Day 4 - Closing Stages Golf: US PGA Championship

Day 4 - Closing Stages

Live coverage of the final round at the US PGA Championship from Quail Hollow in Charlotte, North Carolina. Commentary by Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Mark James.

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The US PGA Championship, the final major of the year. Some of the


greats of the major era have lifted the Wanamaker Trophy, but this


Championship has also brought fortune to others. So here we are,


Quail Hollow, North Carolina, a Sunni, stormy setting to the final


major of the year. However, this is a very tough chorus. The green mile,


over 1000 miles, and coupled with the Bermudan grass, major


opportunity could find itself just slipping away. There is no tougher


test, even for the most experienced of golfers. It will be a long wait


to the next opportunity to win a major. Who will take advantage of


that today? Yes, who indeed? Hello and welcome


to the final day of the final major of the season where things are


finely balanced in the hunt to hoist the Wanamaker Trophy. It has been a


punishing 54 holes around Quail Hollow so far and at the start of


the day there were just 15 players under-par with just seven shots


separating the top 20. It all comes down to today. It is a demanding


golf course. If you hit good shots, you will be rewarded, if not, you


will get penalised. At the end of the day I feel so relaxed. You


cannot put any more pressure on. I am going to take my time and enjoy


it. Quail Hollow is a very difficult golf course, you have to take it one


shot at a time and be very careful about each shot. It is a huge deal,


but at the end of the day I want to win this one just as bad as any


other. I have to go out and see what I have got. You do not want to do


anything stupid on the first few holes. Anything can happen when you


are on the 14th tee. I am looking forward to the opportunity. If I


keep hitting the ball on the fairway and making some putts, I will get my


chances. Those are the five leaders, but it is incredibly close. Kevin


Kisner has been there since day one. World number three, Hideki Matsuyama


is just one back. Louis Oosthuizen also fancies his chances of a second


major. Conditions at Quail Hollow are expected to be similar to


yesterday, very warm and humid with barely any winter. There is the


chance of a thunderstorm, but hopefully it can bypass the North


Carolina area. It is up for grabs. Whose name will be etched into PGA


Championship history at the end of the day? But after a fairly slow


start, the birdies are beginning to fall. Hideki Matsuyama shot 64 on


Friday, but he had to scramble for it yesterday. This was his birdie


putt on the past seven. This was the second for Kevin is now at the


par-5/7. It would get wet, but he would escape with just one shot, but


he moved off the lead for the first time since Thursday morning.


Francesco Molinari was right in amongst it after a second-round 64,


but a 74 yesterday had him going into the final round at just


2-under. That put him back up to 4-under par. For someone who has won


five times on the PGA Tour, Majors have not been the most prolific of


their events and yet to register a top ten finish, Patrick Reed. This


was his second shot. It would go very close. He could not convert the


Eagle putt, but it was his fifth birdie of the day to move him to


within two. Rickie Fowler won his first PGA event around Quail Hollow


and was a big favourite coming in. But back-to-back birdies at 12 and


13 had him up to 3-under par and this was his tee shot at the par


414. He had another birdie and he followed it up with his fourth


birdie on the bounce at the next hole. He is within two. Justin


Thomas, a contender at the US open earlier this year, finished off the


pace this time. A birdie on the night had him 1-under and just one


shot off the lead. Back now to Francesco Molinari and his second


shot to the par 4/12. That would be good enough for back-to-back birdies


for the Italian, his fourth of the day, he was now on 5-under par.


Chris Stroud is looking to become the second player from outside the


well's top 200 to win a major. The occasion did not seem to be


affecting him. This was his second shot into the night. On it would


roll towards the flag. That was good enough for a birdie and the Texan


moved into a share of the lead. But the two-way share of the lead did


not last too long. This is Matsuyama on the tenth, a birdie putt. He


would regain the outright lead on 8-under par. Justin Thomas also on


the tenth. This is his birdie putt. It looked to be going in, he thought


it was going in. He was not too keen to get too close to it and tap it


in. Would it drop? Yes, it would. Back-to-back birdies and Thomas


would now go to within one of the league. The 14th hole, and Francesco


Molinari with another birdie opportunity. The third birdie in


four holes. 6-under par. Two off the lead. Back to the overnight leader,


Kevin Kisner at the 10th hole and a birdie opportunity. In that would go


and Kevin Kisner now joins the leaders on 7-under. Matsuyama on the


11th. He had some scrambling to do yesterday. Could he do it again? He


could not. He dropped a shot and he moved back down to 7-under par.


There has been a lot of movement just over the last 45 minutes and it


is a four way tie for the lead. They are lining up behind them. Patrick


Reed is also going along very nicely. Louis Oosthuizen is one of


the few major winners contending today and he is well within touching


distance. What a fantastic finish for Jordan Smith in his first major.


A top 15 will mean that he is back next year. Let's get out on the


course and we go back to join Francesco Molinari with Ken Brown


and Peter Alliss. Francesco Molinari has been plaguing


some wonderful stuff. That was the first week shot he played. It was an


awkward one. Don't go too far, please, please. Where he is standing


on the right, it looks a simple shot. Kevin Kisner is one of the


joint leaders. That is tricky, a lot of Bermuda to


come over. Patrick Reed. 5-under. Certainly there are half a dozen or


more players in with a chance of sneaking this Championship. It is


not a question of boldly winning it and striding out in front as Palmer


and Marco Roy have done in the past. It is tiptoeing to victory. The


clubhead speed is enormous. He has found the fairway nicely. A bit of


mud on his ball. No run on that at all. It stopped a stone dead. I


don't know what he is up to, but he is interesting to watch. The longest


drive of the week. Very inexperienced at this level of play


and he is doing very well indeed. I don't want to start thinking about


it now. Molinari at the 15th. And he has got


it. He has had four birdies since the sixth. What is he up to? Great


stuff in the last hour or so, a bit slow to start.


Chopped right across, too hard. It has left him with a horrible shot.


It is your fault, Kenny. Rickie Fowler is 5-under. This is a


dangerous par-3. That has been a popular spot. Matsuyama is slowly


back and then there is a slight pause and then look out. If you can


believe the tracer... I thought that was dead down the middle. It is the


toughest fairway to find, the 12th. Camry keeper do is one of his bits


of genius? He needs it. -- can Rickie.


There is the balloon giving us pictures from on high. An hour or so


ago it was fiddling about with two or three players in it. Suddenly a


couple of missed shots and suddenly there are half a dozen people in


with a shout. Chez Reavie is playing with


Francesco Molinari. These two have pulled each other along and it can


happen. This is Henrik Stenson. I like watching him play, he is only


1-over. I thought he might be better. But it was not his week.


Finishing in a blaze of glory. A beautiful shot. One of the best we


have seen. Only two birdies at 18 today so far. A slightly


disappointing day for Paul Casey. From here you will not believe how


quick it is. He missed the rage. Scott Brown, a famous Cornish name.


The pride of Cornish golf. Must be a relation. That is the way you do it


in Cornwall. It was a good shot. There is a forecast with more


thunderstorms coming through later on in the afternoon. Temperatures


are in the mid-80s, but with the humidity they feel much warmer. It


is good the way it has all tightened up. The course had won much of the


battles this week. Many of the battles had been won by the course.


Rory McIlroy said in one of his interviews that changing the grass


to Bermuda, which is the basis of the rough, it is like playing in


thick parsley. That was from a tough life. It was


not fluffy. Too far. That was a bad judgment.


Look how far he is over the green. Look at his putting grip. A lovely


natural stroke. This is to save par. That was a confident one. A birdie


at the last is a scarce thing. He will have another chance. Justin


Thomas. Sensational at the beginning of the year, winner of three events.


