Highlights Gymnastics: European Championships


A chance to catch up on all the action from the weekend's European Gymnastics Championships in Romania.

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Welcome to highlights of the final day of action from the European


gymnastics Championships in a maniac and whilst it's been a relatively


new and young team competing for Great Britain the results have been


everything we could have hoped for and the medals are just kept on


rolling and? In Romania. I tell you what, it is on! Well done


James, what a fantastic performance. James Hall makes his mark with a


bronze medal. Well than Ellie, fantastic result. Plenty of


supporters. And they have had plenty to shout about. Get in the Courtney


Tulloch! Making history! Silver medal. What a Championships she is


having. What about that! Magnificent! Great finish, that was


excellent! Ellie Downie has done it! She is the new women's all-around


European champion! And we are just halfway through the


championships with lots more still to come. We will talk through all


the action and are joined by Beth Tweddle and Christian Thomas. As you


are of the men's team, what's it been like to observe this from home


and watching how well the team have done? It has been incredible, I


think they have exceeded expectations, they have stepped up


to the mark and performed well, consistently and they have left a


stamp on these championships without a doubt. They have done exceedingly


well, James in the all-around went out there, took the all-around


bronze medal, Courtney Tulloch on the rings... Did you expect that? I


was quietly confident, I knew what he was capable of in training, he


goes about his business in a controlled and confident manner and


you could see that in his approach to the final. He got stronger as the


competition went on. And young Joe Fraser alongside, again, absolutely


brilliant, he has made the transition from Junior up to senior.


They gave him an opportunity and he ran with it and he did well to


finish Beth. Talking of someone making the transition from junior to


senior, Ellie Downie, she has been gobsmacking. Unbelievable. To come


into these championships, you never know with it being a new cycle you


don't know what new faces will be around, what the teams will be


scoring so you are going in blind. She has come out so composed and so


far has done, I cannot even work out in my head, ten out of ten routines


without any mistakes. That's all you can ask from your gymnasts. But then


you have the younger member, Alice going into the all-around with


little notice she was even coming out to the Championships and very


much like Joe has took it in her stride and is going to show us what


she can do. Ellie making headlines all over the world. Five more


finals, Dominic Cunningham involved, Claudia Fragapane involved, and


James Hall in the high bar final which we will see later but we start


on the vault. Dominic Cunningham involved.


COMMENTATOR: The first gymnast to go. The judges are ready. Compact,


powerful gymnast. Wraps it, superb! Triple twisting. He gets the final


underway. You looked up to the sky because they do not come much better


than that. What a perfect start, he has nailed about troubled West. That


is three twists. -- he has nailed that troubled West. Landed on the


match exactly where he wanted to be. Just over 15 the score, an enormous


first vault and could well have given him the extra that he needs to


help with the second vault. So as we said, two vaults and the averages


taken so this is vital if he wants to get another medal. He took silver


in the all-around. Last chance. Need something big, strong and powerful


approach, the handspring, what a challenge! Very difficult to land I


am sure you will agree. Yes, handspring approach, had to split


his legs and bend them slightly, not going to get much better than that I


have to say. I'm the first man up in the final, setting the tone like


that will put the pressure on the rest of the gymnasts who will


follow. He will be happy with that! Please welcome Dominic Cunningham,


Great Britain! Now it is the turn of Dom Cunningham, Great Britain, 21


years old. A fired up gymnast. He is very spatially aware. The two and a


half twists, unfortunate on the landing, this step forward, the


plunge will be costly but not too bad an opening vault. He did not


quite get the left he wanted so troubled a bit further. You can see


on the replay. Did not quite get the block on the second-hand and then a


bit of height lacking to get the twists in. But it's a good start to


his final. 14, fair score? Yes, he was probably


hoping for a better landing but a pretty solid start. Can you give us


the heads up on his second vault? Eight triple


a harder difficulty. Big vault. Blocks in, two and three quarters,


not just rounding up, that will be heavily deducted. You can see the


look on his face, two and three quarters is not a triple. But this


is great experience for him. He came into high, are they going to give


the trouble? Or poorly. It's going to be tight for the judges, he's


left them with a few questions but in the air very clean. At least he


managed to find his feet. The all-around champion this year,


current European vault champion, has had the benefit of watching all of


the previous gymnasts go. He knows what he needs to do and how


difficult he needs to go, opting for a 5.6 to start with. It's a big


vault and a big ask. A slight adjustment online thing but so


impressive. That's a relatively easy for him. Look how smooth it is.


Plenty of height, kicking out from the have to West. -- from the have


this needs to be a big vault if he wants to retain the European title.


15.066 the current leaders scored. 5.6 difficulty, going to be good,


that is a triple twist. Slight adjustment on landing. He has laid


down the challenge. Did not get the height. Strong approach. Just the


one step out, it will be a deduction but other than that very clean.


He is in a silver medal position at the moment. But no doubt this man


will have something to say about that. The crowd roar as the


four-time world champion, three-time European vault champion is back. No


doubt he will want to give them a bit of a firework display. Gets the


big one, handspring, double front half turn, slight adjustment online


thing. What a challenge. -- on landing. Bit of a step on the


landing, judges will take deductions. Still quite clean in the


air. I think perhaps will score a bit lower. Nine for execution. It


will be a different entry to the platform. Two and a half twists. He


has certainly laid a challenge. Is it good enough to go into first


place? We will have to wait and see. His lead shoulder not quite all the


way around. Definitely two and a half twists.


