilled the crowd, a


large crowd that came out in sometimes ordinary conditions to


follow them around. 6 birdies, one Boeingie. Finished on the other


side of the course, Jamie Dunstan, closing out with a fine birdy, he's


in a big group of 5-under par. Par 5 is critical here, make your


birdies there, a couple of par 4s in range. Plenty of Birdie chances,


but you have to make them. 67, a tidy start. Sunshine and showers


this morning with a blustery breeze, Lee Westwood around in 65, a course


record. It was a terrific round from Lee Westwood, six birdies and


an Eagle on this card. A nice round was Luke Donald, around in 67.


Michael Campbell 68, a good morning for scoring, on the top of the pile


is Lee Westwood, where a cracking is Lee Westwood, where a cracking


round of 65. We have a new course and venue, what do you make of it.


65 makes me enjoy the golf course more. I enjoyed playing the course,


no-one has an advantage. It's not like going somewhere for 12-13


years. This is the first time op it, it's a fun golf course to play,


changing conditions and gives you chances for birdying and Eagles.


Edoardo Molinari, can you tell us about the challenges of defending


your title in a different place on a different style of golf course?


guess the only advantage you have defending the title is to play on


the course you want. Unfortunately they change it to a new venue, the


course is fantastic, it's a Links course and a great preparation for


the open championship. Welcome back to the Barclay open after a four


year gap, you and others I guess are delighted to switch to a Links


course, what do you make of that decision? It's a smart decision. I


love playing Loch Lomond, it wasn't the greatest preparation for me for


the open championships. Coming here, having a week under competitive


circumstances is a lot better for me. Mostly that's the reason why I


decided to play much there weren't many complaints about Loch Lomond,


one was that it wasn't a Links golf course. There's a few advantages.


It attracts more players. The players that do play it, it gives


them a practice at Links, the Scottish Open is a prestigious


title. One that I think anybody, who has eyes on winning it is


focused on. I had a couple of days before playing the courses, and


started to get in work on Links golf, coming to this week. I'm


looking forward to the rest of this week. And hopefully play the way


I'm playing. We are hoping to see a dual between the world No.1 and 2


as we saw at BMW. In this dramatic setting in the Scottish Highlands,


play as impressive as the views. Now it's time to check on those


with later tee times at Castle Stuart. South Africa's George


Caseres finishing at 18th, three bogeys n a round of 66. Another


challenge to a graduate. Mark Sular getting into the red numbers,


popping that for a share of Lee Westwood's lead. The pan from


Santiago who reckons he has Scottish roots is in inspired form.


And Mark Warne, making the most of the sponsors invitation, making his


sixth birdy on the trot. He goes on to make a seventh. Very scorable


conditions today. Confirmation of how it stands. Leaders at 7-under,


Lee Westwood, and Mark Tullo. Peter Hansen, and George Coetzee a shot


behind. A host of players within two, including world No.1 Luke


Donald. Back we go to the wide open Fair ways at Castle Stuart, with


our commentary team. He's been in trouble. Had a penalty. This is a


trouble. Had a penalty. This is a third. I'm thinking about it. That


was a good strike. He got the right direction, hit it beautifully.


There it is. A pitch and a putt for a par. Phil Mickelson, a welcome


visitor from the United States, playing with Padraig Harrington,


and Paul Laurie. And a couple of bogeys, one-under, hardwriting 2-


under. Safe enough. 13th hole, and a crackajack. What a beauty.


Huntage ton with a fourth shot now. -- Huntington with a fourth shot


now. Final words of encouragement. Is he taking longer than ever, he


was never the speediest of players, he seems to be slowing down more


than ever. I tried to see him really get into top form. He


thrilled us a year or two back with his playing. He's gone backwards


for a while. Mark Warren had an astonishing run, triple bogey on


the 7, and eight birdies, 1 holes. Seven in a row. Using the contours.


Justin Rose at the 13th. Well, that's worth a little clap. We talk


about Mark Warren's amazing 5-under par, triple bogey in the opening


hole. It will be a par here. par. Drop shot. Hit it on to the


beach. Penalty. Short. Just on bogey 5, birdie 2 and a six.


Forward press and in she goes. 2- under far, dropping a couple of


strokes. Punched it in, looked to make a nice comeback. Is it online.


Yes, a bounce and a hop. It's a lovely shot. Getting better all the


recognise that from Harry Potter, the train goes there. Over the top


of the hill was the old school, you know. Matt Kuchar on the front of


12. Playing alongside. Cutting that in for a birdie. One under at the


moment. High-flying pitch. Downwind, it's very good. Ernie Els, after a


glorious second shot for Eagle. No Eagle. 4-under par. There's the


smile. The service of the Greens look good indeed. We have seeb a


lot of putts hold and -- seen a lot of putts hold and wandering away.


It's not the easiest. Very much a thinking person's course, one


more a fixed wing person. Into that will test your short game, there's


to many ways of playing that shot. Perfect surface. Well done, Steven


Gallagher. 15-25 feet. He holds his fair share. The odd shortage one


slips by. That's shown improvement. This one looks like he'll try to


dump it into the hill. A short almost drivable par 4. Phil


Mickelson now really struggling. 17-hole par 3. Wind slightly in the


players face and off to the rest. the news that he's exempt for the


open. This is the green they are all waiting for, the 16th. The


Eagle moving to 5-understand. Fair way is a minimum of 50 yards,


Phil walks off with a sixth, if you are out of position, and don't


recover, you can fritter strokes away very easily. Has easy as that.


