Day 2 - Closing Stages Golf: US PGA Championship

Day 2 - Closing Stages

Eilidh Barbour presents live coverage of the second day's play from the US PGA Championship at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Hello and welcome to day two of the final major of the season, the PGA


Championship. Quaill Hollow is a tough nut to crack. 67 lead the way.


The highest score to lead the way after day one since 2010. The course


was playing long, the greens were lightning fast. Let's look back at


the best of yesterday. This course is proving a pretty good


test. Is he walking into history, I wonder? A train new can't stop. --


you can't stop. Can you Adam and Eve it? Thorbjorn Olesen for birdie.


Finish in a blaze of law. Like that. -- glory. Coming into day two it was


a two away tie at the top of the leaderboard. 67 the best score of


day one. It was held by Denmark's Thorbjorn Olesen and American Kevin


Kisner. Kevin Kisner was out earlier today. This is what he did. He has


only had one top 20 finish in a major. He is looking to add to that


at the very least this week. This was his 3rd hole of the day. That


would be close enough for his second birdie of the day to go to 6-under.


He dropped a shot at 13. Another birdie putt the 15th. Par-5. That


took him back to 6-under par. Kevin Kisner almost a local lad from South


Carolina. This was the seventh. His third shot. He went with the putter.


A good choice. He would storm into a four shot lead. 8-under par. This


was his final hole of the day. Finished on the ninth. Aid under par


is where he would remain for his round. -- 8-under.


67 today to back up 67 yesterday. How well are you playing? I'm


hitting the ball straight off the tee. That is key. I love the golf


course. I looking forward to do that over the weekend. A lot of people


have spoken about this course and this event, that you need to be a


long hitter. Are you saying accuracy is more important than distance? It


is starting to firm up. I'm getting some rolls. It is making the course


shorter. We will try to dodge these storms and keep it firm on the


fairways. How do you keep the mental approach to leading a major going


into the weekend? I'm a big process guy. I will stick with my process


and do what I need to do. That is what I try to do. I will start


worrying about result with a few holes to go. We wish you well.


Thanks buddy. Rory McIlroy was the pretournament


favourite. One of the early starters today. He started on the tenth. We


had a birdie on the sixth. Then a terrible run. Four bogeys in five


holes had him flirting with the projected cod. A salvage job in his


last few holes this is not the Quaill Hollow we have gotten to know


in the past ten years. This is a completely different golf


course. If they didn't do anything else with this golf course and just


changed it like it is now, it makes the golf course two shots more


difficult. With the lies you get in the rough, the trickiness around the


greens. A low round used to be 61. Now it is 67. You are playing your


as off to get that. If I shoot 267s over the weekend I will have a


really good chance. He is ten shots off the lead. He


will be here for the weekend. Just as things were getting interesting


out on the course, the weather struck. Play was suspended. The


players were taken off the course. Spectators are urged to take


shelter. The threat of lightning in the air. As you can see from our


pictures, it was not very pleasant. Richey Prasad has braved the


elements and will give us a quick update.


We have had two spells of very heavy rain. The good news is that play is


set to resume shortly. The players are back on the range getting


themselves ready. A couple of the big movers are Jason Day and Hideki


Matsuyama. They are just a? Shots behind the leader, Kevin Kisner.


Matsuyama warming up beside Padraig Harrington. Play is set to resume at


11:25pm. Players are warming up. We will


hopefully have live golf soon. Some of the guys chasing down Kevin


Kisner, one of them is somebody who knows how to win the PGA


Championship. Jason Day. It took to world number one in 2015. This is


his third shot at the 7th. The par-5. That was a beauty. That


was actually his second shot. He would tap that in with his third


shot. That moved him to 2-under. Let's have a quick look at the


leaderboard. We don't have a leaderboard. Let's good commentary.


We have highlights from early. -- earlier.


I don't know what happened to Lee Westwood's shot on par-3. CHEERING.


Louis Oosthuizen with a lovely second shot. Gently taking it down


the slope. Yes. There is a great run from Oosthuizen. Thorbjorn Olesen


for a bogey. He needs it. He really does need this. He doesn't want to


drop two shots. But he has. Oh, he has. It was shabby. Matsuyama with a


shake of the shoulders into position. Sweetly done.


Here is Bubba Watson. Twice winner of the Masters. He gave that a fair


old rattle. Bogeys, bogeys, bogeys, birdies, birdies, birdies. Out in


35. Now the 13th. 216 yards today down the hill. Shane Lowry is on a


roll. Wonderful golf shot. We have seen him chip in. We have seen him


do some lovely stuff. Moving along nicely.


Louis Oosthuizen. He looks a bit anxious. No need. That is a fine


result. Dustin Johnson had a cod at this green. 350 yards. -- cod. Good


play. Sergio Garcia. Second shot at the


9th. No 6-over. -- now. Jason Day. Swede shot. -- suite.


Thorbjorn Olesen off the pine needles.


The ducks having a look. They didn't move. It may have stuck on the back


but the chances are slim. The par-5 10th. 591 yards. The players getting


their or thereabouts in two. You can just see the cliff face that ball


had to come up. Finely judged by Fleetwood. Not easy putting like


that when there is at least a four foot rise. Very easy to leave it


halfway. The fairways are not like links fairways either. They are


quite a lot slower than the greens. It doesn't get there. All the


players struggling to make headway this afternoon. Jordan Spieth just


one bogey, the rest pars. An outward nine, 36. Dustin Johnson. Well


putted. That moves him to 1-under for the Championship. Day for


birdie. Just after he got everybody else on to using the funny coloured


putters he has gone back to the wide one. He is a trendsetter. We look at


Chris Stroud. He rolls one in. Chris Stroud winning last Sunday. He said


he decided six months ago not to worry and a more about not having


won and suddenly it happened. -- any more.