He matches what he did last year, taking the silver medal. That means


the first gymnast to go is the new European vault champion. Sum up the


experience? It has been great, to make the final is immensely hard out


here. It's great to have made both finals. To come out here and compete


in a whole different world gymnastics, no warm up before the


competition, it's been great to be out here. Many more to come I hope.


You have been working hard to get here, you are 21, what are your


hopes for the rest of the year and going forward? I'm going to work as


hard as I can when I get back home, that's what I will be doing, working


really hard to get back into the team. You have got your work cut out


to stay in the team Kristian. There is real fighting talk within the


team about what is possible as far as the World Championships are


concerned but interesting hearing him talk about a whole new world of


gymnastics, going out without a warm up and having to produce the goods


straightaway. And the young Russian had the opportunity of being the


first gymnast up so he was pretty fresh out of the blocks. But the


skill level on this first vault. The first man up, first vault, not many


who can do it as good as that. This was just, look at how he opens out.


Does not get much better than that. Making his way into the Russian team


as a youngster, again, without a warm up. Big powerful vault. Again,


solid landing. And a tough act to follow for all of the gymnasts, to


burst of go out there, that was the gold medal performance.


Most of them probably were not watching but they will see the


scoreboard, and if they don't, the coaches will tell them. To see that


score, they will be thinking, I've really got to do my best


performance. But sometimes that raises your game. If you see people


perform, it puts pressure on, to go on and take the title. Marian


Dragulescu is 36, vastly experienced, he knew exactly what he


had to do. He ended up taking the silver medal. Let's treat ourselves


to another look. He was so for this in front of the home crowd. He loves


it, he has always been a performer. Since his comeback, he genuinely


loves what he does. He has the interaction with the crowd, the fact


it was a home crowd, he played up to it. As soon as he finished his


vault, he celebrated... That vault is named after him. The second


vault, with two and a half, such big difficulty. You can see the little


pace on landing. He has a bit of time, a bit of form lost, but he has


a few months to consolidate both of those vaults ready for the World


Championships. It was great to see Niger, net in the audience. Just


celebrating with them. -- Nadia Comaneci in the audience. And the


aeroplane celebration. Now we will move onto beam, and we expected to


see Becky Downie in the final, but because of what happened on bars,


she is sitting this out. She had a small fall, a bit too much pressure


through the arms. The British team decided to pull her out, but luckily


Claudia in ninth position show she will come in. Becky is going to get


a scan, and they will keep an eye on her. Ellie Downie is also in this


final, she made every final. Quite a performance for British gymnastics.


Another gymnast to keep an eye on, Catalina Ponor, who has been in and


out of retirement for the latter part of her career. A trip down


memory lane for you. Competing in the 2004 Athens Olympics, where she


took gold. Of course she wanted a superb performance in front of her


home crowd at this European Championships. Well, she didn't


disappoint. COMMENTATOR: Larisa Iordache, the


highest qualifier. European champion.


The Romanian gymnasts are renowned for good pace. Working speedily.


Nicely joined the first two jumps, a leap and a jumper. Very positive on


the landing of the free cartwheel. She works with good rhythm so can


pack a locked into the beam routine. The big series, negotiated well. --


a lot. Strong in the free walked over, just


a little pause. Barely a wobble, but not quite good


enough to link to the next element. Very nice change of legs. Gymnasts


have to include at least three non-acrobatic skills. She has done


two difficult leaps and a difficult double spin.


We have seen plenty of acrobatic skills already, there's beside


somersault. Lovely pace. -- the side somersault.


Iordache has already had an excellent dismount. -- always had.


Backflip, triple twist. Oh, she held onto the landing. But until then, it


was a really good performance. At least 0.8 for the run backwards.


What a shame. That routine was really well constructive. The free


cartwheel, no wobble. Picking up lots of difficulty. The big series,


the flick into the full somersault. The camera missed it. And the double


spin. The feet were slightly over rotated, but she covers it. And then


into the triple twist. Slightly with her weight behind her, but she


managed to pull it back onto her feet. What a shame.


Iordache in gold medal position at the moment. Strong competition still


to come. Britain's Claudia Fragapane. Replacing the injured


Becky Downie. She was fourth at the European


Championships in 2015 on this piece. To come in as a late replacement,


just coming back to full fitness, just working two pieces here. The


standing Arabian, beautifully performed. A blind landing. Nicely


done. Two jumps. The acrobatic series, the backflips,


oh, a straight somersault and that is very uncharacteristic for


Claudia. Last season, we saw her complete that element with a full


twist, so this was a bit easier. It is a very difficult format for


the gymnasts, no warm-up on the apparatus in the arena. Lovely full


twisting back somersault from the standing position. So powerful, so


quick. One of the non-acrobatic moves to be included.


Has gained a lot in terms of maturity and positive performance.


