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European Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championships

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The beautiful city of the Sofia hosts the Championships this week.


Three the past winners from Moscow have lushed to defend their title.


Clean as can be. Stunning performance there from


Larisa Iordache. Big vault, beautifully executed.


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. #


! Super work. What a performance. So graceful.


So from a glorious Bulgaria to a sunny studio in Manchester.


As you have just seen, plenty to look forward to this afternoon and


joining me to talk you through the action is 11 time European


medallist, Beth Tweddle. Lovely to see you, as always. Thank you for


joining us this afternoon. Thank you. A pleasure. Great success from


qualification in the women's side. The highest placing ever on the team


qualification and then to have all the gymnasts we have on the


individuals apparatus. British gymnastics have never qualified in


the women's side in that top spot ahead of Russia and Romania. I could


tell all the girls were on a high and performed magnificently. The


question s how are they going to compete? How will they get on? These


are the highlights. We don't want to put too much of a spoiler on this.


Let's show everybody what they can look forward to. First up we have


the women's team final. Highlights coming forward shortly. Then we will


move on to the individual apour ato usp finals. Starting with the vault:


Another chance for Rebecca Downie to get a medal on the beam. And floor,


another chance for a medal with Claudia Fragapane. Can she get a


metal on that? That's the question. Even though a lot of individual hope


here, but a lot of focus, on the team performance this year, why? I


think Amanda wanted to focus on the team effort. She knew she had the


potential to medal. And obviously... And Amanda being your coach. She


knows the experience. She knows what it takes to medal on the top. We


have done it once before. She thought maybe it could happen again.


And who knows. You have done it once before. You were part of that team


in 2010 that got that historic silver. What did it feel like to be


part of it? Going into those Championships we didn't really know


we had the potential to pick up that silver. We hoped maybe to make the


team final and silver. We hoped maybe to make the


happens on the day. Three up, three to count. It can make a massive


difference. Fond memories. Let's hear from the five gymnast who is


make up this year's British team. We really have nothing to lose in


the final. We have never obviously produced a team gold but we have


produced a medal. That's what we are after. We have to give it our best


shot again. We have a great depth within the British team. We are


close-knit. We have been working hard for this. We are ready.


A lot of new faces on to the squad, including Claudia. It is definitely


a positive change. We have all gelled so well as a team. We are a


family. She is so bright and funny, making


sure everyone is happy. Becky is good. Hannah will get me to calm


down and Ruby will give me hugs. Tony will be walking up to me and


saying - are you all right? Now I'm older and independent and I'm kind


of looking after clawedia. It is different but it is nice. It feels


like we have all bonded. Although we are fighting for individual places,


we know the team is our priority. We have been training with each other


for three weeks prior to the Championships. We have all gelled.


We know how to pick each other up and what happens other people My


first time being in a big international. We are all like


sisters. We are just lovely altogether. We have worked really


hard and, you know, we are going to go out in the finals and give it all


we have got. Any medal we will be happy with but the gold medal would


be the icing on the cake. A real comradery there and Frags as


she is known has brought a real zest, and spice to the team Yes, the


others have done it all before. She is the new face. She has spiced it


up. Rebecca has gone from being the baby and now looking after someone.


There is great camaraderie. I was up with them at Lilleshall. You can see


the team spirit. You have been working closely with


them. Obviously passing on all of your expertise. This is how the team


competition is going to work. There are eight teams in the final. This


is the order in which they qualified. There we are. So Great


Britain there, right at the top. They are top qualifiers.


So, they are going to start on the beam. They will be competing at the


same time as Russia who start on uneven bars. Romania are in group


two. Their first apparatus will be beam. As we were saying, three


gymnasts from the team compete and all three scores count. There is a


lot riding on everyone's performance. Let's have a little


look at the Russian and Romanian teams. Very interesting. There has


been a lot of injury in the Russian team. Led by Aliya Mustafina. She


has ankle problems. Many because of the injury. A young team. Romanian


team. They didn't have a great qualification with the all with a


few falls. But the experience of some of their


team will be vital if they want that 7th team title. Let's see how Great


Britain faired against the best in Europe. Beth was in the commentary


box alongside Craig Heap and Christine.


The first of the Russian team. Daria Spiridonova. She is a great quality


gymnast. There is a good start. Into the Stoop. Straight up to the top


bar and straight back down to the low bar. A lovely form. The coach is


just stepping in, just in case. Slight leg separation there but a


good start to the routine so far. Here is her first release and catch.


Catches at arm's length which is what we are looking for. The reverse


half turn and straight into the dismount. Back and forward. A small


hop at the end. She will be pleased with that routine.


As you can Seaman, nice straight lines, accurate. Full twisting


bubble back. Small hop forward. -- double back.


A fantastic opening score: Here we go on it the bars, Aliya


Mustafina. The leader of the Russian team.


An Olympic champion on this apparatus. Full pirouette. Easily


linked into the flight with half-turn. Every handstand hits


beautifully. High, flighted, pike front somersault. She gives herself


time on the apparatus. Now the full pirouette, straight into the low


bar. Look at that turn right on top of the bar. Flight. Useful straight


arms on her catches. of the bar. Flight. Useful straight


pirouette. Up into a wonderfully landed dismount. That was pretty


immaculate work. Well, the top score of the died so


far: We have turned now to Becky Downie,


the third of the British gymnasts to be working on the beam.


She's qualified for beam final. She had a good qualification. Needs it


all to go right now. Becky will be looking for a nice controlled start.


Gets her on to the apparatus, nice and easy but settles her down It


shows her flexibility off really well with that.


The front somersault, a perfect landing. That will steady her


nerves, showing she has done that first skill.


Straight into the free cartwheel playout. A solid landing.


-- McCartney wheel layout. Full spin with the leg up. Just a


slight wobble but recomposes herself.


Rebecca is always known for her great flexibility. Those leaps show


that off well. The free walkover into the split


jump. Such great performance so far. She


has to keep it going until the end. You can hear the girls in the


background cheering her on. The last little bit with the dismount.


Can she do it? Yes. Oh, great routine, Becky.


I was holding my breath there. We all were. She just needed to nail


that big dismount. That looks like a great start. It was a really clean


routine. Here is the free cartwheel into the layout somersault. That's


the acrobatic series, every gymnast has to have one of those. She does


an immediate split jump. So 14.133. .


Ta puts Great Britain in rank three at the moment. -- that puts.


The first of the Romanians. 14. # in qualification. A sleight


gymnast. A double twist on. Beautiful landing. Much bester than


the last we have seen. The Romanians are known for their powerful


vaulting. That's the hardest vault you will see in this competition.


And Alina Stanila has 14.666, the opener for Romanian on the vault. A


strong apparatus for us. A double twist. On a nine-pence,


fantastic. That's how you do It a really beautiful line. You can


fantastic. That's how you do It a the lines on the mat. The gymnasts


have to land on the line if they are not going to have a deduction. You


you can see she does that. Romania qualify top on vault and they look


like they are going to keep on going. That was a super vault score


for -- Iordache. So, here we are, Romania leading at


the moment. Great Britain in fourth but they have had their weakest


piece. Beam is certainly the British team's weakest piece. They survived


it well. Hannah Whelan first. Enjoy the


dance. Hannah Whelan, Great Britain, opens


the competition for them on floor. Beautifully landed, full-twisting


double back. Needs to concentrate hard. This is a


big tumble. Two-and-a-half twists into straight fronts. Fabulous


flight. Lovely change leg.