Lovely posture at address. Not great shot. The posture is so important


that the start of the swing. Not his best. Not the 13th at Royal Birkdale


but not his best. Vijay Singh. Is this what the roar was about? I


think it was! I think it was! It looked suspiciously as if he


actually drove into the creek. Matsuyama for birdie. That puts him


to 4-under. John Daly. Probably no chance of making the cut. A nice


three at 18. Halfway round his round. A pretty miserable start.


Otherwise he would have have a chance of making the cut. -- half a


chance. Jason Day launching that high. When he is in full flow he is


really a great player to watch. He has suffered a little bit this year


from back troubles. Louis Oosthuizen. He is easing his way


through the field. Three birdies in his first eight. He got away with


that one. That creek has been very friendly.


A stunning arm by Matsuyama. Absolutely stunning. It is


interesting if you watch him, there was a significant pause at the top


of that swing body doesn't carry that all the way through. If you get


some of that in your bag you have got some nice mulch for your roses.


I hope it is a loose impediment. He is taking a drop from the path and


he is trying to move the loose impediment. It looks like he is just


creating chaos. Dave is putting pretty solid so far.


He is looking suddenly back to his best, Jason Day. What a finish to


the front nine. Eagle, birdie, birdie. Into fourth. Second. Tied


second. I got there eventually! He doesn't like that one. Trying to


get some cut on it. Hit it straight there. Now after that stunning shot


from Matsuyama... This to get within three of Kevin Kisner. And he has


done it. He is so impressive, this man. He won two world Championship


events this year. He won in Phoenix as well. Shot 61 last Sunday. After


the lucky bounce, Louis Oosthuizen. He may get away with a par. Lovely


chip. Beautiful action, too. Grayson Murray for a birdie at this narrow


5th hole. Finally. He won Dibaba sole Championship the week of the


Open. His first PGA Tour win. That was not what he was after. Chris


Stroud. Moving along nicely. The Texan has made some good putts. He


went to Lamar University in Beaumont, as did I many moons ago.


That is incredible, Maureen! You went to university! I will let that


pass. This looks harder than the last one.


I think he's trying to hit a lower cut with the wedge. Stop there. He


plated well. That was such a good effort. It would have been criminal


had gone into the bunker. Matsuyama. Spurning the chance of taking this


one on. Beautifully positioned. I don't think this will be short,


somehow. It is. It is. He didn't quite get the clean contact that he


wanted. When you look at him here, he seems fidgety. His brain just


looks as if it is going 19 to the dozen. Yet it is in these very


situations when he sometimes produces his very best.


This is his route from tee to green. He went off to the right, got the


number 37 bass up the left, a short taxi ride. He has covered about 800


yards. -- boss. That was almost exactly where he was


aiming. Jason Day suddenly has found a bit


of form. A perfect layup at the 10th. What's the grab he gets. That


is just delightful. -- watch. Shallow divot. Just nips it off the


top, the ball rises up the club face. Can Matsuyama make his birdie


at 14? This is for three in a row to get within two of Kevin Kisner. He


has made it. He won last week with a last round of 61. He has worked his


way through the field. 5-under today, two off the lead. Three great


putts on the last three holes. Jason Day. Another one right into the


heart of the cup. Earlier in the week he was saying he


can't find that little bit of magic on the greens. But maybe he has


found it. That birdie putt Jason may write in


the mix. He is three of the lead. Not long after that putt drop, the


hooter sounded and play was suspended. I'm delighted to say it


is about to resume. The players are ready to get back under way. This is


how things stand. Kevin Kisner still out in front. His


lead not looking quite so strong. Hideki Matsuyama has been on a


birdie charge. And Jason Day just 5-under. That lead shrinking. A few


other players going along nicely. Louis Oosthuizen, Shane Lowry, what


a great round from him. 5-under today. He is alongside Justin Thomas


and Francesco Molinari. Brooks Koepka not having quite the same


fortunes. DA Points also dropping the wrong way. Ryan Fox had a


fantastic round. He is 1-under par. We will be staying on BBC Two as


long as we're getting pictures from the course, which could take us to


one o'clock. I hope you are ready for a late night. Let's get out on


the course with Ken Brown and Peter Aliss.


Thank you. Here we go. Sweet music. Harry James eat your


heart out. And they offer. I think they look after players tremendously


well now. They give them time to get in, recover and hit balls. It wasn't


like that years ago. They stopped and started without any Delle. We


got shuttled out a bit quicker. 40 minutes is a long time. Most of them


get driven out. Varies Ian Poulter. He is battling to be the weekend. --


for the weekend. Matsuyama striding out. It looks like he has got a


cheese and pickle sandwich. Cheese and pickle. It is maybe sushi.


Good effort from Brooks Koepka. Going along very nicely. The scoring


this afternoon has been higher. Jordan Spieth with one of these edgy


little chips from this peculiar fluffy grass. Nicely done. I'm not


quite sure how the ball is going to come out. Jason Day taking those


bunkers on down the left side of the 11. I think that is in the trees.


Somewhere down there. Maybe on the other fairway. I don't know, that


was a very wild drive. Louis Oosthuizen. A simple swing.


Not a very big chap but he does hit the ball a long way. A little bit of


good fortune. It clattered the trees and came out. Playing the second


hole, Oosthuizen. He started at the 10th. Dustin Johnson and Henrik


Stenson playing in this 3-ball. A little 3-wood. A country mile. Just


perfection. Nice flight. Gets some run with his 3-wood at times as


well. Ideal. Everybody has got a five o'clock shadow. That is the


fashion. There are some strange fashions today. Trousers with holes


in. Watch this one. Go on. Hello! He didn't quite get it. But I think it


may be clear. There used to be a Big Oak Tree on the corner. The put the


bunkers there which makes it a bit more challenging. Very nicely done.


