Final Round Golf: Women's British Open

Final Round

Live final-round coverage of the 40th British Women's Open from Woburn. Presented by Hazel Irvine, with commentary by Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Andrew Cotter.

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This is what they are playing for on the final day of the Ricoh British


women's Championship at Woburn. We have been coming to this club since


1984 for the Championship, on and off. But it is the first time it has


returned as one of the five Majors in the women's game. It is a big


deal here. It has a happy habit of producing famous champions. Seve


Ballesteros, Dame Laura Davies, Lee Trevino and Sir Nick Faldo. And this


lady, 26 years ago and she hasn't changed a bit. There she is, one of


the nine previous Woburn winners. Seven time major winner, Karrie


Webb. Bidding to become the tenth Woburn winner of its Catriona


Matthew. At 46 she became the oldest champion in history. Mo Martin would


love to hold the trophy again after her stunning run at Royal Birkdale


two years ago. But today could also be a major breakthrough for Mirim


Lee, aiming to follow compatriots as the 50 winner from South Korea. Or


will it be Thailand's date and that of Ariya Jutanugarn. I know how to


play under pressure. I know what is and isn't under my control. Yes,


Jutanugarn slept on that lead after that beautiful 66 yesterday. Mirim


Lee, could be a major winner in waiting as well. Mo Martin just


behind, Catriona Matthew, left herself with something to do. Heady


times for Leona Maguire. 26 years ago, it was Helen's day in


the sun at Woburn. Who's do you think it will be today? I think it


will be Jutanugarn or Mirim Lee. I have been very impressed with Ariya


Jutanugarn. Armed with this two lion in the bag, which she has hit so


beautifully from the tee, let's reflect on the power and position


she has managed. She has faltered in a major Championship earlier in the


season, what gives you confidence it won't happen today? First of all,


they are so young and in it for the first time. The motion, the body


reacts completely different. Sometimes you don't even recognise


this body you are in and how your thoughts go. They are not equipped


to understand it. She went on to win three in a row. Obviously learned


some things, trying to stay relaxed, thinking about what is in your


control. Three in a row as you say in regular Tour events, and the


relaxation was in evidence yesterday. She has put a smile in as


part of her pre-shot routine. Not a care in the world, Ariya Jutanugarn.


It is so important. It was the iron play, she said it wasn't as crisp as


she would like, but how impressed were you? I don't know how to say


it, just the way she hits it. The interview, she said she wasn't happy


with it, I thought it was excellent. Not a lot of things look like it is


wrong, her putting has a very strong stroke. Gets to the hole, which we


saw a lot of players not do. It is her to lose it rather than anyone


gain it. She looks solid. This is at the 8th, in she goes. With this kind


of power play, M the Championship record of 19-under par be in danger?


I think so, the course is playing so nicely. Not a breath of wind and the


greens are so receptive. The pins aren't very difficult. Maybe the


last few holes could be a determining factor. With her, not


having a lot of par fives out here, she has the chance of three or four


birdies. Let's look at who is out with whom. We have got 15 players


within ten shots of Jutanugarn's lead. Brilliant playing from the


Irish amateur, Leona Maguire. She is out with Shanshan Feng. Karrie Webb


is still in the picture, 21 years after winning her first event at


Woburn. It is a major, all-American affair with Lexi Thompson and Stacy


Lewis. Catriona Matthew and Mo Martin underway at two o'clock. Will


the champion come from this final pairing? Will it be Mirim Lee or


Ariya Jutanugarn. Ken Brown will be watching their every move. He was


out early on with the man who designed this Marquis course many


years Peter Alice. These wonderful trees, all sorts of oak, beech and


elm. I can see Clive Clarke now, blazing his way through with a


machete in his hand. Clive Clarke did 90% of this course on his own. I


trail behind saying a few romantic words occasionally. It is a bit


magic out here this morning, Peter. This was one of the few parts of the


property that were wet. Hence we have a stream and the marquis, bless


him, he wanted a water feature. So we manage, much against the run of


play to carve this out. Depending on which TU play-off, it is one of the


nicest holes on the cause. You have a big decision to make of the tee.


They lay up in the middle. I don't want them to do it all the time


because you get too many divots in the same place. Have a good day,


ladies. Don't you want a cup of Coffey? No, we are not allowed. See


how it goes through the woods. Beautiful, it really is. This is the


last par-5. During the war, they dumped ammunition here. We had to


call in the bomb disposal people. They virtually closed down the work


meant for a couple of days. But we didn't blow anything up, but it was


a worry getting rid of the bombs, added to the excitement. You see how


wide the fairways are. This was meant to be enjoyed by the members


and guests, it was never meant to be the most severe test in the world. I


don't see the point in trying to create a course like that. Good


hole, the 15th. This is a good little amphitheatre. Pass the


studio. Thank you, it was a great adventure and we are on the 18th


now? There is quite a big ripple and roll through this green. Don't be


surprised if you see one, two or three putts today. You must be very


proud. Very proud. You like this marquis course? It is absolutely


stunning. Every hole has its character. Unfortunately I don't get


to play it. I just hear good things from the girls about it. Helen, you


would burn it up. Charley Hull, had it going 7-under until a double


bogey at the 13th and then bogeys at the 14th and 16th. But the one


running making progress is the former US Open champion, So Yeon


Ryu. In this 40th anniversary of the Ricoh British women's open, let's


enjoy the final day. Just about to get underway is Jutanugarn. Let's


hand you over to our commentary team.


The final round of the 2016 Ricoh women's open competition. Game


number 38. On the tee, from career, Mirim Lee.


COMMENTATOR: You have got to enjoy watching this girl play. She is very


impressive. So many players here this week that really make the heart


race a bit. Just watch this swing, very sturdy, compact and powerful.


Great follow-through. May have pushed it a whisker. I think she has


missed... From Thailand, Ariya Jutanugarn. COMMENTATOR: She is a


crackerjack as well. A good battle in progress between these two. There


is the smile. That is to kid herself she's not nervous. I'm going to


enjoy this. That little trophy is coming my way. Maybe? Super. Just


six inches wide. OK. You can tell why she was a little bit anxious,


staring after that one. Close to the bunker but the 2-iron will get some


work today. She does hit it a long way. Going to Mo Martin, up ahead on


the green. Totally different player, Mo Martin. Not very long off the


tee. Straight and true. A good thinker around the course. That is a


wonderful judge of pace and line. I don't think she will make many


mistakes. Not a flamboyant player, but if the ones who are more


powerful make mistakes, you just nibble away. She is playing


alongside Catriona Matthew. They have both opened with pars. On the


final hole, Charley Hull. What a great round she did have going at


one point. She was out in 31. Another couple of birdies, but


hasn't been all that brilliant the last half a dozen holes. There is


the abbey. It just shows you the estate. There is the golf course.


It's not all that far away. The bottom, middle left is the


television compound. On the second, we find Catriona Matthew.


She was looking down the left-hand side, a little bit anxiously. Come


out, come out, come out. Par-5. Needs to make a few birdies today


and hopes Jutanugarn comes back a little bit. Stacy Lewis. 9-under.


Just off the green, as you can see. Little chip. Just tiptoed on another


four feet more than she'd hoped. 9-under, in fifth place at the


moment. It just shows you how good Charley Hull's round was. She did


get 29-under at one point. Jutanugarn, close to the bunker.


Settled in the rough a little bit, but not a bad line coming into that


right-hand pin position. Little ridge in the middle of the green.


Ken Brown, following this game. I'm sure he will have much to report on


the two wings and throwing is and the conferences on every shot. I am


certainly looking forward to it. Bit cloudy all of a sudden, but no rain.


133 yards, the pain is seven paces over. She has got a pitch and wedge.


I don't know how softly that ball can be made to land. Look at that,


stopped stone dead almost. To get to this flag, you really have got to


come off the fairway. You can have a go at it, but you have got to come


from the back of the green. Same for her playing partner, Mirim Lee. It


will probably come out of there and run on a little bit. If it trickles


67 yards past it, it will trickle off the back of the green. She too


has one of her wedges. It looks like she is eyeing the flag. Not a lot of


room? No, but if she can get it up she will have to rely on the


trajectory rather than the spin to stop it. She is left of the flag. It


took a bounce. The other one stopped within six or seven feet and that


one just rolls off the back. Slight struggle for pars at the 1st. Slight


struggle for Stacy Lewis on the par-5. Slight struggle, she had an


eagle chance, but run it past. Still this for a birdie. Looks a bit


perplexed. She knows she needs to get something going and a couple of


pars to start with. A missed opportunity on the par-5 2nd. It


could be a good one. By such margins. Championships are won and


lost. Former US Open champion back in


2011. The yardage books get bigger and bigger. They used to be little


pocket diaries, but now they are bigger than the old Testament.


Catriona Matthew, the shape of the tree sticking out. Crafty of them to


leave those couple of trees in, wasn't it? Makes it an entirely


different shot. New have to try and shape it around, right-to-left.


Looks a good line, if it just turns. Excellent shot.


Just got away from her yesterday. Started well, three birdies in the


first four holes. Back to the first, Mirim Lee. She has left herself the


best part of 40 feet and not easy to get the pace all the line right. You


don't want to leave yourself a nasty three and a half foot. Got to take a


very good touch to lay this stone dead. The surface of the greens,


absolutely stunning. I don't think I've seen better. Come along. Just


as the ball loses pace, the big swing at the end. That is eight out


of ten. Mo Martin, second on the par-5. Very few par fives have been


reached in two. Getting a bit of advice from her


caddy, Peter. He has been a kingpin at reading the greens this week. He


has been very involved, every time. It is tricky.


Up the hill and a little down the other side. Over the ridge and down


she comes. Slowing up. Oh dear. Charley Hull on the final green.


For dropped strokes. Looking absolutely flying, looks as if she


will finish in the top three or four. You never know, it may do if


the others have golfing catastrophes. This will be about 69,


68, 69. Might have been so much better. 69 it is. 13, 14, 15 is


where she slipped up. Get ready for Rio now, Charley Hull. She will be


playing alongside this woman the Great Britain. Eagle attempt for


Catriona Matthew. Not too shabby. Brilliant. I don't think she will be


to cross about that, getting down in two from such a long range. It just


misses the flag and spins out. A whisker left, that would have gone


in. In it goes further birdie. One of the shots she has two pick-up has


been collected at the 2nd. Creeping closer to Jutanugarn. She would have


expected that on a short par-5. Par putt at the 1st four Mirim Lee.


Right in the middle. That is impressive. Very impressive. Leona


Maguire, who is on the 4th hole. All pars so far. This is to save par,


here. Well done! The 21-year-old, who is clear in the race for leading


amateur. Mo Martin, for a birdie. No. Just slid across. That is a nice


par. Funny sort of day. And there is a little bit of chill in the air. We


have seen very little sunshine. There is a bit of wind blowing


around the trees. A few sweaters and anoraks on today. This is one to


test the putting on the first four Jutanugarn. The test has been


passed. Might be an interesting dual between these two, Jutanugarn and


Mirim Lee. Career against Thailand. A fascinating. In the last stroke


play event in Ohio this month, Mirim Lee and Jutanugarn and Lydia Ko,


fought out a play-off for the title. Eventually it was Lydia Ko who won


it. These players have been in this pressure situation together very


recently. It be interesting to who can handle the nerves better.


Charley Hull, really did have it going. I'm sure the big crowd here


at Woburn, this is where she grew up and learned her golf. She has given


them a lot to smile about today. To the second tee and Mirim Lee. Watch


this follow-through here. That would hurt those of less supple


disposition. That is a great line now. Long Way down as well. Always


chatting and smiling. Always busy. In no time to be sombre. Here comes


the big piece of furniture. Or, her biggest piece of furniture. Only


carries this 3-wood, which is like a shallow faced driver with a bit of


loft on. She smacks that away Henrik Stenson style. And down it goes.


There they are, almost side-by-side. Mirim Lee did give it a good shoot


forward with the driver but Jude can you time is very long with the


3-wood. -- Jutanugarn. Nearly whipped herself in the face with her


ponytail fair. Matthew at the 3rd. Sweet swing.


Can you put your cameras away while they are playing, please? Mo Martin,


this should be a low trajectory. Doesn't get the ball tremendously


airborne, but deadly accurate. That might just tiptoe of the fairway.


Jutanugarn and Mirim Lee, both safely gathering.


Look at where the tee shots are on the second. This par-5, sweeping


round the corner to the left. Both are big hits, 3-wood for Jutanugarn.