# Beautifully, mature dance.


Super height on the double back. Holds the landing well.


Dances nooted tumble. One of the changes this year. One step back.


Really well-held. A super leap to finish. A a great


performance from Hannah Whelan. You can see the team are utterly


delighted. Fantastic start. I always loved


training with Hannah. Her personality comes across. The great


two-and-a-half, straight into the front straight and great landing.


Back across the floor. The round-off lift into the double tuck. She held


that. She was almost too powerful. Too much adrenaline and then misses


the last tumble to finish her routine. A very good score there oon


Hannah Whelan. Aliya Mustafina from Russia, leader of the Russian team


steps to the apparatus to perform her beam routine.


She shows her flexibility off. The two jumps connected that you have to


do. Straight into the sides a solid start to the routine.


Beautifully performed sclam Into the double spin. She knows exactly where


that lands is. Very elegant to watch on the beam. The free walkout. The


free cartwheel, just on its own. All these skills are adding up her


difficulty value. She knows she's just got one last


thing to perform to be home safe. A little bit of a dance just to


prepare herself. And into the round -off. Perfect


landing. She'll be pleased with. That one thing with Mustafina, she


doesn't show emotion. Such grace and beauty on the piece of apparatus and


maybe a little bitten taive. We'll look at the dismount here. Some


strapping on that ankle as well, which may be a concern. Here 14.6 -


a good score. Hooer is our chance to see Claudia Fragapane, the new


rising star of British gymnastics on the floor exercise.


Watch this first tumble. The most difficult you'll see in the


competition. She needs to power into it. She needs every bit of height


and flight and she's got it. Full-twisting, double straight.


Full of innovative dance. Into the next tumble. Double straight - look


at that landing! Super high leaps. It is as important


as the tumbling. Such a fun dance as well. Now she


has to dance into the next tumble. Hold your breath - another big


tumble. Can she make it? Yes, she can. Double Arabian.


One final test... Keep the concentration. Up we go! Supper.


Wow! What a routine. 16 years of age, from Bristol Hawks Gymnastics.


We are reel from that super performance, but Maria Kharenkova,


for Russia. Oh! Nearly off there. Very well


controlled! Did well to stay on. A straight back - much improved. The


highest difficulty work there - straight into the leaps. Lovely


control. Spin into another full spin.


Into the pike. Into the ring. A free cartwheel, split leap.


And again a half turn. -- half-turn. A very elegant performer. Here we go


- flick, flick, double pike - back Somerset. What a routine. She had


that slight wobble. She is renown for being - she was Junior European


Champion two years ago and has made the final here. There was the


wobble, but she managed to save it. She did very well. She knows how


important it is for the team. Straight into the pike. So Claudia


Fragapane, 14.766 - that is a very good score. Slightly up on her


qualifying score. The Russian team will be looking for a big score


here. Kharenkova, 14.566. She has held her


nerve and held the team together. And Diana Laura Bulimar, from


Romania moves to the asymmetric bars.


Lovely lines! Down into the shoot down. A good flow with this routine.


The half-turn. A very simple routine.


The full twist and double back and a clean landing. Not the highest


difficulty, but the judges, for execution value, will be high. The


team looked delighted with that. Her team-mate has scored 13.5. As Beth


said, very nice, clean work - nice straight arms, straight legs.


Bulimar, 14.133. A good score for that routine. And Larisa lordache -


the top Romanian. Exciting bar-worker. Super start. Full


pirouette. Didn't manage to go into the next element. She'll lose the


bonus there. Into the half-turn. Nice up to handstand though. Flight


Flighted Jager. Immediately to the low bar. Oh, but


she's had to fight hard and use an exit there, so she now needs to pick


up - the shoot-up, she's covered it well. She winds up now into the full


twist and double back. That was excellent. That routine was not


without fault. That mistake in the middle, she then


had to change her exit. There's the beginning. The half turn and this is


the blind that you can see the Jager summer south and this -- somersault


and you can see she was tired - the handstand wasn't quite there and


into the dismount. She covered it well, but she will not be pleased.


So drops under the magic 14. So, here we are - row main that in the


lead. From Russia, Great Britain clawed up into third place, ahead of


Germany, Belgium and Italy, down in sixth. They are usually expected to


be a bit higher than that. Seventh, Spain and eight, Switzerland.


Rebecca Tunney, for Great Britain. Right, come on Rebecca.


Double-twist. Fantastic performance. She has a fantastic technique. She


is so consistent with it. Lands in the middle. You can see the powerful


run. You can see the British team at the other end all jumping up and


down. 14.533 for Rebecca Tunney. Rebecca Downie for Great Britain.


Double-twist twisting. Lifts, lifts - fantastic height - couldn't have


wished for more. It is so nice to see her back on the vaults. She's


had injury over the past couple of years. She has a wonderful


technique. A small hop on landing. There we are - 14.7. That is a


really good score. Alla Sosnitskaya comes to the floor


for Russia. A very important performance. Absolutely. The


pressure is on. Whip, whip, flick. Very nice


combination there. Double pike-back. That is a bigger


ror. Pfd The final tumble - double tuck.


Slight -- the final tumble, double tuck. The mistakes are starting to


show. The mistakes are there. The other three tumbles were better.


That is vital when you are going for medals, those little steppouts are


what cost you those medals. 13.766 for Sosnitskaya. That is


quite a good score, because there were errors in that routine. Maria


Kharenkova, the very slight gymnast to finish with.


This is their challenge on the floor.


Slight, but powerful. Super double Arabian. So the gymnast has to dance


into the corner and move out into the tumble. That is new rules. Into


double pike. Very nice. And the movement has to mirror the


music. Two-and-a-half twist.


Lovely height! The suppleness on those leaps.


She has shown very good variety here. Not going for massive


difficulty, but really clean, good all-round performance there on


floor. She had the tumbling, she has the leaps and the artistry. And the


two whips into the two-and-a-half twist and then the double tuck to


finish. A good routine. 13.766. The second gymnast for Romania, Andreea


Munteanu. second gymnast for Romania, Andreea


A nice simple entry, to get straight on to the beam and then that


original piece of work there. So composed and ready to work. Straight


into the change leg side - showing off her flexibility and then


composing herself ahead of the big somersault series. Into the big


twist. No problems whatsoever. Straight back into the walkover,


into the jump, into the two jumps connected. This is where she's


building up her difficulty - the sides - absolutely flawless routine.


The flow - the front somersault - no error. She knows she's got to get


from beginning to end. Just how she does in training every single day.


The flick and into the flick to two and the triple twist. Oh, a big step


on the landing. 14.933 from Andreea Munteanu, probably the top score of


the day on the beam and Larisa Iordache knows that is very


important performance for the Romanian team.


Gymnasts just have to mount with an A difficulty. They just have to use


a simple mount. They don't have to do anything spectacular but this is


spectacular, watch care fli. A back flip. Full twisting tuck back, as


easy as you like and she immediately comes back with another big tumble.


This time from a round-off. Round-off. Straight back somersault.