He got a lot of confidence by winning the US Open. He strikes some


John Wayne moves around the course. Jordan Spieth. He had an adventurous


couple of holes. He has got work to do. 3-over. No more than 5-over will


be the cut. Probably four. That makes it deal could land of a couple


of 73s. Very good scoring. As often happens after a storm, the wind


seems to have totally disappeared. The trees not moving, the flag


wasn't moving. You get the feeling that Thunder not very far away.


There is a sniff of thunder in the air. They complain about our


weather, which can be steadily grotty at times. But I do believe


they have more delays in the United States, primarily because of


electrical storms. The danger of lightning. We don't get it all that


much in the UK. Here is Brooks Koepka. They are much bigger than my


generation. There was one player over six foot when I played, and


that was George Archer. A tough fairway to find, this 12. -- 12th.


He is well into the woods. Just needed a left-to-right. The fairway


guided by trees on both sides. Matsuyama. 240 yards. Hello, hello.


It stopped short of the road. That is not too bad. If he has got a


reasonable lie. Shane Lowry. His second to the 16th. Down breeze.


Much easier than it was yesterday. That is the first one we have seen


Degen and come back. We haven't seen many of those. Chris Stroud at the


17th. Dangerous par-3s. Water lurking around. Sloping greens.


Everything aiming down the left. He is just trying to slide it.


Left-to-right. That is how you do it. One of the narrow fairways. Cut


aid in half. We have lost a great many


spectators. Some brave hearts have stayed on. There has been a


tremendous amount of paying customers so far. This is Henrik


Stenson after this lovely drive. Straightforward shot, middle of the


green, do not bother about the flag. If he goes near the flight, I think


it might be accidental. If you do fly it to the pen-macro, a lot of


people go to the back of the screen. -- pin. Beautiful shot, it could not


have been better. Big shot. All right, all right! Jason the plane at


off Duluth pine needles. You have to be careful when you hit it as hard


as he does, that your feet do not slip. He seemed to make a good hit


at that. Certainly did. Just seemed to nestle down a little bit. This


Bermuda rough, is difficult to describe, it is like a deep Brillo


pad and the ball sits right. The ball settles into it and you cannot


get the club on the back of the ball. The fit -- feet slip in. He


has not got the control. Give this a mighty lunge.


That one stopped, it should not have done that, but it did. There is


still a lot of luck when you hit out of this stuff. Here is Hideki


Matsuyama, third shot. Big shelf facing him. He has got a good result


there. What a touch! He is your pick. He is playing so well. Just


settled into the light rough, second shot at the rough for Louis


Oosthuizen. We will see how it reacts. I think that rain, we saw a


pitch mark there, there was none before the first part of the day.


The Greens have softened up after that shower. Shane Lowry. For a


birdie. He read that very well indeed. I thought he was going on


safari about halfway down but it suddenly swung right around,


beautiful putt. Looking back to the 12th tee, slight dogleg. Jordan


Spieth, dead centre of the fairway. Playing at the Eden Project at the


moment, not a breath of wind, you can hear a plane going over.


The line looks good. That really is good. How unlucky is that? For one


moment, it was virtually stone dead and now he is ten or 12 feet away.


This is so tricky. Let us just nestle down. It is quite bristly,


this sort of grass. The club must keep going, he plays very stiff


wristed, not a lot of wrist action. Did he hit it twice? I think he


fluffed it. He was not far from hitting it twice. Brooks Koepka.


Squirrelling one under the trees, trying to chase it up onto the green


and he does not quite do it. 17th and Chris Stroud. Par three. Two


bogeys on his card, three bogeys as well, one under for the day, four


under on the PGA Championship, there is a look at his card. He has only


played eight holes. Some of them may be better for an early start to


finish off, which no one wants. They are having greater problems reading


the line on these greens. They are obviously influenced by their change


in the grass, the texture. Maybe a little movement on this one. Just


outside the edge on the left. Went right off the blade. Downhill


all the way for Dustin Johnson. Running out. These fellows might get


a break, the Greens are softer and smoother with a bit of moisture on


them. Hideki Matsuyama for a birdie after


that splendid little pitch on the side of the green. In she goes,


another birdie! Four in a row. Just one behind, he is tiptoeing up the


leaderboard. He has holed some super putts. This sort of range today,


this will keep the momentum of his round going. Eagle at seven, birdie


at eight, this is for a par. That is not dead, either.


This year he slept from world number 12 ranked seven, Jason Day. Brooks


Koepka, third shot, over the valley. Coming in, if it runs, it is not


going to. APPLAUSE.


Up to the 17, Shane Lowry, has he pushed it a little? Be lucky. That


was not lucky. Oh my goodness! That is like Alcatraz. Looked horrible.


Seems disturbed, maybe someone put him off? The gnats are out.


Fidgets about a little bit. Interesting putts style. Wastes no


time once he has made his decision, it does not hit many dribblers.


Beautiful. That was the perfect birdie, glorious iron. Perfectly


placed on the putt, wasn't it? Two over now. It is going to be


enjoyable to see what he can do over at the closing holes that he plays.


I think he fancies his chances. Kevin Kisner leads by one. Hideki


Matsuyama is on the charge. He made four birdies in a row. Shane Lowry


was struggling a little bit at the 17th. Zach Johnson. He is on the


ninth. He is one under. All my! Two tee start. -- Oh my! A perfect read.


