Day 1 - Closing Stages Golf: US PGA Championship

Day 1 - Closing Stages

Eilidh Barbour presents live coverage of the year's final golf major, the US PGA Championship, from Quail Hollow in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Hello, and welcome to live coverage here on the BBC of the final Major


of the season - the PGA Championship from Quail Hollow in North Carolina.


97 of the world's top 100 players are here, including 30 Major


champions. Amongst them, a man looking to become the youngest to


complete a Grand Slam of Majors. Could Jordan Spieth make history


this week? Plenty of players are trying to stop him. Here are some of


the favourites heading into the season's Major finale.


Well, Quail Hollow has proved to be a very tough test on day one. But it


was one of the morning starters who was setting the earliest pace. The


course is playing long and the greens are fast, but it is


27-year-old ball beyond Oryx and -- Thorbjorn Olesen with these birdie


putt on 18. In it would roll. His sixth birdie of the day. A couple of


drop shots, but he had a clubhouse lead of 4-under par. The US opens


champion Brooks Koepka, this was his third. -- the US Open champion. He


was chipping in there. That was for a birdie on the second to go to


1-under par. US Open champion Brooks Koepka, this time his third to the


par-4 3rd hole. His 12 whole of the day. He started on the tenth. That


would take into 1-under par. So will his 12 hole of the day. He would


finish on 3-under. This man is looking for the Grand Slam, Jordan


Spieth. His second shot to the eighth, his 16th hole of the day.


That would be good enough for back-to-back birdies, and he would


sign for a 72, 1-over par for the day. A very up-and-down day for


Luiten. A triple bogey seven on the 15th. -- Joost Luiten.


How about that for a little light relief? He would sign for 76. After


all that, 5-over par. Celebrations, though. Pretournament favourite Rory


McIlroy. This was his third shot to the par-4 3rd. It would trickle in


to put him 1-under par. But he had a nightmare on the 14th, ended up with


a double bogey there. He is currently 1-over par. So, let's see


how things stand. Thorbjorn Olesen with the clubhouse leader 4-under


par. He is being chased by a bunch of Americans. Grayson Murray, Gary


Woodland, Chris Stroud, the only bogey-free man of the day. US Open


champion Brooks Koepka all on 3-under par. To any Finau on


2-under. Patrick Reed looking for his first top ten finish in a Major.


He is in the clubhouse on to wonder, alongside England's Paul Casey. A


nice opening 69 for Paul Casey. Some of the chase is still out on the


course. Jon Rahm is playing alongside Rickie Fowler. Also on


2-under par. Some good scores. Louis Oosthuizen had an eagle on the back


nine to help into a 70, 1-under par. Alongside Tommy Fleetwood and former


champion Jason Day. Also in the clubhouse, Zach Johnson,


former Open champion. Adam Scott just finishing off his round on


level par. Ben and started the day on fire but he's fallen back. He is


level par through his first 15 holes. Chris Wood, a 72 today,


1-over par. Alongside Jordan Spieth, who is coming into this Championship


trying to make history. And there is Rory McIlroy. Through 16 holes he is


1-over par. Can he pull a couple back before he signs for his card in


the clubhouse? Keep going a little further down. There is Danny


Willett, 2-over par, 73, alongside Lee Westwood. Let's get out on the


course with your commentators, Ken Brown and Peter Alliss., Tait and


there's DeChambeau. He has a strange way of playing. When few weeks ago.


He makes it work -- winner there a few weeks ago. It's a bit of a


struggle today, but that's a good one.


A familiar face, Luke Donald. Average score today is 75. The


bottom at the 18th for a round of 76ers. No birdies on it.


Softish fairways. Firm and very fast greens today. Kevin Na.


Can he? That's a bit of a shirt, isn't it with Lexmark well might it


is! It's not doing him much good. It really has been a struggle, the


last, well, two or three hours. We're so used to seeing players six


or 7-under par. It's a change when you see them struggling like this.