In prime position to have a pop at this par-5 in two. Not a huge amount


going on on the green, just feed a little bit from the right-hand side.


Amazingly, these big tall pines are in between them and the flag. She


has 195 yards left. Shallow green. Pain is tucked over the bunker as


well. -- pin. The scoring is more difficult today. Looking down our


computers. There are a few better than par, but not all that many.


Charley Hull got it going but the greens are a little firmer. Pins


like this one are tucked over the big trap. You have got to be very


accurate to get close to the flags. Remember, this is a par-5, so why


should you have every blast at it and make it simple to get near the


hole. She has got a 6-iron, Peter. It is not a par-5 then, is it. Too


short. Cracks it down the right and it may not come back. Strained at


that one little bit. Probably trying to drag it round. Might have done


better with a five and play it more softly, more gently. This one is a


different shot altogether. 188. Pops it up in the air. Similar line, it


is going a bit quick. On the edge of the bunker, I think. Depends on the


lie. Par-5 of the front line, Ryu.


Beautifully done. Couple of birdies in the first two holes and the


chance of a third here. Martin and Matthew both off the


fairway. Bunker short on the right-hand side. Plenty of room.


When Martin lines up this shot, she is only a small, very petite women.


Look at her stamps and how big, how long the club appears to be. Don't


know if you will get a good view this time, but sometimes it looks


like she's using clubs which are two or three inches too long for her.


Looks like a huge, long club. She only five foot one, five foot two.


Swinger, not a hater. Timing all-important for her again slid it


in beautifully. One hop and it was there she has to play an entirely


different course to Jutanugam, coming from different distances with


different clubs. Entirely different set of shotmaking, that is one of


the fascinating aspects of the game. She moves to 9-under par. There are


some birdies out there. Alongside Stacy Lewis in a tie for fifth. Back


to the par-5. Catriona Matthew. 82 appearances in major


Championships. Just need to carry three or four yards onto the green.


Always going right. Always to the right.


Just missed the sand but a hard lie where the tree roots are. Tricky to


get this right. I way it goes. Suddenly this very birdie able par-5


become something very different for Mirim Lee.


Maguire, the amateur from Ireland. What a good player she is. Well


ahead in the race for the amateur prize. And she has done another one.


You may soon have some competition. A much more friendly lie, upslope,


sitting quite nicely, better angle to the green. Just have to get the


first bounce or it will kick to the left. Over the little hill. Just


sounded a little bit fluffy. But that for birdie.


9-under. Birdie, par, bogey on this hole, so need the hall and one for


the full set! -- the hole-in-one. Just got about a yard of fringe to


putt over, but it is the crispest looking fringe you will find. Can


get the ball running off it quite easily, from this angle also putting


a little up the hill. Didn't waste much time lining this one up.


Making hard work of arrests after a very good tee shot. -- of this.


Possible six are looming. See what Catriona Matthew can make of this,


by head, this is very awkward. What a good shot there, that was


very delicate Andrew, very tricky. Very well done. Good touch.


Birdie putt. Might be,, could be a two shot swing here.


How about that one? Very neat and tidy.


Mo Martin with a long birdie attempt on the third.


Has judge did very well indeed, oh! That is a bonus, a double bonus, you


don't really expect to hole those. When you do it's a lovely feeling.


Well done. The chase is on, Jutanugam clear, Mirim Lee trying to


limit the damage here. Always left, it is a two shot swing


on her playing partner. Mirim Lee slipping back. Just shows you how


quickly things can change. Certainly might be a three shot swing, get a


bit cross, hit it too hard and catch the edge. I'm not anticipating that,


but this is for six after a perfect tee shot.


Six it is. Much to ponder on the way to the third tee. Catriona Matthew


just to finish out here on the third. Just catches the right edge,


very good up and down, par, birdie, par start, six behind again.


STUDIO: Confirmation that Jutanugam of Thailand has a real breathing


space, a four shot lead. Mo Martin making progress as is Catriona


Matthew, but this young 20-year-old keeps going on. Charley Hull, we saw


her finishing off early, heading for a top 20 finish, let's can form what


was a wonderful round, really had it going through 12 holes, 7-under


before rather untidy finish, let's get for reflection. Did your whole


major on your home golf course live up to expectations? It was great


fun, I've enjoyed the whole week. Didn't play quake as well as I


wanted to yesterday, I played well, today I played great apart from the


last six holes, 9-under par for the tournament but I finished on


5-under. You were 7-under for the day at one point, with the leaders


going out there are only three players within six shots of the


leader so how far back is too far back? I don't think, there is no far


back, you can easily shoot a low one or a high one, if it happens the


tables turn. What's next in the season? I am playing Rio then I have


two weeks in Canada for the Canadian Open and another event over there


then the Asian swing. Just a little bit more golf to be played, best of


luck, particularly in the Olympics, I am glad you enjoyed your home


Open. Thank you very much. Jessica Ennis-Hill is back on top of


the world! Adam Peaty wins the gold. Nicola Adams has just made history!


Goldberg Kenya! His 18th Olympic Gold Medal. They are world champions


again! Bradley Wiggins is the Olympic champion! Laura Trott


crosses the line as the world champion. Mo Farah streaking away!


There could be gold coming for Great Britain's athletes and golf


returning to the games after 112 years, Charley Hull, Catriona


Matthew, Danny Willett, Justin Rose, three major winners and one in


waiting you could say for Charley Hull, playing for Team GB.


COMMENTATOR: It will be enjoyable. Jutanugam year with the iron again


generates such clubhead speed. IS nationalities represented in the


last seven groups out today, impressive array of global talent --


ten nationalities represented. The mutterings of Tom Watson. I


think the caddy for Jutanugam was his caddy a couple of times. Anyway,


Catriona Matthew. I might have just imagined that, I have a vivid


imagination. Nice drive-by Catriona Matthew, big crowds you can see,


need to control the camera work. We are joining Leona Maguire just at


one of the very few bad shots she has played all week. Been a


magnificent performance by the young amateur.


Being attacked by some sort of flying beastie.


Go, she said. Was hitting with the 8-iron but needed a bit more. But


good start by Martin, third place on her own at the moment.


Cooler conditions now, just a hint of a smidgen of rain in the air.


Another fine iron by Catriona but could be swept into a hollow. Just


hanging on. Tomorrow max the 22nd anniversary of her turning


professional, and what a career it has been. The tee shots of the final


group on the third, Jutanugam getting around the corner. Lee


first. Both with a good line to attack this


flag. Which Mirim Lee does superbly. She picked up a birdie at the last


but is giving it back straightaway. Long way clear of the second


amateur, she was two over par. Will be eight shots clear or so after


less. Jutanugam, 158. From that distance, not her best. She said


yesterday Andrew that she hit a lot of poor iron shots but that was the


distance her bad ones went to so she is still able to put together a


really good score. This is a bit of a tester for Leona, normally solid


on these. Then she goes. Backward she started the day on 7-under.


Jutanugam is actually a year younger than Leona Maguire, some go to the


professional ranks much younger, especially in the women's game.


Jutanugam four shots clear bidding for her first major title. You have


to 8-under and 7-under his too far back now.


If it carried another two or three yards it would have kicked off the


slope but it landed on the flat part sorry slightly longer putt than she


anticipated. A bit of something left there. Has


holed out so well. Both look a little nervous on the green this


morning so far, haven't quite had the authority, certainly on his


first couple of holes. Just a little bit lacking in pace in one or two of


the putts. Mirim Lee won twice in America in 2014, but had a bit of a


hand injury problem which held her back last year.


Little did slope, this one. -- downslope.


The Rose led on the whole, that was for sure. Looked good the hallway.


Mo Martin with a lengthy birdie putt. She holed one longer than this


at the last for her birdie. This one needs to do something rather


drastic. A few players coming up short today, the greens a little bit


damp, heavier air. Something is upsetting the players on the greens.


She's gone short a couple times as well. This will either turn out to


be a nerve settlor or a nerve jangling. It settles her nerves, if


indeed it was needed. Big putt. Big putt, she said.


Catriona Matthew, can she get to 12-under? Coming round, coming round


and dropping! Catriona Matthew, two birdies in her first four, great


start yesterday and another one today. Just five behind and a long


way still to go. Lexi Thompson, world number four.


Father on the bag. Lots of family caddy is out here this week. Very


good shot, generates enough speed through the ball to gather a bit of


spin on landing. Mo Martin making herself worked very hard for par


here. The short, punchy stroke and on that occasion it was well


off-line. Perfect tee shot, a bit of cut spin. Ideal.


Always awkward when the hole turns from left to right and the fairway


slopes the other way, awkward to find it sometimes. You need to shape


it a little bit, in this case a little bit from left-to-right.


Again, the different options, iron for Jutanugam, driver for Mirim Lee.


That one just nestles down. The all-American pairing of Stacy


Lewis and Lexi Thompson. Up on the fifth. Stacys first


professional win was a major, and won this Championship at St Andrews.


Very well holed indeed. Amazingly hasn't won an individual title for


the last couple of years but feels her form is getting back to that


stage. Catriona Matthew moving in the right direction, 3-wood in her


hands here. Another dogleg right to left. Just


pulled at a fraction. It was tight to the left but now near enough


ideal. Thompson. Well done. Two nice birdies for the American


pair. Identical start from the two of them, they might pull each other


along quite well today. Out with the driver, Mo Martin. As we have said,


not the longest player but always up near the top of the statistics for


straightness of the tee. That is bounding on. You really have to find


a rough down the left first of all to finish on the fairway as Mo


Martin dead. The tee shot from Mirim Lee and Jutanugam on the fourth.


The ball a little bit above her feet. Unusual green, the slope faces


you for the first half of the green and the second half it tumbles away


which is where the flag mac is cut today. You need to landed about 14


for I would say. -- you need to landed about 1404I would say.


Grand shot, just needs to grab. That looks to be an awkward one up


against the collar. If you carry it on to the downslope, it can skid


over the back, it's very steep, most unusual. Mirim Lee coming out of the


rough. Needs to favour the right side a little, this is bound to come


out with a bit of skip and run. I think she knew when she hit that


it was going to be too hot. Might be a slightly easier chip than for


Jutanugam. Very square in the takeaway, she was saying earlier in


the week through an interpreter I may say that she sometimes gets the


club shut going back. One of the things I have noticed about all of


these players is how stable they are, how good their balance is


through the hit. She's got a very low, rounded finish.


After the sixth. Playing 165, the first par-3 today, Lexi Thompson.


She has had a couple of struggles, bogey, bogey, par on this hole. It's


an awkward looking swing through the hit, that of Lexi Thompson. But it


works time and time again. Her feet dance a little bit and she seems to


come out of it a little bit. Yes, it's normally only her putting which


seems to give her any problems. She is a long, strong hitter. Matthew


and Martin two of the most accurate players in the game today. The flag


only eight gone. -- on. Good shot. Stacy Lewis playing alongside Lexi


Thompson on the sixth. Thompson hopped on a little bit and


Stacy Lewis' comes to a grinding halt. Mirim Lee, from the back of


the fourth. Little steamy. A trifle heavy-handed, but it is difficult to


judge how it is going to come out of that grass. 94 yards for Mo Martin.


Be good. She says that so often. That is stunning from Mo Martin. She


doesn't have the distance like Jutanugarn, but there are few as


accurate. Pretty good line. What is the feeling, I wonder, if there are


any nerves on show? Trying to get over the line for her first major.


It will be very interesting. If she were to drop one shot, just to see


how she handles that. She is scrambling a little bit for her pars


just now. Beautiful technique through an awkward shot. HANS


staying ahead of the blade and just hoped it forward. -- hands. The one


thing Mirim Lee didn't want to do was not get past the flag. She is in


the face of the Eiger here, this is quick. This will test your touch and


your nerve, this one. It seemed to be travelling so


slowly, that it must surely drop. One thing in Jutanugarn's favour,


she is not being put under pressure by her playing partner. Mirim Lee


now back to 12-under par. Alongside Catriona Matthew. Can she get to 13?


A tie for second place at the moment the Katrina Matty. Five behind. A


couple of good putts she has hold on the last couple of greens. The


chasing pack have to keep chasing, they have to give the reader an


opportunity to wobble. -- leader. This should be a formality for Mo


Martin. That was very short indeed. I know


she does hole a lot of putts with that putting stroke but it is a


short, jabbing affair. Oh dear, after that wonderful shot in. Lexi


Thompson, on the par-3. On the par-5, Leona Maguire. Little


right to left on this putt. Just not borrowing quite enough. Was ranked


number one in the amateur world for almost a year. Very much a


positional tee shot this one. To the corner of the dogleg. 240 yards.