Going along quite steadily. He hardly touched that, but it is


swinging across the hole. Gosh! The tall figure of Chris Wood. Currently


at three over par. Not a bad spot. Chipping in from the


same angle as Hideki Matsuyama was. Par five there for two. Keegan


Bradley. Since he has turned from the long


putter that he used to anchor it, he has never been quite the same on the


green. He does not putt too badly. Going along nicely, still well in


the hunt, a lot of golf yet to be played. The Austrian, showing a lot


of promise. Bernd Wiesberger, there. Charlie? Is a Charlie? Yes! Since he


cut his hair, I don't recognise him. He used to look like Goldilocks.


Charlie! Lives in Las Vegas. Brooks Koepka. Nicely done. Downhill,


slightly breaking from left to right, not easy. Wriggles out with a


par. Had a few crooked tee shots today. Hideki Matsuyama, slowly


backward timing. Timing is everything with that swing, it's it


hard, got a bit ahead of himself, pushed it, did that a couple of


times. Hello! If that hit on top, it might be in the pavilion, that would


be interesting -- inside the pavilion. Setting up for our draw


this time. With a five iron. That is a mighty this with a five iron. Just


closing the club face, closing to the back pin. Very nice. That is


speeding off the green. That is indecent! Sometimes you find a


divet. Do not like this. Sit down! Oh no! Hold onto your hats. Not in


the water, not in the water! Good golly, Miss Molly.


Look at that! 113 feet in the air, does not mean much to me, but that


is quite high. The rain has soaked the chorus. It has certainly taken


the sting out of the fairways and the Greens. Jason day. That is a


fruity hit. Over there, big hit. This 17th hole. There have been nine


double bogeys so far today and looks like Shane will have another one.


This will be his for it. This is terribly pleasant. -- this is not


terribly pleasant. That one shot could put him out of this


Championship. He should be OK, even if he takes five or six. Not good


news. I know, yeah. Are you happy with


this? Not very inviting, with the flag so


close to the front. If you tried to be too cheeky, you could put it into


the water again. Without any problem. I think he is still


weighing up his options. Make sure you have it in your mind. Dustin


Johnson, his ball landed very softly, might have a little bit of


mud on it. 456 yards and he is flicking a little half wedge of some


sort in there. The fellow wandering about at the back of the green,


looking for his lost love. He has stopped now, he has found her. This


is fairly straightforward. Weekly played. When he played it, you saw a


splash of water. You could see a few divets. I wonder how Shane Lowry is


getting on? Here he is. 105 yards, 110. Draw it back. It is brilliant.


Steady! Steady! Unlucky again. Not a bad angle to putt from. I love


watching him play these shots. Jordan Spieth. What will he do? Nice


lie on the upshot. Not terribly inviting. Pinch it away. Another


splash of water. Super shot. A little jab. A few bounces and the


spin takes over if you are lucky and it ends up very close. Hello, head


Dyke -- Hideki Matsuyama has decided his studs can stand at Veldt. Would


you keep quiet pleas in the champagne bar? They are all full of


giggle juice! The giggle juice has taken over. It does not look


inviting. He made good contact. Unlucky. It


spun back in his hand, that would be awkward. So nearly a good run. Bad


tee shot. When you're coming out of the rough, the best way to stop it


is with trajectory and that is very high. Another birdie chance for


Jason Day. Louis Oosthuizen. Four wonder. -- four under. That is it.


That little right-hand grip, now slowly back tap it through. It went


the other way. Look at it go! Gosh! Par at 330. Can Brooks Koepka save


another one? He has done a lot of scrambling. Not quite as good as he


was yesterday. Interesting swing, Chris Stroud. He makes it work.


Successful run. Well, is that good or is that bad? Don't know, not bad,


I suppose. All thing by numbers! It looks like the technique of Lesley


keen, there. -- Lesley King. Look at their hole. Pop it in. Super. I


little unlucky with his tee shot to get dried off the green, so after


the break he starts back 3-3. Shane Lowry. For a five. It is a six. He


goes to one over. Looks very pleasant. I wish I had my fly rod. I


think these delayed afternoon play may be an advantage, not much of a


breeze about. Lee Westwood, two over. High flyer, right at the


target, it just wonders off a bit. Nice to see Paul Casey, level par.


They put the tee up on 14. It is for an eagle, it is running out. Played


some marvellous goal. Steady, steady really does flush the ball. Dylan


Frittelli, one over. Fine shot. It is a different course after that


rain, amazing. It has really softened up. Where is James playing


from? How did he get here? He is flipping it over the little stream.


16, 17, 18 are called the Green mile, tough finishing stretch. Tommy


Fleetwood, two over. Good chip and a putt here.


Bold shot. Green cleared in front. You can see the left white bunker,


all the way down the left. 289 yards. Small target, Rory hit it


into the water yesterday. That is a dangerous putt -- hole.


He is obviously concerned about this one. Just getting a mental picture,


is he going to play left to right? It looks like it. Just hold it. He


is still not happy. Not happy. Sit down, softly. He pushed it. That


is awkward, awkward, awkward. Look at that, no room to pitch. Water on


the other side. Settle for a four now. Charl Schwartzel. Five over. He


is five over, now he is four over. The cut has just moved up


momentarily to five over. Charl Schwartzel is back to three. There


will be a lot of toing and froing in the next hour. It was easy, wasn't


it? A couple inside. Justin Thomas. What a talent he is. He is starting


to perform, currently three under. Hideki Matsuyama, screwed back off


the green, third shot at the 16th. What a shot. That was exquisite.


That might well be my shot of the day. Exquisite touch. Dustin


Johnson. Long iron. Get in! On line survey. I don't know how much rain


there was, but the chorus has got incredibly soft. Virtually changed


in an hour and a half -- the course has got incredibly soft. Louis


Oosthuizen. Just a seven iron for this 187 yards. They are knocking it


at the pin now. That was a lovely shot, a delightful player to watch.