Please go! He's all right to... Safe! 260 yard par-3 at the 6th


today. The Phil Mickelson. -- to Phil Mickelson.


39, he took a six at the 10th. Three more bogeys. 8-over par. Playing in


his 100th Major Championship. What he won't want to remember, thus far


anyway, Fowler at the 17th, just two holes left, he is to wonder. -- he


is 2-under. Elevated tee at the 17th. The greens


are five or six yards further. The red dots are the people who have


missed the green to the right hollow, who have often dropped a


stroke. Dangerous part three, tests the best. Rory McIlroy, a 6-iron.


Get in the whole! Oh!, long... -- come along. That's a fine result.


Haven't seen many birdies in the last hour or so. On the 14th of


15th, he to 3-under. A 6-iron. 226 yards, and he has


shoved it into the little hollow, I think. It has a 50-50 chance,


judging by the little dots, whether he will get down in two, very


tricky. Luke Watt faces Phil Mickelson, his


18th. The shot down the hill, and you play up the hill, a little green


runs down the left and a bunker on the right. -- a little stream.


Effect, absolutely perfect. -- perfect.


Looks pretty, but it hasn't been kind to too many people stop yellow


no, and some of these players will be glad to get away tonight and


think what might have been. He has got some holes left to play.


He could catch our leader, the man from Denmark.


2-over, Graeme McDowell. He was 1-under at one time. Oh, good shot.


Well done. 1-under, second into the 15th.


Slightly fluffy lie. Big tee shot. See how they keep rolling about. It


just shows you how tight the fairways are, the slopes and the


speed. It has rolled at least ten or 12 yards. YE Yang, he won this


Championship in the days of Tiger Woods.


Well, it ended up pretty good, really. I thought it was going to be


one shot. -- one shot. Kevin Chappell, an


eagle chance at the 7th. And he's done it. Outstanding. Seven and


eight do offer some chances, but there haven't been too many evils


there. -- too many eagles. The little hollow to the right of


the 17th, like so many before. Very tricky to get up and down. You have


to chip it up the bank, and then it green slides away from you. Kisner,


16th. 3-under. He would be delighted to stay at


3-under. Long par 36, DA Points. A little


unlucky that he didn't Rahm after that week chip shot.


Expected the ball to run so much more down the hill.


The same with the putt. Oh, it's getting there. But it won't quite


rich. The shot dropped back to 1-under for arm. -- it won't quite


rich. For Hahn. A long afternoon, coming up to 6:30pm, local time.


Rickie Fowler. No! Just ran out. Just ran out of speed. Scoring the


last couple of hours has rocketed up. Babs only 1-under par, four or


five game, 79s, 76s. Ryan bought, slightly more awkward angle than it


would have been if the ball had stopped by the track. Now, Rory need


something to brighten his round-up. No. Most extraordinary. He has


wonderful moments, and then, on occasions, a couple of poor shots,


weak shots, careless shots, a couple of missed putts, and he's back with


the pack. This is one of his favourite


courses. He's got a wonderful record here. He's going to have to do


something pretty good tomorrow on the weekend. It is a bad 13, 14. He


didn't play well there at all. Point surname gets away with another


one. He really is quite extraordinary. -- Points. Mickelson.


Good drive at the last. Now, Dufner. Playing alongside


Mickelson. STUDIO: It is still Thorbjorn Olesen


out in front. Amongst those at 3-under, Grayson Murray. He lives


just 2.5 miles from Quail Hollow. His debut at the PGA. He shot


3-under today. As did Gary Woodland. He missed the cut in his past three


PGAs. He is looking for his first top ten finish in a Major this week.


Chris Stroud, the only man without a bogey on his card, is also on


3-under par. Rickie Fowler is on to wonder, as is Bud Cauley, a


27-year-old from Dawidiuk, -- is an 2-under. -- from Florida. Jason Day,


the winner two years ago at Whistling Straits, he carded a 70,


alongside Hideki Matsuyama, who had 61 on Sunday to win at Bridgestone.


