Day 3, Part 1 Golf: Women's British Open

Day 3, Part 1

Hazel Irvine introduces live third round coverage of the Women's British Open from Woburn. Commentary by Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Andrew Cotter.

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Good afternoon. This is certainly a major golfing weekend with the men


in New Jersey and the women at Woburn in Bedfordshire on the third


day of the women's Ricoh Championship. This club's played a


huge part in this 40-year-old Championship. It was here in the 80s


and 90s, it really helped grow it before it was designated one of the


now five women's majors at the turn of the new millennium. Along the


way, we have exchanged a sparkling crystal trophy for a shiny beautiful


silver pitcher which echoes I think the elegant lines of a certain old


Claret Jug won at Troon a couple of week ago. This weekend, there are


four women in the field who know exactly what it takes to win such a


prize and they are very much in the hunt for another title here.


Woe bunk's tree-lined course is a far cry from the bracing Links


conditions. It's 17 years since our last visit to Bedfordshire and 21


since the reveered Australian Karrie Webb claimed the first of her


British open wins on the adjacent course. Amazing. In her rookie year.


Catriona Matthew enjoyed her finest year at Lytham. She's Britain's most


recent winner. Stacy Lewis made history too, the


first pro to win at the Open course. Stacy's fellow American, Mo Martin


sprung an almighty surprise at Birkdale.


Well, all of them are hard on the heels of a tie. Aria Jutanugarn.


China's top talent, Shanshan Feng and the half way leader Mirim Lee of


South Korea. They are the pace-setters.


And 25-year-old Mirim Lee's lofty position which ties the half way


record equalled another score. Woburn's Charley Hull, the fearless


20 old, has two former US Open champions, Lexi Thompson and Yu in


her group. Amateur rankings all made it to the weekend. Ied ya Ko only


just made the cut at level par. -- Lydia Ko. Liz Young completed her


two rounds at seven months pregnant and she'll now put her feet up until


the birth of her baby because she and her husband will get very little


rest once he or she arrives! It's hello to the former Curtis cup


player Maureen. It looked like it would be a run away early on, but


not now? It's a great equaliser and the field's bunched up. We are only


half way through. We get excited on Saturday but there's as much golf to


come today as the feast that we have already seen. Looking at the course


set-up, I don't think there's such a low round out there today.


Toughening up the flag positions is fair enough when you come into the


weekend of a major. Indeed. There's been a lot of talk


about the fact that this is the shortest of the venues on the major


circuit in golf this week. You see Jutanugarn and Feng, but in some way


it's stifled the longer hitters too. Whose game is it best suiting? When


this course was designed 16 years ago, players still shaped the ball.


They don't do that now, the equipment doesn't make it so easy so


people at home know that's why you hit it straight because the


equipment helps you. So now they play to positions, it's all very


positional. They play to the elbows and the dog leg so it's become a


matter of it takes you a four iron and takes me a three wood. So that


to me makes the shots into the green key. Absolutely prime importance.


There are a number of holes that are tricky but there are also some when


you have a lot of loft in your hand. The short irons and getting on to


the right portion of the segment of greens is absolutely vital. If you


do that, you can have makeable bishopedy putts. If you get swept


away to another area, it's difficult to get down in two. We'll see how


the 75 women who made the cut for the weekend got on. They were out


since 8 this morning and Charley Hull, the 20-year-old, this is her


at the first 20 minutes ago. She's played here since she was eight


years of age, said she'd never felt nerves like it on the first day of


the opening morning but beginning to enjoy the high expectation levels


and of course the sup port as well. She's a force of nature this woman.


I've been here since I was about nine years old so it's just nice to


be home. I love it. I feel a lot of pressure but at the end of the day


you have to deal with it. That'll keep her round going. It


will be good if it's up. Yes! Charley's my darling! There she goes


again. Keep that one for the harvest festival. Good shot.


She's done it. Well done. Perfect. A scrappy sort of round turned into a


pretty good score at the end of the day. I liked it yesterday because I


started with a few birdies and did it well. No reason why I can't go


low. Great run around the turn. Five birdies in six holes got me going.


Tidy round. I hit some good shots, just didn't get up and down.


Chipping wasn't that good. I'm happy with the way I came through in the


middle part. Sadly she's not going to be very happy at the start. She


hit her second into the trees, and this is a triple bogey.


Unfortunately for Charley. Having started the day at five under, she's


back to two under. We have seen her charging before. Saw this at Royal


Birkdale a couple of years ago, but what a horrible jolt in momentum


that is, Maureen? Very disappointing for Charley, but for the home fans


as well. You know, she's the sort of player who can light the


after-burners. Sometimes you go out almost trying to predict something


that you don't have and it's like you need to give yourself permission


to go for it and play well and be uninhibited. She reminds me a lot in


her thinking of Alison Nicholas who was a former winner. She was very


uncomplicated. I asked her once, if you are out there playing and start


losing, what do you do to fix it and she looked at me in astonishment and


she said, I am further right. That's Charley's kind of thinking and I


think that's a great lesson because we get too complicated and we forget


about the essence of the game. So yes it's not a good start but it


doesn't mean that's the end of that round. Live coverage coming up and a


quick update for you following the fortunes of the world number one.


Lydia Ko made a couple of birdies yesterday. She started the day at


level par, got it going on the back nine coming home today after an


early start. This was to go 4-under for her round at the 15th and now at


the 16th. This is the woman who's won, she's only 19, won five times


around the world already this season and this was to guarantee the birdie


at the 16th. S she popped that to to go 5-under and this was the makings


of the best round of the day. Looking very good. 5-under for the


day and back in if thick of it. Rather like Charley, a bit of a jolt


coming home in her case because she lost her ball off the tee at the


18th. Double bogey followed it for a six there and a round of 69 that


could have been a whole lot better. She would sign for that 69, 3-under


for her round. She spoke to Maureen once she came off the course.


69 puts you at 3-under but it promised so much more at one point?


Yes, I actually wasn't hitting my tee shots very well in the front


nine but was able to make a lot of up and downs. On the back nine, my


putter got rolling, I wasn't putting very well the last two days so it


was good to see some putts falling. I had a wayward shot on 18. Tough to


finish on that but it's the best score I had during this tournament


so hopefully another low one tomorrow. The flags are a little


more taut today so how low a score do you think there is out there for


the leaders? I feel like the wind is a little calmer than the last two


days, even though it's tucked a bit. Because the greens aren't super


firm, I think if you are far enough up there, it's still approachable.


You just never know. Pressure can get to you. The 18th got to me. It


all depends. The leaders have been playing great golf. I've seen some


of their highlights, they have been hitting it close. I have a good


feeling they are still going to hit a low one today. Finished in the top


three of the last five majors and won two of them. Lydia Ko. Might not


be her weekend though. Whose will it be? This is the live leaderboard. In


Gee Chun is making her presence felt. Karrie Webb just about to get


her round under way. There's Lydia Ko having posted the


round of 69 and we'll see Charley Hull there. The leading amateur,


Bronte Law just there. Maureen, there is one woman in the


field who is perhaps double the average age of the professionals and


it's Catriona Matthew, 46, she won't like me saying that, but perhaps one


of the underrated sportswomen in the country. How much does she deserve


the accolades coming her way now? It's fantastic. Any of us who know


Catriona, she's not the greatest self-publicist. She's accomplished


so much in a quiet manner efficiently over a long time, she's


had a wonderful career, she knows what it takes to win a major and


she'll be comfortable in the position she's in.


Ken Brown, rather not like the last few years in the Championship, was


not about to be swept into the sea in high winds, he's entering the


zen-like calm that always surrounds Catriona Matthew. Looking forward to


it? Absolutely. Supping a bit of water at the moment. Always nervous


no matter how experienced or good you are, the first ever major


Championship on any day is tough. Jutanugarn is an amazing hitter. She


played on the LPGA tour when she was 11 years old! Hit the ball a country


mile. She hit a five iron 195 yards she said yesterday. Short and


straight, keep it under control and it will be interesting to see who


comes out on top. Not much breeze about. The course perfect. I'm going


to join them down the fairway. We'll leave you to it. By the way, nice


hat! Let's just remind everybody of the pairings.


Karrie Webb and Stacy Lewis, what a pairing, they own nine majors


between them. This will be fascinating, Mirim Lee


held the half way lead in the WPGA Championship, another major in June,


only to fall down and also was well in the hunt in the US Open. There's


a woman there, it's Catriona Matthew who knows how to get the job done in


this Championship. Let's see how she goes in the company of Andrew and


Peter. Good afternoon. We are looking forward to a very


pleasant afternoon, although the sun's gone in at the moment. It's a


bit cloudy. Slightly cooler too. Just waiting. The calm before the


storm. Charley Hull's taken goodness how long to play the first hole. Not


too wild a tee shot. A dreadful second, hit the trees, ricochetted


around. All her fans who went down the first fairway...


On the tee from Scotland Catriona Matthew.


The pride of Scotland tees it up. Watch this gentle swing. Ken said


she's not a crash, bang who will lop player, just quietly in the male


game a few years ago, they had players who plotted it quietly down


the fairway. She plays that way. High tee. Swept straight off the top


of the peg. Absolutely down the middle of the fairway.


On the tee from Thailand, aria Jutanugarn.


-- Ariya Jutanugarn. She can hit an iron off the tee most


of the time with great distance. Doesn't use a driver. Rounds of 65


and 69. A little smile before she walks to the ball, which is her


trigger. Hugely powerful figure and a great


contrast as well between these two. Shoot forward. That 'ing just about


alongside the driver of Catriona Matthew. Gloucestershire


Gloucestershire that's just. And off they go.


Mo Martin. Won in such fine style at Birkdale two years ago. Hit the flag


in the final hole. A bit of work for her par there.


A delicate one. She's done it again. Very vicious swing for such a short


shot. More ways to play them than that.


Jang. Lovely pace. Ha Na Jang, incredibly strong South Korean


contingent. 38 of the world's top 100 are from South Korea.


The course is in absolutely splendid condition. I was out with Ken this


morning having a look around. The quality of the grass on the


surrounds of the greens and on the greens and the tees, everything is


absolutely immaculate even though there was so much rain early in the


year. It really is a treat. If you knock


it in, strike this nicely off the middle of the putter and feel the


ball goes nicely in the hole, it's great and a settling feeling. If you


give it a tweak and miss it, you think, oh, God, is it going to be


one of them sort of days? ! Bit short and jabby, but it went in.


That's the way she does it. Remains eight under par.


Look at where they lie in the group of Catriona Matthew and Jutanugarn.


So precise. You wonder how that ever make any mistakes. Seen them do


this, then they go 20 yards over the green. We'll see where this one


goes. 125 yards. Power allows you to put a bit of extra spin on this.


Hard bounce and stop. OK. One thing that was so impressive about


Catriona yesterday, about to hit 18 greens in regulation. Doesn't happen


too often. She'll probably have to land a little further short and


release up to the flag. Perfect angle, lovely lie. Tidy swing.


Perfect length. Husband Graham on the bag.


Scenes at the first tee. Only 25 yards or so away from the 18th.


Starters box. The figure of Alastair Scotts waiting to start them off.


Looks very tidy here, they have set it up beautifully.


Shanshan Feng likes her colourful trousers.


Jutt jutt and Matthew -- Jutanugarn and Matthew are pacing and throwing


and catching. More pacing. She's certainly giving it a lot of


thought, this one. There are lots of subtle runs on these greens, long,


slow rolls, no sharp edges to the greens. But you've got to know what


you are doing, particularly from 14-18 yard ranges. You have to aim


off two, three, four feet sometimes and pace is so important.