A lot of those South Africans have beautifully simple swings, I don't


know where they get them from. From their mothers, I think. You could be


right. Jason Day. Did not care for it all that much. Why not? It is all


right. You have hurt -- hit plenty worse than that, Jason. Chris


Stroud. Flipping it over, very little rest, just an arm movement.


Nicely done. I don't know if he is just knocking


this up over the green. 289 yards. Yes, he is. It is getting better. A


better line in now. Justin Thomas, after screwing away


from the whole, this is to move to four. -- hole. 5-under for his round


today. A very interesting putting style. Well done. I still think the


putt should be the shortest club in the bag. -- putter. We saw Danny


Willett a bit earlier, he wasn't doing too Baddeley. I don't know how


he's gotten to Sussex all of a sudden, he needs a birdie. He made


double-bogey at the third, that is how he got in this situation.


16 players under-par. It is amazing the different styles you see when


the players putt. Keeping the stroke smooth, sending the ball running


smoothly. A game within a game. Look at all of the various putting


groups. It is all about taking the risk out of it. -- grips. He got


that up and forward very well. That looked very impressive. A good shot.


Chris Wood for a birdie. Going along nicely. Only coming to the end of


his round, coming to the end of his over. I think you might be spending


a bit more time on the European Tour next year. Still got his house at


Wentworth. It would be nice to see him competing in European


tournaments. A great supporter of golf around the world. A couple of


years to Senior golf for Ernie. Incredible. Amazing how players like


Ernie, they can struggle on the main Tour but get a real lease of life


later on. These shots are tougher with the rain. Jason Day. It's his


second shot. It would be a birdie. And it is! You stand up and think, I


hope I can get that one in. Striking a nicely. Honing in on the target.


He says, of course I meant to do it. Have another look at this. Nearly a


cricket pitch length. Turning around beautifully. The locals go berserk.


They love it. They've done well to hang around in any sort of numbers,


the locals. Interesting choice of shot, not even attempting to play it


to the flag. Got it under the green. Extending it if -- it. If that had


been out Augusta, that would have been in the water. Mighty


impressive. Everything's Kintyre, solidly hit. Exquisite. Looks


fantastic, as though he is on his way to be world number one. --


Everything's perfect. Jordan Spieth, playing his third shot on the short


par four. Getting out of this with an adventurous par. His third after


duffing a little pitch. I will be going to make bogey. Despite having


to play sideways, Jordan Spieth may still beat him. That is why he is so


good. Dustin Johnson, he just didn't keep it left firing off. Maybe a


par. Danny Willett, tapping in. That was a birdie, I think. Moving to


plus five. I think that is smack on the cut line. Koepka's woes


continue. Having shots from everywhere. Those shots can just


drift away. Caused by that mishit pitch. Spieth has been giving this a


lot of attention. There were certain shots where you get the feeling he's


not really happy with it. He's what to think, move, get the visuals --


got to. Will be his bad -- probably his bad length. A pretty tactical


play. It looked innocuous enough, but it is the situation where many


of us would not bother at all. Little cushion, come along. This for


a bogey. A very driveable par four. Only a 3-wood. Wishes he had gone


for it now. Oh dear. Well, they're's hitting the ball, and their's


learning to play. It is much more difficult than you think -- there's.


A couple of wayward tee shots today. A good percentage, 57%. Not shabby


at all. I don't know where it ranks on Tour, but it sounds impressive.


-- tour. An impressive lead. A lot of players choosing to play irons on


this driveable hole. The pin position is so tight, anything


bailed out doesn't give you much of a chance. Justin Thomas, second to


the 16th. We have not seen many shorts do that. Spinning back too


far. Dustin Johnson playing up to the front of the green. He didn't


bounce at all. Still a bit of luck involved. Jordan Spieth, birdie


chance here. Two of his best, I think. Left it a bit right. Saved


him, soft enough to keep that out of the bunkers. As sunset draws near,


we have about one hour. Look at that lack. A monster putt at the 11th --


lake. It didn't fall in, did it? What a bonus. Still giving it full


attention even at plus ten. It is a week he will probably want to


forget. A three-time Major champion. A few coming thick and fast now, why


did someone say it is to the right when it is up the left? Beyond my


comprehension really. An interesting comparison of legs here, Andy's are


almost totally straight. Look at the position of it. Weird. 17, not bad.


Not on the green, but... This looks like Master Bradley, faffing. A shot


at the 17th, front bunker. That's a little beauty. A good shot. He has


improved a lot, they used to cut him off about halfway through his shots.


Tommy Fleetwood having the best of days, is he? Three sixes on this


back nine. What on earth happened here? When you swing slowly as he


does and he did that hard, timing is all important. Just getting a little


bit out of sync. Got away with it. Found the fairway, it may be very


short. Jordan Spieth, can he reach from here? It's a pretty fair


distance. Actually, that might ball may well have done him some favours.


-- mud. We are staying on a little later, so we will have a film


following the golf due to rain. Justin Thomas, another shot with a


huge amount of spin. We are not sure if it is for par. It was a huge


drive. It was par. A good clip. A slightly agricultural swing. Did you


call this golf by Numbers? Every angle looks different. Thomas, a


little rest flick. Doing his best to come down -- wrist. The idea was


good. I like the way he trimmed his beard under his chin, that must have


taken hours of precision work with the sharpest blade in the shot. Do


you think he spends longer shaving now than he did before he had a


beard? I do. Still in the hunt, it could come around. No, it's died in


the back. Some of these holes remind me of Jack Nicklaus' golf village.


Jason Day totally misread that. It is well to the right as he played.


