2016 Review Golf: The Masters

2016 Review

A look back at the drama from the 80th Masters, which saw England's Danny Willett win his first major by three shots, capitalising on a dramatic collapse by Jordan Spieth.

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You can set your watch by it. The coming of each sporting spring is


heralded by the Masters, with its vibrant colours. Pink Azalea, White


Dogwood, yellow flags and Greenjackets. Birdsong and hushed


anticipation. Approving roars. The picture perfect quality of Augusta


National takes your breath away with its manicured pines and Grassi


greens and it promises so much excitement for the week. The 81st


plane starts on Thursday. Tomorrow night, we assessed the possibilities


in our preview programme of perhaps a Rory McIlroy Grand Slam, or for


Dustin Johnson, world number one, a fourth straight victory this season.


But 12 months ago this tournament delivered plenty. We began the week


with all eyes fixed on the relentless American Jordan Spieth.


He was aiming to become only the fourth player ever to successfully


retain his title. So sit back, immerse yourself in what was one of


the most surprising conclusions ever in this great event.


At Augusta National there are priceless relics. Links to the


legends of the Masters. The most precious of all, the forward of Jean


Saracens that produced a shock around the world. They are all here.


The clubs of the men who wielded these magical sticks in moments of


brilliance. Yes, sir! That is a life changer! He's got it! Wow!


Over 360 air sunsets ago, a young Texan became a springtime sensation.


Who will be the next player to add to the story collection at the


Masters? There are a two Sundays in Masters


week. The first is every bit as exciting as the second. 80 kids came


to Augusta National to compete in the drive chip and putt national


finals. Pretty awesome. They have learned from the best in the world,


studied their form, applied their lessons, and today they share their


stage. They are seven to 15 and they have come from competitions in all


50 states. And now they are here. Meeting Masters winners.


And putting on the 18th green. It was just so amazing. The best


thing ever. This is a dream! The first of two big Sundays and Costa,


this one filled with nothing but joy. -- in Augusta. On Monday,


chairman Billy Payne, joined by the leaders of the RNA, the PGA of


America and the USGA, and announced the return of golf to the Olympics.


I'm pleased to announce that the Gold Medal winner of the men's


connotation in the Olympic Games will receive an invitation to the


following year's Masters Tournament. On Wednesday, the kids are a little


younger. And they are not really here to play. Most of them will be


caddying for a dad in the annual par-3 contest. And there has never


been one quite like this. Holes in one throughout the afternoon, a


record nine. Including two from the popular group


of Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler. It happened at the


4th hole. Thomas in his first Masters. Making his first memory.


Fowler right behind him. Can you believe it?! Jimmy Walker


did something never done in this contest.


And we don't mean his hole-in-one. He shot a course record 8-under par


19 to win the crystal trophy. Thursday morning, Arnold Palmer.


I came here in 1954 for the first time. I thought about playing golf


here and winning the Masters. Nothing ever got in my mind except


that. It brings tears to your eyes. It makes you want to be a part of it


and to stay a part of it the rest of your life.


Not driving this year but forever a part of the Masters tradition,


please join me in a welcome, a salute and a heartfelt thank you to


our four-time Masters champion, Mr Arnold Palmer.


The King is 86 years old. Today he watches the other two members of


golf's big three. Gary Player... And Jackie Nicolas. -- Jack


Nicklaus. They hit the traditional opening tee


shots. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2016


Masters has now officially begun. Have fun. The start of the Masters


is a time of nervous anticipation. Going to the first tee Thursday is


the most nervous I get all year. Masters winner Adam Scott has won


twice on the PGA Tour this year. Masters winners Bubba Watson and


Charl Schwartzel also have won on Tour. And Phil Mickelson at aged 45


is in good form. But world number one Jason Day is visualising a green


jacket. And number three Rory McIlroy needs a Masters when to


complete the career Grand Slam. And of course full attention will be


given to world number two, defending champion Jordan Spieth. The first


round is on the way. Zach Johnson and Dustin Johnson have virtual


identical Berdych rise at the 7th hole. -- birdie. Sergio Garcia at


14. He shoots 69. A score matched by


Justin Rose, thanks to a pair of tricky putts at three and ten. On


the first tee, Augusta native Vaughn Taylor takes time to visit with his


grandmother, Gladys Murphy. He said he could see she was close to tears.


They raise a cheer at 12 as Smylie Kaufman makes birdie in a round of


73. Danny Willett, in his second Masters...


He makes birdie at three and shoots 70. Rory McIlroy for eagle at 13.