Still not sure who is going to two first, I'll be honest, Peter. There


is a lot of circumnavigating with putts from everybody. I think it's


Jutanugarn. Yes, it is. There wasn't much in it. Both putts down the


slope. No great sense of urgency, Ken. It's that type of morning, a


Saturday morning. It's afternoon now, Kenneth. Well... I tell you,


that hat is not doing you any favours. Sorry, I love you to bits,


but that hat will have to go! Get the top down on the car on the way


home, then you can throw it away! You are so kind, Peter. Could be.


Oh! Robbery. If she'd just taken her time over it, it might have dropped.


A very comfortable par-4 to start with for Jutanugarn.


Here come the last pair. The last pair of the final round of the


Ricoh, game number 38. On the tee, from China, Yushchenko Feng. --


Shanshan Feng. Very strong contender I fancy, this lady. Just plods along


quietly. Goodn't me, that is a long way --


goodness me. Mirim Lee. The opening round she produced on


Thursday. She backed that up yesterday with 71.


Also good tee shot. That one didn't get the gigantic leap forward.


Trundled on a bit, but not anything like her companion for the day.


Landed in just about the same place, in a little soft speck. Back to


Matthew on the green. Lady's golf's answer to Luke Donald!


But she has a major. Broch Larsen of Denmark going very, very well.


Three birdies in her first seven holes. Seventh place at the moment.


Thompson. Second shot at the fourth. 6-under par. That was a horrid


swing. What happened there? Good result, perhaps the way to do


it! Oh, it couldn't, wouldn't, shouldnd. Nearly. It was odd, like


she was trying to correct something midway through. I don't know, looks


as though she was startled by a buffalo or something. Extraordinary


shot. Stacy Lewis for her birdie on the


second. Good roll. Spoke too soon.


Apologies, Stacy. Two pars to start with in the second is a gentle


enough par-5. Missed opportunity. Always looks slightly cross to me,


Stacy. Here we are at the second tee. Matthew playing it high. Sweep


it off the top of the tee. I fancy that as left a bit.


Very short rough there, what there is of it. Not bad. One loose tee


shot yesterday, or in the whole round. That was a tee shot on the


16th left. She's just about gotten away with it. Mo Martin same to the


third hole. Lovely. Beautifully played. Very good short iron player.


Not the longest hit ever in the world -- hitter in the world.


Sail down the fort. A little wiggle in the trees. We are blessed with a


forest here so lots of big, mature trees. Give the fairway some


definition. 106, 104. Talking about the 50


degrees wedge. We will just see how close she is to being the right


distance. Looked a good hit. There, you see.


All that fuss and bother and at least you can judge for yourself.


15, 18 yards short from 110 yards. A lot further down the fairway,


Shanshan Feng. They are having their chat now. Huge drive, wasn't it?


This is just a simple pitch up, with whatever you are going to hit it


with. Don't do anything fancy, just land it over the bunker. It will end


up fairly near. 125... I am sorry if I seem a little


facetious. She was lucky to get the big bounce forward from her drive.


The second was not so fortunate. Bit of a break in this one for Lexi


Thompson. Caress it in. Good start continues. Couple of birdies in the


first four holes. Quick check on the leaderboard. Catriona Matthew is,


one shot behind the leader. Shanshan Feng, no fireworks from the Chinese


player as yet. Nicole Brock Larsen, last year's player's Player of the


Year, one of the emerging stars in European golf, as are a lot of other


young Danes who could put their names to that title as well. She is


3-under through eight holes. Looking further down, Ashleigh Simon of


South Africa. She will be going to Rio as one of their competitors, in


fact 41 of the 60 strong field that will contest for the Gold Medal in


Rio are here at Woburn this weekend. Further down, Karim -ish France will


also be on the plane for France. Now, to Shanshan Feng. Third shot on


the opening hole. You don't want this aggravation in trying to get up


and down in two from here. Can't say much about that one. Two


Mo Martin. Hopefully a tap in for a birdie. Oh dear.


Why did you have two mark from ten inches and line it up? You don't


have it to be Einstein to work out it takes longer to go round. You can


see a bit of a ridge running across the green, just in front of where


her ball is. Calculation with the second shot.


AJ at the 2nd. Big tree standing down on the left-hand side of the


green, she fires it down the right. It bounces up and on. Not many


getting on in two here. It's not the longest par-5, but you have got to


be deadly accurate. Catriona Matthew 's has laid up. Then, to try and


save par. Great position of the tee. Huge drive.


That was a dreadful five after that wonderful tee shot. That is just


poor playing. Husband clears the stage and


Catriona Matthew has done laying up a good yardage.


That'll do. That'll do very nicely. She is one of these players that


makes it look so easy. And you think, I should swing app that is,


it is very simple. Mirim Lee making short work of this par opening hole.


Get that four. It almost feels like a birdie after all the messing


about. State of affairs, Mirim Lee keeps hold of her slender lead.


Shanshan Feng, slipping away back down to 9-under. Maguire, the young


Irish amateur is going great guns. 6-under as she enters the back nine.


Two wonderfully struck shots. Little up the hill. The bank of the bunker


at the front of the green will make it turn to the right. You would


settle for two puts here, wouldn't you? Without any doubt. It looks


very drive. It could be a bit quicker than you think. Two


magnificently well struck shots to find the green. It is a tricky green


to find with a long iron. Pushing it. She gave that a good


whack. It is well judged indeed. What a super putt.


Power is no good if you cannot back it up with the Knights touch on the


green. Jutanugarn takes her share of the lead with Mirim Lee. They both


might end up with a four but they have different ways.


It is marvellous, so many different ways of playing golf. Absolutely,


absolutely. That was one of the great lines from John Jacobs. One of


the problems with the game is there are so many ways of playing it well.


So it is hard to teach a method. You have Lee Trevino 's, Jim Furyk, then


you have the purists, the longer hitters, the shorts, to be one. This


is for a birdie at the 2nd Matthew. Well done. Birdie, birdie start.


3-way tie at the top. Matthew, Jutanugarn, and Mirim Lee. Maureen


has joined us. I have just had an nice wander around a few of the


holes. Perfect conditions. Nice bit of cool air wafting through the


trees, so it doesn't get too heavy for the spectators. Good crowds. All


the pressure on this overnight leader and Catriona Matthew 's has


thrown down the gauntlet and made a statement of intent. It is a good


one bolted away by Mirim Lee here on the second. Go to the fifth and Lexi


Thompson. A few players have made a good start, and Lexi Thompson is


certainly one of those. Birdies on the second and the fourth. Lovely


putt. Colourful Shanshan Feng. Colourful,


in more ways than one. Very entertaining character. Just bumping


into the second cuts, but no bother there.


You are thinking, planning and plotting your start to the round.


Catriona Matthew, look so solid. Slightly loose tee shot on the


second, but two birdie opportunities and two taken. She is certainly


carrying, as you might expect, Charley Hull, by contrast, a


dreadful start. Triple bogey on the first and no birdie since. She has


been 2-under par. Ha-Na Jang. Did well to get it out of there. Coming


round nicely. That's looking down at the 2nd. Both


players lying OK. Green is sort of tucked round the corner on the


left-hand side a little bit. You can see, there is a couple of those huge


pine trees which are very strategically placed with bunkers


eating into the left-hand portion the green. Few approving cries.


Click on, click on. Very well done. That is threading the eye of a


needle there, Andrew. Wonderful golf shot. Very close to the rough on the


edge of the left-hand side. We will go to Catriona Matthew. 418 this


par-4, dogleg to the left. Piece of string, it is the perfect angle.


Very hard to keep it tight to the dogleg. That was down the left-hand


side and it has finished on the right half. Good, long hitter as


well. Trying to get close to the flag, so you have to get down the


fairway to give you the shortest possible line in. She will be trying


to work it round the corner with a draw.


Very athletic swing, Ken, isn't it? Hugely impressive, she is a


superstar in the making, no doubt about it. Still young, Jutanugarn,


20. Her sister Maria, has been playing well this week. The ball


above the feet of Mirim Lee, should help her maybe turn it over right to


left. Not got the distance. Big bunker down there, a lot of rough


stuff. She has slightly short sided herself as well. Lexi Thompson, on


the par-3 6th, playing 165 today. An idea of some of the humps and


hollows on the greens here. That is a view of the third. Beautifully


shaped fairways, just giving definition. Little chicanes of


twisting, ribbons of fairway that the players are teased to find. It


really is a beautiful spot. Mo Martin and Ha-Na Jang have


started with a couple of pars. Holding pattern at the moment.


Very good for pace. Very good, indeed. The television screen just


flattens out a lot of these greens. They really are very sloping indeed.


Slightly awkward one of Mirim Lee. Up and down for a birdie.


Mo Martin really relishes being battered in Britain. It is a very


different test of course than the one she faced a couple of years ago


at Royal Birkdale. It is just a different examination paper. She's


struggled a little bit with her left wrist injury over the years. You can


still see the strapping on her wrist. More precautionary at this


stage, than anything else. Not quite the pace. There are a number of


holes here you can rarely attack for a birdie and there are a few that


you have to be mindful and get past them. Some of these early holes are


the ones you need to get past with pars.


Jutanugarn, it really gave it a good hit at this hole. Just a little bit


shy. Not too bad from that distance. Bafta a very ugly opening hole,


looking to get one back. -- after. Ha-Na Jang, to finish well done.


Third part. One couple of times in America, always has effervescent


victory celebrations. Just checking that is a picture mark that Mirim


Lee can repair. Pitch marks, you are allowed to repair, but not spike


marks. Deep into pondering section on the screen. Mirim Lee will be the


first to go for her birdie attempt. Starting to get more crowded at the


top of the leaderboard. It looked good for a while and it


drifted off about 12 inches short of the hole. Great few here of Ha-Na


Jang's second at three. She would try and bully V8 iron. Her line is


pretty good. Distance is pretty good as well. It is a wonderful shot from


Jutanugarn. Just ripped through it and quite pleased with that. 172


yards and an 8-iron. She really had to flash that indeed. It wouldn't


surprise me at all if Matthew had an 8-iron from where she is. 144. Can


use the contours to the left of the flag, be bold and go straight at it.


But coming up short, is not too kind. Very good. Just off the


putting surface, but close. Feng, for birdie. And into double


figures. One of the pace. It is now shared with three players. Stacy


Lewis. Not a great start, 1-over on the first three. Everyone else has


been picking up shots. This should get better now. Lovely shot from


Stacy Lewis. Former world number one. Winner of this at St Andrews


three years ago. Lexi Thompson spends more time on the practice


putting green band nearly any other player. Sometimes it has Depay R.


She is fairly low in the putting stats. Wonderful ball striker. She


just keeps working away. Got dad on the bag this week. Shanshan Feng,


3-wood off the tee. It is a dogleg to the left. Hast to hope that tree


on the left-hand side sticking out a little bit. Settles in, just. That's


OK, quite tight to that pin from the right-hand side.


What a lovely scene this is, Green surrounded by people and all the


trees out. These framed greens, all hoping Matthew can nudge this in to


take the lead. Little lucky with her second. Only just tipped over the


front. Like any good partnership, gets a lot of help from her husband.


Particularly on the greens. Didn't do what either of them


thought it would. Terrific follow-through by Mirim


Lee. Don't try that if you are watching at home, you might end up


in intensive care. You need a very live, supple body to make that


movement. Stacy Lewis for her birdie on the fourth. Yes, it gets going in


the right direction again. Dropped a shot in the third. Back into the


group on 7-under alongside Lexi Thompson and Nicole Brock Larsson.