Certainly making sure he didn't do that. A fiendish pin position. A few


more of those, they have been relatively generous. He's misread it


as well. You get to the stage where, if you get a run of piles, you will


more than satisfied. -- pars -- you are. Chris is one of many


extraordinary putters. He puts the shaft, I don't know if it is rested,


pushed into his chest. Up to the elbow, holding it against his


forearm. The fickle finger of fate. Giving it a little tap. In she goes.


They will be trying this on the weekend. Not that easy for amateurs.


You have to get a club that is the right length. To get all those


things done, you have to get a cost of from a tournament. That one has


gone too quickly. I think that is why we didn't have many amateurs


playing with long shafted putters. Many pros, for a period, until they


were banned, tended to use them. The pros play on such fast greens, come


pledged to make -- compared to club greens. Matsuyama, the man of the


moment. If you have tuned in to see the film First Snow, it will be


coming later than build due to earlier bad weather. It will follow


the golf. Dustin Johnson for a birdie. A


little dribble down the right. Not enough. Very frustrating to get a


whole where you can nearly knock it on with a 3-iron. The Sun's out,


good news for a lot of players. I hope it stays that way. The guys at


the back of the field have got eight holes to play. Even in fast money,


that's around 30 minutes. -- sun's. There is no sense of urgency with


the pros, early in the morning. They just don't get on with it. Duty. --


beauty. The sun is going down behind the hospitality tents. Players


making a lot of birdies. Got to get this one. Well done. 3-over. A


little cushion. Just keep going, Tommy. Hudson sounds like an old


Shakespearean Actor. -- actor. Look at that. Casey, level par for the


day. Birdies at 14 and 15. A lovely bounce,, catching that little more


-- bounce, catching that little knob. That was Sergio, he has had


all sorts of trouble today. 9-over par. Unless something dramatic


happens, that's not going to make it. Safely inside the cut line, a


birdie. Brightening up the scorecard a bit. Trying to get one of them


back. That's a really bad shot. 5-over, can't afford any mistakes.


Keep turning. That's not far away. 317 to the far bunker. Absolutely


perfect, I think. Miles up as well. No problems. 322 yard carry. Just


again, not quite enough power. Johnson trying to match it, a bit


weak. He thought he got it, he thought that was going to be wide.


It nearly came around. Tommy Fleetwood moved to 17. Not doing


better on this course. Perfect. That right arm through impact. Balanced,


short finish. Mollinari at one end. Someone somewhat taken aback by the


changing fortunes. -- taken aback. You wouldn't think it would be


Mollinari's sort of course, generally it is the big hitters who


are surviving very well. Especially in this rain. Forecast to get a


little dodgy tomorrow. 511 yards on the par four. The bunker is easily


carry a ball. Borderline for Jordan Spieth -- carriable. Just gone to


the left of it. Another fine shot, playing a really


good round of golf. Goes well with his 68 from yesterday. Struggling to


see the ball. Certainly getting a little dark. The sun is setting.


Little collection areas there. It has completely changed since the


rain. The ball spinning back. We have seen a lot of that. Hitting


wedges harder than anyone else. Zooming all over the place. The


bottom right corner, projected cut. I wondered why they went scampering


for the course. Matsuyama, left to right. What a round he has had


today. Took a bash at it, wasn't going to miss it low. Overborrowed.


Helped it up the hill a little bit. This one for a birdie. Not much


green to work with, that was beautifully played. Crisply hit off


the turf. The players walking through, a little bit soft. This is


for a birdie at 16. Well done. Getting two minus three. Three


birdies in a row. Getting an award for assistance. Walked a few holes


in the Championship, he was absolutely flushing every shot. One


of those players who can absolutely hit it so well. Down the left side


at the par five. He can find his way onto the green easily. Shot straight


right to start with. Maybe just a slight mishit. This 464. Sharing the


lead. -- for 64. A great round for Matsuyama. As solid as you could


wish for. What a fantastic around from


Matsuyama, the world number three. He started the day 1-under par and


is now joint leader. Look at that stretch on the back nine. Five


birdies in six holes. This is how he did it. First, the fifth hole. Got


him to 2-under par. The seventh hole, he gave himself another birdie


chance. He didn't miss that one, his parter was on fire. He made the turn


at 3-under for the Championship -- putter. On the 12th, another birdie.


4-under par. On a roll, tee shot at the next hole. Par-3 13th. Taking a


good look at it. That is the high-end play we have seen from him,


giving himself another birdie, which he converted. To the 14th, 289


yards. Another birdie opportunity. He has not missed these all day.


That one also dropped. Three birdies on the bounce. 6-under par. The 15th


followed, a par five. An approach from a tricky position, not the best


footing. But he has a lovely touch and that was just perfection.


Tapping in for birdie number six of the day. He is now just one shot off


the lead. 16, he found a bit of trouble. A bunker with the second


shot. This is his third. Scrambling up-and-down for par. To the final


par-3 on the course, the 17th. Not a whole that gives up many birdies.


Putt of the infamous Green mile -- hole. -- putt -- green. Time to get


back out there. Thank you, Hayley. Lee Westwood on


the 13th. How is he going to play this? Not terribly inviting? Lovely.


Of the downslope. Lovely, he did din of the front line, that was a


beauty. -- off -- he chipped in off the front line. Did you notice when


he looked at the whole he twisted his head, rather than turning it? He


may have a neck injury. On eight, six from the right. A very


difficult flight to get. Hitting it wayward, the 8-iron. In the evening,


quarter to eight. The players might be a bit thirsty. A delightful


little pitch from Mollinari. This is not easy. That is on the downslope.