Just looking at the top of those beech trees, they are hardly moving


at all. Perfect for golf. This is a tee shot you cannot bully. You just


have to play the percentage which is about 240 yards.


Well, got away with that. That was sailing into the upper canopy, has


come down. We can see what line she has from there, but it is lying well


out in the clearing. Stacy Lewis. Trying to get something going here.


That's the way to do it. That moves her to 11-under, back-to-back


birdies. Six behind the leader at the moment, but only one out of


second spot. There are four, five, six players just waiting for and


needing a slip from Ariya Jutanugarn. No sign of that at the


moment. Leona Maguire will be the leading


amateur. But she will be looking for a top-10 finish.


Tremendous rhythm to Matthew's swing. It is brisk without being


hurried, if that's not a contradiction in terms? She has just


leaked a couple out to the right with her irons so far today,


Maureen. It is one of those greens that throws the ball of the putting


surface. It seems to be favour of the designer, that was? Evil man.


No, Clive Clarke. Discussions are ongoing. Mo Martin, coming off the


back of that very short list putt. -- missed.


Very good swing indeed, as the caddy was saying. Both these players,


owners of one major title, both having won this very one. As we look


down on the final group on the 5th hole. Mirim Lee, just getting away


with that tee shot. Rattled into the trees. News of her to come, but


Jutanugarn, first of all. The course is looking lovely. Those high shots,


it looks superb. She has left her sub 138, the pin is six yards to the


right. This requires a high, soft landing shot. With her power, she


can do that. Exactly what she did. This is a better angle to the flag.


Only 117 left and a reasonable line. Mirim Lee went through the trees and


didn't hit a single branch. It doesn't work very often like that,


does it? Lovely shot. Beautiful shot from Jutanugarn. Taking advantage


from her good fortune. Well done, Mirim Lee. Jutanugarn has a slightly


longer birdie putt. Now, the split Fairway par-5. Stacy Lewis, going


down the right. Maybe going to Central? Cutting back. Yes, nice,


friendly bounce. Onto the launch pad. She will have about 240 yards


or so, from there to the green. Matthew, just below the level of the


green here. See how she plays this. Picking her landing spot.


Bit of bother on the par 34 Catriona Matthew.


-- par-3, four Catriona Matthew. Lexi Thompson, 3-wood here. That


looks like it is heading into the central area. That can't be good. It


is subterranean. Catriona Matthew had a very similar


putt to this one. Left it out to the right. It should turn a little from


the right. That is pretty much work Catriona Matthew hit it. It is not


exactly the same putt, but I think Katrina Matty was a bit perplexed by


it. It is in kind of a little valley. It may not turn as much as


it looks. It appears to be somewhat right.


Exactly the same. It is confusing us all. Mo Martin's birdie putt. The


one thing is, she won't want to leave herself the length of putt she


missed at the last. So... Very good effort.


Mirim Lee, see if she can get one shot back. Gave that the race.


Straight over Jutanugarn's marker. Lots of moving of markers.


Jutanugarn, aiming to become the first player from Thailand to win a


major. Mirim Lee trying to follow in a long line of South Koreans who


have won Majors. Always amazed at the number of South


Koreans who have popped up, had won two good seasons and seem as though


they will dominate the game and then fade back into the pack and little


bit. Yes, Hyo Joo Kim, she is now back on the LPGA. Sometimes I think


they need a bit of a break and recuperate. Jutanugarn, still five


clear. Five holes played. This would be a great par said of Matthew's. --


save. Well, not to be. That drops her back to 11-under, six


behind. Stacy Lewis, from the end of the


right half of the fairway here on the seventh. Playing alongside Lexi


Thompson who has just had to pitch out after finding the trees in the


middle. Stacy Lewis into the sand. Or thereabouts.


There has been plenty of movements beneath the serene Ariya Jutanugarn


at the top. Mirim Lee, five shots behind and Catriona Matthew, who had


made some form of the Mantom has been brought to a halt by the bogey


at the 6th. Stacy Lewis in a tie for third. This is the last eventual


play as a single woman. Get married next week and then goes on honeymoon


to Rio, where she will compete in the goal. So Yeon Ryu, has been a


11th and fourth and tenth so far and is heading for a very good finish


once again. And me YE Yang Lee is our leader in the clubhouse. That is


how it stands. Do we have some drama to come over the next few holes?


COMMENTATOR: Only time will tell. Mo Martin, cracking one way at the 7th.


Birdie, birdie, birdie. It has been very kind to her this hole. It looks


another good one. The pin is cut over the little


hollow. Just over at four yards. 8-iron out. Hardly anything of a


breeze. If anything, just a bit of movement from behind. The question


is, where to land it. If you land it sure, it is going to get gathered up


by the hollow. Just one bounce too many. But very


nice shot. Very impressive, Ken? Last time we saw Lexi Thompson's


ball, it was at the base of a tree. She has chipped out to here.


Pitching up and into the steep upslope on the front portion of this


green. The spin she generates, taking it back of the putting


surface. Mirim Lee, one more 7-iron. She has the same problem, if it


takes one more bounce, it will grind to a halt. Same shot.


Matthew, going down the right on seven. Pretty much the line of


Thomson's. It seemed to scamper through a lot. Not sure where that


leaves her. On the edge of the thick stuff. I think she got away with


that one. Stacey is in a lot of trouble. Big bunker on the seventh.


Par-5. That was a strange sound. But it didn't come out too badly.


A five shot lead now. We hoped it wasn't going to be a stroll in the


park, because we wanted a bit of drama. But you have got to admire


the way our leader has kept playing, flawless golf. But the scoring


hasn't been as good today. Whether it is a slight change in temperature


or the flag position, whatever. Thompson, for a long birdie attempt


at the 7th. APPLAUSE


Good weight. When you are chasing and you have the power of Lexi


Thompson, you want to eat up the par fives. Back to the short hole. Both


players through the green. The last pair out on the course. I think the


greens are just that little bit firmer. Getting to these flags is


trickier. I think that's the difference between now and earlier


in the week. They are big targets, the greens are very generous. But


there are some long rolls on this. Certainly not flat. You have got to


think what you are doing on the greens. You could hit a good shot


and then end up with a putting macro -- putt like this. They have a


consistent bounce? Yes, they are very smooth, level and true. If they


where any faster, they would be very tricky. Marginally down the hill,


will see how it runs out. She has got the flag out. This is all of 12,


13 paces. Steady, steady, steady. That is the spirit of youth.


Knocking five, six feet past. Now, Stacy Lewis, birdied five, birdied


six. Just a little bit short of pace. Only a par on seven. That will


keep her at 11-under. Six behind. Just a marginal debate as to whether


this was on the green or not. But any part of the ball touching the


green, is classed as it is so she can market and claim it. She did


learn something about the line. A very quick learner, this lady. She


is tiptoeing up on the record score for this Championship which is


currently held by Karen Stupples. 19-under, Karen was in 2004 at


Sunningdale. I was there, I remember it well. I will never forget the


start she had. It was an eagle, albatross, whatever it was,


something ridiculous. What a stress and strain on Mirim Lee. Up to it.


It keeps her arrival in view. But only just in view. She is just round


the bend, up ahead. Creeping away now, Matthew. Played a perfect


layup. As Ken was saying, the firmness of


the bounce taking that on past. She drove almost into the thick stuff.


Had to chunk it forward. Leona Maguire has done the same number


nine. You see her following her swing down the hill. That is player


walk. Yes, the old master would be pleased with that.


It is the Lady's competition in Conway, North Wales. More about that


in a moment. They do take big divots. Stop, stop, stop. The ladies


and girls home internationals in North Wales, is an exciting time for


the club. Never been done before. The ladies and the girls


internationals, played at the same time, same place. Stacy Lewis.


Stoked a little bit. Working its way back behind the flag. Here is the


leader. What happened there? That little mosquito or fly will never


know how close they came... Doesn't it look nice, the trees in the


middle of the fairway. Most players go down the right, it is a bit wider


down there and it does give you a better angle if you are trying to


reach the two. She has put that in the woods. Mike hit one of the trees


and stop. Might be OK. Got away with it. They are lucky, these women. You


have to be good to be lucky. Driver. The fairways are also trying out.


She doesn't want to go down the right. If she really clatters one,


she could go too far. 282 go at the end. Close to the edge of the woods.


Bounding down. Got away with it. Jolly combination. Catriona Matthew


with a birdie putt at the 7th. Not quite the legs.


Leona Maguire, Irish amateur. She is rattling in a few long one. That


would have gone in if it had a little more beef behind it. Out in


par, one bogey, one birdie. 7-under, nice golf.


Mo Martin. Her chance the birdie now on seven. Might have had a bit of


help from Catriona Matthew's. It is a good line. Good putt. She has done


a couple of those. Only seven holes gone. She looks as if she meant it,


too. Both these players in possession of


one major. Both of them former winners of this title. Catriona


Matthew is giving this a lot of looks. It's one of those funny


distances. As you look down at the ball, you can see the whole out of


the corner of your eye. It can be a distraction if you are a little bit


twitchy. That's a good view. Let's see how it goes. Right in the


middle. Jutanugarn is enjoying a six shot


lead at the moment. This is her third British Open Championship.


This time last year, Sheila Turnberry, having missed her tenth


consecutive cut and she was in pieces. -- she left. Did know what


she was going to do. Started working with Gary Gilchrist, head coach and


then she had this little pre-shot smile, helped calm her down. And


here we are. Nothing else, the total ingredient. How fortunes can change


in a year. Confidence. You have got to have skill, you need certain


ingredients to be a great champion. Playing with desire but not enough


nerve. Plenty of skill but no desire. It is a mixed bag. You


wouldn't fancy a shot through there. Exit down the left at the bottom of


the trees. It looked like she was eyeing up a Guinness book of record


shot through the trees. But no. 206 yards, not a bad lie, could be


better. If she flies it at the flag it is liable to scoot to the back of


the green so difficult to get close. Try to get it close but that's not


easy either as there is a big bank at the front of the green. Looked


like a nice shot, is it online? Just pushed a bit right, bunker.


She gave that a real rattle, cannot believe how far past it's gone.


Difficult when you are in the chasing bunch, pressing, pressing.


STUDIO: And they will have to keep pressing because look at this, six


shots the difference. A long way back here, she is ensuring, is


Jutanugam, towards a record score in a women's major. You mention


19-under which was achieved by Karrie Webb earlier in this


Championships history, 19 is the record low, it's been achieved a few


times before. She is getting ever closer. We might have some history


here. COMMENTATOR: It is worthy of a bit of history. An amazing complex.


That little bit of aggression, trying to force something out of the


golf course, you kick yourself when you walk off with a dropped shot.


Didn't she make that looks simple? Just a little easy swing up, 12, 14


foot for birdie. I have really enjoyed watching her, it's the first


time I have seen her in the flesh, I walked a few holes with her in the


practice round and had a chat. So impressive. This lady is impressive


as well, Martin. At the 8th. She has outgunned all the way, got a series


of whiplike wooden headed clubs, all sorts of magic little tools. She is


playing superbly. She is using what ammunition she has two the fullest


advantage, very impressive. They have seen it all before you know. I


remember seeing Lee Trevino here, oh boy could he play!


163 yards. All the par-3s in slightly different directions so you


get slightly different winds that is very unlike Catriona. I fancy she's


in the bunker. Here is another one in the bunker. Nice lie, bit of


green to land the ball on. Should be manageable. Played it nicely, will


it run up? It's doing pretty well. The girl has been very impressive


hasn't she? Look at this bunker shot. The edge of the bunker, like


the kerbstone. She is all five foot below the green so you have two hit


it hard enough but make sure you follow through. The sand throws the


ball up and out. Chance for birdie. Looks like more bunker play coming


up. That was off the tee, her tee shot


there. That's OK. Pretty well advanced, quite a deep bunker. She


is very impressive. Yes, her twin is her caddy, Lisa. Two fine players.


Ireland have produced some wonderful players, men and women. Thank you


Peter! I go back a long time, I remember them with a great deal of


fondness. We are very lucky, and we have Padraig Harrington to thank for


starting the waterfall of major Championship winners. He played well


yesterday out in America as well. Putt for birdie. This isn't easy to


see the line. The green tilts to the front which is to her right. Slight


right-to-left movement which isn't easy to see. But no need to do


anything silly, just play nicely, with the lead she has. Just going to


stay right. No sweat at all. Very simple par on a dangerous hole. Been


a couple of eights on this whole this week. First major this year she


had eight two shot lead and blew it. Memories, memories. Not quite


running out for her. She has her a couple of very awkward


shots from just around the green. Back to the seventh. She needs to


pop this one in. Give her a bit of a boost.