This is much classier. The experience of Strictly Come


Dancing is certainly showing here. Very expressive arms. Two flips into


a double twist. That is a great shame, because other than the fall,


it was a very polished performance. It was. It looked very classy. The


standing Arabian, so difficult, the blind landing. This is where the


error came in. The flip into the straight somersault and the front


foot came off to the side. Unfortunately, not a lot you can do


to save that. Well, she is in third with a fall.


Yet another final for Great Britain's Ellie Downie. 17 years


old. All around champion here. Silver on floor, bronze on bars.


This was the piece in the all-around that she said she was a little shaky


on, but she has been so tough in these championships. Always


difficult, the beam. Lovely- somersault. It's the peace


where there is the least margin for error, and this is a very difficult


skill. Beautifully done. You just don't see


the beam, you have to trust you have taken off in a straight line.


The skills she had a big wobble on in the all-around, clearly done this


time. Lovely double spin. The acrobatic series that has to be


included, one flip, one layout, just a little wobble, but fighting hard.


All about a strong core, and body tension. Split leap.


Free cartwheel. Good discipline with the arms. A bit of a sideways dance


that has to be included. The two and a half twists, a great


landing. That was a truly mature performance of a champion.


She started well with the standing Arabian. Used the double spin, where


she had the problem in the all-around, but she sorted it out


today. Such a great routine. Two and a half twists, performed so well.


Her coach, very pleased with that routine. A couple of connections she


maybe would have hoped to get that she didn't get today, but a very


positive routine. She is in second. That's quite a scalp for her, ahead


of Weavers. Peruse the performances have not been a flash in the pan at


all. -- proves the performances. We still have Thorsdottir and Kovacs


to go in this final. 18-year-old Thorsdottir. The second


Dutch gymnast in these finals. Very interesting, the leap into the


free cartwheel. The Korbut flip, named after Olga Korbut. Extremely


artistic, this gymnast. Elegant. Lovely and supple, she took her head


right back and touched it with her foot. Extra points for that. And a


very difficult illusion turn. She really does look like she is dancing


on the beam. Quite a different style to some of the other gymnasts we


have seen. Smooth free walked over, brilliant discipline with the arms.


Lovely spin with the leg up, but just a single.


We haven't seen masses of acrobatics, but usually a big


dismount, triple twist and very clean. That dismount is whether a


lot. I would be surprised if that is not our top scorer so far. A very


classy performance. The first connection, what a gorgeous


connection, very original. She dances the whole routine, every


skill is incorporated into the artistry. The spin they have to


show. Then she takes a break before going into the next connection. The


big dismount, the round off into the triple twist, just a step back but a


great routine. It is a golden smile at the moment.


Ellie Downie still in bronze medal position. 13.433.


Now the former Olympic champion and European champion four times over


the mounts the beam. A very positive start from Catalina Ponor. One of


the great acquis workers over the years. Look at the speed of the


backflip and two layouts. Super supple. Lovely combination. This


really is a pacey routine. No hanging about.


This is what makes the gymnasts look confident on beam. There is a mark


for mastery of the apparatus. This case and confidence...


Comes from an era where Romanian gymnastics was dominant. The half


turn into the forward walk over. Holds it well. That was a bit of a


challenge. After all the fast work, to hold the handstand...


Strong free walk over. The split jump with the head back, the sort of


things the judges have to decide whether the head went far enough


back. Certainly in terms of performance, this has been very


confident. The double pike, a pace back but


that was fabulous beam work. So very, very impressive. 29 years old.


Wow. 14.066 the score to beat, Nadia Comaneci joining in the applause.


The sheer respect for being able to do that... If you look at her


routine from 2004, the skills in it haven't changed massively. She has


maybe changed the construction of it. Interestingly in qualification


she scored 14.066, so interesting to see what the judges do with it. The


first combination was so confident, the flick, layout, layout. Gymnasts


who get the three elements together get a serious bonus. The blind


landing into the leap, straight into the three quarters flick. She had to


hold it, and the big dismount. Just a big step on the landing, but


fantastic routine. I think that would go into first position. Nadia


Comaneci, very pleased with that. This Romanian crowd is not going to


be happy if that is not the golden performance at the moment. That is


very true. She had loads of pressure on her shoulders. The Romanian women


haven't had a medal, haven't even had a sniff so far. She knows how


much everyone is depending on her. A huge performance under absolute


pressure. Just the relief that it went her way is the emotion she is


feeling at the moment. We just have to have it confirmed from the


judges. That that is the best performance so far... We all think


it is. She has had a long journey to get back to the fitness she is at.