It is one of those shots you either get just right, or you don't. Very


good at this parachute shot these days. Didn't get a lot of spin on


it. Well played. A lot further back than they were today earlier for


Spieth. Trying to cut it in. A quality iron shot. Missing on the


right, very tricky. Another birdie par. Moving to 6-under. What a


performance. Two putt for Garcia. Looking a bit anxious, no need to


be. Looking at the stats on the US Tour, he holds less putts over 25


feet anybody else. That's hard to believe. But someone has to be last.


That one was easy for you to say, you were always in the top ten when


you were on tour. I am glad I didn't come crying to you about putting.


That sounded like a nice, crisp strike. Tee shot at the fourth.


Scott round. -- Brown. Sixth on the US Tour a few years ago. 34.


Beautifully played. Carving out a pretty decent career for himself.


18th green. He finished second in the Championship last year,


Summerhays. Summerhays is 1-over. Chris Wood 1-over. Not a bad angle


to putt it, more up the slope, a turn from the right. Dave Stockton


style. He has had quite a comeback today. A bogey on the first, five


birdies since then. Best finish this year of Kent. He has struggled a bit


this year. -- tenth. Another chance for birdie.


15th. Jason Day. Oh! As soon as he struck it he was looking in hope.


Very square, this putter. Straight in for Jordan Spieth. Stays plus


two. Sort of waiting for things to happen but they don't want to.


Looking quite confident and putting very nicely, with his claw-type


grip. 5-under. So consistent from Green. Much further than yesterday


afternoon. That was a 60 yard at the 18th.


Inside the copper line all of a sudden. Keegan Bradley. He has had


about 18 waggles and four step-offs away from his routine. Easier on the


nerves. I think the players will be keen to carry on. Very nice


conditions out there. Not much breeze, softer greens. If they have


to come back at 7:30 the ones who make it are going to be a course of


the whole day. 10- 12 hours, we don't want that. Redraw and then


possibly a two tee start. Not necessarily, depends how many


players. A couple of 72s for Wood. Summerhayes going through his


routine. Is the nephew of Bruce Summerhayes?


He played the champions Tour. Shove the clubs in the locker, back


to the hotel and a nice hot bath, cheeseburger and chips. Hoffman. On


the Cup line and plus five, for a birdie. It looked it to me. Sets it


up nicely. He has just turned it a fraction. Coming down so softly.


Carrie said two more yards, hits the downslope and then get it past the


flag. -- carries it. 320 yards to clear the bunker. Tee up a little


bit, so probably 310. I don't think it will hold back on this one. He


has been hitting it enormous distances. Oh, yeah, straight over.


Quite happy about it. Got over the bunker.


I think he likes this. Oh! Well, just tipped over the water. Probably


the limit for him. Still at plus five for the day. This


is him at the sixth. A shout of four. That's miles right. What a


difference a day can make. Henrik Stenson. 15th. He is sticking


in there. Sun Kang. Ninth. He has done some


good stuff this year on the US Tour. Making his way in the world of golf.


Very impressive year so far. This is a ticklish one. My goodness.


That had a lot of flair. A 5-wood or 3-wood. A lot of feel and swivel.


Superb. I think it impressed himself! Stroud played that pretty


well. Just ran out of steam, but pretty impressive. That sort of shot


with a 7-iron, he had a bit of spin. 216 yards on the 13th. We got all


the details, spin rates and so on. Very nicely done. 216 Yazidi is


today on the 13th. -- yards it is. The greens have softened a little.


It makes a difference. He was coming back to form a couple


of weeks ago but it has just drifted away from him again. A frustrating


year. Verging on getting things back together. Just turned the other way.


I think he expected it to keep turning from left to right. Just


stalled a little. A very unusual style birdie on the first and the


second. Currently 6-under. We look across the pond to the 17th. Jordan


Spieth with an uphill chance for a birdie.


He has left himself a little knocker. Jason Day to the 16th


green. Tight pin right. He is not messing with the bunker and that's


pretty well played. Caddy and coach. End of the day,


this is a little tricky. A little movement on it. The green's a bit


patchy. Doesn't matter to Jordan Spieth.


Oosthuizen, after that punchy wood from the right rough. Not quite far


enough. Needed it to go another 18 inches or so. By the sound of it it


wasn't quite what we anticipated. This for a 63. Oh...


Stroud. Just to drop the one stroke. The slippery slighty -- slidey one.


Oosthuizen for his birdie on the seventh. No, just went away right.


Quickly to the 18th. Justin Thomas having a dart at his birdie chance.


A couple of moments ago, this one down the hill. For 139. He's made it


- nicely done. Powerful hitter of the ball. Not the biggest fellow in


the world. It's all over for another day, Justin. For a 64, the low round


of the week by Matsuyama. Molinari - well played. Blemish free round.


Eagle and five birdies. Right in there in this Championship.


I wonder if he can read this putt. Day, a chance for a three. He's had


some real good ones, especially in the latter part of the round. A good


effort. Qeenslander. Lives in Dublin. -- Queenslander. Two holes


to play. He'll get those finished. We will have to appear at an ungodly


hour tomorrow morning. It's a long day. You've got to just keep


concentrating. So easy to let the concentration lapse on a silly shot.


Dustin Johnson. That's never going to move much. Really struggling to


make headway today, Dustin. They are determined to get finish.


What you've got to do in this situation is get one of your three


to tee off on the last hole as quickly as possible. Amazing what


you can do to speed up play. If you want to go feisty town. I'm not sure


that guy on the right is very comfortable doing it. -- go faster


you can. He wouldn't catch you as you ran away from him. It looks like


he is bunker bound. Cleared it. Amazing. The 310 carrier no longer


has it. You have to put another little one in. You need a vast


expanse of white. There is probably none better in the world at driving


the ball than Sergio Garcia. A lower launch, high spin, squeezes them


out, generally very accurate and pretty long.