No. The lead stays the same. Nothing is happening for her. She is


beginning to look just a shade discouraged. Just a shade. You could


tell by the way, all sorts of things.


The poppy putting stroke and a little bit of momentum building for


Mo Martin. Birdie on seven and eight. She moves into second place


on her own at 13-under. They are long putts as well. Not to dollars.


Yes and she did miss peddler earlier. Catriona. She had a couple


of shorter putts, but this is ten, 12 feet? That sort of thing, maybe a


bit more. She has been putting superbly this week. She has a


comfortable style. If you look, it's almost textbook, simple


Up ahead on the ninth. Lewis. Just tipped over the end of the fairway.


Should sweep around a little bit to be slightly more helpful. That was a


nice little kick and spin. The pre-shot smile. There we go. I


find that fascinating. I am enjoying it, I like it. 7-iron from 163, I


hope she is enjoying it because it is enjoyable to watch. Up you go.


Very safe. Very professional. Just got a moment, would like to


remember Sir Richard George who died this year, the Weetabix man who


sponsored this tournament for 20 years. He had real faith in the


ladies game and would be delighted to see what is going on here, the


ladies game has come so far. Great supporter, he and his company. It


was his brother who was so interested in Leicester Cricket


club, Leicester football club I should say who have done so


brilliantly. Nice when you get the sort of connections. Sit down. Nice


shot. Here is one of the few players who


is making any inroads. You see what I mean about the club looking huge


question mark looks as if it's six inches too long for her. It's


amazing how she swings it round, times it beautifully. It's going to


go out, just going to reach the rough. Steady on.


3-wood for Catriona. Good shot they cried. It. Virtually stone dead. A


banana, oh. Little chip from the front of the green. The amateur out


of the bunker, hit the tee shot into the bunker, good shot out to hear.


Chip and run, looks good. A touch unfortunate, I thought that was


going to run right to the whole. -- hole. Philomena Garvey, there is a


name from the past. Yes, great Irish player. Lexi Thompson, down quite


ridge. Not coming left to right as she expected. Came a little bit a


little later. Leona Maguire. She has parted quite beautifully thus far.


-- putted. She is looking to become the third Irish winner, it was won


in 1996 and 1984. She would join our list of illustrious names.


Bit like Bernie the ball is in Peter? CHUCKLES


Up a bit, did a bit, left a bit, right a bit, fire. Oh, you have


missed it. If she takes that line she's got to


hit it quite slowly otherwise I think it might just stay on the high


side. Two putts will do. Just slowed up. No sweat is it?


Everything is coming nice and easy. It's great to watch, in complete


command of her game. And the sun has come out, so that's nice. Look at


this contact, watch the ball, doesn't roll at all. Still skidding,


then it starts to turn. Like a car wheels that always appear to be


going backwards. She has may written on the golf ball, that is her family


nickname. Did you have a nickname? I was called that so by my family for


years. You wouldn't be allowed to do it these days but then nobody


bothered, it never bothered me. -- I was called fatso by my family for


years. Good line but no beef. Holes are


running out. From the shadow on the ninth, Stacy


Lewis cleaning up. Out in 35, 1-under. Got herself into double


figures. Nice looking card but she seems to have wasted or dropped


quite a few shots. Could be going very well. Jutanugam is just not


giving any encouragement. They will be watching the scoreboard closely,


trying to detect if there is any weakness. I remember first time,


early pictures of Jack Nicklaus, he seemed to have an inevitability


about him and she seems to have the same. Matthew, she need something to


happen. You need a touch of magic, a bit of luck, a bit of something.


That might have stopped, might have spun back, might have done this or


that. It was fired right at the flag, she hasn't really got what she


deserved from the strike of the shot. No. No. It's a game of, such a


fine game, all games are fine. I like to follow the darts and I think


they are quite magical the way they can, the consistency of score. Got


the trousers off now! Ready to crack one onto the ninth. Downhill, bit of


a fluffy lie. This surely can't stop, if she lacks it properly it


will go to the back of the green. -- if she hits it properly.


Sounded a bit clumpy. One big leap through the back. It's a bit of a


tactical error to run out of fairway they are and not becoming of the


short stuff, especially with that flag position today. Behind them,


waiting to drive, the final pair. I was talking about Blairgowrie, I was


up there last week, the majesty of this place, Blairgowrie has got it.


A touch of class about it. Jesse Valentine country. Lovely park


there. Rosemount. The 40th anniversary of the Lansdowne course


which has come on in leaps and bounds. You can see from the


scoreboard how the lead has been stretched. Something serious has to


happen to catch this lady. She is playing well, this is up the par


four, very generous wide fairway that runs away from you.


Jack Nicklaus used to play this sort of game. You felt somehow when they


were in full swing they were like a giant tank that was just going to


swish through everything. 20 years of age or whatever she is, she has


got a great time ahead. As we look at Mirim. Not a fairway you to miss,


this one. Did it stay on? Yes, going down the left, it's all right, tell


me, do you have the kernel with you? We sure do, he's walking down the


right of the night. 14 years with us giving us information from the


fairway, how far they are from the green, it's his final day, we might


get a shot of him. You cannot miss him. He's like the tortoise done


their here, he is everywhere but he never seems to move. He has been


with me many rounds and we've had a lot of laughs. They've done a


tremendous, taking their lead from the Army to come and support the


golf. I shall miss them. There he is. Death is a post, but look at


him, only goes. -- death is Mo Martin really needs to get down


into mac here, just to keep this little bit of momentum that she has


going -- in two here. We have seen a few shots from this side and they


get to the hole and then it speeds up, if she gets this within three


feet it will be a nice touch. That short, quick putting stroke, needs


to go a bit. She's done it. That is sweet, that is very sweet indeed.


You are saying about this girl three years she played on the second


later, five years or more? Her career has been a bit of a slow burn


compared to some players, she has been out on the LPGA Tour, this is


her fifth year. The high point so far was winning the British. As we


go back to another former champion. Long birdie attempt and that's a


very good putt as well. A wonderful professional, Catriona


Matthew. Not mercurial but has made a good living. When I started the


game you went into it to make a living and hopefully you ended up a


professional add a nice club and you were OK. Now of course they all want


to be number one in the world, the life of a club professional is about


forgotten. She is tiptoeing up this year to passing $10 million in


career earnings so it has served her very nicely. You have got to be


taxed or don't you, that takes and a blight of it. -- takes and the ball


out of it. This is just as important as the big long ones she has holed.


She is doing very, very nicely, thank you. Just the one dropped shot


at the 4th. The final pair. Both in good shape.


Lovely golf hole, this. The green sits way below the players for the


second shot. This is a bit awkward, with the tree and the wind of the


left. 165 yards, dangerous pin to go at. Ideally you have two land to the


left of it, anything right is a mistake. She groaned. Clipped the


tree and virtually dropped dead. A danger. Just nudged it, but enough


to take everything out of it. The strike seemed to be OK. Crisp, up


she goes. I don't know if our cameraman are so brilliant, it just


went out of you. You are better position. This won't be going... Too


far off the pin. A rare error. Slightly pushed, one bounce and into


trouble. No way she was aiming at that pin, are trying to take it on.


Far too tactically aware to do that. Just a little bit of a pushed shot.


Missed three greens yesterday and got up and down every time. Stacy


Lewis. 10-under. Out in 35, one dropped shot, two birdies. Good


shot. Bowled, unlucky. -- oh, unlucky.


Catriona Matthew. Not using the driver by the look of things. Club


with a little bit of loft on for position. One of the many holes here


where if you can get a bit of sheep, a bit dogleg left to right right to


left, ordered tree on the corner which can influence you. Seems happy


enough yes. This is an awfully difficult shot,


green above you, nothing to land it on. She will do well to keep this on


the green. Just as you said, Ken. She was on a hiding to nothing. Once


she clipped the tree. Just made the mistake at the wrong time, really.


Unlucky to clip the branch. It's like when you're playing in hot


countries and you just touch a Palm, you think you can get through, it


just touches it and it drops stone dead. That ball fell out of the sky.


Looking for pitch marks but I think the green is to step mac. How is it


down in the bunker. This select is 12 feet high. She had to say to


herself I am going to give myself 25, 30 five feet four par. Don't be


greedy. That's pretty good. Better than pretty good. We talk about her


long game but her short game skills this week have been exceptional as


well. Mo Martin. Long chip and run. It's not over,


not over for Harriet. Easy to take three from here. -- for her yet.


After a really good tee shot, six would be horrid. Nice lie, just a


basic back foot pitching wedge, shunt it forward. Sounded a little


scruffy. It's doing well, Ken. Good judge of pace.


Don't you just love these slow motion, I love them. Up she goes.


Ken, I don't know if you've managed to get a look at this putt, but it's


so difficult to read. I have seen some putts miss from the right, some


from the left. They just wander off in both directions. Let's have a


really good look. These seem to be, as it was coming down the slope,


drifting towards the right. Let's see where the Caddy points. He has


his green reading book out. And a compass. Here he goes. Here he goes.


And a weedy board and everything. Doing a fantastic job, Peter.


Everything he says, she is convinced he is right. If you have got that


trust, it is a terrific settler but the mind. Is he a regular, he sounds


like a south London boy. I will find out where he's from. Yes, find out,


he might be one of us. This would be amazing. The pace was perfect. Good


shout, Maureen. Pace and speed. You could have a dozen putts, like the


final putt Sandy Lyle hold at the Masters. You could have it a hundred


times and it would go a different way. Sometimes they go left,


sometimes they go right. She marches of. Don't forget your partner. Or


you're playing companion of the day. I think it might be a comfort stop.


Tidied away by Mirim Lee. But it is an untidy front nine of 39. The


first signs of some frailty by Jutanugarn. Stacy Lewis! Running


back to her. Really good hole location. Sarcasm is the first


refuge for frustrated golfers. But she is running out of chances, seven


behind. Tee-shots and the difference between Catriona Matthew and Mo


Martin. Martin was 210 off the tee. Coming in from 134, or so. She is so


accurate, usually. Once again, I have given her the big build-up.


Good swing again. She doesn't disappoint, but that hops on a


little bit. Only four behind now. You know, you think about the putt


of about a foot or so she missed earlier. I know, he is Leona Maguire


and I see a lot of similarity in Mo Martin and Leona Maguire's games.


Similar build. A little unlucky there from Leona Maguire. Very good


shot. Twin sister, Lisa. Catriona Matthew, can she get her round going


again? 113 yards to the pin. Get down.


Stacy Lewis. The long hitters can just about get home here in two. But


that is going into the trees. Oh, it has done all right. That will be a


bit of a chess moves down the fairway.


Straight par this one. 344 yards. Hello, it's not going right, is it?


It is. There is a bunker down there, but 230 off the tee. It did bounce


twice before it disappeared. Slightly errant shot. One at the


8th. Just a few signs, an inkling all is not quite right with cucumber


gone. -- Jutanugarn. Can see Telus of Alice doing a


promotional video- Milton Keynes, my kind of town?


I have been staying in Milton Keynes and I have enjoyed it. What a lovely


place. There is the situation. Ariya Jutanugarn will be going to Rio in a


couple of weeks. 41 out of the 60 in the field, who will be competing in


Rio where here this week at Welburn. Incidentally, Andrew will appreciate


this, if Jutanugarn were to win the Gold Medal, she would be the first


female Olympic champion for Thailand since 2008. The last one was a


weightlifter, and you will remember, Andrew because you are commentating?


Yes, it was tricky, her name. It was phonetically spelled-out. Catriona


Matthew, now. Very good. Does nobody remember the promotional videos for


Birmingham. Leona Maguire, Lisa just shaking her


head at her. Nothing to do with me, that putt. Mo Martin, second place


at the moment. Can she put the squeeze on even more? Needs to keep


going. That was wonderfully judged. Look at it. I think that's the hole


location that Stacy Lewis was talking about. It is obviously on a


pretty severe slope. Doesn't look like it there but Catriona Matthew's


ball ran on and Mo Martin's ball didn't look like it was going to get


there. There is an extra pace or so in the greens now that we didn't see


earlier in the week. The greens are so segmented, you can have some


really, really testing flag positions. Looking at the 10th hole,


which in distance, isn't huge. 344 yards. But certainly averaging over


par. Lots of bogeys. Par putt here for Catriona Matthew.