And he just failed to get that extra bit of kick on, but a good shot. The


atmosphere has completely changed in the last hour. There have been lots


of shouts. Absolutely, the crowd has come to life. Suddenly there is a


spark. That is Kevin Kisner. 53 out of 53, that is better than my


average! He is on the wrong side, Ken. It was


awkward, but he has made life very difficult for himself. This is an


nasty one. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson might conjure up a bit of


magic here. Trying to be too fancy with it. He did not like it at all.


He has still got a horrible shot left. If he could get that in one


putt, there will be some damage, but it will not be irreparable. So much


depends on the lie. Not much break in this. The pressure was on. Time


and time again we have seen him dribble by the edge. What about this


one? He had one go and he fluffed it.


A good result there. Still a little work to do, but it will be a shot


dropped. Matsuyama is going to drop a stroke. He is 6-under. So Justin


Thomas as things stand has the right lead. Others might come into the


equation. Here is Patrick Reed. Whoa. You think they have stopped


and they go dribbling on. Good try. Not the greatest of


starts. Dropped two shots in the first three holes. He birdied one.


He did not get away to a fast start, but now he may well be on his own in


a minute. Taking a long look at this one as if he does not fancy it that


much. Two feet more or less. He should not miss this one. Belt this


one and take the break out of it. That is good. Chris Wood finishes


with 73. 3-over is not bad. Jason Day at the 18th.


2015 PGA champion. Henrik Stenson with a three at the last. Jason Day


is in 12th position. He is not far from being back to his best. The


leaderboard is changing almost minute by minute. Molinari is


struggling at the 16th. He will do well to make a par. But it will be


tricky. Those last three holes will tell a story, 16, 17 and 18. All


that water in play. It is the pressure off your thoughts,


controlling your mind. 24-year-old Jordan Smith was making


his debut this week. He has already picked up a European win this week


and has had a sensational ride into the well's top 100. He gave himself


a chance of getting into the top 15 to get an invite back next year. He


was in the clubhouse. How do you sum up your final day? I am really happy


with the way I played today. It is a bit of a shame about the last, but I


am chuffed with myself about the whole week. You said coming into


this that you are pinching yourself being here, so what was the reality


light of the four days of the event? I am still pinching myself. I have


had some good groups and enjoyed the whole experience and I am happy.


Talk us through the progression you have made from winning the Europe


Road Tour Order of Merit. I won the grand final to win it which got me


into the top five and got me the challenge Tour card and I managed to


win the challenge Tour year after and lucky enough I want the


tournament in Germany a couple of weeks ago which got me into this.


Did you set yourself any goals over the last two years or did you let it


happen? Just let it all happen and enjoying myself. I put some hard


work with my team in back home, but I am still enjoying myself. Have you


got any ambitions? No, I am just enjoying what I am doing and I hope


the progression can keep going. Well done. Well done indeed.


Muddy ball he cries. When there is mud on the ball you cannot control


its direction. It can go anywhere. He misses the green on 16. Bad luck.


Scott Brown is a level par, putting for a birdie. If he keeps going, he


will pick up a very nice cheque and qualify for next year. You can see


how difficult it is to get the pace and the feel of these greens.


I think commercially this has definitely been a great success. The


PGA Championship has always been the Cinderella event for a variety of


reasons. Oh, no. A 6-iron. Miles off line. Not too bad. I thought it was


further left than that. The shot tracker sometimes exaggerate it a


fraction. Joint leader. Fowler at the 18th. You can see the little


stream on the left-hand side. It comes within three or four paces


from the back of the green. That is a good one from Fowler and a nice


bounce forward. A chance of a birdie. It was a terrific shot. He


definitely needs to gather himself together. Oh, it is going down even


further away. That is not too bad. A brilliant shot for Molinari. Oh,


that was a good effort. It is crucial if you drop a shot at this


stage. It is all going wrong everywhere you


look. You can see the nerves taking over now. That is what happens in


this game. Too much time to think. You have to do it cold blooded Lee.


Conscience, competence. Conscious competence. Cold blooded words. A


bit of mud on that, it could have an effect, but it might not. But it


could affect you mentally. You have to go ahead and play it normally. He


has found the fairway. The play here is to play it to the centre of the


green, forget the flag if you think the mud is going to affect it. It is


not all that far. Has he drilled it too hard? That is


all right. This leaderboard is just changing


every few minutes at the moment. We now just have one leader, Justin


Thomas, who is out in front on 7-under par. Francesco Molinari had


a bogey at 16. Matsuyama and Chris Stroud were right up there at the


start of the day and are yet to get their rounds firing. Kevin Kisner is


in trouble again, he was the overnight leader. Louis Oosthuizen


is not having the last round that he would have wanted. Jordan Smith,


1-under par. He is alongside Jason Day in the clubhouse. Former open


champion Henrik Stenson also finishing level par. Paul Casey was


the leading Brit for so long and he finished the day level par and level


par for the Championship. Rory McIlroy is 1-over, alongside Ian


Poulter. Let's get out on the course. Matsuyama is playing his


second on the 13th. That was unlucky. He did not need


that. It is all right talking about controlling spin. This is Rickie


Fowler. In she goes and he has holed a few good ones coming down the


stretch. Home in 32. He did all he could. But a couple of mistakes in


earlier rounds have cost him, but it is a fine total of 5-under.


Thomas, from the other side of the Green, gets it closer than


Matsuyama. They're having their own sort of personal battle. Thomas is


one ahead. Here is Thomas. Didn't like his tee shot, but this looks


relatively straightforward. It's on to the green, a run out. Is it going


to turn a little left to right? Oh, my goodness, it's in the hole.


That's a killer blow for Thomas. There's a little bit of daylight now


between him and the rest of the top of the leaderboard. He goes to


8-under. What time to do a thing like that, Maureen. That's


absolutely brilliant. A little chip from the edge of the green,


beautifully played. Judges the distance to perfection. That's


killer blow. He had a sensational start to the year, won three times


before the daffodils had come out and he's been a little bit quiet


lately, but my word, he's done some good stuff this week. Still a few


holes to go. Matsuyama will have heard those jeers ringing round the


course. He won't know whom four. -- those cheers. Things are slipping


away for the Japanese player now. That's three consecutive bogeys. He


drops down to 5-under. Suddenly, two shot lead for Thomas, over Reed.


Chris Stroud, way back at the 12th. Taling off wildly to the right. Some


of these putts can make you look rather silly. Chipped up from the


edge of the green, not a very good chip in all honesty. Patrick Reed.


He's driven into the ideal place here on 15. The caddy likes the


swing. Right over the banner. What a lovely shot Maureen, that. Just


amazing accuracy. Our Championship leader. Justin Thomas, oh, no, no,


no... Mind your feet. That's just what you didn't want! But it may not


be too bad. Molinari, he's not out of it yet.


His coach will be getting a little nervous. It's safely aboard the


green, a long way away. Now if he could finish par, par, he could set


a good target. Kisner. He dropped one at the last, so he doesn't want


to get that run going. He's 6-under, two behind at the moment.


Back to 5-under, that's three back. How quickly things change out here.


Just a couple of good shots, or a couple of misplaced irons to the


green and suddenly, the leaderboard had five people at 7-under half an


hour ago, now we've got one leader at 8-under. Chris Stroud.


Focus and concentration are key here. One mental slip and a lot of


good, productive work gets wiped out. Matsuyama at the 14th. They


have moved the tees up and down. It's been driven this week. I think


he's got a fair way would, it will put in ten or 15 yards short of the


green, if he really catches it. Miss all the bunkers if you cannot come


off the hill, kick down to the left. Right as you look from... Oh, it


killed its stone dead. But I think it's OK, yes. Although the flag was


near the front it's not an easy pitch to judge. How things change.