Dead centre. Really good touch and feel there from Jutanugarn. Moves to


12-under and takes the lead. She's been up at the sharp end of the


leaderboard already in Majors this year. Suffered a bit of a collapse


in the first one in the season when she was three shots clear. But she


learned from experience. She did, because she came back and won three


events on the trot. They were her breakthrough victories in America.


She has already won an event when she was much younger on the lady's


European Tour. She is a star in the making. Still has to make the key


breakthrough in a major Championship. Could this be it? Now,


Mo Martin. Very flat approach at the 4th. No bunkers on this hole, either


off the tee ball on the green. That's very, very good indeed! And


Mo Martin's got the laser irons working beautifully. Exceptional.


Looking at the contours and the shape of the 3rd hole. Shanshan Feng


let it slip away a little. Mirim Lee coming in from a much better line.


The contours of the green feed it round. You can aim to the left of


this pin and hopefully it should bring it round.


Was exactly where she was aiming. Just asking it to go. Had the line


only perfectly, just a little bit shy.


From the other side, good-looking lie in the rough, shouldn't


inconvenience Ha-Na Jang too much. The flag on this little collecting


basin on side. Hast to track over the ridge. Now watch this. Working


down beautifully. Two tasty shots there from this pairing.


Mirim Lee, very good line in here. Incredible follow-through. Just


leaked away to the right. Somebody applauding that. Somebody confused.


Has gone down into the flat of the bunker, otherwise it could be


tricky. I hope this replay goes all the way through to the end of her


follow-through. Super flexibility. Very conventional. Left arm bicep


barely leaving the chest. Full hip turn through impact. And then it


just goes on, and on, and on. Keep turning, keep turning. Almost facing


back towards the tee. Mo Martin just tapped hers in for a


birdie. Jang follows in with a little swinger there. It's another


birdie. So, that is 10-under for Jang, 9-under for Martin. A couple


of groups are pulling each other along too. This Jang and Martin


group and also Jutanugarn and Matthew, have both made good, good


starts. When both players are playing well, they really can feed


off each other. Yes. You maybe feel Andrew the last three pairings are


just beginning to get a bit of daylight between themselves and the


rest of the field. I think it's important when your fellow


competitors are pumping it out at the flags. It makes you more


aggressive. It worked for Stacy Lewis when she played the first two


rounds with Jutanugarn. She was pulled along by the quality of her


partner's play. Didn't go down into the bunker, Mirim Lee. Sticky stuff


around the green here. Got to be quite aggressive with it, otherwise


you can just fluff it a little. Fearful of that, zips through a


little bit too strongly. Hands almost in the metal of the


shaft. The blue arrows go out on the fourth


to inKate the finishing positions of the tee shot of this penultimate


pair. Opposite sides. Catriona down the


right side to Jutanugarn. The rough is about two-and-a-half inches down.


Just nestled down. The pin is on the right of the green.


This is another thing where power is very handy, digging it out of the


rotten lie. If she goes at the flag she's at risk. She has to go to the


right of the flag by four or five, six yards, go deeper and the ball


will get taken into the cut. A bit unlucky there on the second


bounce. Scampered on and gave it a bit more energy to take it through


the hollow. As she dug that out extraordinarily well. That is one of


the great benefits of power. When you get in trouble, you can generate


that strength coming through the rough. It was a nasty lie, I have to


say. Where it finished, it was a reasonably easy shot and well


recovered. Matthew in the perfect spot, 125. It's like a basin the


left hand side and you are trying to hit the plug hole and it's possible


you could run it in there. If you get it in the hollow, there's every


chance it will run very tight to the flag.


If you are a betting person, you might think you could end up with a


two. It's one of those flags where someone's ball could get gobbled up.


APPLAUSE. Just about like that. Took a bit of


grab on the second bounce, enough to bring it to a halt. Wonderful shot


from Catriona Matthew. We saw Mo Martin very nearly holing it, very


pin-friendly position there. Back in the final group.


A double breaker there for Feng. Coming up short. We have seen that a


few times. She's not the most aggressive of putters. Mo Martin is


just about as accurate off the tee as you will find. Certainly not a


long hitter, but finds the fairway, the high 80%s. It's not a long par-4


this one. And she misses the fairway.


Extraordinary head cover. Mo Martin is hiding behind it. Big question


being asked of Mirim Lee here. Remember her chip around this much


past out of the heavy rough. No. So she's going to drop back there 2010


under. Two behind Jutanugarn. -- to10 under. Making a habit of low


rounds in the Majors. She says her goal is to keep that consistency


going through all of the rounds. Ha Na Jang. Mo Martin going with the


drive. Jang with a threewood. Same result down the same line into


the first cult of rough. Always happy. This for par. That was a


little sharp, a little jabby. Back of the 15th green at Wentworth


this, has that feel to it, this shape of green. The rest of the


green is horrifically tricky. Someone must have had a bad night


before making this one. If you can leave yourself 18-20 foot, this is


about as easy as you can get, not much break and fairly level too.


She'll collect her par and we'll go to Stacy Lewis.


She's trying to annex a number of birdies, next Saturday she'll be


walking down the aisle, leaving mum to plan all the details of the


wedding. As it should be. It will be


meticulous. Mirim Lee the driver on the fourth. Not been a great start


to this round now. But it has been a great start for Matthew. Can it be


even better? She's deadly with that putter! Holed her fair share


yesterday. She's going to gather up all the home support. Her third


birdie in the opening four holes. She joins Jutanugarn at the lead at


12-under. There is confirmation of that.


Catriona, named Captain for the 2017 Solheim cup in Iowa next year. Still


not decided whether she's going to play, sweltion be a vice captain.


It's possible the way things are going and for 21 years as a


professional in America and indeed a few years before that on the


European Tour, she's one of our greatest golfing exports, is


Catriona. Charley Hull after that seven triple at the first, remains


at 2-under but some way off the pace now,n the shots behind our


co-leaders. Matthew and Jutanugarn. Nice to see a home player doing so


well. The ball nestled down a little here.


Did she get it a trifle heavy. It was a great line, but very difficult


to control coming out of that lie. Martin second shot to the fifth.


Bunker in the way. Firm green. Out of light.


Just landed on the edge of the green, stopped it a bit. Good break


there. Back down to the tee. 3wood is that?


You have got to hit it 230 yards otherwise you have to shape it


around the corner. Two big beech trees the turn of the dog-leg and if


you hit it past, the ball gets kicked to the right. It's a ball to


play to the corner of the dog-leg then pitch down the hill.


Little anxious going to the right. Oh, well right. Tricky. That's a


tricky one. Missed the bunker. Hung on the slope. She's going to be


standing miles below the ball. It's going to be very awkward. Just


listen to the sound of this ball. It echoes about in the trees. This is


what you call giving it a wollop. -- wallop. She didn't like it. Gone


the other side? Got away with it. This is looking down to the fourth,


the final group. Each player dropping a shot at the last.


Smarting a little bit. Good birdie chance here today with


the pin position in the basin. Second to the fourth. Feng.


I love the way she plays, Peter. I just really enjoy watching her. Yes.


Yes. Delicate one for Ha Na Jang. Played that very well. Very well


indeed. Mirim Lee at the fourth. 133 yards to the flag.


This is Martin for her birdie on five. Mo spent five years on the


secondary Tour in the States before graduating to the LPGA in 2012. Of


course, she burst into our consciousness with her win in this


Championship two years ago. Only missed three greens in her


opening two rounds. One of the most accurate players on the Tour.


Would you say the women's Tour, generally speaking, America and


Europe, the Far East, is it generally in pretty good shape,


Maureen? It could be in a lot better shape in Europe, Peter. We need a


lot more tournaments for the players. Obviously, the LPGA's


reasonably successful, the Korean Tour is very successful. Ha Na Jang


here won the Korean money list in 2013.


Did that rather a lot. And then she went over to the States in 2015 and,


as you have heard already so far, she's had two wins in America this


year, so the Korean Tour's extremely strong, tremendous breeding ground


for getting these players going. I would like to see more field Tours


in Europe. I just hope more sponsors would realise it would be worth it.


I hadn't understood why more sponsors hadn't come forward. I was


honoured to be the first President when it was set up and I thought it


would be a pushover, lots of people that make things that women use,


make-up, shoes, clothes, glamour, whatever reason though, they didn't


come, whether they were not attracted to it, I don't know. The


golf courses were there, not at that level, but where we used to play,


40-50 odd years ago, plenty of those. That was a bit short. In she


went. That's her style. As long as she keeps her youed by still, on she


goes -- her body still. On she goes. The players are all very engaging.


That's a selling point. I think I maybe was even playing on the Tour


when you were the President all those years ago. It was a


troublesome time. Now, this isn't, well actually it's


not a deep edge, it's not as bad as it might have been. It's not bad.


The best she can do is sort of punch it to the front left of the green.


It is awkward. It's lower down than it looked. Scratches it out. Play it


gently, push it to the front of the green and it will come off the bank.


Not a bad result. That was very gad. Her body was completely vertical


when she was standing to the ball. Terribly easy to smother that way,


way left. Just played it with her hands and arms. That's all right. A


long time since she's had a chip. Well, they make you fat, you know!


Perfect spot. Little gathering area. APPLAUSE.


Always a bit of luck. People say, no, no, they controlled the spin,


which is a worn out expression, but sometimes it works out OK and


sometimes it doesn't. Mirim Lee. 170-yard par-3 for Lexi Thompson.


Didn't look much more than a 7-iron she was hitting there. Nice.


Back to the fourth. Feng's birdie attempt.


Stacy Lewis for a birdie. Nice strike. What a result. You could see


that right from the word go. Her body still went back about nine, ten


inches and ten inches through the ball. Second birdie of the round.


Slightly crusty line, ball sitting not too badly. Chipping up the hill.


Well, she's certainly got her eye in. Half an inch left and that would


have been a good backstop. Just catches the edge of the hole and the


flag. Dead centre and it might have even gone in, I suppose. We shall


never know. Due to move in to her new home in


Berwick on Tuesday. Catriona says they are moving in, but then they


have to go to Rio by 12th August. Friends of mine are moving tomorrow


only about half a mile. It's dramatic. You would have thought


they were going to Tibet. The Matthews are moving back into their


original house after renovating. Nice town, North Berwick.


Interesting putter. Half-and-half grip and shaft.


Regulation kit now Ken. Has she done it? She has. She's a very good


looking player, Ken, I must say. A very talented lass, isn't she? Oh,


my goodness, it's all there. Nice touch, confident, 20 years of age.


Very, very impressive. Nice atmosphere around women's golf.


The majority are jolly and happy and talk to the caddy and smile. An


important one here. Come on Catriona, you can do it. Yes, you


can. Steady as a rock. That was a good escape there. Could


have been one of those that just slip away, but she got a good par.


Yes, after where her too shot finished, it was very good.


Thompson. Just not quite coming off the blade


with conviction. Hello! You don't see many of these old boys about.


They're lovely. One of the delights of coming to the countryside. There


was a tiny dear this morning. They came from China originally.


Tricky for Mo Martin. Four different lengths of grass. Going to airmail


this one. On the edge? Yes. I don't know why they take such a


big swing. Since Mickelson started, then Tiger Woods, it's a big swing,


lot of loft, hit it hard up in the air and really there's no need to do


that all the time. There are other types of shot you can play.


Everybody does it know. -- does it now. A couple of testing second


shots coming up for this last group. Feng might be able to sneak this


past without having to move it too much from left-to-right. Odds on


this going through the green really isn't it, if it goes over the


bunker. That looks like a tatty old fairway.


Scampering down that slope, just as you foretold. That's not bad.


Stopped reasonably well. Back to the fifth. After that fluffed pitch on


the edge of the green, back to the fifth.