That was very well done. That took some nerve. If these players are not


to catch the leader, all these shots now, as they vie for a high finish,


worth a great deal of money. Graham was talking about it there, Catriona


Matthew's Husband saying how quickly the ball went away as it went past


the hole. Mo Martin, has looked like it was going to come up short, but


kept on going. The Caddy is discussing that flag as


well as they left the green. There we can see Jutanugarn, first missed


fairway in some considerable time. You have plenty of space up there.


The left edge of the tower. Commit to it. 149 yards. Fortunately she


has gone far enough in the bunker to be flat. Shouldn't be anything but a


lovely lie. From one patch of sand to another. But it all depends on


the lie. If it is clean, it shouldn't be too much problem to


her. Little wind just puffing up into the face. 132 the Mirim Lee.


Wonderful golf shot by Mirim Lee. Searching for her first birdie of


the afternoon. Mo Martin, the par-5. This approach


has worked by her, birdieing it a couple of times so far. Get a good


look at this. APPLAUSE


She knows it is a full three shots. Played it as such.


APPLAUSE Straight over the bunker 's Catriona


Matthew. Then get a big shoot forward. It is a big, big drive. She


is not known for that, but it is well within striking distance. She


can be sneaky long. She doesn't look like a player who can hit it too


far, until you start walking out of it. -- after it. The good view of


what is facing Stacy Lewis. Normally dynamite with these wedges. Just a


little upslope to the flag. That was a better shot than the result has


indicated. The ability to whip the club under the ball to get them to


stop a little quicker, if you wanted them to.


APPLAUSE Lovely shot. Great shot from


Jutanugarn. Big shot, trying to avoid back-to-back bogeys and will


do with that escape. Hasn't played the hole well, or hadn't until this


shot. Was lying nicely, fairly straightforward, but still had to be


done. The board just exploded in a cushion of sand. -- the ball.


Particularly with such a tricky green.


We can have a look at this flag, I can see why it is difficult. A


little ridge that runs where the flag is cut. Stacy Lewis was


expressing her displeasure. That was after a massive horseshoe, so you


would feel that way. But from the side, it can run a long way past the


hole. Mirim Lee is close enough, but it is tricky. Just enough movement


from the left, you have two guide it in.


Little singer of the knees with relief as it drops. Mirim Lee, picks


one up. First birdie of the day. Five behind her playing partner. And


you might have seen from the graphic, Helen has joined us again.


Is ready to give us some expertise. Yes, try to. Here is this American


group, trying to push each other along. Lexi Thompson has stalled


with a couple of drop shots. You would think that Stacy Lewis was


getting her game in decent shape. We have seen some big shaving of the


holes, she hasn't got a lot of putts going her way. Looking a little


grumpy. Nothing new. Frustration for her. Looking to get something going,


hoping Jutanugarn will come back slightly. One dropped shot on the


night. Sometimes the frustrating thing is, when you feel you are


striking the ball better, the putting is better but the numbers


don't show it. 1-under par, Lydia Ko. 74 the her. Frustrating for the


world number one. Stacy Lewis, then. None of them is giving Jutanugarn a


run for her money. Not putting any pressure on her. Karrie Webb, second


to the 12th is par for, into a semi island. If you can have a semi


island. Then poke it to the back like that. Beautiful shot from


Karrie Webb. One of the best ball strikers I have ever seen in this


game, during my time. Lexi Thompson, just to finish off for a part here.


-- par. You would think this golf course would suit her very nicely


with the way she hits her shots. Be able to get to these pins. Catriona


Matthew, 280 yards. Got a huge amount of run. That is possibly 242.


Possibly with the shape, get this one home. It started out right. If


she can get a good bounce. Would be great if she could get a few birdies


here and on the back nine. This is where the tournament starts. Started


off so well, Catriona Matthew, two birdies in the first four holes.


Then tailed off since. Karrie Webb, she was in pretty close as well.


Ha-Na Jang is already in. Karrie Webb for a birdie. That ends that


Faldo looking run of pars. We are talking Thailand weightlifters. Are


you changing sport here? Absolutely. Mirim Lee on the tracer. Maybe


straight over the bunkers, Ken? It is virtually straight into them of


the left. She got a hold of that one. The frustration, maybe it could


turn into a little bit of anger. One of the few times, a club with the


head cover. It is best where she uses an iron. Going down the left,


it is not the widest angle, the trees do hangover. She gives the


impression she has come off a little bit. It is down the middle, slightly


low in the face strike. Safe enough. I think for hitting it so long and


with so much power, she is very straight. Granted, she's not using


her driver, but he is Mo Martin, going extremely nicely. She just


took a 3-wood, Mo Martin. She knows she can't get there in two. Play


your way down to the hole and hopefully find a putt. Stacy Lewis


on the 12th. Just clearing the water. The pin is nicely on the left


side. More accessible as we just saw Karrie Webb hit a very nice shot.


Studio-macro reminder of the situation. It is Ariya Jutanugarn,


leading this with a four shot advantage. When you think of all the


golfers from Thailand before her. The men's golf Majors have carried


their hopes, but nobody has managed to land one of these big events in


goal. Kvist 20-year-old from Bangkok be the person to do it for her


country? Wonderful views we are having from the aeroplane circling


above will burn. Catriona Matthew and the par-5. Up and down for a


birdie. She would love to have a birdie. Little short. She thought it


was going to run off a little bit more. But it has stalled. The greens


have dried up quite a bit. Find it very interesting. The top players,


one is the longest and one is the shortest. There is no right way to


play this game. We were saying earlier, it is an entirely different


course Mo Martin is having to play, coming from a lot further back.


Deadly accurate. Although putting earlier, she missed that very, very


sure putt. It was on the 5th hole. Her putting has not felt as


comfortable. She is stabbing it a little bit. But who is to say that


when she is lying second in the British Open here. Obviously she is


doing something very right. She looks very comfortable in the longer


putts. Has wonderful pace. She looks more comfortable today than she did


yesterday. She was a bit edgy and hitting shots that were not like


her. But today she has really been like a laser.


Just need to get it there. Little bit of a misread. Great distance.


It wasn't the tidiest tee shot from Stacy Lewis, but can almost get away


with it with the pin back left. Muttering away there. That was a


very nice shot. She couldn't have hit it any better. It is a tough


shot into this rough that has now dried off and it is easy to get a


flyer. The 12th hole at the top of your picture. Just beside it,


Catriona Matthew. That was a misread and Miss/ as well. Something went


entirely wrong. Not going to happen for Catriona Matthew today. She has


been aiming a little bit to far right and trying to pull it back in.


Karrie Webb who has broken her endless run of pars with a birdie on


the 12th. Such a tidy looking swing. Has been thrown off course. That is


a little bit strange from her. Quite short, even though she knows it is


very bouncy. She needed a few more yards. Otherwise from Matt Green it


will bounce left on her, leaving her with a very tough putt. This has


caused a little bit of a problem for Mo Martin, earlier today. Let's hope


she is all over that. She got it in. Still lying second on 13-under. Four


shots off the lead. Off they go to the short par 12. Wander through the


trees. Waiting for another slip from


Jutanugarn. Mo Martin, her closest pursuer. Mirim Lee, let's fly. But


where is it of two. Very tricky chip, up over the bunker. Not the


ideal place. Jutanugarn, little bit short, but good position. Look at


this swing for us, Helen. Great extension. Very nice, follow the


path. Her big problem sometimes is that she gets a little quick with


the hips. Coming off a little bit, hanging back. And then getting the


arms around her body. Her left arm stays straight. When she hits good


shots, she tends to get her left arm closer to her body. It is the shot


we see every time she is missing. Ken Brown's hat just floating out of


shot. He made it himself. Then that is very impressive. Mo Martin.


Telling it to sit. She is getting a little bit to the right. Compared


with previous days. That would have been the toughest light, but now the


pin is left. That semi island is firm and fast, that would be very


tricky. Low running shots. You can almost run out of ground. She has to


be concerned over the first water. That is the problem when you are not


as long. Catriona Matthew, 3-wood. This really came of that one. One of


those shots she gets sometimes. We seen it a couple of times yesterday.


A little bit lucky. Always nice when you can see it.


Up ahead on the green, Stacy Lewis. She was down the right-hand side,


beautiful shot to hear. Another one. You can also hear her frustration.


Giving herself so a lot of chances but not being able to capitalise on


them. Europe to take a chance to get it


close. Very nicely played. As good as I


could imagine someone could hit it, you have to get it over the green,


over the bunker and then stop it quickly. Very nicely done. Could not


have laid this up in a better spot. She went with the 3-wood. She knew


she could reach. Interesting little chip she has got, little ballet to


go through, it will turn quite hard to the right. -- little valley.


Always looks like she stands quite a long way from the ball for these


little chips. It sounded a little thin, Ken. But still left herself a


pretty nice birdie opportunity there.


Karrie Webb, long putt. Outside chance of birdie. Outside chance or


not, it drops, Karrie Webb with back-to-back threes, back-to-back


birdies, moves to 10-under. That is why you can never give up in this


game, you never know when they are going to show up. Nice long putt,


chippe in, a bunker shot, get the throttle on.


I think she's quite desperate to make something happen. Here on the


back nine. Just to get a little bit of confidence back. Would be very


nice if she could make this. Got a bit of movement from the right-hand


side, not many easy pin positions. Not easy to make birdies coming in


without very high-quality iron shots.


There we are. Back-to-back birdies for Mirim Lee. And for the moment,


and might just be a moment, within four of her playing partner. That's


a virtual look down on the 12th, Catriona Matthew just getting away


with the loose tee shot. Mo Martin with a perfectly up.


Heart would have been in her mouth, very good now. Really flirted with


the water, didn't know exactly how far it was over that. Got away with


it. Deep breath for Jutanugam. The smile and off you go.


That's an opportunity missed. Mirim Lee gets one closer. She and Mo


Martin within four. And a par-5 with her distance, it will feel like half


shot gone. A four shot lead over seven holes is not enormous. It is


two bogeys and two birdies, it sounds a lot, but with the way Ariya


plays it is maybe a lot but a couple of mistakes and somebody makes


birdie, I never felt it was enough. When you are looking for your first


major as well, the heart will be fluttering now. Can Mo Martin could


even more pressure on? Just a little jab, it was a nice jab. Didn't look


too pretty, 52 yards, I think she would get up and down one out of


three times. Karrie Webb on her many birdie run.


I think this hole is very intimidating. Splendid iron play,


putting it in the perfect spot. She will still be believing she is


within second spot and you never know what's going to happen to the


leader. Stacy Lewis on that mark as well. We have seen that in history,


it is not over until it is over. We saw Karrie Webb also coming up a


little short. I think they need to be over that first part otherwise


it's going to kick dead left. It's going to end up being short, it's a


tough pin to get close to. Some good runs, not only made


anything here on the back. Hasn't made anything on the back. Mirim


Lee. Trying to find the ideal position back on the 12th tee.


Very nice layup, should give her a nice shot into the pin. The fairway


runs out at 260 yards. Big moment here for Mo Martin.


Not the greatest effort. Would have been nice to make that. Able to put


a little bit of pressure. Not far over the water but I suppose


that for her will be something like perhaps a four iron, 5-iron? STUDIO:


There has been some movement behind Jutanugam this afternoon, Mirim Lee


with back-to-back birdies at ten and 11, Karrie Webb up there as well at


12 and 13. Recent history in the women's Majors suggest there are


still some questions to answer for Jutanugam, she was two shots in


front with three to play in the first of the years Majors and had an


Adam Scott moment if you remember that, bogey on the last three holes.


Since then she has won three events back-to-back in May when she held


the 54 hole lead so she has proven her medal in that regard but funny


things can happen in last few holes as I'm sure you know. Charley Hull,


she had a fighting finish until coming unstuck with a double bogey


in the home stretch. But the good finish for the local girl. Mo Martin


knows how to win this. COMMENTATOR: Outwith the driver.


Matthew. Sweeps it away. There you see how tightly Martin took it down


the left-hand side to find the fairway. Matthew just slipping into


the rough. As we have seen it's a very tough hole to get to the pin


today. Here is number 12. The pin is quite nice today.


Just heard her caddy seeing the pin is on 79, two or three yards to the


right is the spot. Plenty of landing area, the most accessible pin on the


green. 79 yards is good yardage. Pretty much what she would have


expected there, looking to get within 15 feet from that distance.


She got a lot of help from her caddy, he is very on the ball,


reminding her to stay focused. I think sometimes we forget that.