It looks very good! She is in gold medal position, what


an emotional moment for her, she has been on the scene for so long. You


must always be thinking about when to retire but to have a European


Championships, at home, then you just keep on going. And to produce


gymnastics in that way with that grace and that skill, it's a


beautiful thing to watch. So the results... For the fourth time she


becomes European beam champion. You could sense the relief that


everything happened just the way she wanted it to in front of the home


crowd. It was very much like the floor, you could see how much it


meant to them, they had different journeys, coming in and out of


retirement but they are so proud to represent their country. It meant a


lot to be stood on that podium. And she did not hold back, going through


at an incredible pace. They are very confident, you would never think


they are nervous. The somersault connection, building the difficulty


straightaway. The thing is her routine has not changed massively


since 2004. This kills sheep farms are very much the same skills may


just put together in a different way so I think that is why it has worked


to her advantage. It's great to see the confidence with her now, it's


taken a couple of years to get that back. This is what she was like in


2004. When you watched her in training, I remember watching her in


2003 she was just the reserve and I were still in all, she did ten


routines and did not flutter. They are she had to fight and you know


she has done it thousands of times. You have experienced the show in the


gym haven't you? Yes, what struck me was the lack of hesitation. Full of


confidence. No adjustments or a wobbling. You can see it is nice


even though she has been, she has not lost the natural touch or


ability. Third in the end, maybe we expected more but that this might,


she was looking so good. It's such a shame, the whole routine, she has


had a couple of tough years, she did not go to Rio and was really


disappointed. She came out so confident, qualified in top position


and we thought she had it. Went for the best mind which is normally so


Steve, had a few staggers and staggered off the side of the map


and as soon as she presented you could see the disappointment. Fair


to say LA Dhoni did better than expected, finishing fourth in that


company. It is amazing, her confidence has kept growing. Each


medal giving her more and more and she is coming back out fighting. For


Amanda and her personal coaches, she is a huge competitor and she loves


the pressure and the atmosphere and to be able to do it on the fourth


day of competition and so she is still on top of the world is great.


No British interest in this final but still a wealth of top-class


talent on show. We knew it was going to be close and so did the reigning


Olympic champion. The German now 29 years old. The


door is open for him as the highest qualifier. Scored 15.166 in


qualification. The score to beat is 14.633 for the gold medal. If you


liked variety on the parallel bar as this is a routine to watch. Style as


well. Slight adjustment, better in the turn. Nice in the double back,


plenty of kick out. It's what the judges look for, all the way round,


and again, front up rise into the double back. Such difficult work.


Under somersault, Lockwood straight arms. And again with the half


turned. Long swing popping out for good measure and the double back.


Exquisite to watch. Double back with the full turned. Super work. Huge


difficulty and threw it with relative ease. Plenty of height, the


kick as well which the judges want to see. Some very difficult


gymnastics. A third double back, so you can see why he is wearing the


arm pads. Very unique dismount. He is in gold medal position as it


stands. Now his chance to make a mark on the parallel bars. Really


come on on the parallel bar is bulls. Strong start. Pops again to


handstand. Very clean. Controlled. Front somersault. No problems.


Straight to handstand. Great line and extension from the shoulders to


the feet. Good struggle front. Wet. High, real variety in this routine.


Pops up. Going well so far. Turned. This could really challenge, can he


hang on? Slight adjustment. Looks good, looks very, very good. Good


height. Absolutely, the struggle front. Important to catch cleanly as


well. Leads the competition with 15. He


goes into the lead. The youth Olympic champion now. Got himself


into the parallel bar final at last year 's Europeans. Needs over 14.633


to get into the medals as it stands at the moment. Fluid start. Precise


and on the turns. That's the difficult skill.


Beautiful transition. One bar back into support. Working well. Solid


hands. The little movement will cost, pirouette back in. Needs to


hang in the dismount. Double front half turn, slight adjustment.


Quarterfinal we are seeing here. Looks so controlled and almost


effortless throughout the whole routine. No mistakes are big hand


adjustments. For me that should take him top. He punches the air. 15.2


66. He leads for now. But this man is capable of very strong bid. The


third highest qualifier. People good line in the handstand. Long


swing. Nice flight in the long swing. That is powerful gymnastics.


Performed cleanly. Slightly over, brushed the parallel bar. Front up


rise, need to pick dismount. Double front half turn, slight adjustment


but he is happy with that. A few little mistakes the judges will have


picked up on two is going to be taken at the top. So difficult. This


is the skill will you just brushed the bars, does not look too bad but


the judges might have picked up on it. He's gone into the league! 15.3


66. It was a huge score. How close is this final? David looking


slightly shocked by what he saw. European champion. Olympic bronze


medallist. Beautiful, front our Price. -- front our price. Split the


legs. -- front very compact, dynamic gymnast.


Working well. Slight adjustment. Should have gone to the hand stand.


That will be costly full stock got a good dismount, double bonds have to


turn. Good routine. But not good enough for me. Doing everything he


can to hang on to that title, but 15.366 is a big ask. You can see how


high he got. This mode, stuck landing, the judges


will pick up on how low the chest was. -- dismount.


From one former European champion to another. A silver last year,


Verniaiev, on this piece. But he is the fourth highest qualifier. He


scored 14.9. Can he do enough? Can he get up into the medals? He has


had a long wait. Now is the time. Olympic champion. On this piece of


apparatus. A beautiful start. This is the big


skill. Clean with the half turn. Under somersault, one bar.


He normally does the Healy turn out of there, so he must work well for


the rest of the routine. Accurate with the hands. Must fix


the shape. Dismount, double front half turn. He


lays a challenge. What a routine. Wow.


He needed to put that one bar Healy in to put up the difficulty for


execution. Up there. With the top routines. This is what you want in


an apparatus final. You want the top guys fighting for that position.


Would be nice to see him with a medal. He's gone into the lead! He's


done it! 15.466. Well, what a performance under severe pressure.