Chip in, two shot swing and the blink of an eye. Patrick Reed, we've


seen electrifying performances from him in the Ryder Cup. What has he


got left in his locker? What a delightful touch.


He hardly touched that. Just let the club drop, the weight of the club on


the ball was enough to do it. Have a look at this chip in from Thomas.


Just lobbed it on, you think it can't reach the hole but it kept


coming beautifully along. Look at that. Sheer delight. And why not.


That was beautiful. The relative calm of 16. Gary


Woodland. A tidy par at this most treacherous of holes. There's Chez


Reavie for a birdie at the 17th, a double bogey at the last and that's


not going to quite reach. A lot of these players are battling just for


a good position, if you get a top 15 or 16, you get in automatically for


next year's Championship and also collect a good prize. Graham DeLaet.


Sung Kang must have driven into trouble. This is his third up to the


home green. Yes, well done.


APPLAUSE Chez Reavie finishing off. It's


amazing how often caddies managed to stand in the way, so you can't see


the hole, but we'll know if it goes in. Yes, well done.


Well, it's been a bit of a bruising slog round here over the last four


days. That's how things stand at the moment. Justin Thomas, a slender one


shot lead. Rickie Fowler in the clubhouse at 5-under, that's the


target at the moment. Then looking down, 67 by Dustin Johnson, out


early in the day. Put him to even par. Molinari at the 17th, the long


par-3, this is his second shot. Big swing, very fast, down the hill. Oh,


it's a very good putt. That was a dangerous putt from long range. It


can only be a par, but a good par. Chris Stroud looking down at this


13th green. Flag back left, that once moving left-to-right. We've


seen a few down in that collection area. There have been a few little


divots down there, you just have to hope you don't find one of them.


Now, this is in that deep Bermuda. I like it. Everybody likes it. But can


he do it? It's got to be a bold shot.


Well, Justin Thomas was out in the final pairing in the US Open earlier


in the year and he slumped to a 75, so he'll be hoping to put that


experience to good use. Sung Kang, hoping this is the final shot for


Home Office PGA Championship. Just sneaks past.


Molinari's tee shot at the final hole, he's usually got the


straightest of drives. I don't think he likes it. He's found another


bunker. He did that at the 16th. Cost him a shot. This is very


expensive. But he might get a four. Matsuyama, awkward little second


shot. Is he going to bump it in, just roundabout where Thomas's ball


is? Just kill a little bit of the speed? Or is he going to airmail it?


Up in the air. It's got to be a soft landing. Oh, that's delightful! What


a shot. That's was a very bold, nerveless shot after a few little


mistakes. Very good. Stroud has a bit more green to work


with. It's all about how far up the green he chooses to land this. That


one he wants to run out, a little check and grab. Not bad.


Great crowds. Everyday we've had 20,000, maybe more. Very colourful


gallery. Now, here's our leader. Looks like a putter. Just off the


green, up the hill she comes. Has he done it again? My word, what a good


effort, Maureen. Yes, I was just beginning to think he was making


hard work of that short par-4. Now Kisner, who led this Championship


for so much of the time. Now dropped back to three shots behind. Over the


big swing. Come round left. That's a very good shot from there. Very well


judged indeed. Now Thomas, a little short one for


his par. He taps that want end, he remains in the lead. -- he taps that


one in, he remains in the lead. Parents, friends and family are all


out in the crowd, watching. Gosh, it's a nerve-racking time for them.


Now Matsuyama to get a shot back. To get within two, if he could pop this


in. That's better. A very good little


pitch. He's had a bad run, you see, three shots dropped and 11, 12 and


13. Very untidy. He's still in with a shout, although two behind, with


holes running out. But all sorts of weird and wonderful things can go on


in this game. No, started it too straight. Had to


give that at least a couple of inches of Rome. -- row.


Patrick Reed, this is a dangerous one as well. He's worried, he is


concerned. -- but he is OK. Oosthuizen. Four under. Lovely


little shot, checking up nicely. The cheers are getting louder at its


centre the hole for an eagle for Louis Oosthuizen. He's up to 6-under


par, two behind the leader. Nobody is out of it, really, if those sort


of things could happen. Here's Matsuyama at the 15th, par-5,


monster hole, this one. Well, he didn't hold back there. He


didn't want any great run on that one. He stopped very quickly. Well,


Peter, echoes of the back nine at Augusta, with these cheers ringing


out. Absolutely, it's jolly. Actually, he's not far from the


water and if he really cracks this and get the bounce, he could flirt


with the water. He certainly seemed to catch it full on.


He's all right, it's a very narrow bit of fairway there. You don't have


to be far, as we look down, not far away on the Right there's the water,


but OK. Good drive. Molinari on 18. This bunker is about 300 yards from


the tee. He's found that. Just hoping now for the heart of the


green. No, can't make it all the way back there. Dangerous, dangerous


shot. Well, that's how it looks. 8-under


for Justin Thompson up at the top there. But pick a winner. How many


in the play-off # what are the bets on that?


Well, there have been a few people in with chances, but it hasn't


worried Chez Reavie, here at the final hole. Trying to attack this


back left pin. He's made a pretty good job of it, into the heart of


the green. Scott Brown for a birdie at 17th. Go


on. Oh, it's so difficult to hold a put. -- to hole putt.


Look at those crowds up and down, all the hospitality pavilions on the


right, they're all round the course. Huge amount of effort put into this,


as all Championships are. And Molinari coming up. He's been up,


gone back, if you could just get down in two here, who knows. Well,


if he can get down in two Peter, he'll have the clubhouse lead. I


don't think it will win it for him, but you never know. Has not missed a


cut. He's such a straight player. He had putting woes, didn't hole enough


putts really, but he's one of the most accurate of players. Flag right


at the back of the green today. Click in the yardage. Just play nice


shot. Don't waste your time. Clipped it nicely.


Go on, you little Jim Dandy. I'll! They'll be doing all sorts of


wonderful things in Rome tonight, or somewhere, if he wins this. -- or


cheering, or somewhere. Kisner, trying to ease this down to the


front portion of the green. Got it on yesterday. In fact, he's hit


nearly the identical shot to yesterday. Well played.


What a grand Arena, isn't it? A colourful scene. Birdsong at


Eventide. Delightful. You can see there with the pin at the back how


close the water is. The red line running round. It's that edge of the


hazard. Well, just waiting for his partner


to come up. Political correctness, you can't say partner anymore, you


say playing companion, or your companion for the day. We always


used it years ago say my partner. It didn't mean you were a partner. Just


meant you were the person who was playing alongside you. He seems to


have had a bit of trouble here. But Molinari is OK.


On this new layout here, Molinari sharing the course record with


Hideki Matsuyama. Both shot 64, earlier in the week. Sublime golf


around this track. We have a look at Chez Reavie, trying to bring his


Championship to a close. Never up. 20 club professionals


qualify for this Championship, which is actually owned and run by the


professional goal that -- professional golfers Association, in


conjunction with the Tour, and they have the rights of the Ryder Cup,


which is exactly the same in the UK. They work very closely together and


in today's world they've become the junior partner to the Tours on both


sides of the Atlantic. But it's still quite a feather in your cap to


qualify as a club pro, out there giving your lessons and giving


lessons to the members and ending up playing here. Matsuyama, second to


15, this big swinging right-to-left dogleg. He's got it to the apex of


the hole. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Remy.


Where's that? Oh, dear, the flag is front right. You won't have much to


work with. That's severely difficult for Matsuyama. No cry of four, I


know he doesn't speak English but he might have learned to shout that.


Reed, huge putt on 16. I tell you what, that's a good effort, isn't


it? That's a tremendous effort. This is the first time we've seen this


sort of form from Reed in Majors. Wages to his electrifying


performances in the cup. Here we go, Molinari, for a par. Oh, well done.