Slightly higher flight, this looks rather nice. It certainly is. The


pressure might come from playing partner, Mirim Lee in close,


Jutanugam will feel the need to roll hers in. Just that one to pop in to


make it three in a row from Mirim Lee and after a front nine which was


an impressive she is getting it going. Stacy Lewis.


It is surely not her day, she has been very, very close. Thank you to


Helen, former winner here at Woburn who is off, but thank you for your


wise words over the four days. Karrie Webb. She thought she had


another one, I think we all did. Second to the final hole for So Yeon


Ryu. Back to the lily pond and the


prettiness of the 12. Up we go, two lovely second shots into this very


attractive green. Bit of putting to be done. This one a little bone


Hill, a bit of movement from the right. I think this is a big putt --


downhill. Mirim Lee, when she gets a bit of a run going is not frightened


to make four or five birdies in a row. We were reminded that she was


ahead with only handful of hole 's left to play. This would not be the


end of the world, but it would be a good way to settle her nerves if she


could get this in. Four strokes ahead, everyone thinks you're going


to win but you don't. No, that was a bit twitchy. Don't


tell me they are human? Four, that's all right. Still a


little putting to do for the other one. Suddenly a little bit more


serious. Our well, not for long. This isn't so far is it? Beautiful


shot into this green. It's going to be a little tap in 43. -- for free.


So the gap narrows. It was eight to shot gap at the beginning of the day


but now only three. It was six at one stage. -- it was a two shot gap.


Short walk through the woods. There you have it. Trees on the corner.


Martin and Matthew, Matthew missing the fairway again, has not been


quite as accurate from the tee as she is on most occasions. Just a


little bit awkward. Stance and lie. She likes it. If it sits, it didn't.


Galloping away. Good indication of how segmented these greens are, if


you get it in the right portion you can have very reasonable birdie


opportunities. But easy to be taken away into 3-part range as we go to


14 and look at Stacy Lewis -- 3-putt range.


She will have our work cut out there to get down in two. She knows it.


Martin, second to the 13th. Looks simple enough doesn't it? Straight


at the flag, good, clean, straight hit. Up, up she cries. Drifting


away. Not bad. Quite the slope from right-to-left when you come into


this green. So Yeon Ryu has reached the 18th.


Former US Open champion. In fact that was her first win on the LPGA.


Another player to make her first big victory very victory. -- her first


big victory a very big victory. Quite a roly-poly green, slow, long


curves on this 18th green. Needs to turn quickly. Doing its best. Pretty


good effort from such long-range. Let it go, crying for it to set.


Crash bang wallop what the picture. It's in the roots and the bits of


twigs and all sorts of stuff. She doesn't realise she's got away with


it, how much I don't know. Huge birdie attempt here from Matthew on


13. She gave that right box. Done very


well indeed, very well judged. She has displayed a silky touch this


week. Are a leader at the 13th with the favourite driving iron of


horrors. Blimey, she had that. There is no need to get cross, it's only a


game! We've all had a drink! Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, lucky. She has a three


shot lead but what we are watching is a player who is learning to cope


with the most severe pressure. She is new into her career, although won


this year for the first time and let a couple slip. We are watching the


morning of her mental skills here. -- the


He's got the basics but the rest is knackered. CHUCKLES


I think he's just testing if she will have room for a swing. So Yeon


Ryu, finishing off with 70. She always looks in a hurry, bustling


and busy, she goes, got a bus to catch. Love to talk but I've got to


go. Matthew after that very good effort from such long-range. Testing


one for par. We'll still see plenty of drama over the spinal have a


dozen or so holes. -- over these final half a dozen or so holes.


That's not the sort of drama the locals want to see. The same thing


happened yesterday, going along beautifully until she got to about


12, 13, 14, dropped two or three shots. Similar pattern today.


Stacy Lewis has left yourself a bit of a conundrum, eyeing this up down


the left-hand lane, the green should sweep the ball from left to right.


Just have to make the crest of the hill. Didn't pitch it quite far


enough. Didn't keep it enough left. Marten finishing off, to stay at


13-under and four behind. One left, one right. The leader may


be hampered by that big tree. She is just all right, just, she's got a


swing, but a little tree in front of her that will make this very


awkward. That looks all right. She has to


launch it to the right of the tree, right of the green and if it stays


right... Maybe she will go underneath it? That'll be the thing


to do, punch it down, keep it eight foot off the ground, no more, let it


run 40, 50 yards, like that, that could be good. Little scuttle to the


back of the green. Steady, it is racing on. Over the back she goes.


It's a steep bank, not much grass on it. You tend to hit those too hard.


Mirim Lee has been lucky with position but it's sitting on a


stick. When she's coming into the ball she will hit the step before


she hit the ball. We might get a deflection here, might. This is


tough, not sure what contact you're going to get. Where the flag is,


very awkward. Yes, good view of it now. It's almost running with her,


if you are a bit unlucky this good squirt over the body on the right


somewhere. Needs a bit of luck, bit of hit and hope here. Long chip and


run. That is a more gentle pace. Maybe an escape is looming. This


would be a spectacular up and down for Lewis to get this one home. No.


She knew the minute she hit it. Shot gone. Karrie Webb at the 15th.


10-under. Only had a couple of birdies, the rest pars. Umpteen


putts just scraping the edge of the hole. What a good player she has


been, 20 odd years. Looks like the 5-wood for Mo Martin.


Down the 15th, coming back, the long par-5. Catriona Matthew, nothing


really happened, got away to a good start again, a few of them have done


that. More difficult day to day, a couple of scores. A lot of 71s.


Very good from Catriona, using the big bank on the left-hand side, so


many of the players have been coming up short on this hole all week. A


bit of a long chip, or will she pitch it? Or will she go between? I


think a bit between. Steady, steady, steady. You lucky girl. By such


happenings fortunes can change. That was gone.


What I turn up for the book that was. You should be ashamed, hang


your head young lady. Move away and pretend not to smirk.


A body blow for your opponents who is facing less. -- this. It's


odds-on she loses one here. Decent lie. Oh my goodness. No! Kenneth, I


cannot bear to watch. It is very fast were she has left it. Tricky


Dicky. This is the moment, very good point made about the mental side of


it, now her brains the moment, not quite scrambled eggs but she hits


this, all my good god she is thinking, squirts off the clubhead,


racist past the flag -- races past the flag. Thinking of her opponent


hitting the flag and how lucky she was. Taking the glove off. Try to


keep calm. This is the stay in the moment, she needs to stay in the


moment whilst her opponents are trying to batter the door down and


get close to her. That just moved away at the last second. She has had


opting of those today. Still a very fine player. -- umpteen of those.


Not quite Martina Navratilova, but she still plays good tennis. I


watched her at Wimbledon playing the doubles. Interesting technique. That


is fast. Look at that go. Look at it go! Another two feet and it was 40


feet away. This is where the caddy comes into play. He cannot do much,


can only quietly encourage. Meanwhile... I can report, Peter,


the caddy, Peter is from Slough. Nearly a south London boy. How long


has he been with her? I will have to ask him. If you are going to be a


detective, you will have to sniff about. I would leave it for five


minutes, Kenneth. No, now is a perfect time. He can see his bonus


getting less, and less. I don't want you to miss any more. Pop this one


in. Bit of a crunch time now for Jutanugarn. As quick as it was from


one side, this is slow. It is easy to see there is a bit of left to


right. Going to have to keep the pace on the ball.


I thought she had got it for a moment.


She needs this to maintain her lead. You get a bit lost for words. It is


all very well trying to be informative and jolly, whatever, but


this is like missing penalties are letting a ball go in, dropping a


catch, whatever sport. You have got it in the palm of your hand,


victory. You can feel it slipping away. That was ugly. That was ugly.


And then the lead was one. Just a handful of holes left. Have been


four or five people in the equation. Karrie Webb, she has holed a few


putts. Mo Martin, she can get down in two, she is still with it. Up the


hill. Very good. Well judged. Beautiful touch. She's got her


three. She is in the game ahead. Karrie Webb, up on 16, unaware of


the drama unfolding behind her. Short flag today. Only nine on.


Just a little slight misjudgement again. Matthew at the 14th. Good tee


shot. This is left to right. And pace. Pace is very important. That


looks to be too straight. No, it is a beauty. Beautiful putt. That was a


corker. There will be a few deep breaths


being taken on this tee at the moment. 181, pin tucked away and it


is impossible to get at it. 5-iron. Good swing. Good rhythm. Only way to


play the hole. Middle of the green, it will dribble away to the right.


Get near the hole. We saw Catriona Matthew's ball moved six or seven


yards, closer to the flag. If you land it over the bunker, you've got


the downslope. Needs to gather herself together. This is a big test


for this young girl. Big, big, big test.


Watch her. She doesn't mind it. That is a cracker. That is a settler.


Absolute settler. Brilliant, brilliant shot after the happenings


on the last hole. Impassive. Come on! I can do this.


Ken is getting his information look. You've got another one of those


hats. Oh good god. I had to Catriona Matthew. -- ahead.


That looked like a very good swing. She looked like she put a bit more


beef into that one? The scores are changing around the course. The


other players who felt they had been getting nothing, no help from the


leader had just had a little over the last few holes. Stacy Lewis, I


don't know if she is in sand or just missed the bunker. In the sand.


Nasty place to be, that is a mistake. Shouldn't be in there for


two. An impossible third. Now activity. -- back to the tee.


That's OK. Gentle nudge back to the centre of the fairway. She was


18-under. She looked completely in control. But in the last few


moments, it's all change. Ariya Jutanugarn with a lot of thinking to


do and a lot of composure to regain. Although that was an elegant tee.


Mirim Lee is in contention again. Lovely chip to the 13th green that


just caressed the pin and stock. Mo Martin, also within striking


distance and this last day has suddenly got very, very interesting.


COMMENTATOR: There is the scene, the galleries marching round. It is all


the holes marshalled by different golf clubs. This one is marshalled


by my home club. They can abandon the team now, the last group are


through. This is not easy. Uphill. Just where the caddy is, there is a


cape that runs into the green. She has to go over that and down the


other side. The line isn't easy to pick and pace is tricky. Over the


top of the hill and then let it release out.


Great effort. Almost as good as Mo Martin's was from a similar place a


few moments ago. Stacey Webb. This day see! Karrie Webb, it is. Having


a struggle up this 15th hole. It was a really classy tee shot of


Jutanugarn's after the bogey. Big moment if this could go in. It would


steady a lot of nerves. Not only has, but also her supporters'. Just


on the left edge. It is a nice three. The other one's not in yet.


It is a dangerous hole safely out of the way.


This is where you find out if all the work you've done has paid off.


Got to go through those setup routines you have worked on. Just go


through them and trust your stroke. A clear head. You have done it.


Smooth stroke, line it up. Don't twitch it. Good stroke. Another have


entered the final few. Looking at the scoring system. Sarah Jane


Smith, birdied two of the last three. Much can happen over the last


few holes. Well holed from Lewis. Karrie Webb at the 17th. Last of the


short holes. Bit angry with that, but it could be


a lot worse. Mo Martin, just factoring in any


adrenaline with her caddy. Little and large. Tiny tot and a big


monster. Good team though. Terrific. Flight it and just sit it. It is


perfect. Commit to the shot. Commit to the shot and all the other mumbo


jumbo. Good swing. Good strike. She gets a


bit of zip through the ball because it sits down very obligingly. She


obviously likes our Championship. Those finishing shots she played at


Birkdale, classic efforts. Mirim Lee, out with the driver. Not much


run. Jutanugarn, cannot get out with the driver because she isn't


carrying it. A bit down the fairway, I have taken a short cut, is it a


3-wood? She is out with the 3-wood. She can reach, just about. But she


brings the left-hand bunkers into play off the tee. Here she goes.


Boom! Looks to be a little bit, a little bit off-line, yes but bounces


up and onto the fairway. Not a bad side to be.


Still got a smile. Catriona Matthew, pitcher. Good one, Maureen. Dig the


toes in. In Gee Chun, another former winner


of the US Open. She finishes on 8-under par.


Karrie Webb. Not a great tee shot at the 17th. But that looks very gentle


and very tidy, but speeds by. They do generate pace when they get to


the hole on so many of these greens. Lovely view of the 15th green.


Matthew and Martin would be patrolling it. And that's a long


putt Matthew hold on 14 might just provide a bit of impetus for her. --


holed. Gentle little tap. Keeping going...


It won't reach. APPLAUSE


This is Hannah Django. -- Hannah Django.