He had to watch every single one, and my word, the scores were big,


one after another. He just had to watch and wait. And then, by jingo,


did he do the job. Oleg Anaya is once more European


parallel bars champion. Lukas Dauser takes the silver medal. -- Oleg


Verniaiev. STUDIO: As we have seen from


previous finals, never easy being the last gymnast and watching


everybody, but Verniaiev knew that he was Olympic champion and what he


had to do. Half a mark better than he has done at these championships


on that apparatus. What a performance. Exactly. That is where


his experience comes in, he has been European and Olympic champion, he


knew what he needed to do and step up to the mark. All of the gymnasts


had already been and they put in some really good performances. So he


had to up his game. And he delivers, as he usually does. European


champion again. I love a P bar final, but that was one of the best.


Lukas Dauser is really making a name for himself. Absolutely. His routine


is so unique. Skills that not many other gymnasts do. He is tall, it


has the aesthetic quality, something extra for the judges' attention. I


would like to see him over the next few months, before the World


Championships, really make a mark. Especially on the world stage. He


has done it at European level, the whole stage is the next step. With


the competitive spirit, he seems like a real character in the mix,


which helps as far as firing up everybody else. Now the floor. In


addition to the beam final, Claudia Fragapane has also qualified for the


floor final. She has been off, around the dance floor, but now


strictly down to business. It's so good to be back. It hasn't changed a


bit. I feel so supported. There to say you have had quite a six months


since Rio. I have had quite a while off, so to be here is really good.


The whole Strictly thing has been amazing, great to be a part of. Nice


to do something different and then go back to gymnastics. I have


learned from Strictly. Before when I was doing gymnastics, I was very


tense and stressed quite a lot. Now I have done all these competitions


and every single international, gone to Strictly and am something


different, I have come at a different person, more chilled and


relaxed. Now before competitions, I say, I've done all the work I can,


now I have to enjoy myself and not feel so tense. That's what I'm


doing. In Romanian, you are through to the final on the floor. How happy


were you with qualifying? It was an amazing feeling. I didn't do all my


jumps and my bonuses, but hopefully in the final it will all click.


Eythora Thorsdottir. The fifth highest qualifier. Capable certainly


of mid-to high 13s. Quite a special routine.


Needs to hit the tumbles. Triple twist, punch front, and a deduction


as she stepped out. But enjoy the dancing.


Very expressive, arms, hands, face. Lovely double tuck.


Little bit of theatre in this performance.


Lovely two and a half twist at the finish.


Really dramatic. She sells the floor beautifully. Unfortunately, a


deduction on the first tumble. And however beautiful you are on the


dance, you cannot get away from the fact that she took a big step out.


The first tumble. Quite high in the flip. The triple twist into the


punch front, and that is where the step that was. And then the double


tuck somersault. The tumbles don't have huge difficulty, but where she


bills it up is with the spins. Four in a row, and all of them are


difficult spins to link together. So as long as the judges credit all of


them, the difficulty will be built up. And the final tumble, the two


and a half, just a tiny move. Apart from the step out at the


beginning... You can see the facial expressions really bringing it to


life. Her coach uploading. I do think, it is a fairly newish routine


for her, and given another six months, it would be fantastic. It


takes quite a lot out of you to perform like that with the facial


expressions and sell it. That's taking away a little bit from the


performance of the gymnastic moves. But once it beds in, I think it will


be really special. She has dropped down to 13.366, which would not be


enough for a medal. We will have to wait and see. It's going to be


close. For the Dutch, it's important for her to be seen and to gain the


reputation, for people to look forward to seeing the performance.


They will trade a medal right now for a one in the future. So her


reputation is known. And she has the routine now, so she has a few


months... 13.7, the judges loved it. In gold medal position at the


moment. Thank you very much indeed, she says, I'll have that. And looks


as surprised as us. But there is artistry involved, and she would


have got the top scores for artistry. Angelina Melnikova, the


young Russian gymnast, 16 years old. Also made the vault final. This


gymnast has got a high difficulty score, big tumbles. Very classical


and elegant. Two lovely spins. Sometimes struggles with the


landings. Not this time. Lovely double Arabian.


Beautiful combinations so far. Full twisting double pike. Super stuff.


Double pike, makes the landing. So pleased to see that. She struggled


in competition this season, and she is such a classical, complete


gymnast. That was fab. Feels like a real celebration of floor


gymnastics, this final. She came to the O2 and in Stuttgart, the leading


gymnast for Russia in the world series, and every time she has


fallen on floor. But not today. The spin with the leg up, pointed toes.


And one of the big tumbles, and to do that in your third tumble, you


have to have lots of stamina and power. And the final tumble, the


double pike. A great routine. 13.7 is the Golden score at the moment.


For me, that is the combination of both dancing and tumbling, spins and


leaps, that we want to see. Not predominantly one or the other.


Let's hope it's rewarded. Melnikova has gone into the lead! 14.1.


It all came together at the right time. You could well be looking at


the European floor Champion there, but, well, what a job Ellie Downie


has. From Great Britain. She was the highest qualifier with a score of


13.9. Ellie, a very different style, but


huge tumbles. Double twisting double back. That's


how you do it. This is hugely difficult tumble. One


and a half walk out, and up into the double Arabian. Does it easily.


Really maturing as a performer. Double pike, sky-high, easy.


