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Day 4

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Good evening. Welcome back to the 20 17th Dafabet masters. We will show


the best of the action between tonight's match between Shaun Murphy


and Barry Hawkins. The prize at stake, and meeting between Mark


Selby and Mark Williams. Two former Masters champions. They met this


afternoon, and we had another nailbiter. This was a tale of two


Marks, it was also a tale of to halves. It was Williams who got the


first frame on the board after a long tactical battle. After that,


Selby started cooking up a treat, first at the highest break of the


tournament, 139. He took the next, got his second time in three frames,


for a 3-1 lead. He was strangely out of sorts after his half-time cuppa.


It was all square, no laughing matter for the jester. The Welshman


should have taken the lead, how costly this green proved? Williams


only had his to -- had himself to blame he many


other chances, could not take them. He trailed 5-4. His temperament came


to his rescue, levelling the match. Just when you look like curtains for


Selby, a terrible kick ruined Williams, much to the horror of his


wife. When Selby sniffs a chance, he is like a dog with a bone. Not a


pedigree performance, but just enough. An excellent 89 followed,


the Triple Crown dream stays alive. Edging through, 6-5. I'm thinking, I


am out of the tournament, played fantastic start of the match, Mark


played well to come back in, shut me out to a degree. Related chance. I


had one red in the middle, horrible shots, had to go for it.


Unfortunately, Mark had the kick, if he does not get it on the blue


committee wins and one visit. I have had plenty of good luck in my


career, when I was young, 25, 30. At this moment in time, I'm getting a


lot of bad luck. Towards the end of matches. I can take that, what


difference does it make? I had my lucky years ago. Having bad luck


now, that his life. Well done to Mark Selby. Almost there with the


quarterfinal line-up for the 2017 masters.


I have beaten him a couple of times, he beat me last time in a big


tournament, in the World Championship. He hammered me by all


accounts. Phenomenal in that match. I have to be out of my game tonight.


He's a great player all round really. Nice to know that more times


than not, things have worked out well for me against Barry. Some good


matches over the years. Thinking back to the world semi-a couple of


years ago, played great snooker, could have won the match in three


sessions. Did not. All that does not really mean anything. Head to heads,


to the players, don't really count. When you walk out and play, it will


just be Barry against myself, first man to six wins. Sometimes there is


no safe place on the table. If those long balls are going in, he is near


enough unplayable. Very attacking, scores very heavy. If the long ones


are not going in, he tends to keep going for them sometimes. That is


when you get your opportunities. A matter of taking them really. I


cannot worry about him too much. Just focus on what I'm doing.


Hopefully can play to my best. The 2015 Masters champion, Murphy


leading the head to heads, 7-1. Barry's only win coming in 2013, the


UK championship. The year he made the Crucible final, only to lose to


Ronnie O'Sullivan. We joined the action in frame one. Shaun Murphy to


play,, tree from Dennis Taylor and Ken Doherty.


COMMENTATOR: Red over the right corner. That turned out very nice.


Amazing how the brown was over the one pocket, the red over another.


All of a sudden, not a fair chance. If he can control the Duke ball,


should finish on pink, or blue. -- the cue ball. That is just about


perfect. Great positional shot. So difficult to control the cue ball


there. He has missed it. Well that was just


a lapse in concentration. No kick from just not ready to play the


shot. Shows you, if you don't give it 100%, you can miss the easiest of


shots. Little lapse in concentration from Shaun Murphy.


Taking a chance there. Wanted to bring the black into play. Not quite


sure where the reds would finish. Leaving half a chance for Barry.


Coming down to see whether this red pots. I'm sure it does, if not the


one above it will, as well. Just about perfect there. Barry


played fantastic snooker here last year. In the final never gotten


looking. Ronnie beating him 10-1. This frame safely in the bag now.


Not that many pots from securing it. Just one more red. That'll do.


Making it as awkward as possible, the cue ball tight on the cushion.


Should not be a problem though. He had a chance to get right back


into this opening frame, but Barry Hawkins who will take it. You would


say he has taken it in bits and pieces. I cannot remember who sang


that, back in the 1960s. The Dave Clark Five. Came to me at the last


moment. Does not matter that that's red.