Matt Kuchar. COMMENTATOR: 226 yard 17, Matt


Kuchar. A couple of holes to go, and then think about what you're going


to have for dinner! That looks a bit like another


bailout... And such a difficult chip from there.


Bill Haas. Son of famous dad, 6-over par.


Steady... Oh, that could do well. If it just gets on the green... Yes!


JB Holmes. He is on a different hole. I thought that was Graeme


McDowell's impression of JB Holmes, I think! He has changed his swing


the past couple of years. He takes it more inside now, he has got rid


of the lay-off. But I'm not sure I prefer it. He's gone off the boil


the last couple of years. He was a very competent player. And that's


the beauty. That is absolutely... 63 players are the rover and better.


The cut looks like something of 5-over, given another good day. So


this course pretty much reading havoc on the field, when you


consider the position is. McIlroy at the final hole. We really could do


with a birdie here, or something. We certainly don't want to drop shot.


Par from 72, which runs a course like this is not bad, really. In


real terms. At this moment the best score is 67. He has made a couple of


unforced errors. Here is Points, remarkable watching him put his


round together. Three holes left. Asking for a bit of fade... And not


getting it. What's it to the bunker? The players' badge on his belt. It's


always a very elaborate belt given to the players at the PGA.


Now, Mickelson. Is this going to be the end? Or will the battle


continued? The battle will... Oh, will it ever continue?! What are you


doing, Philip?! I have never seen him play like this, I don't think.


I've been watching him for a long time.


A couple of bogeys in the last two holes. On the fairway at 18. All


three players very similarly placed, perfect.


Yes? ... No! Just wiggled in the end. These are new greens. They


haven't quite settled in yet, consistently, I don't know, but a


lot of putts have been missed. They certainly have. Now Mickelson, this


to break 80. Oh! That's real pressure.


Well, if you thought the front nine was bad, the rest is slightly worse.


TNT kindly providing details of Phil's worst career round this


weekend. He will be overjoyed at people knowing that! At the British


Open he wants shot 85. -- he wants shot. Dufner finishing off.


Five bogeys in the inward nine. Out in 2-under. All a big struggle.


Jimmy Walker, the defending champion, the other member of this


group. Double bogeyed the last round of 81. To say it was a lacklustre


trio is definitely an understatement.


Lahiri, 2-over, playing his last hole, the night. -- Wehrlein. Come


on, up you come! No. All this is good, well done. Two starting tees,


which is frowned upon rather by the bigwigs over in the UK. But it gets


the job done fairly quickly. Fowler first player this 80. Front


right -- at this 18. Got to get over a little false front. Oh, that's


beautifully done by Fowler. Absolutely perfect for distance.


Must be at least 178 yards to the second shot. 7-iron or 8-iron,


colossal. Now Rory. 494 yards, Peter. You're probably spot on,


there. That looked less, didn't it? That


looked like a wedge. Chance of a birdie four McIlroy.


That will send him home happy. He has been at times a bit untidy


today. A couple of slack shots. Final hole the Marc Leishman. -- for


Marc Leishman. This for a 74. Not to be. So, that one will be for around


75. -- round 75. Playing with Lahiri. Danny Lee, the New


Zealander. Ben and for a birdie at the 8th, his


17th. And look where that has finished, right behind the hole.


Can't believe it took so long to turn.


Justin Rose, like so many, heading out at 17. But able to putt it,


which is a bit of help. Not doing too badly at all.


Rafa. Cabrera-Bello S3 over. -- is 3-over.


Oh! A rather fortunate escape there. Now, who is that? He gave that a


very serious lash. Long and high, Ross. He should


relish this course. Only 1-over. That's a good shot. Perfect lie. Jon


Rahm. At the 18th. The crowds have stayed right to the


bitter end. It is nice to see the summer aparel after some rather grim


golfing conditions in the UK. The spectators look like they're about


to climb the Matterhorn. And here it is bright and fine silks. You have


been watching those old Bob Hope films again? No, that's classic


stuff. Now, Rory, send us home happy. Or happier! Down the left.