A tiny bit loose on the legs but super confident.


You have to have difficult dance elements as well. That's one. That's


of a difficult spin with the leg held right up over her face.


She played a bit safe there. Quite understandable at this stage. A free


walkover oh, and another little hesitation. Then the two jumps.


However well-practiced you are, when you know the pressure is on, it's


easy to be cautious but that was a clean side somersault. She looks


like she's enjoying it up there now. But this is always my favourite


dismount. Watch carefully. Imagine she is on


the floor. Round-off. Back flip. Triple twist. Impressive work from


the Romanian team. They certainly laid down a big, big score on the


beam. 1.4 in the qualification there. We


go. The full twist. Amazing acrobatics on the beam. There you go


from the round-off. A super dismount, round-off flick, triple


twist on something the size of a house brick. That is amazing. And


Larisa Iordache there, 14.7 on the beam.


So, here we have the scores at the moment:


Look at Great Britain, pushed up into second place ahead of Russia.


Ruby Harrold the first gymnast out for Great Britain. The finalist in


the Worlds on bars and in the Europeans in 2013. This is


important. The full turning pack. She is cleanly there. Now this is


the big original combination. The half turn into the shooting


handstand into the toe on and off. Now the full pirouette. Clean. Up


into the shoot up. A big release all to could. All-important, half turn.


Rise the heels, front somersault. It is there. Now, just the dismount to


G come on Ruby, up, one, two, land. What a start. Fantastic start there


and senior national coach, Colin Stills highly delighted. Hannah


Whelan, team captain greets here. Here is the replay. You can see her


straight back down into the low bar. The only gymnast in this competition


to be doing that. The toe full turn straight up into the high bar.


That's sometimes where she has big problems. So, she will be pleased to


have got that. Then the double front and then the clean landing. 14.7333


for Ruby Harrold. Super start. Up on her qualifying score.


The second gymnast for Russia on the vault.


The first gymnast, Maria Kharenkova has had her score.


You see there, a round off, a small little step but directly in line.


14.733. A good double twist. A good score for double twist.


Aliya Mustafina, bronze medallist at the Olympic Games. They certainly


need this young lady now to pull something out of the bag and to show


the maturity. Let's see. Accelerates, pops off the top.


Double twisting. Great landing, but there was a knee bend in the middle


there. She is walking with a bit of a limp as well. She has gone out


there, knowing for the team score she needs to give them a


performance. You can see she is struggling. She knew she had to do


it. For Mustafina, 14.7 on the vault has bolstered the Russian tote A it


means, Great Britain if they want to stay ahead. Need scores in excess of


14.7 all the way around. Next gymnast from the City of Liverpool.


Rebecca Tunney, former training partner of Beth Tweddle. Well,


enjoy. Thanks for this one. Takes a breath and then starts her


fast-flowing routine. A good start with the handstand. Into the


somersault. Cleanly done. A good clean land. A nice toe-catcher pike


into the full-twisting pack. Such an original combination.


And straight back down to the low bar.


The half-turn. Two more elements to G come on Rebecca. The full and a


slight step on landing. -- two more elements to go. That was fabulous.


She just missed one of the combinations in the middle but she


works this so well. 14.766 for Rebecca. Another great


score. So, Rebecca Downie. Top qualifier


for the finals. Can she reproduce that performance? Full of difficulty


and excitement. Very little margin for error. Here she starts. Quiet


upstart. Top. You have to do a forward element. There is hers.


Straight into the flights of the high bar. Into the very difficult


short tier catcher. Super-hard work. Watch this. Big full turn. Into the


pike catch. Another very big release. Down to the low bar. The


Salto. A tricky combination. It is the right way. Into full-twisting


double back. She came off a fraction early but held it well. What a


performance from the British girl. There is the British crowd cheering.


You can see everybody absolutely thrilled.


What a great night tonight. You can see her up to the top bar. A


fantastic release. A lot of pressure there. Down to the bottom bar there.


Up into the handstand. There you go. You can see the wind-up. Come on.


Came off a little early. Full-twisting double back. 14.833.


That puts Great Britain, at the moment into rank 1. Still four teams


to go. ?


STUDIO: Great Britain guaranteed a silver with Romania needing just


1.5. Their first two gymnasts scored over 14. Can Iordache secure for


Romania? We have had 20 years of women's team titles. Every two years


it has been competed, Romania have won six of the titles. Can Iordache


complete this floor to take their seventh?


The double, double to start. A step forward but difficult, difficult


work. A single full-twisting double back.


Just that hop. Not quite the four spins but very


nearly. Full of energy, this routine.


She has the top scorer on flooring qualification for anybody. A triple


twist. It makes it look easy. Hits her beets impressively. She


sells the -- her beats.


Total confidence. This is the moment that counts. The double pike, oh, it


was a big bound back. But, a great powerful could havep


dent performance. Romania have looked impressive today. But have


Great Britain. I would put my money on her. I think she has clinched


that title. I think we have worked it out she needs a 12.376 to go


ahead of the British team. You can see them anxiously waiting for that


score. I think we all know but until you have that score in front of you


and it is confirmed, you never want to believe anything. There it is,


14.466, gives them first place. 172 points. You can see just how much it


means to those gymnasts. So here, confirmation, Romania top,


172. Great Britain second, 170. Russia third, 169 and Germany fought


their way, ahead of Italy in fourth. So Great Britain, silver medallists,


what a moment. Congratulations lady. Let's come to you first. Can you


sum-up what the medal means? Everything. All the hard work that


has gone into this. All the support from home, family, coaches, physios.


We have worked so hard and deserve this, 100%. Ruby, your first


international medal? I can't believe T we have been working so hard as a


team for the past month. All the hard work has paid off. I'm so happy


for everyone. It looks very emotional up there.


Chloe, this is your international debut. You must be thinking it is


easy? It is absolutely amazing. I'm speech ams. I'm so happy. I love


this team. We all did so well. Amazing. Rebecca, obviously you were


there at the London Olympics. This must have been a massive high but


this must rank up. We have been together for the past three weeks


training and we have all worked so hard. It has been tough but we gave


it 100%. We definitely earned it. Becky, you were the only member of


the team here last time that GB won a silver medal. How much has it


changed? A totally different team with different expectations coming N


everybody stepped up to the mark. We couldn't have done any more. I'm


really proud of all of them. ? STUDIO: What an impact that medal


will have on this team. We were talking about the


consistency and quality in that group. You are constantly relying on


one person to put in a big skoemplt if you look across the scores on


every piece they are consistent within three or four 10th. The only


one big score was on floor with Claudia putting in 14.7. It is


amazing how we have progressed massively on vault to have three


double twists. That really helped the team score. What is the key to


delivering the performance that they did in qualification actually in the


final. Because you can tire yourself out. Looking for Romania, they were


shocking in qualification but they knew once they got into the top


eight, didn't matter because they would come out tops in the end.


Amanda learnt a lot from when I was competing day after day. When you


are on the international circuit, you do get tired and you have to


come down and get back up for the next day. They have had to change


their tactics. A team competition, and then maybe another one or


apparatus finals. It has helped the girls. They know their routines


inside out and knew what they had to deliver. That's it. When you get


that confidence, as you know, you can try and try and try in the gym


but when you get there and you deliver on the day. It must just


lift you for the next one. They must delighted.