Beautifully threw the ball there. The play, have to carry the ball


almost like a false front and then severely downhill. She got a great


bit of check on that. Precision strike. One of your lone trees left


behind there, Maureen, stood like a sentinel. Gives it a bit of rough.


Yes, now this is the par-3. Mo Martin's par putt. She was the one


who actually just roughed the chip a bit. Ha Na Jang's strolled hers in,


pretty much stone dead for her par. This is a par saver for Martin, but


not to be. You can see Ha Na Jang's marker


there. Good par-3s here, Peter? Yes, nice, biggish greens. They all run


at everything so slightly different angles so that the breezes that


funnel down the trees play a little bit of havoc, testing you all the


time. Similar yardages but different clubs. That's a drop shot.


The course is more difficult today. The number of greens and the flags


have been put in the corners, making it awkward to get close. Jang now,


for her three to stay 10-under. This sixth hole is playing 156 yards


today. That is a very good view of it. Looking down at Catriona Matthew


and Ariya Jutanugarn. You will notice most people tee their ball up


on the left hand side of the tee blocks. There is a tree that


overhangs, giving you a bit of an angle to get past.


156. 9 tiern probably. Long chip, punchy chip forward -- 9-iron


probably. Dribbled away a bit. Nicely struck. One of these cheeky


pins. It's that branch of the pine tree hanging over Augusta style that


makes this awkward. Can't quite get it high enough to guarantee to get


it over if you put it a fraction you'll clank into it. This is a


particularly dense area of the course coming up from the little


pathway behind this tee. I lost Clive Clarke in the


rhododendrons, and the bushes. He finally came out. Especially where


the flag is cut today. You can stand outside, no penalty and that was a


sweet shot. Very sweet shot. If you think back to Thursday morning after


eight holes, Matthew was 2-over par. She is just a nice player. Sounds


daft to say. Mirim Lee for a birdie at the 5th. She tickles it down the


hill and it's there. It fascinates me, you see the different characters


and not only at this level, but golf club level. Someone who's always in


a rush, someone who is bit steady. Lexi Thompson. One of my favourite


holes, playing from high up in the hill down to a Green set below her.


Beautifully framed by the pines and the trees and the bracken. It is a


wet corner of the cause, so you tend to take big divots down there. The


seniors are here in the first week of September. Travis Perkins stage


an event here. In it goes, well done. If you've not been to Woburn,


and you want a good four days out, the first few days is on the Dukes


course. The first of the three that was put together. Trouble for


Charley Hull. Doing her best to recover from a horrific start.


Nicely played. Great skill showcased. Awkward stance, kept her


balance very well. Slid the club into the sand, under the ball. Stacy


Lewis at the 7th par-5. Can she get up and out and close? She might do


if it stops. Scampers on. Covers quite a big acreage. The


holes aren't that far apart, but because of the trees there is good


separation. You hardly see anyone else when you are on the course. But


they are only 50, 60, 70 yards away. All these people are in with a


chance if they just had a birdie run going and the final 18 tomorrow.


Stacy Lewis, having a serious look at the hole, Peter. Nice to see the


crowds, seeing them all lined up along here. Woburn is such a good


location, a couple of miles of junction 13 of the M1.


Alex Hayes old watering ground. I still miss the old rascal. This has


got a little left to right. As it gets to the Cup, it may come the


other. The early walk, indicates she knew


she hadn't given it enough. She's doing very well, Maureen. The birdie


and no drop shots. She looks as though she is comfortable. This is


Mel Reed. Not having such a happy day today. 3-over. This is the 77.


Yes. She had a run of three bogeys in the middle of the front line,


another couple on the back and not a birdie to be seen. Can Matthew Read


this one? Not far away. Just tickles across. But a comfortable three. No


sweat. Another hole safely negotiated.


Another birdie opportunity to Stacy Lewis. This is the par-5 with the


split fairway. Good recovery to there. Not enough.


8-under. Just treading water. Back to the sixth. Teeing up on the far


left. Not that bad. Seeking perfection, perfect length. Ten


yards. Ten yards drag. Not the end of the world.


Back to Shanshan Feng. Had a very decorated amateur career. Nine wins


in China. Her assessment of her own game is, she always hits well from


the tee to the green and then it just depends on how she putts. Looks


very calculated. It doesn't stop. It might have done, but it didn't. 25


yards past. Faced with a tricky chip. Up to the flag. This will be a


great up-and-down from the bulk of the C if she can steer this one


home. Well done. Rattled in. She is on the march trying to peel back


those shots she dropped on the first. She's only had one birdie.


Currently 3-under, 2-over for today's round. Lexi Thompson for a


birdie at the 9th. Needs to turn left. No. Never read it properly.


Par-5. Interesting one, Ken. The split fairway? Most players go down


the right because it is a bit wider. It has worked out perfectly. Grand


old Pines standing. The horseshoe affect in the woods. Dipped down in


front of the green. 507, it is just about in range if you get a good one


away. The breeze, what bit there is, is slightly helping for the elevated


tee. You don't want to go too far down the right-hand side, you can


run over the top of the hill into the rough. Of the top off the tee


again. She sweeps that drive away and it is an absolute belter.


Unlucky. Caught a wet spot. Quick check on the leaderboard. Jutanugarn


and Matthew setting the rounds. Mirim Lee, who has led this


Championship after a sparkling opening round of 62, a Championship


equalling record round. She has slipped two behind. There is Leona


Maguire of Ireland, one of the few amateurs who will be playing at the


Rio Olympics. She will be accompanying Stephanie Meadow 4-team


Ireland. She is going well in the chase for the leading amateur here.


Bronte Lord of England, one of the other amateurs in this field. She


started bogey, bogey, so she has a bit of work to do. Charley Hull,


having picked up a shot at the 7th, but still in arrears. 2-over in her


round today. It was a shuddering halt to proceedings on the first


after a triple bogey. Nice little pitch up the hill. Huge divot.


That's the way you do it! A real roller-coaster of a putt for Feng


here. Very rolling greens, lots of switchbacks, humps and hollows. The


greens are quite big. At the 7th, she has hit two very good shots onto


the screen. Going down into a slight hollow, up the other side. Not 1


million miles away. The eighth playing 170 yards today.


Tucked down the left-hand side. It is a great shot. Getting better all


the time. Back to the sixth. Quite a long birdie putt. Again, up, out of


the slight hollow. Up the hill, over the top. Dead weight.


Up on the seventh. Ha-Na Jang. Let's see how quickly she keeps after the


ball. She followed the ball with her eyes, very quickly. And then it was


time for tea. That's what you call relaxed. Pina Colorado? No, later,


maybe. Found somebody's chair, probably one of the stewards.


Wonderful amount of volunteers who always turn up here. It is a good


way to see the goal. Mo Martin, just taking a little bit more time after


this after seeing Ha-Na Jang slide her birdie attempt pass the hole.


Well done. As he mentioned, she is very much favouring the short


backswing, Poppy, Ratty style. Thank has this far par. She needs to aim


at this at the right edge. No. Not a bad tee shot. Ran through the back


of the green, three from the edge. Shot dropped.


Up to the next par-3. Stacy Lewis. Beautiful tee shot. But not managing


to convert. Hasn't won an individual title for a couple of years. We just


look and see the choices made by the players in this penultimate group.


This is Jutanugarn. Most players only go down the right if they


believe they can make the carry in two. Mackie went down that way but


she got no run. I think she was lucky. If she had had a big bounce


she would have toppled over the end. She also had a bit of mud on the


ball. But her playing partner, 232 the front of the green. Just about


capable of making it. It sounded all right.


She really uses that iron well. Gives it a good crack. 25 short of


the hole. Down the hill at the 9th for Hull.


It did go, it obeyed the command. Good shot. Started with a seven.


Scrappy, silly seven. Thompson at the 10th. Interesting style. Lot of


body action. Dead online. Hard to believe she is still only 21 years


of age, Maureen, she seems to have been around for so long. I think I


saw her on the European Tour when she was 15. You get used to them


being around and then after ages, you discover they are only just 21


and 22. Interesting, Matthew has played into


the valley. Downslope of a lie. Very tricky to get the ball on side. She


is very methodical, plays the game like chess. Bernhard Langer, like.


Linger longer with Langer. That's good, too. She plots her way around


the course, very tidy and needs. -- meet. Charley Hull for a birdie on


the ninth. This would get her out in 37. It is drifting off.


Mo Martin. One of those rescued clubs. Bigger club than a rescue


club, but she is online and has found the target. Interesting how


clubs have changed over the years, Maureen. We will never return to the


wooden headed clubs, I am convinced. Mirim Lee. Left to right. I think


left. She hasn't. She is fortunate to get a bit of stop on it. She's


not very far from the end. She took a bit of a risk, but that is a damp


area down there. She chuckles away. Just trying to turn this 1-over into


the flag on the left-hand side. Good shot. Many more punchy players now.


I remember Bunty Stevens, an old friend of mine at Birkdale years


ago. She had a wide, low swing. Taps it in. Well done Charley Hull. Pull


yourself together on the back nine. Has she got a good lie in the


bunker, Ken? Yes, about 40 yards and a little bit of a hollow to get the


ball through. This is very awkward. You can try to be too cute and put


it over the back. Pretty good. She managed to get it up and quickly and


with a bit of run out on it. Without hitting it seemingly all that hard.


It was very well controlled. She knows what she's about, this lasts.


She really does. Thompson... Three birdies already


today. Go on. When she gets in full flow, she really is the most


wonderful golfer to watch. Ranked number four in the world now.


Already got a major under her belt. She's had a few putts like that


today, that have stopped right on the edge. Back to the penultimate


game. Interesting how she doesn't put the


ball down on the green until later on in the peas. Does all the


preparation. He points there, just a little routine. Just over those


little blades of grass. Ball down. Doesn't take long when she's over


it, Ken. No, she has decided, just about half an inch outside the left,


which is just outside that, little up the hill. For birdie. Couple of


looks. Taps it on its way. The know. Sliding all the way. That might help


Matthew's putt, the reading of, Ken? From this angle it is a bit left to


right. The pace is slower than you think and if you haven't got enough


on it, it will dive to the right. Matty's putting so far today has


been absolutely mustered. She looks absolutely comfortable, she has one


of those fat grip that is, by the looks of it. It is a classic setup


routine, comes up from behind, couple of practice strokes. She does


it the old-fashioned way. Yes, it is just simple. It stayed left, would


you believe it. Would you believe it? I thought that was odds-on. Safe


part. -- par. Long putt from Mo Martin here at eight.


Very nice. Very nice. It is a real global game, the women's game and


the last 16 players off the tee today, there were ten nationalities


represented. One of them from the United States, Stacy Lewis. Steady.


It is a beauty. Mirim Lee has gone down the right.


Looks and narrow target, through that gap on the left. And it looks a


long way away. Can she carry the bunker? She can. One good hop


forward, it could have been very close. Two big hits.


Now -- Ha Na Jang's birdie attempt. I have been doing a bit of a survey


this week, Peter. I am looking at putting grips, as in how the players


put their hands on the part. We're talking about right-handed players,


50% have left below right, and 50% is more conventional. If you saw


something that strayed from the Orthodox, you immediately thought


they had a problem. Yes, Cross handed and then came the long


putter. Amber Marchbank grip, and Bernhard Langer was very successful


with it for a time, before he went to the long putter. It is a game


within a game. Those tiddlers, it is so annoying when you miss these. She


doesn't. Pretty tight at the top. All the way


down, a lot of players from 6-under, shooting 67.


Parfrey the eighth, on the left-hand side. -- par-5.