Down the left. Down the left! Everyone's missed it right, haven't


they? Incredible. Not what he wanted ready, but he


still has got to hole this for a 72. That is not the end of the world,


but it ain't good. I suppose on reflection it's better than average.


Much better than average. I wonder if Fowler will have learned


from both Rahm and McIlroy? Well, he should have done if he is coming


down from there. You have got to aim it down the left side and hope


speed's going to go just about right. Speed is important too. If he


hits it too hard down the left, it will pass on the left. According to


the caption. He is kind to his mother as well. Down the left. Now,


down the left! I told him. Go straight! I guess


that is just unholeable. It is ridiculous. What can you do? Kisner


at the 17th. The treacherous par-3. That is going to be all right I


think. Ooh, just got over the water! The natives are getting a bit noisy!


Now here is Points. He is now 3-under. He is having an


extraordinary day out. He has holed a good putt on pretty well every


green so far. Well that was a good save there from Rory. 72 shots.


Certainly wasted four. Tomorrow's another day. As you said, Peter,


still very much in it. We know he has a 65 in there, no bother at all.


Rahm, he also has let a few slip away.


Now Fowler to finish off hopefully. He has played well apart from that


stupid 7 at 9. But there we are. 69 with that dirty big 7 at the 5th.


Good play. Oh that surely not, no. What a shot


from Smith. Absolute cracker. Well Rory making his way up to the club


house, the scoring tent. Everyone wanting souvenirs, autographs. Where


was it he won? Hamburg. Yes, the week after the British. Just


discussing Jordan Smith there I think. He won the week after the


British, who we just saw hit a magnificent wood into 15. Beat Alex


Levy in a play-off there. Why they would be talking about him, I don't


know. Good tee shot on to this difficult


par-3. That was a delicate putt. Didn't


want a lot more. This is orthan Smith for an eagle.


No we saw him play up the green. So that is only a par I think. No, yes,


it was a par. Jordan Smith moves on to the


leaderboard almost at minus one. 5th birdie of the day. Brilliant effort


to get to minus 1. Olesen still leads. This looks like Steve


Stricker. Can it be? He is like old father Thames, he just keeps rolling


along. He is 4-over though today. Oh,


needed a hop! Long attempt for birdie. Oh, great


attempt. Par for him. He will stay plus 3. He will be glad of a couple


of pars and just get into the house. It's not been his day at all. Three


over after 4. He has kept it going well after the first four holes.


This looks a very juicy lie, doesn't it? Brian Harman at the 8th. They're


suggesting this is for a birdie. If that goes in, it will be in the


Guinness Book of Records! For birdie. That was an optimistic


caption. I think so! We are getting down to the hard core


of scoring now. There was so many nice things said


and written about this course before we started, I think the alterations,


although the actual physical alterations haven't been so bad so


far as the holes are concerned, the change of the grass on the greens


has caused a tremendous amount of problems.


Wang won a couple of events on the European Tour. Still only 21 or 22.


Him and Tang and Wang, three of them who...


That looks hard work that swing. It is very upright. Now DA. You have


holed some putts on this nine. No, it's swinging across. You can see


the hole starting to just disintegrate a bit on the the down


grain side. It is wearing away, yeah.


Beautifulfully played by Harman. Presumably he will get out of that


with a par. And a good escape. Cloud on the top of the leaderboard


- one ahead of tree! There we go. I think it's the time delay. It's


getting to you, is it? Yes, jet lag! It looks quite narrow up there with


that stream up the middle of the fairway. I don't think he likes


that. That is careering out to the right I fancy.


DA. Nobody know what is DA stands for! Softly. Come to me! The bunker?