You see them training day in, day out and producing those routines.


And a word that the chances are those tha will be the team for the


Commonwealth. They are all English. We will not lose anyone to Scotland


or Wales. We have a very strong... That's a strong taesmt unbeatable.


Anyway from, the team competition our attentions turn to the


individual specialists. Here is some of what you can look forward to this


afternoon. Will Claudia Fragapane fly high.


Rebecca Downie led qualifying on bars.


Mustafina is the reigning champion. Can Downie challenge for a medal?


Will Claudia Fragapane's individual style wow the judges on the floor


final? All questions which will be answered very shortly. Let me tell


you, it is not just the seniors who have been impressing out there. The


junior team a started their bid for European glory on Friday.


Here is Nick to bring us up-to-date. No junior British squad had won a


European medal. The 2014 team blaef they could -- believe they could.


There were two classy vaults. they could -- believe they could.


Downie was brilliant on the bars. A medal would be won or lost on the


beam. Here was a clean routine. There was almost a tumble. Britain


secured behind Russia and ahead of Romania. Amazing. It is an


experience. This is our first medal. Hopefully we'll get a lot more.


Catherine Lyons was back. Gymnasts competed on all four apparatus. She


had to settle for fourth overall I was left to Ellie Downie to make


history. She claimed bronds and became the first British won to win


an all-round medal. It was nerve-racking to see the


final scores on the score board. I am really pleased with myself.


Ellie's success didn't end there. She got a gold this morning on


vault. Beth? She had such I credible vaults. It could be in the --


incredible vaults. It could be in the seniors. What a celebration.


Celebration. What a result. Beths, we are looking


at six medals out of 15. The amount in juniors before, we


only brought one home at a time, the fact we have brought home six. Their


coach has been working really hard with them and the preparation


leading into this championship - ahave the belief now. They have seen


-- they have the belief now. They have seen the seniors. And to be


turning up at that young age and to make such an impact on the European


stage it is something. This week has been about the women. Next weekend,


it is the turn of the men. Here are the details and how you can see them


in action. Next Saturday: We will report on how the juniors


get on as well it is time for the individual apparatus final. First we


have vaults. Let's look at who the gymnasts are who will be competing.


Giulia Steingruber will be difficult to beat. She has the most difficult


start. It is so cleanly performed N qualification she opted for a


simpler second vault. I know she can upgrade that second one. We will see


what she does today. We heard Claudia Fragapane - she was


obviously delighted. Let's see how she was feeling ahead of her first


final. One of the most popular vaults in


this championship - among the top performers.


A tiny bit of leg form lost as she finished the twist. A good, tidy


vault down the middle. Good height. The score comes in,


14.766 for the first vault. Second vault to come.


Here we go! Very nice! Very clean vault, but


slightly to one side. Very classy vault this. Beautiful


straight body held. You can see she bounds to the side. The direction


problem came off the top. You can see that and that will be quite a


heavy penalty. So the first score in for


Sosnitskaya: Giulia Steingruber - the defending


European vaults champion, from Switzerland. Now she has one of the


most difficult vaults in the bag - 6.2 her start value. Just watch!


Forward on, one-and-a-half twists off. No problem with diviation


there. -- deviation there.


Yes, very powerful. Into the handsprings. Wraps into the


one-and-a-half twist. She plucks off the top, wraps in, very nice!


Accurate in the mid-. Slight pace on landing, but very difficult vaulting


indeed. 6.2, the start value. 15.2 for that first vault. That


beats the qual qualification score. Now we'll see what vault she has


nominated. 5.8, going for a double twist. Let's see how it goes. The


flip-on t twist. It was not secure enough to do the double. The judges


just judge what they see and don't deduct.


Yes, as you can see here she goes for the vault - lovely and high. Not


that higher difficulty, as you can see. Smack, back in the middle.


Great on execution. It might not be enough today.


Here we go - Great Britain, Claudia Fragapane - qualified in third.


This, her senior championship debut. Really focussed. Power and attack


down the runway. A good double twist. Right down the middle.


A fabulous start for her. Totally different vault in from the


previous. Stood up brilliantly! Look at this - reaches back into the


vault block. Double-twist. It is just a touch down on her qualifying


score for her first vault. Her second vault. It has to be different


to the first. She went on backwards. This time needs to come on forward.


She'll make a round-off, straight stront somersault. Just a little --


straight on somersault. Just a little loss... Look at this!


Straight front half turn. There is lack in form slightly. Look at this


- off the top - straight front, half-turn. A very powerful gymnast.


There you see! Half turn, spots the landing and the coach is very


pleased with that. There's the score then, 14.433. She's put in a couple


of strong performances. Here is Larisa lordache - qualified


in fourth. Won a bronze on vault last year at the Europeans. What can


she do today? Very precise. A good round-off. Lovely style. That is a


lovely double-twisting. . Probably the best double twisting


Yuchenko we have seen so far. Look at that! Right down the middle.


Fantastic! Blocks off the top. Well! What an opening vault. The crowd


like it. That is a very good execution score. 14.866 for that


first vault. A relatively low score for her first vault. She knows it


has to be perfect if she wants to challenge for the medals. She's


measured. She swings the arms. The full-twisting Tsukahara.


Look at this going for the Tsukahara - great execution. The style here is


absolutely top-class. Just look at that! Legs glued together. Block off


the top - right down the middle. Wow! And the coach seems happy with


that as well. It is putting her up there into the


medal force the moment. 14.


Double twist. Very clean. Very nice. Very precise double twist.


One to watch. We last saw Pavlova in the Olympic


Games in Beijing on the international stage. She has worked


very hard. She looks in great shape. That was a well-flighted, beautiful,


technical vault. Tiny bit off direction, but no great deductions.


14.766. Just a little down on execution.


Absolutely magnificent. The coach has to catch her. This vault will


challenge. Very precise. Half-turn. Straight, straight body. She did


actually bend one arm. The judges can deduct for that. It happened


very fast and it didn't affect the flightpath. Very difficult to hold


that straight shape all the way through. It has put her into second


place. One gymnast to go. Kim Bui of


Germany. She is competing a vault that is tariffed at five.


Lots of power. Lovely height and flight. Full twist. Not the most


difficult vault. Very stylish. A very measured performance.


Yuchenko off the top. Bags of time. I am sure that will be a


double-twist in training. Maybe not ready yet.


A little down on her qualification score. Second vault, a little bit


more difficult than the first. An unusual way this.


I think there she knows she has defended her vault title.


Very powerful vault. You need acceleration and heel drive. Look at


this. Striking the vault. Bolt in the hair. Massive hop-back in the


landing. She finishes 7th with an overall score of 13.916.


Here is the confirmation of the women's vaults final: Guilia


Steingruber defends her title she won in Moscow:


Claudia Fragapane, coming sixth in her first final.


How did you find that, your first senior final? I wanted to go out


there and get both vaults to my feet. Great. Have you happy with how


they went themselves? It wasn't my best vault but, obviously to get


into the final was just incredible. I didn't really mind where I was. It


was just great being out there. Did any of the team have words of


encouragement for you today? They are more experienced. Were they


passing on knowledge? They just said enjoy it, whatever happens, we are


proud of you and it is your first Europeans, so go out and enjoy it.