Well done indeed. I don't think it will be quite good enough but what a


wonderful four days from Molinari. Just a couple of drops shots in the


back nine and there we are, home in 34, 33 at 67, one of the best rounds


of today. Thomas, 5-iron. It's huge hitting. That was just a mis-hit.


Nothing more, nothing less. I think the nerve ends are getting a bit raw


now, Maureen. He's won three events this year. He's no stranger to this.


Now, what about this one? Oh, yes, it tiptoed on the green


come he's done very well. Very well indeed.


Louis Oosthuizen, this is a scary shot. The flag up towards the back.


Any kind of little pool on this and it's going to be in danger area.


It's going to hang on. Well, his caddy is out with the


putter. Which is always a good sign. Kisner, also near enough to the


green to use putter. Fallen away a bit, had two bogeys in the last


three holes, three bogeys in a complete round. Four birdies. There


are two putts from here. Come along, come along, come along. What a


beautiful effort. Certainly made use of the lake with


green positioning here. I don't know what the poor old members think


about it. They are with frogmen, I'm told you can hire a frog man, get


your balls retrieved. Good idea. Great theatre, great drama.


Something tells me we haven't seen the last of it yet.


Very good bunker shot from Chris Stroud out to here. He's left it


below the hole. As we go to Patrick Reed, holding


that finish. We haven't seen many players get up


to the flag on this hole. They are frightened of going too far. A lot


of long putting. Now, can he get three? In the bunker, upon the


right, good shot out here. Oh, look at the big swing at the


end, such a good try. Thomas, nipping one up. A little bit of side


spin, bringing it down the slope if he can. He's looking a bit twitchy,


Peter. He is, yes, he's suddenly goal -- gone from all cool, calm and


collected, too jumpy, jumpy. Coached by his father, Mike. He's


the only coach he's ever had. He'll be somewhere in the gallery or the


clubhouse, watching. The whole of Japan will be watching this man. But


look how this has nestled down. This is all sloughi. -- fluffy, deep


fluffy ground. The ball goes right to the bottom. It's so easy to get


too much grass between the club and the ball and it goes nowhere. Or you


get it a bit sharp and it comes out, runs. I think he may be able to land


this on the green and stop it, but difficult. Lap of the gods.


He played a trundle and it's trundled pretty well.


APPLAUSE Kisner for birdie. Back on the


birdie trail. That's more like it, that's what he's been doing all


week. He's back to 6-under. He's been very tenacious.


He and Kisner are the last match out.


Oh, now you make your choice. Those that are in the clubhouse or get


into the clubhouse at maybe 7-under, I would think are in with a very


good shout, but it's so tight. Could end up with two or three people


having to go and play off. PETER ALLISS: A big moment if he


could run this one in, mooring. Yes, and you have got Matsuyama and Kevin


Kisner on 6-under as well. Molinari is in the clubhouse in 6-under. This


would give him a bit of breathing space as he steps onto the 16th tee


and that start of the dreaded green mile. It is not a mile. It seems so


long, it feels like a mile. You never get nowhere by going too


hasty, but he has given this a lot of thought.


What a good effort that was. That was a vicious swing towards the end.


Horrid. Very unlucky. STUDIO: So Justin Thomas with that


1-shot lead over Patrick Reed who had birdies on 14th and 15th to move


up to 7-under par. Francesco Molinari is the clubhouse leader.


Rickie Fowler is in the clubhouse on 5-under par. 67 today as well.


Four and today, taking you to 5-under for the tournament, how


pleased are you with that effort on a difficult day? I am happy with it.


It would have been better if it was a couple of shots lower, but I put


together a good back nine and we will wait and see and what some of


the boys finish up. Plenty of golf to be played and I am looking


forward to it. JT is out there in front right now. I am not rooting


for anyone, but there is a lot of golf to be played. How do you sum up


this week for you? It was good, but I felt like I had a good chance this


week and this would have been a good place to get my first major. I was


swinging well enough. The last three holes put me to fire back yesterday.


I had a bad swing on 17. I came up a little short on the water. To have


three on 16 and three on 18, that put me to fire back. But it was good


to get a decent start and play a good back nine. Thank you very much


for your time. Matsuyama for birdie. Has he got


anything left in the tank? And he moves to 7-under. Thomas is


being pursued by Matsuyama and Patrick Reed. There was no doubt


about that one. There was no pussyfooting about. But he was


slightly uphill, as we look at Patrick Reed with his long putt on


17. That is a tourist in touch. -- terrific touch.


The pin is on 34, at least 90 feet. He misread it by about 20. The Caddy


looked like he was pointing at the hole in case he had not seen it.


This is to save his par. He drops a shot. It is a critical time to give


one back to the chorus and the field. Louis Oosthuizen drops back


to 5-under. Three out of the lead now and running out of holes.


You will have to be 7-under to windows, absolute minimum. Scott


Brown. How brave is he going to be? The flag is in a little finger of


green at the back left-hand portion. That is pretty decent there. See how


the flat of the green is very much in the middle. Graham DeLaet and 17.


The ridge upon which the whole is cut is all helping to slope that the


ball away. It is a good hole to make three on. It is giving up very few


birdies. He had the most exciting runs holes yesterday. He went


birdie, eagle, eagle, birdie. It has been a very good week. This is Gary


Woodland and this needs a stout nerve.


A lovely check. That is a beautiful shot, very dextrous. The second putt


at 17. Patrick Reed stays at 7-under. Still has got a sniff.


Seven birdies and two bogeys. That is pretty mean golf on this course.


The 16th and Matsuyama. It should suit his shot's shape. He has


overcooked it. There is a bunker out there, but I think he is even wider


than that. That is not going to be too pretty.


520 yards, par-4. It does not reach the fairway. But it will not be too


tough a shot for him. Kevin Kisner. Just giving that one everything here


at 15 to get home in two. The Grand National winner there, it just


hurdled the last part of the bunker. Can Chris Stroud do the same? It


looks as if he is trying to bring it in from the right. STUDIO: It is


still the 24-year-old Justin Thomas out in front. Patrick Reed has


sneaked up the leaderboard. Rickie Fowler is in the clubhouse. We heard


from him. What a great day for Matt Kuchar. He is in the clubhouse.


Another superb round from Jordan Spieth, we heard from him. And Jason


Day, that eight on the 18th hurt his chances of a second PGA


Championship. What could have been for him?


It has been a very strange week, how do you sum up the events of the past


four days. I had three good days. I had one bad day. Unfortunately


yesterday did not pan out for me. I missed a couple of opportunities. I


think if I had hold the putt on five and got three on seven, I would be


looking at a different story. You get that momentum going. It's kind


of unravels going forward. I had a horseshoe on ten for birdie and it


seemed like things were stacked against me even though I was trying


my hardest. What happened on 18, I was explaining earlier, I am really


good at hitting into the junk. Hitting into the junk I feel I am


good at hitting out of it as well. That can be an Achilles' heel


because I feel like I can take on shots a lot of people cannot.


Unfortunately it did not work out for me and I took a gamble. Kevin


Kisner is kept under in the middle of the fairway and has a good shot


of making a birdie, so I had to get to the green and get par. If I can


get at least 24 or five shots behind, I would have a good chance


of going into today's round. Hindsight is the best thing ever.


When we spoke at the open you talked about making the progression and


working hard and seeing the benefits of it. Do you feel despite yesterday


you are much further? Yes, definitely. I definitely see a lot


of good things. If I have at least just 1-under two and that in the


third round, I am right there. I am just peace in that together and


getting the golf back up to where it needs to be and not taking on silly


shots is key. Making silly errors has been a downfall for me this


year. There has been a lot of great stuff mixed in with silly little


errors. If I can really tidy that up, which I have, over the last few


weeks it has been solid. I have been looking forward to challenging these


guys in the play-offs and hopefully winning one. Thank you very much for


your time. He sounded as if he was defending


his decision as 18, but he can hit shots that others cannot. And he


softened his approach in the end. But it was a very expensive eight


for him. Matsuyama chopping out of the rough once again. He seems to


have been up to his ankles in it all day. Most of the time he has been


going over the green, so another tricky chip out of the Bermuda for


Matsuyama. Justin Thomas has got a pretty good


angle. That was very odd contact. I am sure he was trying to play for


the middle of the green. It did not come out anything like he wanted.