That is looking very good. Similar to Matthew's. A dead online, shy.


Hole in one at the par-4. Up to the 18th. The bunker. Leona Maguire, the


amateur, in the bunker. Two shots dropped, doesn't want to drop


another. Years ago, there was a player called John Hudson and had


two consecutive holes in one. In the old martini tournament. Martin.


It is a par on 15. Off they go to the 16th tee. Seven pars in a row.


No fireworks. Just steady play. Good finish. It's been done already by


three players who had a wonderful finish over these closing holes.


Mirim Lee is having a crack. 291 yards to the flag. She is going with


the wood to get a bit tighter. Which is fine today with the pin at the


back of the green. Oh. Check and balance, that is OK. That was


heading for the sand. I thought that was sand bound. Be awful to find one


of those bunkers at 60, 70 yards back because they are deep.


Jutanugarn can park it, 60, 70 yards. With the flag at the back,


you have some landing area. Grand National winner there, jumping


over the corner of the bunker. That is a very big stroke of luck. She is


starting to look a little bit edgy. Karrie Webb to stay par.


First drop shot of the David Karrie Webb, when she knocks this in. Leona


Maguire on the final green. What a week she's had. This for a closing


74. Well, not to be. She is a comfortable winner of the award


given to the low amateur. We'll have to make a bit more space in her


bulging trophy cabinet. She finishes at 4-under par and it is a very


well-deserved round of applause. She will be cross with that finish, but


when she gets a moment to reflect on it, it is a great finish. Dan Brown


won the English amateur. Andrew Burgess of Royal Aberdeen. Big


George Duncan in the final Anzac Gallagher won the Welsh amateur


Championship. They all finish around the same time as the women's British


Open. -- Zach Gallagher. There is the mark from Charley Hull. She got


to 9-under par at one stage. When you think about where that is at


9-under, it is a tie for fifth place. Many others will have such


stories. Good, straight one from Catriona


Matthew. This green is always a little firm.


The wind is blocking it up. John, the caddy, giving the instructions.


He has been on Mirim Lee's bagged a couple of months and he has helped


turn her game around. Not easy to turn this around, I'd be a bit


scared of going over the back. Control the flight.


It grabs and even backs up a little bit. Over to you, says Mirim Lee, to


her partner. Huge, huge break. She caught the


3-wood a bit thin and it came up a bit lower than usual. Peter, heading


up to the green to get the precise yardage. Not a bad spot. In the


rough, sitting OK and the ball is below her feet but she doesn't have


to come over the bunker. Maybe a little more time, but back he goes.


Coming out the rough, Andrew, will eliminate the fact she has got too


much spin on it. She can play a low shot, which she can release out.


Mirim Lee, take some applause for her shot. 65 yards. Going to run a


little right to left. If this was 45 yards, it would be a tricky shot


from this position. But 65, you can open the club face and get a decent


swing at it. Stacy Lewis. Hole hi, great distance


control. And it looks beautifully read and executed putt. Results,


Birdie. 10-under for Stacy Lewis. Stacy Lewis moving up to 10-under


par. Five behind. Possibly a little bit too late but it is hotting up


with a double bogey from Jutanugarn on the 13th. We find the names of


Charley Hull, finished a long time ago. Had it going but stumbled on


the back nine. And then Leona Maguire, going to win leading


amateur. 75, a better placed earlier on. Slightly slow finish, but she


should be very proud. She is talking now to Hazel Irvin.


You have one at the Smith salver by six shots, I wonder in your already


long list of achievements, where does this set? It is definitely up


there, I have had a great week. I would have liked to have played


better today, but the goal was to have fun and play as best as I


could. How much fun has it been taking on these professionals in


this major Championship and featuring so strongly on the


leaderboard? It's been great, I've had a lot of fun, it has been great


having Lisa on the bag. You and your twin have made quite the double act


and we look forward to seeing you next year. Thanks a lot. At Duke


University, North Carolina. Go back to Mirim Lee. Can she put the


squeeze on? Not one of her finest putts. Just


eases the pressure a little bit on Jutanugarn. Just the par-5 from


Mirim Lee. Matthew, attacking this short flag


on 16. A little light. Should have learned a little from


her playing partner. It's uphill and it's pretty slow.


No, no. That was to give her two shot lead with three holes to play.


But it is still just one. She had a two shot lead with three to play.


First major of the year. Let it slip. Can she hold on? One clear.


Lewis and the rest of them have to go flag hunting. Running out of


holes. Very good. That flag's not very far


from yesterday's pin position. A few players behind her, going to have to


take some chances if they want to threaten Jutanugarn at the top of


the board. Head bowed, ball heading left, needs


to get lucky, that's a long way in, all sorts of trouble down there.


That is caused by the shot clubface she was talking about on the start


of her takeaway. Just rearing its ugly head at the wrong time for her.


Jutanugarn has hit two iron's. Cannot get out there about 250,


comfortably. -- can knock it out there. After Mirim Lee finds trouble


Jutanugarn pounds it down the middle. Mirim Lee just giving


Jutanugarn a bit of breathing space but what can Mo Martin do? Just two


off the lead to remember. Not a huge amount happened in her


round until the back nine, a couple of birdies, then a dropped shot on


the 17, a round of 71 for Karrie Webb. She will finish inside the top


ten. Just not quite enough juice, the


ball bobbled about as it left the blade which normally means it will


come up a trifle short. If there is to be any chance at all for Stacy


Lewis this one has to drop. Even then it's just the slenderest of


hopes. Is it going to get there? No. Write


online as well. Catriona. Well, that will irritate


her no end. Down to a three horse race now I would say. Jutanugarn,


Mirim Lee and Mo Martin. This 470. Mo Martin, big putt for par. Gets


it. All pars on the back nine so far for Mo Martin. She is just hanging


around hoping others will slipped back.


In some brambles but we'll get to that. Pin six, seven yards,


safely aboard the green. That could be quite a psychological blow if her


opponent has found a really nasty spot in the bushes. It is


unplayable, I think. This is long grass, brambles weaved into it, they


are so tough, even the strongest of the strong. What do you think? If


she takes a hit at this it's a big risk. That is the way they are


talking, Ken. If she drops it two club links there are still trees in


the way, she thinks she can squirt it out but oh my goodness. If it was


Paul Casey with his four iron he might be able to thrash it out


but... Coming away and taking some practice swings on some loose


chippings isn't going to replicate it. It's a 9-iron they said. It's if


the club shaft gets tangled up before she gets to it. All my


goodness. This could be the end of her


challenge. I am getting nervous, I don't know


about you. She has done well to get it out. Settle down there. Through


the fairway but that's done pretty well. She set up a pretty good angle


for herself into the flag, it's over on the left. That was really, really


well done. Well might she smile. If you look at the replay you can see


Ken backing off a couple of paces before she hits it and you can


understand why, has to be strong just to dig your way through, you


don't know what it's going to do coming out of that, I think they had


a good look at the brambles behind the ball and decided they were just


about flimsy enough to rip the way through. Martin trying to get it


onto this little iron in board of a ledge where the flag is today. --


wiring bounce, she says and bounds it does.


What a shot from Mo Martin. I haven't seen anybody closer than


that all day. She might be the major threat to Jutanugarn. She thinks it


comes from closer to her, from Mirim Lee, but Mirim Lee is just faltering


year. -- here. She hasn't found the greatest lie, coming across the edge


of the bunker, you would like to bits purchase on the ball but she


would be able to do that, to get this close it's got to be absolutely


perfect. Skirt the edge of the bunker and judge how much it's going


to run out. That is just a shot, that is incredible, what a wonderful


shot from Mirim Lee. Just crept over the trouble, may well save par and


keep the pressure on. No matter where you look this is compelling


stuff now, it seemed almost pedestrian at one point have another


look at that she literally had a pocket handkerchief on which to


bounce that golf ball and she did it.


It's coming down to three players, the two in this group and Mo Martin


up ahead. Jutanugarn certainly not being


rushed, looking for her first major Championship, has come close this


year, not only fourth in the ANA but third at the PGA will, women's PGA


Championship as well. A reminder of the state of affairs,


Mo Martin very close on the 17th. Birdie putt here, there is the


smile. Then remembers the seriousness of it all.


Dowling two from here would be good. Just wondered on a little bit again.


Good aggressive putt. Matthew, the home crowd is delighted with that


one. Level par for a two-day, a sprinkling of birdies and bogeys.


Lexi Thompson has reached the final hole.


Not too shabby. That is the four of the Championship, deep in the bushes


off the tee, very risky second, delightful third and a finely


executed putt. The scorecard doesn't paint a picture, but my goodness


what a hole. Jutanugarn will have been watching all of that, seeing


her troubles and thinking I could have gone one further clear and


suddenly she has this one to retain the lead. This is one to test the


nerves. Go through the smile again. Well done, very well holed. Both of


them were nervous there but that's what's it all about, just a couple


of holes left, all to play for. Can Mo Martin roll this in and move


within one? By a fraction! That could have made a difference Andrew.


Really could have made a difference. She has played terrific stuff I


think. Go back to that very early putt that she missed from about a


foot or so. Anyway, Stacy Lewis on the final hole.


Good shot, good short indeed. That will give the Spectator something to


cheer. Cracking shot wasn't it? The 17th, par-3, the


final group. Gorgeous par-3, one that someone might paint. Circled by


mature oaks. The pin on the back little ledge, a bit easier because


it's a fraction further left but still tricky. Lots of


decision-making, Ken. Looking at the sky to see if there is any breeze


but down here it's nonexistent. The flag is not moving at all. Mo Martin


has played the best tee shot so far, getting within about 12 feet. Very


difficult to get it really tight. If you're going to try and fly it all


the way you how to pitch it about a yard on the ledge. If you do that


it's liable to dig in and come back to you. One shot.


Sounded good, but left. Left an awkward putt.


That has given some comfort to the leader because you can afford a


breath, not carelessly but one nice clean shot, get inside her. She is


capable of carrying it on the ledge, she's got enough power and clubhead


speed to spin it. Perfect club for the distance. Make-up on the left


shoulder, it shows how she swishes through the ball. The powder. That


sounded nice, looks online. How about that? Steady. It dribbles


away, but still a very good shot but still tricky part also. Not much


easier than the other one. Lexi Thompson on the final green.


Quite a bit of movement in that putting stroke. In for par, level


par 72 for her round. That will be a tie for eighth.


Mo cracks one of the 18th. I think she needs Birdie, Peter. Definitely


but you have to admire her play, totally outgunned, it's like a


middleweight taking on a heavyweight. She was also denied a


high five by that child. Has time that even when challenging the


major. Stacy Lewis, this was a superb second shot in. Round of 70,


11-under total. She has for the moment set the total in the


clubhouse. Finally a smile from Stacy Lewis, just not quite to be


this week you suspect. Just a handful of players out on the course


now. Can the finish as Caroline Masson dead with four birdies?


They just happen, you cannot make them happen, you do your best and


then the ball disappears and you have got a birdie or whatever. But


you cannot make it happen. You do your best. Sometimes it works and


sometimes it doesn't. But this has been a great four days. Back here


again in four weeks, the European senior Tour. I recommend you come


and have a look. Slightly different from this one. Monster putt, Ken. It


is a monster, bed of a switchback putt as well. Just got gathered up


on the slope and she is on the lower level, the hole cut almost a yard


higher than she is so it's steep uphill. Probably the slowest putt


she has had all day. Good speed. Cracking effort.


First-class effort. Solid three. Recovered from that very shaky


start. Mo Martin into the final green. Looking for birdie.


Come on, come on, come on. She has a chance.


This is quite a bit left-to-right. Speed important, if you are a bit


too anxious you can knock this easily four feet past.


Here she comes. How about that? What a moment to hole putt. I did my best


and it went in. That might well be that. A lot can still happen but a


two shot lead is a whole lot healthier than one to take to the


final hole. Look at this, beautifully judged. Two feet outside


the left, in, beautiful. Apart from the six at the 13th she


has played very, very nice golf indeed. It will be the two iron at


the last, it must be? Yes. Mirim Lee hoping for a two shot swing, we have


seen plenty of those before. If it is at high they will go off and play


a few holes sudden death, see who wins and takes all home the first


prize of just over ?310,000. This price is ?90,000. -- fifth prize is


?90,000. Really buzzing crowd trying to find position at the edge of this


hole. I am trying to find a as well. Outwith the old blade. The old


1-iron, up she goes. Don't see many of those these days. She has made


this look easy all week, can she crunch another one down the middle?