? STUDIO: I guess when you have a team


silver in the bag, you just go and enjoy


it is that question - how hard do you go in competition? It is a piece


where you can use all of your adrenaline. It is not like the beam


where you have the smallest, minor error. Steingruber decided to go


with the difficult first vault and played safe and just did the full


twist but performed it cleanly. Looking ahead into the future this


is a piece she can excel on. She is going to get more powerful as she


gets older. Definitely. She has the two vaults. She needs to tidy them


up. During qualification and team final they were better. It is just


experience. Like you say, going from winning a team medal last night,


straight into a final today it will have been hard to fight with those


emotions. We will move on now to uneven bars. What a pedigree we have


in Great Britain for this, obviously yourself included. We qualified


three gymnasts but you are only allowed two. It is really difficult.


All three of them know they are good enough to be in the European final


and it is the slightest, minor errors that could have changed the


order. So this time it was tunny and Downie that made the final. It could


have been Ruby on a different day. Rebecca Downie, vastly experienced.


She has quite a few different routines. We think she went for the


easiest or the easy side of the routine in qualification. She had a


lot of qualification was Amanda and her personal coach. Amanda decided


for the team she wanted to go through a routine she knew that 100%


of of the time she would go from A to B and they did the same in the


final. Individual finals, it is up to you whether to go all-out and


take that risk or whether to go with the simple. But bank your place


first of all and then you have the option Yes, exactly, if you mess up


in qualification... Let's hear from Becky on that difficult decision. In


qualifying Amman dap wanted me to go for an easier routine. I have never


done that strategy before. It was a different tactic for me T seemed to


work. I was really surprised with the score. I think for the finals I


want to go all out. I have worked hard to put the big routine


together. It is not a massive change, it is a small change but it


can increase my start value by quite a big amount. So it is quite


exciting. We are team-mates. We don't see each other as rivals.


Obviously on the day it will be a bit different but whatever happens,


we will both be happy for each other. It is not like we will - we


don't see each other as rivals. Last year it was going to be my time, I


thought but in the final I was so nervous and I put too much pressure


on myself. The routine was still knew. I hadn't had long to put


together and it was gamble getting through it and qualifications I


think came off more by luck than judgment. This time I feel prepared.


If it doesn't come off, it doesn't mean I have not put in the work or


worked hard enough, it is just unlucky, I guess. I'm feeling


confident that we can end this medal hunt. Let's try and end it and


hopefully the pressure levels will be right. It will be very


interesting to see which routine Becky opts for in the final. As we


are talking about Beth's area of real expertise. We might get an


inside track from a World Champion. We put her in front of - this is a


different type of apparatus. Good luck, everyone, with this.


I wanted to try and explain how the asymmetric bars have changed.


Gymnasts used to do individual elements on their own. Now they have


to connect the skills to get the difficulty barriers and you have to


be more original. Rebecca Tu in, y of Great Britain is the perfect for


this. She is the only gymnast to this this.


-- Rebecca Tunny. Tow catch inial pike position straight down into a


full twisting pack. By adding the two skills together she picks up the


difficulty value. Difference between the team final routine and


qualification routine was the fact she missed one connection. I will


try and show you this now by showing the two different routines. The


first element is this element up to the high bar, straight back down


with a packed salto to the low bar and straight back up. In the time


final routine she did the same entry, back down to the pack and she


had to add in another move before she did the next one. That's what


resulted in a two tenths, lower start value. Let's look at the


gymnasts she will be competing against. Rebecca second up. Third


highest qualifier. Second highest. Aliya Mustafina Olympic champion


from 2012. Becky Downie will be going in the penultimate spot S that


a good order? With the fact that Rebecca has so many different


routines, it is great. She can make that decision if she goes with the


easy routine F there is a lot of mistakes, and -- there is a lot of


mistakes and she knows she can play safe or if there has been great


routines, she can go all out. How do you meet? Aliya Mustafina?


Have the performance of a livetime. They are both going to have the


performance of their life times. We'll start with Rebecca Tunny.


Here is Rebecca Tunn for Great Britain. Missed the Europeans in


Moscow with a fractured foot. A real opportunity for her here.


A great clean hand stand to start. Straight into the move, easily


performed. Into the pike toe. Straight on to


the low bar with the full-turning pack. A good start to the routine.


Here is the schapp. Straight down into the pack and straight up to the


connection. That's the important connection in this routine. The last


part. Into the back in full. And the smallest step. It was a great


routine, wasn't it? That was the routine she would have hoped for.


You can see from Hannah Whelan and Colin Still congratulating her.


That's her best routine. I can breathe. It is so hard commentating


on them. This is the difficult xe combination. She goes up into the


full turning pack. So that's two of the most difficult moves linked


together. She will get good bonus for that. That's how her start score


builds. You can see the height, into the full turn. She has to keep her


eyes on that low bar. She was a little bit wonkey landing on the bar


but she's so strong and this is the other big connection. The flight to


one bar and they cut the middle bit out but she got all the connections


she wanted. Improving in her handstand shapes and looks, finishes


that perwet right on top of the bar and straight into the dismount. A


really good effort. Her coach, Claire will be sat at


home, pleased with that performance. She put everything into it. 14.933.


Is it going to be enough to bag her, her first medal in a major


Championship? Now Daria Spiridonova, the Russian


bars champion. Russia are the top nation in this Championships on


bars. That super stoop into flight to the high bar. She's very smooth.


Half turn, an anxious-looking coach there. But when you don't put the


feet on, when you stoop in and out, it raises the difficulty. That was a


lovely front somersault. A little bit of a scrambled half turn. Into a


big, high, dismount. Very clean. Very difficult work. That was an


excellent routine. Got lovely lines from beginning to end. Obviously the


smallest bit where she has to fight for it and the coach was a little


bit anxious on that transition from the low to the high bar This is the


one that she has go-gadget arms, as we used to say, to grab the bar. The


Stoop in and out into the half-turn into theawayer somersault. No


problems there. -- the yaegar. She puts her feet on the bar, so it


is a little bit easier. There is the Stoop, where you don't


put your feet on the bar. And a different angle for the yaegar.


This is the wind-up into the dismount. She uses what most


gymnasts use, the back in full dismountain a great landing. A very


nice landing. A score of 14.966. She will be pretty pleased with that.


Now this could be a routine to save her. The World Champion and reigning


Olympic champion. This is the routine we will be waiting for. She


is the one to take the title. We will see how it goes. The stoop


full. Great lines. The coach just stepping in, the stoop half into the


pike piked jaegar. Nice clean handstand. Straight down to the low


bar. The pack. Straight into the next move. She knows she has the


last little test. The toe, full turn into the back in full and nails that


landing. That was a pretty clean routine.


Amazing. She's so effective on the pirouettes. That's where the marks


can get lost if you are late with the turns. Judges like


can get lost if you are late with finishing handstand. Superline with


her handstand. She locks the legs together using the stoop action and


super height no. Doubting she is go to catch that. She sees the bar


easily. Every handstand has to be held and shown and she really works


with great style. She catches the front somersault with the arms fully


straight. That's again something that if the arms are bent the judges


deduct for. Look at that pirouette. Finished at the top of the swing,


immediately in the full-twisting double back. She has a high


difficulty level. I bet you her score will be high. Snoonchts a


fabulous score from Aliya Mustafina. She is at the top of the standings.