Needed a couple of chances, but will be quite pleased. Shaun Murphy


missing a sitter of a red. Barry Hawkins takes the opening frame.


Let's show you what happened in frame two. We join it in the opening


stages, Shaun to play. COMMENTATOR: His safety has


certainly been lacking a little bit so far. Only on the second frame,


but he has played a few very poor safety shots, it has to be said. You


cannot keep leaving your opponent with these sorts of chances.


Just enough room for the black to pass the red.


He may have finished a little straight on this. He has a slight


angle. No problem at all. Enough angle there.


This now turning into a very good chance in the second frame.


Both reds pot into the same pocket as the black. Plenty of reds


available. It was a gift of an opportunity, it has to be said.


For easy red. The five reds Aranda think all covering each other into


the corners and middle pocket. Might be time to play the cannon. If he


was the cannon two reds, would be absolutely perfect. Delicate little


screw shot. That is the one, stunning into the two reds, that


would be perfect. He hit the wrong red. Might just be OK.


Is he a K? The one into the middle, he is just on it. Only just. -- is


he OK? Wanted to be a little bit higher up


with the keyboard there. I think you still OK. He has a red to the right


of the thing. Was not playing for this red.


He few more pots away from securing this second frame.


That was frame ball. A little bit of contemplating to do, Shaun. Safety


not scratch. A lapse in concentration in the first frame.


Straightforward safety shot in this frame giving the opportunity to


Barry Hawkins here is the straightforward shot, did not get


enough side, did not need to be anywhere near that red.


I think it was just miss it. He had half the table to play with to get


the white over towards the brown on the yellow and blue. Just far too


thin. This standard you cannot afford any mistakes that. Certainly


costing him the second frame, that is for sure. Very difficult to make


a century break it. This would be some shots, to pot this, and move


the rents. Great effort. Just hit it as hard as you can.


A good start from Barry Hawkins. Last year's finalist. Leading Shaun


Murphy 2-0. STUDIO: Terrific stuff from Mr


Hawkins. This is what happened in frame three. Barry has already made


a break of 48, and he's back at the table.


COMMENTATOR: Barry Hawkins with that type of shot, I don't think there is


anyone better in the game of floating those in.


geared at cueing. The other one he plays them like that is Mark


Williams. Just floating them into the pocket. -- so good.


He's looking very comfortable out there, Barry Hawkins. You would not


think Shaun Murphy has won seven out of the meeting. Shaun cannot do much


about this. You do not see that often. When to pick the rest up,


knocking the yellow to the side. It was a handball, Dennis. Penalty.


Very rarely He has tried to force a little


smile. So unusual to see it happen like that. Sometimes you just touch


it. I don't know what happened. Let's have a look. He dropped it,


just dropped it slightly. What a steal this would be for Shaun


Murphy. He has plenty of points to play with. Barry Hawkins in the


background, looking at his hand. Just slipped out of his hand. Could


be a turning point. He has a lot of work to do. He has played this


nicely. The red, just below the think we'll pot as well. -- below


the pink we'll . When he pots this, clearing the


path to the think. It is that yellow. I have put three whites in.


Any of those positions, he will be on that difficult last red. Just


wondering whether he could play for the pink into the right centre.


Very interesting to see how he goes about getting to that final red.


Coming around to have a look, he could leave himself on the brown and


pink, to bring it into play. That would really knock it into the open.


Otherwise he would have to leave it in one of the positions. Let's see


whether he plays for brown or pink. It is the Kent.


-- it is the pink. Will he bring it out? Possibly, needs to be judged to


perfection. Did not judge it to perfection. The nice angle on the


pink, so much room behind the red. That is why he thought he could drop


in behind. Where is the red going? I was going to say the only


consolation is the yellow is safe. That will not matter, Barry is 24 in


front. The red and any colour. He let a real good chance go there.


Barry will trace chilly take the frame. Dropping the rest will be


wiped from his memory bank. If he had lost the frame, it would not


hurt. Does not matter about the double. He has the snooker, a bit of


a bonus. STUDIO: Hawkins winning their frame


to go 3-0 up. Murphy will be kicking himself. Hawkins looking for the


early finish. The next frame, there has been no school.


COMMENTATOR: Look at this for a shot. Absolutely delightful. He knew


he could not force that one in because of the red on the cushion.