There is the gallant colonel. His last tournament. We will see more of


him over the last 24 hours, I am sure. They have provided so much


help for us over the years, taking leave from their army duties to come


and help but golf tournaments. She has lined this up. Just watch the


rhythm. Sitting up for a little draw, little bits of right-to-left


on it. How is it looking, Ken? If the distance is right, it is looking


crushed E. The best round for this third round so far is still from


Chun, from South Korea. Nicole Broch Larsen is 8-under. Leona Maguire is


7-under. Charley fires one in here. Marching down the back nine. She


could do with coming home in 32. That would boost her morale. She had


a nice run of birdies yesterday on the back nine, so it is well within


her capability. Not seeing many putts hold, Maureen. Considering the


greens are magnificent. The whole courses. Beautifully done and


congratulations to all concerned. Three courses here and they are all


immaculate and all slightly different. This is going to be a


long, eagle putt. You are right Peter, at how unlucky she was at the


shot, but she played in with a 3-wood. There is moisture in that


side, the water drains down there. But the ball almost went backwards.


Firm bounce, she would have been up within 12 feet of the hole or so. It


will be good going if she gets round in two. Pace and aligned, the old


Crown Green Bowling. Roll it up to the jack. Down the little hollow, up


the other side. Perfect length. Beautiful length.


Just sweeping across a Birds Eye view to the eighth.


A little minivalley of sin there Ken, that she's walking up. Yes,


nine times out of ten it would have gone down the slope which would have


made it a little trickier. It's going to be a chip and run.


A few years ago, they would have played with anything from a 4-iron


to 7-iron, now I wouldn't be surprised if we see one of the most


lofted clubs. Look at the loft on this. Hands forward, got to hit it


just right. Very easy to get it to check and come up short. She's done


it beautifully. Can't complain about that! I think she knows what she's


doing. Leave the girl alone! Tidy card! Going well. A two-shot


lead now over Matthew. Let's have another look at that, Peter.


Beautifully played. I suppose the result is the same as... Oh,


beautifully touched. I bet Catriona is mumbling to


herself there, fancy her holing that. She's not far away either. A


little bit more, but that's a nice three.


You tend to get a hanging lie here at the ninth for your second. This


one doesn't look too bad. There's one of the big valleys. There are


several of them that run through the course and until we've cut away


through the roads and things, we didn't know they were there, the


Ferns and the rhododendrons, but it gives the course a lot of character.


Now, will the charge begin here? For Charley? No.


Just has to guard against getting frustrated. She's hitting a lot of


good shots, beginning to give herself the chances. Patience is the


key, sometimes you can't force things too much.


She's a player who can really eat up the par-5s, so she's left herself a


decent chance there. Reached the 9th hole. 14-under. Par-4 straightaway.


Massively wide fairway that runs away from you. Iron off the tee


again. My word, she gives it a good crack. Gone off like a tracer


bullet. Like one of Davis Love's. He could do it. So could Greg Norman.


If you run through the fairway on the right, it's not too bad. Ideally


you want to be down the right side, about 250 yards out.


Catriona with a little lofted wood. Metal, wetle, kettle, whatever it


is, and she binges it away, hits it straight off the top of the tee


every time. That bounds away, look at that! That could be awkward down


there. Luck of the draw. Mirim Lee's tee shot like a tracer


bullet there, nicely in off the curb. Excellent.


Jutanugarn, the 20-year-old from Bangkok now beginning to take a bit


of a group. A two-shot lead now. The fireworks, as we saw, the chip-in at


the eighth, it's all going this young lady's way. Catriona Matthew


giving chase at 46 years of age. Mirim Lee and Ha Na Jang also very


much in touch. So up on the green, Mo Martin.


Interested by that choice off the tee for Catriona Matthew there. It


clearly was a choice that bounded through the fairway and down the


slope. Looking back from the green, you can


see where Catriona Matthew will be down that slope there. It's not too


bad there. Got that wrong. 54 players are under


par here. We have taken this course apart and again, they have been


playing at a modest length. Slightly splayed elbows in the style


of Lexi. We judge her by high standards. She plays very well from


putt to green. Ha Na Jang. A quick one but not quite that pacy.


Just the one birdie today for Jang. Seven yards on. She was blocked out


there, just attacking around the bunker, as you can see, keeping it


under the trees. Ha Na Jang and Mo Martin. I think


it's Martin first. Ariya Jutanugarn waiting for her to


get into her met Tative pose. -- meditative pose. She did some work


about relaxing herself so she's taken the lessons to heart.


Jutanugarn lighting a scented candle down the fairway.


Jutanugarn's routine. Oosthuizen when he won the Open at St Andrews


looked at the red dot on his glove. Players conjure up all kinds of


things to get themselves into the zone. Nice little trigger to start


and every routine will be the same. Ha Na Jang comes forward.


Looks at the hole. Spread the feet a little wider.


And it works. Good save after a cautious first putt. One birdie, all


the rest pars for Ha Na Jang on the front nine. Interesting Maureen,


Jutanugarn and Matthews crashed one through? I think that might have


been the case because the tee shot number seven dug its heels in. Took


a mighty bounce. This couldn't be placed in a better spot, 170 yards.


Not a pin to coy with ideally between the TV tower and the flag


and the slope. Very good shot perfect for distance.


I couldnd work out what she was doing off the tee. It got a big


shoot forward. It went crashing through the fairway a long way down


there. It really didn't shoot forward. It's not too bad. Only got


135. Again, she's got to aim a little left, further right to the


shallow of the green. This is not a time to be terribly bold. As a


tactician, there's nothing better. This is a hanging line.


She did very well there. Set it off, just a bite on the TV tower and not


a shot to take any liberties with. Time to press the go button and


there's a time to just be a little bit more conservative.


Stacy Lewis had to put one low just off to the right and a little chip


is very well played indeed. Lovely shot by Lewis.


Unlucky. Never easy to sleep on the lead. She's done that for a couple


of evenings. But she's getting more accustomed to it, getting more


comfortable up there with people chasing her. She's two shots adrift


at the moment. Maguire putting together a very nice


round again. Just creeps over into the top ten,


Maguire. 4-under for her round leading the amateur standings by a


good few shots under Bronte Law. 3wood for Ha Na Jang. 344 yards.


Gives it the plum line. That's old school, that is.


Dangerously downhill this one, a yard past the flag. You want a steep


down slope. Needs a silky touch. Nicely played resolutely to the


left. Pretty good pace. Mirim Lee. Let's have a look at this


follow-through again. That one gets a shooting bounce


forward as well. I think that's going to hang on.


You are landing on a downslope there.


Just got to cosy it down with maximum break.


Catriona Matthew had already been established on the LPGA Tour for a


couple of years when Jutanugarn was born. There aren't many more


experienced players in the game than Catriona mathee r yew. Laura Davies


and her. -- Catriona Matthew. Not many women in the gamekeep going


into their 40s. Maybe they've got more sense!


That's OK. Gets a lot of action on the ball Lexi. A lot of moving


parts. When we look at the super slo-mo of the others, there doesn't


seem to be many moving parts and Catriona knocks that in and these


pairing have had no drop shots between them. Treely high standard


of golf in this pressure situation. When did she get the nickname


beanie? A long time ago in east Lothian. Maguire six shots clear of


Bronte Law in the amateur case. Tee shots of Mirim Lee and Shanshan


Feng going through. You can see the ball there right at the end of the


fairway. Mirim Lee slightly hanging lie.


A shot through the valley up towards the green.


A lot of players on the left hand side. Helen's popped in to see us


again. Hello. Hello. What Swedish words are we going to learn today? !


Mo Martin on the tenth hole, one of the easier holes on the golf course.


Let us see if Maguire can finish out here on the hole. Beautifully done.


A very, very good round from Lee-Anne Maguire, a 68. Goodness,


that was a violent high five. -- Leona Maguire. Good that it happened


afterwards so there was no injury. That was her twin sister Lisa on the


bag. Ha Na Jang. Slightly over club. Still on the


green but sure she's not too happy about that one. Jutanugarn on the


tee. A low bulleted drilling one on the


tenth. It could park itself behind the tree. May just be OK. You can be


well on this fairway and right behind a tree up this left side.


420 yards. Pin tucked over the left bunker so you really must come off


the fairway. A bit of a humdinger of a flag.


We are enjoying the contrast between these two playing their games.


Jutanugarn hits it so long, hitting irons off the tee most of the time.


Side by side and sharing a chat. I was having lunch with Catriona today


and she was saying she felt very, very comfortable with her game and


she was super happy about her performance yesterday and she said


she'd played a lot with Ariya in the States and they're both very calm


and collected players and are playing very well. They're very good


for each other out there. Lexi Thompson, another birdie chance.


Never looks quite comfortable on the greens. She comes up like she wants


to guide it rather than letting the putt hit the ball and stay online.


Stacy Lewis on the 11th, par-5. Getting a little too much on that


one. Over and up, some of the toughest putts I think, because you


have to get over the hill and it gets away from her.


Very impressive, six shots clear of Bronte Law.


Mo hasn't really found the pace really either. You would think that


she, her bread and butter is really her short game and we were saying


before that she's, even though she's won the British Open she's not fund


herself up on the leaderboard, and it's a different feeling when you


get up there and have a chance to win. We have been talking about that


round Leona Maguire. She leads the amateur race by a distance now.


Interesting to get her thoughts talking to Hazel.


Andrew was just saying six shots clear of Bronte Law in the chase,


give us your reaction to the 68, there was a wee fist bump there,


enjoy it? It was a great day out there today, I enjoyed every minute


of it, gave myself a lot of chances and took them. Tell us how positive


this situation is because you have the world number two, Bronte


yourself are three, and the world number four is going for it too this


weekend. We are seeing more and more amateurs right up at the top


Echelons of professional events these days? Yes, absolutely. Amateur


golfers are as strong as they have ever been. Bronte is obviously a


friend of mine. It's great to see all the amateurs doing well. I'm


interested to know your ambitions this weekend, are you out to win


this title? We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I'll try to make as many


birdies as I can and see what happens. Like you, with so many


others going to Rio, you are one of the few amateurs in this


professional field. Thame us about your prospects and what you are most


looking forward to? I can't wait for Rio, it will be a dream come true


for me to represent Ireland on that stage. I've watched the Olympics


enough times, usually on the TV, so it will be great to be part of it


this year. In the village, we'll get to soak up the whole atmosphere and


cheer on the rest of the Irish athletes out there. Well, we saw you


pull off almost a professional victory last year, who knows what is


ahead. Good luck. Thank you. Interesting the approach she's


taken. You think of her as an amateur, and she's older than some


of her colleagues. Bronte Law, three holes to go. Was going well for a


while. Maria Parra, 78. Maguire might be heading for the top prize


but might have her eyes on something else. Watching Jang for a par first.


Ran a little bit by. This is important to stay in the race. That


was not a good effort. I think going back to Leona, that is what is so


great, because when they come out on Tour, they win right away. We came


out a couple of years and wanted to know how it felt to be a


professional. They get to contend even as amateurs. When they become


professional, the step up is not that big.


Most of the players left this out to the right a bit. Being cautious with


it. Miriam Lee no different. I think they think it's a lot faster than


it's been proven to putt today and it's hard to give it a go when it's


a downhill putt. Another very good iron shot from


Jutanugarn. Very impressive player. A lot of glies would like to play


like a girl when they look at her. She's got the distance. It's not


just the distance, she's playing with real composure as well and good


touch around the greens. She's an all-round good player. This is


another one, Catriona Matthew, that is a very well all-round good


player. A little bit too much. A pretty


decent chance on that one. So Mirim Lee to remain two behind. A


confident stroke. Charley Hull we've been told has had


a penalty drop. Not going well for her today. No, I think it was a very


tough start for Charley. A very good save for a bogey though. I think


since she's never said she's really been nervous, there's been a couple


of days where she felt something she's never really felt to that


extent, you know, being home with all her friends and family on the


home course. There's not a lot you can do, it has to be going its own


way when it comes to nerves. Jutanugarn sizing up her putt. The


driver is so dominant in the modern game, she decides not to take it.