Nothing is straightforward at this stage of the game. Certainly Thomas


showing a lot of weakness, a couple of iffy holes. In trouble here at


16. Today it is more like a kilometre. The third toughest hole.


The fifth toughest is 17. The 18 has bushes on the right and trees and


rough and an elevated green. Back to Kevin Kisner at 15. A birdie is more


realistic than saying this is an eagle putt. It is doing its best.


His putting has been outstanding. His reading of the green has been


outstanding. I do not want this to be the kiss of death, but the only


player in the field yet to 3-putt. The final hole for Patrick Reed. It


would not quite do it. It seems a long time ago since we


watched Justin Thomas making his way down the first. He had bunker


trouble there. He drove into one bunker at the green and then another


and then he eventually hold a great 20 putt for a five. He has given


himself another bunker problem here. It is a nasty length, about 30


yards. Putting a lot of pressure on himself. Last two holes were weak,


but this is a difficult up and down. It certainly is. He has seen


Matsuyama go over the back and he does not want to do the same thing


because it is no picnic coming back. That was very well played. It


sounded as if he got close to the ball and that gave him the distance.


Right now he looks more comfortable with a part in his hands than


anything else. Patrick Reed did indeed find the bunker on the 18th.


Well, it was a good line. But he is going to have to rely on a very good


chip and putt to get up and down to his four and stay at 7-under. This


Bermuda is very fine and the ball tends to nestle down in it. This is


not too bad. The grass is still a factor. It will get trapped between


the club and the ball. There is always an element of doubt as to how


quickly the ball will come off the club. It will hurtle up in the air,


so he will be trying to pitch this 4-8 feet short of the Cup. Not bad.


Kevin Kisner. Oh, yes. Just one back now. We have got Thomas on 8-under.


Hideki Matsuyama on seven, Kevin Kisner on seven, Patrick Reed on


7-under. This is where it comes down to what


you have got in your stomach. They are all playing now just to win.


Nothing like having a good week and coming second. These guys are in it


to win it. You have got to keep your nerve, concentrate, control. Do not


rush a single shot. The bits that matter now are not the bits you can


practice. You have just got to grind it out and go through this and that


is what we were saying earlier. Thomas was in the final group in the


US open and he will have learned from that experience. He crumbled to


a 75 that day. Kevin Kisner squandered a three shot lead on the


back nine of the Arnold Palmer invitation as well. So he has been


through it. These are priceless experiences. Yes, indeed. You go on


the putting green when you are a kid and imagine six feet for the open,


but the real thing is different. That was brilliantly done. That was


absolutely fantastic. He looks so comfortable with the part in his


hand. That could well have been key. He puts his nose in front. Two pars


could do it for him. So hard to squeeze a birdie out of the last


two. Matsuyama and Kevin Kisner are looking unlikely to birdie 18.


Matsuyama has got to make this if he wants to keep the hopes alive of a


whole nation. This has to go in. He has got the line pointing around


the left edge. He usually bounces the putter to get


the tension out of his hands. We have seen some horseshoes, Maureen.


These are tournament holes, only four inches, not four and a quarter.


I heard somebody called them Elvis's the other day, return to sender! It


just goes right round. That is brutal. It is like they have coated


the holes with Teflon or something. Matsuyama back to six. Patrick Reed


is in trouble. Here he is. An odd choice of shot. A very lofted


club. I thought he might have needed something that would have chased it


out and knocked it to run out. He hit it quite high, didn't he?


Interesting. Certainly not the result he was after. I wish I had


done else. Kevin Kisner, the man who refuses to go away.


Well, he has done the first bit, he has found the fairway. See where his


ball is in relation to the bunker. The difference in distance between


Thomas and Kevin Kisner is remarkable. There is only one shot


separating them. It is all about controlling the ball flight and you


can only control your own. But this place is a real battle for the


players with themselves. They have enough to worry about with their own


games, never mind what their opponents are doing.


Some players look at the leaderboard, some do not. Some think


if you do not look at the leaderboard, you are scared. Others


say if you look at them, you are relishing the fight. If you look at


them you are terrified. No, you relished the fight.


A big shot for Thomas. He has hit a few dodgy ones on the last three


holes. The final putt. It is going to be a final bogey for Patrick


Reed. That will drop him to 6-under. A little bit more breathing space


potentially for this man. This is the one danger shot. It is tight.


But it looks pretty good. Has he got the distance? He has drawn it in, an


absolute beauty from Justin Thomas. He steadied the ship, held his


nerve. He has got what it takes maybe. That was a class shot.


Everything on the line there. Outcome is his favourite club now.


His caddy is sweating a bit. I am not surprised, it is very hot, very


humid. The sun is popping out now and again. Back up to 18. This for a


67 for Reid. And a final total of 6-under. Joining Francesco Molinari


who is already in the clubhouse on 6-under. Hideki Matsuyama has to


throw the conservative game plan out of the window if he wants to win


this major. It is a much more difficult pain for


him to get at with the flight. Advantage Thomas, you would have to


say. He has pretty much hit it sideways for two days. That was not


too bad shot. It must be difficult for him to it going. STUDIO: Paul


Casey started the major season with a fifth place at Augusta. He has had


a consistent season. It was pretty good in the first two rounds. He


went into the final day level par. Three birdies and three bogeys


today. He finished the Championship on level par.


How much of your play this week were you proud of with regards to


grinding it out in those conditions? It was good. I feel I am always good


on that front. This has probably been the major that has been right


at the edge of all of them, which is where for most of them. If people


are still watching, holes like 17 will be pivotal today. We have no


clue how you can get it close there. Three is a wonderful score. I am


happy with the way I grounded it out, but it is a cause that


highlights ball striking and you have to be on top of it and I was


not. You mentioned 17, but what about 16 and 18? 16 is pretty


generous off the tee and it is a big green. You should not get into too


much trouble. It is the bunker on the right, and if you go in there it


will be difficult to get to the green. 18 has a pent-up way that on


the left and even I almost dumped it in the hazard over the green from


the middle of the fairway. 18 is a very difficult hole. It is a tough


stretch. You are picking up pars on the field. If a guy makes a birdie


on one of those, he will leapfrog guys. Those really are pivotal holes


this week. Thank you very much. Well, here they are out in the


cauldron of competition. This is what all the hours of practice are


for, all those hours in the gym, just to have a shot at winning one


of these Majors. Kevin Kisner into 16. He is going in


with so much club. It makes it a bigger dogleg. Just unable to get


near the pain. Using a three or a four ire by the looks of things. So


much disadvantage. We saw Louis Oosthuizen misread it by 15 feet


from there. Just three matches left on the


course now. Graham DeLaet finished with 69 for a total of 4-under. He


was playing with Patrick Reed. Hideki Matsuyama is going to prowl


around this putt. You have got to come along that


spine which is not going to make his life very simple. PETER ALLISS:


Great tension as we come to the end of the Championship. But will there


be another twist? There is still danger lurking. Remember Jason Day


hit eight at the last hole yesterday when they were in full flow. Things


can happen, stupid things. Matsuyama has missed a couple of short putts.


Along putt up the hill. There are all sorts of Regis. It is doing very


well. Beautifully done. A great cheer rings out. Something


must have happened somewhere. That's three, par for Matsuyama. You see


the back nine. Three rather clumsy bogeys. Cost him dear.