Birdie at 15. It was tough. I went out there trying to play my own game


and I felt I did that pretty well. I played within myself, I hit a lot of


good shots. Shane Lowry made five birdies, Danny Lee made six. Both


tied for second place. The wind was up in the afternoon, a


harbinger of tough scoring conditions. Jason Day... He got off


to a good start. At the par-5 second hole. This shot lead to an eagle.


And with this second at nine... Almost twice!


He was out in five under par 31. How fragile is a good round? This wedge


at 15 lead to a 3-putt bogey. And this deed Mac shot at 15 -- tee shot


at 15 in the pond led to a 3-putt triple. I got out of position on the


last four holes. It's frustrating but not too disappointed because I


felt I played pretty well in tough conditions. As we came home, it was


quite easy. I made a mess of. 9:48am, Jordan Spieth began his


third Masters. I would've signed for 200 today and not even played the


round. That would have been a bad deal. He got to 1-under after this


second at number three. To 3-under at the par-5 8th. And


then he added birdies at ten and 13 he played with US amateur champion


Bryson DeChambeau, who was 1-under before learning a costly lesson


about chipping back towards the water at 15.


He made a great bogey save. And shot 72. Bryson DeChambeau played to his


standards and frowned and shot even par in tough conditions at the


Masters. Watch out for him. Spieth made his sixth birdie at 18 and led


the tournament for the fifth round in a row. The no bogeys was really


cool today. I thought maybe that wouldn't be possible. I made a


couple of nights longer putts. The one at 16 didn't deserve to go but


it hit the back of the cup hard. Maybe there is a chance that 6-under


wins this tournament. We have to stay patient and present, and


understand this is a major Championship, it will often feel


like a to tournament in one. Bogey is not the worst score out here.


They will come. It is just the first round and it is a solid start. He


was the only player in the field of 89 to go bogey free in the first


round. Tom Watson at 74 under in his final


Masters. What Jason Day did yesterday, Phil


Mickelson does today. He makes birdies early. He is 1-under for the


tournament. But he leaves a ball in the bunker at seven. Three putts


from five feet at eighth. And he puts balls in the water at 15 and


again at 16. And he misses the cut by one. I don't know how to explain


it. I threw away a lot of shots. I made a lot of poor shots. This is


the worst I've managed myself around the golf course. I don't know what


to say. Six amateurs were invited to this Masters in the tradition of


Bobby Jones. Including Paul Chaplin, the Latin America champion. At 16,


the second youngest player in Masters history. And another


exciting teenager from China. Under difficult conditions, two of


the amateurs made the cut. British amateur champion -- the British


amateur champion, Langasque, with an eagle. One amateur contended for the


lead. Bryson DeChambeau on par for the tournament with a birdie at one.


-- under par. Matched by fellow competitor Jordan Spieth. He also


birdies three and builds a five shot lead. He said bogeys would come. But


he didn't expect a four putt for a double at five. Scoring is


increasingly difficult as the winds ghost. Three players move into the


top five. Scott Piercy, Danny Lee and Hideki Matsuyama, whose birdie


at 12 is the first of three in a row, but none of them breaks par on


this day. Rory McIlroy emerges from the crowd. It is its second try for


the career Grand Slam. Hitting 5-wood at 15 into the wind. And onto


the green from where he two putts for a birdie. At 16, he is above the


hole facing a birdie putt. It has got six feet of break. McIlroy


enjoying a stretch that has launched him near the top of the leaderboard.


Shamble using what he terms is one plane swing. All his irons at the


same length. And it works for him. -- Bryson DeChambeau. Setting up a


birdie to go 2-under. The leader, Spieth, is fighting to stay in the


lead at nine. He makes bogey and then his troubles continue.


Jordan Spieth, who has dominated the tournament so far, has dropped shots


at the 9th and tenth. 5-under par. It means Rory McIlroy is within two


shots of the lead. He is on the 18th.


There you go. He gets in at 3-under. That is huge. That is what he


needed. I don't really look at the names of the left of the


leaderboard. I'm looking at the number on the far right. It doesn't


make a difference to me who is there. Whoever is ahead of me at


that point, I just want to finish one better. The amateur just three


strokes out of the lead. He pulls his second towards the pond at 11.


But the result is brilliant. He makes that putt for birdie. Now on


the tee at 12. And he ties McIlroy, just one behind Spieth. Acknowledges


the support he is getting from the patrons. But following a pattern in


this tournament, a player is rising on the leaderboard but falling back


with double bogeys and worse, he hits is tee shut into a non-playable


life. -- shot will stop years looking at three in a row if he cant


get up and Benedictine. -- Bob and down at 18.