What a Championships for Ellie Downie, what a fantastic floor


routine to finish. She has not put a foot wrong. That was a fantastic


routine. Well, this one is going right down to the wire. It really


is. Ellie Downie has just performed out of her skin here in Romanian. Do


you know what, Ellie? Job done. Relax, it's over. You can see, it's


almost like, oh... Four days, what a great competition. To finish in that


way shows everyone how good a character she is. Very little to


deter up. The one and a half walk out, straight into the double


Arabian somersault. Did well to hold the landing. She has spoken about


how she's had to really work on the artistry side, and really work on


those facial expressions. It's great to see. And there's the double pike,


nothing to deduct there. It's going to be very close with this score.


Interesting to see who they bring out on top. 14.1, the score to beat.


13.7, Silver. 13.566, bronze at the moment. Two to go, one of which is


Claudia Fragapane. 14.066, Ellie is happy with that. Huge


congratulations with the way that she has performed.


So Claudia Fragapane now, the second-highest qualifier. Silver


back in 2015. Commonwealth champion on the floor. And a new routine for


the season. The big opening tumble, full twisting double straight,


fantastic. Big challenge here on this second


tumble. Has to be clean. Sky-high double Arabian and she just


overcooked it. Great choreography and here on this


bird tumble run, super double straight, into a jump.


Really expressing the dance work well. Big double pike dismount,


that's the way to land. That's going to be a fantastic routine, it is a


fantastic routine but they step out and the big step from the double


Arabian will be costly. Such a shame, it was a fantastic routine


and I saw her coaches at the National Championships and they were


seeing how they wanted to bring the strictly performance alive, they


spent a lot of time choreographing it, how could they bring the


elements she lured into it and it comes to live in cheaper forms it.


The full twisting double straight, absolutely spot on. This is the


second tumble, got the flying landing, just to springing. It's not


that she is not without power, that is the point. Too much power. Then


the double straight, straight in to the jump, three out of the four


tumbles absolutely nailed on the landing. The double Arabian just


need a bit more time to control the energy. A special talent to be back,


competing at that level with a brand-new routine. Fantastic and you


saw her with her coaches, they've done a great job with her. She spent


all that time on Strictly Come Dancing and just two pieces to


prepare for this championship, but very disappointed with herself. She


is a gritty competitor. Her scorer will give her an indication of what


she will be capable of in the future I am sure but you can see she is


filled with disappointment from the landing on the trouble. But a lot to


take away from that performance. -- from the landing on the tumble. By


the end of the year she will be back on all four pieces and be a real


force to be reckoned with. Some deliberation... Yeah, she worked in


the first round, early morning of the women's qualification so she has


had a tremendously long wait for this moment. It's always tough when


you are working, this has been the big emphasis of the competition for


her. It has, that was the final she wanted. 13.533, she finishes sixth.


But that scorer with a step out, that is a big score. But there is


your new European floor champion. Ellie Downie takes the silver.


Definitely very happy, did not have gone a lot better for me, my main


aim was to come and hit my routines and I have hit 12 out of 12 which is


unbelievable really. To come out with four medals is crazy. I am so


pleased. How is the body holding up? 12 routines is the maximum anyone


can do. I am pretty knackered to be honest. Going into the day it was


the most tired I have felt, but with the crowd and the adrenaline and


knowing what I had done in the past couple of days, it pays to be on and


my coach said I had nothing to lose. We have been watching the last


couple of years, so you get the bronze all around in France a couple


of years ago, we saw you come forth in Rio, agonisingly close. What has


been the difference, what have you done to push on? I have really


knuckled down after Rio, it was disappointing for me. I took a break


and came back and was ready to go again. I worked so hard, pushed my


fitness and rehab. Although it has paid off here. Could not be happier.


What is next for you, what you do between now and the World


Championships? First of all I take a rest and then I will get back into


the gym, maybe learn some new combination skills which were not


ready for this Championships. But my aim is to get back in there and work


as hard as I have been. We know your sister could not compete because of


her injury yesterday, how is she? She's just got a bit of a sore elbow


at the moment, we don't know the diagnosis. She was pretty upset but


I cheered her up and have been encouraging her. She is strong and


fighters so I know she will come back stronger. I am sure another


medal for you will cheer her up further, well done, thank you. Thank


you. What a way to wrap up the European


Championships, a fourth medal, gold, two silver and a bronze. Ellie


Downie becomes the most successful European gymnast we have ever had as


an individual. And she did it in style. She has been fighting all the


way through this Championships, a superb floral routine had been laid


down but Ellie did not disappoint. We keep talking about it, but it was


her fourth day of competition and doing 12 out of 12 was great. Using


the double bubble and coming straight back down on the diagonal,


into the double Arabian which most people would struggle as the first


tumble. All credit to her. She has surely worked on the artistry, you


can see the facial expressions coming in, at the beginning of the


season and she was saying how much she was looking forward to


performing the routine and you can hear the crowd getting involved and


no deduction on the last tumble. Great way to round off her European


Championships. Really laying on the pressure with this stylish beautiful


gymnastics. The three medallists were very different. She is very


artistic, powerful tumble, leaping, flexibility. Then you have Ellie


Downie who is very powerful. She is wearing socks so if you wonder why


that is it's to be able to do all the spinning and get the connection,


get the difficulty. They come at a price as far as tumbling goes? Yes,


you saw on the first tumble her feet were slightly in front of her and


she could have slept but she is used to training on it. You said you


could not believe she did it in socks. Yes, for me, especially at


the major championships, new floor, new carpet, it has that layer where


it can feel a bit sloppy and it takes time to get a warning about.