After that absolutely stunning tee shot, this would give him a bit of


breathing space at the 18, a tough hole. For two. And he must have done


it... He has! Absolutely fantastic. 9-under par. Needed it, and he got


it. I think he knows he's almost there, but he's still got a hole to


go. It's a look on his face, he snatched it down as if to say, yes!


This is where the nerves take over. The calmness, the golfing brain,


clicks in. Do I play it for five? Looking at the tee shot, this is as


good a shot as you will ever see. Drew it into the flag, a lot of


players play to the right of it, using the contour. The water only


five yards left of the pin. Left himself one of the slightly easier


putts. Had to keep the speed up otherwise it would dive to the left


and it had enough pace took hold the line. Oh, what a couple of hours'


play it's been. Here's another look at it. Watch the crowd. See how


close the water is. And oh... Superb. He may well look back at the


ten, pinged about in the trees and his putt hung on the lip for five or


six seconds before it toppled in. Well, all the cards are in his hands


now. Absolutely, yeah. Oosthuizen had a chance but he's been a bit


sloppy, a couple of holes. Everyone can say, I should have done this.


Not too shabby! Dear old Louis. Suddenly, the whole arena has come


to life. It's been a pretty dull affair up until about certainly two


hours ago, when you came on the air. Before that, it was very dull. Now,


people have started Holding putts and it's getting great. The key is


to find the fairway, Little River on the rest, bunker on the right.


That's how he plays. He's looking anxious. Well, I don't know if that


pitched in the far end of the bunker will stop he's pointing at it, it's


in there. I don't know why he did that well, if it doesn't work out


where we can all say where he went wrong. It's gone up against the lip,


he'll do well to reach the green there. Well, he's got everyone in


check, but it's not Czech mates, yet. You say, what would Bilko do,


what would Jack Nicklaus do. The greatest finisher of all time. This


man is not doing too bad, Kisner. What about this for a putt? Usain


Bolt could get up a bit of speed over that distance but look at it go


over there. So difficult to read, Ken. I don't know why it's slow


slopes, what is it? You can see the slopes, quite bold slopes, plus the


speed of the greens. Matsuyama. He's looked pretty disgusted at almost


every shot he's hit on this inward nine. It's in trouble, I think. It


could be in the stream. It could be in the watery grave down there. Oh,


how about this woman? How about this little chip! Jeepers creepers. My


dear old friend Dave Thomas would have had nightmares about this for


ever more. Come on, show is what you're made of, show was the shot


that made you famous... And he has! God dammit, he has! Would you


believe, that's the shot of the week. No doubt about it.


APPLAUSE Grayson. Grayson Murray, the old


theatrical. The old Shakespearean actor. I don't know what all those


buildings are, I'm sure that nothing to do with the golf course. They may


well be, of course, but it's a wonderful setting. I think that's


all hospitality, part of the gravy train. Do you think so? Oh, yeah.


The birds are having a good time as well. After that fantastic pitch


he's potted it, well done. For a 75, what a grandstand finish for 75.


Louis ran in, birdied the last to manage that. Kisner, 7-under, he


really needs to make this. He's still got 17 to play. He's two


behind. Now he's three behind. Justin Thomas, 9-under, a big group


of players at 6-under, so he's in super shape. Doesn't need to do


anything stupid. But he will not know that Kisner has dropped a


stroke. The great cheer that must have run out when Murray pitched


over the little stream at the last, as somebody done something, somebody


holed for three, what's going on? It just make sure you don't take more


than five. The hazard line is a long way from the water hazard, you may


not get lucky. It looks like he's in the water,


Ken. Or as good as dammit. Still striding out. There we are, oh. In


the water. Pitched there and went backwards. Oh, that's... Natural


hazards, they can drop two clubs either side but that's not going to


be good for him anymore because that's his chance of winning over.


Look at the people. Huge, isn't it? Very impressive. This lad started


the year with a couple of victories, including a round of 59 at the Sony


Open, 63 at the US Open. He's a real talent. He's relatively new into the


world of, at this level, isn't it? I don't know whether he's been playing


college games, you know, the Ben Hogan Tour or whatever, but he's


certainly burst onto the big time in a big way. Oh, yeah, hit a couple of


wood shots into Erin Hills like no 1's ever seen before. So powerful.


He's too near the lip to have a shy, so his option of going for the green


is eradicated, so it probably makes it easier for him, although he won't


think so. There's nothing to think he wants nothing more than an eight


or 9-iron and hit it 120 yards up the fairway. He's been reasonably


aggressive, Peter. I know, it looks as if he's got... That looked like a


7-iron. If it is and it's up, it's a huge risk. No need, you see. All


sorts of things can happen. You could put it in the water on the


left and fiddle about. That rough there is particularly deep. You can


see the ball dive in. It's a little bit longer than Summerhays. It's


unnecessary. But he doesn't know Kisner has dropped a stroke. There's


still no excuse at this level in modern-day golf, you've got to think


clearer than that. It's been a good four days, really,


on balance. I'm sorry not more of the European players did better.


There were a lot of them, a lot of our best people were away early,


before the weekend. This is the third shot now, Matsuyama. Had to


pick it out of the water. He's had to drop it there, but standing well


below the ball, which just adds to your concerns.


He probably will be greedy, but it's a dangerous shot to be greedy with,


pin back left, water, pin at the back.


That was a better swing and balance and pose. And there it is. This. --


fizzer. He's worried it's gone over the back and gone in the water.


Kisner at 6-under, needs a little magic. That's a Pearl, if he's got


the right distance this is really good. Should turn towards the cup a


little. It's a super shot. APPLAUSE


Just sits the ball in flatter, doesn't it? Doesn't get the grip of


the power hitters. He's a nice player though, Ken. I mean, the


world is full of nice players now, but how many will end up being great


players, I don't know. This is not all over yet, Peter. It


certainly isn't. He's going to have a real inspection


of the Ricketts, just how bravely is going to dare to be. -- inspection


of the wicket. It's sitting right down but not far


to go. There's a nice reception as he walks onto the green to see where


he's got to land the ball. He really is in the driving seat here, with


the lead he's got. But you don't have to be... There's no need to be


a hero now. You just get the done. All he's got to be careful of is


coming out of the rough, dragging it a little left into the water or


trying to get it right over the flag and going over the back of the


green. He just needs to find the putting surface. It's about six


yards before the cut and you're tempted to get it up there and in


doing that you can go too far particularly coming out of the


rough. Jimmie Johnson, who's been around a long time, used to caddy


for Nick Price, his caddy. It's nice to see some of the older caddies.


You must be getting on for 60, I suppose. They were such an integral


part of the game. The new caddies are so wonderful, they come from all


around the world. Doctors, lawyers, whatever, they've all been to


university. Here we go, this is it now.


Nice easy swing. And a very nice result. Safe, cushy. Cushty, my old


mate used to call it cushty, Ryan, the speedway boy, cushty, cushty.


That was very smartly played wasn't it? Wasn't it? Sensible. Look at


that crowd, it's fantastic. This has been a great Championship. Gone are


the days of it being the Cinderella. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Look at that, fabulous. From Japan, Hideki Matsuyama.