The par saved by Jordan Spieth! I have got two more days to give it


everything I have and that's what I will do. Bryson DeChambeau was


putting for a double bogey. He finished with a seven. I'm only four


back. If I don't play well, I don't play well. If I do, I do. If I can


do that, which I know I can, it will be a cool journey. The low round of


the day was a 71. Four players, including McIlroy, shot eight. Danny


Willett was 2-over his round. Jason Day five bag tied with 58-year-old


Bernhard Langer. -- back. 29 Masters champions attended the


most exclusive dinner in golf Tuesday night, including Tom Watson,


who announced this Masters would be his last.


The memories are vivid. It seemed like I could have been here in 75.


Pretty vivid. That's what happens when you come to a special place. It


is his 43rd. Anyone the first of two, beating Jack Nicklaus in 1977.


And receiving his green jacket from Raymond Floyd. There is an echo of


those wins at the 6th hole today. I dreamt about playing the Masters.


When I watched the Masters on TV, I watched Arnie. And then I watched


Jack. I've seen the likes of Byron Nelson and Sam Snead. It was a


wonderful experience from day one. APPLAUSE.


Just for old times sake, there was this putt for birdie at 18.


He only missed the cut by two. I've been blessed to be able to play


here. I hope I entertained some fans, the patrons. I appreciate


their applause for me and how they treated me today are out there. Lots


of hats off to Tom today. It was really pretty special.


Among those making the cut this year were 51-year-old Davis Love.


58-year-old Bernhard Langer. And 57-year-old Larry Mize, who put on a


dazzling putting show on the first three holes Saturday. From 44 feet


at one, 13 feet at two and yes, from 62 feet at the 3rd. Birdie, birdie,


birdie! But good scores are not going to come Easley today. The


north-west wind is up again. At 15, Billy Horschel was about to mark his


ball, only to watch the wind blow it into the water. As Larry Mize


dropped back from his torrid start, Bernhard Langer moved up the


leaderboard. He had a birdie at two. And another at five. A bogey at six


was followed by this third shot at the par 58. He made that for birdie.


And he was putting for Eagle Eye 13. -- putting for a eagle at 13. He was


paired with Jason Day and was 30 yards and more behind his Tmax


shots. -- tee. But he was still tied with him at 13 and 14.


Bernhard Langer's response? Simply amazing! That was the jewel of the


day. And Bernhard Langer won it with a birdie at 15.


For a 58-year-old it is fun to be in this position, playing with the best


in the world. From a veteran playing his 33rd Masters, to a player less


than half his age playing his first. Smylie Kaufman, who still lives with


his parents in Alabama newly made eagle at 14. -- nearly. And then he


birdied 16 twitchy face first goal of the weekend. -- to achieve his


first goal of the weekend. Now there is a lot to do, try to adjust the


goals little bit. Hideki Matsuyama is the same age, 24, but this is his


fifth Masters. And with a birdie at 14, he finishes tied for third with


Bernhard Langer. Danny Willett, at 12. A birdie here gets him in the


red numbers. This second at 15 into a headwind. It is in the pond. Tied


for fifth with Jason Day. And Dustin Johnson. He couldn't make it putt on


the second nine and shot even par 72. One shot baggies Lee Westwood,


top ten in three of the last four years. This shot at 14 sets up his


third birdie in a row. And the best second nine of the day, four under


par 32. The head-to-head pairing of Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth did


not live up to expectations. McIlroy never made a birdie. And he was


5-over after a double bogey at 11. He had his chances. But he couldn't


convert. It is just one of those days you have to try to forget about


and move on. For the third day in a row, Spieth built his lead on the


first nine. He made his second double bogey of the tournament at


11. But he fought right back at 12. With that birdie, another at 14, and


a third right at 15, he was 6-under and had a four shot lead with three


holes to play. He parred 16. Then drove into the trees at 17. And he


made bogey. And he compounded the error with a


poor chip on his third. Hit it! And then his par putt came up short, he


needed this for bogey. I've got to throw away the finish to this round.


In the last two days, Spieth is five over power, on 16, 17 and 18. World


number one Jason Day heads a trio, McIlroy five behind. A tough day for


the amateur, DeChambeau who played the 13th and 15th holes three or


four par. What do you do tonight to clear your head and move on?


Probably go break something real quick and grab some dinner and watch


a movie! I'll be fine! 60 years ago the first televised Masters began


with second shot at 15 on Sunday. Today all 18 holes are broadcast to


over 200 countries and territories and now including the first ever


live for K HD sports coverage of all the play at our main corner. As well


as virtual reality cameras bringing the viewer onto the golf course.