Could that be enough for her to defend her European title? Well,


that's the top score we have had of these Championships. 15.266. It is.


As Beth said, it was the best performance we have seen but Rebecca


Downie now knows that she has to perform the highest deafy she can


here. For Great Britain, Becky Downie needs to pull out all the


stops if she is going to win a medal on the uneven bars.


She has given two solid performances for the team. Hasn't always done her


most difficult routine. Needs it now. The full element. Fabulous.


Beautifully flighted. Watch now the full pirouette. Hits it really well.


Into the stoop catches. I'm sure we will see another big release. Here


we go. The second one, straight into the packed salto. She is going for


broke. This is the final test. This is tricky. She has to swing turn.


She goes the right way. Must hold on and lift this dismount. She does.


Absolutely fabulous work from Becky Downie. It is the routine we have


been wanting and waiting for. Look at that emotion. You know what, she


has been waiting for that. She has been in so many European and world


finals. She has landed and it has overcome her. A great start. Forward


toe on. Strayed into the next move and into the short clear catcher. A


massive start for that routine and sets the judges' eyes. Such


difficult work, Beth. The combinations she uses. Yes. Such a


hard combination when you are tired and then the... She held her feet on


the grounds. You can see her British team-mates. They have been training


with her day in, day out. They know what it must mean to her. The


waiting is agonising. 6.2 in qualifying. She upped it


considerably. If they can give her anything, it could be as high as


6.6. Let's keep our eyes on it. There's only one gymnast to come.


So, we should know whether she's amongst the medals. It says it all -


she's got into the gold medal position. 15.5. Look at that


elation! She is guaranteed a medal. It could even be gold. The emotion


comes pouring out for Rebecca Downie.


So pleased for her. Obviously she's had so many injuries and kept


fighting back. Scheder of Germany. On the uneven


bars. Starts with the handstand into the stoop fall. Had to fight it


back. Straight into the stoop-half. The


coach is stepping in. The Jager somersault - clean cleanly done.


Winding up into the dismount. And a near-perfect landing. Another


difficult routine. A difficulty of 6.4 in qualifications. So, this


routine can go high and push into the medals there. For Rebecca


Downie, the wait is whether she's got gold or silver. That is not a


bad position to be in, is it? It is not. I am happy to put money down


that she has got that gold medal. And uses very effectively, Scheder,


the stoop action. She is a tall gymnast. She was the European Junior


Champion on uneven bars. Lovely lines. Just had a bit of a fight on


that pirouette. Swings effectively. Accelerates into


her dismount. A favoured dismount. A full twist. In the double back, but


nicely landed and performed. Here is Sophie Scheder's score. She has gone


into fifth place. That means Rebecca Downie is the European Champion on


the uneven bars. What a result for Great Britain. The flags will be


raised for her. She is the Europe pine champion on the uneven bars.


She takes gold ahead of Aliya Mustafina of Russia. Spir spir spir


w the bronze. Rebecca Tunney -- Daria Spiridonova with the bronze.


Rebecca Tunney in fourth. What a proud moment for Becky


Downie. She is the European Champion. She is sniffing back some


tears. The emotion is there. She is the gold medallist - European


Champion. The second British woman to be crowned European champion. She


really gave a fabulous performance. She didn't hold back. She went for


everything. She knew she had to by the time her performance came. That


is one of the things about going late. She could have performed


earlier and thought, I will go for safety, just to get a medal. She


knew, to be in the medals - it has been a great final - she knew she


had to go for broke. She did just that and it took every bit of


resolve. Now, she may be blinking back a few




What a moment! The gold medal around her neck, she is the European Bars


Champion. What an achievement for her.


Raze Ray congratulations - European Champion. I can not believe it. It


has not sunk in. What was it like out there today? You said you could


play it safe or go big and you went big.


There was a bit of doubt in the back of my mind this morning. I was like,


if I go big and it doesn't come off I will kick myself. Or if it does


come off, it could be a gold medal performance. I had one mistake at


the end of the routine. For me, I didn't try and go for that last


handstand. I troo I keep it safe. I have not seen the start of the


routine yet. I am really happy it paid off. It was an amazing score


and to finish ahead of the Olympic champion as well. It is an amazing


feeling. I knew it was possible. I have worked so hard on the routine I


was so amazing for it a all to come together. It was fantastic to watch!


Just to put it in context as well, people know 2006 was the last time


you won an individual medal at the Commonwealth Games - to have got one


must have been amazing? I knew it would be a medal. I didn't know what


colour. I think it was relief because I had worked so hard for it.


In every final I have missed, it has been harder to pick myself up and


tell myself that I'll get there and that every time I miss it again, I


am like, is this worth snit to have this moment today, it means so much


to me. I am so proud. Of course it is worth it! Look - that smile says


it all. She beat Mustafina. She beat her fair and square, didn't she?


That is the thing. You cannot say she won it because someone else


failed. Every gymnast performed well. She won it fair and square. We


heard Rebecca talk about that deliberation over breakfast. What a


trauma tick time to think, what -- traumatic time to think, what do I


do? I know there have been talks between them and Amanda. I know


Amanda was insisant on get her into the play -- insistent on get her to


play safe. For her to deliberate over breakfast this morning...


Amanda always made the decision for myself. I remember, obviously


through your routines, you would watch that confidence grow and build


throughout the actual routine. You could sense it there with Becky.


When she landed and that emotion - just that release and relief as she


is walking back - you can see what it means. You can see. Obviously


they were saying, it is 2006 when she lost won an individual medal.


She's been in so many individual finals. It has not yet come off. So,


the fact she's finally done it - it all came out and she couldn't


control it. It is so nice to show that. It shows what it means to her.


What proud parents. Her mum was in the audience and the fact she has


two champions - I think there'll be a few parties tonight! If we can


contain ourselveses and if Becky can keep her composure. Let's look at


the start list here. We will join this competition with


the third highest qualifier and we will see how this competition goes.


26 years of age - the oldest performer in these championships.


There we go into the acrobatics. A slight wobble. Very graceful on this


piece of apparatus. That is interesting - a full leap -


very difficult. Very hard to control.


Another interesting, full pirouette on one foot.


Nice originality. And she wobbles to stay on the beam. Very well fought


there! Those nerves showing slightly. A standing back


somersault. Qualified in third place.


She'll have to stick the dismount and then we have another gain - a


full twist off the end of the beam. Lots of mistakes there.


Yes, a little bit of a disappointing performance. She did well in


qualification. The free walkout. The leg into the side. That is her


acrobatic series. The judges have to decide whether she linked them


completely. Gymnasts have to work low on the


beam. This is the change-leg leap, with half-turn. She did not quite


get the shoulder around. She fought and fought. She was not giving up,


was she? I am sure they were all meant to be linked.


This is - row have to travel away from the beam and somersault - it is


difficult. It is a bit unspectacular.


13.7 p .733. Linked to the side somersault. A


super change. The back-flip with half-turn. Wept for that connection


beautifully. A double spin. She's done a big change and a walkover.


That's her acrobatic series. You have to do forward and backward


elements. She uses a relatively simple backflip.