We have seen him knocking. That cannon was exquisite.


Amazing opening. He would like to get rid of the red just above the


black to the right. Cannot do that on this occasion. Having a look to


see whether there is a pathway back to the blue. Not sure he can pot red


and stay on the black. At its case would have liked to be


in straight on that blue. Could have used them think all the red


free-macro next to it. -- could have used the pink.


Could have played that it better. Cannoning the other side, the pink


side. Played to hit the pink fourball. -- full ball. He still has


a red, is hampered a bit. If he pot this red, not guarantee good


position. If he hits agree. When you are playing reasonably well, you get


that sort of Karen. The slight angle, he needs to get some action


on this. -- the cannon. He managed to get the


cue ball up past the blue. What a chance now.


Created by that first fantastic shot. You won't see many better than


that opening red come to flick that a red away from the black. You just


don't see many better positional shots than this. Tough enough pot,


but to judge the cannon with enough side, that was perfection.


Is he going to get a chance in this frame? Before the mid-session


interval. A long way back from 4-0. At least it is first to 6. As long


as your opponent needs a couple of frames, you are in with a chance. Is


he going to get a chance in this frame, that is the question.


He cued that one up nicely. Nice action on the cue ball, back, in a


straight line. He would love to get on the two reds to the left of the


black. Or the green to the right of the black. If you can get on those


two reds, can play for the black. That is inch perfect.


That thread just above the blood to the right, it's the one who would


like to get rid of next because that will open up the black into both


corner pocket. -- black to the right. He looks like he would win


the previous frame with one visit until he missed the rest. Almost


pinched the frame but you can't really see where he could go wrong


here. Already 48 in France, he would have to do something careless to not


secure this fourth frame. It doesn't have to stay on the black, could go


for the blue here if there is any element of risk, he feels he can get


off the black on this one. Nicely played. Hampered but that doesn't


matter. Just has to drop the black in and he is on the road.


It's all looking very good for Barry Hawkins at the moment. He got to the


final last year so he enjoys playing at Alexandra Palace, he didn't enjoy


the final which we lost 10-1 to Ronnie O'Sullivan but it's looking


good here. Gone a little bit too far from the


blue. He's only a few pots away from securing this fourth frame. And I


wouldn't be surprised if I don't see Sean heading to the practice room


because when he missed that easy early read it seemed to turn


everything around and he hasn't got any fluency going at all. Yes.


CROWD CLAPPING I'm sure he will try to loosen up


because he has not had much table time.


Short of the cue ball here. You can see the table time, Murphy at 29%.


71% for Hawkins. We have seen in the past intervals


have changed matches many times. That is what Shaun will certainly be


hoping for. Barry will be hoping for a possible century. That would make


him feel pretty good. We have had 17 century so far.


That might just have spoilt a century break. It's close. It might


still going. Didn't get the flu, read but Shaun Murphy goes to the


mid-session interval, I'd tell you what Barry Hawkins will be


delighted, he leads the former champion by 4-0. Barry Hawkins


runner-up here at the Masters last year, can he make final this year,


he is playing well enough and it is a horror show for Shaun Murphy so


far, can Hawkins make it 5-0? Couldn't play better positional shot


than that, the pink spot will be covered. That will tie the pink up


on the black spot. Unless he has an angle on this pink, he could play a


cannon into the red on the pink spot. He has the angle, he could


push the red away from the pink spot if he wishes.


Didn't attempt it. That's not the best shot in the world because the


pink will block the path of the red to the left corner pocket. OK he


will be on red into the right-hand corner but it would be awkward.


That's a big extension he has put on the quay there. -- cue. Just so


awkward here. He has to be careful and make sure that he doesn't foul


as he did in the previous frame that almost cost him.


Try to put the yellow and swing that cue ball around the three cushions


and maybe get the red to the right of the pink.


This looks absolutely perfect excellent shot. Perfect. What a


fantastic shot that was. Worth another look because to finish on


the red as you said, the pink was only available to one part as you


can see from the picture but that was superbly judged. And every


chance now to take another frame. Shaun Murphy, it's one of those


situations where you just cannot get involved in the match. He has never


been whitewashed at the Masters. He has played here 12 times before. A


winner in 2015. Barry has only beaten Sean on the


one occasion. Shaun has won several times against this man so he has


that slight foot in his head, it is all about the match you are playing.