It's unique in that sense. Some of the Chinese gymnasts have done it so


it might catch on. Quickly, full of drama, that performance. The


different styles, lovely to watch. And Claudio Bravo panic back with a


new routine -- cloudier Fraga Panny back with a new routine, plenty in


between the tumbles. -- Claudia Fragapane back with a new routine,


plenty in between the tumbles. She was just too powerful. That comes


with numbers, being able to control the energy. Great to see her back


out there competing, she has had time out so to be at these


championships and performing at this level is great. I think she was a


bit disappointed with it but she has to take the positives. I hope she


doesn't put herself under too much pressure from what she was expecting


out there to be honest. What she has to look at is what she scored and


what they will have deducted. Not all the step out but also the steps


to make her step out so the scorer can drastically increase. With a few


more numbers in the gym. Role in Canada. As always the men's high bar


closes the championship and with high hopes of claiming another medal


from a closely matched final aid is the all-around bronze medallist


James Hall. The high bar final, what can we look


out for? It will be similar to the last routine, not to much more I can


put in without jeopardising the safety of the routine as it where. I


will just try and clean it up, catch all the releases and stick the


dismount. You could walk away from here with two medals. It's a


possibility, try not to think about it too much, just going to go out


and do my job but it's an exciting prospect to think what could be. The


other guys have done it so it is possible.


He's got a difficulty of 5.8, keep your eye on the difficulty score as


we go through the final. We'll find it interesting to see execution


versus difficulty. Into the intricate full turnaround the one


arm. That's the squat, into the handstand with one turn, good


position, winding up for a big release. Good catch, straight arm. A


bit close there on the normal Kovac. Half turn, into the full long swing,


squatting again, but late on the full turn. Winding up for the


dismount. Full twist, double back, great start. What a storming routine


and if you have never seen a high bar final before I am sure you are


gathering people around the TV because that was a fine example of


how you do it. It certainly was, that is what you want to see at the


start of the final, some big releases. Almost looked like he had


to catch with his right arm. And the rest of the routine very clean on


the releases. The dismount, stuck the landing. Chester bit low but


other than that leaving an impression on the judges. -- Chester


bit low. Stand by your bed is everybody.


James Hall mode. Third highest qualifier. Scored a 14.2 in


qualification. It's a big routine. Strong start. Winding up, this is a


big test. Great catch, full stretch, full twist. Nice again. In the


double park, one more to come. Great full turn in the tuck position. No


must lock the handstands, squat full, little but late is costly.


Better on a half turn. That's a requirement, hot full, just the


dismount to go. Punts, it's good! Double twisted, double straight,


James Hall plans the landing. Well done James Hall. He has taken like a


duck to water in this competition. The way he stepped up, the release,


knees together, he did one more release in qualification and other


than the fact he will be pretty tired from the all-around final


couple of days ago, that's the reason perhaps he did not compete


here today but finishing off with the double twisting straight, nailed


the landing. Joint first! I'll have that every day of the


week, James Hall. Currently in the lead. Now it's the turn of the


highest qualifier, Oliver Hegi. Quiet start. Good extension there.


The half turn. The handstand and a bit of a leg


split. That was the one-and-a-half twist. However he caught very close


to the bar, and that will be three tenths.


Markelov. Has to keep the arms locked out.


Just a full twist, step on landing. Qualified first, but there were a


few little errors in that routine. I like the flow, the way his routine's


constructed. Fairly unique. He lets go and does the one-off twist, and


catches again. It was eight had close. Probably the only gymnast to


perform that skill. -- a tad close. You have to use a bit of strength


rather than the momentum to get back up into the handstand. But generally


it was a clean routine. So I think he's definitely going to be pushing


for top spot. Very close at the top already. Yes. He's in the lead with


14.5. In high bars in past European


Championships, unlucky, always missing out on a medal. Stand-by for


the hardest so far, this is 6.4. He is going all out for difficulty and


hoping that the judges won't mind a bit of execution. It's a big


routine. That was huge. Full twist into the Kovacs. And another one in


the tuck position. Straight Tkachev, and a straddle


Tkachev into the half turn. And again, the straight with the


half turn. On the full. The one-and-a-half into the mixed


grip. Into the double twisting double


straight. Come on! Wow. That was a recipe that paid off, difficulty and


execution. Without a doubt. He went for broke and I think he should sit


fairly comfortably in first position. It had the releases, the


terms and the bar work. To top it off, the dismount, the double


twisting double straight, and he nailed the landing. Slightly bent


legs the judges will have spotted, without a doubt. But he spots the


floor and sticks the dismount. They are all shouting, Pavlovich! They


want to see him in top spot. --! It's the top spot. 14.933 for Pablo


Braegger. David Belyavskiy, fresh from


parallel bars. Got a bronze in this final last year. Has qualified with


the second-highest score. This is a slightly easier routine, but he is a


master of execution. Just watch his form.