APPLAUSE Not Japan's day, yet. From Texas,


Justin Thomas. Snowmail from Japan has won a major Championship,


Ledecky has been second once before, it looks like he will finish second


once again, perhaps -- Hideki The women have dominated up but the


men haven't got into the arena of one of the Majors. One of the great


lady golfers, she is retiring from the game. She won major


Championships in the ladies. She is retiring I think after the Evian


Championship, which is a couple of weeks away. Always one of my


favourites. They've had some wonderful players. The women have


been very lucky, and the men have as well. You know, when you look down


the list of who's won this Championship. Which was started by


the professional golfers' Association in the early 1900,


suppose. And it's grown in stature over the last 20 years. It was


sinking down a bit and people were talking about let's have another


major, let's make a fifth or have the Canadian open in, or something


and I'm glad that sort of has gone away a bit at the moment. Matsuyama


with a tricky little shot. A lot of players might blade it, hit it in


the centre of the ball with a flange. There's Rickie Fowler, with


his girlfriend. He'll be pleased to see his great mate Justin Thomas


win, but he's not there yet. Good old Ricky. I concede Jordan Spieth,


is he behind him, Jordan? Yeah. His hat back to front with the blue


shirt on. Mixing with the hoi polloi! It's a close-knit community.


They like to see their bodies doing well. Good find by the cameraman.


Back to the business, he has to roll this to the hole side. Looks a


square grip on that putter, Ken. One of those modern, slightly thicker


grips. This is to remain at 6-under and tied for second. I think he's


going to loft it. Tricky. Just wanted a bit more fluff! Oh,


he's making a right chord's ear of this, was -- or is it a pig's ear?


Making a mess of it. He's got it on the back level, pretty slick from


this side but it's manageable. I don't think he's got anything to


worry about now, unless, has to be more than a minor miracle. That's


getting very nicely to the hole side. Sweetly done.


APPLAUSE Our computer says Kisner has made a


three at the 17th, so he remains at 6-under. He didn't hole that long


putt. The best he's likely to finish, a few birdies, 7-under. So


the computer is helping you, Ken. Well done, a disappointing way to


finish for Matsuyama. Five bogeys on his back nine, a round of 72, and up


and down day. Mr couple of shorties, didn't he? Yes, unfortunately and


that I fancy will be the winning putt.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And how well he's played. Still a


couple out on the course. But I don't think they can alter the fact


that Justin has won this year's PGA Championship. We just have to wait


for the final pair to come up. This is dad. His father, what a year he's


had. Father might, a great family, love their golf, and emotional seen


her now. -- emotional scenes here now. Well done indeed.


Added 68, I think checkmate. -- his dad is 68. I think it's checkmate.


Here's Ricky. Rickie Fowler, Spieth, to strips down to their civvies.


The famous Wanamaker Trophy will be one.


Here's a look at his car. Number ten was the winner. It could have gone


anywhere, came back on the fairway and got a birdie. Counted to the 15


before it dropped into the putt. Back to the serenity of the 17th.


Kisner, who started... Oh, it's not going to make it. It got exciting


there, for about four feet. It's a lifetime dream, we all had it as we


were growing up. One of the big ones. One of the big ones. Just


stand you above the crowd. He holed his putt, Kisner, it's virtually all


over now but still big prize money to play for. Kisner wants to get a


four at worst at this final hole. And a good start. 6-under, if he


holds his second shot he gets to 8-under, it's the one in 100


million, but you never know. Here's the winning putt again. Yes!


Very, very well done. His father, Mike, coach and best friend and


Buddy, can you believe it? It's terrific. I think they're absolutely


wonderful. All his pals, Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, I think it's


wonderful. I wish they were ours. You'd be a proud dad, wouldn't you?


And back they go, over the bridge. Got to check the card out, Peter.


Mistakes have been made in the past. To right, both on the men's and


women's Tour. Jackie Pom a little while ago lost the US ladies open,


going back 50 years or so. They were painful memories.


Made three. Quite a long walk, isn't it, back the facilities. Why Babin


the enquiry Kisner made on the 17th, so he knows he's got to make two to


catch. Got to hole his second shot. Well, silly things have happened.


More stairs to climb. My goodness. Over the bridge.


Meanwhile, Ken. At the 80s, the sun is setting, crowds moving around.


There's one more stroke to be made to crown Justin Thomas as the PGA


Championship, 2017. We were blessed today, no thunderstorm. It was a


possibility. It would have spoiled things, everyone hanging around, but


they'll get a conclusion and it looks like a good champion. The next


generation of player. No play offs, no thunder, no stoppages. The number


of players came alive over the last 12 holes. No one more so than


Francesco Molinari, just slipped, just dropped a shot in the last


three. If you've got one or maybe two less, he'd have set a very good


target. Well done, Molinari. That's the spot they go to, sit at the


table, check and sign and double-check that everything is OK.


Sometimes bring a caddy in, or someone, just to make sure there is


no one making a silly mistake. Just to give them a hand. His caddy, he's


going to remember the holes now. But his scores, three, five, four,


three, 34, go through the whole card. He's doing it in his head, a


little piece of paper on the other scorecard has his numbers on. He --


Hideki Matsuyama, his face tells another story. Now then, here we go,


final pair, Stroud and Kisner. This is Stroud. Second shot. Let it be a


good one. It's away. The cat box had better results in


finishing in a long scruff, at least he can get a consistent grip on it.


There was one, Peter, a pill shot, he's got to chase it up the tear. He


has to be thinking just one thing. Put it in the water, oh, in the


water, there it goes, in a babbling brook by a shady nook. Oh dear, oh


dear, that's it, folks. Congratulations, congratulations,


you've done it. Nobody can catch you now. A little bit of an anti-climax,


coming up there, very good. Done an excellent job.


The important thing is they have to put their watch on soap when they


come to the presentation they can flash it around a little bit. --


they have to put their watch on. I think that's a very spectacular


scene. I don't think I've seen anywhere more packs, perhaps the


Open at Hoylake when the stands were huddled around the 18th green.


There's a huge crowd, they are staying on. To see the climax of the


whole event. APPLAUSE


A lovely warm reception for both these players. Kisner had to take a


chance. He was trying to shape into an awkward pin, it was either in,


or. It was going to cost a lot of money, 7-under, he was in second


spot. 6-under, I should say. 6-under, yeah. 6-under.


Over to do all the interviews, which there will be dozens to do. There


will be a special order which the host broadcaster, wishing to catch


up with you. A bit of a bunfight. Nitties. -- it is. Don't usually see


the cameraman polishing up the lens! I don't think I've ever seen more


buildings, if they are all hospitality they must have done very


well. Well, one in the water, one in the


bunker. I think it's probably Chris Stroud to play first. A relative


ease -- relatively easy bunker shot, the only thing is the ball can run


away from you. When you get about six feet past. He's two and. -- he's


currently two under. Oh, when he didn't want it to stop


he got an enormous amount of it. Why a bad run, a bogey at the 17th. Like


a lot of rounds there's been snakes and ladders. Some good golf coming


up though, Ken, if you're interested in following the game. I don't know,


we're not given much chance in the Solheim Cup but I think we might do


well there. We've got quite a good team, quite a young team. Women


professionals playing the Americans. Next week, I think, isn't it?


18-20th August. It will be interesting. You've got the Dunhill,


coming up at St Andrews. Some interesting stuff.


Doing interviews. I don't know what we're looking at here, looks like


the start of an interview. He's telling the order of what he's


doing. Informing him. It's nice to see a smile. I think he's a bit


overwhelmed at the moment. Hello. It's the president of the United


States... ! Is that you, Donald! I think the Americans have wonderful


names for the clubs. We do not have it in the UK. Like Quail Hollow. We


don't have many romantic names. Like the Australian Wine and the New


Zealand wine, they think of the most wonderfully exotic names. Kevin


Kisner has taken a penalty drop. He dropped it and it rolled back. He


has not done very well. He did Pooley. Poorly.


What is going to happen here? This is very much an anti-climax. Every


shot now is costing him about 100,000. It is not a happy thought.


But there is the winner. Justin Thomas. How well he has played


through the awful days. I wonder what the future holds for him, Ken.


He had a sensational 2017. He is a fantastic player. As we have seen,


he cannot get 320 yards no problem at all. Very aggressive. That is


only about 10.5 stone. One of my legs ways that! Come on now,


finished in a blaze of glory. Let's be having you.