Cars Amen Corner. On Sunday the win was light and out


of the South, Rory McIlroy threat link to make a move. By driving the


green on the short par four. He made a birdie from there. Denmark's Soren


Kjeldsen made testing birdie putts. At both three and five and got into


red numbers. Danny Willett also moved into red with a birdie at six!


And was putting for eagle at eight. COMMENTATOR:


This, to tie for the lead... He was just one behind Jordan Spieth but


others fell back. Bernhard Langer chipped over the green at three,


made a double bogey and never threatened.


Hideki Matsuyama bogeyed four, five and this second shot at six. Led to


a double bogey. That dropped him from contention. While Smylie


Kaufman, his mum Pam looking on, missed birdies early and made


bogeys. And so with 13 holes to play on Sunday Jordan Spieth still held a


1-shot lead. CHEERING


Once again, he began to build on that lead on the first nine.


CHEERING Danny Willett, two behind, was in


trouble on the ninth. And would have that to save par. His


fellow competitor Lee Westwood was putting for a birdie. COMMENTATOR:


there you go. And he was 1-shot wonder. Spieth at seven.


Don't go long! Don't go long! Played the slope of the green. And made


another birdie and the lead was three! Kaufmann bogeyed the hole.


Will it, to save par at nine. -- Danny Willett. COMMENTATOR: massive,


massive, momentum is everything on a day like this. There is an France at


16. Shot 31 on the second nine and a


final-round 68. While Bryson DeChambeau finished his first


Masters with a birdie at 18 and the low amateur title. It's an honour


that will stay with me forever and I'll never forget this day,


especially making this putt on the last hole, it was pretty cool.


Dustin Johnson made a double bogey at five that seemed to take him at


the tournament but fought back with birdies at six, eight, and here at


nine. Five Englishmen would finish in the top ten in this Masters,


beginning with 21-year-old Matthew Fitzpatrick who birdied four of his


final five and was the first to post the low round of the day, a 67.


Spieth leading by three, chipping for eagle at eight.


Set up his third birdie in a row and the lead was four. Danny Willett, on


the tee-macro at the dangerous 12. Was fortunate that the ball stayed


out of raise Creek and he saved par from there. Spieth seemingly


unstoppable for birdie at nine. How about it? Just unbelievable, his


ability to read the stroke. And track it. -- Rae's C reek. The lead


was five with nine holes to play. You feel like you're almost starting


another round, another tournament, you can feel the difference in


momentum. Another big story today, the 16th. COMMENTATOR: Shane Lowry.


The whole is accessible today. Watch and enjoy!




seven iron. CHEERING


COMMENTATOR: next up, Lewis Oosthuizen.


I've been here 17 years, I have never seen an afternoon like this!


Commentary by Vernon Lundquist. It's been said many times that the


Masters begins on the 10th hole Sunday. Here is Jordan Spieth on the


tee with that five stroke lead. COMMENTATOR: it's right, just


blocked it up on top of the hill. Makes things a lot longer, added 40


yards. A second Englishman finishes in the top ten, Paul Casey equalling


the low round of the day, 67, and is 1-shot under for the tournament.


Spieth, four par at ten. Danny Willett, for a birdie at 13.


Five shot lead is down to three shots.


Dustin Johnson, going for the green at 13. We'll two putt from there,


keeping him four bat -- back. Jordan Spieth in trouble again, from the


tee at 11, Danny Willett in good position at 14.


One man putts for par, one man putts for birdie. And the result is a two


shot swing, Danny Willett has made up four strokes in two holes. Rory


McIlroy finishes his eighth Masters tied for 10th. Look, I know how to


play this golf course but, it's playing it when it really matters.


Ten and 11, you can take bogeys there, I was still two wonder, might


bell-macro my goal was four wonder. -- two under. Michael said, hit it


right here, hit it right here, I didn't take that extra deep breath


and Ira membered getting over the ball and thinking I will make a


little cut to the hole. -- and I remember. It was the right club,


just the wrong shot, I should have played a draw on that hole.


I'm not really sure of what happened on the next shot.


Add 15, Westwood and Danny Willett don't know what happened yet. And


Westwood moves into second place. Danny Willett putting for birdie.


Makes par. And now learns that Spieth has made a quadruple bogey at


12. Spieth has plummeted to a tie for


fourth as he stands on the 13th tee. I told Mike, I said, you know, body,


it seems likely or collapsing and I wanted to be brutally honest with


the way I felt towards him so he could respond with what is necessary


to get us to rebound and he did. I just feel fortunate that I was in


the position I was too then pounce on the opportunity.