The judges have to decide, did the head touch the foot? She's been very


composed so far. Barely a flicker. This has been good. Quite a long


pause at the end. They will deduct here. A big round-off. Double tuck.


She wants that medal, having lost out to the gold. She really looks


like she's after something here. A magnificent performance there.


Coming straight from the bars. Over here, very measured, very solid. She


was almost glued to the beam. Look at that! The jumps, split leg-leap.


A great landing. Back to business for Mustafina. She has put herself


into a strong position. 14.733 for Aliya Mustafina.


Can Maria Kharenkova challenge? Qualified in second place. Straight


to business. There's a front somersault, in the


acrobatic series. Wow, that is fantastic beam work.


Straight into the split leaps. Great control there. Full turn, full turn.


Beautiful beam work. Free cartwheel. Split leg leap. Into the piked back


somersault. Great difficulty. Sees' only 16. There is another


leap. Beautiful flexibility. Split leap half turn.


Now she'll need to compose herself for something special here. Flick,


flick, double pike back. Wow. What a routine, that. A jam packed routine.


Flipped to unw flipped to two. Straight back. No question of it


being straight. As high as can be two. Backflips. Double pike. A very


good score. 14.933. That difficulty, 6.4. Approximate puts her into the


lead. Now, on beam. The defending champion, Larisa Iordache of


Romania. And Iordache can match anybody on beam for difficulty but


it is very risky. What this first backflip. Stand up, full twisting


tuck. Landed very nicely indeed. But not content with one super


difficulty. She comes straight back. This is a round off. A straight


somersault and just a wobble on that. She held that really very well


indeed. Super control and amplitude. All gymnast have to include a full


spin. Links the leaps. The changed leg leap into the changed leg half.


More bonuses added there. A free walkover. No question of it being


joined. But, again, a tiny little wobble there. A side somersault. The


gymnasts lose sight of the beam there.


This has been a strong performance and this, such originalality in the


dismount. Watch. Round-off, backflip. Punch up high. Triple


twist. Just a little hop. That was a strong challenge from Iordache. A


couple of tiny wobbles but very difficult. Very difficult. Round


off, straight back. That's where she did well to stay on the beam. Great


leaps. I'm sure there will be no doubt with the combination. Look at


that split leap half turn. A free walkover. A free cartwheel and look


at this dismount. Round off flick. Triple twist. ! Well, she won't be


defending her title but Larisa Iordache ghoos second place. Becky


Downie, then. The European champion on bars. Can she turn what has


already been a brilliant day into a spectacular day, with a medal on


beam? Who knows. Becky Downie is a beautifully fluent, elegant gymnast.


But it will be quite a test to have come from the high er perform here.


But that was a lovely front somersault. A little hop on landing.


Lovely technique. She's a super supple gymnast, Becky.


And you can see, with those leaps, every gymnast has to join two leaps.


That was hers. Big deductions if you don't. Full spin backwards and then


the free walkover, immediate split jump. She's going for those


connections. She knows if she wants to push into the medals, she really


has to go for all the connections. Really good side somersault.


This is important. The leap with the head back and she does that very


well indeed. Head taken all the way back.


Now, the legs have to do some power work for the last time in this


Championships. Big round off, big push. Double pike. Super stuff from


Becky Downie. She is on fire. Woo-hoo, what a performance there


from Becky Downie. I don't know where that confidence has come from


that. Gold medal from the bars has transformed on to the beam. So much


confidence and control. Look at this. In the free cartwheel, into


the layout somersault A front walkover. Into the split leap.


Fantastic flexibility. And probably the highest double pike dismount we


have seen on the beam in this final. Just outside the medals for Becky


Downie 14.366. She knows. She is European champion on bars.


The final competitor. From France. Just 16. Qualified down in 7th.


The gymnast need an A mount difficulty. So they can compose


themselves. A flick layout. Very precise. Free walkover and side


somersault. Very difficult full spin. Showing


control and flexibility there. A split leap. A split leap the half


turn. A very elegant gymnast. A free cartwheel. I think this is the first


French gymnast we have seen in these finals. There we go into the round


off, double pike. Over unfortunate landing there. Out too soon. So, big


celebrations there from the Russian team. They know they've got the


medals. They know they've got one and two. We wait for the score to


come in from Claire Martin to wrap up proceedings. 13.366 puts her in


7th. It means Becky Downie will finish in fourth, just outside the


medals for her. So the reigning World Champion takes the bronze and


Becky Downie is heading in the right direction on the beam certainly but


has a gold and that's what she will remember from these Championships,


in that bars' final. Gold as we know on the uneven bars.


In the beam just missing out on the podium? I was on such a high after


bars. It was emotion A everyone knows I have waited so long to get


this medal. I had about ten minutes to go into the back ji. I changed


leotards to freshen up and get my head back in it. I had a quick go on


the beam. My warm-up was pathetic. My coach said to me - calm down, you


know the routine. I went in to enjoy it. The last few things I have done


on beam has been huge pressure for the team so. There was relief that


pressure had gone. I wanted to enjoy T and to produce the best beam


result I had at these champions and the first beam final, I couldn't ask


for any more. It must take a lot to regain that composure, as you well


know. She went into the back gym. Changed leotard and tried to change


the frame of mind. In the back of her head she knows she is European


quhach yob and was so overwithheld. But like she said, with the team


there was so much pressure. Whereas today there was - I might as well


enjoy it. I have the medal I want. Let's see what could happen on beam.


Well, we are now going to move on to floor. Two time European champion


yourself there. You always - I mean you were the Queen of getting the


crowds clapping. Looking at Claudia Fragapane, she has a real style and


zest in her routine. If you watch it. It is very different. It has


break dancing half way through. I don't know, it is a routine you want


to watch. The tumbling is unbelievable. She has just, in the


past year, upgraded so much. It is definitely one for the future. I


love the break dancing bit. If youp haven't seen it in the semifinal,


you will love T let's look and see who she is going to be up against in


the final: she was the second-highest qualifier. The


highest qualifier, Larisa Iordache looking to add to her tally. We have


European champion in 2007 all the way up to a second in 2013. Vanessa


Ferrari has been on the scene for ages. Anyway, let's hear from


Claudia Fragapane. She will talk us through her classy, cutting-edge


qualifying performance. I wanted to go out there and do the best of my


ability. I wanted to make the finals but I wanted a good qualitification


for the team as well. They were just like helping me through that


routine, so with the full in straight, it felt quite solid to me.


The double straight I did quite well. Anyway it came to the double


Arabian, I kind of got more nervous that's one like that I have to go


hard but then control and then the double pike, I just needed to land


on my feet. Talk to you me about the street dancing bit. My coaches tried


to teach me the back spin. I liked that. I put my input N the first one


I put my head all the way around to make it more unique. So, yes.


-- I put my input in. A huge moment for Claudia Fragapane.


16. Performing in the floor final. Keep your eyes wide open for this


first tumble. Big, powerful round off flip. Double


straight with full twist. Just gets those feet down.


Now, another big tumble to come. Double straight. Floats ta one.


Gives it more but stays inside the area.


Super control and height on the leaps.


And this is the third big, big tumble. She needs her legs working


there just fine. The big double Arabian.


Such a difficult leap. She's matching the tumbling with the


leaps. She's now got to really concentrate.