She thinks she can hit it far enough. She could find another 20


yards, goodness me. She doesn't need it. She's hitting two irons into the


par-5s and I think to have the driver and get herself into trouble


than to be leading the US Open, sorry, the British Open, with the


irons and 3-wood, I think she would be smarter to take the second route.


She wouldn't be able to take a driver here because of the distance


they play. She would have to take the iron most of the time anyway.


This is a fast putt. We saw Ha-Na Jang previously. She found the right


pace and she found the Cup. Another birdie. I haven't seen the sign of


any nerves from her today. Just going along, like a walk in the


park. It is a slow walk in the park. I liked the way she is playing at


her own pace. She is not being rushed. When she gets up to play the


shot, she is quick enough, but between she is at a steady rhythm.


It is going to be a pretty quick round. Catriona Matthew, struggling


to keep pace. Started off so well, three birdies in the fourth. All


Pars since then. I hope she stays calm and not tries to force it. It


is not over today. Just positions at yourself in a nice position. Here is


Mirim Lee. In the bunker, that is a tough shot.


Straight in the bunker at 230 yards. Talking about awkward shots... It is


a very tough shot, all uphill. But she played it beautifully. And you


have to hit it so much harder than you think because the ball is going


to go straight up. She definitely did that. Pursed lips, Stacy Lewis.


Always looks a bit disenchanted with life.


Life is good. She did smile twice yesterday. Use them all up. Shanshan


Feng, down the fairway. And Mirim Lee, just avoided the sand. Probably


would have preferred... She's going to have to stand in the bunker and


take one or two more clubs to get to that. The only danger that could be,


she will hit the grass a little bit too much, too quick. She will have


to be very careful to take the ball first. It was the first longer she


has just avoided. It is an untidy mistake. It is quite a


straightforward hole, the tenth. For being such an easy hole, it has


caused the play is quite a bit of a problem this week.


Much deliberation. She should come out little bit left. It is important


for her to stay off on the back foot here. If she moves in, she's going


to hit it heavy. She's going to have to play with the slope.


Her caddy, urging it on. When you have such an uphill lie, it is going


to take a lot out of it, but she got it on the green. I am sure she's


quite happy. Big smile, she is happy, she is on the putting


surface. Always happy, happy soul. Jutanugarn. See if she can give this


a lick with the 3-wood. That's tight. She can take a tighter line


here, almost creeps out onto the fairway. What a difference it is


with Mo Martin. This is her third shot on this par-5. She has the


hybrid. Little bit harder to get the ball closer to the pin when you come


in that low and running. She is so good with those clubs. She wears out


the face on those clubs, the amount of times she has two hit them.


Catriona Matthew, with the driver. Birdied on both days so far at this


par-5. I think it's easy now to start to feel like you want to force


it a little bit. Didn't get much bounce out of that one. That one


just stuck on landing. If we can get Charley to do


something. That's not Charley, that is Ha-Na Jang, sorry I apologise.


Little greedy, I thought, on that shot. She had plenty on the right


side to work with. Here comes Charley. She is in Swedish yellow


today. Yellow and blue, look at that. That is what she did for me.


Great shot from Charley. Lexi Thompson. Let's see if she can put a


positive stroke on this one. Although it is quite quick and a bit


of break in it. Wasn't a putt to be aggressive on. She has judged that


beautifully. Not long until the leaders get to


the 12th hole. It is a very interesting shot par-4. We centre


not only can, but Peter Alice to have a look at it earlier on. I am


with the Maestro on the 12th green. It is a tricky pin position today,


Peter? I wouldn't want to be putting from up there with a shaky grip. The


tee is back there and most players will lay up. Look where the water


is, we have only got three paces over to the water today. If you come


in with a wedge, it will be difficult to hold it. A lot of


players will have to play beyond the flag. They could use the contours to


the left. This leaves and manageable putt. It is pretty quick downhill,


Peter? You need a delicate touch, Kenneth. If anyone has a delicate


touch, it is you. You never lose it. This flag on the 12 is in a tricky


spot. You will have to have your wits about you. If you go fit, you


are risking everything. It could be dangerous. Two smiling rogues.


Looking at number 12. Sometimes they bump the teacup and the players will


have a go at this green. Sometimes that they do in the men's


tournaments. Charley has left it short of the pin. Chance to get to


three. That's how you do it when you play the 12.


Mo Martin hit in that wonderful, low, long fairway wood. She is now


considering all possible options. Yardage chart. Green Charter


examined. The lie of the land study, a few brass rubbing is taken.


Everything is taken into account. She hasn't really come into the


groove today, she has just been fighting to stay where she is.


She has got it! Worth the effort and the concentration. And the looks


from all sides. Mo Martin, that is a hard earned birdie from some way


down the fairway. She is trying to get it in two using the hybrid.


There is always a way it can be done. Mo Martin gets to ten. This


one looks pretty useful. They are dropping now. Mirim Lee moves within


two of Jutanugarn. It is always nice you don't drop too many shots and


then you start feeling more comfortable. Ha-Na Jang. Sneaks in


on the right side. Doesn't matter. Smile is never too far away with


Jang. A look at this par-5. Catriona Matthew is playing it as a full


three shot. Jutanugarn, even though she is in the rough, she can get


there. 247 yards. The ball looks as if it has been teed up for her.


Couldn't be in a better lie. She is looking to aim it in a gap which is


80 yards wide. If you go left, it goes into the bunker and if you go


right, it is in the hollow. Clanked it. It is in there somewhere.


Decisions to be taken, rules officials will be called. It is a


great position coming in. Look at how strong she is. She stays down so


well on the ball. Comes over a little bit too quick with her hands.


But it is really, really beautiful and effective golf swing. A lot of


power coming through. Go back to Mirim Lee, see if she can find the


right line here. Trying to sneak it a little bit on


the left side. Trying to gain a few yards. Leaves it a little bit out to


the right. Bit of cut spent on that one and it dug its heels in when it


landed. Matthew, third. Lovely light, good angle. -- lovely lie.


That's one just dug in as well. But a chance of four. It is a nice putt,


I bit uphill. Going to make a good run at it.


That is the state of affairs. Jutanugarn, really hasn't put a foot


wrong. Five birdies, no drop shots. Two clear. Wonderful scoring from


most concerned. Leona Maguire is in a very strong position. Nicole Broch


Larsen with a round of 70. Good ground from Jodie you it. -- good


round from Jodie Ewart. Someone has e-mailed in to ask what


brass rubbing is. They must be young. Used to go into churches and


put a bit of paper down over something ornate and rub away. It


was all the rage in the day. The times we used to have! The winter


hours flew by. Back to the 12th green, thankfully.


Thank God, Stacey has a nice run. She found the Cup.


Helen is leaving. Thank you very much, Helen. Back to Jutanugarn. The


sign has been moved. Maureen is back in and Peter Alice is back here and


Ken Brown is out watching this one. If she gets clever and gets it


wrong, she could run up half a dozen. She has got to play the


percentages. About five yards to land the ball on. Be sensible. Play


five, Ken? Don't be too greedy. Is it up, is it up? It is. Very well


played. Little bit of a breeze getting up.


Bronte, struggling on with borrowed clubs. She said she was really


missing her own putter. Hasn't been a good day for her. I thought she


might decide to keep that set, but maybe she will change her mind.


Charley Hull. Hasn't really recovered from the seven at the very


opening hole. Rocked her back on her feet. Hasn't really had much going


since then. Are we going to see a sterling finish? That could have


done with skipping forward a bit. But play today generally, has been


very constructive, very good. Enjoyable to watch. Can Matthew


Craft another birdie out of this hole. Good lay-up. Reasonable pitch.


She has putted so well this weekend. Made more than her fair share


yesterday. At this juncture, she just wants to hang on and keep


Jutanugarn within her sights. Don't let her get too far ahead. Just


strolling around like one of those great big giraffes. I wouldn't have


picked that particular animal to fit in with this young lady. Good


player, Ken. I have never seen her play before. She is absolutely


fantastic. She is, as they say, in the moment. Focused. Have you ever


had any moments, Ken? Plenty. You just get the feeling she thinks, I


am going to hole this. It is not an easy one, it is down the slope. Is


it a bit from the right, where is it from, this one? I didn't get close


to it, it was a bit of a hostel to get there. Speed is all-important.


-- hustle. Yes, I thought it was. Just a couple of pars. Just a couple


of pars. What a good-looking card. Five birdies. Beautiful golf. Up to


the 12th in this most attractive water hole. Nasty flag position


today. Stuffed in on the right-hand side. Very close to the water. Very


tempting. Charley Hull. For a birdie at the 13th. Can she end up with a


run of birdies up to the clubhouse? Come along, come along. No. That one


scene to gain pace when it got to the hole. -- seemed. Mo Martin is


normally dynamite with her wedges. I doubt she will be going straight at


this one. Aiming a little left. Very dangerous flag position today. Got


it to stop. You putt them too hard, you end up in the water with the


trout. Peter, when you make that hole, was


the water piped in, was there any natural source close by? The


Marquess of Tavistock had passed away and he was, the family were


very anxious over the water, if we could create some water feature. It


has worked out very well. I was a bit dubious, but the flow of water


remains constant. It is a very pretty corner. Quite a bit of


waterfowl come and visit. There is the smile, part of the pre-shot


routine. She walks in. The plan is to get this one to finish between


220 and 240 yards out. The fairway is pretty soft. It shouldn't run out


too much. Just plop it down onto the island fairway. She has missed it.


That's not a good spot to be. Not with the front pin. That will


frighten you a bit. This will be a safety shot coming up. It should be.


Has it got a bit cooler, Ken? When the sun goes in, but it is still


pleasant with a lovely gallery out watching. Catriona Matthew, she has


got a little rescue 5-wood. Whatever you want to call them. Blistered up


the left side. Over the water... She cut that away to the right. Neither


in the best position. Back to 11. Flag only ten arm.


Narrow section of the green, as you can see. Very good. It flew in there


like an Exocet missile. Back to the 12th. This is the putt Ken had when


we were out this morning. He has that magic touch. Just run it down


to about 40 inches from the hole. She did the same, just a whisker


short. Dangerous side to putt at, going down the hill.


This is one of my favourite hole some the golf course. It ranked the


second hardest over the first couple of days. Right to left dog left. But


she has sneaked her drive past the trees. So she is in the clear.


Little bit of inconsistency of bounds on the course at the moment.


We have seen some hard bounces and we have seen some dig their toes in?


A couple of areas hold more moisture. Birdie putt here, 12. Same


line as her partner for the day. That wiggled away, didn't it?


Although it's not a long hole, it is one you can easily drop a shot at.


Not the easiest position to be coming in from two that flag. I am


sure Ken will advise them, if he could, to the left. Playing for a


fourth. They've both got their slight


difficulties. Matthew has got one of those hard, strands of grass behind


the ball. You have two trap it between the clubs face and the ball,


which will eliminate any backswing. She has to play a little bit left of


the flag. A bit deeper, otherwise it will run out. This is a very tricky


shot. 79 yards, bit of a breeze which doesn't help you stop the


ball. Ball above the feet. My goodness. Aim it at the Ricoh 12. I


think she has, hasn't she, Ken? Straight at it. She managed to hold


the green. Well done. That was about as good as you could do without


taking a ridiculous risk. Nicely struck. Write down on the ball,


Sharp. Similar shot coming up. Jutanugarn's ball has settled on the


edge of a little divots. Like hell are shot, she doesn't want to be


greedy. She is in command of the tournament. Play the percentage.