A disappointing back nine holes. Once tied for the lead, back in 40.


Sorry, 42. Yes, 76. This is for a bogey five.


Looks good. No! As so many have done. Just missed out. Kevin Kisner


out in 36. He had three birdies and three bogeys on the back nine.


This is costing him some money, Peter. I shudder to think. I shudder


to think how much this 18th hole has cost them both. It is all over. You


have had your good moments. Not great moments. A couple of 67s. Four


days to remember. It has been a fabulous week. We have seen some


superb golf. A very tough course at times. Then the rain softened them


up. There were some birdies, but very few bogey free round. In a


couple of years, there will be a rearranged schedule. They will start


off with the Masters in April, they will be moving this to me and then


the US open in June and our open will be in July, the last one of the


year. It will all be compressed between April or July. Whether that


is good or not I don't know. But they are giving that a try. Rory


McIlroy, a decent round today, 68, but was too far behind. Jordan


Spieth was the same. JB Holmes, 72 by him at plus two. A few lower


scores today because it was a little easier. 14 and 15 gave a lot of


birdies away. You have to say the course has been the winner this


week. No doubt about it. It was the trickiness of the greens, you could


not get close to the flag unless it was a perfect shot. And the Bermuda


rough, the problems of getting into that, controlling the ball near the


green. Rory McIlroy said in one of his interviews it is an examination


paper that a lot of players failed to pass. That is interesting in this


day and age when golf courses are getting longer and longer. This is a


monster. They don't have to be this length really. A good week for


Francesco Molinari, finishing runner up. I still love you, dad. Telephone


calls, I keep getting letters and calls from people I do not even


know. Tweets and Facebook and Snapchat and all the bits and pieces


kids do these days. After clattering about in the trees, this happened at


the 10th. This was his birdie chance. He was lucky with his tee


shot. If the ball takes more than ten seconds to fall in, it will


count as one. He wanders away and it fell in. That was the turning point.


He birdied the ninth and tenth. At the 13th he pulled a shot. Then he


came out with a bit of a run. We got the feeling then that it may be was


his day. At the 17th after an unbelievable tee-shot... A good tee


shot. That put the icing on the cake. Then he had umpteen putts from


here. He tickled it down and finished with a bogey five. But it


was good enough. There he is, the short putt to win a major


Championship and he did it in fine style. We are going to see a lot


more of him I am sure over the coming years. It was exciting to


watch the way he played. His dad is happy, his mark his happy. -- his


mum is happy. Good friends with Jordan Spieth. It will be his turn


soon. It will not be too long, but he has got to wait until next April.


It will be a long time to wait. Now the presentation.


Bill McAtee is interviewing the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, please


welcome the President of the PGA of America, Paul Levy. Thank you, Bill.


First of all I would like to thank the golf fans of Charlotte for


coming out and supporting the Championship this week and making


this such a special week. Thank you so much. I would also like to thank


our gracious host, everyone associated here with Quail Hollow


golf club for giving us this great setting and there's great


Championship this week, thank you. And now it is my honour to recognise


our club professional champion from Austin, Texas, Omagh.


And now on but of all dedicated PGA professionals everywhere, it is my


honour to present the Wanamaker Trophy to the player who beat the


strongest field in golf to win the 2017 PGA Championship, Justin


Thomas. The winner of the 99th PGA


Championship, Justin Thomas. You can put that down for just a


second, we will talk to you for a moment. You are a part of history


now, congratulations. There were so many highlights today, what were the


keys for you? Just patients. I felt like that the US open although


Brooks Koepka had a wonderful round, although I did not have my best


stuff that day, I need to have more patience to finish. I had a great


opportunity to win, but I knew no matter what my game was at, I just


needed to be patient. I felt like I had the game, it was a matter if I


did it or not. You grew up as part of the PGA of America, your dad


Mike, a PGA professional, in that context, what does this win means


you? I cannot put it into words. I have seen these people so often and


they are probably annoyed me running around seven or eight years ago at


the PGA Championships. I wish my grandfather could be here. It is so


good to have three generations of PGA members and I am glad we have


the trophy now. You cannot take anything for granted because this is


the toughest closing stage of golf. What was your philosophy going into


the final three holes? I have been playing them pretty good all week.


At the 16th I could just put it out over the bunker. With the adrenaline


today, the ball has been going so far and with how hot it is. 17 today


was brutal. To make a birdie was beyond a bonus. And among the keys


earlier, the chip in at 13 and the putt at ten. It kind of sneaks up on


the hole. But it never came back right and the green and the slope


are going that way. Once it got there I felt it was going in and I


acted like a child and through -- through a tantrum, but it finally


went in. At the side all your friends were waiting to congratulate


you, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler. That must feel special. Yes, it was


great for them to stick around. Who knows what could happen? It is a


cool thing we have going on right now with all the young golfers and


we are all rooting for each other. If we cannot play well, we what the


others to play well. It was great to win, but I feel like a part of a


little group. Enjoy a few more moments with the Wanamaker Trophy.


Your name is on that forever. Justin Thomas, the winner of the PGA


Championship. STUDIO: Justin Thomas, a 24-year-old


from Kentucky becomes the third player in a row under the age of 30.


He was very emotional after that went. Very much so. There was a tear


coming down on each cheek when he was talking on the phone. It was


great. It does not bode well for the next Ryder Cup that they are all


under 30. They will be putting up a very strong team. Let's have a look


at some of the biggest moments. He started nervously but this was him


on the par-5/10. That was a birdie putt. Would it drop?


It was such a big moment. He turned his back on it, but he must have


turned its back at the right moment. That took him to 6-under. On the


30th. The tee-shot was not one of his best, but this was pretty


special. He missed it on the right side. He probably thought he knew


what he was doing. He had the brakes, no question, but I have the


feeling if he had not had some of those breaks, he would have come


through anyway. He wobbled around 14 and 15 and with a second shot at 16.


This was a great shot for par. This course suited him so much. I think


he would have won it without the lap. I think the numbers on the


holes would have been different. This was the clinching moment, this


birdie at 16. He hit a lovely ire off the tee. But two hole this putt


two was an unbelievable bonus. It was a very impressive effort all


round. And then the finish. He said he was limping in. He knew he had


won by this time. He must have had a good idea. I think so. You are never


asserted and your head can spin a bit. He knew he had a good chance.


Great celebrations with family and friends. He is somebody who has had


such a good season. You see somebody like Justin Thomas and you feel like


he is about to win and then there are others like Rickie Fowler who


have not quite been able to do it, but it was great to see them stay


around and wait until the very end. There is more sport coming up on


BBC, the Premier League show is back on Wednesday at ten o'clock. You can


join Gabby Logan and all the gang. After three relatively drama free


days it was a sensational finish to the 99th PGA Championship. It is the


third major in a row won by an American under the age of 30 and it


is Justin Thomas who has his name on the Wanamaker Trophy. Sergio Garcia,


Brooks Koepka, Jordan Spieth and now Justin Thomas. What a year it has


been at the Majors. We cannot wait to do it all again next year. Thank


you for watching. Goodbye for now. PETER ALLISS:. Who will grasp the


opportunity for the final major of the year? It is not the time to


miss. And suddenly there is a spark. Will it turn left or right? Oh, my


goodness, that is in the hole. That is a killer blow for Thomas.


Advantage Thomas you would have to say. That is it, congratulations,


you have done it.


Eilidh Barbour presents live coverage of the final round at the US PGA Championship from Quail Hollow in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The US PGA has been won by some of the biggest names in golf, including Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Gary Player. Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy won the Championship in 2012 and 2014, while last year's winner was American Jimmy Walker.

Commentary by Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Mark James.

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