Find the floor at the right time. Super stuff.


What a routine from Claudia Fragapane. That first tumble looked


just a little bit tired but she's had a fantastic Championships and


fighting right to the very end. Well, that was a sick performance.


Look at this in the first tumble. This is massive. Double straight


second tumble. The first was the double straight with full twist.


Look at the height on the leaps. The originalality. Love the break


dancing. Look at this here. That's the influence of the young coach.


Maybe she has seen me in my day strutting my stuff in a few


nightclubs. Look at this, double Arabian, controlled it well. She is


under immense measure -- pressure. Look at thchl the power. Double pike


back. None chantly done. In third place with 14.133. The difficulty of


6. A little down on the execution. Here is the potential big challenge.


Larisa Iordache, the 2012 European floor champion.


Top qualifier. Very dynamic. This a big tumble. Watch. Double twisting,


double back. A little pace forwards but controlled well. And turns


immediately into this second big but controlled well. And turns


tumble full-twisting double back. This is new rules - the gymnasts


aren't allowed to just stand in the corners and wait. A little bit of a


mishap on the spin. She made the triple. She has to turn straight in


and go for the tumble. Quite a lot more difficult. It is easy to be


disorientated. That was a super triple.


Off she goes. Really needs to use her strength and experience. She


does just. That very nicely flighted.


Strong performance. Right to the very end there from Larisa Iordache.


Bravo! A mature performance there. It shows the preparation is key. The


first tumble is very difficult. The only real error she had on the


tumbles, she quickly turns back around. A much cleaner landing.


So, precise on the tumble. There you go! There's a triple


twist. She likes that. Why not? 14.8 puts


her into gold medal position. Fabulous work from Larisa Iordache.


Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland. She was fifth on the floors in


Antwerp. Look at the power and the height of


those jumps. This will be the big opener. Full-twisting, double double


back straight. Double layout. Magnificent tumbling.


There's the turn. Into the third tumble. Double tuck.


Needs to keep that focus. Double pike. Magnificent.


Reelingly nice floor routine. She's a very -- really nice floor routine.


She's a very good competitor. We have seen the pou frer the vault.


Won -- power from the vault. Won the vault already. This - the opening


tumble - two somersaults in the straight position, with a


full-twist. These floors are allowing the gymnasts to explore the


more difficult tumbles. The body travels so much slower through the


air when it is straight. Shorten the radius into the pike and it whizes


around. It with us a fan -- whizzes around. It had everything.


Into second position - 14.5 for Giulia Steingruber. That was a


fabulous routine. Vanessa Ferrari. 23 years of age.


Former European floor champion, back in 2007.


And Vanessa Ferrari, last year's European Championships, she took the


silver medal. She hasn't meddled here. She will be very -- got a


medal here. She will be very keen to do her best.


Oond another big tumble here to come. We are double straight in the


second. Really impressive stuff here. So, we have seen two huge


tumbles. A third and a full-twisting-back. She is packing


the power in here. Strong leaps.


Sets up for another difficult leap. Turn, with the head back.


So, she's had difficult tumbling, difficult leaps. She needs a very


impressive fipish here. A deep -- finish here. A deep breath. Double


pike - yes, she can really land well.


And a smile sells that routine. A strong bid for a medal there. What a


performance that! I thought it was an amazing routine. It had


everything. This floor final will be separated on the landings. For me,


she had the best landing so far. On a nine pence - the only difficult


landing she had was the first tumble, which was the huge


double-twisting, double back - beautiful choreography. Look at this


tumble here! Right down to the end. Pops into that double pike. Bang!


For me, that might be the best performance we have seen. She goes


top! She goes into the lead w one more gymnast to come - she's


guaranteed a medal. She goes into gold medal position.


Alla Sosnitskaya, 17 years of age and her first European Championships


on the floor. Great control there in the spins.


Funky music! We like it. Powerful double layout!


Into the second flick - triple twist. Great control!


The final tumble. Crank it up. A double tuck. Well, then! A beautiful


performance. Not classical in the performance, but in her skills.


Always straight legs - beautiful feet. In time with the music, but


not quite the... A little flicker on the knees. The judges will deduct a


bit there. This - nice - two flips. A triple twist.


A tiny bit off with the feet but she controlled it well.


And double pike. A step backwards. And there, the double tuck to


finish. So sixth place for Alla Sosnitskaya.


14.266. That means that the gold medal, two gold medals will be


awarded. They cannot be separated on 14.8.


Giulia Steingruber, there with her coach. Vanessa Ferrari, there in the


black leotard - she was the European champion in 2007 on this apparatus.


Seven years on, she takes the gold medal once more. This is how it has


finished in the women's floor final. How have you found your first taste


of European finals? Amazing. I didn't get what I wanted. It was


just amazing. I feel so happy, like whatever I have done, I am proud and


everyone else is. Talk me through the floor routine. I don't really


know what happened. I think I felt, the floor routine. I don't really


my legs felt really jelly. I didn't feel... I obviously hit the other


two teams. I was like, oh, no, and then it came to the double straight.


Then double Arabian, OK and then the double pike. I thought, I've done it


now. I have made two finals. I am pleased with that. Christine Still


joins us from what must have been an emotional weekend! Very emotional


weekend. I think, really when we saw Becky sort of burst into tears on


the landing of the dismount, it was very difficult not to be bursting


into tears in the commentary box because we have lived through all


those triumph ofs. It has been a successful championships. It has


been fantastic. An amazing weekend for the British girls. We have to


mention the Downie family - not just Becky but Ellie as well. If you


missed it earlier on, this is Rebecca Downie winning gold in the


European senior uneven bars final. So, here we go. Go on, Beth, talks


through this again. You felt that confidence building throughout the


performance. She's had two great competitions leading into this. She


went for the harder routine. The thing is with bek di, when -- Becky,


when she goes for something, she gives it 110%. There's the big


connection down to the low bar. That is what upped her difficulty.


This is the hard connection, right at the end when she was tired. She


knows she had to put the dismount on her feet and the emotion came


flooding out of her. You felt it with her. Absolutely! That was as


good a routine as we have seen her do. I have watched her in training


this past month. It was very good. Her sister, Elli, taking gold in the


juniors. . Right -- Ellie, taking gold in the juniors.


How will the medals transfer to the gym? We have a lot of good juniors


underneath. We have a good generation of young coaches as well.


Several of whom were out there with their gymnasts. I think they now


will be working towards the expectation of winning medals, not


just making the British team, but intending to make finals. It has


been a lony club -- - a lonely club. There is more for you to look


forward to here on BBC Two. Next up, we have triathlon


highlights. Well, that is all we have time for


this week. No doubt Great Britain's men team will have been watching.


They have a tough act to follow. Join us from 3pm next Sunday on BBC


Two. From all of us here, it is goodbye.


Ted, I wondered if... I'm not interested


Live coverage and highlights from Sofia, Bulgaria, of the team and apparatus events in the European Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Great Britain have selected five gymnasts to participate, including two-time Olympian Hannah Whelan and 16-year-old Claudia Fragapane. Matt Baker presents alongside three-time world champion and Olympic bronze medallist Beth Tweddle, while commentary comes from Alison Mitchell, Christine Still and Craig Heap.

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