Well, they have done it very well, very sensibly.


Plenty of loft on this. Landed fairly softly. Which is what you


wanted, first thing is to get over the water and make sure you didn't


go whizzing through the green. Great birdie opportunity on 11 for


Mirim Lee. Just brimming of the right-hand


edge. Very disappointing. A number of birdie opportunities out here,


but you can't let too many of them going begging or you will find


yourself going a little bit adrift from the top of the board. Turned


professional in 2010 and played for four years on the Korean LPGA. Five


women within six shots of Ariya Jutanugarn's lead. You are properly


see the name of Maria Jutanugarn, which is her sister by 18 months.


Not challenging her sister for the lead as yet. There is older sister,


Maria in the chasing pack at 3-under par. But they are a long way back


from this 20-year-old from Bangkok, who became the first Thailand


winner. Not only did she win one in Alabama, she followed it up with


back-to-back and back-to-back wins with Virginia and Mitch Egan as


well. The season is belonging to her so far.


Eased away a little bit and she's found the same spot as the other


two. Bronte Law. Coming up short right


with her approach on 18. All depends on how it's lying. Very well done.


Very deep bunker, that front right, at the 18th. Five or six feet deep.


Birdseye view of the 12th. Lots of debate on the line. You did


it this morning. You had a cursory look and stroked it down.


Turns a little from right-to-left but not much.


The timing is so good I think. Look at that, just swung across. Both of


them have little putts left. Stacy Lewis bringing all her


concentration to bear on this par-saver, but it's not enough. It


was not a good effort by her standards. Dropped shot. Back to


8-under. Got her grumpy look on again. Now Catriona, my lovely, this


is a testy one. You've putted beautifully, but, can she do another


one? ! This is one of these that's just inside the right edge but you


need to trust your stroke. Beautifully done. It looks so


simple. Only about four-and-a-half feet away. Very slick greens. Body


still. Lovely touch. Bronte Law. Can she finish with one


good par-saving effort. She can? That's her 76th for the young


English woman. She won't be happy, she's very hard on herself indeed,


but she's putting up a fine performance in this Championship.


Straight up the hill she goes. On we go.


15 is a lovely, snaking winding par-5, safely negotiated to this


point by Lexi. Bit off the right. Lee and Feng at the 12th. Both gone


right off the tee. We have seen this shot before, haven't we? Take a bit


of a risk. Oh, she's had a touch of luck. Wonderful result. I think her


heart must have been slightly in her mouth there. Absolutely. Coming in


from that angle of the green is so shallow.


Still miling up, but nobody's sort of stepping out in a big lead.


Tomorrow, if they stay like this, could be desperately important and


every shot could be important tomorrow. We saw Charley Hull start


with confidence, somebody else steps in, gets three and things can change


very, very, very quickly. Birdies very awkward pin position.


Right-to-left. I don't think I've ever seen a woman do that. She gives


it such a crack. She gets ample distance with an iron. There it is,


255, probably 270 yards. Yes, beautiful. Position A right in the


middle of the fairway. Sometimes people say a short course doesn't


suit a long hitter but a course like this you can shoot so many irons.


All the others have to hit woods. You can be very accurate as you have


to be very powerful. Remember the way Tiger Woods plotted his way


around Hoylake? That was a masterly display. Now Catriona.


Support for Matthew and great crowds here all week here at Woburn,


families and boys and girls here to watch and indeed to walk around this


wonderful course. Quite a few girls helping out here as well. Tom


Williams has met some of them. These 16-year-olds don't even play


the game. Morning, girls. ALL: Morning. This is your carry


board... 23 volunteers from year-11 at nearby Thornton College just


outside Milton Keynes have this week put their summer holidays on hold to


work as school board carriers. They are quite heavy so you can slot them


into your Lang yard... Why are you doing this? Hopefully to grow the


game of golf. It's really in need of a boost, particularly as far as


juniors are concerned so I'm hoping they might be inspired getting up


close and personal to the professionals. What an honour, today


an twang net is carrying the board for Charley Hull andied ya Ko. --


anal into e. With the -- Antoinette. Has watching Charley Hull meant you


want to take up the game? Yes, I liked the clothes she was wearing,


they are different to the ones I expected. I expected the players to


be old but they are not, they are quite sporty and young. Is enough


being done to boost participation, particularly amongst young women? I


don't think so, no. By engaging with schools, that is a real opportunity,


and we are talking to Woburn golf club at the minute about linking up


with us and offering lessons to our pupils.


I'm one of the young players, I feel like I am a major role model so it's


good. I don't really think about that too much because I just want to


play, but it's part of being a professional golfer to get people


into the game. If I didn't look up to people I wouldn't be into the


game. Was it exciting being in amongst it all? Yes, because Charley


was playing well, getting lots of birdies which I learnt all about


today. After watching how it's done, time to give it a crack. Only 12% of


golfers in the UK are women. Fancy giving golf a go? Yes. Why? It's


really calming and I suit it and it relaxes me. It's perceived to be


more of a man's sport so I would love to show that women can do


something like that. You are going to go back and knock the peg over...


Impressed! I'm sure it has inspired Antoinette


and her colleagues from the college. If you would like to have a go, go


to the website. Maureen, do you like that idea? It was wonderful. It's


important to get them in there and think that the game's cool.


One of those young ladies said she liked the fashions and they were


saucy. I thought it was sporty. Jay saucy and sporty is good. Bit of


character. Very different from 100 years ago. Old thick bullet proof


tweeds. Jang for a par. Working hard at the


13th. Good effort. That's how they just


slip away. Don't want to be more than about four behind if you can


help it. Plus the way our leader is playing, I don't think she's going


to make many stupid mistakes. Martin trying to edge up the leaderboard.


Oh, not quite. Not guy. Quite. She's played very well this year. Missed


one cut out of 18 tournaments in America.


Stacy is out in 38 and she's down 3-over.


A very busy bunker at the par-314th. Watched a lot of players there in


practise and it seems to just be, you know, tease them. Our leader.


She always looks sodisgusted. Probably 18 feet away. Not as


disgraceful as she might have thought.


Set up for a high draw from Matthew. That was just missed the checking on


the bank of the green that would have eased it to the flag. A lot of


these professional players started the game Ben they were eight, nine,


ten years of age. They have been playing a long time, even the very


young ones. Karrie Webb won this event 20 years ago on her first


visit from native Australia. She can rattle them in. 9-under and not too


far away. Back to Lee. Four birdies in her last holes.


Things like that can change the score.


Dropped one at the last. Very uncharacteristic. Walking away to


regroup because the next needs a little care and attention. Lexi


Thompson. How is she going to play this one? She's 8-under.


Helen was in here a few moments ago. She did a bit of that in her day.


Very entertaining to watch. Great fun.


Quite a few '70s there. So how far bag is too far back with one round


to go? Five or six, seven. You never really know. Drama toward


the end. I don't think it will be a run away four, five shot victory,


but things can happen. I think on the whole, the scoring has been


excellent due to the conditions. John Clarke and his team have the


courses here in immaculate condition. It hasn't been the best


earliest spring. Done a magnificent job. A little from the left and


downhill. They have been going round and round circling for something


that's not there. Maureen was saying earlier sometimes they read too much


into it. Don't conFaw the brain. That's the first loose shot she's


hit. Very rare. Centre of the green is always a good


result on this par-3. The green should feed that round a bit towards


the flag. A wonderful golf shot. Thompson is one of the new bright


girls, only early 20s. Birdie. 9-under.


Seven wins already to her name despite her youth. Lexi? Yes.


Uphill little slower than you think. A bit of movement from the right.


You do well to have a little smile! That was a great save. It's been a


tremendous pairing to follow. Neither player has dropped a shot.


Just when Catriona Matthew had a little bit of hope that she might


get one back or have one given back to her, the door is shut on that


thought now. Byter, did you like being a front runner in tournaments


-- Peter? Or were you good at coming from the pack? I didn't really mind.


Sounds a bit arrogant, I suppose, but I never lost a tournament I


should have won, you know. I've watched lots of people maybe making


three or four pars. I've never threw a tournament away.


I got 21 in 15 years. I always tried to enjoy it and when I used to get a


little nervous, I used to slip into my brain the picture of one of my


favourite holes, whether it be Parkstone or Ferndown, I could


visualise myself hitting down there and it gave me a bit of freedom.


There's so much about golf, once it's in your brain, you think about


it. That private video library of shots is great when you need it.


Yes. Just off the fairway. Quite a good distance to the green. Fairly


straightforward. Almost a little bit of a false front


there. A very checking slope. Took the sting out of the shot but it's


not bad. It's all right. Can't be enough, surely. Gosh. Did


it best. Why would you want to mark that from


there? She's six inches away. You're not going to... . I don't know.


Anything to waste time. It's all programmed in there, waste time.


17. This is a ferociously difficult flag position on the ledge on the


right hand side. She's told us what she thinks of that, yes. That's a


huge slope to come up there. That's going to be a very testing putt.


For such a short club, she must be very displeased with how she struck


that. Looking through the valley up to the 14th. Does remind me of that


short hole, the first short hole at Augusta which is the fourth hole.


It's down the valley up to a green. Quite long.


Could end up quite good. Her misses are good, Peter.


Peter and I wouldn't look at the course. Some tough pins on this


closing stretch. There certainly are. You have to plot your way


around. She's got a fine line. Got to be a


good crisp one. Our TV tower, eight yards left of the flag on your line,


the deep green slope goes on. There is an open-mouth bunker there.


That's high. Just tailed off to the right a bit and, from then on, was


struggling. Catriona making one of her few


errors in this round. Interesting to see Jutanugarn and Lee, two players


who've shown frailty towards the crunch time in a major in the past,


but you've got proven winners in there, Matthew, Martin, Thompson,


Webb, Lewis as well. That name of Leona Maguire as the leading amateur


right now in a tie for eighth. Great playing from her. Fair warning for


you. Lots of women's sport on BBC television today. Our coverage of


Ride London's Classic from 6 o'clock on this channel means we are going


to be slipping over on to the red button at 6 for the last half hour.


You will be able to see it on your connected devices via the BBC


website. Feel free to stay with us for the final part of our coverage


but from 6 it will be on the red button or on the BBC Sport website.


That said, plenty to enjoy in the next 33 minutes or so here on BBC


Two. Tall figure of American Lexi


Thompson with dad tending the flag. Good long range putt there.


Mirim Lee and a chance to join Ariya Jutanugarn.


One of Catriona Matthews' rare errors over the last three days.


She's going to land it on a downslope. Going to flip it very


quickly. Beautifully played. That becomes a big putt as well. It was


lying nicely. Had to hit it hard to get it up sharply. Beautifully


played. The round's just stalled a bit. A big par putt coming up for


Catriona Matthew, just to maintain her position. Three behind her


playing partner at the moment. Suddenly players grind to a halt and


everybody is looking around. Just loses your rhythm of the round when


everything is going so nicely. They can dawdle around. Just wasting time


because they know they are going to be hold up in the next -- held up in


the next while. That could have been very tricky.


It's trickled down and it's not a bad putt now. From the left, down


the slope, 30 feet. This could take a while. Everyone is


milling around with no great purpose at the moment. Nowhere to go after


this, so just take your time. Jutanugarn just about ready to go


now. Come out of her homing pattern. -- holding pattern. The interesting


thing is, these closing pins should suit her. At the front you can spin


it a bit more than most. If anyone can get at them, she possibly can.