No. He has had a charmed life. Charmed life today. Here is your


Ryan Moore. Looks good, doesn't it? Oh, come on then.


Beauty from Moore. Currently 1-under.


Justin Rose, bit of a struggle for Justin today, but here he is on the


final hole putting for a birdie. He might have done it. Oh, it went the


other way. That putt's impossible. Calm descends on the lakes here at


Quail Hollow. The wind almost completely gone now. There is a very


nice hospitality pavilion they put up there, they almost look like


permanent residences, but they're nestled in the trees, various


companies bringing their clients, giving them a day out.


Oh, no, no, what a poor finish for Justin Rose. That is a round of 76.


5-over on the back 9. It's one of those days. One of those


days. You see the row of hospitality pavilions. Cure the housing


shortage. This is a little tickler. We have seen people trying to be too


fancy tr here. Not this time though. Made it look very easy Mr Blixt.


When it works, it looks oh so simple.


Oh, that plunged into the back of that. I don't think we get many


balls plugging in the bunker, but it certainly looked as if it might.


This is Vegas. Birdie putt at the 16th. But he is


6-over. The grain there ripping into that


ball. At the end of the day, the grass has grown as much as it is


going to grow in one day. Temperature in the mid 80s. Really


having an effect now. Started off badly, then he has kept


his score going very well. Second shot at 8 for Points. And on


the top level, but... A good 20 feet for his birdie.


The unmistakable shape of Dechambeau at the 16th. Good. Good. Very good!


Ooh! That's the way to do it! I think that putter Tees same length


as all his irons as well. I think it is.


Looking down the 18th. Kisner, I think he is just short. I don't


think it made it. This is going to be a long shot out


of the clingy Bermuda. He has got at least a 5-iron there. That's got to


go. And it did. What a shot! Hadwin at the 8th. A hole and a half


to go. It just rolls off into an awkward


spot. Scotsman, Martin laird. Always


played the Tour over here. With some success too. Today's not his day


though. And we have said that a few times today. Yes the course has been


the winner today. Definitely. Kevin Na. 5-over.


Oh! Watching it in the air, dead on line, you're so happy and then,


boom, comes up short! Ross Fisher who had such a good


start in his golfing career, courtesy of the Wentworth Club. Oh,


look at that go! Dear me! It really is a struggle.


It is amazing the lack of judgment of pace we have seen as well as


line. But they're big misjudgments, I mean seven or eight feet past.


Chez Reavie for a birdie. Well done. Back to just one over. Par in for


72. For birdie, Ryan Moore, cannot


possibly move that much. Just a tweaker from off the green for


Points. He has not hit it. Frightened of the pace down the


hill. But that's OK. Another hole. STUDIO: It has been the lead for


most of the day, Olesen 4-under. A group 3-under. Let's have a look


back at their rounds earlier on today. The 27-year-old Dane


nicknamed Thunder Bear. This was him on the par-4 8th for a birdie. That


would take him to 2-under par. He was 33 on the way out. Par golf


after the turn. But a birdie chance here on the par-4 14th. He would


move to 3-under. To the next hole, the par-5 15th. This is his third


shot A tricky one over the bunker from the fluffy stuff. Nice and


high. Stopped it beautifully on the green. That would be good enough for


back-to-back birdies. That would put him to 4-under par. 67 and club


house leader. Grayson Murray at the par-3 13th. A birdie for him. He had


a couple of drop shots. He is now 1-under par for his round. This is


him again on the par-3 17th. Again a birdie putt on a par-3 and again the


same outcome. A par on the last and he would sign for 3-under par. Gary


Woodlands now. The par-4 second. The 33-year-old. A birdie at the 2nd. A


nice start for him. He moved to 1-under par. The par-3 6th. This


left him for birdie. It would go 2-under par. Moving along nicely.