-- thought. Is that going to run far enough? Just about.


Delicate little screw shot, as long as he doesn't get the White tight on


the cushion he will be OK here. Just the pink now. The frame ball


and that sin again. That's another frame. The miss read with the left


into the corner pocket has cost. An awful lot to think about. The


loneliest seat in the world at times. In the arena, a fabulous


crowd, it has been packed out for most sessions and you just can't get


to the table. That's the tough part about this game, we've all been


there. You are looking forward to a good match against opponent and it


just doesn't happen. You start feeling a bit embarrassed, you want


to show and to show what you can do and it is all one-way traffic at the


moment. We saw exactly what happened to


Barry in the final last year, he played so well to get to the final


and then just won one frame against Ronnie in the final so he knows what


it feels like. Sean is one of the best break-builders in the game and


his highest break has been 36. That was in the third frame. It has to be


said, Barry has played top quality matched here the safety has been


good, his long parting has been excellent. And his break-building


has been OK to. Barry's highest break came in the


last frame, a break of 89 but has also had a break of 79 on frame two


and a couple of 40s. I'm sure Barry wasn't expecting to be leading 5-0.


It's not often you see Shaun Murphy miss a very comfortable shot but


that's what he did and he sat on a seat by Barry Hawkins made a


beautiful 85 break and is now one frame away from a place in the


quarterfinals. 5-0, who would've thought it. The snooker we have had


here has been top class and this is a magnificent performance from Barry


Hawkins. Although I should tell you that Hawkins once led 5-0 against


Nigel Bond in the 2014 UK championship and lost 6-5. Surely


not again. Absolutely not because as Dennis mentioned, Shaun has never


been whitewashed at the Masters and pulled one back to make it 5-1. The


big question now of course is can Barry seal the deal.


That is a poor shot. He has left the red for the middle, he took that pot


on and I thought he would play the safety behind the black book that


was tough. This is a chance for Barry Hawkins.


He will give itself a great shot for the match with this. It all depends


on the case. If this passes the pink he's perfect. If it doesn't then the


other one is slightly awkward. I think that maybe just goes,


certainly in-off the left jaw. Not much work to do with the keyboard. A


nice little kiss. The way the red sat around the pink. The one in the


open now as well, will it be enough? A quick glance at the scoreboard


there. Just to work out what he needs. On reflection you just have


to say Shaun will have to chalk this up as a bad day at the office. Just


one of those days. He never really got going did he? And he missed that


very easy read and that was in the second frame? The first. It


unsettled him, it definitely unsettled him.


The fact he got that thread after missing, it was easy enough for the


blue and I don't know what happened. Didn't get a kick. And the perfect


angle and another quick glance at the scoreboard, he can pop the black


and sly parser to read for the opposite corner pocket. -- past the


red. When you think Barry has only beaten Shaun on one occasion and


Shaun has won on seven occasions, this is quite a victory against the


former champion. And Shaun, the gentleman that is will come forward


and wish Barry all the best. And the rest of the Masters but as Ken said


it is what he : a bad day at the office.


From Barry's point of view, a very solid performance. He will be


looking forward to playing the world champion. I mean it doesn't matter


about that. There he is wishing Barry all the best. He never got


going from missing that thread early on and once again wishing Barry all


the best. In the end Barry Hawkins with just the -- was just far too


good for Shaun Murphy. The comfortable win. 6-1. It is never


comfortable until you win so like felt pretty good to know. Played


some decent stuff so to get 6-1 win is a fantastic result. Made some


good breaks, the anything I didn't do was make a century which would've


been nice but overall it was about getting a result and I'm delighted.


You work or your career to get into the top 16 and then get invited to a


tournament like this so you want to stay as long as possible. It's a


fantastic atmosphere, all the big crowds, live on the BBC, one of the


biggest tournaments you want to be here as long as possible. You don't


know how long you will place you have to relish moments like that.


You do indeed so we have our quarterfinal line-up for the 2017


Masters. That's it from us but smooth texture


follows this programme and then we're back at 1am for live coverage


for the Dafabet Masters, what eight tournament this is turning out to


be. The Alley Pali roof will be raced for Ronnie. Goodbye for now.


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