To do it you have to take a risk. This would be a bonus after the tee


shot. Fantastic putting by Jutanugarn.


When she looks back at this round she will look back at the putts on


the last two greens and it may start to give her a little bit of real


clear water. Six birdies, no drop shots today. Mirim Lee, to stay


within two. In it goes. They are just stretching out a little bit at


the top of the leaderboard now. Couple of shots between first and


second and third and fourth. Vig putt for Matthew. Must make.


Tentative, lost the rhythm. Bit of a stutter. She is nothing if she is


not patient, but she will be a few shots behind Jutanugarn. Something


left here as well. It is her first bogey. I will check.


First bogey in some time, he said vaguely. Didn't have a bogey


yesterday. First bogey since? I will come back to that one, chat amongst


yourselves. First bogey since the first day. Carrie Webb. Over reading


that. Seven Majors to her name. 41 wins in the LPGA in 20 years. A


stellar career and one of these younger players would like to


emulate. Let's see what Mirim Lee can do with this par-3. Cross the


valley its sales. Pretty useful again. Very good club.


So much of it is the management of the mind. Shanshan Feng, only one


birdie today. Three dropped shots. Almost missed her tee off time on


Thursday. Arrived with seconds to spare. And the same as Matthew... It


is a long carry on that line if you are attacking the pin straight on.


You have to feel the players have pushed it a bit because the centre


of the green is the percentage play. It is going to be one of those days


the Shanshan Feng. Off to Mo Martin. Longest hole on the course. Most


players managed to get the wood down there and then click on. But Mo


Martin still has some way to go. Go a tiny bit. And it did. Lovely


shot. Seen some lovely swinging and great strikes from Mo Martin. She is


very close. Back on the tee. Just an iron again for Jutanugarn. Just a


blur. Gone 250 yards. Perfect spot. I think if she got two good three


words, she would have managed to reached this. Reasonably generous


fairway, this one. It is all about threading it through the


bunkers for your tee shot and then threading it through even more


bunkers for your second. Charley Hull has reached the 17th.


Pin on the right-hand side. Just about there. One of the best shots


we have seen there today. Such a narrow ledge up there. Lexi Thompson


going well down the grip here to cope with this. Has to be careful


she doesn't smother it. Her feet slipped a bit. Could have been


worse. Overcautious shouts of fore. Health and safety gone mad. Would


rather hear that than no shot. Mo Martin. Beautiful shot into this


par-5. In she goes. Two birdies in the last five and now alongside


Catriona Matthew. Those in third place are currently five shots


adrift of Jutanugarn. Suddenly, from being very bunched for a long time,


just being stretched out at the top of the field.


Now, Mirim Lee, getting more accustomed to the low scoring she is


beginning to produce in major Championships. Feeling much more at


home up there in the rarefied atmosphere she is in now. This will


have quite a swing of the left-hand side. The entire green tilts from


left to right as you play the hole. Tracking well. No! Beautiful putt,


however. So, her last nine holes have read three, three, four, very


good scoring indeed. Karrie Webb, second to the 16th. Sneaking up


there today. Three birdies, no drop shots. Karrie Webb... It just about


does. After her wide on 18, plenty of


green to work with for Lexi Thompson. Just got to get over the


ridge. Get a scooter on. -- scoot. Very straight hole. Long par-5 15th.


Jutanugarn, with the iron off the tee. Can you see the tree trunk


where it splits on the left edge of the green. Caddy giving the


instructions. It is a very tricky shot, so she will be keen to get 75


yards within the putting surface to give her chance to spin the ball in.


This is miles back. My goodness. Left flat lie. Catriona Matthew 's


has already played down there. She finished in the right trap, awkward


spot. Catriona Matthew just looking a bit ragged. Jutanugarn, steady


enough. But way back in that par-5. Beauty, says the Caddy and beauty it


is. No club selection issues for Mo Martin. She is hitting her driver in


most of these holes. Now, this is a similar line to the


one we saw bronze the law hole for her for a few minutes ago. It is a


bit longer. He/she will be keen to see this home. This will give her a


68 today. No drop shots so far. She has been a little bit tentative with


some of them. Needs to get this one running at the whole. Unlucky. The


damage was done of the tee shot. She gave herself such an awkward lie, it


was odds-on she was going to pull it well left. Disappointing bogey five


to finish on for Thomson. But it is a 69, solid play. 8-under.


Currently, that is eight behind. About a yard from the front of the


bunker. Can't see the flag. She is wondering should she take a chance.


So easy to catch it a little heavy. It'll have to be so doable. Heavy.


It is going to require an up-and-down from their to save par


for Katrina Matthew. Staring at back-to-back bogeys here. --


Catriona Matthew. Mirim Lee, smashing it away on this


par-5. Landing on the upslope. Barely any run. Now, she left


herself a long way back, what has she got? 118. Hard and high and this


will have some check on it. The last few shots she has hit, she hasn't


looked overly pleased with herself. But as we were saying earlier, her


misses, are pretty good. Not putting herself too much in bother. Karrie


Webb has just run it past. For a lot of players, the birdies just seemed


to have dried up. Hanging on, coming home.


Karrie Webb keeps the blemish of her scorecard.


Just churches out even more. The top six places separated by eight shots.


-- stretches out. Little bit more bunched behind. What a great round,


68 from Leona Maguire. Matthew, fourth shot. Desperately


needs to get down in a couple from here and she has played a good one.


Mistake at the last hole, mistake here. Little bit of a struggle. She


doesn't want to drop too far behind. It has been very impressive watching


our leader. Two or three of the women at the top of the leaderboard,


they are playing very, very solid golf today. Beautiful evening now,


early evening, late afternoon. The 15th hole, the longest, it is


playing the second easiest, averaging 4.70 five. Costly for


Matthew. Jutanugarn, outside chance of a birdie. But now back to


Charley. 18th, second shot. Not a good day. Three shots gone on the


opening hole. She wasn't able to recover. Mo


Martin, second into the 16th. She does often play the course from a


long way back. She can be deadly accurate. Be good. Another one, what


a shot from Mo Martin. She has provided a couple of lasers around


today. That one just hopped on a little bit, but when she is playing


from so far back, you have to be impressed. There is the leaderboard.


Jutanugarn, out in front. Three back to Mo Martin. Karrie Webb coming


towards the end of her round. Lexi Thompson heading towards the


clubhouse after that 69. Before she gets there, we will hear from her


witch hazel. It was the blemish at the end, which


I'm sure you are kicking yourself about, but the difficult lie with


the shot over the green? Yes, I only missed my 3-wood by two yards. Half


in the bunker and half not. I hit a good shot from there, just came out


a bit more left. I had a great day out there. You made some real


progress, what do you feel about the scoring now and the way Ariya


Jutanugarn is playing, and what will it take tomorrow to catch her? A


very low round. She is going very low today. I will focus on game,


that's all I can control. You are not seeing the way she is playing,


are you surprised given everything she has done this season, to see her


name at the top? I am not surprised at all, she is an amazing player.


She hits it very long and doesn't even hit driver. She is a very


strong player. Fearless. You are in the thick of it too, Lexi, play well


tomorrow. Thank you. Tomorrow promises to be a very good day. The


weather forecast is good. It is nice to look forward to a happy day. :-)


's and a worthy winner. -- Smiley faces. Quiet putting routine of


Jutanugarn's. The greens seem to be slowing up a bit. Unless I am


imagining things. We have seen a lot of putts come up shy. Good line,


just finishing pace and coming up six to eight inches short. Matthew,


for par. She really does need this one.


Cool customer. Conscience, conscious, competence.


Good strike. It just trickled away. Another one gone. Two shot strop at


a crucial moment. -- dropped. Needs a good finish. Certainly one,


hopefully two to get her somewhere near the top. Jutanugarn's rivals


need special in the holes remaining to them, otherwise there will be


nothing but her heels to look tomorrow. Charley Hull, on the final


green. This is quick with a bit of right to left in it. Down it goes.


Go, go, go. Groans all round. It started not too far away with the


ugly seven on the first some time ago. Couple of birdies, couple of


bogeys and she is just going to wait to tap in. Mo Martin, after a


beautiful shot into this green. Putt for a birdie. Just a bit too wide.


Save par. Jutanugarn, draws admiring gasps and chuckles. 3-wood. It has


gone a country mile. Mirim Lee, trying to attack this


flag on the par-5. Think she has pulled it a little bit, turned it


over and that gives it a little bit more length. The flag, not very far


over that bunker. Matthew, got to settle over these closing three


holes. Every hole is a possible birdie. They are not too long. Just


makes it that little bit more difficult. Flag at 16 on the


right-hand side. That might give Matthew a decent angle as we go


quickly up to 18 to see Charley Hull finish off. It is a disappointing 75


for the home player. As Peter said, never quite recovered from the


opening seven. But she will take a lot of support with her tomorrow.


Stacy Lewis. Birdie at the 17th. She's... Done it. Well done. A few


near misses round about the turn. But that is good, she's got it back


to 9-under. 13 and 14, she dropped a couple of shots.


At the moment you feel the players are jockeying for position, just


trying to stay close to two Janke Anya Garnis -- Jutanugarn. Just in


case she stumbles. Have been impressed with Mirim Lee. It is the


first time I have seen her play. She said sometimes her clubface gets a


little shot in the takeaway. That is what is keeping her going.


Running well... Will it turn? I thought she had it. So did she.


Really good effort. She remains a couple behind. Three holes left to


go. One more birdie would be very valuable to her. Very impressive. Mo


Martin at the 17th. 11-under. Not as you say, mooring, not of powerful


player, but she has hit a lot of straight, good quality shots.


There we are, Matthew might just be OK. Just OK on the little downslope.


Just in the rough and has tucked it nose in the grass, the ball. The


good news is, 135 yards left and she has 20 yards of green to land the


ball on. This is manageable because it is bound to come out with a bit


of run. That is a very good result. It was a


magnificent shot. Nice bounce. Chance for three. I thought that was


terrific. The pin is 21, three from the right.


A very tight to the right of the 16th green. Massive tee shot. 285


yards. After tea with a three with 108 left. -- of the. She has used


the 3-wood very often today. Two, three times. What sort of shots has


she got here? It is the simplest of shots. Perfect angle. 108 with a


breeze, but not much. 9-iron? Probably some sort of a wedge.


Probably a gap wedge. We never played this hole to be played like


this, this is for the big boys. Give her a red card. Just got to be


careful of the right-hand bunker, not leak it too far to the right.


How brave the she dare to be. If she goes for the flag, got to be


pinpointed. It was brave. It was over the flag. Good shot. We have


been talking about her three wins this year, but she also lost in a


play-off a couple of weeks ago. She did, but it is Jutanugarn, setting


the pace. We're not done yet from Woburn, we will follow the leaders


to the finish of their third rounds. But we will have to do so on the red


button. Because we have a date in central London, 50 miles south of


here for the ride London classic. But we will be back with the


conclusion of this third round and then the fourth day live from Woburn


on BBC Two from 2pm tomorrow. Thanks for your company on BBC Two. Catch


you on the red button I hope.


Hazel Irvine introduces live third round coverage of the Women's British Open from Woburn. South Korea's Ko Jin-young, appearing in her first major championship, and Taiwan's Teresa Lu both shot rounds of 69 at this stage of 2015's event at Turnberry to lead the way by a single shot.

Woburn is playing host to the Women's British Open for a record 10th occasion this year, yet this will be the first time the Championship is being played on the Marquess course.

Commentary by Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Andrew Cotter.

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