Here's a wonderful drive. Almost certain to go sideways now. I think


it likes it. -- -- he. I'm not sure how long we will be


staying on this coverage. Pictures from the broadcaster in the States.


The few production problems. Don't blame Ken and me.


We will probably be staying on to see Jordan Spieth and his group


finish. Then the host broadcaster will probably pull the plug.


Apologies if that happens. It's not our doing, he cried. Oh, right in


the bunker for Spieth. He is looking up there as if he is not sure if


it's in the sand. It looks like it went in. This is the short 8th. Can


we get it on there? Much softer than this morning. Beautifully played. A


lovely soft swing. No hurry. Where is he going, for heaven's sake?


There didn't appear to be any slope there. Good grief! Not such a good


shot now, Acra -- is it? Most people are drawn to it, but he is sliding a


little bit from left to right. A couple of hole huggers. You can see


people looking. The light is obviously a lot dimmer than it looks


to us. The TV cameras do make it seem brighter. They used to let


players just carry on when they wanted, but you get some groups that


have dummies, who will just play unto it is utterly dark so they can


fly home on Sunday night -- have done this. Others stop when they


feel it is too dark. We might not see the other group racing towards


the ninth tee. This is like a meditation. Jonny Wilkinson style


approach. 8-iron, plenty of club for him. When the club hits speed.


Oh, no. That will be too far right. It is tricky from there, but sort of


manageable. A big bank to go up, then the green runs away from you.


We've seen a lot of people there. It is quite a wide eight. Oosthuizen


was racing towards the ninth tee. He hasn't got it hole side.


Do you see the other one in that group, Ken? He is another one in the


group, Danny Willett. What score is he on? Nine. All he has to do is


wedge it. Got to think outside the box. What are my strength as a


golfer? Quite often used to do that on a Friday.


Paul Casey, with a good shirt for night golf. He has avoided doing the


European Tour for the last few years. He concentrates on America.


We would love him to have a chance of making the Ryder Cup side. The


jihadist add experience at the Ryder Cup and hasn't been too fussed. He


has said a few things he probably shouldn't. But he will be great to


have him back. It would make a difference. Nicely tapped in bye to


Louis Oosthuizen. Just iron it. This is a severe breach of tactics.


He looks a bit warm after that job. Let's not forget whose turn it is.


-- jog. Hopefully they will stand clear. They only need one of them to


drive. It doesn't have to go with a drive. Suggesting, why don't you


just give it a tap up the right side? Good idea. Jordan Spieth on


the 18th. You have to get it just right. The ball has a bit of sand on


it. You have to get it just right. It is impossible for a ball to


finish in that creek. Finally took the right club. From the other


angle, the ball looked to be sitting quite nicely. How did you get it to


lie so softly? A mighty strong ball from Brooks. I wouldn't want to


wrestle him. Another group trying to squeeze through, I don't think the


officials will blow while they are making so much effort. Ideally, they


would like a one tee start. Dustin Johnson playing with Jason Day.


Watch this one, a lovely swing. Perfect setup. Turn and swish at the


bottom. It really is so simple. He will be thinking, why can't I do


that? I couldn't agree more. If he can get that finished, Jason Day


will be absolutely over the moon. Has Jason Day finished the previous


one? Know, and I am not sure whether that is kosher. Coming a year early.


Open champion Jordan Spieth announced on the 18th. Dustin


Johnson is off. If they haven't finished 17, we will find out what's


going on. A really good rate for Jordan Spieth. Getting his green


book out. Checking that slope on the green. Intermittent, you can finish


the whole you're on when there is one single blast. Two blasts, that


means you must finish immediately. So almost all the players will be


finishing the holes they are currently on. Got to pop this up in


the area. Going to run out a little bit. It sounded nice. Maybe just


popped up a little bit too much. A tricky one to read. Coming up the


bank. He's given it a lot of borrow. Some lovely putts today. -- burrow.


The Nytol. Come on, you've got to hit the baby. -- the ninth hole.


Probably got to reload. Brooks, since the rain delay, he has been a


little bit up-and-down. This would be a fantastic way to finish. All


the players finishing a little later than anticipated. Nothing has gone


for Sergio this week. A US Masters under his belt. Standing on the --


this cut. Maybe he needs to do something about his putting, just


not quite good enough. Certainly at the play-off, it was reasonably


sound. Can't pop another one in, surely. Trying to catch up with his


playing partner. The 73 for Spieth, plus three. In for the weekend. Not


threatening at the moment. A long way behind a lot of good players.


Nudging in for a great end, tied for 11. And this is the leaderboard at


almost the end of day two. We will be back tomorrow from seven


o'clock on the red button. We will bring you up to date with all of the


news, then the live golf from day three. You can also catch it on


glorious HD, and on the website, app and iPlayer. Going into day three


with a two week high at the top. Those players looking for their


first Major title. There is danger behind, particularly in the form of


Jason Day. If you like stats, the winners of 14 of the last 16 Majors


have all been either first or second placed after 30 holes. But we have


seen that around Quail Hollow, pretty much anything can happen.


Hope to see you tomorrow for day three.


Eilidh Barbour presents live coverage of the second day's play from the US PGA Championship at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Having won the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale last month, 23-year-old Jordan Spieth is bidding become just the sixth golfer in history to win all four major championships. If he were to complete a career grand slam this weekend his name would join an illustrious list which includes Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

The mercurial Spieth finished as runner-up in this major two years ago, losing by three strokes to the eventual winner Jason Day, who shot a miraculous 20-under par at Whistling Straights in Wisconsin.

Commentary by Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Mark James.

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