Tense moments. She hit it hard and I think she's got away with it.


Little draughty, down the right. No run, safe enough.


Mo Martin, this has to drop. To have any chance...


The champion of two years ago at Birkdale, unless something


miraculous happens to the spinal group, is not going to repeat the


feat here at Woburn. She will be very proud and so she should be, she


has played very well this week, Mo Martin. Been a very enjoyable time


for everyone. The senior Tour here in four weeks' time. Some big boys


will be here. Catriona Matthew. For a closing par. That's a shame. She


knew it was poor, up and out of it underway.


73 for Catriona Matthew. Still a great effort, tied for fifth will be


the end result. A little touch anxious but what a


good four days work. Excellent playing. Mo Martin, very good


scoring indeed. Lovely playing. The final pair approached their tee


shots. Jutanugarn has a two shot lead and


she's OK. What sort of club do you think Ken?


168, between an eight and 7-iron I think.


She has to carry at 157. Over the little red chair in the green. Must


be seven, be sure. Got to be. Maybe not. I will tell you any second.


A 7-iron, Peter, you are wrong! Seven! Deep breath! One more nice,


straight, beautifully timed shot. Right into the heart of the green,


come on! That is a bit weak. There will be


greater applause now. Cracking shot. The 100 club... That deserved


better, under pressure, a very good shot. She said she would aim at the


oh behind the flag like the caddy suggested and that is where she


landed it. And she has got 164, Mirim Lee. We have seen them hold.


The great photographer slipping past. The speed of a greyhound! This


looks like a mix. As much as that? Really? A 6-iron! I am not sure.


Sighs of relief. Whatever happens. Whatever happens, I think this young


lady... Do not start counting the money yet, but I will have ?10 on


her. And I am not a gambling man. Alistair Scott, our starter, former


BBC, announcing them home. Nice little touches. APPLAUSE.


Champagne in waiting. Can almost start to enjoy it now, that close


with 80 macro shot lead. -- 82 shot lead.


Mirim Lee has given her a good race. Just a little short. The lone figure


of ten in front of the green! Totally oblivious to what is going


on. -- Kenneth. No, it is not. He is on the ball now. No play-off, thank


goodness, old friend! No play-off. At least, I don't think so,


something weird would have to happen for there to be a play-off. I think


again, potentially, this is a Serena Williams. She has the capability and


power to completely dominate the game. Interesting. And at her young


age, she appears to enjoy it. This will do her, if it ends in her


favour, it will do a tremendous amount to boost her confidence. A


couple of near misses but for a player so young, huge talent. Power,


controlled touch. Mirim Lee has got the hole this, it is the most


unlikely. Greece lightning, turning violently to the right as it slows


down. If she does, her opponent has three more putts to still take the


title. What a scene, Peter, beautiful. Lovely. That is maybe her


mother standing at the back. Yes, her mother travels everywhere with


her. You know all these things! Now, this is tricky. Along the top, over


the ridge. Across the green, and is low. A good 17, 18 yards. Goodspeed,


turning right. Good effort. And she has got the hole flat. Remember Mo


Martin and 13-under. It of 17 -- 70, from her.


I hope the caddy will get a good bonus, Peter! I think he will do.


What a job he has done. Fantastic. They always say 10% for a win. If


that is true... That is ?30,000. That is her mother. That is more


than might old caddy, Liverpool sit, got. Mr alongside, Maria, alongside


her mother. -- her sister alongside. She played well this week. But the


younger sister has it all laid out before her.


A little bit edgy! A little bit edgy. I think she will still have a


couple more from there. I love it! The first time she has got cross


with herself all week. Yes. This has got to go in. Otherwise, she will be


tied with Kim. -- with Mo Martin. Oh! I don't like it, I don't like to


see that. What a pity. Untidy beginning and an


untidy end. A round of 73, 13-under, tied the second. Still her best


finish at a Major, opening with that 60 to entertain everybody. It cost


about ?25,000, ?30,000, that putt. Not like your Saturday morning roll


up. You are all right, mum! She will be all right.


Well done! The winner! And how well she has played. Here they come! Is


that the real stuff? Is it water? Highland Spring, sparkling. Poor old


mum and sister! DMA! The entire family. -- dear me. Very well


played. A gallant opponent. Thank you, Slough.


APPLAUSE. He done good.


Away they go to the huts to check their cards and the prize-winning


presentation. Study that card carefully into the


corridors. A first Major title. In the end, it was a handsome victory.


But it was very close on that back nine. At one stage in the final


round, Jutanugarn had a 1-shot lead, ending with a three shot victory.


With the double-bogey on the 13th, it was close. Mo Martin finishing


tied for second place with Mirim Lee and the American who won this title


at Birkdale, got short but very commendable effort.


Talking to us now. What is it about the English air that makes you just


love the British Open? I do love it. I have done a little bit of research


into my past winnings and I have -- Mike Harris lineage and I have got


English teams so maybe I have ancestors looking out at me and it


has been nice. The weather has been great, the fans, they are great. I


appreciate playing here, the fans are spectacular. He seems such an


engaging personality so that is something to do with it. How did the


course play today? -- you seem. Similar, a similar wind the entire


week. They moved the tee boxes around a little bit, left and right,


with the par-3 and that brought the trees and play or did not so that


changed. But very similar. When you won this Championship in 2014, you


suffered with your rest and you have that struck top. You have only


missed one cut this year so what do you put your form down to, getting


over that injury? That is part of it, it an injury is scary and you


can't push it or you compensate in other players -- other places and


your game can go downhill. With an injury, it you never know when you


will get better. But I found the right therapist, Mo Herman. She was


fantastic and she built this point and I changed my splint and got back


in form and I started working with a new caddy who has been a great


addition. I have a great team around me and everything is flowing now.


Great ball striking and my putting is coming around so it is fun to be


in contention. You make it all sounds so easy! Well done on yet


another fantastic Major. Thanks, we work really hard to make it look


easy! Catriona Matthew, we thought she


would be in contention, but there were 57 macro. A mixed bag today. 73


eventually, 9-under for fifth place, her thoughts five bogeys.


Another good start today but difficult to keep it going, why? I


don't know, I had a couple of shots on the two to the front holes and it


was a struggle. A couple of terrible three putts and a birdie on 17 so


not bad. Quite disappointed but not too bad. Some of the players said


they felt the pins were more tucked and there was more bounce on the


course. Yes, the greens were firmer today. The pins were tacked --


topped the list two days and the greens were firmer which made it


tougher to get close. How special to have husband Graeme on your back


hunting down Majors? You have shed a lot of great experiences. Very


special. It is great on when he can caddy now, he does not get to do it


much. Just great fun. I am busy disappointed but great play in front


of the crowd and be in front. Another top-flight finish and that


is to be a good thing as you prepare the Rio Olympics? Yes, it just need


to move up about three places! When you set up? I go down on Friday the


12th. Watch at the weekend and we start on Wednesday. And Graeme is on


your back? He is coming, yes. Good luck, have a great week.


Thank you very much. Just outside the medals for Catriona Matthew


here, finishing tied for fifth place. Seven shots behind the


winner. The Gold Medallist. Time to hand over silverware to the


champion. Time to hand over this beautiful


silver pitcher to our champion in the company of our hesitation party,


Trish Wilson and the Deputy President of Ricoh limited Would you


please do the honours? Thank you. Congratulations. He makes history as


the first time winner of a Major, Ariya Jutanugarn. And very


well-deserved. I will as you questions about what must be a very


hard effort indeed. How much harder with the last holes then you


anticipated? It is very hard because after I have six, I feel I want to


make birdie because I missed a lot of putts today. The 34th a turning


point with a double-bogey, how much attention at that point? I felt


nervous but after that hole, I felt like I could make every shot. You


committed and there was a beautiful show at the 17th, described that


putt and the relief in getting that putt at the 17th. I feel I wanted to


make myself happy because I missed a lot of putts, just make one. He


smiled all the way and the biggest smile for your mother. A very


special moment at the end, what was that like and what did she say? She


cried I think! She did not, when I40 macro my first tournament, she said


thank you and that made my day. -- when I won. The first ever tied


golfer to win a Major! It is important for me and Thai golf


because my goal was to win a Major and I did. I hope I can inspire


players in Thailand. You have a beautiful silver trophy and next you


go for Gold at Rio Olympics. We and everybody else wishes you the best.


You are a wonderful champion. Ariya smiles better and she has done all


week, thank you very much. And show me the trophy.


Ariya Jutanugarn, Major champion of 2016, the women's British Open


champion. And this was the putt that sealed the win, a three shot


victory. A first Major and a dousing in champagne. There will be more,


you suspect, from this big hitting, big talent.


The final story of the Championship at Woburn. Jutanugarn three shots


clear of Mo Martin and Mirim Lee. Karrie Webb in a tie for fifth place


after her 71. We will get the thoughts now of the former champion.


Looking like a very strong top-10 finish once again here. 21 years


after your first victory. How would you assess your week back at Woburn?


It has been a long time since I have been in contention since the


Australian Open at the beginning of the year so Woburn brought a bit of


magic back to my game this week. I played solidly. The putter was a bit


cold today but overall, my putting was a lot better this week. That is


what I had been waiting for, I had been swinging it quite nicely and it


has been good to see some shots go in. I would have liked to see more


but happy with the week. This is a top ten in a Major and you have


seven big titles already. Does this give you heart there will be more in


the lock down the track? I still believe that. When you do not play


great, it is hard to see it but deep down I know I still have chances to


win Majors. It is getting myself a chance. We look forward to you


coming back as long as you want! You will have to tell them that!


Rio 2016, the Olympic Games starts on August five the BBC.


Five days and counting, not just for the BBC, but also for Ariya


Jutanugarn because after that performance, she will have a crack


at the Gold Medal. She certainly has, that was riveting viewing. We


are sitting back not bothered, nice and easy. Sunday afternoon. And


suddenly, like this, what is going to happen? That was a privilege to


watch. This has been her breakthrough year. What we witnessed


was a player who learns to play under extreme pressure. Trying to


get across the line for her first Major, it was great stuff.


Especially given what we were talking about, the first Major of


the year, two shot ahead, bogeyed the last three. That incident stays


in your mind and is hard to shift. I think I said in commentary, this


time last year, she left temporary after missing the cut. Her tenth


consecutive missed court. She was in bits and did not know what to do


with her game and how to turn it around. She could not keep a driver


on the fairway. She started working with Gary Gilchrist in the spring


and he said she did not need anything technical doing, it was up


here. She goes to the best there is. They came up with this, I call it


the pre-shot smile. We will see that next week on golf courses around the


country. The little smile. It is a calming thing. They told her she got


too fast under pressure. This helps to calm her down and slow her down,


slow down the heart rate. I watched her very closely after that


double-bogey because under that sort of pressure, that is the time these


routines go out the window. But she carried it through to the end and


recovered. The amazing thing is, it is leading the way in terms of the


spread of the game. Thailand, we have had Chinese Taipei, South


Korea, and also from mainland China breaking new ground, Shanshan Feng.


It is happening in the women's game and will surely have a huge impact


spreading it further? No doubt, in four years' time in Korea, can you


imagine? It will be immense. It is Tokyo in 2020 for the Olympics and


it will be fascinating to see the spread of the game. Thank you,


Maureen. Plenty of fascinating Dutch plenty of fascinating listening on


the radio, because the fourth round in New Jersey has been impacted by


the weather. Jason Day and Jimmy Walker and Henrik Stenson with


answers. Radio 5 Live is on air tonight from 8:30pm with live


coverage of round four. Is Jason Day going to retain that title? Giving


it a good go so far. At Woburn, we bid a fond farewell to Woburn. And


to the Ricoh women's Open Championship. It is Thailand on top


and Ariya smiles better than anybody. Goodbye!


20,000 square miles of rugged coastline,


But wildlife is thriving in this unforgiving place.


Live and uninterrupted final-round coverage of the 40th British Women's Open from Woburn, which is hosting the event for the first time since 1999.

South Korea's Inbee Park produced a devastating seven-under-par round on the final day at Turnberry 12 months ago to claim the seventh major title of her career. Her stunning round of 65, which included seven birdies and an eagle, equalled the course record and saw the then-world number one comprehensively move clear of the field. The 27-year-old ultimately finished three shots clear of joint overnight leader and compatriot Ko Jin-young and with it completed a career grand slam.

Hazel Irvine introduces the action, with Peter Alliss, Ken Brown, Maureen Madill and Andrew Cotter providing the commentary.

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