And originality within his work. Nice full twist on the one arm.


Squat half turn. High and flighty. The straight


Tkachev. The half turn, executed perfectly.


Into the bar... Known as the Siderman swing. A real favourite of


the crowd. Full twist, the adjustment on landing. Belyavskiy


challenges for a medal. You can see how tight his legs are to get


through all the release elements and all the swings, which most gymnasts


haven't been able to do. That was the Markelov. Slightly bent arms,


but recovers pretty well. He is in third, 14.36, knocking James Hall


out of the medals. Next, Oleh Verniaiev. What can he do?


Not renowned for his high bar work, but nevertheless qualified into this


final. Nice with the straight Markelov half


turn. Nice with the half turn again. The


execution of these elements. Straddle... Oh, I was going to say


straddle Tkachev with the half turn, but let go a little bit too late.


Smiling to himself. 30 seconds. So he'd better be quick.


I thought he had hurt his hand a bit when he came down.


Certainly knows how to battle through his routines either way, so


I'm sure it won't put him off for the rest the routine. It certainly


won't. Squat full, another Markelov. Better


that time. Good extension on the catch. A nice little hop full. Half


turn. Into the Healy turn. Endo again.


Winds up for the dismount... He looked at the bar as if to say he


wasn't happy with the grip. If you feel like you're going to slip off,


I suppose bailing out at the last minute is the best option. He's


going to repeat the dismount by the of it. Jump on, jump off. The mark


of a champion, because most other people would have just presented and


left the podium. Better, double twist, double straight, a hop


forward. Well, he might not have performed to his best on the high


bar, but certainly excelled in these championships. Ah... Something is


not right with him. Looks a bit shaken. That was the straddle


Tkachev where he tried the half turn. Slightly too far away. And


then the double twisting double straight. A large jump forward on


the landing. He looks pretty exhausted after quite a few days


consecutively of competing. That's the result of competition


back-to-back to back. Being able to do all those finals, he just needs a


good long rest. Pablo Bragger takes the gold ahead


of his compatriot Oliver Hegi. David Belyavskiy takes the bronze


medal. You see high bar finals all over the


place, and that had some huge names and huge start values. To come


fourth I'm pretty pleased. Probably as never as I could get to perfect.


Can't ask for much more. To get on the world stage to begin with, it is


huge in itself. A massive confidence boost. You've always dreamt of


coming out here and doing well, not coming away with a medal, but


showing your country and the rest of Europe and the world what you are


made of. In my books, I think I have done that. All you want is a safe


and happy high bar final, and that is exactly what we got. The thrills


and spills. It was a good final, Chris. It was. The is the showcase,


the high bar, always the last apparatus, so you want a great


final. The two Swiss lads put in the performance. The big releases,


Braegger had some in bar work, the handstand and he stuck the dismount


at the end. He really did live up to the expectations, and the Swiss will


definitely be happy. Very hard to see where you will improve on


something like Braegger's routine, because he went all out for


difficulty and yet the execution was so fine. The gymnasts get to see an


opportunity, OK, that's what I need to be aiming for. You can see the


skills, and until the World Championships it's an opportunity


for the young guys to say, OK, that connection works well and the judges


are not taking many deductions, maybe that is worth sticking into


the routine and having a play with, changing the formation of the


routine. That is what is good about the European Championship, an


opportunity to have a little jiggle until the World Championships of how


the routine will look for the future. Beth, David Belyavskiy saw


the other gymnasts go first and he opted for a slightly easier routine,


performed beautifully. That is an example of how the different styles


can compete even in something as dramatic as the high bar. They are


such a classical gymnast to watch, his lines and execution always very


good. Even though he had a slightly easier routine, the judges are


looking at execution, and that allowed him to place third. Just


finding that blend. It always happens at the start of the Olympics


cycle. With this being the first major competition in that, what has


it told you about the gymnastics on offer going forward? It showed us


that Great Britain have some very good potential. Great depth within


the squad. It has also shown that perhaps the judges are taking a lot


more deductions than they used to, with the old code. Definitely a lot


more strict with some of the skills. Beth? Similar. It will take time to


settle. The gymnasts will see which routines have been credited in this


Championships, where the big deductions came from. So they now


have five months to go into the World Championships and think,


right, this is what I have to work on two ensure I get the execution


score ready. Standout performance? It has to be Dragulescu, home crowd,


European champion on the floor, twice European champion on vault.


Doesn't get better. Obviously Ellie, all-around title, making history for


Britain. But it was also great to see Ponor back on top of the podium.


Plenty more sport to come on BBC Two. The Wilson at the championships


from the Crucible in Sheffield today. -- the snooker World


Championships. This Europeans has been a case of opportunity knocks.


The question is who will be working through the door of the arena at the


World Championships in Canada? Join us in five months to find out. From


all of us here, goodbye. So long as you make


the right decision in the moment. What we need to do is light


that short fuse of his. Watch brand-new Jamie Johnson


on BBC iPlayer now.


A chance to catch up on all the action from the weekend's European Gymnastics Championships in Romania. Rio Olympians Becky and Ellie Downie both won medals for Great Britain in the 2016 edition.

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