When the pressure got on him towards the end, quality shot, great towards


16. COMMENTATOR: Dustin Johnson now. I don't know. 219 yards. And he went


for it. And this is a brilliant effort from Dustin Johnston.


Unbelievable. I saw no window opening there but he obviously had




Danny Willett is the leader by two shots. Less than an hour ago, Danny


Willett was next to Jordan Spieth. This is to get within three shots.


And he does! Bounces back yet again. Lee Westwood had to make par at 16.


Now, he was three behind. Dustin Johnson, to get within one shot off


the lead. Settled for birdie. Danny Willett,


bogey free on his round, was long left at 17. COMMENTATOR: he's played


it beautifully. What a shot. Unbelievable. That is extremely


tough nerves right there, not an easy chip. He made par. COMMENTATOR:


birdie, to get back within two. Coming back! Still a chance! He made


par at 14. Johnson needing birdie at 17. Goal, a little bit, just go a


little bit... Found the front bunker.


COMMENTATOR: seven iron on the way. It's going to work. It's really


going to work now! Dustin Johnson... He must make it.


This kid is on such a high right now. 28 years old, playing his


second Masters, 12 days after the birth of his first child, a son,


Zach. Tentative with that one. Stood over


it a long time, had another look at the leaderboard. He admits it.


Meanwhile, go time here for Jordan, Peter, at 15. He has to make birdie


to have any realistic chance. Bringing it in low. And very nicely


controlled! APPLAUSE


CHEERING It was very cool for the patrons


here did for me, they helped me believe I could do it.


Danny Willett to golf his fight sweater and made his final putt in


green. COMMENTATOR: wait and see the ovation for this kid. Spieth for


birdie. -- tuque off his white sweater. COMMENTATOR: sneaks in the


left side and Jordan Spieth is not done yet.


He's the defending champion, two back but he's got a makeable birdie


at 16 and then, who knows? What's going through your heart right now,


and your head? We played great golf today, a fantastic week and yes,


it's a waiting game now, Jordan is sitting there. We are going to have


to see what happens, get some food inside us and make sure we are ready


for the eventuality if there is a play-off.


COMMENTATOR: if that goes on, who knows what happens? It's a fine line


between disaster and success at this place. Spieth at 16 needs to go


birdie, birdie. And the bunker, realistically he had to hole the


bunker shot. Mathematically, he had to make the putt. Danny Willett won


the 80th Masters with a bogey free 67 that equalled the low round of


the weekend. Jordan Spieth finished tied for second with Lee Westwood. I


believe we are the best in the world, big picture... This one will


hurt, it will take a while. You dream about these kind of days and


things like that, but for it to happen, it's still mind-boggling.


This week was my week and we were able to play good golf to go with


that and come out on top. Churchman Billy Payne presented Bryce to


shamble with the low amateur award. -- Bryson DeChambeau. And then it


was time for a new man to work the green jacket. Jordan, I would be


grateful if you would do the honour of placing the green jacket on


Danny! There is a lot of things that go


around, being a Masters champion. You don't just do it for a year, you


are at the Masters locker room, you go to the champions dinner, you get


to come back and play for as long as you want, great tradition. It really


is so special and I am just massively privileged to be a part of


it. A closing 67 from Danny Willett, how


well did he sees his chance after the collapse of Spieth. He kept his


head brilliantly and he became Great Britain's fourth winner and the


first endless champion since Sir Nick Faldo and he gets set to defend


his champion and will be back tomorrow evening with a preview of


all the possibilities in the company of Ken Brown and Peter Alliss.


Thereafter we will have highlights of the day want action on Friday,


and we will have highlights on Saturday afternoon. And then we'll


have live coverage for the entire weekend, starting with the third


round. And the dramatic concluding round starts an hour earlier at 630.


And BBC Radio 5 Live full broadcast all four days live...


Keep up-to-date by the BBC's website. By Sunday night we will


know who measures up best in the 81st laying of the Masters


tournament and we are really looking forward to sharing all of the


excitement with you. See you soon. MUSIC: Signed Sealed


Delivered by Stevie Wonder Stacey and Chris are preparing for


marriage by spending a few days living alone with


their in-laws to be, and asking them all kinds of




A look back at the drama from the 80th Masters, which saw England's Danny Willett win his first major by three shots, capitalising on a dramatic collapse by 2015 Masters champion Jordan Spieth.

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