The 15th, the par-5. That third shot would give him another birdie


opportunity. Which he would take to go to 4-under par. He would drop a


shot on the 16th. But Gary Woodland would sign for a 68 and a share of


second place. Brooks Koepka on the 13th. This is his fourth hole of the


day. A birdie to go 1-under. This is him on the par-4 3rd. Lovely stuff


from cope California another birdie -- lovely stuff from Koepka. He


birdied the fifth. Koepka slotted that in. 1-under par


and he followed that with another two birdies and finishing 3-under.


Chris Stroud, the 35-year-old Texan, who only qualified on Sunday. He was


bogey-free. This was a birdie on the 18th to fin wish 3-under par. Some


nice stuff from the earlier leaders. Olesen in front and after his round


he spoke to Rishi. Great start to thissier's PGA -- this year's PGA.


How did you feel? It felt good, the first 15 holes I played well. Hit my


driver well and got myself in some good positions. That was the key and


obviously it was a really nice way to finish with that long putt on 18.


You said it is a lovely course and the finishing holes are tough. When


you think about a course like that, does it mean it suits your game and


set up? Yes I was excited to get here. Played it two or three years


ago this tournament and it is a lot different and there was a lot holes


I couldn't remember. But I knew it would be a good course and it is.


The greens have changed a lot. The speed. The grain on them, it is very


tricky. If you hit a few too safe shots you leave yourself with tricky


putts. It is very challenging, but it is good fun. Well played. Well


done. So he is the leader and Olesen 4-under. Rory McIlroy was the


favourite coming into this and he is 5 off the lead and finished one over


par. He had a quick chat with Rishi. Give us your thoughts on day one?


Yes, if someone told me I would shoot one over par, I probably


wouldn't take it. But the course played tricky. It would have been


nice to shoot under par. But you know I played a three hole stretch


and three over and that really, that is the only thing that derailed my


round. I played that and you're expecting to play that in 2-under


par and play it in even or 1-under and the score card looks different.


I have a chance to get the shots back and get an Arley night and get


back at it. Thank you for your time. Ken, a bit of an up and down round


from Rory McIlroy. He had that spell on the back 9, the bogey and the


double-bogey. He holed two fantastic putts at 11 and 12. I thought he was


building to a good finish. But it was his tee shot at the 14th that


found the water. On a hole where you're looking for a 3. You have got


to decide if you're going to attack, if you get it out with the driver


and he paid the penalty. That was a shame. But as he said, 72 was not


bad today. Afternoon players had it tougher and didn't seem to home as


many long putts. I think the wind was up. 72, he would accept it. A


lot of players have been talking about the speed of the greens. It


had been very wet at the start of week and now it is very dry and


they're fast. They were Superfast. They have this sub air that stucks


the moisture out. Anything above the hole, or if you played a percentage


shot a safe shot, you were always in three-putt country. They must have


been Augusta fast today. Now let's look at the leaderboard. There has


been a bit of movement. Kevin Kisner with a birdie at 17 has moved to


4-under, joint leader. We will be back tomorrow. With the


day 2. Everything from day 2 live from Quail Hollow from 6 o'clock on


red button and the web-site and the iPlayer and on BBC Two from 5 past


11. You can, and we will be back on Saturday as well. Round 3 Saturday.


And BBC2 at half past 10. And of course on Sunday for all the final


day's drama. You can follow featured groups tomorrow from 1.30 on the


web-site. It is a course that has proved the


trickiest one to conquer. What will tomorrow bring? We have two players


in the club house in the lead. See you tomorrow to fine out what




Eilidh Barbour presents live coverage of the year's final golf major, the US PGA Championship, from Quail Hollow in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy claimed the most recent of his three major wins at the US PGA, beating home favourite Phil Mickelson by a shot in 2014. McIlroy also won the championship in 2012 by a record margin of eight strokes and Quail Hollow was the scene of his first ever PGA tour title when he beat the course record by shooting 62 in the final round. He is likely to face stiff competition from rivals such as world number one Dustin Johnson and three-time major winner and current Open champion Jordan Spieth.

Commentary by Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Mark James.

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