Unbelievable. He started the day with a treble bogey 7 at the first,


flat. Hovers the club. Club is down there. He ticks it up. Dyson,


relatively easy bunker shot. One of the longer putters, 7-top 10s


already this year. Coming up quickly. And knew early. Marc


Warren with one blemish, triple bogey at the first. Eight birdies.


Might have another at the last hole.. Dajection, wind whistling


off the right, so ease -- dangerous. Wind whis ling off the right. Easy


to hoick it. Magnificent. That was for a birdie at number 9. That was


for a 66. Doesn't paint the whole picture. Started with a triple


bogey. Even with the slider in the last - a great round from Marc


Warren. Well done. Coming up shy on the right. Wriggles out with a nice


three. Never looks as comfortable as the putter. Ernie Els loves


these conditions, this challenge. Scott Jamie son doing very well


this season. This is rolling well. Beautiful shot from Jamieson.


That's be one to finish with, a for Dyson. Lee Westwood, 7-under


par, scoring difficult. Well out in front. Luke Donald in, Colin


Montgomerie scoring, Peter White, a man from Fyfe making progress.


Three holes to go later in the day. Simon Dyson finishing 4-under,


getting into the open championship because of the withdrawal. Graeme


McDowell coming to the end of his round and Els 4-under par. This


isn't a simple thing, he has to triple it left to right. Easing it


down. Stobed it There's a little pace, down wind. Goes on an extra


2-3 feet. Just enough pace to hold the line for Padraig Harrington.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Disappointing last hole. Good tee shot. Left himself in a difficult


position. Ugly six. He's going along well. 6-under par, chipped


from in front of the green. Heavy- handed. Too heavy-handed one way,


too gentle cover. It's another of those putts. You see so many


players missing the ball to the right. Obviously something - none


of them can see Padraig Harrington. Straightforward pitch. I don't


think there are better players in the world than Padraig Harrington.


Not from that distance. Here is the old council. Castle Stuart. -- the


oldle. Castle Stuart. That -- the old castle. Kas. That is the old


logo, the bell on top of the tower got it. Well done. Well done


Padraig Harrington. Nice finish. Two birdies. Here is a tricky one.


Depends on the line. Could be good. Yes, what a result. This is a


relatively new name on the lists. No drop shots. Ernie Els - final


have almost given Ernie putts at this length. As you get older, the


hole gets smaller. I don't know why that is. The swing looks as nice,


the rhythm and the stroke. They don't disappear like they used to.


Only a 5. A round of 68. Two chances missed. Only one drop shot.


That was a short fourth hole. Dropped a shot. Here is the look of


things at the end of the first round. This is the most northerly


European event staged in the United Kingdom. We have an Englishman and


a Chilean at the top. 7-under par. There's that threesome on 6-under,


including Thorbjorn Olesen finishing off on 56. And 19 men 5-


under par or better on the opening day. The scoring has been enjoyable


to watch. I'm sure it's been great fun to play for the men on the


European Tour. No doubt about the round of the afternoon, belonging


to Thorbjorn Olesen, a blemish-free round for him today. You are on a


hot streak of form, two runner's up in the last three events, what is


the Cata lift, driving this increase in your levels here.


struggled a little with my swing in the first couple of months this


year. Then I got it back. And got confidence and tried to keep it


good. A lovely round. Better news than the Eagle at the 16th is the


news that you are in the open championship. When did you find out.


Literally when I walked in. David tonk had withdrawn, I got his spot.


I'm pleased. Take us through it, at the 7, and then what happened.


Obviously the 7 was a little shock to the system. Had a bad shot, and


all of a sudden got to the second, and obviously a little bit, I had


to watch, sitting the ball well. I let it go. Seven Birdies in a row,


it will help anybody. Links seem to suit. I won four in Europe, all on


Links. Nice to get on the Links. The Links upbringing, I feel like I


click into Links mode well. Fighting the ball correctly, and


getting up and down on the Greens. How do you enjoy the transition to


Links golf. I love it. I tried it a couple of times. Absolutely loved


it, Links golf. It's nice to be here on a great course. It's been a


successful first day at the Barclays Scottish open. Wayne Grady


how well has Castle Stuart weathered the storm. Quite well,


it's not a long course, 7,000 yards. The course's perfect conditions -


there's not a lot of rough, wide fair ways, when you have the


quality field as now, I think the scoring is good. But what was


expected. It's not been set up to be protective. They are encouraging


birdies and Eagles. Certainly that's not what we saw, there's a


few surprises and draws, all in all the scoring is great, 2-under par.


Most impressive performance and biggest surprise. Lee Westwood, and


Luke Donald, Lee Westwood wants the No.1 backing and Luke retain it.


They are up in a couple of shots of each other. The biggest surprise


for me is Phil Mickelson. Shooting one over par, to come hereest he's


been working hard on the shots. Knock-down shots, three-quarter, he


shot one over par, that's the biggest surprise for me. What a


taste this has given us, not just for this weekend in Inverness, but


for the fourth coming open championship. 140th. Don't forget


that we will be on the air with a preview program an BBC Two next


Wednesday, at 11.20 in the evening. It will be available via the red


button online from 7:00. Coverage of the championship is under way


9:00 sharp Thursday morning. On Sunday evening. A special program,


a tribute to the late great Seve Biasteros. In the meantime we'll be


Hazel Irvine presents highlights from the opening round of the 2011 Scottish Open, held this year at the challenging links course of Castle Stuart in Inverness.

Italy's Eduardo Molinari is defending his crown, having won at Loch Lomond last year by three shots. Among those expected to feature prominently is Lee Westwood, winner in 1998, who is bidding to reclaim the world number one spot.

Commentary from Andrew Cotter, Ken Brown and Peter Alliss.

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